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Are you guys planning on writing a fig about Lob and Ricardo because If so I would LOVE THAT!

There might be something in the works already, though honestly I wasn’t expecting anyone to be interested enough in this silly little OC ship to want to read it? Leaving a little taste test for those who are interested.

“Er look, Lil'Buddy I ain’t got time to drrr-eerrrp-drop you off back at your dimension. Think y-you could just lay low at my pad for the day? I’ll get ya b-back as soon as shift’s done.”

For a face made mostly of eyeball it was impressive how much wider that eye could get as Lob looked at Ricardo with a mix of utter adoration and amazement.

You want to take me home?” Lob bobbled excitedly. He’d seen the tour bus and VIP backstage dressing rooms, and had even spent the night cuddled here, in the middle of the K’melo desert under the stars with Ricardo, but never had he received an invite to see where the rockstar lived.

“Er yeah? It’s not as gl-glamorous as you’re prob-probably imagining right now.” rubbing a sandy palm against his neck, Ricardo looked almost bashful though it was hard to tell if the red tint on his cheeks was from the late afternoon desert heat. Much to Lob’s fascination, the human had delightfully changed colour from prolonged exposure to the double suns of Blapt. It was a phenomenon Ricardo had called a tan, and it looked good on him. Lob wondered if further exposure would turn him a proper healthy orange, but supposed that answer would need to wait for another day.

Alright! Let’s go home!” Lob said, his glimmering eye smiling as big as one can without any visible mouth.

Anger Issues

“Can you do a Loki smut? After he gets mad cause he saw one of the guards flirt you?”


Sitting around watching Loki create his mischievous plans wasn’t your ideal date night. You sighed slouching onto the chair you sat on, taking a strand of your hair in between your fingers twirling it. What was worse that there was four inhumanly tall men shielding you. You would never get used to the royal treatment. You were just a girl from Y/H/T, never in your whole life you thought you’d be dating a god.

One of the guards shifted their heads towards you, seeing the word ‘Boredom’ written across your face; making them let out a chuckle. Which made you huff in response. Using both your hands and slapping them onto your thighs, creating all the guards that surrounded you; make their attention go towards you. You rolled your eyes on how responsive they word to every noise. “Well I’m gonna go get some water.” Grunting as you lifted yourself from the chair – that made your ass numb for sitting there for an hour. “You are in so position to walk around alone here my dear.” Said a low husky voice, shifted your head you saw it was one of the guards speaking to you. He had these dark chocolate eyes, dirty blond hair; skin having a sun kissed tan. “Well, alright, whatever. Your orders are orders.” You plainly replied. With your response a smirk appeared onto his lips. “Lead the way Ms. Y/L/N.” And you did so. As you walked out of the room, with the guard following behind; you felt a pair of eyes burning on the back of your head. Turning to see what was making feel uncomfortable, it was Loki. Jaw clenching, knuckles griping the table roughly; his knuckles where white. Oh no. You knew this wasn’t good. You kept your attention towards him till you disappeared from his view. Your heart was thumping fast, like a jackrabbits. Your palms were getting sweaty, knowing it wasn’t good to get onto Loki’s bad side. Not so fun seeing him mad.

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It was an accident, you hadn’t meant to wander into the little pet store, and you certainly didn’t know that they were having an adoption day. If you had you’d never have gone in, your biggest weakness was animals. Dogs, cats, horses, turtles it doesn’t matter. You’d decided to get Lucky some treats. That’s what had sealed the deal for you to come into the store and oh boy were you in trouble.
“Hi Loki.” You say with a smile as you enter his room. You’re one of the few that he’s allowed access at any time, mostly because you too have ice powers so when he’s in a rage, or one of his other less pleasant moods, you can go in and help calm him. You don’t mention what you bought him, not yet. Instead you curl up on his bed next to him, he laughs and throws an arm around your shoulders.
“Hello my little snowflake.” He says not looking up from his book.
“How is it that you’re always so much warmer than me? We both have ice powers.”
“It’s more complicated than that snowflake.” He drawls and you’ll never tell him that you love the nickname. “What did you bring me?”
“Bring you?”
“Snowflake.” He says snapping the book in his lap shut. “I know when you’re hiding things from me.”
“Okay, okay.” You laugh holding your hands up in surrender, the small fabric ball in your lap moves and Loki jerks away from you in surprise. “I got you something today at the mall.”
“Something that moves.” You unwrap the blanket and the small, black kitten pops its head out with a tiny meow. “Snowflake. What is that?”
“This is Jinx. She’s the runt of her family and completely black.”
“I don’t understand.”
“A runt means that she’s going to be small and all black is part of the belief system that black cats are unlucky.”
“So you got it for me? What if I freeze it to death?”
“Loki, you’re not going to freeze it to death. Animals are incredibly therapeutic and you’ve got control over your powers. Sometimes you just to make sure she’s not in your room when you want to play with your ice magic.”
“Loki.” You cut him off, “She can be our cat. Look she likes you.” You tell him as the kitten perches on his shoulder and takes a swipe at his long hair.
“It is attacking me.” He says as Jinx bites on his collar.
“She’s a kitten Loki. She doesn’t know any better.” You laugh and take the kitten off his shoulder. You put the kitten in the litter box outside the door and keep her there until she does her business. You give her a bit of kibble then bring her back into Loki’s room. She plays around on his bed for a while jumping on Loki’s feet a few times. He watches the kitten in amusement, you watch Loki with a small smile on your face. Jinx falls asleep not long after, curled up in a tiny ball on Loki’s shoulder.
“I guess it is not so bad.” He says softly, his fingers sliding gently over the top of Jinx’s head and she purrs in her sleep.
“It’s a she Loki.” You tell him resting your head against his arm.
“Thank you for the gift. Our cat.”
“You’re welcome.” You tell him snuggling into his side. “I’m glad you like her.”
You don’t often see Loki without Jinx. She follows him around like a shadow. Her favorite perch is clinging to his shoulder, sometimes with a piece of his hair in her mouth. Her second favorite place to be is on your shoulder. As she gets older she likes to lay across the back of your neck.
“Hmm?” You say not looking up from your book.
“Could we get another?”
“Cat.” You look up at him in surprise.
“You want another cat?”
“Yes. Look at this one.” He turns the laptop toward you and you see a white cat with one eye.
“You want a one eyed cat?”
“What are you going to name it?” You ask instantly suspicious. His dad only has one eye.
“Not after my father if that’s what you’re thinking.” He smirks over at you. “I came to Midguard to get away from him. This poor cat has been at the shelter for three years.” You bite the inside of your cheek to keep from smiling over at him. “It says here that he is fixed, good with other cats and likes to be with people.”
“We’ll have to bring Jinx with us to meet him so that we make sure that they get along.”
“So? We can?”
“Yea Loki. As long as they get along.” You agree and he wraps his arms around your waist, spinning you around. You can’t help but laugh at his pleased expression, you knew that Jinx would be a pleasant addition to your little, dysfunctional, family.

(Loki x reader) Amnesia

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Request: Hello! Could I request a reader x Loki? Like where Loki has had an accident and the reader finds him unconscious on the roadside during a storm so she takes him to her place to patch him up. He has temporarily lost his memory and they fall in love while she cares for him but when he gets his memory back, she is scared that he’ll leave her behind. Thank you so much!!

A/N: I have so many requests at the moment! Thank you! But I also have a lot of school work so I promise I will get to them asap. I hope you like it!

Warning: none


The heavy rain hit the windshield of your car so hard you thought the window was going to shatter. You hated having to drive home after working late at night because you could barely see anything on the dark and twisted road in front of you. It took you at least forty-five minutes to get home from the city, but tonight it took you longer considering you had to drive slower.  

You were almost home and sighed as you continued to drive slowly, feeling like you would never make it home. Suddenly, you thought you saw something on the side of the road thanks to the quick flash of your headlights.

You reversed slowly considering nobody drove down that road at night to see what was on the side of the road. You saw a body lying face up in the grass. Because of the rain you could barely see anything but you noticed that he had shoulder-length ebony black hair, pale skin, and there was blood running down his forehead. You hesitated for a second, trying to figure out what to do. You quickly drove forward and parked on the side of the road just in front of the man. You grabbed your torch out of your glove compartment and got out of the car, running towards where he was, shielding yourself from the rain with your arms.

You couldn’t take him to the hospital, it was too far away and you couldn’t call an ambulance because there was no cell service for the majority of the highway. You were a nurse though, and going back to your place and taking care of him yourself might have been the only option right now.

You took off your jacket and covered yourself and the man with it so you could see him and identify him properly. You shone the torch at him and checked his pulse. He was still alive. You looked at him, carefully trying to examine his wounds. You could tell he had a broken arm, a possible concussion, and there was bruising all around his left rib. You sighed and ran back to your car, grabbing a towel you kept in the back seat for your dogs and ran over to him, rolling him onto the towel so you could carry him to the back seat of your car. You managed to drag his body to your car and just managed to lift him onto the back seat, trying not to make his injuries worse. You climbed into the drivers seat from the back and started your car, trying to drive as slowly as possible but trying to make it home so you could get your equipment.

About fifteen minutes later you finally made it home and got the man into your house and started to get your medical equipment. You rested him on your couch (with great difficulty) and took off his shirt to treat his bruising. You knew this was going to be a long night…  


You lifted your head up from your book as you heard heavy breathing coming from in front of you. The man was starting to wake up. You had managed to stitch up some of his wounds and fix up his bruised rib, although it needed a lot of time to heal and you were by no means an expert. You got up and walked over to him to see how he was doing. He was breathing slowly and heavily and shifted around a little bit. He winced a little bit when he moved, still half asleep. You walked back over to your bathroom and grabbed some antiseptic and brought it back so you could apply some more to his wounds. You walked back to your lounge room and hesitated at the door when you realised he was awake. You sighed and approached him carefully.

He started to sit up but immediately fell back down and winced in pain. You walked over to him and looked down at him, pouring the antiseptic delicately onto a small rag.

“Don’t move, you’ll undo your stitches” you said quietly but sternly as you squatted down beside him and rubbed the rag on his cuts.

He grimaced as you cleaned up the cuts along his arm but eventually relaxed as he got used to it. For a few seconds he just looked at you, as if he was identifying you. Or at least he was trying to piece together what had happened to him.

“Who are you?” he asked, his tone slightly confused.

“I’m the person who just saved your ass, I think I have more of a right to know who you are considering I didn’t have that much of an option whilst I was dragging you off the side of the road” you said, venting a little bit considering you were exhausted and cranky.

“I-I don’t remember” he said, looking at you.

“What do you mean ‘You don’t remember’?” you replied, still annoyed you weren’t getting any information.

“What do you think it means?” he replied with a sarcastic tone. You stared at him with a really withering stare that was one of your signature looks. You couldn’t remember how many times you used it on people when they were pushing your limits. You even couldn’t remember how many times most people had pushed your limits. More than your liking however.

“I’m sorry if I’m a little sceptical of the injured stranger I found on the side of the road in the middle of the night” you replied and you saw him smirk at you out of the corner of your eye.

“I’m sorry, you’re right to be suspicious love” he replied. You stopped cleaning the cuts and placed the rag and bottle on the table beside you.

“My name’s Loki, and that’s the majority of what I remember” he added after a moments hesitation.

“Loki?” you responded sceptically “Really?”

“Fine, call me whatever you want if you find that too baffling” he said, seeming exasperated.  

“No need…Loki’s fine” you replied as you walked over to the cupboard behind the couch to grab a glass. You talked to him whilst you were grabbing him some water.

“So you remember nothing?” You asked him, still sceptical.

“Bits and pieces, but nothing of importance to you” he said, with a confident but also defensive tone.

“Try me” you replied, raising your eyebrow at him whilst you placed the glass under the tap. Loki smirked again and then looked at the ceiling thoughtfully.

“I remember someone attacking me, then I remember something large hitting me and I fell to the side of the road, and then I blacked out” he said, still looking up and not making eye contact. “I don’t remember much before that” he added.

You walked over to him with the glass of water and a straw and squatted down beside the couch.

“Here, drink this” you said. He rolled his head towards you and you only just noticed how captivating his eyes were. He raised his eyebrow at you and you chuckled at his non verbal response.

“You really think after all this I would result to poisoning you?” you said with a smirk. He sighed and you lifted the glass towards him and he took a large gulp of water. When he was done you placed the glass on the table and you picked up your phone to see if you had any texts.

“Why are you helping me?” he asked, still not completely trusting of you.

“Because I wasn’t going to leave you dying on the side of the road. Also I’m a nurse, it’s kind of my job” you said, putting your phone down and then cleaning up some of your supplies. “Is there anything about yourself that you can remember that you wouldn’t mind sharing with me?” you added.

He shook his head subtly, “Not really, I remember a little bit about my parents” he said.”Not exactly a highlight of my life though” he added, looking away from you.

“What were they like?” you asked, finishing packing away your supplies and sitting down comfortably waiting to hear more…


It had been a month since you had found Loki and the two of you had started a nice friendship together. You were very lonely before you had met him and you had almost forgotten what it was like to have someone in your life that you cared about other than your patients. You and Loki talked about almost everything that had happened in your life. Every now and then, Loki would remember small things from his life and he would talk to you about them. The both of you sometimes joked about what his life was actually like and came up with strange scenarios of how he ended up on the side of the road. But you secretly wished he never remembered. You knew it was selfish, but you wanted him to stay with you. You knew you would be so lonely without him, and you would even go as far as to say that you had feelings for him. But you wanted to wait for the right moment.

You drove home late one night and you decided that tonight was the night. You were going to tell Loki how you felt. You knew that you had to sooner or later. You were just scared that he would remember everything that happened to him, and decide that he didn’t need you anymore.

You drove up your driveway and got out of your car, breathing deeply.

You can do this, it’s not that hard

You walked up to your door and sighed as you opened the door. You saw Loki sitting on your couch reading one of the books you had given him. He smiled when he saw you and when he smiled you couldn’t help but smile back.

“Y/N, how are you?” he said as he put the book down and got up off the couch slowly, wincing as he did so. He had healed quite a bit, but a few of his injuries still lingered.

“I-I’m fine” you said, trying to hide your nervousness but doing it awfully.

“Is there something wrong love?” he said as he walked closer towards you, limping a little bit.

You breathed deeply and stared into his eyes.

“Loki, I need to tell you something. I’ve barely ever had anyone as close to me as you are right now and I feel really comfortable around you and I wanted to let you know that I’ve had feelings for you for quite some time. I’m just worried that you don’t feel the same or you won’t need me anymore when you remember everything and I just wanted to tell you this because I care about you too much to lie to you about this” you said nervously. You held your breath waiting for a response from Loki but he just stared at you. After a while he smiled at you and chuckled a little.

“What?” you asked, confused by his reaction.

“Y/N…I didn’t want to lie to you either but I did” he said. He hesitated for a moment and you prepared for rejection.

“I got my memories back two weeks ago. I remembered everything. I also remembered that my family does not want me nor loved me and someone I once cared about was the one who left me to die on the side of that road. I also didn’t stay because I had nowhere else to go. I stayed because I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else without you” You felt breathless as he moved closer to you and touched your hands. You responded by holding his hands tightly in yours.

“Are you going to tell me more about your life?” you asked, smiling up at him and holding his hands tightly.

He chuckled as he looked down at his feet and then looked back up at you, his eyes shining.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…”

The Prophecy

Darkness lurks behind each wall of the ransacked cottage and murder hangs in the air like a thick fog, creeping through the city of Asgard until it finally engulfs it completely.

Loki starts a secret affair with his chambermaid. All is well until he is forced to marry.

Secrets are revealed, women rise and enemies resurface as Loki battles the inner workings of Asgard.

In the end this can only lead to one thing.


Will Loki and Tia survive as the future of Asgard hangs in the balance?

(Basically a love story with my twist on the classic Ragnorak tale. I think the name of the story gives you some hints as well.)

“Snow King”

Asgard. One of the Nine Realms and your home for many a year. You had grown up as one of the local children until your parents died in an accident. Queen Frigga then adopted you as one of her own and, though you missed your parents dearly, you never looked back.

Friends for life were found in the sons of Odin - Thor and Loki - with whom you frequently enjoyed the company of. You and Thor could often be seen riding together and socialising alongside the Warriors Three. However when you wanted to be alone, you would retreat to the library. Loki would almost always join you and silently sit reading in the chair next to you just to make sure you always had company if you ever wanted it.

It was after one such day that you retired to your chambers and clambered into your bed. The covers were always so welcoming after a tiring day and though avoiding Fandral’s advances and gossiping with Sif had been fun, you just wanted some peace and quiet with your thoughts to yourself. As you lay in bed, your mind drifted to the earlier conversations…

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another smuttery mcSmutterson featuring the lovely Loki from MCU. One day I might actually write one featuring the Loki that I grew up with - the one from Scandinavian legends. Though I´m sure he will have sweet Hiddleston´s face…
pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: SMUT, sweet, sweet smut…

You were curled in the corner of the Stark Tower´s library with a book about (your favourite subject). Perfect moment, all was quiet (meaning no explosions from the lab, or shouting and thumping from anywhere…) Rare occasion, really. There was always something going on here. It could be fun and amazing, but also a pain when all you wanted was a calm moment to read.

You felt fidgety, though. It was some time now, since you saw Loki, with whom you had this mutual… understanding. Being a god he didn´t really care about the puny rules of modern humankind, and you had the wisdom to take him as he was. He could be the perfect lover and seemed to enjoy sharing your bed as much as you did. Perfect meaning not clingy, always ready for some fun and at times very surprising. And intelligent, witty and a perfect balance for your mouthiness.

Loki, where are you… Now would be the perfect time for some flirty conversation, leading up to some mind-blowing sex maybe.

Sigh. Quiet is nice, but really…

Tony peeked from the door, getting a sour look from you.
- Have you seen Reindeer Games, hon? Can´t find him anywhere.
- No… Though tell me too if you see him. I have… hm… something to tell him too.
- Yep. Sure you have. Tony´s lewd smile made you roll your eyes, though he was spot on.
- Sod off, Rustpot.
He went with an evil snigger.

You tried to concentrate on your book, but it was like your brain had something against all things intellectual today. Scumbag thoughts went back to imagining all manner of naughty things you wanted to do with Loki when he finally had the grace to appear. Bloody gods and their bloody unpredictable habits…

Struggle between you and your thoughts went on for some time and resulted in more fidgeting until you threw the book to the table with a groan. No use trying… You wanted Loki now! And if he was not around, then you simply had to do something yourself…

Your fingers moved like they had their own will, cupping your full breasts and tickling the perking nipples… Loki´s fingers were always almost cold, and it made his touch shockingly delicious. Mmmm… You closed your eyes and smiled to yourself as a new lively image of Loki wrapping his hand around his cock while looking at you touch yourself invaded your thoughts. Your hands and hips followed the image perfectly as you stretched out on the beanbag chair. These flashes you were having… were they coming from the outside rather than inside?

Damn it, Loki… You sneaky bastard of a god!

But you couldn´t stop the images, or the whims that suggested how to pleasure yourself. You really didn´t want to.

You actually started to add to these god-given (hah!) Daydreams some embellishments of your own. Like imagining how you could make Loki groan if you pleasured him with your mouth or kissed his very sensitive neck… And how wet his sounds of pleasure would make you…

Two could play this game too, my dear god of mischief.

Images started to get very steamy and a bit… shaken in your head. All of a sudden you felt Loki´s heavy breath on your neck and his cool fingers grabbed your arms from behind. You stretched your back to grind against his very much hardened trouser front, as he had materialized under you in the beanbag chair.

Mm… caught you, Loki!

- My dear (y/n)… he whispered and ghosted his blue-tinted lips over your earlobe. - Your willpower is remarkable for a mortal… I did quite… enjoy our little game there…
He snapped his fingers and you heard the library door lock itself. You knew no one would bother you for now and drew his hands wantonly to your breasts.
- Loki… you moaned. - That was a naughty thing to do… I was all but ready to finger myself here almost in public, you know…
- Yes I do know, and what a beautiful sight it would have been… I was so expecting to see you revel in desire orchestrated by me…
- Mmm… That can be arranged if you promise to make me cum… twice…
- Oh, certainly, my dear… Now strip for me. His voice was a husky purr, that made you feel even more flushed and wanton.

You stood up slowly and turned to face him with a knowing smile. He sat there head thrown back and hand lazily rubbing the bulge in his trousers. The sight of his smoldering smirk almost knocked you back off your feet.

You opened the buttons of your jeans one by one, slowly. You unzipped your hoodie, all the while slowly swirling your hips and looking him straight into the eye. Under the hoodie you wore nothing. Because. And under the jeans there had been pants, but all of a sudden you realised that they were there no more. The jeans were chaffing your swollen lower lips very deliciously. You drew a moaning breath and shuddered at the sensation, Loki´s hot gaze following your reactions with a slightly cruel smile.
- Just to remind you I can do anything I desire to you, my dear…

With a second snap of his fingers he was naked. You panted but couldn´t move a finger… He slowly stood up and dragged his long fingers down your neck very lightly. Your hoodie fell to the floor with a flick of his wrist and he circled your nipples with his fingers and then his lips, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. You moaned, but still his spell held you immobile and helpless…

He stepped back and narrowed those green eyes.
- Now, my dear… Kneel.

You dropped down willingly and took him into your mouth with a moan. You absolutely loved his cock, and couldn´t get enough of it. The spell was gone, this was all you worshipping his erect manhood… His groans and panting made you smirk and cup his testicles with a tender hand. You wanted to feel them draw up, which they did when he was on the edge of cumming… His shaking hands grabbed your hair and his slender fingers flexed rhythmically as you slid your mouth up and down his shaft.
- Stand… up… He gritted between clenched teeth and you obeyed like the good girl you so were not.

He held you at arm’s length and panted. You could see he was trying not to be too hasty, though it took some effort.

Now, that was a turn-on, if you needed one…

- Good mortal… You have earned your reward, Loki growled and slid his hands down your back, on your buttocks and down your thighs until you felt your jeans drop off. His hands went back to your bottom and he yanked you against his rock-hard body and held you there to grind and kiss you deeply. He swallowed your lusty whimper and walked you backwards to the wide, stony windowsill to lift you there. The height was perfect for him to kiss and bite your breasts and slid one cold, slender finger slowly between your thighs.
- Mmm… I see you are quite ready for me, my dear… Now, what on earth do I do with you, hm?

Second finger caressed your swollen lower lips and drew a gasp from you. Two fingers slipped inside you and pushed upwards, hitting your most sensitive spot.

You almost came there and then, but Loki slowed the movement of his fingers inside you and kissed you deeply. You curled and uncurled your toes and hanged on to him all helpless, shivering with a deep, deep desire.

- I promised you release, now didn´t I, he whispered against your neck and pinched your bundle of nerves between two fingers of his other hand while curling and uncurling the two fingers still inside you fast and repeatedly. You arched your back and moaned as your inner walls clenched around his caressing fingers.
- Lo…ki..! Please, I want you in me, you whimpered and wrapped your legs around him to draw him to you. He slowly drew his fingers from you and circled them around your nipples, licking at the moisture they left behind. You felt the quiver of anticipation and emptiness inside you and decided to beg next, if he didn´t take you now, and hard too!

You felt his lips quirk up to a wicked smile against your sensitive breasts.
- Do you think your have earned your release, my dear? His whisper tickled your ear and those slender, wonderful, cold hands cupped your neck, your buttocks, your breasts…
- Loki… I don´t care, a god or not, I´ll throw you to your back and straddle you if you don´t fuck me… Your voice was a whispery growl and your hands grabbed his perfectly shaped back, nails leaving long reddish marks to his bluish skin. Blueness intensified with your words, which was a mark of him getting too aroused to control the color. Good… That was very good, as when the Blueberry man came to visit, the results were uniformly mind blowing…

Loki narrowed his red-tinted eyes and dove for a deep kiss, lifting you from the windowsill. All of a sudden you straddled him on the beanbag and it only took a very small movement to skewer yourself with his sweet, hard cock. His growl mixed with your mewl, as the mere penetration almost pushed you over the edge to your second orgasm.

You rode him. Hard. His blue fingers squeezed your hips so wonderfully tightly… Your hips rolled and danced on him, your hands pushed against his heaving chest and as the second peak hit, you threw your head backwards to moan his name and grabbed his wrists. He grinded his pelvis against you and held you tight as your legs shook madly…

Loki´s breath came in laboured gasps. Yours in short whimpers and moans. You were spent, done, sweaty, almost hurting… You could take no more…
- Oh my god… Lo..ki… I´m… I can´t…
- Oh yes you can, my dear… I promised you twice, but I think you have been such a good girl you deserve more… His voice was breathless but still purring.

He flashed you back to the windowsill, still inside you and grabbed your ass to hammer into you madly. You held on to him with your dear life and tried to remember how to breath. His teeth grazed your neck and earlobe, and you realized you had clamped your teeth to his shoulder to silence your moaning.
- Now, my love… I want to hear that sweet mewling of yours…
Loki´s sure hands spread your legs further and he leaned down to ravish your mouth and neck.
- Now… don´t hold back… Loki growled into your ear and did something with his pelvis that tore a whimper after whimper from your lips. You wrapped your legs tightly around Loki´s waist and met his every thrust with a tilt of your hips.
- Louder, my dear!
Your voice raised to a high keening as the storm of sensations became too much once again… Your orgasm intensified and renewed as you heard and felt Loki reach his limit…

Time and world stopped. For a breathless moment you stared into his blood red eyes, quivering mouth against his dark blue lips. Then he moved very gently inside you, his hands whispering up and down your back and sides. You dropped your head wearily on his shoulder and held him very, very close.
- Oh my god… Loki… I… love you. The whisper escaped from your weary lips without any thought or consent from your brain. As soon as you realized what you had said, you tensed. Loki and you had this nice thing going on, without commitment or worries, and your stupid, stupid mouth had went and dragged out the truth that you had succeeded in hiding even from yourself! This could spoil it all… He would go and never come back! And you would miss him terribly, for other things than sex too, you realized.

Loki chuckled softly, tightening his grip of you.
- Was it truly so very difficult thing to say, my dear? He murmured, quirking his lip to a cocky smile.
- But I… I thought you… we… That you only wanted me for… That we just…
You sounded a bit breathless, but… hopeful. Loki´s slender fingers drew lazy patterns at your back as he held you near. His member had softened and slipped to rest on your thigh and you felt his hot seed still in you.
- Oh, do not worry, my dear… I think you are good for many things other than just to warm my bed… Though I have no complaints in that regard either… Maybe I shall call you my queen from now on… Now, come my dear, let us continue this very pleasant subject somewhere more comfortable. Do you prefer your bed, or perhaps mine, as it will be yours from now on?
Your mouth hanged open and you snapped it shut and blinked before answering.
- I´m… fine with either.
- Mine it is, then. Come, my queen… You need your rest, and I intend to make sure you know you belong to me yet again… Just to make sure, and perhaps for our mutual enjoyment too.

Imagine you had a hard day at work, so when you come home Loki wants to help you relax. He runs you a bubble bath, washes your hair for you and then drys you with the towel. 

He then takes you to the bedroom and wants to give you a massage. He starts off with your feet, but you’re so ticklish that you can’t stop kicking them around. He smirks and moves elsewhere. But he soon finds that you’re extremely ticklish in most places. So he has to use a firmer touch on your body. 

But he secretly loves the way your wriggle around and giggle from his light touch, so makes sure to remember that for the future. 

STARTER REQUESTED:            @trckster.

scandinavian winds unfurls upon american soil. he, MICHAEL SWORD, birthed in 3 am moonlight. pegasus-feather burned in the roots of the blood-earth, his peach lips painted in a hard stained purse. a summoning ritual with broken glass in a mold-spotted corner of a barn. faux sunlight comes, harsh in the morning dew.

realisation hits, heart-bone blooms.    wait.  you’re                     FUCK. 

  BUT DUDE !                      AWESOME.  big fan, tho’. hey, listen       ‘bout your brother thor, any chance he might be on ya’ speed dial ?  ❜ 

Lego House, part two

Characters – AU: Babysitter!Sam x reader

Summary – Sam finally comes back to watch Maile again and a friendship is born.

Word Count – 4,080

Warnings – Fluff

A/N – I just can’t seem to write an actual one shot; they always go long!  There will be at least one more part after this.  :) Tags are being moved to the end of the page.

Catch up: Part One

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It had been five long weeks since you and Maile had seen Sam last.  Your work hours had been steady, and heaven knows you weren’t seeing anyone, so you didn’t really have a reason to call for an off-hours babysitter.  Mai was doing well at her normal daycare and was getting along with the teacher and the other children, but she was still extremely hesitant to talk much to anyone but you.  After yet another Saturday going by with your daughter once again quietly asking when Sam was going to come watch her again, you finally gave in and called him. 

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But seriously - would you trust this face?

A Warrior's Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think. 

RATING: Mature. 

Loki was relieved to finally have returned to Asgard. The boat was cramped, all on it stank of sweat and urine and the idea of a proper bed to rest in seemed like a dream. When the boat hit off the dock, he felt as though he could dance in celebration. He readied his things before finally looking to Maebh.

Because at sea there was nowhere for her to flee to, he had untied the ropes, but they were back on land now, and being a thrall, she had to be treated as such. He stepped over to her and held the rope out to show her what he was about to do. She seemed to understand and merely remained still as he tied the rope around her hands and neck, before he walked off the boat, pulling her along behind him.

All the men walked along the dock, bringing with them their spoils. People gathered around to see if the new land had been as prosperous as they had been led to believe, the consensus was that it had as they stared at the gold and other valuable items that had been laid out for the King to inspect in the grand hall next to his home. The people stared at Maebh; she had been the only Midgardian to be brought back, so she bore the brunt of their fascination. They commented on her appearance, the clothes she wore and her odd grey eyes. Loki just pulled her forward and tied her next to all the treasures, her eyes following him as he stepped back to the other men.

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M'kay this is just a little thing I’d always imagined about Norse stuff so scroll on if you want.

When it came to the myth about Loki getting his mouth sewed up people always drew like black thread. I never imagined black thread.

You wanna know why?

These are DWARVES we’re talking about here. DWARVES.

So in my head I always pictured them using RED HOT GOLDEN THREAD to sew up Loki’s mouth (which is why I always drew him with scars all the way across his mouth). Because that’s what made sense to me. Norse myths are METAL AS HELL, so why would the dwarves use boring old black thread to sew up the mouth of the Trickster?


Soooo, are we really gonna get Lady Sif and the Warriors Three as students at the Academy or was this just some random allusion to make us squeal like pigs? Cause I would like VERY MUCH to have theme join the team…

@georghiousophia : Hey I love your writing !!!!! It’s so good. And I was wondering if you could do a avengers/ Loki one shot for me as its the readers birthday and she didn’t want to tell the others because she thought they had better things to do but Loki remembers and although he knows all the avengers dislike him he comes to Midgard and then there is loads of fluff happens ??? Sorry if this sucks its my 16 birthday and I just wanted a birthday imagine 😂😂😂 xx

TITLE: Four notes
NOTES/WARINGS: This was sent like 6 months ago xD It’s probably approaching your next birthday haha! Hope you had a good day!

I changed this up a bit. Loki is training to be an Avenger. No one likes him and still haven’t forgiven him for New York blah blah blah. All the over-used Loki story stuff XD

You groaned as you sat up in bed. It was that one day of the year you dreaded – your birthday. It’s not like you didn’t enjoy the day! On the contrary you loved the presents, the party, the fact that you’ve managed to make it through another year of you life! You just felt as if it was a burden to your friends considering they were all so busy. They were the Avengers after all. Due to this, you never told anyone when your birthday was. Of course Nick Fury knew, it was in your records. But he promised that he would not tell a soul. A promise he had kept.

You got up and tamed your hair before throwing on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and walked down to the kitchen. You looked a mess, but so did everyone else in the tower at this time in the morning.

“Here comes the lady of the hour!” Tony called happily as you walked into the kitchen. Shit, did he know? Clint and Bruce were sat at the table with Tony and all were watching you with large smiles on their faces. You shot them a confused look and Tony tutted. “Have you really forgotten? We’re all going on a mission later so you’re in charge of Loki.” You thanked Fury in your head for still not telling anyone about your birthday.

“And why does that make me the lady of the hour?” You asked confused as you began making your breakfast.

“Because you have to look after Loki.” Clint said as if it was obvious. “By yourself. That’s a task and a half alone.”

“I’m not exactly looking after him. I’m just going to be in the same building as him. Besides, Fury is visiting me later to brief me on a supposed mission.” You lied. Nick Fury always sees you on your birthday. Since no one else ever knew when your birthday was, he always made sure to at least give you a card.

“Stark, Banner, Barton, come on!” Steve said as he walked into the kitchen. “We need to leave. Now!” The three Avengers who were sitting at the table with you quickly stood and walked away with Steve, each giving you a goodbye wave as they left – Clint giving you his usual hug. They wouldn’t be back for at least a week and you had to admit, you wished they knew about your birthday. Maybe you could have had a party last night! But you knew deep down that they were too busy getting ready for the mission.

You finished breakfast and after washing everything up, you walked back to your room to fix yourself up. You put on your gym clothes and put your hair up properly before walking to the gym. Someone was always in there so now that they were all gone, you had it all to yourself. You were slightly annoyed you didn’t get to go with them but someone had to stay behind to make sure Loki doesn’t leave Stark Towers. No one wanted to but Thor and Thor couldn’t be trusted alone with him since they were related so it was left to you.

A couple of hours passed and you still hadn’t actually made it to the gym. You decided to catch up on your favourite television program instead.

“You’re in your workout clothes but I assumed sitting down was not exercise.” You internally groaned when you heard Loki’s voice. You and him got along together but you just wanted to be alone.

“I’ve got a week to do some.” You grinned, knowing you probably won’t. Loki chuckled and sat next to you on the sofa.

“Oh, I don’t mean to disturb your program but-“ He pulled something out of his pocket. “Happy birthday.” You looked between his face and the present and saw he was being serious.

“How the hell did you know it was my birthday?” You asked, cautiously taking the present in case it was a prank.

“When Fury briefed me on you Avengers, your birthday appears on your file.”

“Damn.” You sighed. You assumed Fury has removed it.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” He asked and you shrugged. “You know that present isn’t anything bad. This isn’t one of my tricks.” You watched him suspiciously but opened the box anyway. At first you were a little bit confused but once you looked properly you were slightly upset. There were four pieces of paper, each with a little note scribbled on it.

‘Show this when you don’t want Loki near you for 24 hours’

‘One free punch’

‘Show this when you don’t want Loki near you for the rest of the day’

‘Show this when you want Loki to leave the room for the specified number of hours.’

“I don’t get it?” You said, looking at the notes again.

“You guys are always complaining about me being around so…” He gestured to the card. “Since I can’t leave to get you a real present I thought these would do.” He got up and gave you a small smile. “I’ll leave you to your… Whatever you’re doing.” You watched him walk away and felt almost sorry for the God. You still hadn’t forgiven him for New York but that was over four years ago now and he was truly trying.

“Loki, stay here.” You said. He turned around and it was his turn to look confused. “You’re not a burden to me.” You tapped the seat next to you. “Come watch this with me.” He hesitated at first. No one but Thor was nice to him. “I don’t bite.” You laughed. This seemed to convince him and he joined you. “You can have these back.” You said, handing him his notes back. “It’s a sweet gesture but I would never use them.”

“Thanks.” He said a little bit awkwardly as he took the four pieces of paper off of you.

“Oh actually!” You called, taking one back. “I want to use this one now.” Loki looked away and was about to get up, assuming it was one saying leaving you alone for twenty-four hours but instead you punched him as hard as you could on his arm. “That was for New York.” You laughed.

“Remind me not to get in a fight with you.” Loki laughed, sitting back down next to you and rubbing his arm.

You both spent the rest of that day – and most of that week – sitting in the lounge watching that program. It was amusing to watch Loki’s life slowly get ruined by a program. Another good thing had happened though. Loki promised that the day he was allowed to go outside, he was going to take you out for a proper birthday dinner.

AN: Sorry, fluff is not my best thing. I’m better at angst aha.

Do you sometimes have this feeling where you just feel the need to run your fingers throw Loki’s hair?  Or do you know that feeling when you just want to slap Loki because he is that little shit and you love him cuz he is what he is?  Cuz I have that sometimes….

And then there is the way he walkes

and not forget the broken Loki

and the little shit Loki, which I love the most… and his smile 

Let’s say I love Loki what ever he does

Oh and I absolutly LLOOOVVVEEE his hair…

And let’s not forget the sassy Loki

It’s been far too long since I did a proper FEELS AND PORN recs list, so here we go! This time around there’s a good mix of pairing fic and gen fic, which I highly encourage people to read, because honest! Some of the best OMG FEELINGS will come from genfic and it’s not at all for selfish “I need to talk about these fics!!!!” reasons at all. I would never! But you should read them all, genfic and pairingfic alike, and come talk to me about feelings anyway.

Chrysalis (chapter 4) by mjnobody, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, slave!loki, intersex!loki, dancer!loki, dark!thor, toys, 6.2k/20.6k total wip

thor gets his revenge in the best way

On The Way To The Party [ mobile ver. ] + Rendezvous [ mobile ver. ] by Calamity-Cain, thor/loki, NSFW, dom!thor, intersex!loki, dirty talk, dub on, ~1k

“Shush. Your tongue spins more lies than anything. Your body, on the other hand…” Practiced fingers unfastened his pants and slipped beneath his underwear. The warm dampness that nestled there still betrayed him.

Burden of proof by mysticmjolnir [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, rimming, 1.6k

“No, Thor,” snaps Loki, crossing his arms tightly over his chest and turning his face away. “Go away.” He shuts his eyes, making sure there was no chance of seeing Thor’s absurdly appealing face.

Helpful Intentions by Azeran, thor/loki, nsfw, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, in heat!loki, arranged marriage, fluff, 3.4k

“Loki. I can make the pain better.” Oil coated fingers flexed, then reached out to him again. But this time, he didn’t waver from his task. Thor wasn’t going to let Loki continue to idly suffer, when he could make things better. “Let me help you.”

Attention Seeking Behavior by Lokincest, thor/loki, pre-movies, 1.8k

Thor comes to Loki when he’s wounded.

Illusions and Dreams by izazov, thor/loki + others, post-thor 2, 10.7k

Be careful what you wish for. Loki learns what it means after finally ascending to the throne of Asgard.

heavy rain by sansuishi, thor/loki, human au, sick!loki, 1.5k

“Would you do something for me now, if I asked you?” Thor nodded instantly and Loki smiled.

Thorki Smut (untitled) by TheaNishimor, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, 2.6k

Loki was bored out of his mind, trying to take notes as he listened to Odin’s meeting with the Council in the throne room.

The Nightmare King and the Golden Dust by OhMercyMe, thor/loki, rise of the guardians fusion, 2.2k

“It is good to see me?” He turned aside, lifting his hands to stare at his palms - imagining, for a moment, that he could see through them, as the men of this world had chosen to. That they had chosen to close their eyes to him. “It would be at that.”

The Terms of Pleasure by CalamityCain, thor/loki, NSFW, dark!thor, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, slave!loki, punishment, dub con, spanking, orgasm denial, bondage, punishment, come eating, 2.1k

Loki, pleasure slave to prince Thor Odinson, is punished for his transgressions.

Praxis by Rynfinity, thor/loki, nsfw, human au, high school au, crossdressing, 1.3k

This is all taking far more work than he’d anticipated. Not, of course, that he has any plan whatsoever of admitting he might have underestimated his brother. Not even to himself. Honestly, Loki isn’t even sure he could underestimate Thor. For real.

Paper Tiger, Paper Swords by MatchstickAmmonite, loki + thor + frigga + chitauri, post-thor 2, 35k wip

Loki has staged his own murder and is now cut off from family and society at large. For the moment he is disguised as Asgard’s king, but the illusion’s a temporary comfort since staying on Asgard means imprisoning himself to rot in the guise of Odin Allfather. Unhappily looking forward to a life spent in hiding on the galactic fringe, Loki schemes to plunder Asgard’s weapons vault and disappear.

Four Days with Lazarus by LadyCharity, thor & loki, post-thor 2, sick!loki (sort of), 13.7k

When the sky falls, he reaches for his brother. (in which Loki is afraid of hell)

Nothing But the Truth by TheOtherOdinson, thor & loki, truth spell, 5.1k

Loki’s been cursed to tell the truth. It’s not nearly as hilarious as Thor thinks it is.

Skullgaffer’s Crown by ZetaTauri, loki/leah + thor + all-mother + ikol, 616/journey into mystery, adventure fic, 19.3k

Loki is given a mission to retrieve a stolen crown, but he’s more interested in getting a new pair of shoes and trying to get laid. Mostly, Leah is just bored. Bored enough to go along with him, and bored by his antics.

A Very Old Story by Sand3, thor & loki, 616/journey into mystery/agent of asgard, 2.3k

For nearly two weeks there was no trace of Loki to be found anywhere Thor looked, though look he did. On the fourteenth day, Loki updated his ‘blog’. 

What He Could Do by CatKing_Catkin, thor & loki, 616/journey into mystery, suicide ideation, abuse issues, 2.7k

Thor is no fool. It is impossible to miss the scorn, abuse, and pain his brother faces by just trying to get through the day in an Asgard that holds him responsible for the crimes of a dead man.

full details + recs inside!

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