when you spent your first night together; when she knocked her knee against yours and called you an idiot for the first time

Horrible Truth || Clay Jensen x Reader

This one hit me right in the heart.

Word Count: 839

Warnings: Angst, Mentions of Hannah’s Suicide Tapes


    ‘Hey, Helmet. You weren’t supposed to be on these tapes.’

    Clay pressed his headphones down tighter, knees pulled into his chest as he sat in the corner of his room. He braced himself, expecting the worst after what he had heard about the others.

    'The only reason you are… is because you fell in love with my best friend.’

    He was taken aback. Memories of you flooded into his head. He wondered, with a heavy heart, if he hadn’t made it clear enough who he wanted.

    He saw you for the first time standing outside of the theater. You’d just gotten a brand new car and wanted to pick Hannah up from work. You were probably the cutest thing he had ever seen. The way you danced to the blasting radio, like you weren’t standing in the middle of a busy town, intrigued him. If love at first sight was actually real, it happened then.

    “Y/N, meet Helmet. Helmet, meet Y/N,” Hannah introduced, taking both of your hands and putting them together.

    He smiled at you, hoping he didn’t look like a complete idiot in his mandatory bow tie. If he did, you didn’t say anything, eyes pooling into his like a newly buffed gem. He was so entranced by you that he didn’t notice the way Hannah’s smile slowly faded, or how she climbed into the car without another word to either of you.

    'I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wanted it to me. You loved her the way I wanted you to love me, and, what makes things worse, she loved you better than I ever could have.’

    Clay bit back a smile, tears brimming in his eyes. How could it be possible for someone to be so happy and, at the same time, so devastated?

    The horrible truth was that even though Hannah was telling him exactly what he had done wrong, he had no intention on it being any other way. He would rather live a life of guilt than live in a world where you weren’t his.

    Hanging out with you became normal to him. You spent entire afternoons together, running around town until the sun had set and darkness crept in. The first step towards what would eventually be one of the best relationships of his life started with an accident.

    You were hanging halfway off of the slide at Eisenhower Park, Clay standing right next to it in case you fell. He was complaining that you were too reckless when, in defiance of him and his little goody two-shoes ways, you tried to push him over.

    Unfortunately, his first instinct was to reach out and grab the closest thing, which just so happened to be you. The two of you toppled into the dirt, you on top. A moment passed in silence. As he stared up at you with those big, blue-gray eyes. As you tapped your fingers rhythmically against his chest.

    Then you were laughing, and he was just seconds later. You didn’t move for a long time. You might not have if you hadn’t had school the next morning.

    'It’s okay, Clay. You can have her. I’m giving you my permission.’

    He crawled across his bedroom floor and pulled himself up onto the bed. He clutched his pillow against his chest like it was only thing he had left.

    That should have made him feel better, but it only made things worse. What good is the permission of a dead girl?

    A year had passed. His moments with Hannah became scarcer, replaced by cold, winter mornings stowed away in the back of Monet’s, sharing a hot chocolate with you. Moments spent outside of the theater turned into him running out of the doors excitedly, just to jump into your car and speed off to another place of your choice.

    It was on the night of a party being hosted at Jessica’s that you told Clay you wanted to be more than friends. He felt like he was in a dream, even tried to pinch himself to wake up.

    That night, he kissed you for the first time. Neither of you had any idea that Hannah was watching from the other side of the room.

    'I can’t blame you for following your heart. I’m sorry that I tried.’

    Clay brushed a finger against his lips, that kiss still fresh in his mind. He could feel your lips molding onto his own. Soft, and warm, and just a little moist from the beer you’d had before it. He wanted more of those nights. As many more as he could possibly have.

    A knock on the door sent him jumping to stuff the tapes beneath his bed. He was just settled back down when it swung open, and you stepped inside.

    “Clay,” you said, smiling. “Your mom called me. She said you were acting weird. You know, I think she’s trying to use me to spy on you- Hey, are you okay?”

    He reached for you. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Something Undefined

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Summary: I noticed there was at least a day or two between confronting Dagon and the end of 12x17, which meant that Eileen stayed at least one night in the bunker. I’m thanking the writers for this perfect opportunity. It’s like they left that time open just for us Saileen shippers! So here’s what they did before she headed home. 

Characters/Relationships: Sam x Eileen Leahy, Dean

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1.7k

Eileen didn’t want to leave the bunker, at least not right away. It was underground, hidden in rural Kansas, warded and protected, and it had Sam. Sam with the bright eyes and dimples, the soft hair and skin, the warm, broad chest and toned muscles, the man who exuded safety and peace, which was exactly what Eileen needed. Accidentally killing Renny had shaken her. She’d never killed a human before.

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Preference #3 First Kiss and He's Nervous. CAKE/4 Requested.


“Uh hi y/n. Its Luke. I was uh, just wondering if you wanted to come over tonight to watch a film or something. ‘Cause uh, yeah I’m not doing anything… Oh if not that’s ok. Just uh, text me. Bye.”
You smiled as you listened to the voice message Luke had left. Your fingers flicked quickly over the screen sending a reply.

‘Sure. What time?’
You were just setting your phone down on the counter when it buzzed with an answer.

'Great! About 7? :—-) ’
You rolled your eyes at the smiley.

'Awesome. See you then. :) ’
You pulled into Luke’s drive at precisely 7:03 and he answered the door with a huge grin. “Hey y/n.” “Hey! What’s up?” You passed him in the hall, walking forward into his lounge, a packet of m&ms in your hand. “Oh nothing much. Cal and Ash have gone on a road trip and Mikey’s hibernating so…” “So I’m a last resort?” you pouted jokingly. Luke seemingly panicked, rushing to inform you that no he just felt like he hadn’t seen you in an age.

“I saw you the day before yesterday.” you said, plopping down on the couch. “Well, yeah but we didn’t really get to talk.. and.. stuff.” You laughed “I know. So where are your parents and really fit brothers?” Luke shot you a look and you burst into a fit of laughter. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding.” “Mum, Dad and Jack have gone to Cel’s parents for dinner and Ben is who knows where.” “You nodded and smiled. "So. How’ve you been? I wanna hear all the crazy tour stories now that you’re so famous.” He laughed before launching into a story.



It was around 10.30pm when the film ended, during which you really were kind of hoping he would make some kind of move. At least put his arm around you. You had known it wouldn’t happen but a girl can dream right? Instead you spent the whole night on your side of the couch while he stayed on his.

You stood up and yawned, your shirt riding up a little past your belly button as you stretched. “I’d better go. It’s late.” you informed him. “Oh, yeah, ok.” he stumbled, standing up as well, instantly towering over you. He walked a few steps behind you to the door where you stood awkwardly on the doorstep facing him.

“So..” you began. “So..” “I’ll see you tomorrow or something.” you said, giving him a quick hug. “Yeah, that’d be cool.” You grinned, “Ok. Night” “Night.” He stepped back closing the door once you’d got to your car.

You fumbled with the door handle of your car, only just managing to unlock it before Luke wrenched the front door open again. “Y/N!” you turned back with a start. He walked down the path towards you. “Yeah?” “Uh.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I wanted to do this for a long time and I didn’t know how you’d react or anything so I didn’t but then I thought screw it and so I’m-” “Luke!” you cut it. “What are you talking about.” “Uh i just- Can I kiss you?” You grinned up at him. “Go on then.” before pressing your lips against his.

He smiled as he took a step back. “That’s- I’ve wanted to do that for so long. I was so nervous.” You smiled back. “I’ve wanted you to do that for so long.”


You were on tour at the moment because your mum and Calum’s mum were best friends. Calum’s mum had the first shift of supervising the boys on tour, and brought along you and your mum so while your mother and his stayed in motels, you had to stay in the tour bus with 4 rowdy boys. You’d had a morning of peace and quiet while the boys had gone out to do a radio interview and explore the town a little and you were sat in the back room of the bus reading.

You groaned as you heard the fans outside begin to scream and the door at the other end bang open with the boys talking rowdily. You tried to focus on your book for a few more moments before you knew they would come to hassle you. It all went quiet for a moment and you could faintly hear them talking in whispers. “Come on Cal. Just do it.” you heard the unmistakable voice of Micheal Clifford increase in volume. “No!” Calum interjected. Next Ashton spoke: “Fine. Go ask her if she wants to go get ice cream.”

You stayed where you were figuring that they could come to you. There was a knock on the door before Cal poked his head in. “Hey y/n-” All of a sudden his whole body was thrown into the room and the door slammed behind him. He began banging on the door. “Don’t be dickheads!” You sat there confused with your knees tucked up to your chest. “What the hell?” There was a shout through the door as Luke called: “Do it or we won’t let you out!” “Screw you man!” Calum kicked the door before sitting down on the other end of the couch. Only receiving giggles on the other side. You raised your eyebrows at him. “Mind telling me what that is about?” “Nothing. They’re just being idiots.” He quickly assures you. “Uh ok..” “So.” You start to try and make conversation and it isn’t long before you’re both laughing and telling stories. As the current joke comes to an end you look around you realising that you’d not eaten since breakfast and it was now two in the afternoon. “I’m starving.” You went over to the door and tried the handle. “It’s locked.” You informed Calum and he threw his head back with a sigh. You called out hoping one of the boys would be able to hear you. “Guys? You’re real funny and all that but I’m starving so can we come out now?” You heard Ashton’s infamous giggle. “Nope!” “Ugh! Ashton!” You shouted. “Ask Calum for help.” You rolled your eyes. “He kinda in here with me.” “I know.”

You sighed angrily before turning back to Calum. He was standing at the window, it was about 1 metre long and about 30cm tall with tinted black glass. He whispered to you. “Here. I’ll jump out first and then I’ll help you out ok?” You nodded and he slid open the window to be greeted with screams. He put his finger to his lips and the fans quietened somewhat. “The boys locked me in so I’m sneaking out.” He informed them before flicking his feet out and struggling out. He made the drop to the ground and managed to stay on his feet. “Ok y/n!” He stage-whispered. “Stand on my hands. Ok yep, now my shoulders. Ok just try to sit down.” You sat on his shoulders as he walked over to the fans to sign some things. Sliding down while he had his back turned away from the bus, you looked back. You noticed Luke looking out the window and raising his voice when he saw you. “Crap. Cal they saw us.” You tell him and he quickly says goodbye to the fans.

You run into the venue they were playing that night and hid behind some rubbish bins. “So.. Care to explain why we were locked in a room together?” You arched an eyebrow. Calum gets visibly nervous, fiddling with his hands. “Uh, well. I uh. May have a bit of a crush on you.” He finally gets out, looking at you nervously. You can’t help the pure and utter shock that comes over you. That he might feel the same way had never been a possibility. He notices your face and tries to take it back. “I mean its ok. The boys just found out and they wouldn’t let me forget it. And it’s ok if you don’t feel the same way, it’s just a crush I’m sure it will go away-” you cut him off. “Cal, it’s ok. I like you too.” “If you don’t want to hang out with me any- wait what?” He looks at you incredulously. “Does that mean, like, can I kiss you?” You nod and laugh, “yes!”

“Aw yuck. Seriously? Behind the bins?” You pull apart to find Luke standing there with his phone in his hand. “Piss off Luke.” Calum flips him off. Luke just laughs. “Ash! Mikey! I found them! He manned up!”

-Sorry this is bad and they’re super long. Let me know if you want Mashton :)