when you've been

It’s 2am, Neil’s shuffling into the kitchen to get a glass of water, he flicks on the light and turns around to find himself face to face with a giant tabby cat, who’s been sitting there on the countertop watching him, with it’s eerily sentient eyes. He jumps, and, on his instinct driven backwards step, trips over the water bowl behind him in a cacophony of clattering metal and grunting, before landing on his ass in a painful thud. Andrew, instantly awake and already running out of the room, ready to beat an intruder to death, half blind given he was dead asleep 2 seconds ago, falls over Neil on his way into the room and the both of them end up sprawled on top of each other on the kitchen floor. The cat jumps off the counter and sits on Andrew’s back.

“You fucking idiot,” Andrew says.

“They’re your cats asshole.”

To be, or not to be...

Something else interesting to note about Sherlock and Molly, and who they ‘pretend’ to be in the real world:

Sherlock only likes himself when he’s something he’s not.  When he’s dressed up in his detective identity.  He hates himself, or is terribly uncomfortable, as anything else.

Molly is only not herself one time in the series, during the Christmas episode.  She dressed up in a ‘costume’, to try and be something she really wasn’t.  It’s the only time we see her look completely and utterly uncomfortable.

In TEH, when Sherlock shyly asks Molly to come and participate in a case with him, she asks him what John usually does.  By this point, Sherlock knows Molly.  He remembers the last time she was at 221B, trying so hard to be someone she wasn’t, for him.  This time, he makes sure she knows all he wants is for her to be herself. “You’re not being John, you’re being yourself.”

Molly is only comfortable when she’s herself.  Something I think Sherlock admires greatly about her.

Sherlock is never comfortable, never okay when he’s himself…except when he’s with Molly.

Sherlock trusting Molly enough to be himself with her is in itself a kind of love. It’s not an everyday romantic kind of love, but I think for Molly, it’s worth far more than any dinner date or night at the pub.  To her, it’s pure diamonds.


“pardon my computer” from jughead’s double digest #102 or “the one where a computer is told to formulate a girl jughead would be attracted to and immediately explodes”

quite a few older stories involved “UGAJ” or “The United Girls Against Jughead” who made it their life’s mission to try to “fix” jughead often by harassing him or kidnapping him or attempting to brainwash him

it never worked 

bruce “bitch you thought” wayne

I finally read Eyeshield 21 and sold my soul to this scrawny devil.

Today was my last day with my students before our Presidents week break! I’ve been keeping them up to date with my marathon training, which is kind of funny because they’re always so amazed when I tell them how far I run! They’ve been really supportive so I decided to give them a small assignment to help me on marathon day! I gave them each a card with a different mile on it, and I told them to write down some words of encouragement, inspirational quotes, or just a funny joke to take my mind off the race. I have 26 kiddos so i ended up with a card for each mile. I told them I wasn’t going to read any of them until I was running each mile of the race, that way it’s kind of like they’re running alongside me and and cheering me on. Obviously I read the first mile already, but I’m really excited to read what they wrote while I’m out there tackling a marathon. Being a teacher can be really hard at times, but sometimes it feels like you’ve got your own personal gang of supporters. I can’t wait to come back after break and show them pictures from my run! Sharing this experience with them is definitely making it extra special.