when you would do anything in the world to protect someone

Deep Star Trek TOS Asks
  • Kirk: Tell me about a time you had to take a leadership role.
  • Spock: What kind of sacrifices have you made for others?
  • Uhura: Talk about the moment you were the most proud of yourself.
  • Bones: Describe your closest relationships.
  • Sulu: What is your relationship like to the world around you?
  • Chekov: How do you support your friends?
  • Scotty: Talk about a time you succeeded (or failed) in fixing a major problem.
  • Chapel: What have you gained, or what consequences have you faced, from pursuing your passions?
  • Rand: How do you stay positive in bad situations?
  • Enterprise: Tell me when/where you felt most at-home, like you belonged.
  • Khan: Tell me about a person you would do anything to protect.
  • Corbomite: What's the worst lie you've ever told?
  • Deneva: Have you ever lost a loved one? How did you grieve?
  • Empath: Talk about the time you needed someone the most. Did they come through for you?
  • Psi 2000: What are you really like, under everything?
  • Horta: What do you do when you feel lonely and isolated?
  • Talos IV: What would you do if someone you loved betrayed you?
  • Organia: How do you react when you're proven wrong?
  • Farragut: Has something ever happened to you that you just can't let go?
  • Shore Leave: Describe your ideal life.
22nd March 2017 // 6:47 pm

the shattering feeling, when someone tells you they don’t love you anymore, that they don’t want you like they used to. i swear i felt something break inside of me. and in that one second you can’t do anything but weep to let out your pain and gasp for air as you try to understand what they are telling you. 

it’s a feeling i could never wish on anyone and yet i know is happening every day around the world. you protected yourself so extremely by trying to push others out because you know how easily it would be to fall for someone and to get hurt, but brief moments of happiness and comfort persuade you to let down your wall. and when you do, that can either be the best thing in the world or the worst.

and for me, it was the worst. 

part of me feels foolish for believing in him, i could feel the unease of the situation and i knew there was something wrong but i thought to myself: just try, for once believe and get over your anxiety. i hoped you would prove me wrong, but i guess you knew what you were going to do all along. i’m holding my head up high, i know some nights will be occupied by pain and regret, but i also know that i’m proud for trying. i’m someone who loves and loves hard, there’s nothing wrong with that and i won’t let you make me feel any negativity towards myself. 

there’s nothing to be ashamed of for trying to love. 

@evilangelqueen Hey, can I get a ship too? :) I am 5'3 with long curly red hair and ocean blue eyes. I’m described as clumsy, cute, adorable, loyal, protective, sweet hearted but also can be very mean and I am also wise in the way that I know who someone is by how they look/act when they do something. I love to do rebellious/adventurous things and love nothing better than spending time with someone I love/care about doing anything whether it is romantic or fun. :)

I ship you with Klaus Mikaelson. He’s loyal and protective too so he’d like that you were. Just like him, you have your mean side but he understands everyone has their reasons. He loves being adventurous and romantic and would whisk you around the world.

I love you to the best of my abilities. Expect me to do every single thing just to keep you for the longest time possible. You will see me clingy and needy and protective and jealous. I can be your mom, your sister, your best friend, your colleague. I can be anything for you - a joker when you’re down; a cheerleader when you need encouragement; a fangirl when you need someone who will support and believe in you all the way; a critic when you want to know how others would think about your most recent idea; a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on when you think you have no one else in the world. I am going to stay - if that’s the best thing for you. I will fight for you even if it is a losing battle. You will see me scared of not being able to find you in a crowded place; you will see me wanting and craving for your attention when I haven’t seen you for days. You will see me terrified of waking up and not finding you on the other side of the bed. Expect me to be always on guard for every pretty girl that looks your way or for every girl who calls you late at night or for every girl who asks you out for a coffee break. Expect me to not tolerate your mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t give you second chances. I can give you second, third, fourth and countless more chances and opportunities to make up for what you have done, as long as it’s not because of the same old reason. I am still going to take you back mistake after mistake, as long as you have proven that you have indeed learned your lesson. But I am not as selfish as what I really want to be. I will still let you go out with your friends, let you party and drink with them because regardless of your mistakes, I can still trust you. I’d still trust you because I love you and I want our relationship to last for a lifetime, or indefinitely.
However, inasmuch as I want to keep you, I also know when to let you go. I love you enough to let you live life the way you want or make decisions and choices your way. I love you enough to wish for your happiness in some faraway future, even if it doesn’t include me. I can hide all the pain behind a beautiful smile while saying my goodbye to you. I can let you go and walk away and pretend that I am happy with my decision as long as you will be alright and become an even more awesome person. I can urge you to find your happiness in another girl, to fall in love with her smiles just like how you fell in love with mine, to hold her hand and never let her go no matter how tough the road to forever would get. I can let you go when it’s time to do so. You might not be able to comprehend how I make my choices and my decisions but you ought to understand that THIS IS HOW I LOVE YOU.
—  (m.b)

But when have we ever seen Lucas sacrifice anything for anybody???? Why does the show keep having me believe that Lucas would “do anything for his friends”??

Yes, the reason he got kicked out of school was because he beat someone up for messing with Zay. But we’ve seen the way Lucas acts when someone he cares about is hurt. He looses control and gets angry. He wasn’t thinking, “If I do this I’m going to get kicked out of school, but I’m going to do it anyway to defend Zay,” he was thinking, “YOU HURT MY FRIEND PREPARE TO DIE,” which are two very different emotions and mindsets. Being protective and slightly short tempered is different from being self-sacrificing. Self sacrifice is about giving yourself 100% to the people you care about, putting their needs and wants above your own. Lucas beating someone up is not what Zay needs, and he sure as hell didn’t need Lucas to get kicked out of school.

In Texas Part 3 Zay’s example of Lucas sacrificing for people is him not wanting to be Riley’s brother because of Auggie, but that’s honestly so weak. Lucas never wanted to be Riley’s brother. He couldn’t accept it in Texas, and he couldn’t accept it when they got back to New York. He couldn’t even start processing the fact that Maya likes him because he was confused and unhappy about Riley declaring him her brother. Auggie was a convenient excuse for Lucas to go against Riley’s wishes and disregard her feelings–or at least what he perceives as her feelings.

But you know who does sacrifice endlessly for the people he loves? Farkle fucking Minkus. Farkle who went alone to the Buggy Awards because he can’t stand to see Riley and Maya fight. Farkle who’s feelings are completely neglected in Texas. Farkle might be in love with Riley, but he still encourages her to be honest about her feelings for Lucas because he thinks that’s what will make her happy. He comforts both Maya and Riley at different times during Texas, even though it must kill him to see them both so torn up over a boy that isn’t him. Farkle wants nothing more than to see Riley and Maya happy, and his own feelings don’t play into that at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Lucas Friar. He’s a really interesting character, and I really want to see him developed more. But why does the show keep saying that he’s so self-sacrificing?? I just don’t get it.