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Tyler Seguin- Short Drabble 71

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71 for the Drabble thing with Tyler Seguin

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You were visiting your friend Tyler Seguin.  All week he had been dragging you around Dallas to show you the “hot spots”.  He had tried to drag you along to the promotional thing he had today but you had declined craving a moment of solitude and quiet.

Currently you were sitting next to the pool enjoying the warmth of the sun and the newest release from Jim Butcher, your favorite author.  You had just gotten to pivotal part of the book when suddenly you felt arms coming around your back and under your legs, causing you to jolt and the book to fall from your hands.  

“you look hot maybe you should take a dip in the pool” Tyler teased, walking towards the pool still carrying you.

“Tyler Seguin, don’t you dare!” You warned.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t” Tyler asked stopping right at the edge of the pool.

“You have a cute nose, don’t make me break it.” You informed him, half joking, half serious.

Tyler threw his head back laughing. “you think I haven’t broken it before, so nope not gunna work.”  Starting to swing you towards the pool.  

Knowing you were going in no matter what, you wrapped your arms around him and held on as tight as you could.  When Tyler went to drop you in the pool, you kept your arms tight around him and used your weight and momentum to pull him off balance and into the pool with you.  

You both came up sputtering.  

“oh its like that Huh?” Tyler said advancing on you.

“Let the games begin”

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You should know that I had a really terrible day. Like a day where I laughed because it was so stupid bad. Then I came home and saw your gif of Adam Driver smiling while eating pie and... see, I'm a baker and I get emotional when people eat and are happy. So watching Adam eat is a huge thing for me and I can't stop looking at it and you just turned my whole day around. Thanks.

You’re very welcome and you have an amazing job as a baker, making people happy from eating what you cooked for them. I hope it helps you to feel better and there for you a bonus gif of Adam’s smile, while enjoying eating his cupcake!

Keep The Creeps Away / Jack Maynard

Request:  This is gonna sound weird can you do an imagine where you go to a club with the boys because they dragged you out and a weird man is trying to seduce you and you mime to jack “help” and he does and he acts all cute with you all night! And you ask is he sure because it’ll stop him from pulling etc; Sorry I had a dream about it last night and it was amazing so thought I’d share!! Love your imagines btw

You smiled at the bartender as he handed you your drink, shifting around to look for your friends you took a sip of it, the sensation of the alcohol burning down your throat being welcomed. You laughed lightly when you saw one of your best friends, Conor, smile at you, his hands pressed against some girl’s hips, you shook your head and gave him a thumbs up. Boys.

Your eyes scanned around the dance floor once more, your jaw slightly clenching when you saw Jack whispering something into a blonde’s ear, making her laugh. You rolled your eyes, gulping down the rest of your drink. That boy would be the death of you.

Turning back around, you put your hand up, the bartender walking towards you once again.

“Rough night?” He asked, filling your glass.

“You have no idea.” You smiled. You liked him. “See that guy talking to the blonde with the red dress?” You said, pointing at them. “He’s one of my best friends. And I happen to have feelings for him.”

“Well, see that girl on the corner there?” He pointed at a brunette with a black dress. You nodded. “She’s my best friend, and I happen to be in love with her, too. So the next drink, is on me.” He said, filling another glass and leaving it in front of you.

“Cheers to us, for stupidly falling in love with our best friends.” You smiled, lifting your glass up before taking a sip of the drink.

You played around with your glass, not really paying attention to your surroundings nor to the loud music coming from the speakers, your mind was somewhere else because what better time to think when you’re at a club? You always did this. You agreed to go out with the boys and you’d end up like this, watching Jack talking to girls.

You weren’t sure when the feelings for Jack started, all that you remember was laying down at the end of his bed, you on your phone and he editing on his laptop, and then as you were looking at him, it hit you that you really liked him. Of course you never told him, he was your best friend, for fuck’s sake. Best friends weren’t supposed to have feelings for each other.

“Looks like you need another refill.” A deep voice said, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Let me buy you a drink.”

You looked up to see a really tall guy, brown eyes and brown hair, almost too short for your liking. He had a side smirk on his face, and he had his arm pressed against the bar counter. He wasn’t exactly ugly, actually he was really handsome, but not as handsome as Jack. With Jack on your mind, you knew it would be impossible to enjoy his company but you nodded anyway.

“You know, I have some really good vodka back at my house, you should come and try it.” He commented.

“Thank you, but I promised my friends that I’d be going back with them.” You half lied.

“Where are them, though? ‘Cause I’ve been watching you and you seemed pretty lonely.”

“They are dancing.” You said quickly. “You were watching me?”

“How could I not? You’re beautiful.” He smiled. “I’m Zack.”

“Oh.” You nodded. “Y/N.”

When he looked away to order your drink, you quickly gave a look around, searching for one of the boys so they could save you from the creepy guy, luckily you locked eyes with Jack, and you mouthed ‘help’ at him, in hope that he’d leave the girl he was talking to.

He did.

In no time, he was standing by your side.

“Hey baby.” He said, and then looked at the guy. “Thanks for keeping my girl company, man.”

“Are you the boyfriend?” He asked.

“Yes.” Zack’s eyes went from him to you, squinting slightly.

“You said you were here with friends, you never mentioned a boyfriend.” He said.

“That’s because she didn’t know I was coming. It was a surprise.” Jack quickly answered.

“She didn’t seem very surprised.”

“Look man, I know she’s gorgeous but she has got a boyfriend, aka me, so go and find someone whose boyfriend isn’t present.” He said, his arm wrapping around your waist.

Zack just nodded and walked away with the drink he had bought for you in hand. And even when he sat down at a booth a few feet away from you and Jack, you could still feel his eyes on you, making you feel on edge.

“Thank you.” You smiled at Jack. “You can go back with the blonde girl, if you want.” You sighed.

“Are you kidding? That guy is gonna come back if I leave.” He laughed.

“Are you sure?” You asked. “You’re not gonna take any girl home if you stay with me.”

“It’s fine. You’re my best friend; we do things like this for each other.”


Best friends, Y/N, don’t you ever forget that.

“He’s still looking. What a creep.” Jack whispered, and then looked at you. “Play along.” He said, and before you could ask him what he meant, his lips were pressed against yours.

You were surprised, to say the least, it was a pleasant surprise though. His lips were soft against yours, and you could taste the alcohol he had been drinking on the tip of your tongue. Your arms wrapped around his torso as one of his hands went to the back of your neck, deepening the kiss. You relax your body as you felt his tongue running along your bottom lip asking for permission to enter your mouth, and obviously, you didn’t hesitate to give it.

It was confirmed, Jack was a good kisser. You always thought he was.

“What was that?” You asked, breathless, too scared to look into his eyes.

“I thought I-I did it to-” He trailed off, making you look up at him. “Fuck.” He smiled. “Your eyes. You’re gorgeous.” He whispered, kissing your shoulder.

“W-what do you mean?” You asked.

He didn’t answer, instead, he kissed you again. His hands were cupping your face and yours were on his chest and shoulder, your mind wondering what was happening as your heart beat as fast as a racecar.

“I never realized-how could I never realize this?” He asked, more to himself than to you. “I really like you.” You eyes shined at his words.

Was it him or was it the alcohol who was talking?

Whoever it was, you didn’t care.

“I like you, too.” You smiled. “Do you really, Jack?”

“Yeah. I felt it when I kissed you.” He said and leaned down again.


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You and Wanda had decided to go to a nice cafe for your first date. You two were laughing and having a good time when you stopped abruptly.

“[Y/N] what’s wrong?” Wanda asked frowning.

“Is that… is that Steve?” You said pointing to a man sitting behind you. He was wearing a baseball cap and glasses.

“Dear lord I think it is” Wanda sighed “wait just a second. Is that Tony?”.
Sure enough when you turned around you saw Tony pretending to read a news paper. They were spying on you!

“We see you guys!” You announced. Some people looked at you funny but it was obvious Steve and Tony got the point.


Good look (Agent Washington x Blue!Reader)

Prompt #40 Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?

When Washington became the leader of the Blue Team, he was that kind of strict guy, who would order everyone to run laps, clean the base, that kind of stuff, team stuff. This guy didn’t even sleep, he didn’t smile, sometimes he wouldn’t eat. It was scary somehow.

That day, Wash had ordered you and Tucker to run laps around the base. When you were done, you stopped to breth, and you felt two hands coming behind you to grab you. Both hands held you tightly aganist the body.

“Hey, sweetcheeks.” You heard the grin in Tucker’s voice as he pressed his body aganist you, still panting from running around the base.

“Let go, Tucker.” You growled, rolling your eyes.

“You look amazing covered in sweat.”

To that point, turning around freeing yourself from your teammate’s grip and punched him as hard as you could. 

That was when you heard a muffled laugh, when you stared up, you discovered it came from the new leader,you even smiled as you heard him fighting to keep the laugh inside.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?” You asked with a grin, staring briefly at Tucker lying on the ground with both hands covering his face.

Wash couldn’t help but smile as he cleared his throat. 

“You can have a break, Private (Last Name)”

“Hey,Washington. You should smile more often, it’s a good look on you.” You left with a shrug grabbing your bottle of water, trying to not think of how he blushed when you said that.


I swear if Ace stayed alive Sabo would definitely turn gay for him or the other way around–
I mean the two love each other so much that it becomes kinda unhealthy for just a brotherly relationship..and if you look closely Sabo thinks about him like every day(as he told Burgess) ready to throw whatever for his sake and now protecting Luffy for him add to that the episode of Sabo was practically about him saying Aces name repeatedly…
Not to mention he also got a sexy koala the whole time beside him but all he thinks is Ace–

Just before John returned, Sherlock thought better of it and hid the entire newspaper. Less suspicious that way.

By now John has given up looking for the it.

S: Maybe it got thrown out, when we were getting rid of all of last case’s papers.

You calculating little whinger, you. I see you.

So now John is browsing the web for a job. Much to Sherlock’s disgruntlement the battery was fully charged, so it appears his plan has failed. He is busying himself with his violin, but he clearly has trouble focusing on it. He keeps stopping mid-way through one melody before jumping into another.

J: This might be something.

The music stops, Sherlock going tense, back still towards the room.

J: There is a clinic just a few minutes from here that is looking for a locum doctor.

Sherlock spins around at that. He looks almost offended.

S: Locum? You were an army doctor.

J: Yeah, well, not exactly a crying need for that in central London.

The keys are already clicking before Sherlock starts moving again. He gives a huff, puts down his violin and strides towards his bedroom.

John looks up to watch him go, brow slightly furrowed before he shakes his head at his curious flatmate and gets to work on his curriculum vitae.

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There's also the fact that in the beginning of TEH, as soon as John walks into the building, not even in their flat that he heard Sherlock's violin and when he goes inside, his eyes linger by the window and the kitchen. With Mary, she followed him around, a self aware ghost that says things he wants to say. Hearing snarky comments from Sherlock while he was in therapy can also add to why he stopped seeing Ella


You’re totally right!

Also think of the scene where he first sees sherlock again in TEH. He looks to Mary as if to almost say “Do you see him too?”


I love this headcanon :)

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How about an angst drabble with Jackson (got7) with illness, maybe the reader gets something really serious (like maybe they almost die), and its just hard to deal with??? Feel free to change that. Thank you!!

Jackson made his way down the long linoleum hallway, the fluorescent lights too bright and the smell of latex and cleaning products in the air.

He stops when he reached the last door on the left, shutting his eyes and taking a deep breath before stepping in.

“How’s my girl doing tod-” He stops when he sees the empty bed and the clean sheets.

Panicked he looks around the whole room and when he finds no traces of you, he bolts out and towards the nurses station.

“WHERE’S Y/N” He asks, his voice loud and urgent.

The nurses, fully familiar with him by now calm him down.

“She’s just getting some testing done, Jackson”

He slumps down in relief, letting his adrenaline decrease before making his way back to your room to wait.

He can’t help but still feel nervous, each second that you’re not in his sights a second too long. Everyday he was at the hospital with you for as long as he could be and he didn’t fail in his promises to never leave you despite you saying that he should.

“Morning” you groan as you’re wheeled into the room. The nurse kindly leaves you, knowing that Jackson can take it from there.

He quite literally jumps out of his chair, landing on his knees as his hands grip the armrests of the wheelchair. He rests his head on your lap, taking you by surprise.

“Are you alright?” You ask, running your palms over his hair. He lifts his head up to reveal the tears starting to fall.

“I’m alright now that you’re back” he croaks out. You wanted to ask him what had him so shaken but you figured it was because of you.

You felt so conflicted, having him. You wanted him to be with you because his strength made you strong….but at the same time you knew that this was killing him to love you because one day there will be no more you to love and that day was coming quicker and quicker.

In the beginning you told him to leave while he could but he refused and after a while you stopped pushing him away, only because you didn’t have the strength to do it anymore.  

He moved your IV away slightly and put the brakes on the wheels before kneeling down. He snakes his arms around your back and lifts, swooping you up.

Gently he shuffles with you to the bed, lifting the sheets up for you to get in.

Once you’re settled, he sits down at the edge of the bed, his eyes somber and loving as he watches you wince in pain. He knows you’re not doing any better, but still he asks

“How are you feeling?”

You smile at him “Same old….but a little better today I think. How are you? What’s new with the guys?” you ask, eager to get your mind off of everything. 

“Ahhh you won’t believe…” Jackson begins, his face lighting up with animation

“So last night Youngjae decided to cook dinner because it’s been a while, and Jaebum decided to surprise us with takeout since we’ve been working hard…but neither communicated and so Jaebum came home with food just as Youngjae was setting the table. So we had two different meals and the fight they had was hilarious. They argued like it was such a terrible issue but the rest of us just ate everything up!” He says, waving his hands as he talked. 

You couldn’t help but laugh at him, your chest taking your giggle and turning it into a rough cough. You felt your throat burning as you couldn’t get it under control, covering your mouth as you heaved and shut your eyes tightly. 

Jackson sat still, watching before he reached over and grabbed the small cup of water

“here!” He says, shoving it towards you and holding out the straw. But the cough was too rough and as you brought your sleeve away from your mouth you saw it was stained with bright red blotches. 

You stare at it stunned and Jackson feels his cheeks start to warm at the sight of it. 

You hear his voice faint, with a hint of timidity “Should I….get the nurse?” 

You shake your head no, tugging your jacket off and throwing it to the floor, swallowing hard, the taste of iron stinging your throat. 

“But Y/N…..” 

“Jackson I said no. There’s no point” you respond, your voice hoarse. 

“What do you mean there’s no point?This has happened before?” He ask with a hint of disbelief 

“It’s what happens when you’re dying, Jackson” you respond, a little more edge to your voice than you realized. 

This time he winces from hearing those words come out of your mouth. He never wants to acknowledge it and whenever anyone did the amount of pain it brought him was nearly unbearable. “Don’t say that…..please” 

“Why? It’s the truth” you say, shrugging even though you knew you had hurt him. 

“Because I love you, that’s why” He croaks out, his tears starting to slowly fall. 

You can’t help but tear up at the sight of him so in pain because of you. You didn’t want to be doing this to him and you were tired and frustrated to be in this situation.. “Well you won’t be loving me for long by the looks of it” you say, officially tired of being optimistic, your sickness clouding your mind. 

Jackson reaches out, grabbing your cold hands, his eyes glassy but solid and determined as he sniffles hard, shaking his head roughly

“No you’re wrong…..you know I’ll love you forever” 

send me a guy and an angsty topic like - this- and I’ll write a drabble for it


I really think that noone understands how lucky they are to have Magnus in their lives. He deserves all the love and respect in the world. He had seen and been through so much and still he turned all that pain, hurt and loss into kindness. Because he knows perfectly what it is to be alone when you need to have someone by your side the most. He knows the feeling of being feared and rejected by his own family because of his demonic side . He had always been looked upon for being “a downworlder”. He knows the pain from losing his dearest ones. He had been betrayed and heartbroken countless times. He endured the worst and yet he has so much love to give.

People around him really need to stop taking him for granted.


Imagine the lost special beginning with the ending of The Final Problem- John and Sherlock solving cases like they have since the beginning.

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All of a sudden, there’s static and it stops.

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It glitches, and now everything is muffled and it looks like everything is underwater. 

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There’s static again.

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Then a voice: “It’s about time you woke up, John.”

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There’s the sound of muffled voices and a steady beeping.

Suddenly, we get a flashback to when Eurus shot John.

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John wakes up with a gasp, eyes darting around, wondering where he is.

Sherlock is softly crying in a corner, but looks up when he hears John.

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John, voice hoarse: “What happened?”

Sherlock: “Sh-Shot. You were shot. By my sister, Eurus. You were bleeding everywhere, I-I th-thought I… I.. lost you.”

John: “It was all a dream then? No Sherrinford, no Victor, no… clowns?”

Sherlock: “What?”

John, smiling tiredly: “Oh, nothing.”

Imagine buying Newt a new bow-tie before he leaves to go back to England.

Imagine the hurt on his face when he takes it from your hand, because he never thought he’d mean that much to anyone before. Living in the shadows of his brother has injured his self-confidence so much that he starts crying when you give it to him. Some moments felt like maybe only his creatures could care for him so adoringly.

Imagine him staring at it before tearing up, and he has to explain, “You didn’t have to. I—” He stops and clears his throat. What he wanted to finish was with, ‘I don’t deserve such gratitude.’ Wiping his eye with the back of his hand, he looks around for something to distract his train of emotions.

You can see the words on his facial expression, and you take a step forward. Hesitantly, at first before standing in front of him. He shuffles from foot to foot before glancing up at you, his fingers tracing the fabric of the bow-tie. For such a mundane exchange, he was getting far too emotional. You smile gently, cupping his shoulder, “I wanted to. It’s a gift… And if you ever wear it, I want you to remember what you did for us, for…” You took a deep breath in, and the chilly dock air stung your lungs, “For me… As sentimental and selfish as it is, I guess I don’t want you to forget about me.”

Those words rattled inside of him as he snapped the small box containing the bow-tie shut before shuffling into his beautiful jacket. Newt smiled at the object as it disappeared there, before directing his grin at you. “I’ve nothing to thank you with, that seems inconsiderate now…” You shrugged your shoulders, watching him reach down to grab his case before snapping one of the open prongs shut. He laughed quietly to himself, before feeling the sudden roll of sadness, “I’ve nothing for you but a few words. Those being, you’ll see me again someday. When my book is done, I’ll come visit you. Now that I’ve encountered New York, I doubt I could stay away for much long. The excitement sort of… Grows on you.”

“I look forward to it, Mr. Scamander.” You chuckled, “Don’t be too long.”

“Heavens no, I’d miss it too much.” Newt joked back, taking a few steps backwards to step onto the ship. 

“Good luck.” You said loud enough for him to hear. Something crackled in your voice as you spoke, something that Newt had caught onto and made him pause his motions.

“And to you, (Name).” Newt replied and reached into his pocket to trace the thin box you had given him only minutes ago. He had always hated saying goodbye, because some where more permanent than others; whether intentionally or unintentionally. He turned, his back now facing you. But alas, it was only a few paces forward he got in before turning around to look at you once again. As if in this very second, he needed one more glance to remember what you looked like, what your expression was, what your eyes appeared to be showing. He needed to remember these things. 

He falls, defeated to his emotions and takes the few paces forward once again to stand in front of you. Surely, it was an action you weren’t expecting and the physical closeness of his body was greater than it was before. “I couldn’t leave without asking something, (Name).” You raised your eyebrows, “It’s nothing bad!” He defended to your surprised face, “I just wanted to know if… When-” He changed his words quickly, “When I come back to New York, may I repay you for buying me a new bow-tie?”

This question made you laugh. Throwing your head back, tears finally trickled from your eyes and cascaded down your cheeks as you nodded in response, “That sounds fair.”

“I look forward to it.” Newt gave you a half smile, reaching a hand forward and wiping away your tears. You relished in the last bit of slow affection he dared give you before whispering quietly to you, and only to you, “Only a little while. I’ll pay you back, I do promise. and I am quite good at standing by promises I’ve made.”

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I hope you guys liked that, because I had fun writing it! Reblogs and likes as always, are appreciated! Thank you, have a good one!

do you ever have these small moments in life where your sadness and anxiety leaves you for like ten seconds and it feels like time has stopped? when you look around wherever you are, whether you’re running through heavy rain or in the middle of a club shouting the words to your favourite song on the dance floor or riding ur bike home at 3am and you feel alive. like really ALIVE. when you’re not thinking about anything; you’re just living through your senses, trying to take in the moment. and when it passes you realise nearly every moment leading up to that moment - every second, every day you’ve been on this planet - you haven’t felt that alive? that you haven’t even been living, just existing, until that moment? i live for those moments

Stiles hears whispers about the hot grad assistant in his criminal psych class so he grabs a seat near the front and waits for the said GA to come into the classroom.

He isn’t expecting Derek Hale to walk in wearing a soft blue sweater, dark jeans, and GLASSES.

He really isn’t expecting Derek to smile at the class and start passing out the syllabus.

He’s down right shocked when Derek gets to him and stops what he’s doing to stare openly at him.


And Stiles, being the little shit he is gives Derek a cocky smile and a wink as he says, “Long time no see, should I call you professor?”

Derek blinks and looks around the room to see everyone gaping at them. “I’m Derek Hale and this is intro to criminal psychology, Dr. Parker will be in shortly, she was running late.”

The semester ends up consisting mostly of Stiles flirting with Derek and busting his ass in the class to impress him.

Except Derek isn’t taking the bait because he’s trying to be professional. But as soon as he finishes grading the last final for the class he shows up outside of Stiles dorm and kissed the shit of him.

“About time,” Stiles says when they finally break apart, “Want to come in? We’ve got some making up to do.”

Derek just nods and follows Stiles inside the room where they spend the night making out, watching movies, and catching up about the last few years.

things i wish i knew when i started running

1. this sport breaks your heart. over and over and over again. 

2. your worth is not in how many miles you run, how fast you race, what place you finish. 

3. when a dream starts to feel like a prison sentence, it is okay if you leave it.

4. step back. breathe. LITERALLY stop to smell flowers, stare at the sunrise, or talk to the squirrel gathering nuts. look around you. take the moment in. you are alive. remember that. thirty seconds of appreciation will never be a mistake. 

5. you can’t weigh 100 pounds and be a size 00 forever. muscle mass is bad ass.

6. but you will still never have boobs. genetics really did a number on you. 

7. you will save all of your race bibs and all of your “good luck, run fast” notes. these will be stored in a box shoved under your bed. you will come home from college, find it, and cry. do not let the bitterness overwhelm the good memories. there are so many good memories. remember those instead.

8. you will outrun your love for running. it will take you two years to admit this aloud.

9. always stop if you see a dog during your run. always.

10. you may never become the runner you thought you would. but you will become an incredible woman who knows of sacrifice and strength, commitment and perseverance. you will become a woman so many people are proud of, even when you can’t be. you will stand on the same legs that met the finish line muddy, sweaty, or bloody hundreds of times before. you will breathe with the same lungs you swore were collapsing during your conference meet of your sophomore year. when reunited on winter break, you will hug your teammates with the same arms that held them during pre-race huddles and post-race breakdowns. you will be different, but beautiful. my god, you will be beautiful. you will be who you always needed to become. 

He put a cigarette between his teeth, mumbled a quick “sorry” and lit it, his hands shaking slightly. He could never hold still when she was around. “Remember when you told me you’d stop smoking?” she asked, drawing her woolly scarf tighter around herself. Her breath clouded in front of her face just as he blew out the smoke through his nose. She watched him wearily. Of course he remembered. He remembered all of the things he’d said to her, drunk or sober, but this one he remembered the best. Because the night he told her he’d stop smoking was the night he’d wanted to kiss her for the first time. Her hair had smelled like strawberries and her lips had looked so incredibly soft and she’d said “I can’t stand the smell of smoke, you know”. But this time was over, this time of watching and wanting and aching for their hands to brush, for their lips to meet. He could’ve thrown the cigarette away, could’ve swept her into his arms to keep her warm but he’d ruined it. He hadn’t changed, he never would, and she was too good for him. Too damn good for him. He hoped she knew. So he kept his cigarette in his mouth as he said, “I don’t remember.”
—  excerpt
Backseat (M)

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pairing: Yoongi x Reader 

genre/warnings: smut, one shot 

words: 1,110

summary: Coming back from the club with your best friends, you were forced to sit on your friends lap during the drive back. Both of you slightly intoxicated, the backseat could get a little heated. 

notes: this is what happens when you listen to House of Cards omfg someone stop me


“Im never drinking that much again.” I said, rubbing my forehead, trying to stop the dull ache that was beginning to form.

“That’s what you said last time” Namjoon laughed. I rolled my eyes and gave him a look which caused him to laugh harder. As the cold air whipped itself around me, I wrapped my jacket around me tighter, pushing my hands in the pockets. “Since Taehyung is riding back with us, someone’s going to have to sit on someones’ lap.” Namjoon said, opening his car door. 

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‘Malfoy’s up to something’

‘Ah, shit, not again’ Ron looked from his friend to his girlfriend, a desperate sigh escaping from his lips as he got up from the library table. Harry looked unfazed, his eyes still fixed on the blond who was sitting alone at a distant corner. 'We need to do something…’

'I know, I’ll just go grab my cloak…’

'No, Harry.’ Harry stopped, finally turning around to look at his friends. Hermione had a strange expression on her face, a mixture of pity and amusement. Ron, however, looked just like that time during second year when they had to face Aragog. What caught Harry’s attention, though, was the way Hermione had spoken, almost like she expected him to hex Malfoy right then and there. 'This needs to stop, really. We know it’s been hard for you…’

Harry winced, he hated when she treated him like a child. And, for fuck’s sake, he was sure Malfoy was up to something because he was sitting alone, scribbling something Harry was sure wasn’t related to the potions book he had opened in front of him. And he had that look on his face, like, like… he was up to something.

'Wait- what are you talking about?’

'Your obsession’ Ron whispered again, refusing to look Harry in the eye.

'I’m not obsessed!’ A bunch of students glowered at him and Madam Pince sent the three of them a warning look from where she stood. Harry felt his cheeks heat up immediately and he had to do his best not to turn around and see if that had caught Malfoy’s attention.

Hermione was still staring at him like he was a lost puppy.

'Why would you think he’s up to something?’ she sounded like a psychiatrist.

'Just look at him! He’s alone, for fuck’s sake, he’s never alone. And, and he’s obviously not studying. I bet he’s scheming something from the way he’s staring at that paper’ Harry turned his head slowly to catch a glimpse of Malfoy and had to turn around quickly since the blond seemed to have noticed them and decided to stare back.

Harry felt his cheeks heat up again for some reason. He saw from the corner os his eyes the Slytherin walking through the door, throwing something at the closest trash bin on his way out. That was it, that was Harry’s chance.

'Harry- wait, where’re you going?’ Hermione looked worried now, but she and Ron didn’t hesitate to follow him. Harry walked straight to the bin and grabbed the tiny ball of parchment before gesturing the other two to follow him.

They walked out of the library and turned an empty corner where Harry started to open the ball, flattening the paper as best as he could.

Wait-what… holy shit.

'What is it- Harry… Are you blushing?’

Ron snatched the paper from Harry’s hands before Harry could react. He stared down at the parchment to see a thousand different drawings moving, amazing doodles that covered the whole page. Drawings of Harry.

'Well, I knew I was right’ Hermione’s voice startled them both. The girl sighed and gave Harry a little smile before grabbing the paper from Ron’s hands to take a closer look. Harry felt his cheeks heat up even more and a sudden urge to snatch the piece back took hold of him. His hand stopped mid air when Hermione spoke. 'He’s really good, isn’t he?’ She was still smiling.

'What? This- this is Malfoy we’re talking about! And- fuck, Harry, I don’t even know what to say…’

Ron looked from the piece of parchement in Hermione’s hand to Harry’s face, which was still beet red.

'Isn’t it obvious?’ Hermione sent Ron one of those looks, the ones they were both so used to. She looked at Harry expectantly but Harry just stood there, speechless. So Malfoy was drawing him, not scheming an evil plan, nor sulking, nor writing all the names he’d put on his black list. He was doodling nice, actually beautiful, drawings. Of Harry. Which meant the boy had probably spent a hell lot of time looking at him, at his hair, his neck, his shoulders. His eyes, his smile. Because he was smiling in one of them, actually laughing.

'It means he has a crush on Harry’ Hermione rolled her eyes like she hadn’t just said the most absurd thing.

Ron coughed and burst out laughing before realising that the girl wasn’t joking. He froze in place, turned his head slowly towards her, his mouth gaping.

'Can you hear yourself?’ he was whispering again, probably without realising it. 'Malfoy is a boy. Harry’s enemy. He hates Harry’ he spoke punctuating every word, his blue eyes blown wide.

'Oh, Ronald, are you blind? Are you going to tell me Harry’s obsession is hate?’

'I don’t have an obsession!’ Harry tried to yell but his voice faltered. None of them seemed to notice.

'I- I don’t know what it is! I wouldn’t say 'hate’ but… Oh, come on, Hermione, are you saying you actually think-’

'Just think about it for a second! I’m sure if Harry knew how to draw he’d probably be doing the same thing’

'I can draw- wait… what- I DON’T HAVE A CRUSH ON MALFOY!  

'Holy. Shit’ Ron was staring at something above Harry’s head, his eyes blown wide like he’d just understood some complex potions theory. 'That… explains a lot’.

'NO IT DOESN’T! Harry snatched the paper from Hermione’s hand and stuffed it deeply in his pocket. That was absurd, that was… ridiculous! So maybe Malfoy wasn’t up to something, okay, he was wrong, but that- that didn’t mean…

'Harry’ Hermione sighed, pulling him into a hug. He tried to stay angry at her, thought about pushing her away but he couldn’t. He knew she wouldn’t say anything to make him feel bad, even though he still couldn’t believe both his friends would say something like that. Fuck, Malfoy? How could he have a crush on Malfoy? He hated him, the slytherin was a prick, an arrogant bastard…

He- he didn’t actually hate him. But he didn’t have a crush on him either!

Hermione pulled away. 'So you don’t have a crush on him. Okay, well, now that we know he’s not up to anything we can just drop it, right? I need to finish my transfiguration essay and you both need to finish your potions essays so we better go back in there’ She sent Ron a hard look before turning on her heels and marching to the library. Ron tried to follow her but Harry grabbed his arm, holding him in place.

'What the fuck?’ Harry whispered so Hermione wouldn’t hear him.


'Do you actually think I have a crush on- on Malfoy?’

Ron blushed and looked away. 'Mate, let’s just leave it, okay? We better get going-’

Harry strengthened his grip, bringing back Ron’s attention.

'I don’t have a crush on him. I don’t’

Ron nodded and gave him an unconvincing smile 'Whatever you say, Harry. As long as you stop talking about him’.

Except Harry didn’t. Harry couldn’t.

The next day Ron sat across from Harry at breakfast just to find his friend constantly searching the table at the opposite wall from them. Harry wouldn’t say a thing, wouldn’t pay proper attention to their conversation. Until he found what he was looking for and Ron had to watch as Harry’s cheeks were painted in pink, darker by the second.

The next day Hermione observed as Harry did the same thing, smiling widely - even though Ron had no idea why she’d do that - when Harry asked which classes Gryffindor had with Slytherin since now they were eighth years and their schedule had changed quite a lot.

And then they had herbology on thursday morning and Ron almost punched Harry when Professor Sprout took points from them because Harry 'couldn’t keep his eyes on his own table’.

Inside their dorms Harry would always have the map open in front of him, while studying, while talking to his roomates, even while changing, for Merlin’s sake. His finger would follow that small dot Ron never had to check to know who it was.

The worst part was that Malfoy was basically doing the same bloody thing.

Instead of his typical sneer the slytherin would blush and turn his gaze away everytime he caught Harry looking at him, which had been a lot. The rare times Harry wasn’t looking, and Ron unfortunately was, Malfoy would scribble on some random piece of parchment while casting glances at Harry. Some of them he would fold and hide in the middle of his notes. The other ones he would throw away just so Harry could fish them out of the trash bin. Harry thought Ron didn’t know he was doing that and, being his loyal friend, the ginger preferred to spare the other from the humiliation so he didn’t tell him he knew.

When monday rolled around Ron snapped.

'I can’t, that’s it, that’s enough’ Ron’s grip on his feather was so strong it broke in half, startling Hermione who was focused on her own potion. She opened her mouth to ask what was wrong when her eyes turned to Harry and consequently to Harry’s table where she could see small pieces of parchment with tiny doodles glued to the margins of Harry’s notes. She let out a giggle and Ron grunted, throwing his things inside his bag.

'Where are you going?’ Hermione stopped immediately when Ron pushed his chair to get up. He stopped before doing so and bent forward so he was face to face with the girl.

'Look at them, just look. They’re not even trying to hide anymore, they just keep staring at each other like- like, you know what I mean. And Harry just sighed, shit, if i see anymore of this I’m gonna puke’

Harry, apparently, wasn’t even listening, his eyes fixed on Malfoy who kept darting glances at him while scribbling fast. Harry knew he was drawing him and that alone was sending shivers down his spine. The boy decided not to think about that, not to think about anything actually because he knew that was fucked up, he should be creeped out after all. But he wasn’t, he was… happy? And maybe Malfoy would throw that one away and Harry would be able to keep it…

'He’s not even listening! Who are you and what did you do to our friend?!’ Harry turned his head away from those grey eyes to face a red face full of freckles in front of him. Ron seemed pissed, though Harry didn’t quite know why since his friend’s potion seemed to have turned out okay from what Harry could see.

'What happened?’ He looked at Hermione, who was trying really hard to hold her giggles when her face drained of color and her mouth dropped open. The next second long fingers were digging in Harry’s shoulder, turning him around forcefully. And there was Malfoy, right there staring at him with cold eyes. His mouth was a line, barely visible, until he opened it to speak and Harry saw how red his lips were contrasting with his pale skin.

‘Potter’ He yanked one of the pieces of parchment from Harry’s- shit shit shit, they were everywhere, the doodles, the ones that were supposed to be where Malfoy had put them, not on Harry’s things. Harry darted his eyes up, his mouth opening and closing while he tried desperately to think of something to use as an excuse but nothing came to his mind. ‘We need to talk. I’ll wait for you outside’. They were dismissed the next minute and neither Ron nor Hermione said a thing when Harry got up and left alone.

Fuck, fucking shit. He was an idiot, what would Malfoy think now? That he was stalking him, which he obviously wasn’t. It was just, the drawings… they were, er, nice. Right, he could say that-

‘How many?’ Harry stopped shortly where he was when he heard that voice from behind him. He turned around to meet Malfoy leaning against a wall, next to the huge hallway windows. His hair was like silk, each strand curling at the ends, completely different from the gelled neat style Harry was used to seeing. His expression was hard, almost hurt, and something weighed uncomfortably at the bottom of Harry’s stomach.

‘Five’ Harry heard his voice though it didn’t sound like his own at all. ‘I’m sorry-‘

‘I couldn’t sleep’ Harry closed his mouth, Draco turned his eyes away. ‘After the war ended, I couldn’t sleep. I would stay awake for hours just… thinking. And the faces of-‘ The boy gulped making Harry shiver. He knew, he knew exactly what Malfoy was talking about because he saw the same faces every night. All of them now populated his dreams with his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore.

Draco closed his eyes before continuing. ‘So I needed to get them out. I like drawing, you see’ He opened them and Harry felt his whole body warm with the instensity of the other’s gaze. ‘But yours- your face wouldn’t leave me alone’

‘So you started drawing me’ Harry took a step closer.

‘Yes. And it helped at first. But I came back- we came back’ He looked at the ceiling, closed his eyes again, inhaled. Harry took another step closer.

'You’re really good at it. They’re so… realistic’ Another step. If Harry reached out he could touch Malfoy’s hair.

Malfoy looked at him, grey piercing through green. 'You were everywhere’ His voice came out a whisper but his eyes were screaming. 'The papers, those pictures. You- you looked exhausted

Harry let a sad smile form on his lips. He remembered the thousands of interviews, flashes of cameras, people screaming his name. He remembered the trials and he remembered Draco Malfoy’s face. Exhausted.

Draco was a victim of the war just like him.

'I couldn’t sleep’ Harry said, taking another step towards Draco, the last one.

'I wanted to reach you, but everyone kept saying I was-’


Draco’s eyes were wide, shining. Harry let his fingers play with his, intertwine, brush against each other. 'I guess I’ve been all along’ The blond whispered, lacing his fingers with Harry’s.

As classes ended, the corridors became more crowded by the minute. Noise, whispers, gasps of shock reached Harry’s ears but all he could think about was why he’d waited so long to feel Malfoy’s lips moving against his own, how nice the Slytherin’s hands felt placed on his waist. And knowing that he didn’t care about anyone’s opinion was almost as good as knowing Draco didn’t either.


Everything of Value

A Sterek Robin Hood AU; Part 1/?; T, 4kish


“Your highness,” Harris says as he rises. “Your highness, don’t you dare-”

It’s too late to stop him though. Derek is already standing.

“Just for a bit,” he says, batting away Harris’ hands when they reach for him. “I’ll stay within earshot.”

“How many times do I have to tell you,” Harris says, standing in the carriage as well and making a weak attempt at blocking the door. “It is not appropriate for a prince to go riding around the countryside on a horse by himself!”

“But I can ride on royal hunts?” Derek challenges, not bothering to look up from where he’s shucking his fine coat. Underneath he is wearing well-made but plain riding clothes. They are the only set of reasonable clothes he’d managed to sneak in his luggage this entire month-long trip.

“Royal hunts are different,” Harris moans, flicking his hand at Derek’s shirt in disgust. It may be a bit worn after a solid month of hard use. But it’s not Derek’s fault that Harris had threatened to throw them out enough times that Derek only let him clean it when Derek had the time to watch. “There are guards and you’re dressed properly and… guards! You need guards!”

“We have guards,” Derek points out, taking a moment to wrap a strip of cloth that he keeps for just this reason around his sword hilt. He is smart enough to know that riding through the forest with a jeweled hilt is asking for trouble. “Though they will just slow me down. They can stay here with you.”

“Your Highness,” Harris says. “Please, you know there have been reports of thieves in this area!”

“We’re only half a day’s ride from my uncle’s,” Derek scoffs. “And Peter hasn’t officially reported any thief problem to my mother so I’m sure that’s just a rumor.”

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