when your otp of otps gets together

Imagine your OTP...

Person A and Person B are in a first period history class together. Both A and B show up before everyone else one day. A randomly puts on some slow dance music and pulls B over and forces them to dance. Enter Person C, who watches the scene unfold without being noticed for a while. A and B’s faces are getting closer (like they’re about to kiss) when C suddenly coughs or makes another loud noise. A and B spring apart and spend the rest of the period blushing while C smirks.

Bonus: A and B are just best friends who are secretly in love with each other (because why wouldn’t they be?) and all of their friends ship it

Imagine there is an age gap between your otp, and they want to keep their relationship a secret.
-Sometimes it’s hard because A (older) gets concerned about B (younger) but can’t show it publicly because people would think their concern is strange
-B tries to hide their emotions because they don’t want A to believe they’re childish
-protective A
-protective B
-A loves the way B gets so excited about minor things
- just them being happy together because they love each other and when they’re alone and don’t have to hide they’re just so comfortable

One - Tim Drake x Reader

I wasn’t planning on expanding this AU but I guess I was wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well anyway, I’ve decided to do a step counter soulmate AU for each of the batboys. So keep an eye out for all of those within the next couple of days. As always I’m open for prompts and suggestions. Hope you enjoy! @ incarcenatedangel

Tim Drake x Reader: Imagine a soulmate AU in which your OTP gets a step-counter. For each step they take, the number on the counter goes down, marking the moment they meet their soulmate. (Prompt from @otp-imagination)


You were a normal girl growing up. You had a number just like everyone else; a promise that one day you would meet your soulmate and you would take your first steps together when your numbers simultaneously hit 0. You were born with a fairly low number. Your parents assumed that meant you would meet your soul mate as a child and the two of you would have the opportunity to grow up by each others side. That type of situation happened all the time. Except that’s not what happened to you.

When you were ten your parents were taking you out to a movie when a drunk driver swerved hitting your parents car head on. The car spinned wildly out of control only to be stopped when it wrapped itself around a tree. Your father was killed on impact. Your mother died later in the hospital from the loss of blood and her injuries. Shrapnel severed your spine and you were irreparably paralyzed. You were orphaned, paralyzed, and alone in the world and yet people still fawned over saying how lucky and brave you were. You sure as hell didn’t feel like it.

You were brought to the Gotham City Orphanage as soon as you were released from the hospital. They sent you to a couple of Foster homes but you always ended back up at the orphanage. At least you knew the orphanage was wheelchair accessible.

The only thing that gave you hope during your lonely nights was that the number on your wrist read 1. You didn’t know what that meant but you wanted to believe that it meant that one day you would still meet your soulmate and you would take one more step to meet him. That one small number was your one ray of hope through many dark days. It was a day you looked forward to your entire childhood.

Your life began to turn around when you received notice that you were chosen for a Wayne Foundation Scholarship to Gotham Academy. A handful of kids at the Gotham City Orphanage got scholarships every year and you were one of them one year. You didn’t want to be some crooked corporation’s charity case but your parents always taught you not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

You quickly figured out that people at Gotham Academy could be really cruel. It was no secret that scholarship kids were immediately targets for the teenage pettiness of a private school. You were no exception to that natural law of order.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Person A and Person B getting back together after being apart for a while (why is your choice), and instead of the sweet reunion Person B was expecting, they find Person A with a mutual friend. When Person B confronts Person A about it, Person A has a hard time explaining that they weren't cheating on Person B with their friend. Person B misunderstands and tries to leave them, but Person A keeps them there to prove with a kiss that they are Person B's and only Person B's.

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What happens when your ships... (Part 2)
  • …spend a whole morning in bed
  • …go sightseeing in another country
  • …stay up too late watching old movies
  • …get caught making out despite “not being together”
  • …take a ballroom dance class together
  • …build a blanket fort
  • …meet in college
  • …go to and get lost in IKEA 
  • …get in a water fight
  • …realize they’ve fallen for each other
  • …try speaking each other’s native language
  • …go on an undercover mission together
  • …run into each other at a bar
  • …protect each other
  • …sing karaoke together
  • …get lost while hiking
  • …decorate their first house/apartment
  • …go on a double date with another one of your ships
  • …find out each other’s darkest secret
  • …forget their own wedding anniversary
  • …watch their child graduating high school 

“So this is Tumblr.” I tap on the small blue icon on my phone, while Bucky watches intensely.
“What is on Tumblr?” He asks curiously, and I hold in laughter.
“Mostly a lot of OTP’s, shipping, and cats.” I try to come up with the most accurate description, but nothing can prepare you for Tumblr.
“What’s an OTP?” He continues questioning everything, ever so innocently.
“One true pairing, when you ship something.” I explain as simply as possible, hoping he can keep up.
“Where the hell do you ship an OTP to?!?” He exclaims in a panic, and I can’t help but to laugh.
“A ship is what you call your one true pairing, which is when you want two people to be in a relationship.” I tell him slowly, putting down my phone. “And if those two people actually get together, it’s a canon.”
“This is all way too confusing, you Tumblrs might as well be pirates.” He scoffs, crossing his arms. “Talking about ships and canons…”

Imagine your OTP going on a long car ride together. Imagine them getting lost, and being incredibly relieved when they find the path they should be on again. Imagine them going straight to sleep after the long drive in a hotel or motel. Imagine them snacking on random foods they bought at convenience stores along the road. Imagine them finally getting to their destination, and cheering because the ride there was so exhausting.

Imagine your OTP going to a market together.
They browse, they check out all the fresh fruits and vegetables, they split a drink and walk the isles loosely holding hands.
Person A knows what they need, had a list; couple items of produce, some spices, maybe they know the vendors and strike up conversation easily.

Person B laughs at the names of fruits, tries to find he most extreme produce like two pound carrots, and yells Person A’s name across the entire market when they get separated.

vampire aus

requested by gostudymore

  • I work in a hospital and when I went to check the blood bank there was someone in there stealing the blood packs??
  • I thought you were just shy and allergic to garlic and was prone to sunburns, but then I came to your house in the middle of the night and you were “snacking”
  • we go to night school together and we get along really well, but then you asked me out on a beach date and oh shit
  • “have they invented an spf 30000000+ sunscreen yet?”
  • I was out walking one night and I found an injured bat but the next morning I found some person passed out in my room instead??
  • you gave me a garlic pizza and I out it without knowing and now I’m breaking out in hives
  • for someone who looks like they’ll snap in the wind and fry in the sun how do you run so fast and how are you so strong?
  • a vampire dating a werewolf whilst ignoring all rumours and scandals being thrown at them
  • “I don’t understand why they think drinking blood is sexy, in reality it’s sticky and messy and it actually really hurts the person.”
How to know you have an otp

If you:

Imagine a fictional couple getting married multiple times a day.

You draw fan art or write fanfiction focused on said shipping couple

Seeing them together makes your heart beat faster than you thought possible

The thought of the couple becoming canon is like winning the lottery on Christmas!

Seeing the couple kiss makes every fiber of your being scream for joy!

When the couple becomes canon, it is physically impossible for you to be depressed for a good 48 hours (or longer)

The thought of the couple not being together actually causes you pain.

Imagine your OTP

Imagine Person A and Person B are attempting to do the do for the fifth time since they’ve gotten together, but they never get past being in their underwear when Person A calls it off, making up a random excuse to not frick Person B. In reality, Person A is actually really body-conscious and is nervous about Person B being disgusted by their body.

But during the fifth time, when Person A goes to call it off with a random excuse, Person B demands to ask why Person A always has a random excuse for this stuff, forcing Person A to reveal that they’re body conscious. Suddenly, Person B started laughing, explaining how they were body concious as well, which is why they always agreed with stopping the last 4 times they attempted to frick.

Person A and Person B then proceed to make each other feel better by praising and exploring each other’s bodies for the rest of the night, given the rule to not go past their boxers. They give each other kisses all over each other’s bodies and compliment one another, saying things such as ‘I love your freckles’, 'your skin is so soft’, etc.