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♬ with my babe Pietro Maximoff pls - sxmmersloving

Song- I’m Not in Love by 10cc (Totally from Awesome Mix Vol. 1 lol)

Lyric: Don’t tell your friends about the two of us

Pietro obviously had to point a finger at someone for everyone finding out that you and him were seeing each other. That someone was you. 

Even when Wanda told him over and over that “it was so bloody obvious”, he refused to believe it. Pietro was not in love with you. Sure; you were the only thing he practically ever thought about you all the time and when he actually did see you, it made his hands sweat and his heart race. It was simply a little faze, that’s all. It wasn’t anything serious.

You knew that Pietro would keep denying it until you brought it up; so you decided to spring it on him one day, “Pietro, what are we?” you asked after everyone had gone to bed and it was just the two of you sipping on glasses of red wine. You twirled the stem of your glass in between your fingers to occupy yourself so you wouldn’t have to look up at him.

“What do you mean?” he asked, his ears growing hotter and pinker by the second. Of course; he knew exactly what you meant. He was dreading this conversation of having to admit everything.

“I really like you, and I hope you feel the same. Look…I hope this doesn’t sound dumb or whatever but all I want to do is hold your damn hand in public,” you laughed lightly, your cheeks burning bright red, “I know you’re still pissed because you think I told everyone but I-” Pietro cut you off by looking over at you, his eyes almost dangerous to look at in that moment for you completely forgot what you were saying.

“I know you didn’t,” a breathy laugh escaped his lips, “You want to hold my damn hand in public?” It was the silliest desire and request Pietro had ever heard; but it somehow made him fall even deeper in love.


I know most people have these family members or friends that do this. But you know when you’re trying to show them a picture of an idol, in my case Wendy for RV, and they’re like “OMG WHY IS SHE CHINESE” and you almost punch a bitch. And then later on they come up to you and they see a picture of an idol on your phone and they start pretending to speak ‘Korean’. And when you try to explain to your friends that you’re upset and they just ask how you listen to it, you tell them about the lyric videos and they just reply 'cool’ and you know they’re judging you. When you’re parents call it Japanese or Chinese and you want to be like 'Boi you’re about to catch these fists’. At first this never really got to me, I kind of laughed it off. But for some reason, recently it’s began to bug me more. I don’t know this just happened to me and I almost cried because I feel like kpop has helped me through a lot, grades, drama, etc. and I feel like it’s apart of me that I really can’t let go. I’ve tried to stop listening to it recently and I just can’t. It’s so hard because I keep getting notifications about the NCT 127 comeback and I just smile really big because I know how hard they’ve worked you know. I don’t even know what this is or if this makes any sense but I just needed to rant to calm down. Anyway, happy New Years!!!

The Signs As My Chemical Romance Lyrics

Aries- “See the rust through your playground eyes”

Taurus- “All the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me”

Gemini- “We’re both two men as God had made us”

Cancer- “Tell me I’m an angel, take this to my grave”

Leo- “You only hear the music when your heart begins to break”

Virgo- “I choose defeat, I walk away”

Libra- “This ain’t about all the friends you made, but the graffiti they write on your grave”

Scorpio- “If life ain’t just a joke then why are we laughing”

Sagittarius- “And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard”

Capricorn- “Don’t you breathe for me, undeserving of your sympathy”

Aquarius- “So sick of all the needless beating”

Pisces- “Let me be the one to save you”

Well it’s just that
When I felt her the first time, I flew
Nobody gives me the high that she do
See, we fight all the time
And she leaves bruises on my arms
But the way she makes me feel inside
That girl can do no wrong
Now all my family hates me
Since I started fuckin wit her
And all my friends done left me
Cuz they jealous that I’m wit her
I tried to break it off
She gets me back with the feel
After everything she did
Why the fuck do I love that needle
Please help me

They say that everything eventually comes together
But you see, i’m not okay and it’s not getting any better.

Apparently, nobody likes you when you’re 23
But fucking hell i’m a lonely wreck at only 16

I’m not a self help book
I’m just a fucked up kid
Everything I touch
Falls to pieces

Because lately you’ve been looking at me like i’m a ghost
And isn’t it obvious who’s missing who the most?

You’re the ember of my heart
Whether you like that or not
The idea of us
is haunting my thoughts

Because I sit here wondering if anything you said was true
And who taught you to speak bullets without considering the exit wound
Tell me, who?

You were mine to adore,
I was yours to regret.
It’s such a shame, we all became such fragile, broken things

It’s part of my nature to hide in my shell,
Can’t you tell?
We’ll never be the same again
Burry me, i’m not your friend

Hello? Is there anybody in there?
I love you so much that it hurts my head.

Can you hear the black parade?
The chanting refuses to fade

Well jesus christ i’m not afraid to die
I’m just a little scared of what comes after
You see, growing up seems to be a disaster

I do not deserve this
Moving on is something i always had trouble with
But this year, i swear i’ll get past it.

They told me “just think of the future and think of your dreams

you’ll get away from here, you’ll get away eventually”

So here it is, here I am
Thinking that if this year could just come to an end,
Then we’d all be okay.

I am through finding blame,
That is a decision that I have made.

—  Spilled ink: I wrote a poem using a bunch of song lyrics that speak out to me.
Getting to Know You Meme

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to know better.  Tagged by @toli-a!

Relationship Status: Single.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick! All the lipsticks! Especially fond of weird colors.

Last song I listened to: This Closer/Kabira mashup by Vidya Vox. I love all her maskups so much; she pays attention to the lyrics and tones of the songs and that’s hard to do when you have to translate back and forth.

Last movie I watched: In theater? Um… I think it was Suicide Squad. Otherwise it was Oceans Eleven because that’s like my third favorite movie of all time and right before that my sister and I’d watched Suicide Squad and Now You See Me 2 and after four hours of watching absolute shit we really needed to watch a movie that we knew wasn’t going to be absolute shit.

Top 3 shows: Friends, Justice League Unlimited, Cardcaptor Sakura (shh anime and cartoons count; otherwise there isn’t a lot I’d watch again and again).

Top 3 characters: Dick Grayson (DC) and Bucky Barnes (MCU). Sorry, can’t put a third character up with these two; they’re way too far above everyone else.

Top 3 ships: Bucky/Steve (Marvel), Jack Zimmermann/Adam Birkholtz (omgcp), and……………….. yeah the third spot can be taken by a lot of ships that I can’t rank properly. Dick Grayson/Clark Kent (DC), Dick Grayson/Tim Drake (DC), Dick Grayson/Jason Todd (DC), Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi (Teen Wolf), Touya Kinomoto/Yue/Yukito Tsukishiro (Cardcaptor Sakura), Wolfram von Bielefeld/Yuuri Shibuya (Kyou Kara Maou), Damen/Laurent (Captive Prince), Rodney McKay/John Sheppard (even though I’ve never seen Stargate Atlantis, the authors of this ship are phenomenal), ETC I’M SURE I’M FORGETTING OTHER ONES

Okay okay, tagging: @schnickledooger, @fatlardo, @owllover625, @whtaft, @ninja-spacenerd, @nooowestayandgetcaught, @whichfandomdoipick, @rransom, @chocolatechipcookiesplease

It’s been a long day without you my friend, and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again. We’ve come a long way from where we began. Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.
—  Charlie Puth, See You Again

Its always the worst thing when you see people who you were so close to grow apart and change, its as if you don’t even know who they are anymore.

Like all those times and memories spent together never existed.

As you grow up you grow apart and man does it suck.

Honoring Hermes: A Personal Technique

If you’re anything like me you live in your car. From work to school to various other obligations, life eats away at my time. As I have lost time to worship more formally, I found ways to honor Hermes that fits very easily in my day to day life.

  • Singing songs with verses and lyrics in another language. Singing it passionately and as horribly as I am wont to do. Laughing at myself and having fun doing it.
  • When driving, singing with gusto and gestures to music. Not caring about other’s seeing my fun concert in my car. You will be surprised how many people actually smile and laugh seeing such a silly thing.
  • Taking a different route to my destination if I have the time.
  • Shamelessly sending funny memes and pictures to my friends in our conversations. If it only amuses me and Hermes it is worth it.
  • Star gazing and finding constellations I know as I am walking under the night sky.
  • Starting a change jar and tossing in coins and even dollar bills periodically, offerings made in gratitude for safe travels and financial gains. Bonus points for any foreign money.
  • Participating in creepypasta and/or perpetuating harmless online rumors and conspiracy memes, #tedcruzzodiac style. Also starting chain mail full of false facts and threats of a ghost murdering them if they don’t forward it to 10 people.
  • Raising a Hand to Hermes when I have a convincing lie that someone believes. (Hey, we all lie, don’t judge.)
  • Learning to spot a red-tailed Hawks and saying a small prayer to Hermes when they cross my path.
  • On a safe and open road, accelerating my car rapidly. Feeling the power of the speed and a small bit of adrenaline. Understanding this small burst of speed is nothing compared to the power in the divine speed of Hermes.  
Newer Dreamer

It’s been awhile, yeah? Like I said, I’m slowly making my way through requests but I’ll get them out here if it kills me! @a-qours, hope this was worth the wait, my friend - so without further ado, English lyrics for Mijuku Dreamer are under the cut!

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Twenty Year Old Ayumi!




Ya ーーーy🎂❤ lol

I joined Morning Musume when I was 14,
its been 6 years since then.

for choosing me,

Thank you so very much.

“Entertainment Nature”

I wonder if I
really have that kind of power…

…however I can always feel the persuasive power of Tsunku♂-san’s lyrics, and I believe in Tsunku♂-san’s words✨

The staff who supports me,

Because you are the ones who are always watching,
I take in your strict and kind words as well✨

All of the members,

When I’m not sure of myself, isn’t it like you seem to understand more about me than myself!

When I want help you help me,
I think that I’ve met my best friends❤

Also, my family,

My family is my foundation, there is nothing to say (lol)

When you come and see my concerts,
you aren’t fault finding,

you are really watching over me✨

Do what you want to do.
Carry through with it.

Because there will be painful times if you aren’t patient.

I use those things you’ve taught me.


All of the fans,

While there are millions of people in this world,
Thank you for watching me.

You’ve helped me countless times,

My life depends on your presence


This space that is Morning Musume,
including the fans,

it’s like a second family🌻

Your influence, your support,
We had our joys and sorrows together.


Papas and Mamas and Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Little Sisters and Little Brothers…………

……theres a lot of them!! lol

My birthday is a happy day for me but❤
I want to communicate my thanks towards you❤

…although I can’t really tell you ❤lol

Therefore, I will cherish every moment in concerts,
I’d like to deliver my feelings to everyone

My goals for my 20th year are,

“Become a person who can compete alone”

However, I don’t mean it to have a lonely meaning

As Morning Musume’s Ishida Ayumi,
With all of the members,
and with everyone who cheers us on,

Therefore, when I’m going to try something on my own,

with ease, I want compete on my own.

……this meaning…communicating it……


“A Higher Beauty Sense”

As a twenty year old, I’m joining the adults!
Although it is the eternal task of a woman!

The Miracle of Miyagi, will continue to shine

Because I’ve spoken of the miracles myself,

I will not surrender my face to anyone

Twenty year old Ishida Ayumi

From now on thank you for cheering me on!

Everyone, how long will you follow me?

See you ayumin❤

8 song poem!

this seems like a lot of fun!! thank you @sonador-reveurfor tagging me!!

rules:  put your playlist on shuffle and make a poem out of the first 8 songs that come on. take the first lyric you hear, first sentence or line, and repeat for each of the 8 songs that come up randomly and see what you end up with. then tag 8 people when you’re done

well, bless my soul, what’s wrong with me?

are going to have a problem?

i was on top of the world, living high, it was right in my pocket

all the girls on the block knocking at my door

with tuppence for paper and string

it’s been a day without you my friend 

we’re caught in a trap, and i can’t walk out 

you say, i know it’s a waste of time

songs used:

  1. all shook up, elvis presley
  2. candy store, the heathers
  3. strange things, randy newman
  4. black magic, little mix
  5. let’s go fly a kite, mary poppins
  6. see you again, charlie puth
  7. suspicious minds, elvis presley
  8. get on your feet, gloria estefan  

i’ll tag: @astrology-addict, @astrologyistheshit, @astrologycity, @astrollusion, @astrawrlogy, @astrolofae, @cutestrology and @magicastrology

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Thank you for working out the results, I really appreciate your time and effort. I'm just a bit sad that there are so few in the 25+ category, I mean it's just a piece of the cake so to speak, but nonetheless I'm feeling really old right now and because it also proves my experience among my friends, some of them don't even know that Bastille exists and they are more into dance/ disco sound, "normal" easy-going pop songs with nonsense lyrics. To each it's own, right, but I'm still sad about it.

Aw thank you for appreciating my effort. It’s all worth it when you get so much positive feedback and I’m just so glad people are liking it.

I must say I agree with you on this, I was shocked to see that there weren’t that many people in this category as well. You definetly shouldn’t feel old because of this though, there are people in your age that are into Bastille as well. 

Even if I’m kinda dissapointed with these results, I’ve started to look at it in a different way. To me, Bastille is a band that has really cool and different sounds with lyrics that truly stands out. Every song is well made and has its own meaning, this music is not made to please people on the radio. It’s made for people who looks for lyrics to describe their feelings. I’m referring this from something Melanie Martinez once said  “ Music that is written for radio feeds the industry,  but music that is written to make people think and feel, nourishes the soul”

Meaning, when I see that so many younger people are into Bastille, I realize that teens these days are so intelligent. They look for music that has more meaning and Bastille is a band that many younger people are intressted in. To me, this is a good thing and I think it’s cool that teens these days are using music as an opportunity to express themselves. Music can become so much more than just sounds on the radio if people decide to use it as a new platform and that’s what I love about it. 

Just as you said, some of your friends are into a different type of music for a different reason and that’s also cool. I just think it’s intresting to see that younger people are using music in a different way. I’m actually kinda liking this younger generation. 

I’m sorry this turned into a long ramble, I shouldn’t even be talking about this in this way because I haven’t even turned 17 yet haha. But all I wanted to say is that I agree with you on the dissapointment, but there’s a way to look at it differently. Oh and that you shouldn’t feel old because you definetly aren’t