when your otp is canon finally

You know what’s great about having an OTP that isn’t canon?

The world is wide open. Anything can happen.

They can be fake boyfriends who become real boyfriends. They can be co-workers who fall slowly in love, fighting it every inch of the way before finally giving in. They can be best friends who get drunk and sleep together, have a huge fight in the morning because neither is sure of the other’s feelings, and then finally work things out when they realise they’ve both been in love for years. They can meet in a foreign city and take advantage of the unfamiliar surroundings to ignore their pasts and embark on a passionate love affair. They can be members of competing sports teams who can’t stop one-upping each other until they finally realise they were both just trying to get each other’s attention.  They can be shocked to see each other on a blind date. They can both be chasing the same guy and realise that they actually want each other.

When your OTP becomes canon, you’re limited to one story, and there’s only so many times you can hear that story before it gets old. 

When it isn’t their story can go any way you like: short and sweet, long and torturous, fluffy, angsty, angry, romantic, anything at all.

HQ season 2 is so good! I can’t believe OiSuga is finally canon :’)

My thoughts and feelings about what went down between Adam and Ronan in the raven king:

Okay so i was gonna wait a bit to make this post but my thoughts about these two are literally eating me alive. I mean is there anything greater than waiting so long for your otp to be canon and then when it finally happens it’s so beautifully done you don’t even know what to do with yourself afterwards? The answer is probably no.

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i am SO TIRED of romantic narratives where the climax is the couple finally getting together. i want a story where the couple gets together towards the beginning and then stays together through the end. what’s the point of making me want a certain romance if i can’t watch that romance actually happen after it starts?? people falling in love can be great and all but you know what? sometimes i also want them to STAY IN LOVE, like… i don’t want mutual pining, i don’t want wistful gazes, i don’t want ‘will they or won’t they,’ i want two people who are in love, they’re together, and they handle shit together [x]

Gaming Fangirl Challenge - 5/5 pairings (canon or your otp)

Snow/Serah (Final Fantasy XIII)

Guren loves Mahiru. He loves her so much that he even called her his “sun” and his most beloved person, and he will NEVER stop loving her. Not even when he let go of her. So to any shipper who hates on Mahiru for “being in the way” of your Otp and hopes Guren will stop loving her, forget her and replace her with the other member of your ship once he finally is able to move on: Give up. He loves all of his friends very much, but fact is he loves Mahiru the most and this will never change, not even when he will be able to fall in love again and starts a new relationship. So stop calling their love “fake” just because you hate their relationship.