when you suddenly can colour.............

♠♦ C L O S E D ♦♠

    for @imknxwntobequitevexing

    soulmate au - when you meet your soulmate and suddenly you can see the world in colour.

The Joker smile grew bigger as he approached his pretty doctor tied to the gurney. Frost had done his job well. He gotten her here without a scratch and after today, he would never have to deal with Doctor Harleen Quinzel ever again. 

   Oooooh, what do we have here?” He pulled the light to shine on her face. Even in black and white, she was beautiful. Big eyes that were watching him behind glasses, her lips parted as she spotted him, the realisation that he had been using her this entire time settled in. He laughed softly, grabbing the paddles to the electroshock as she asked if he was gonna kill her. He planned on putting her through the same pain she had ordered upon him. She may not have done it herself but she had allowed others to do her dirty work for her. He planned on making sure that she would never remember him. He gagged her quickly, not wanting to ruin those pretty straight teeth. She didn’t need to have teeth like his. 

   Oh, I’m not gonna kill ya,” he paused, moving closer towards her face, “I’m just gonna hurt ya, really, really bad.” He pressed the paddles against the side of her face, her body shaking as the electricity surged through her head. His laughter filled the room as he took them away, putting them back where they belonged. Doctor Quinzel sagged on the gurney as her body reacted to the abuse he had just put her through. He spotted the tear slipping down her cheek. 

   Doctor Quinzel, don’t cry,” the Joker smirked, moving his glove free hand to wipe the tear aside. The moment his skin made contact with her’s, the world burst into colour. He blinked his eyes in pain, hating how bright the world really was, “no no no, this can’t be!” The Joker looked around, furious for no reason. She couldn’t be, this plain, pathetic mess of a doctor couldn’t be his soulmate. He couldn’t have a soulmate. He was the Joker, the King of Gotham, the Clown Prince of Crime, the Jester of Genocide. He was heartless and cruel, he wasn’t capable of love. No one could ever love him. He opened his eyes and looked down at Doctor Quinzel, she was even more beautiful in colour. Blonde hair and blue eyes, tanned skinned and a lovely figure. 

   Boss, you alright?” Frost asked. The Joker looked up at Frost, seeing what the man really looked like in colour. He had dark brown hair and pale skin, in a well fitted dark blue suit. He passed the Joker his coat which was a purple alligator skinned leather jacket. The Joker wrapped it around his shoulders. 

   I’m fine, let’s go. Leave her here. She will be nothing but trouble.”