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Don’t Say Anything (part 5)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Pietro Maximoff

A/N: Hiiiii sorry for the wait!

“What’s wrong? You bolted out of there so fast.” Bucky says, stepping inside your room.

You pull away from the hug but Wanda doesn’t fully release you from her hold. “I’m fine, I just felt sick.”

His eyebrows knit together. “Sick? Do you need me to get you some medicine? How sick? Like nausea? Stomach pains?”

“She’s fine now, Bucky.” Wanda snapped. “You can go back to the kitchen. I’ve got her.”

She was shooting daggers into his head. If looks could kill, he’d be dead. Bucky genuinely looked confused towards Wanda’s glares and her tone. He looks at you as if waiting for confirmation and you rub your eyes.

“Go, Bucky, I’m fine, really.” you say.

A look flashes over his features, something you can’t quite decipher before he turns around and leaves your room. You let out a sigh and turn back to Wanda who was frowning.

“That oblivious asshole.” she muttered under her breath.

“Can we just forget about him for like, forever?” you groan, causing Wanda to laugh.

“Whatever you want, Y/N.” she says. “Ooo! How about we go see my brother tomorrow! I know you haven’t seen him in a while and it’ll be good for you to get away from Bucky for a day.”

You shrug. “Yeah, okay. I miss that squirt anyways.”

“I’m sure he misses you too.” she lets you go and nods over to your bed. “Get some sleep. We’ll leave around eight.”

“Isn’t Pietro gonna get mad that we’re there so early? He’s not a morning person.” you say, sitting on your bed.

“Yeah but it’s alright. He’ll get over it.” Wanda shrugged.

You laugh and climb into bed, watching as Wanda left your room after bidding you goodnight. You lay there for a bit, excited that you would be seeing Pietro tomorrow.

“Get up!” Wanda shouted before jumping on you. “Get up, get up, get up!”

You let out an annoyed groan and reach over, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at the brunette. “Shut. Up.”

Wanda smiles. “Come on, we gotta hit the road.”

“I haven’t even had breakfast yet, Wanda.” you whine, opening one eye to look at her.

“We’ll go get breakfast with Pietro now come on.” she pulls you up and out of bed before handing you some clothes. “I took the liberty of getting some clothes for you. Hurry up and take a shower.”

You playfully roll your eyes and snatch the clothes from her, disappearing into the bathroom. You have absolutely no idea how someone can be so happy in the morning. After taking a shower and getting dressed, you find Wanda in the living room, on her phone.

“I’m ready.” you announce with a smile.

“Ready for what?” a groggy voice says from behind you. Both you and Wanda turn around, seeing Bucky standing there. It’s clear that he’s just woken up.

“We’re going to see my brother.” Wanda smiled. Bucky tenses up.

“Oh.” he nods. “Are you sure you have to go? I wanted to do something with you today.” he looks directly at you as he spoke.

“Um..” you cough. “Yeah. I haven’t seen Pietro in a while and I miss him.”

All he does is nod. The awkward silence makes it’s way towards you and Bucky but before it could get too awkward, Wanda comes up beside you and grabs your upper arm.

“Come on Y/N.”

You don’t hesitate, letting her drag you away from Bucky and out of the building, to her car. “I froze, oh my god I’m such an idiot. That was such an awkward silence and I hate awkward silences.”

Wanda puts the car in drive. “Don’t think about it too much.”

After a very long drive (actually it was only 20 minutes but you get very moody when you’re hungry) you finally make it to Pietro’s apartment. You go to knock but Wanda grabs your hand, stopping you.

“What? I’m gonna knock.” you say. She shakes her head and digs around her pocket before pulling out a key.

“I have a key. He gave it to me for emergencies only.” she tells you before unlocking the door.

The scent of vanilla dances around you as the two of you enter his apartment.

“He’s probably still sleeping.” Wanda whispered to you. She starts walking to Pietro’s room and you follow closely behind. Wanda quietly opens the door, revealing a sleeping Pietro facing the door. He was laying on his stomach and his face was squished into the pillow. He looked at peace.

You smile and walk towards his bed, laying down next to him while Wanda stood at the foot of his bed. She quietly counted to 3 before jumping on top of him, much similar to what she did to you that morning, and shouted ‘get up’. Pietro’s eyes snap open and he gasps, looking over at Wanda before glaring at her while she laughed.

“What the hell, младшая сестра!” he shouts, rubbing his eyes.

“I’m not little.” she states, moving over to sit down.

“I’m twelve minutes older than you.”

Wanda rolls her eyes before nodding her head over to you. “I brought you a present.”

“Thanks for objectifying me.” you spoke. Pietro looks over at you and a huge grin takes place on his lips.

“Y/N!” his arm reaches over and pulls you towards him, causing you to become squished between his arm and his chest.

“Hey Piet.” you laugh.

“What are you guys doing here?” he asks after hugging you.

“Can’t I just come by and see my loving brother with my friend?” Wanda sighs.

“You never want to see me.”

“Fine, you caught me.” she says. “Bucky has been giving her a hard time so I thought I’d bring her here to get away from him.”

Pietro looks at you. “Bucky’s been giving you a hard time?”

“Something like that.”

Pietro looks at you then at Wanda, obviously waiting for one of you to fill him in. Wanda rolls her eyes and looks over to you. “Can I tell him?”

You and Pietro look at each other and you nod. “Sure.”

And so Wanda tells Pietro everything, him nodding to signal that he understood what was being said. When she was done, he scoffed. “I could have told you that she liked Bucky.”

You and Wanda give him a look. “You mean you knew?”

“Yeah, it was obvious.” he shrugged.

“How did you find out? I never told anyone that I liked him.” you spoke.

“You didn’t have to.” he tells you. “Your body language says everything. Every time you were near Bucky you’d tuck your hair behind your ears and play with your fingers.”

“How did you-”

“I spend a lot of time studying people. I can’t believe no one has found out about your little crush.”

Wanda chuckled. “I wouldn’t call it little.”

You glare at her.

“Leave my love alone.” Pietro huffed, kicking his sister.

“I didn’t come here to be bullied.”

“Then you shouldn’t have came.”

“You know what-”

“Ugh, you guys are such siblings.” you roll your eyes at the two and they laugh. “Now that you’re all filled in on my tragic love life, can we go get something to eat because Wanda’s been starving me.”

Pietro chuckled. “Yeah, let me get changed.”

A/N: I’m. So. Tired. Anyways, bit short but oh whale. Tell me what ya think!


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A lot of trans women grew up questioning. Grew up feeling feminine. Some grew up expressing their femininity and facing harassment and bullying because of it.

Trans women have the same fear when walking alone at night as you do. They face the same struggles of womanhood that you do. They are women. They have always been women, even before they came out.

The only difference is that they did this all while facing transphobia. Having to come out. Having to transition. Having to face every struggle of being a woman plus the struggles of being a trans woman. But at the end of all this, they have no safe space to go. Because even the women and feminists who they are supposed to be able to rely on, exclude them. They don’t get to come and feel safe like cis women do.

Mad respect for my beautiful trans women out there 💕

I’ll Never Be Her...

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I’ll Never Be Her…
[Giriboy meets his soulmate]

I met her today…” was the first thing Siyoung said when he walked through the door. It was so low, you weren’t even sure he’d meant for you to hear it.

It was insane how one sentence had the power to destroy your entire world. It was like your entire life flashed before your eyes. Every single insecurity over the past five years came bubbling up.

You turned to your boyfriend, eyes wide, waiting for him to continue. He looked noticeably bothered by the whole thing, and you wished you could say something. Anything that could give him the comfort that he was seeking but you had nothing. Nothing you could have possibly said would have made this alright.

There was something about soulmates that shook you to your very core. How was it possible to be destined to be with someone you’ve never met? How was it possible to just meet someone and know that they were supposed to be the one for you?

“Who is she…?” out of everything you could have said, you hated that, that was the thing you were most curious about. Who was she? How’d he meet her? Who was the girl that was so important that she was destined to be with the man you’d love your whole life? Who was this person that threatened to steal your whole world?

He took a seat beside you on the couch and slouched his shoulders. “She’s our new PR person…Today was her first day.”

“…Does she know?”

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Being Rick's daughter and Carl's older sister would include:


Originally posted by blahitsjustme

• Rick, when you and your brother have had a fight, making you both babysit Judith together so you have to talk and put an end to the dispute

• You having a really close relationship to your brother and telling each other everything

• Rick giving you some more responsibilities than your brother even though Carl would be pretty annoyed by that

• Carl, doesn’t matter how mature he gets, always staying the little brother you feel protective over

• You stealing his sheriff hat and telling him just to tease him that you being the first born gives you the right to have the sheriff stuff 

• Rick being the one who had taught you both how to fight and being proud and happy as he sees how good you both are doing that 

• Whenever you two plan to go on a run together, your Dad would tell you to look for each other and would always worry a little bit when he would see you walking out of the gates even though he knows that you can do it  

• Being together on a run would often end up in you both challenging each other on a playful way

• Or finding some funny stuff and goofing around with it until you realize that you forgot the time and your dad is probably already being a little antsy

• When you’d come home from these runs, doesn’t matter how successful it was, Rick would tell you how proud he is of you both

• You’d always be there for Carl, just as he would be there for you

• Rick being from time to time realizing how much you’ve grown up but being happy to realize what a great young woman you have become

• But it would also sometimes give him the fear, that you and also your brother could some day grow apart, even though you both would show him that this fear is unfounded

• You and your brother being the first ones to know about your dads relationship with michonne, even though you had expected them to start something a long time ago  

• You both sometimes driving your dad almost crazy with your minds of your own

• Whenever you would guard the safety tower and your brother would have some free time, he would pointedly walk by and annoy you knowing that you can’t go away 

• You both standing up for each other and not letting someone mock or anger the other one

• You trying to help your dad as good as you can and being a big crutch to him, also emotionally

• Carl and you being masters in pulling pranks on each other but also on others

• Which would sometimes, when the pranks dont end as great as you both planned to, end up in Rick telling you that you’re the older one, so you should be the more responsible one, even though he’d have to laugh about many of your pranks

• Even though you’re no little child anymore and the oldest and most mature one of Rick’s children you would always somehow stay his little girl

• Carl letting you change his bandage and seeing him that insecure would make you try to encourage him

• Also you shutting down everyone who just nearly tries to mock him because of that

• Rick just wanting everything to be safe for you, Carl and Judith and through that being happy that you have found a place like Alexandria

• You and your brother making a game out of counting how often your dad says “stuff” or “thangs”

• Rick being the protective kind of dad, so when he sees someone taking an interest in you, he would keep an eye on them and their actions

• Your family meaning the world to all of you and knowing, that nothing will ever change that


An Unexpected Reunion (CTM Fanficiton)

So I had this idea in my head of what it might be like to see Trixie visiting Shelagh in the hospital for a while now. I even wanted to put it in my speculation fic for 6x04, but I ran out of time and I just couldn’t put this idea into words, until now. I hope you all enjoy!! 

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anonymous asked:

The scrub club + v + saeran reacts to MC having self harm scars and she's kind of ashamed to have them? Sorry if this is a little angsty haha ❤️❤️❤️

Note: Don’t know why I’m only in the mood to write angst but hey-ho. I’ll tag this so people can read it if they want because this will obviously have triggering themes. But, anyway I hope you enjoy and this is probably all I’ll be able to post for a while.

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Full Of Regrets

 Mark Tuan Angst

It was really late at night. You drove your car back from work to your apartment, which you shared with Mark, your boyfriend. Finally, you arrived in front of your apartment building. Mark and you had a big fight that morning. You didn’t know how to act around him because the fight you had with him got really heated. When you walked into your apartment, you saw a pair of shoes that didn’t belong to you. You heard sounds coming from your room, that you shared with Mark. The lights in the living room was off, so you couldn’t see your steps. You slowly and quietly walked towards your room. The door was cracked so you could see what was happening. There Mark was hovering above a lady, he was leaving kissing down her neck. You saw the scene and your eyes started pouring, leaving tears on your cheeks. Accidentally, it was so dark you couldn’t see where you were going, you hit your leg into the corner of the sofa.

Mark suddenly heard sounds coming outside the room. Your legs hurted so much that you sat on the floor, next to the sofa and cried in silence. He didn’t know what was going on outside, but decided to ignore it. Seconds later, he looked at the clock and it late evening. You were still sitting outside sobbing. Mark finally finished and walked outside with that women. He saw you sitting there, your eyes all red and puffy. You stood up and walked towards him. Mark looked at you with shame in his eyes. You slapped him, and ran out the door. Mark was standing there with his face looking at the floor. His eyes were getting watery and clenched his hands into a fist.

You ran out of the apartment building with tears leaving your eyes. Mark ran out the apartment to find you, but you were nowhere in sight. He looked nearly everywhere for you, but still he couldn’t find you. After, you ran out of the apartment you took a cab to your favorite place, the cafe where you and Mark met. You were crossing the road but the tears in your eyes made you vision blurry. Then, a drunk driver was driving his car. The driver didn’t see you, he continued driving his car and you were still walking across the street. You turned to your right only to see a car roaming towards you. The driver stopped his car after seeing blood splatter all over the front window.

Mark was still searching for you. He then remembered a place that both of you would go. He hurried into his car and drove to the cafe. Before he could see your face again, there was an accident ahead of him. He couldn’t get pass traffic, so he decided to walk to the cafe. Mark pulled over to a parking lot and parked his car. He quickly ran to the cafe, but there was police blocking the cafe and not letting anyone in. The police blocked every road because of the accident that just happened in front of the cafe. Suddenly, Mark felt his pocket vibrate, it was a call from you. He quickly picked up the phone.

“Y/N, Y/N-!” He yelled through the phone

But he was cutted off by a man’s voice over the phone.

“Is this Y/N’s boyfriend?” The police asked and there was a froze on the other side of the phone.

“Yes, and who is this?” Mark nervously asked through the phone.

“This is Officer Kim, and I am calling to warn you an accident happened.” Officer Kim said through the phone.

Mark was standing looking at the accident near the cafe. There was an Officer standing there on the phone. He then realized that the officer was Officer Kim. Mark slowly began walking to the area of the accident, his tears pouring down his face. When he finally got there, he saw your face with scratches and blood everywhere. Officer Kim walked to him.

“Sir, you must be Mark.” Officer Kim said showing him your phone that had the selca of both of you.

“Yes.” He said with a low voice and tears flowing down from his eyes. He took the phone from the officer. The officer showed him to the ambulance where you were lying on the bed. The ambulance finally arrived at the hospital. The nurses took you to the operating room. Mark sat and waited for the doctor. The nurses ran in and out of the operating room. Two more doctors had to go into the room. Mark was starting to worry. Then the operating lights turned off and the three doctors walked out.

“Doctor, how is she?” Mark asked with dried tears all over his face.

“We tried our best to save her.” one of the doctor said looking at Mark’s reaction. Mark couldn’t hold it in anymore, he dropped onto the floor and his tears flowed down his face like a river. He kept asking himself why. The doctor let Mark into the operating room, he sees you lying on the bed with your eyes closed. He slowly walked toward the bed, seeing your face made him happy again. But when he looked at you, your face was filled with sadness. His quickly remembered what happened earlier between both of you. He was cheating on you and sleeping with another woman, on the bed that you both shared.  You had caught him red handed. He could imagine that face of yours when he walked out the your bedroom with that woman. Mark couldn’t help seeing you like this. He walked out of the room and started to drive home.


It has been exactly two weeks after your death. Mark didn’t leave the apartment, he didn’t go anywhere. But, he remembered that today was your second anniversary together. He wanted to go to the cafe where both of you met. The sun was shining and he walked out of the building. He entered his car and started driving to the cafe. There was no traffic, driving to the cafe. He arrived there and parked his car near the place where your accident happened. Mark walked out of his car and started walking to the cafe. He entered the cafe and ordered your favorite Americano. The place was empty because it was very early. He sat down at the usual place, the table next to the window. There he could imagine you sitting across from him, laughing and giggling. Then, he looked out the window, the picture of you lying on the cold street appeared. His eyes starting to water again. He felt regret taking over his brain. Thinking of why he planned to cheat on you. Tears started streaming down his face.

Thanks for reading:) 

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anonymous asked:

nct 127 reaction when their girlfriend is really short and cant kiss them.

Sorry for the late response, I hope you like this though ♥


Originally posted by y-ta

Taeil in pretty quiet and reserved but I see him taking benefit of the situation since your efforts will amuse him. I feel like he will stand on his tiptoes and dorkily face the ceiling while you try to kiss him but fail terribly.


Originally posted by withsuh

You will probably get depressed by how he treats you. He won’t even stop teasing you. Like, I can imagine him laughing behind his hand as he side-eyes you and starts snickering louder. But toward the end he will pick you up and kiss you and it will get heated yessss


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

He will die of your cuteness as you attempt to kiss him. He will take small steps back and laugh as he coos ‘Cute~ cute~’. When you give up and start walking away he will pull you back and kiss you sweetly on the lips, apologising.


Originally posted by sour-satang

The moment he sees you trying to kiss him he will pick you up place you on the counter and makeout with you like it’s the last day of his life.


Originally posted by doyo-ng

This cutie will laugh at how cute you are and hug you. After that, I can imagine him placing pecks all over your face to rile you up before finally kissing you.


Originally posted by jaehyunsource

Just like Yuta, Jaehyun will initiate a heavy makeout session too. But he will tease you first, staring down at you with an almost condescending smile and patronising coos before picking you up and making out with you just as heavily.


Originally posted by nctinfo

Poor boy will be just as shy and laugh for a while before bending down and closing his eyes, waiting for you to kiss him.


Originally posted by neotechs

Mark will laugh at you as you tiptoe and pucker your lips. You jump and bring grab his neck to bring his face to yours and kiss him and boy will he not be stunned


Originally posted by donghyukslee

*laughs at you*

*makes you run for it*
*records a video of you tripping*


In fulfillment of this request by @velvetyvivian.

Word Count: ~900

Genre: fluff, happy birthday Yoongi

Originally posted by sugagifs

A/N: I’ve taken a little creative liberty with this and made it an AU- also a little more fluff than romance. Hope you don’t mind <3


Yoongi knew you’d been planning something for his birthday for maybe a week now. It was obvious when he walked into the apartment and you immediately closed your laptop. He didn’t know what you could possibly be hiding.

You had shared your phone password with him early on in your relationship and never failed to hand over the device without hesitation when asked. Yoongi also memorized your laptop password, though this was more by accident. Still, you knew he knew and didn’t seem to mind, namely because you had memorized his too.

When he asked you about it, all you said was a hasty, “I was working on a paper and you walked in right when I decided to take a break.” There was a nervous laugh in your undertones, so Yoongi decided to drop the subject.

It was only after he asked about the paper the next day and you forgot about its existence entirely that he wanted to chuckle affectionately and say, “If you’re going to lie, at least remember what it was.”

He didn’t say it though. Instead, he once again dropped the subject.

Still, this made him slightly suspicious and as soon as you’d headed off to uni the next morning, Yoongi decided to go poking through your browsing history.

He felt guilty about it, kind of, but after three years together, there was almost nothing worth hiding from one another.

That was when he found out you changed your laptop password.

Disgruntled, he tried everything he could think of- birthdays, addresses, names, even the titles of books you liked. It locked him out eventually and he had to wait for an hour, but as soon as he came back and typed in “Yoongles,” the nickname you’d given him after your first date, the desktop booted up with a happy “ping.”

Turns out, you were planning a vacation for his birthday. It was only for four days- a time slot that would fit into both of your school schedules, but you’d already bought the tickets to New York.

The place he’d always wanted to go.

So of course when you’d presented him with the tickets and itinerary, he feigned surprise with all his heart, happy to see the look of pure joy on your face.

And then the storm came.

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anonymous asked:

RFA + V on their wedding day. I'd love to see their reaction when they see MC in her pretty, white wedding dress. :D

Awww this is so cute!! I added saeran in because he needs some love too aakjgahlkfjgahlkjghla ~~ mod stranger

Zen: he gets a little over-excited when he sees you in your dress he can’t help himself even when a bunch of people are staring

Originally posted by abigayle12000

Yoosung: from the moment he saw you walking down the aisle until after the wedding reception he can’t take his eyes off you

Originally posted by wonderlandgirlforever

Jaehee: when she sees you in your wedding dress she just can’t believe that the two of you have reached this point in your relationship and she feels unnaturally giddy and excited

Originally posted by shhabam

Seven: he is the happiest man in the world. he’s grinning from ear to ear when he sees you walk down the aisle and he can’t help but hold you close to him when you’re dancing knowing that you’re finally his

Originally posted by dreamingistheonlyway

Jumin: he can’t help himself either when he sees you and he’ll just kiss you when you reach him down the aisle in front of everyone else because he’s not afraid to show his love for you

Originally posted by wonderlandgirlforever

V: he’s stunned the moment he sees you that when the priest tells him it’s finally time to kiss the bride you have to be the one to initiate it and after that he just blinks at you and says ‘we’re… married, right?’ he just can’t believe it

Originally posted by abigayle12000

Saeran: he suddenly feels really shy when he sees you looking at him because he never thought this day would come for someone like him and now that it’s happening he just feels super anxious

Originally posted by koreanidolblog

Noct walks into the royal suite one afternoon to find a note beside a toy on the entryway table.

“I’ve had the gardens closed off and we are spread out there and within the suite. The battle begins when you walk through any door. Good luck, and all our love. Lunafreya&(Kids)”

Noct smirks and takes off his jacket and unbuttons & rolls up his sleeves.

He picks up the Nerf gun left for him on the table, and he checks his ammunition.

Game on.

Modern AU: Sharing an apartment with Fili and Kili would include...
  • Arguments over whose hair it was blocking the shower drain
  • The company being around pretty much all the time be it everyone or individuals
  • Thorin trying to be discreet in his obvious need to check on the boys and you frequently
  • Dis coming round once a week with freshly baked goods
  • The three of you arguing over who gets the last slice of said baked goods
  • Lots of prank wars - some even lasting as long as a week
  • Awkwardness and embarrassment for you when you accidently walk in on one them in the shower and all they do is smirk at you asking you jokingly if you’d like to join them
  • Movie nights - which would include alcohol food and cuddling
  • Constantly taking naps together in each other’s beds or on the sofa
  • Being the peacekeeper/mediator when they fight
  • Them having no shame in going to the store to buy you pads
  • Often being subjected to rumours about the three of you sleeping together
  • Stumbling drunk together and collapsing in a heap as soon as you pass the threshold of the apartment
  • Having a secret knock so that they know it’s you before you enter their rooms
  • Getting framed for most of the shit they pull on Thorin
  • The company coming over every Friday and waging a nerf war