when your photos remind you of friends

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hello!! may i please request for a friends-to-lovers for jeonghan? on the edge of my seat waiting for the rest of svt's *___* thank you!!

find woozi (here), wonwoo (here), jun (here), s.coups (here), dk (here), joshua (here) & the8 (here) ~!

  • jeonghan became your best friend when you two were in middle school,,,,but only a couple of years later before you were going to start high school together,,,,,he had to move away
  • luckily, you still kept up with each other through letters,,,,,even when you could have texted or video chatted
  • for some reason you and jeonghan agreed that snail mail was just more ,,,, personal and fun
  • and even though you’d get nervous that sometimes jeonghan wouldn’t answer the letter you sent,,,,he always did
  • and he always signed at the end with two lil angel wings around his name
  • because when you were younger his nickname among the teachers was the angel-like student,,,,which you always thought was adorable and jeonghan adamantly said he wasn’t an angel to you but then to the teacher’s he’d just smile and you’d just be like hMMM jeonghan i can see your wings sprouting
  • but it’s really cute,,,because you both just talk about your hobbies and new friends but you also,,,,keep inside jokes for years 
  • and it’s been a while but one day you get a letter for jeonghan and when you open it out falls a polaroid
  • and on it is ‘took this at a fair!! thought you might like to see it, my hair got longer didn’t it?’
  • and you’re like,,,,looking at this photo of jeonghan,,,,,,how he looks now
  • and you’re,,,,,,just in awe because
  • what,,,,,,,,,,,,,,since when did he really ACTUALLY start looking like an angel
  • not to mention his corny butt drew a halo over the photo as a reminder of his old nickname
  • and before you can even come to your senses you’re holding the polaroid of your best friend from middle school to your chest and you’re just like,,,,,,,,,,,,dammit he’s so cute,,,,,,,,,why is he soOO far away,,,,
  • which brings you to your next surprise because when you read the letter it says that jeonghan is going to bE MOVING BacK BECAUSE APPARENTLY THe COLLEGE HE GOT ACCEPTED TO is CLOSE To YOUR HOME TOWN
  • and you’re like oh MY GOD WHAT is THIS A SIGN
  • and in the letter he tells you to text him so you guys can meet up and you’re shaking as you hold your phone and press on his contact,,,,and you’re like ,,,,,oh my god jeonghan is going to SEE ME for the first time in a long time,,,,,holy ,,,, heifgkldsfa.,,,,,should i even text him or tell him i,,,,,,,moved abroad to avoid embarrassment kshdds
  • but it happens,,,,,and you and jeonghan agree to meet up at the park you used to go to as kids in a week since he’ll be in town to visit his college
  • and you’re waiting there, sitting on the swings and you can’t believe it,,,,,,that it’s really happening,,,,,that you’re seeing jeonghan again,,,,,,,
  • and suddenly you feel someone’s hands on your shoulders and you get startled but when you look back it’s,,,,jeonghan
  • but not the jeonghan from when you were young,,,,,,,the jeonghan from the polaroid 
  • handsome features,,,,,broader shoulders,,,,,but the same,,,,softness from his smile,,,,,
  • but then he sticks his tongue out and is like ‘do you want me to push you or do you want to keep staring at me?’
  • but then you turn back and jeonghan gives you a gentle push as you stretch your legs out to start swinging
  • and for the first hour,,,,it’s like you’re kids again!!! laughing on the swings together and it seems like all those years didn’t pass
  • and that you guys aren’t both?? becoming adults and that,,,,,,,,
  • when you look over to see jeonghan with his hair splayed over his face laughing so genuinely,,,,,,
  • you love him,,,,and seeing him happy always made you happy,,,,and as a kid you didn’t really know why but ,,,,, now,,,,
  • and jeonghan notices you’ve stopped swinging so he slows himself down too 
  • and he doesn’t say anything but you two look at each other and,,,,he breaks the silence only to ask you if you got the picture he sent in the mail
  • and you nod and jeonghan looks down,,,,smiling to himself and then he asks you why you never sent him photos of yourself the whole time you guys wrote letters
  • and you kind of go red and cling to the swing’s chain and shrug and mumble that you never,,,thought about it
  • and jeonghan says something that almost makes you think your ears are deceiving you he goes;
  • “did you not want me to see how beautiful you’ve gotten? did you think i’d drop everything and run back to you?”
  • and you blink,,eyes wide with surprise and you’re like n-no i- w-what do you mean???
  • and jeonghan tilts back his head in the swing and laughs and he’s like 
  • “did you think i’d fall for you and want to move back as quick as possible?”
  • and you’re like kldffs what,,,no-
  • and jeonghan suddenly looks back at you and is like, “well if you thought that you’d be right.”
  • and you can’t choose between leaning over to playfully poke him and tell him to stop joking around,,,,,,,or if you should lean over and just kiss him,,,,,
  • but jeonghan seems to read your mind,,,,because he sits up and is like “let’s do the one thing we could never do as friends-”
  • and he takes a hold your swing’s chain and pulls it closer so he can lean in and well,,,,,,,,,,
  • looks like it’s a good thing jeonghan’s going to college in this town because well how else would you get to see your boyfriend for cute cafe dates????? hehe,,,,,,,
Old Pictures

Prompt:  Looking through old pictures, you find the same man appearing in the background of each picture, always seeming to look right at the camera.

Word Count: 2,072.

Warnings: Slight fluff at the beginning, but spoopy shit later on.

A/N: Written for Kumi aka @rotisserierogers‘s Halloween writing challenge! Writing spoopy stuff isn’t my speciality so if this sucks, that’s why.

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For you? Anything: Harry Hook x Reader PART 1

Hi! This was requested and I just thought it was soooOoOoO cute that I had to write it, but I think I got carried away so i’m going to make two parts to it so I can do it justice, I hope you like it anon!

Fandom: Disney’s Descendants

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader 

Rating: T for future swearing and Harry Hook in general

Word Count: 2.4k 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Disney’s Descendants, sadly. Disney does :(

PART 2 // 3 // 4

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ten things that i associate with the signs.

aquarius: heart eyes, deciding to learn a new language at midnight, mismatched socks, blushing cheeks, being unable to hide your excitement, having a folder on your laptop dedicated only to the evidence of cryptids and aliens, suspenders, squeezing your feet into the converse you’ve owned for six years because you can’t bare to part with them, the erasers on top of all your pencils, covering yourself in temporary tattoos because you can’t bare the thought of the pain real ones come with.

aries: fluffy socks, red lipstick, polaroid cameras, picking strawberries in a field, wide brimmed hats, rain clouds, hoop earrings, braids, laughing until you cry, over exaggerating how big the spider you saw in the bathroom was.

making playlists at 3am, sunflowers, long walks, musical theatre, flower crowns, horror movies, running into a loved ones arms, having hundreds of books but only reading the same one over and over again, video games, band shirts.

: forests, low light selfies, dark purple, coffee dates, carving pumpkins, long flowing cloaks, pulling all nighters because you don’t want to stop reading, tucking flowers behind your ear, pretty tea cups, the crunching of leaves beneath your feet during autumn.

love letters, photo albums, black coffee, losing track of time when you are in nature, misty waterfalls, ombré hair, complementing strangers you see on the street, holding onto plane tickets to remind you of the places you’ve visited, writing cute notes and leaving them around the house for your significant other to find, instantly researching topics your friends say they find interesting.

ballrooms, soft pink, roses, comfy sweaters, family portraits hung above the fireplace, waking up to the sound of crashing waves, holding hands, daisy chains, silk nightgowns, wild imaginations.

dark eyeshadow, dyed hair, hidden diaries, decorating your room for every season, contagious smiles, long hugs, singing at the top of your lungs with your windows rolled down, running down the stairs in the morning for your first cup of coffee/tea, knee high socks, colouring your nails with a sharpie.

neon lights, mirror selfies, your old school bag being covered in badges, loud and contagious laughs, karaoke nights, speaking your mind, having that one song that can always make you get up and dance, rhinestones on your clothes, stickers on a nintendo ds, the feeling when you win a game of mario kart.

loud music, tall platform shoes, sarcastic eye rolls, dramatic makeup, deep red, scrolling through an online store for hours, vodka, leather jackets, the cheers from the crowd when the contestant you were rooting for wins, being full of energy throughout the entire day.

: friendly smiles, relaxing at the beach, the proud feeling you get when people laugh at your jokes, frequently changing your aesthetic, big headphones, back and forth texting with your significant other while they’re supposed to be working, pulling pranks on your teachers during class, fishnets, chapped lips, messy bed sheets.

huge earrings, smudged eyeliner, rose coloured lipstick, your hair blowing in the wind, binge watching tv shows, small concert venues, loud laughs, thrift stores, donating hours of your time to pet shelters just so you can hang out with all the animals all day, procrastinating homework.

messy buns, spontaneous tattoos, the smell of cigarette smoke at a jazz concert, witty comebacks, mascara that has run down your face, wearing clothes that make you stand out - not on purpose, you just don’t care for the current fashion trends, having a large CD collection, only buying alcohol that looks aesthetically pleasing, high heels, lip bites.

Niamh’s Super Fluffy Lance Headcanons

(Because I love her so much and she needs fluffy Lance right now. :3)

-Lance loves date nights. He is obsessed with ‘Aesthetically Pleasing’ evenings, doing something Romantic.

-He also loves Photo Booth’s and Photo Strips. He has a photo strip of the two of you in his wallet.

-Running your hands through his tufts of hair. He find’s it relaxing.

-At the same time, he loves playing with your hair. He knows how to style it because he styles his gymnasts hair.

-He literally has some of his biggest sex fantasies with you. As long as he make sure you are the one who comes first.

-Having each other saved as cute contacts. You’re saved as ‘My Princess’ and he is saved as ‘Mr Fantastic’ (Because he’s flexible.)

-Pulling him closer to you by his jacket so you can kiss him more.

-You are his number one Photographer. You can take photo’s for his Instagram all the time which are always fitting for his theme.

-Celebrating 4th July all the time! He turns it into a huge party which you both run together and it’s just so fun.

-Making a pillow fort together. He would quite happily hide under there with popcorn and a good book which you could read to him.

-Sitting on his lap whenever you’re cuddling. He loves wrapping his arms around you and protecting you.

-Neck kisses. He loves to tease you there.

-The best fantasy he ever had was when you came into the bedroom wearing a red bra and lacy panties, his USA Jackets and his medal. He wanted to do you there and then.

-Lance is also a bit of a bookworm. He would always read with you whenever you guys were at one of his tournaments. 

-His terrible music taste. Whenever you go driving together, it’s on loud, and although it’s bad, he is shouting along.

-He loves baking with you. Brownies are one of his favourite things to cook. And then he always makes sure you get the first one.

-He is Snapchat obsessed! His username is @TuckersGold. Just like his Twitter. 

-You make a common appearance on his Snapchat. He loves doing videos where you explain what you’re doing. Or where you record him doing Gymnastics.

-Whenever you come to see him at the Gym, he persuades you to come on the trampolines with him and you jump around together like five year olds.

-Standing on the Balance Beam, and him holding your waist from behind. 

-Watching random YouTube Video’s together. He does not get Meme’s in anyway and calls them ‘Me-Me’s?’

-Doing Press-Up’s over you, so every time he comes under you he gets a kiss.

-Picking you up from Lectures. He’s sitting by his car, pretending he looks so cool. Truly, he dosen’t.

-Lance is obsessed with Old School arcade games. He loves them nights when you go to arcades on the Penny Machines and Grab Machines and it brings back nostalgia for him.

-He text’s you at least one compliment a day, because you’re his, and you are just beautiful.

-His backscreen is a photo of you and him that his friend took. You were standing on the edge of a pier and kissing. It’s his perfect backscreen.

-He got a print of that photo and he hung it up in his house. It’s his reminder when you’re not around.

-Shopping trips with you. He would always make it into a day out. Because he loves the look on your face when he gets you something cute.

-Kissing his cheek and reminding he dosen’t have to. But he does anyway.

-Trips to New York together! Lance loves a good West End musical, and despite his horrible music taste, has the ‘Wicked’ and ‘Hamilton’ 

-Going for a walk around New York anyway. He loves to go in the Winter so you can Ice-Skate together and be all cute and fluffy.

-Staying in the Hotel Looking over the Ball Drop in Times Square and kissing him at New Year.

-Watching the fireworks together, as he realises how much he loves you.

Chris Evans Fic: Back Together

You paused at the door to smooth down the imaginary wrinkles in your dress, but mainly to try and steady your nerves. It had been five long months since the break up and you hadn’t laid eyes on him in the flesh since then. But, of course, meeting at a mutual friend’s wedding was inevitable and today would be the biggest test of all. How would he look? Would he be with someone? Brought a date? Or would he be alone, like you? Did he remember why you had broken up? Because night after night of scrolling through digital albums of your snaps and videos on your phone of the two of you rendered your memory useless and the events that led to you walking out that day were now hazy and vague. 

And now here you were, about to see him for the first time since then. You still hadn’t really got a game plan together for how you would act. Cool and aloof? Bright and breezy? Contrite and apologetic? It was too hard to decide but, regardless, you knew the moment you saw him, your brain would do its own thing anyway. 

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Hella Long List of Safe Coping Skills

So, I got this amazing handout at a training with 84 coping skills to help increase safety and I thought I’d share:)

1. Ask for help- Reach out to someone safe 

2. Inspire yourself- Carry something positive (e.g. poem), or negative (photo of a friend who overdosed)3. Leave a bad scene- When things go wrong, get out

4. Persist- Never, never, never, never, give up.

5. Honesty- Secrets and lying are at the core of self-harming behaviors; honesty heals them

6. Cry- Let yourself cry; it will not last forever

7. Choose self-respect- Choose whatever will make you like yourself tomorrow

8. Take good care of your body- Eat right, exercise, sleep, safe sex

9. List your options- In any situation, you have choices

10. Create meaning- Remind yourself what you are living for: your children, love? truth? justice? God?

11. Do the best you can with what you have- Make the most of available opportunities.

12. Set a boundary- Say “no” to protect yourself

13. Compassion- Listen to yourself with respect and care

14. When in doubt, do what’s hardest- The most difficult path is invariably the right one

15. Talk yourself through it- Self-talk helps in difficult times

16. Imagine- Create a mental picture that helps you feel different (e.g. remember a safe place)

17. Notice the choice point- In slow motion, notice the exact moment when you chose self-harm behaviors

18. Pace yourself- If overwhelmed, go slower; if stagnant, go faster

19. Stay safe- Do whatever you need to do to put your safety above all

20. Seek understanding, not blame- Listen to your behavior; blaming prevents growth

21. If one way doesn’t work, try another- As if in a maze, turn a corner and try a new path

22. Link PTSD (self harming behaviors) and substance abuse- Recognize substances as an attempt to self-medicate

23. Alone is better than a bad relationship- If only treaters are safe for now, that’s okay

24. Create a new story- You are the author of your life: be the hero who overcomes adversity

25. Avoid avoidable suffering- Prevent bad situations in advance

26. Ask others- Ask others if your belief is accurate

27. Get organized- You’ll feel more in control with lists, “to do’s” and a clean house

28. Watch for danger signs- Face a problem before it becomes huge; notice red flags

29. Healing above all- Focus on what matters

30. Try something, anything- A good plan today is better than a perfect one tomorrow

31. Discovery- Find out whether your assumption is true rather than staying “in your head”

32. Attend treatment- AA, self-help, therapy, medications, groups- anything that keeps you going

33. Create a buffer- Put something between you and danger (e.g. time, distance)

34. Say what you really think- You’ll feel closer to others (but only do this with safe people) 

35. Listen to your needs- No more neglect- really hear what you need

36. Move toward your opposite- E.g. if you are too dependent, try being more independent

37. Replay the scene- Review a negative event: what can you do differently next time?

38. Notice the cost- What is the price of substance abuse/self harming behaviors in your life?

39. Structure your day- A productive schedule keeps you on track and connected to the world

40. Set an action plan- Be specific, set a deadline, and let others know about it

41. Protect yourself- Put up a shield against destructive people, bad environments, and substances

42. Soothing talk- Talk to yourself very gently (as if to a friend or small child)

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anonymous asked:

Drabble: you've been talking to Tom on Instagram through DMs and there's obviously chemistry between the two of you and it's very flirty. The two of you find things that remind each other of the other one and send letters back and forth. He finally gets a little break in his schedule and surprises you.

You were a little known actress who was generating some buzz for your solid featured roles. You had a day off from auditions, so you were scrolling through Instagram when you saw a photo your friend Zendaya posted. You liked it and put heart eyes emojis under it. And kept scrolling.

“Awe, Y/N!” Zendaya squealed as she sat in Tom’s trailer. “Huh?” Tom asked looking up from his phone. “Oh nothing. My friend Y/N, who I haven’t talked to in forever just liked my pic.” She smiled and had an idea, “I’ll give her a call.”

You were surprised that she called you, “Hey Z!”,”Hey boo!”

Before you knew it, you two were on Facetime for about 2 hours. “Oh shoot, I have to go they’re calling us back on set!”

“I forgot you’re doing that new Spidey movie!” You remembered. “Yeah, oh here’s Tom.”

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bpd tip

Emotional Permanence Issues

bpd is pretty much synonymous with lack of emotional permanence. a vast majority–if not all– of us have trouble remembering or recalling, emotionally, whether or not we are really cared for by our loved ones. this is a very difficult issue at hand because another major obstacle is coming off to everyone as clingy, obsessive, needy, etc (a negative stereotype.)

one way i’ve found helps with restoring, even if only temporarily, a sense of emotional permanence is to keep some kind of log of the positive emotional experiences with our Favorites and other loved ones. this could be:

     • keeping paper records– write down a description of the positive experience to read over at low points. 

     • keeping screenshots of meaningful messages: including “I love you’s,” affirmations, compliments, reminders that they are always here if we need them, etc. 

     • taking photos / making physical photo albums (this is a great one because it also gives one a sense of accomplishment when it’s done!)

     • keeping a #tag of posts from friends that evoke good feelings (for example: my “friends” tag, which is full of photo sets and things that remind me of how many wonderful loving people i have in my circle)

or anything else you can think up that may help you in times of distress or feelings of abandonment. this method can also assist in preventing splitting people on emotional drops!

and no, it’s not weird to do this. don’t be afraid of seeming obsessive. this is for your benefit. there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel cared for.

That's Not Me | BTS's V Imagine

genre: angst


You’ve loved Taehyung in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

You’ve loved him from afar, watching him laugh out loud with his best friends, to watching him sing passionately on stage, to watching him confess to a girl he’s liked for a while. You considered yourself a coward for not having the courage to tell Taehyung how you felt about him, and a fool for falling in love with someone who could never be yours. All those times that you’ve watched him go on dates and share affection with his girlfriend, you wished it was you that he was doing it things with. You admit though, you’re a good actress. Nobody suspected how you become all shy and soft for Taehyung and you were able to hide the pain in your heart & fight the tears in your eyes whenever you saw the couple together.

The day that his girlfriend died, he was a wreck, which also made you a wreck. The worst part was, he came to you for comfort, which raised your hopes that maybe, just maybe, he might develop feelings for you too. The first couple days after her funeral, he came to your house, cried, and stayed the night. He refused to go back to his apartment, the reason being that all his deceased girlfriend’s belongings still linger there and it was too traumatizing for him, so you decided to be a good friend and get his stuff for him.

But being in that apartment was hurtful to you too. Just walking into the place reminded you that this was the area that Taehyung and his girlfriend shared and created so many memories in. There were photos of him & her encased in a frame and looking at it brought back tears that you didn’t expect to form when you thought about doing this for him. It was hard, and not because it brought back the pain of watching your love be with someone else, but because you didn’t know where his stuff was. You’d open up countless drawers and cabinets to find the right clothing to bring, only to find yourself looking at his late girlfriend’s clothes.

While searching in his bathroom for his toothbrush, you found something that really broke you down. There, sitting on the counter of the sink, was a small, black velvet box. Your heart felt heavy at the sight of it, and your shaking hand slowly grabbed ahold of the thing. Without even thinking, you opened up the box, and tears couldn’t stop streaming down your face when you saw the pretty little ring in the slit of the cushion that the box provided.

He was planning on proposing to her.

Just thinking about her death and the ring made your heart clench. You can’t even imagine how much pain Taehyung must be going through right now; to have your love be taken away from you, to be taken away of any chance of a future with your loved one, to live in a world without the love of your life by your side. It made you so mad towards his deceased girlfriend for causing this much sorrow in Taehyung. It made you mad towards yourself for believing that there’s a sliver of a possibility of creating a future with a man who was never destined to be yours.

So you fell to your knees, cuddled the ring to your chest, and cried.

Half a year later and Taehyung is getting better. Over the months, he’s been slowly coming out of his shell and he’s slowly being himself again. At first, you had to feed him and force him to take a shower. Then it moved onto turning on the TV for him so that he doesn’t have to stare into space all day and have him do chores around the house. Then it progressed to getting out of the house and playing video games with you. Then it proceeded to go on to where it is now. Currently, you two are both out for an early morning coffee. He’s wearing clothes that suit him rather than baggy clothes that he already slept in and he’s enjoying the morning sun.

But there are days where’s still stuck on the idea of her. Like how while you’re doing some late night chores and he’s sleeping, he’ll whisper her name in his dreams and it would be the reason for the frown on your face for the rest of the night. Like how while you two are having a Netflix marathon on your couch, you’d notice he’d be awfully quiet; so you’d look over at him to see that he’s just staring off into space, and you know he’s thinking about her. Like how sometimes, you’d catch him on his phone and when you look over his shoulder at what he was looking at, you’d be dismayed at the sight of him looking at old pictures of him and his late girlfriend together. Like how right now, he ordered his coffee and he looked back & stopped midway in saying his deceased girlfriend’s name, just realizing that his girlfriend is dead, and instead, you’re with him.

“Oh,” He’d say, devastation laced in his tone. He looks at you with an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, I meant, Y/n.”

You forced a smile upon your lips. “It’s okay.” You reassured him, ignoring the heaviness in your chest.

“What would you like to drink?” He’d then ask. “I’ll pay for us today.”

You’re so proud that he’s recovering from her death. He’s becoming the Taehyung that you loved in the first place and it made the feelings that you had for him grow stronger.

Flash forward a couple years later and you’re dating Taehyung now. In fact, he was the first one to confess his feelings towards you and you burst out tears of joy. You believe that he has come to peace with his previous girlfriend’s death and he’s finally recovered from his state of depression from losing her.

He doesn’t mumble her name in his sleep, he doesn’t zone out just to think about her, and he doesn’t forget that she’s not there anymore.

So far, the relationship is going by without any problems. He’s treating you like a princess and he’s taking you out on dates and he’s very affectionate. He’s able to say her name without being hurt and he’s able to go out on his own rather than needing your presence. Loving him felt so right & so good. You felt like the underdog who finally had her time to shine. You didn’t have to restrict yourself from being intimate in public and you weren’t shy about talking about your feelings to him. You didn’t have to hide your pain anymore, because there was no more pain to feel. All your wishes of being that girl beside Taehyung came true.

One night, while you and Taehyung were on the couch, listening to music and reading a book and overall, enjoying each other’s presence, you had a spontaneous idea of going out for a late night walk. The weather has been hot lately, to the point where you don’t even need a jacket outside, and you thought it would be a perfect idea to just take a stroll with the person you love. He blinks at first, taking a quick second to process what you said because you’ve never suggested doing this before. But a smile spreads on his face and he agrees to do it.

A good three minutes later, you two have put on your shoes, your phones are stuffed in your pocket, and you’ve locked the door to your house. Now, you two are walking down the sidewalk of your neighborhood, enjoying the night air, the moon as your light, and Taehyung by your side. You’ve never felt so happy before.

“Isn’t funny how you kind of just… moved into my house?” You chuckle a bit.

Taehyung smiles too. “Yeah, sorry about that.” He looks over at you shyly.

“Nah, it’s all good. You were going through a rough time and you came to me for guidance. I felt so honored that you did so. Moving in was just a bonus.” You reassure him humbly, winking after saying the last sentence.

“You know, I never got to thank you for being my rock while I was grieving. You’re the best, you know that right?” He puts an arm around your shoulder.

“Only for you, my love.” You say wholeheartedly, in which he just smiles and shares a kiss with you.

The conversation ended there, and you didn’t mind. His arm holding you close and you’re basking in his presence. You get distracted by the moon and decide to take your eyes off the sidewalk ahead of you to stare at how beautiful the moon is, putting your complete trust in your boyfriend to guide you and not let you trip. A couple steps later and Taehyung takes notice of a family of slugs making their way on the sidewalk and he’s instantly reminded of his deceased girlfriend.

“I’m craving some ice cream right now, Tae. Why don’t we go down to the gas station on the next block and restock on some Ben & Jerry’s?” Taehyung’s previous girlfriend offers.

“As long as I’m with you, gumdrop.” Taehyung accepts happily.

About 20 steps later and the girl catches sight of a group of slugs on the side of the sidewalk. She squeals out of fear and hides behind her boyfriend, who stops in his tracks and looks back at his frightened girlfriend. He blinks at her in confusion as she continues to be scared and huddle behind his back.

“What’s wrong?” Taehyung asks.

“Don’t you see it?” She asks exasperatedly, “There’s slugs!”

“What about the slugs?” He asks, tilting his head to the side. She rolls her eyes and exhales loudly, but before she could respond to that question, he finally put the pieces together. “Oh!” He exclaims as if a lightbulb lit up above his head. “You’re afraid of slugs!”

“Goodness, can you blame me? They’re slimy!” She cries.

Taehyung giggles. “Aw, but they’re small and slow. They won’t do you any harm!” He argues as he squats down in front of the little creatures.

The girl screams and grabs his hand to drag him away; Taehyung couldn’t help but laugh at this childish fear of hers. “Does this mean you hate snails too?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“Psshhh,” She scoffs at him as if it was a dumb question. “The only snail I like is Gary from Spongebob.”

Remembering that moment made Taehyung release you from slinging his arm around your shoulders and grab you by the wrist to drag you away, as in off the sidewalk and onto the road, since there were no cars driving right now aways. You were confused at your boyfriend’s sudden action. “Tae? What’s going on?” You ask, looking at him as he continues to drag you a little bit more.

“There are slugs.” He says, “C’mon now, I know you hate ‘em.” He says, tugging you to walk a bit faster.

“Hate slugs?” You repeat. “I mean, they’re pretty gross but it’s not like they’re poisonous. I don’t hate slugs, though. That’s not me.” You correct him as you pull away from his grip and continue walking.

His mouth is slightly agape from his realization and he stops walking. Four steps into walking and soon, you stop walking too. “Wait a minute,” You whisper and look back at him. “Who did you mistake me for?” You ask him.

You already knew the answer but you just wanted to hear him admit it. You look him in the face, and you can see the tears that are forming in the brim of his eyes. A moment into waiting for his answer and he brings himself to look at you in the eyes too. A tear strolls down his face and he shakes his head at you. You crossed your arms to fight off the coldness that was spreading throughout your body despite the warmth that the night provided. Tears were starting to form from your eyes too.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore, Taehyung.” You whisper, looking at his feet. “You’re still thinking about her.” You say, looking at him in the eyes again.

He takes a step towards you, reaching an arm out to try and touch you, but you step back, shaking your head at him. “I love you, but I can’t give my heart to a man who still somehow find pieces of his late girlfriend in me.” You sigh the last part. “I just— I’ve been going through heartbreak because of you, you know? I’ve loved you before you even met her. And I thought I was in some part of dramatic, romantic movie when we finally started dating, but I’ve come to a realization of what stays in fiction and what stays in reality.”

He didn’t say anything, so you started walking back to your house. You felt a cold shiver wave through your body as you walked by him. You couldn’t help but eye the slugs as you passed by it. You let your mind create little scenarios of what could’ve possibly made Taehyung remind him of his late girlfriend, but you shut your eyes tight and shook your head at the thought. You let out a huge sigh, force a small smile on your face, and turned around to face him, even though his back was still towards you.

“Listen, why don’t you pack your stuff and stay in the dorms with the boys, yeah? This’ll be good for the both of us.” You say, “Breaking up’ll be good for the both of us.”

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Headcannons for L, near, mello & matt on impressing their crush

Dear Anon, as the rules state, we only accept three characters per ask. I’m making the first three you mentioned: L, Near, and Mello. Leaving Matt behind breaks my heart, but it must be done. If you want to, please sent the Matt ask when we re-open the ask box :)

L, Near and Mello Impressing Their Crush

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• L has cameras all around your house. That way, he can make sure he knows all about you. He does not have cameras in your bathroom, as he still wants to protect some of your privacy. No one knows about this, not even Watari. He used all his new knowledge to buy your favorite sweets and to make clever comments when you are talking

• He appears out of thin air in the most random spaces. L always knows where you are. You’ll find him in your favorite restaurant, on the train, on the sidewalk. After an exhausting event, he’ll be waiting for you outside the building. Sometimes, when he is investigating and can’t see you, he asks Watari to bring you a cake.

• He tried to use shoes to impress you. L had seen you, walking at the street with a fast pace, and you piqued his curiosity. Soon enough, he had established a pattern, and went to the same street to meet you, he thought wearing shoes was the right thing, as you were obviously not ready to his quirks.  It didn’t work; he took them off ten minutes in your conversation.

• L will offer you sweets. Usually, he eats without a care. If someone else wants something, they can get it themselves. However, he likes to show you he cares about you, and his best idea is to share something he likes. I know you want some cake, (Y/N), take it. L acts like it is an absentmindedly act, even when he was carefully waiting for the right chance to offer it.

• He is always available to you. L has to be detangling the answer of a challenging case to even consider ignoring you. He’ll answer your text messages and calls, he is always punctual to your dates. L also makes a big effort to forget about his current investigation so he can concentrate on your chat. He is always ready to solve all your problems, and he gives them so much thought as he does with his most difficult cases.

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• Remember that gift you got? The one so thought out that drew tears from your eyes? It was from Near. He is secretly always listening to you and has investigated all your background. Shoe size, the present your grandmother gave you when you were six, the direction of your friends, that silly photo you published. Near knows everything about you, or at least, that’s what he likes to think.

• He’ll have the SPK following you around to make sure you are okay. Near has Giovanni constantly making reports of your wellbeing. He is never going out to make sure you are alright, as all his capabilities reside on his mind, and he doesn’t really feel comfortable leaving the SPK building. If you two are close enough, he is calling you various times to remind you each one of your tasks for the day.

• Near will lend you his toys, and encourage you to play with him. This is his way of flirting. He wants you to understand him, to create a connection, to show you how his world works; and the best way is this one. It’s always a silent, though, as he uses that time to think. You have helped him to construct card castles and had made masks for all the SPK with him.

• Puts you in charge of getting him toys. Rester and Linder find it particularly strange, it hadn’t even crossed their minds that Near might like you. Most of your days, you are visiting toy stores to get his requests. Secretly, he gives you easy-to-find toys, so you will come back to the building excited because you bought everything.

• He makes a constant effort to not appear prepotent. Since childhood, his direct words and strange behavior have kept him off human relations. In Wammy’s Orphanage, he was always alone, as the other kids always painted him as arrogant. He doesn’t want to come off like this to you, so he is always saving his analyses and guesses.

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• Mello will go over the top, but he’ll act like it doesn’t matter. One day, your canceled favorite show announced a new season. The whole thing had Mello fingerprints all over. When you ask him about it, he said he only had to make a call, and that Matt also liked that awful show. Then, he forbids you of ever telling anyone he had something to do with it.

• He’ll also ignore you. Secretly, he is dying to talk to you, but he lets the phone ring. He has to appear cool, doesn’t he? Mello will also underestimate all your intents of conversation, regarding them useless and silly, even when he already has ten witty comebacks to your last remark. This facade wears down easily, as he always ends up giving you heartfelt advice.

• He is constantly trying to impress you with his intelligence. For that, he’ll tell you the most far-fetched facts he knows. Mello is always ready to make long sums, even if it’ll be easier using a calculator. If you study, he has researched all your classes and is ready to help you with every single homework.

• If he is feeling brave enough, will directly flirt with you. His flirting can be a little harsh. Expect lots of witty remarks and double-entendres. He might even lick your cheek and touch your neck. He never expects you to be bold: if you respond, he’ll have to hide his blush.

• Mello is constantly trying to prove you he is the number one. He is going to work even harder and take even more drastic measures to solve Kira’s case. Never doubt him, as his value is something he is constantly struggling with and your opinion is fundamental to him. He is always telling you his advances, so you feel proud of him.

Blue (angst)

Title: Blue (Suga/Yoongi)
Genre: Angst
Words: 1787
A/N: Somewhat based on The Fault in Our Stars? Enjoy!

p.s. Blue - BigBang

p.p.s. Blue - A Perfect Circle

Originally posted by sugaa

Yoongi let out a frustrated groan as the contents of the cigarette pack spilled on the concrete. He bent down to pick it, muttering profanities under his breath. A stray cigarette stick had rolled into a corner, but before he walked over to pick it, fingers wrap themselves around it.

Yoongi stops and stands up straight to find a girl smiling at him, her arm stretched as she offered him the stick. Unsure of what to do, he grabbed it from her, letting out a barely audible ‘thanks’.

“This is a hospice, you shouldn’t be smoking here, you know.” you say, still smiling at him. Yoongi sticks the cigarette between his lips like a lollipop and looks at you. He stares at the way your lips were serenely curled, at how your smile was supposed to be wrong.

You shouldn’t be smiling at a guy like him. You should be judging. He was a delinquent. A troublemaker. He didn’t deserve such a smile.

“I don’t give a damn, I still want to smoke,” he says, fiddling with the lighter in his pocket.

“Well, I don’t give a fuck either,” you say, the curse word making Yoongi whip his head towards you. “But if I faint or have a fit, you’re taking me to the ER and buying me medicine.”

That’s when Yoongi noticed it. He noticed the transparent tube that was connected in your nostrils to a green tank beside you. He wasn’t sure why he hadn’t seen it at first, but now he saw it. You were one of the patients.

Yoongi dropped the lighter in his pocket and brought his hand out to take the cigarette stick from his lips. He stood there fiddling with the stick while you stood beside him, a really wide distance between the two of you, while you admired the stars.

There was silence before Yoongi spoke up, his voice cracking, “Are you really going to faint?”

You hum, smiling and not taking your eyes off the constellations of stars. Yoongi has fully turned to you, “Then why are you out here in…” he checks his watch. “…in eleven thirty? Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, in bed sleeping?”

You scoff as you cross your arms, “How about you?”

“How about me…” Yoongi said under his breath, slightly annoyed. “You don’t know me at all.”

“You don’t know me either,” you smirk, not giving in. Yoongi groaned. You were somewhat enjoying teasing him. You liked his exasperated sigh. You liked the way this blue-haired boy’s eyebrows scrunched together as he thought of ways to get rid of you.

Yoongi said nothing, he felt defeated, his system aching to feel the cancerous smoke. He turned to look at the stars which you were intently watching. Mentally, he thanked you. Yoongi had never taken the time to look at the things around him. Why should he when he was busy with the bustling life he had? Why should he when the world is such a dirty, cruel place? But here he was looking up to something he had always ignored.

The sky was a beautiful sight. Its twinkling freckles and deep blue complexion were so serene that he felt a little refreshed. Inspired.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” you say, tucking your hands inside the pockets of the jacket you had put over the hospital gown.

“Sure it is,” Yoongi had said since he hadn’t known what to say to someone as stubborn as you.

“That one over there is Orion,” you say, pointing at a constellation. Yoongi nodded, even if he didn’t really know what Orion looked like. “A really brave hunter. He was killed by a scorpion that was sent by Apollo…all because he fancied his sister Artemis. Orion was…”

You stopped yourself and looked at Yoongi who was now staring at you, “Ah, I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

Yoongi smiled. He wasn’t a big believer in love at first sight, but the sight of you made him feel different…as if there was a place in his hateful heart for something innocent called love. “You’re not…it’s fine. Orion seems interesting, but I think I didn’t catch your name.”

“I didn’t catch yours either.” Yoongi smirked, he had expected that reply. It felt like he had known you for years.

“Yoongi,” he says, offering a hand.

You take it, that smile that soon made Yoongi’s heart flutter on your lips, “Y/N.”

Lung cancer. That’s what you had. Once Yoongi had known that, he opened his laptop only to read more about the disease. Everyday, after coming home from his mandatory service at the hospice, he would open the laptop just to read more about it, you in his mind. He could type the word ‘cure’ with his eyes closed. But it only saddened him. There were rare positive results. His knuckles turned white as he tightly gripped the mouse, his lips quivering. It was such a strange feeling, but that must be what it felt when you love someone. When you cared for someone you knew who wasn’t yours to keep.

His deep reverie was broken when his phone rang, revealing your photo. He took a deep breath and smiled. You always made him smile. His friends, even noticed him smiling when he looked up to the sky. You reminded him so much of the sky–light blue or deep blue.

“Hey, blue boy,” your voice boomed over the phone making his heart flutter. He had been with you a few hours ago, yet he missed your presence so much.

“Yes, Y/N?” he chuckled, grinning to himself.

“So,” you say, excitement in your voice. “I decided that I should dye my hair blue. Like yours. I’ll be your blue girl and you’ll be my blue boy and we’ll be cheesy and cliched as fuck while our arms are linked together.”

The conversation continued on. Both of you babbled to each other for hours and hours, not wanting to exit that little imaginary room your phones had made. But eventually, your nurse appeared with a little sorry.

“See you soon, Yoongi,” you whisper. It was you and Yoongi’s thing not to say ‘goodbye’.

“See you soon, Y/N.” The phone clicked and Yoongi was alone in his apartment again, staring at the white screen of his laptop. Yoongi slammed the laptop shut in frustration and pain. He didn’t want to know. He didn’t want to know how things would end.

Yoongi sat up, a plan forming in his mind.

“Have you told him about the doctor’s news yet?” the nurse said as she looked at you fiddling with Yoongi’s note. His scraggly handwriting said: “Meet me on the roof at eleven thirty.”

You couldn’t. You were too weak to go up, but you stayed silent and only grinned at him when he met your eyes that morning.

“No,” you say and the nurse sighs. You grip your light blue comforter. “I can’t, you know. I…I love him. I really do and I don’t want to hurt him, but I don’t know what to do. I can’t face him and say all those negative and harsh truths.”

You bend over, tears spilling out, “I can’t I can’t I can’t. I hate it that I had to die. I hate it that I’m totally helpless. I hate it that I had to meet this blue boy who was about to smoke. I hate it that I love him.”

Your words choke you as you cry and the nurse wraps her arms around you, soothing words slipping out of her lips.

“Come on, don’t cry. You have a date later,” she says, holding your tear-streaked face and you nod vigorously, willing to sacrifice a little something for your blue boy.

As soon as you open the window to the roof, you are greeted by the gust of chilly evening wind. You found Yoongi sitting already, looking up at the stars. Somehow, he noticed your presence when you smiled, turning his head to look at you, his lips curling into that gummy smile that made you melt.

“Y/N, you came,” he says as he helped you sit beside him. You wanted to reply with something sarcastic, but you stopped, knowing this was supposed to be sentimental.

“Of course.”

There was that comfortable silence as both of you adjusted, gawking at the vast sky in front of you. You had always loved looking up. The celestial bodies fascinated you and when you had gotten sick, your parents had bought you books about stars and galaxies to busy yourself with. But here you were with someone worth more than a thousand galaxies. Yoongi.

Your heart ached when he held your hand and squeezed it, “You said you wanted to have that New Year’s Eve kiss, right? Well, here it is. In thirty minutes, my friends will set off a bunch of fireworks.”

It was absurd, but cute, making you blush, “But it’s not even New Year!”

“I don’t give a damn, Y/N,” Yoongi says, pulling you closer to him. Two blue-haired, star-crossed lovers under the countless twinkling stars.

“I love you, Y/N,” his forehead meets yours. “I don’t care what happens next. We all die at some point, right? I love you.”

“I love you, too,” you return, your heart twisting with pain and guilt. Yoongi’s kiss erased all of those as the fireworks loudly boomed in the background, flashing lights illuminating his pale skin and brown orbs. The eyes you’ll miss so much.

“See you soon.”

See you soon,” you smile, pressing your back against the cool hard door, waiting for him to go. Yoongi waved his hand at you and took off. Little did he know that he wouldn’t be seeing you soon. Even, he wouldn’t be seeing you at all.

The next morning, he woke up to the screech of his phone. It was your nurse. Dread spreads through Yoongi. His chest aching.

The nurse hadn’t even bothered to say ‘Good Morning’. How can they when they were choking in their tears? Two painful words slipped from her lips as soon as Yoongi picked up, “She’s gone. She’s gone, Yoongi. She’s gone.

The call ended. He looked at the ceiling, throwing his phone aside with a heavy sigh. His hand found its way to his face, gripping his hair. Once the first tear broke, slowly trickling down his face, the rest followed in a continuous river. His shoulders shaking as he bent forward, thoughts of the previous night painfully flashing in his mind. It was a silent muffled cry. His mind dwelt on the fact that you were actually gone. Never had he felt this cold and lonely.

Yoongi’s hair was jet black when he went to the hospice to collect your things.

You're the Last Thing on My Mind - Michael Latta

breaking up is never easy

inspiration: you’re the last thing on my mind by aron wright

requested: yes | no

word count: 1609

warnings: one curse word

a/n: i legit feel so bad about not putting out anything in the past few days, so here’s one that i finished a while ago. i highly recommend you listen to the song while you read it 

Originally posted by sport-land

“you and i are packed in boxes / pictures taken from before”

mike braced himself against the counter, a water bottle held tightly in his fist. boxes were stacked in lines next to the door, each one labeled with your name and the box’s contents whether it be clothes, books, etc.

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1. Push yourself to believe that you can move on from the pain you’re feeling. Even if it feels impossible, constantly remind yourself that you will be fine in time.

2. Drink if you must. Find a place to crash, call a close friend, buy a bottle of liqour, talk it all out and just be sappy for once. It’s all part of the healing process.

3. Cry. Cry your heart out. Don’t hold back your tears. Cry until you’re tired. Because the moment you’re tired is the moment you’re done.

4. Put away all things that will remind you of him. The items he gave, the photos you kept and even his social media accounts— STAY AWAY. It’s not being bitter. It’s just removing toxic in your heart.

5. Always pray to God especially when you’re alone and hurt. And when you’re on the edge of breaking down, read good Bible verses or seek guidance from a pastor. Spiritual healing is real.

6. Escape and explore a place you’ve never been to. Make good memories in that place. Get lost. Take good photos. Eat good food. Live.

7. Go to a nice cafe and get yourself a good latte with the cute designs on top. Always remember that you only deserve the best in life.

8. Whenever you can’t sleep at night from all the stress the heartbreak gave you. Sleep next to your parents. It’s the most comforting feeling ever.

9. Do spontaneous things with your best friends. From having an unplanned breakfast after a long jog, to unplanned roadtrips after having vodka in the middle of the night. It’s always an adventure with your besties

10. Prioritize your fitness and health. Eat healthy and stay active. Run or go the gym. You’ll thank yourself later.

11. Pursue your goals in life. It could be the body that you wanted or the job you’ve been dreaming of. Make your dreams a reality.

12. See your own worth. Know that every person in this world is different. But just like the others, you shine because of your beautiful differences. Make your shine glow brighter and always see that in you.

—  Small Steps On Getting Over Heartbreak
Say When

Pairing : Eggsy Unwin x reader. 

Summary : Imagine telling Eggsy that you’ll never be able to give him children after being attacked by Rottweiler - a member from Dean’s gang.

(not my gif)

Based on “Say When” by The Fray.

I see you there, don’t know where you come from
Unaware the stare from someone
Don’t appear to care that I saw ya. And I want you
What’s your name
‘Cause I have to know it
You let me in and begin to show it
We’re terrified ‘cause we’re heading straight for it, might get it.

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Polaroid — Brad Simpson✿

idea: you come across some old photos of you and brad when he’s away
words: 900
warnings: /
note: requested

Four years ago, you met the love of your life. He was nineteen at the time, with nothing more than a few hairs on his chin and eyes gleaming with innocence. About six months later, he gave you a camera and the request of sharing the world through your eyes with him. That was the moment you realized you were falling in love.

Four years later, now sharing a home and planning the rest of your lives together, you came across those photos. They had been forgotten in a dusty box in the highest shelf of the closet, distant memories that suddenly didn’t feel so distant.

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A short SwanQueen/SwanMillsFamily oneshot. Their four year old daughters stumbles across Henry’s storybook where she sees a picture of the Evil Queen causing her to push Regina away and leaving Emma to pick up the pieces. Fluff. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you enjoy :)

Emma frowns as she walks through her front door to hear screaming. Admittedly, it’s not an odd noise in their house. Between the four year old, the teenager and their newly acquired dog (just one at the moment but knowing Regina the next time she visits the animal shelter, there’ll be more), the mansion is normally filled with noise.

It’s that noise that Emma loves. Silence reminds her of loneliness and rootlessness. Noise, even if it is shouting and sometimes too loud, is the marker of family. When she walks in to hear a chorus of hello’s or to a house filled with laughter, it’s a reminder that she is loved and a part of something truly remarkable to her – a family.

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Your relationship with Jared is still a secret to the public, and only close family and friends know about it. So, when you accompany Jared along with Shannon and Tomo to a photo-shoot as their official assistant, Jared can’t do anything when the photographer starts flirting with you. It’s clear he’s annoyed and pissed off, his bad mood clearly visible in the photographs. Back home, you tease him for being jealous but when he starts pouting, you can’t help but kiss him lovingly and remind him that he has nothing worry about, that he’s the only one you want. 

Imagine browsing through your keepsake box with Chris.

A/N: Part 2 of Memory Lane, yay! It’s a little longer than usual so get comfy. Here are the links to the previous parts: (‘Memory Lane - Part 1’, ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist’)

You sat on the bed, browsing through your keepsake box filled with your life’s memorabilia. You couldn’t really call it your life’s memorabilia as it mostly consisted of mementos from your relationship with Chris; from the moment the two of you met until- well, now. There were other- some important, mostly trivial- bits and bobs: baby photos, old birthday and holiday cards, concert tickets, out dated passports filled with travel stamps, the key to your first apartment, etcetera; basically anything that reminded you of the best times of your life went into that box.

You enjoyed collecting things; you’d been collecting little mementos since you were a little kid. You’d been called a hoarder numerous times by several members of your family and friends, but you didn’t care. It was nice to be able to look back at different times of your life and reminisce; it also helped you feel less alone when Chris was away, and vice versa. It had also become tradition for the two of you to bring something back for each other, to add to the box after being away for work. Your last trip to London had you bring back a sweet postcard and a miniature black cab, whereas Chris added to the collection his air ticket- the one that brought him home to you a week early- and a miniature Captain America shield; a token from the cast and crew congratulating the two of you on your son.

“I’m curious.” You looked up as Chris exited the bathroom, wiping his hands with a towel. “Why didn’t you just call a plumber about the sink?” He raised an eyebrow and you shrugged. “So you’ve just been living with a leaky sink for five months? That’s very unlike you, Miss Perfectionist.” He teased and you chuckled.

“It only broke the other night,” you defended your perfectionist trait. “I was going to call a plumber, but then Captain America popped up on my doorstep.” You smiled when he chuckled, draping the hand towel on the back of a chair. “God,” you leaned into him and rested your head on his chest when he sat down and wrapped an arm around you. “I’ve missed you so much that I don’t even care that you’re all dirty from fixing the sink.”

“I’m not that dirty,” he chuckled, pressing his lips to your hair.

“Dirty enough,” you retorted playfully and he chuckled again. “Did the Russo brothers really let you go early, or did you lie and sneak off?” You looked up at him and asked. “I mean- Infinity War’s a huge movie, there is no way they could afford giving you pre-leave.”

“I may have told them you were going into labour early,” he said with a wince. You laughed because you knew he was joking. “No,” he chuckled. “They really let me go early. Remember when I FaceTimed you the other week? Seb came in because they were looking for me?” You nodded. “Well, they wanted to move my scenes forward so I could film them all and get home to you. Seb wasn’t lying when he said everyone was working double time,” he told you and you smiled. “The code word on set was Baby Cap. Whenever anyone got distracted, we used that to remind everyone that I had a pregnant wife waiting on me at home.”

“You work with some amazing people.”

“Yes I do,” he nodded. “I think it helps that you know Kevin Feigi and are friends with most of the cast, I feel like they were doing it more for you than me.” He admitted and you chuckled. “You know, if think about it-” he chuckled, “Marvel’s played a huge part in making our relationship what it is. I mean- we wouldn’t have even met if it weren’t for Captain America.”

“Remember how we met?” You asked and he nodded, chuckling. You sat up straight, leaned forward and reached for the Starbucks paper coaster that you’d scribbled your award winning screenplay ideas almost seven years ago.

“I remember how grateful you were when I gave you your coaster back,” he chuckled, taking the coaster from you. “I can’t believe that I was the reason you got that Oscar. You really should be more careful with your ideas,” he bopped your head with the coaster and you giggled.

“Can you believe it’s only been seven years?” You asked as you took the coaster back from him, smiling at your mini mind map that probably made no sense to anyone else who looked at it. “It seems like a lifetime ago.”

“Really?” He rested his chin on your shoulder. “'Cause I can remember it like it was yesterday.”
• • • • • • • •
Chris smiled as he watched the pretty girl in the red knitted scarf from the counter; you were furiously scribbling away on a paper coaster. The more he watched you, the more adorable he found you. You were clearly in the zone, working on something important, yet somehow you still had the time to pause to scrunch your face at the orange Gummi Bears and pick them out from the bag. He chuckled when he saw you pinch a red one from the bag, squishing it between your thumb and index while smiling to yourself.

“You’re definitely going to win me an Oscar.” You whispered to your coaster then smiled, drawing a small doodle of yourself holding an Oscar at the bottom of the square. “So cute,” you giggled to yourself then stopped when your phone buzzed.

Chris raised an eyebrow when he saw your eyes widen. You scrambled to your feet and frantically gathered your things, pushing them off the table into your open bag. You were in such a rush that you didn’t notice your coaster had not made it into your bag, but onto the floor instead. As you rushed out of the door, Chris saw the scribbled coaster on the floor. He picked it up and rushed out to look for you but you were gone, he sighed and glanced down at the tightly filled square. He smiled when he saw what you were working on, it wasn’t because he understood what you were writing- it was because your notes were visually appealing; your handwriting was cute and neatly printed, and everything was color coded. The best part about that small card was your doodles, the girl with the Oscar catching his eye. He didn’t know if he’d ever see you again or if he’d ever have the chance to return it to you, but he was definitely going to hold onto it just in case.
• • • • • • • •
You poked at your salad and sighed; your appetite completely gone after realizing you’d lost the coaster you’d scribbled your ideas on. You could probably remember some of what you wrote but it wasn’t going to be as good as it was the first time. You sighed again and heard Kevin chuckle; you looked up and winced when you realized you were being a total bummer.

“Sorry Kevin,” you chuckled softly. “I’m not being good company, am I?” He chuckled and shrugged, not wanting to agree with you because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings. “I just-” you huffed. “There were some really good ideas on that coaster and-” You cut yourself off, groaning. “I should’ve just written it in my phone like I usually do but I just bought these really cool pens and- You know what,” you cut yourself off. “It’s fine, I’ll come up with something else.”

“I’m sure you will, and I’m certain it’ll be better.” Kevin tried to comfort you. “Your parents called me the other day,” he began and you rolled your eyes, biting back your knowing smile. “Hence why we’re having lunch,” he continued with a light chuckle. “They’re worried about you, Y/N.”

“Of course they did,” you chuckled. “Why else would a busy man like you schedule a lunch with me when you’ve got a Captain America movie to make?” You quizzed and he chuckled. “I’m perfectly fine, Kevin. I’ve just been too busy with work to call or fly home.”

“Or socialize in any way,” he added and you sighed because you’ve heard it all before. “Y/N, you’re a successful twenty-four year old screen wright in Hollywood. You are constantly being invited to red carpet events and after parties with actors and directors and producers who could be perfect for you. Just pull yourself away from your laptop, put on a dress and go meet a guy.”

“My parents seriously called you to tell me to get a boyfriend?”

“I was the only one in the neighborhood,” he shrugged then smiled when you chuckled. “I care about you, kid. I want to see you happy, and though I know your work makes you happy- you need more than work. You’re twenty-four but you won’t be forever, it’s time you start thinking about your future.” You opened your mouth to protest but he cut you off, “personal life wise, not career wise.”

“Fine,” you chuckled. “If it’ll make all of you feel better, I’ll start looking for the love-” You were cut off when a oddly familiar male voice called out. You and Kevin looked up and you realized why you found the voice so familiar, it was Chris Evans; otherwise known as the actor who dawned the role of Captain America.

“It’s you,” Chris smiled at you- much to your confusion- as he strolled over with Robert Downey Jr.; he and Kevin looked about as confused as you because you’d never met Chris Evans before. “Who would’ve thought I’d run into you here.”

“You know him, Y/N?” Robert asked you with narrowed eyes.

“I know he’s Captain America but- I’ve never met him before,” you answered. “I’m sorry, have we met?” You asked Chris; he shook his head, chuckling. “But you know me?” You asked, the confusion increased in your voice.

“Yeah,” Chris nodded. “And I think this belongs to you.” He passed the coaster over to you and you face lit up, making Chris smile. “I didn’t fold it ‘cause you look like the kind of person who would find a crease annoying.” You looked up at him and chuckled. “I didn’t think I was going to run into you so soon though.”

“And I didn’t think I was ever going to see my coaster again, let alone have Captain America bring it to me,” you told him with a light laugh. “I was a little lost without this, it’s kind of my next project. So thank you,” you nodded gratefully at him.

“Save the thank you for your Oscar speech,” Chris responded and you were slightly taken aback by his vote of confidence considering he didn’t know anything about you. “I don’t know what you’re writing but- I have a feeling it’s going to be a winner.”

“Just like this pairing,” Kevin mumbled under his breath, smiling at you and Chris; Robert had the same knowing smile on his face as he glanced between the two of you. The two of you would’ve noticed if you weren’t so busy smiling at each other. “Why don’t you two join us for lunch?”
• • • • • • • •
“Who would’ve thought that one lunch would change our whole lives?” You asked Chris as he rested his hand on the swell of your belly, smiling. “And add another life to this world.” You rested your hand on top of his, both your wedding rings glistening in the sunlight.

“Me,” he said softly. “I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you were going to change my entire life,” he told you and you felt your eyes well with tears. “I was going to hunt you down with that coaster, like Prince Charming hunted Cinderella down with the glass slipper. You were something special, Y/N. I didn’t have to know you to know that, I could feel it.”

“You know I’m meant to be the writer in the relationship, right?” You quipped and he laughed. “I love you,” you told him as you leaned in, your lips inches away from his. “More than I’ll ever love another being.”

“Remember that when our son comes along,” he whispered then kissed you.

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