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When you think about it, so many of us were appreciating and looking up to Taylor when she wasn’t even 20 yet, she was just a curly-haired country girl in cowboy boots. It’s moments like her birthday where you truly realise that time moves insanely fast, and you play back all of the beautiful years that you have been supported and encouraged by Taylor and her music.

Do you ever just think about how kind-hearted, generous, creative, talented, funny, hard-working and thoughtful Taylor is and get really overwhelmed when you think about how she has used all of her success to improve the lives of SO many. Taylor does all these beautiful, magical things for her fans that she doesn’t need to do and she’s always going the extra mile for us. I’m just so grateful to have someone like her to look up to.

Are You Single? - Fred Weasley Imagine


Could you do one where the reader is a Hufflepuff and Umbridge is still in the school? The reader runs in to Fred while on her way back to her common room. They’ve never officially met but she’s in the DA. Her name could be Taylor. She just had detention with Umbridge because she is suspected of being part of the DA. Thank you!

~Taylor’s POV~

When in pain, you would think after the mental mind screaming and the crying would make the time fly by so it would be over. It never did. The pain just wouldn’t go away no matter how many times I wrote with that stupid blood pen. Umbridge called me at least once a day for detention and I just couldn’t take it anymore. All day, I would have this fear and dread of the pain that would soon come to me.

“You’re free to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow” Umbridge’s high pitched voice laced with poison. She smiled wickedly at me before I left the classroom. I was so tired of the pain, the dread and the crying. I was tired of everything. I held my hand against my chest wishing that I could somehow suppress the pain and throbbing. I kept my head down trying to rush to my dorm so I can bawl my eyes out. I was thinking of the many ways, I could hex Umbridge that I didn’t even see that a person was in front of me.

I bumped into the unknown stander and apologized lightly wanting nothing more than to be in my room but then they grabbed my unharmed hand and it made me look up. I made contact with a set of dark brown orbs. His pupils seemed to grow larger the longer he looked at me. My mom always said a sign like this can mean a sign of affection because I would hope. This boy wasn’t any ordinary boy. He was a Weasley, known by everyone as the king of pranking along with his twin brother. His bright red hair seemed to gleam as the fire torches near us shined its luminous light. We’ve never had a real conversation.

I’ve seen him around school a couple of times, actually once I think about it. Constantly. We always throw looks at one another and gave each other small polite smiles well that was me, Fred usually did his infamous smirk that girls would faint over.

“Hey, Fred.” I mumbled looking up at him with red puffy eyes from the earlier crying. “What’s wrong?” He asked, his tone is stern and I have a feeling that he won’t easily back off without an explanation. “It’s nothing important.”
“Yes, really. I have to go, Fred.” I said starting to walk away.

“Taylor, wait.” He said this time he grabbed my injured hand and I screamed at the sudden squeeze of his grip on my open cut. “Fred, let go!” I cried, he let go instantly and was about to apologize but then he saw the cut.

“What happened?” It felt a sudden burn at my throat, her name was stuck and I didn’t want to say it but my rage overtook my pain.

“It was that stupid fat toad! I hate her! I wish she would get eaten by a dragon!” I would have never said anything like that about anyone because I usually try and see that there is still goodness in a monster but there is no light in Umbridge at all. I would think it would be cruel if I wanted Umbridge to get eaten by a dragon but she would deserve it greatly. Fred’s eyes widen and he hugs me. My rapid breathing decreases to a normal pace, the hug somehow make me feel comforted in a way I’ve never felt before.

“Thank you” I whispered before detaching myself from the hug.

“I just didn’t want you to kill me.” He smiled making me laugh sadly. “Come with me. I know just the thing for that hand.” He grabs my uninjured hand and brings me to the room of requirements.

We sit on the floor with a bowl in between us. “What is it?” I ask curiously looking at the pale yellow liquid within the bowl.

“It’s Murtlap Essence, it supposed to help with the stinging and heal the cut.” I slowly put my hand in and let out a sigh of relief. It felt so soothing as thought there was no cut at all. “Why did she give you detention?”

“Her little group of Slytherins found me on the seventh floor near here. I knew they were following me, so that’s why I didn’t come to practice today.”

“Don’t worry about that kitten loving toad. She’ll get what she deserves sooner or later.” He smiled and I couldn’t help but smile too. “I know this is random but are you single?” He asked, I nodded my head.

~ A Week Later ~

“I can’t believe it. She’s finally gone.” I smiled. “What happened to her?” I asked Ron as we sat in the Great Hall for breakfast.

“She got taken away by centaurs, Harry and Hermione said they never heard something scream so loud” Ron laughed. I laughed with joy “I told you” Fred said sitting beside me. “Indeed you did” he smiled at me. He leaned in slowly but I turned my head to tease. He kissed my cheek. “Maybe later” he rolled his eyes before grabbing my face and kissing me passionately on the lips. We parted out of breath, both of our face pink. “Merlin, I love you” “I love you too” I said before kissing his forehead.


anonymous asked:

In reality no one cares what Taylor has to say or thinks but her fan base which happens to be pretty big and obviously loud. Don't you realize it is her own fans who make everything more than it should be when it comes to Taylor. Do you really think some regular person is sitting there saying why isn't Taylor saying anything..No. The media only care about because of the fans also. When she is less popular so will the interest in her.

Actually I would have to respectfully disagree with you. In almost all instances, time has shown repeatedly that it’s not her actual fans on twitter or social media who drag her and want her to speak up. It’s rather bizarre… because why non fans give a shit about her saying or not saying something is bewildering.