when you say bud

i’m behind on prompts for six spanners but i have Thoughts that need to come out so let’s talk about teri peters today!

  • teri is the youngest of jason’s kids – she’s eight when jason takes them all in, and she and her twelve year old sister rebecca fortunately hadn’t been on the streets for very long before that point
    • their parents died, and it’s crime alley. it wasn’t like they ran away from the orphanage because they were going to be separated – though rebecca may have done that if it had come down to it, because the system is poor at the best of times, but living in gotham it’s even worse
    • no, rebecca and teri ended up on the streets because this was gotham and crime alley and no one came to try to take care of them in the first place
  • way back in the first six spanners piece, i mentioned that jason had a copy of the princess bride that the kids found and started watching while he went and made a grocery run? teri fell in love with that movie
    • any time that it’s teri’s turn to pick the movie on movie nights, she’ll pick the princess bride
    • they don’t even bother asking what movie she wants to watch. it’s the princess bride. it’s always the princess bride
    • sometimes the kids just start a round robin (ha) of someone saying a quote and then the next kid carries on the scene and then the next kid and then the next (and sometimes jason), because they know this movie by heart now, thanks teri
      • don’t get me wrong it’s a great movie but they’re watching it again every few weeks and it gets a little old for everyone except teri
      • bless her heart
    • teri is princess buttercup for halloween, of course, and she demands that jason be wesley to accompany her

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