when you're not trying lol


   Tape 2, Side B » We’re always watching someone. Following someone. And being followed. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram they’ve made us a society of stalkers. And we love it. Of course, stalking someone in real life is a whole ‘nother thing. That’s right. I had a stalker. And if you’ve made it to A-4, you’re outside his window. Just like I am right now.

“Mr Trump blamed the bill’s defeat on Democrats, who proudly accepted responsibility”


Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me….

(In which we try to do Chapter 50 shots and I can’t keep a straight face)

although i….. really had a thing for triplets in this piece


(ignore the haphazardly placed dynamics, this isn’t the printable version of the piece with actual articulations and shit, this is the version just made to sound good on an audio file, so there isn’t an actual fortississimo there, that’s just a part that really needs to stand out when you listen to it)

Everyone is freaking out over this Bill Nye show on Netflix and. Idk.
I’ve watched the first two episodes and after they shat all over auras and crystals etc. I’m feeling kind of bitter.
They barely let Donald Schultz speak or finish his points and it was very annoying.

Spock using his finger to trace phrases like “I love you” in Vulcan on McCoy’s back when they’re lying in bed. Bones being amused, thinking he’s just drawing little meaningless squiggles, completely oblivious to the tender words Spock is softly outlining on his body.

Owen and Cristina are spending their last few weeks together as a temporary couple because they both know the end is coming and they’d rather be together and happy for the time remaining, even if it’s short-lived, because the alternative of letting each other go for good is too unbearable

and if you don’t think that’s the most heartbreaking thing ever then you can leave 

Late night visits with the little one. (Per request of @mrpink627)