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The Prince and His Peasant

Hey guys, so I know I haven’t written a bunch lately but here’s my 300 follower fic… and I might almost be to 350 already… but yes I hope you love it! Oh and all you meet up people are beautiful and I’m sorry if this being in the tag annoys you.

Word Count: 2738

Summary: Dan is a prince who is about to be married. Phil is a peasant who has loved him for years. Based off Sleeping Beauty.


Once upon a time, there was a prince. He was the finest prince in all of the land, and it was his wedding day.

“Daniel, are you ready?” King Timothy of Carielle asked him, his gray hair peeking out from under his golden crown.

“I guess, Dad.” Dan answered, still looking in the mirror while straightening his dark purple bow tie. He had his celebratory suit on, completely black except for the collar, which was the same purple as his tie.

“Daniel, I have asked you so many times to call me sir or father.” The King said through gritted teeth, narrowing his eyes in anger.

“And I thought I asked you to call me Dan.” His son snapped back while carefully placing his black metal crown with purple jewels lining the bottom on his perfectly styled brown curls. “I already have to go through with this marriage because of you.”

He turned around slowly and glared at his father with crossed arms and fire in his eyes.

“Daniel- Dan. We both know the Princess is beautiful and kind. Why do you hate the idea of marrying her so much?!” The King slammed his arms against his sides in frustration.

“Because I don’t like girls…” Dan mumbled under his breath, a frown planted on his face.

The Prince had always known something was different about him, while all the other boys in the kingdom would chase after the girls and try to plant their little five- year- old lips on theirs, he would sit in the corner and watch them in confusion. He simply didn’t understand while the boys felt the urge to kiss the girls in their long play gowns. Six years later he still didn’t get why he only ever saw his friends grabbing the hands of the blond beauties when he so desperately wanted to fit his hands in one of theirs.

When he turned sixteen though he left the castle for the night to visit his friend who was leaving the school the next day, he had to help his family on their farm as they hadn’t had enough man power to harvest all the carrots and potatoes. Once he had finally ran to the front door of his best friend’s small shack beside the rest of his family’s, he had pulled the present he had brought out of the pocket of his long coat and knocked on the wooden door excitedly. The door opened and a broad smile grew on his face.

“Phil!” He jumped on his friend, holding him in his tan arms.

“God Dan, don’t scare me like that!” Phil yelled angrily while pushing his friend away from him jokingly.

“Oh, well then I guess you don’t want your present.” Dan stated haughtily, turning around and starting to strut away from Phil.

“Ah shut up you twit.” Phil said and grabbed Dan’s shoulder, pulling him back into the small building. The house was made of scrap wood and grass cut from the large open fields of Carielle that the two boys used to explore together when they were young. The roof was thatched and the only furniture in the shack was a bed, table, two chairs, an open hearth, and a shelf filled with sheets of paper that Dan would bring to Phil as he loved to write stories.
Phil dragged Dan back to flop down on his bed next to him. The straw mattress bounced beneath them while the blue eyed boy grabbed the small parcel from his best friend’s hands. Dan dropped his hands in his lap and watched Phil pull the tan string to open the present. He really was a beautiful man, or really boy at that point. Phil had always been the person to stay with Dan and never ran after all the girls which they actually seemed to have liked considering many of the lower class girls had offered their hands to him in years prior. But Phil never said yes, he simply sat next to Dan and politely declined their offers with a smile. Dan had always appreciated and loved him for that, but he was still really confused about his urge to hold Phil’s hand. It was practically uncontrollable; he almost had to hold his fingers away from his best friend at times.

“Oh my god, Dan! This is amazing!” Dan was snapped out of his thoughts by his friend holding up the notebook he had made him. Phil flicked through all the ancient looking pages, his jaw dropped and eyes lit up like the night sky. “Thank you so much!”

Phil turned to Dan, a huge smile on his face, which made Dan’s lips form a grin as well.

“Well that’s not it, there’s something on the bottom too.” Dan pointed to the crumpled paper in his friend’s lap.

Phil grabbed the wrapping and spread it out before gasping quietly. He lifted a long chain with a small charm on it into the air. Dan took it from his hands and had Phil face him so he could hang it around his neck. He leaned into Phil’s arms and worked the chain into the clasp behind his neck. Dan’s nose by then was brushing Phil’s collar bone and he never wanted to leave that spot but soon enough he had locked it into place and lifted his head to find himself just centimeters away from Phil’s lips.

‘Oh shit.” Dan thought. “I can do it, I can do it now. I won’t be seeing him every day anymore anyway. No! But then if I mess this up and he hates me I’ll never see him again. But I love hi-“
Dan’s thoughts were interrupted by Phil’s lips being pressed softly against his. He pulled back after a moment and looked Dan in the eyes.

“Thank you for the pendant, Dan.” He giggled and flopped his head onto Dan’s chest. The brunet simply sat there, shell shocked by how amazing Phil’s lips had felt on his. He lifted the peasant’s chin up and kissed him again, the silver knot charm hanging between the two.

Dan and Phil had been together ever since that day but at this point seven years later he had to get to married to a woman who he didn’t even know.

“Daniel!” The King barked at him. “I asked you a question and you stopped talking. Why don’t you want to marry Princess Emily?!”

“I don’t know Dad, I just don’t.” He stomped his foot like a child before fixing his crown which had shifted on his head a bit. “Now let’s just go accept the gifts before the ceremony.”
He stormed out of his chamber and down the steps to the main hall where everyone was gathering. A cheer erupted from the crowd once he stepped out in front of his throne and looked over at the Princess. She really did look lovely with her long blond curls and bright blue eyes. She had a flower crown perched on her head and was wearing a simple purple gown, modest yet acceptable for a wedding.

“May the gift ceremony begin!” The King boomed for everyone to hear. He opened his arms to all his subjects. “For Prince Daniel and his fiancé Princess Emily.”

“Alright, only a few more dear.” Emily reached over and put her hand on Dan’s arm gently.

“Yes, thank you Princess.” She retracted her arm and welcomed the next guest up to the feet of their thrones.

“Now who are you?” Emily asked kindly, flipping her blond locks behind her shoulder. Dan kept his eyes staring down into his lap, barely managing a smile.

“Phillip Lester, Princess Emily.”

Dan’s head snapped up to see his boyfriend with his shining blue eyes and brown peasant clothing made of scraps of burlap sacks and spare fabric Dan was able to bring him over the years.

“And what have you brought us Phillip?” Dan choked up, his eyes being locked in Phil’s.

“I have a present for both of you individually. But first for the Princess.”

Phil walked up to Dan’s fiancé and placed a small sack in her hands which opened up to show hundreds of tiny flowers.

“To put in your beautiful hair.” He smiled at the Princess, making her do the same.

That’s the thing about Phil’s smile; it always made people form one of their own faces.

“Thank you!” She sifted through the flowers and petals with her thin fingers.

Phil walked over to Dan slowly, a small smile on his face. He shoved his hand in his pocket and then pulled it out in a fist before stopping in front of his boyfriend.

“And for the Prince,” Phil whispered in his face, the sweet smell of his breath spreading across the bridge of Dan’s nose. “Close your eyes.”

Dan let his eyelids drop while Phil opened his fist and started to give his gift to his boyfriend. Dan could feel Phil’s arms around him and then a weight around his neck before hearing a whisper in his right ear.

“Now open them.”

Dan did and then looked down to see the same silver knot around his neck that Phil had worn every day since he had given it to him. He hadn’t taken it off ever, not while working, not while sleeping, not during sex, never. And it was around Dan’s neck.

A tear ran down Dan’s cheek and he quickly wiped it off my Phil’s face was still close to his.

“Just remember, I love you.” Phil muttered with wet eyes. “I will never stop.”

“Phil.” Dan whispered so quietly it almost wasn’t audible.

Phil straightened his back and wiped a tear off his face before stepping off of the step in front of the Prince and Princess. Dan watched after him, longing running through his body like the blood rushing in his veins.

“Only one more Daniel, then we’ll finally be married!” The Princess smiled at him excitedly while he kept staring straight ahead at Phil who had stopped near the main doors, watching his boyfriend with tears staining his pale skin.

“And it is me!” A woman cackled from the front of the crowd. Dan looked over at her and immediately widened his eyes in fear. It was his mother.

His mother had been banished from the kingdom over ten years before because of her supernatural powers that had everyone quivering including her son. And at that moment he was scared as shit just like how he’d been as a child.

“Hello sweetheart, I’m so glad you’ve finally found someone!” She stepped up and placed her pale hand under his chin so he would look at her. She had mousy brown hair hiding her bright green eyes. She really was beautiful in her tan cloak but her powers made her into a monster. Dan jerked his head down to look into his lap once more.

“Alright then, if that’s how you feel.” His mother said menacingly before quietly moving away from her son. “I get you won’t get such a nice gift.”

The whole hall was silent, you could practically hear the blood pumping through the Prince’s veins. He lifted his head to see his mother glaring at him with a smirk.

“I do wish you were more friendly, Daniel.” She raised her arms in front of her and started muttering terrifying words. “Amor aeternus amor sic somnus usque ad sempiternum”

Then suddenly she pointed her left arm toward Dan and screamed. “Amor!”

The prince collapsed in his seat and fell to the ground, eyes closed and mouth open.

“Oh my god!” The king screamed before rushing to his son’s side. “Seize her!”

The Princess stood and ran over to Dan, dropping down to her knees beside his head. “What did you do to him, you monster?” She shrieked, tears forming in her eyes.

The witch cackled, her face lit up in insane happiness. “I’ve put him asleep until true love’s kiss of course!” The guards held her arms tighter, seeing the mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Ha witch, that’s easy! Kiss him Emily!” The King demanded, grinning at his wife.

“Yes, King.” She kneeled down next to Dan’s stomach and put her hands on both sides of his head. She then leaned down, her curls brushing across her fiancé’s chest while the whole room went dead silent, everyone terrified of what would happen. Would the prince come back as evil as his mother? Would he just die as soon as the Princess touched his lips with her’s?

Emily finally pressed her lips against the Prince’s, a smile on her face at the feeling of his warm body against her’s. She pulled back, expecting to see his open brown eyes staring into her own blue ones.

But no,

They were still shut.

“What?” The King screamed while shaking his son’s shoulders in an effort to wake him from his eternal slumber. “How could this be?” He stood and drew his sword, running over to his wife angrily. “What is the meaning of this?!”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “She obviously isn’t his true love. Simple as that.”

“That’s impossible, they’re being married!”

“And it’s arranged! Did you every think that maybe he didn’t want this, Timothy?! Or did you only think of yourself as usual?” She spat in his face.

He slapped her pale cheek and dropped to the ground, sobbing in front of his whole kingdom. All you could hear was his crying in the room until one brave soul stepped up from the back of the room.

“I think I can help.” The King heard before looking up to see a peasant with blue eyes and black hair looking down at him.

“Really? Who are you?” He choked out, putting his sword back in the holder on his belt and wiping at his face with the back of his hands.

“I’m Phillip Lester, sire.” He bowed quickly in front of the King who had just finished standing up. “Your son’s best friend. We have known each other for years, and I know who his true love is.”
“Who son, who?!” The King grabbed his shoulders and pleaded with him to tell.

Phil walked over to his boyfriend, making the King’s arms drop to his sides. He then spoke one word before doing something that changed the kingdom forever:


He leaned down and kissed his boyfriend on the lips, holding the brunet’s head straight with his hand. The King ran to Phil’s side and pulled his head back by the hair, making him yelp in pain.

“How dare you do that.” He seethed before slapping him across the face. “Guards take him aw-“

“Dad, leave him alone!” A voice screamed from the ground before being launched into a fierce coughing fit. “Let Phil go.”

Dan stood up and grabbed Phil’s hands, yanking him out of his father’s grasp. He pulled his boyfriend into his arms; hugging him so tightly it was surprising that he didn’t break him in half.

“I love you so much.” Dan whispered in his ear, tears leaking out of his eyes.

“I love you too.”

They pulled away from the hug and Dan planted his lips on Phil’s, his hands behind his boyfriend’s neck. His father shrieked, horrified at the display before grabbing his own son’s shoulders, pulling him away from Phil.

“No, Daniel! Never! You’re getting married to Emily today!” The King screamed in front of his subjects. “He’s a man and a peasant, what kind of filth are you?!”

Dan pushed his father away from him and grabbed his boyfriend’s hand.

“Dad, I love him, the wedding’s off!” He yelled before looking over at Princess Emily who was just staring at him and Phil with a smile. “I’m sorry Princess, but I just don’t like girls.”

“Yes, Daniel.” She walked over and kissed his cheek. “My girlfriend is here anyway.”

She quickly whispered in his ear before strutting over to the King and stomping on his foot. The Princess nodded over at the Prince and his boyfriend.

“Good luck boys, you’ll make much better Kings than him.”

Dan and Phil looked over at each other before leaning in and pressing their lips together, all their people cheering.

Once upon a time, there was a prince. He was the finest prince in all of the land, and it was his wedding day.

The Princess and the Peasant

Hiya Audrey! aka @unashamed-shipper  I finally finished my little gift fic for you!  Turned out a bit longer than I thought, but that just means there’s more chances for you to find something you like in it, right?

Based on a prompt:

Imagine Person A is a noble/whatever royalty and Person B is this cute, but bad person/thief/assassin/pirate who’s been troubling the kingdom and Person A wants to get rid of them, but Person B ends up seducing them.

I kept it kinda close to the prompt. :D

“Hime Lucy! Why such a large reward for information that leads to the capture of the Masked Dragon Ninja?” The maid had expressionless eyes that only glimmered with a bit of excitement as she asked her next question. “Will you punish him?”

“No Virgo! Though he is a miscreant and a scourge upon the kingdom, the masked dragon ninja has never killed nor maimed his victims. He targets only the wealthy.” The third princess of the realm shook her head. “I fear he is only doing what he thinks is right, much as I do too.” Golden strands of hair floated loose from her braid. “I will stop him, using any means I must.”

“I’m sorry!” The next person to enter the princess’ bedchamber was her timid companion. “A-apologies! Forgive me for taking so long to return, but I have an important letter for her highness!” She curtseyed and gave the wax sealed missive to her.

Long slender fingers traced the intricate designs captured in the wax. Princess Lucy looked up to see both her companion and maid staring hard at her. “You may both leave.”

“Yes Hime!”

Lucy held her breath until the heavy oak door shut behind her servants. Alone with her letter, she brought it up to her nose and inhaled. A smile fluttered on her lips. The scent was reminiscent of campfires and the loamy soil of the forest. She held the envelope over her heart and skipped over to the window seat of her tower. The light was better there, and if she were lucky, she’d be able to see her favourite gardener working.

Carefully she cracked the seal open and unfolded the letter. She’d long since stopped wondering how Natsu was able to lay hands upon such fine stationery and was only glad he could find the time to send her correspondence.

King Makarov was a kind man, but he didn’t approve of any of his daughters consorting with common folk. His oldest Erza had joined his family when her tiny kingdom had been ravaged by slavers. They had killed everyone else in her whole family, leaving her alive to suffer their loss. Juvia had joined after her royal family had drowned crossing the ocean on a diplomatic journey. Lucy joined after her rich father died of a broken heart. Living after his wife passed held no interest for him.

Keep reading