when you see a spider

Phil: Sometimes it blows my mind that there are people that don’t wear glasses/contacts. Like they can literally see with no aid. Like they wake up and just be out here seeing. What a wild concept

Louise: And people say stuff like ‘lol don’t you hate it when you look up in the middle of the night and see a spider on your ceiling’ like bitch (!!) I could have Nicholas II last czar of Russia hanging from my ceiling fan and I would be none the wiser

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RFA+V+Saeran reacting to a HUGE spider on MC's head?

Thank you for your request! And i hope you like it!


  • You guys were playing together, laughing
  • “Oh MC!You’re so good at it” He laughs when a match is over and when he looks at you and see that huge…HUGE SPIDER ON YOUR HEAD…He froze
  • You’re looking at him, confused, he’s sweating…With fear in his eyes…
  • What can he do?
  • He regains his courage…He must be your hero…Your man.
  • You can do this Yoosung…
  • No…
  • …He can’t….
  • “WHAT??!” You start to scream, he starts to scream too.
  • You’re shaking your head until you too see that MONSTER ON THE GROUND.
  • Yoosung will be the man! He picks up the controller and thrown at the spider…
  • IT’S DEAD!
  • Yeah….!
  • His controller…
  • Ok, now he’s crying because of his controller with you’re hugging him
  • “…But Yoosung…You’re my hero!”
  • He stops crying almost immediately “…Really?”
  • You smile “Yeah!”
  • Ok, now he’s proud of himself…REALLY PROUD OF HIMSELF
  • “Can you say it again?”
  • Maybe he’ll kill more spiders because of that


  • You were watching TV, while he was taking some selfies.
  • When he looked at you to show some of his selfies and brag how beautiful he’s…He sees that spider on your head.

  • That’s a huge spider…
  • He puts his hand on his mouth, he wanted to scream…But hey he’s your knight…
  • So he gives the spider a little…Slap making her fall from your head
  • “OUCH!” That hurt a little, he points at the spider on the floor, while he was standing on the couch, trembling.
  • You step on that spider, killing her.
  • Zen sits on the couch again
  • “….Zen, you were afraid of that spider?”
  • “WHAT?” He laughs nervously “NO!”
  • “Oh…Zen you have a spider on your hair”
  • “What?!TAKE IT OFF!!” You start to laugh.
  • Looks like you’re the knight!


  • She was reading some articles about cafes, about how to improve them, all of those things.
  • Jaehee’s always trying to improve things.
  • You were by her side, reading a book.
  • When she turns off her computer and look at you, and you with that…Spider, a huge spider on your head she starts to think…
  • And with the speed of the light, she picked up the spider and thrown her out of the open window.
  • You don’t even understand what was going on, you just look at her.
  • She smiles and kisses your cheek “That was nothing, you only had a spider on your head…”
  • A spider?! Why she’s so calm and serene about it? And why she’s so fast??
  • Well…She’s has a black belt in judo…
  • That quick reflex is a common thing for her…You think so at least.
  • While you were thinking, she already picked up a lot of paper “Well, now i’ll talk about the improvements that we can do on our cafe”


  • Jumin’s always looking at you, but that spider was quicker than him, that’s what he believed.
  • Nobody cares.
  • He was looking at you, and then he plays a little with Elizabeth while you were in the chat with someone.
  • When he looks at you again, he sees that huge spider on your hair, he freaks out.
  • No, he doesn’t fear that spider, but he fears that he might lose you.
  • And Jumin always think of all the possibilities, if that thing is dangerous? If that thing has a poison? He doesn’t know.
  • He rushes to you, after that he picks that thing and thrown on the ground, stepping on it, with a disgusted face.
  • You see that dead spider on the floor and smile “Thank you Jumin.”
  • “You’ll have to go to the hospital.” He picks you in bridal style “Wait…WHY?”
  • “I have to make sure you’re ok” He’s taking you to the car, he lets you there and comes back to the penthouse.
  • He came back with Elizabeth “To the hospital.” He says to Driver Kim.
  • Elizabeth is looking at you, and you’re looking at her, you two must think the same thing…
  • Jumin Han is insane.


  • He’s trying and typing while you’re on your phone.
  • He wants to finish this so he can go and give you all his attention (~˘▾˘)~
  • But when he finishes and look at you, WHAT’S THIS ENORMOUS THING ON YOUR HEAD
  • He wants to freak out…But if he freaks you out, maybe all this mess will get worse.
  • So he taps your head with strong, that hurt a little, but you thought that was a…greeting?
  • “Don’t blame me! That was a spider on your hair!" 
  • Now everything makes sense "Oh…Thanks…” He smiles.
  • “Hey MC, they say if a spider falls into someone’s head they get a present!” You’re confused, and he’s taking his hand off the top of your head, oh…That’s dirty.
  • Your hair must be dirty too! That’s disgusting.
  • Seven laughs looking at his hand “So…Let’s go take a bath after that shall we? I can give your present there ~~~”


  • His vision is so blurry, but he saw that spider on your hair.
  • He doesn’t know that is a spider, but he knows that something is in your hair.
  • He smiles “…You’re using a hat MC?” He loves to hear from you, and he didn’t know you liked hats.
  • “Hat?” You start to touch your head and then you feel the spider, you shake your head off in that surprise, screaming and making that spider fall on the ground.
  • V almost jumps when he heard you scream, he stands up, and like that he steps on the spider…
  • V was a hero, and he didn’t even try to be one…
  • “What’s it MC?!”
  • You laugh, and sits, holding his hand now, making him sit too “That was a spider…And you already killed her” You hug him.
  • Ok all of that was suddenly to him…But he isn’t complaining it.


  • He’s eating ice cream while you were on your phone doing something.
  • He doesn’t care, he wants his ice cream.
  • But sometimes he looks at you…Because he likes to look at you.
  • But then one time he looks at your head and then there it is…A monster.
  • “MC…There’s a spider on your head…” Saeran is scared,  but he’ll not admit it…But that thing is so huge.
  • You scream you shake your head, the spider fell on his ice cream
  • ….
  • No MC…
  • You did not.
  • He’ll go away with that spider AND his ice cream.
  • You’re too evil for us.
  • Ok, he’s back, he can’t live without you.
  • But now you’ll give him another ice cream!
  • And some place to put that spider…Yes, this is your new pet.
  • *insert the evil laugh here*
#90 [Finn Balor]

#90: “You’ve been replaced.” - “Alright, we’ll see how you feel when you need me to kill a spider in the shower.” from the list here.

Finn’s injury had been an entirely unexpected event in your lives. It felt like one minute he was the first ever champion, the next he was cut open on an operating table. The ensuing weeks post-surgery were tough on him, having gone from practically only knowing a life of constant travel, to being forced in to being stationary.

He made sure you knew he loved having the extra time with you, but you understood it wasn’t the life he had planned. It wasn’t one you had planned either. It was strange, that despite being together for almost two years, there was still so many things you realized you had to learn about him, that only came from being together daily. There had been some bumps, some adjustments, but you had worked them out. You both eventually fell in to a routine; you continuing to work, he attending rehab.

The time home allowed you to convince him to do one thing you had wanted to for years though; adopt a dog. He hadn’t actually taken a lot of convincing, with him rationalizing that it would also give him something to do and someone to hang out with at home. So after some disagreement, some research, and some sheer luck, you became proud owners a little black lab/pit mix puppy from a nearby shelter.

To no one’s surprise, a debate had broken out over what to name the animal. Finn had lobbied for names inspired by different comic books and sci-fi entities. You had only pushed for non-people names, hating the times you had met a dog that could have just as easily been on a kindergarten roster.

Somehow, the dog had ended up named Bespin, for one of the planets in Star Wars. You called him Bezzy for short.

Today you found yourself on the couch in the back living room, underneath a blanket with yours legs curled to your side. The TV was on some rerun on Food Network, which you were only half-invested in. Your legs were nice and extra warm, with the sleeping head of your puppy placed there

Finn entered the room, having returned from the Performance Center about an hour ago and taken a shower since. His hair was still a little wet, as he had obviously only attempted to towel dry it briefly. Life was easier since he had been given the OK to have the sling off sometimes, meaning he didn’t need your constant assistance with things. Though you hadn’t exactly minded helping him shower.

“What are ya watchin’?” He questioned, approaching the couch.

“Don’t you dare disturb the sleeping baby,” you hissed at him, causing him to stop immediately, mere moments from sitting down.

“…are ya serious?”

“Do I look like I’m joking? You can go sit on the other couch, or the chair,” you pointed to the other furniture in the room. He just stared at you, and you stared back unwavering.

“You’re serious,” he stated, realizing you meant what you said.

“You’re been replaced,” you said, shrugging one shoulder, not looking at all apologetic about the situation.

“Alright…we’ll see how ya feel when ya need me ta kill a spider in the shower,” he grumbled, turning and plopping down into the chair perpendicular to the couch. “He won’t be able ta help ya then.”

“I dunno, he’s pretty smart, bet I could train him to be a spider killing machine,” you mused, grinning brightly over at your pouting boyfriend.

“Whatever,” he muttered.

“LOOK AT HIS FACE, FINN,” you demanded, gesturing to your still asleep fur-child. “You cannot, with good conscience, disturb something so adorable.”

I’m adorable,” he argued, which made you roll your eyes.

“You are,” you agreed. “But right now, our child wants time with me. You just have to wait.”

Turning back to the TV, you were almost positive you saw Finn stick his tongue out at the dog from the corner of your eye.


It’s all fun and games online until Trump shows up. I draw the line at Trump.

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How is Tsunade with a S/O who has arachnophobia?

Tsunade with an S/O Who Has Arachnophobia

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• Tsunade wouldn’t mind you having arachnophobia at all – she’s astutely aware it’s her job to kill spiders and it doesn’t bother her one bit. She had her own hemophobia for many years after Dan’s death, so she’s pretty understanding about the situation – on a good day.

• When she’s in a good mood, and sees you panicking about a spider, she usually just gets a dust pan or something and scoops the spider up and takes it outside. She hates to kill things unnecessarily. Tsunade will sometimes give you a big hug and tell you to calm down, she had a hard time getting over her own fear of blood and she understands the gripping anxiety herself. 

• But when Tsunade is in a bad, frustrated mood and sees you yelling about a spider, oh boy. She’s not going to be gentle by any means. Tsunade will punch that insect into fucking oblivion. Expect your floor tiles or drywall to turn into shrapnel, as she punches it and sends that poor spider flying into hell. Like there wouldn’t even be a little piece of that spider left, I mean she over killed it, almost like killing a spider with a missile.

• If she’s upset, and you’ve been telling her about a damn spider on the bathroom wall for a few minutes, she will probably tell you to get a grip. She can be snappy and impatient after a long day, and even though she tries to be understanding, it’s hard for her when she has so much responsibility.