when you realized their history for the first time

Aesthetics for the signs
  • Aries: lipstick marks on white collars, every firework exploding all at once, laughing at your own jokes, cherry coke, blurry photos of good moments that refuse to be captured, telling the stars to fuck off and making a myth out of yourself
  • Taurus: not knowing how to do something if it’s not with all of your heart, past lives like a compass within you, porches and lemonades, getting your hands dirty, misplaced wisdom, loving yourself like making a home out of your bones
  • Gemini: curiosity and the places it takes you, forks in the road, friends holding hands, realizing that you are exactly where you should be, paint-stained clothes, finding shade on a hot day, recreating yourself endlessly
  • Cancer: memes and artwork, dreaming furiously, thunderstorms during long car rides, smiling with your eyes closed, a river running, looking at the stars while everyone else is busy looking at the ground
  • Leo: nights when you glow golden, lucky dimes, confidence like a hearth warming your soul, hot July afternoons, more than what meets the eye, books loved so much that they have tattered spines
  • Virgo: order around you - order within you, an eye for details, seeing flowers bloom after a long winter, impossible dreams coming true, looking back and realizing how far you’ve come, losing yourself in strobe lights, sand between your toes for the first time in years
  • Libra: history books that pull you in, feeling like you are ancient / feeling like you are young, aiming true, favorite childhood memories, patterns in the sand, shaky voice that still speaks in a room full of closed hearts
  • Scorpio: challenging yourself - the world can wait, juice in wineglasses, learning how to swear in Latin, the calm before the storm, wind tangling in your hair, blueberry lips, finding a soulmate by the light in their eyes
  • Sagittarius: forging your own destiny, regretting only the things you didn’t do, purple lights in shop windows, smiling at animals, suddenly realizing that you are humming, writing poems on napkins, supernova stride
  • Capricorn: the sea turning into a mirror, coal turning into gold, staying up long enough to see the day break, remembering stories, pouring honey into your tea, running out of pens, hoping despite the odds
  • Aquarius: instead of breadcrumbs in your wake – stardust, believing in incredible things, mismatched socks, places that feel otherworldly, laughter like teeth, doing things for the aesthetic, glowing as if lit up from within
  • Pisces: your favorite shirt - worn out from loving, favorite songs making up the essence of who you are, realizing you are in love, sugar rushes, living for that which you burn for, rewinding cassettes with a pencil, a heart that makes everything better
Wait For It (M)

Anonymous Requested: Jungkook Royal AU
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Royalty AU 
Word Count: 11,013
Author’s Note: I pretty much took a whole day off from life to work on this, since I start school on Monday and wanted to try and get through as much writing as I can before hell starts.

Summary: As royalty, you were forced to be sent off and married to a prince of the neighboring kingdom to strengthen your country. But when you are betrothed earlier than you expected, you seek comfort in a random stranger until you realize that perhaps fate plays a bigger hand in things than you ever thought possible.


For the record, you never asked to be a princess. Not that you think you would ever have had an upper hand in a situation like that in the first place, or that you expected things to be different if you could go back in time to watch your family history unfold. It’s just something that’s short, and simple, and a fleeting thought you ponder about on more than one occasion, which is certainly a lot more times than someone who was actually happy with their lives would think.

Now, it’s not that you’re ungrateful with the life you’ve been gifted with, you’re well aware of the luck you’ve received, because at the end of the day, it’s the kind of lifestyle that guarantees food upon the table. It promises a roof over your house during the night, during the rain or snow, (more than) comfortable clothing to keep you warm throughout the bitter winter. The gold and motivation and rule your family has over the kingdom is nothing to shy away from.

It just, it provokes a lot of… pressure in your system, in your heart and in your mind.

Most of these things sprout from your father, who is probably just as ruthless as he is caring and hard-working and passionate about the land he is expected to rule over with grace and respect and an equal amount of force to make sure the people of the kingdom didn’t take advantage of him. He’s always been a loving father, albeit expecting the most out of you between your two other siblings. As caring or thoughtful or empathetic has he could be, there were often moments in your life when your best was never good enough for him.

You’ve been taught since birth to follow the orders and rules set up by your father because, as so graciously pointed out by the servants the dusk and clean and care for you on more than one occasion, your father always did what he believed would be best for you. So every piano or violin or guitar lesson he ever made you take, those foreign language lessons, classes on discipline and how to look, think, behave like a princess—those were always for your own future benefit.

“Keep your back straight, shoulders back, smile pretty.”

Always cut small pieces of your meal. Take small sips of your drinks. Always remember to wipe your mouth with a napkin.”

“Don’t speak unless spoken to.”

It’s not that you hate being a princess. You just hate having things being done for you, you hate how decisions and that free-will of choice and responsibility has been ever-so-graciously lifted off your shoulders as if these were things you would never have to burden yourself with. You hate not having a voice, your words drowned by the ones of your father or mother. Your existence has constantly been overshadowed by those greater than you could ever hope to be. You hate the role you have to play into society, how you had to spend your days dealing with other people’s problems. Shouldering a kingdom is no laughing matter, there are rules and regulations and decisions that constantly need to be made to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who live within the borders. Your mere existence is to live for other people.

It’s exhausting.

But in spite of your feelings, you know that changing fate is practically impossible. So you roll with your father’s wishes, because you understand that this is duty you owe to your kingdom. Perhaps at the end of the day, it will truly never really matter what you desire. From the moment you were birth, your entire life story has already been written by you, the quill of ink belonging to your father and mother and every other person who thought they could know you better than you could ever know yourself.

You let yourself take everything in. You visit the nearby villages and listen to everyone’s problems, their hopes and wishes and promise to become stronger and stronger to help them. You take the lessons set up by your father. You keep your back straight, your eyes forward, your mouth shut. You accept the fancy parties and the wine, the dancing and the violins echoing through your ear, speaking only when you are spoken to. It’s torture, but you have to remind yourself that is it your duty, your obligation and your responsibility.

You even let your father tell you that there will come a day when you will be sent off to a predetermined prince in a neighboring kingdom, be married off into a family you don’t know and perhaps will never truly belong to—all for the benefit of your kingdom. You let him tell you this, and you accept it. You give yourself a few years to mentally prepare yourself, expecting your father at the very least to grant you this one wish.

A raised eyebrow. “But the prince could be ready to meet you any day now.”

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anonymous asked:

hello! I love your blog so muchh! It gives me life <33 can i ask for hogwarts!au fics? either complete/wip is fine ^-^ tia! (●´∀`●)

Thanks for these requests! Most of these fics are already on my Magic AU list, but since there are so many I’ll list some of them here! Let the magic begin!


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YOI Hogwarts AU

Expomise by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 68k (WIP)
YOI/Hogwarts crossover that is too pure for words. First year muggle-born Yuuri get paired up with the Victor Nikiforov in potions class. Filled with after school study sessions, magic, pining, and skating! LOVE!

Strange Magic by mandathegreat, Explicit, 13k
In which Viktor Nikiforov is the Pride of Durmstrang and the Seeker for Russia, Yuuri is Hufflepuff’s Hero and a Hot Mess, and there is a Triwizard Tournament, which is a shame because Yuuri really needs to play Quidditch this year, and he doesn’t really have time to fall in love. SO GOOD JUST READ IT!

Magic on Ice by chibilysis (xyrilyn), Teen, 30k (WIP)
Yuuri’s first accidental magic took the form of a miniature snowstorm in his room. By the time his parents realised something was off, Yuuri’s bedroom was one feet deep in magical snow. Hogwarts/YOI crossover that is amazing!

Entwining Fates by rinsled05, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Imagine, if a young Japanese wizard by the name of Yuuri Katsuki had transferred to Hogwarts to escape his past, just in time to meet a Russian Quidditch player who would blow open the very doors he was trying so desperately to close. Thumbs up!

rumour has it by lunaetude, Gen, 3.4k
When Viktor sees Yuuri happily throw his quill aside, he leans into Yuuri’s personal space (as usual) and peers at his very neat handwriting. Ignoring Yuuri’s protests, he strikes out the whole conclusion and hands the essay back to Yuuri with a proud smile. THIS IS SO GOOD OMG

champion of the cup, victor of the heart by sapphire_eyes27, Teen, 32k (WIP)
Three champions, two hearts, one victor. Let the Triwizard Tournament begin! This is a great fic!

Tu meum Animum by bratinella, Gen, 38k (WIP)
In which Viktor is a fourth year Slytherin in Hogwarts and is very much infatuated with a cute fourth year Gryffindor. SO CUTE! Definitely recommend!

Red and Green by Jesse_Rae, Not Rated, 4.1k
Victor was a pure-blood, famous Gryffindor and Yuuri was a muggle-born Slytherin. Yet somehow, they could make red and green work. Very sweet!

charm by volacious, Mature, 28k (WIP)
Yuuri is now in his sixth year at Hogwarts and the victim of his secret affections, Victor, approaches him one day during Charms. Growing and changing isn’t something Yuuri likes to do, but he soon realizes it’s a crucial part to living. Great HP AU!

Black and Gold by AppleSharon, Teen, 5.2k (WIP)
Yuri!!! On Ice Hogwarts AU. Yuuri is in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts when the next Triwizard Tournament takes place, allowing him to meet his idol, Viktor Nikiforov, for the first time. Highly recommend!

(Yūri!!! on) Hogwarts : A (Drunk) History by bonehandledknife (ladywinter), Gen, 24k
“Who are you?” Viktor breathes.And the Slytherin squeaks and whips around and just about brains themself on a desk, falling over.Viktor races in, “Are you okay?”The boy stares at him.“I saw you tracing,” And Viktor points at his desk and the other boy covers his red face with his hands and Viktor’s heart just about bursts with the need to own puppies with him. VERY cute!!

Cherry Wood and Golden Robes by Skowronek, Not Rated, 31k (WIP)
When the up-and coming Japanese wizard Yuuri Katsuki arrives in Sochi for his most important duelling competition so far, he expects to flub his duel, embarrass himself, and panic. He doesn’t expect to exceed his own expectations and gain a rival in the process. Great HP AU with Mahoutokoro!Yuuri!

Boyfriend Colours by Ashida, Teen, 2.5k 
“My uniform.” Victor blurted back, finally looking down to see Yuuri, to realise he’d just had the best idea of his life. “What about it?” Yuuri cocked his head again, lost at the sudden turn in conversation. “Can you… try it on for me?” he whispered it soft, this tentative question that Victor hoped more than anything Yuuri would say yes to. SOOOOOOOO CUTE

all that glitters is not gold by rinsled05, Explicit, 2.6k
Viktor finds him in Minako’s dance studio. It’s an easy search: in the evenings leading to a national Quidditch match, no matter how grueling the day’s training, no matter how exhausting – Yuuri dances. I’m living for this!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Magic & Ice by ajwolf, Mature, 272k (WIP)
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has begun accepting NEWT transfer students. For 5th year Yuuri Katsuki it’s a dream come true, and a chance for his to find his place in the world, both on the ice and off.16 year old Yuuri is off on a fun-filled adventure, full of friends and discovery, as he learns how to fall in love, and how to love himself. He might be chasing his idol, 17 year Viktor Nikiforov, but Viktor may be closer than he seems, as he too struggles to find his place in the world. A M A Z I N G  F I C!

Stuff Happens - Leonard Snart

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt-  “If requests are still open, may I request one of Leonard Snart being possessive of the reader (him making her wear his parka instead of her borrowing someone else’s spare jacket). Please and thank you <3” -@buckyslittlekitten

Word count - 919



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Reaction to BTS falling in love with their psychologist


Jin was fully aware of his love for you. When he really started to feel buterflies in his tummy, you started receiving all kinds of flowers and food. This is when you found out and you bluntly asked him out through one of his sessions. And everything else is history. 

Originally posted by bwiseoks


Namjoon was always a cheeky bastard. When he realized he likes his psychologist he didn’t make his sessions more.Nooo…he started coming to your office only to hang out. Like a lunch, a walk in the park, things like that. The first few times you thought it was only to help him relax and then you noticed it also made you relax and it also made you look out for him. And to be brutally honest, you also fell for the boy with overworking disorder. 

Originally posted by ksjknj


Yoongi didn’t really like the fact that he was falling for you and tried his best not to show it. Since his whole problem starts from not being able to show his emotions, now he really stopped talking to you. As he saw you began to worry about him, the boy decided to show his true feelings through the only way he knew. Music. So he sang. About his problems, about his love for you. And then it hit you like a ton of bricks that the black haired rebel wasn’t the only person in love in this room.

Originally posted by imonaworldtour


Through one of the sessions the boy just bluntly spit it out. “So I was lying in my bed, as you have told me and was thinking ‘How can I, Jung Hoseok, invite you Ms.Y/N, to dinner’ and then it hit me. Y/n will you go out with me? Even if I’m mentally unstable as you like to call me.” You couldn’t say no to that.

Originally posted by jeony


Jimin would be very shy about it. He wouldn’t want to tell you. So he just makes more and more sessions with you and always makes up excuses to spend more time with you. At some point you noticed that everytime the boy with the kitten pawns came in your heart was pounding, expecting him. So you asked him out, instead of him you. You knew it was unproffessional, yet you fell for him.

Originally posted by whyparkjimin


He will just say it. “Y/N I  want to go out with you. Wouldn’t you want to go out with me? I know I’m a patient and all so think about it like…an experiment you can explore? Don’t you want to know what’s going in this crazy head? Of course you do. Let’s go.

Originally posted by taehyunglq


The bunny in him told him to stay quiet and to talk only about his problem, but truth to be told, you were his problem. He wanted to be a man to you, not a patient, so slowly but surely his attitude around you changed. He became confident and sexy suddenly. He used his confidence with you and his plan worked. You fell for him as fast as you saw it coming. 

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Reactions are open. *SMUT,ANGST, FLUFF*





Okay honestly one of my favorite things about Ouran is Kyoya’s character development???

 He’s one of the most static characters; he’s calm, cool, collected, intelligent, and the obvious moral compass of the group,

 But as the season goes on you start to notice a few cracks…like, the kind where you see the real Kyoya poking through, begging for someone to let him out???

 As you learn his backstory you realize that while he’s the mother of the group, he’s actually the child of his family, which makes SO MUCH SENSE, 


 And I feel like that somehow corresponds with everything he does within the club, and why he’s so meticulous about everything, because maybe in his subconscious somewhere he thought to himself,

 "If my father were to ever catch me in this club, at least I would have something to show for it,“ which is why he’s so undeniably efficient with all that he controls.

 And the way he feels about Tamaki is absolutely PRECIOUS to see, because at first you feel like he thinks of Tamaki as a genuine moron, (which is how I felt really, I can’t really speak for everyone,) and then you get to the, “And so Kyoya Met Him!” episode.

Which is when you finally get to see how exactly their friendship began in the first place, the history behind our daddy and mommy of the Host Club. And you realize, “Hey, I wasn’t that far off. Kyoya DID think he was a moron, at one point.”

And while Kyoya still thinks Tamaki is an idiot, it’s more of a term of endearment at this point, rather than an insult. Because as weary as he is of Tamaki’s antics, when he thought he was gonna lose him, Kyoya absolutely lost it.

And that was A FREAKING PLEASURE to see because you realize NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES KYOYA CALLS HIM AN IDIOT, OR MORON, OR REFERS TO HIM AS A BURDEN, you know in your heart that that silly blonde prince means the world to Kyoya, and that is in fact his best friend. 

So throughout the season, obviously each character makes their own significant steps to becoming more individual, coming into themselves, but Kyoya’s developement is definitely one of my favorites.


content: Dean feels uncomfortable with the flirting attempts by the cashier at the grocery store, but thankfully Castiel comes to his rescue – though seriously not the way Dean expected.

word count: 2,174

Dean really doesn’t like visiting the small grocery store in Lebanon right at the town’s center.

And thankfully most of the time he’s got other options – mainly the big supermarket next to the highway –, but once in a while he’s got no other choice due to time issues or saving gas or whatever else might come up.

And it’s not like the store itself is crappy or something. No, not at all. It may be small, but it’s got everything they need, even Dean’s favorite brand of beer. Hell, they even sell those awesome chocolate brownies you can’t find nearly anywhere anymore!

So yeah, it’s a nice enough store.

But there’s a big problem – the cashier who seems to live in that stupid shop!

At least Dean’s got that impression since she’s always there when he walks through the door, smiling at him so broadly as soon as she spots him as if the only purpose of her life is waiting for Dean to arrive at the store.

Her name is Stacy and she looks like seventeen although she reassured him many times before (by emphasizing Every. Single. Word.) that she’s old enough to drink – while at the same time giggling like she just shared a juicy secret and fluttering her eyelashes in a way she probably thinks seductive. Her flirting attempts are countless, clumsy, awkward and leave Dean highly uncomfortable.

But she never stops.

Dean can’t help admiring her persistence a bit. Not even hints that he could easily be her father age wise made her back off. Dean tried being nice and polite about it and used grumbles and grunts a few weeks later when his maturity hadn’t been very effective, but nothing seems to impress that girl. Every time Dean starts to talk and attempts to make himself clear she simply sighs deeply and gazes into his eyes or checks out his ass, not at all interested in what he has to say.

It’s infuriating.

Even the apocalypse hadn’t been that annoying.

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Good Kisser (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Alternatively titled, Good Deeds Part 4.

Read Part 3

Summary: Steve takes you home from school and everything that’s been happening between the two of you comes to a head.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1,471

Author’s Note: And, that’s it for this series. To be honest, this chapter is just sort of a fluffy scene and there isn’t too much plot aside from providing closure. But hopefully it’s still a nice, quick, and fun read. ALSO, since I’m finished with this series, if you have any requests you’d like me to write, send them in. I’m going to need some ideas soon!

Warnings: Kissing, and not much else.

This was possibly the most awkward car ride in your life.

Even more awkward than the ride home after the Christmas party.

If you had to guess, this could be attributed to a few things:

  1. You weren’t even a little bit tipsy.
  2. It was completely silent: no Christmas carols, no talk radio, no wind, and definitely no talking.
  3. Your arm hurt.

So, you passed the time in awkward, tense silence. Neither one of you looked at each other. At least, not really. Every couple of minutes, Steve would look over at you out of the corner of his eye, but then he’d snap his eyes back to the road without saying anything. Ten minutes had never felt so long.

It felt like a small miracle when Steve finally pulled up to the curb next to your house. Still, even though you wanted to get out of whatever this situation was, you didn’t leave the car. Instead, you sat in the passenger seat, continuing to stare straight ahead in silence. That was, until Steve hit the steering wheel and threw himself back in his seat, staring up at the ceiling. “I can’t believe I did that.”

You looked over at him wide-eyed, unsure of what to say.

“I’m such a fucking idiot. I should have seen you! Been more careful.” He ran his hands through his hair, his palms resting on his forehead. “I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he shook his head.

“Hey, it’s ok,” you soothed, leaning over to put a hand on his arm.

“You got hurt!” he exclaimed, gesturing widely with both hands and almost smacking you in the face. You jerked back in your seat to avoid the flailing limb. “I try to do one decent thing, and instead I throw you to the ground.” He looked out of the driver’s side window, away from you.

You sat in silence, staring at him. You weren’t sure what to say. On the one hand, he was right. He probably shouldn’t have fought Billy. On the other hand, you don’t know what you would have done if he hadn’t stepped in to help. Even if you had succeeded in warding Billy off today, there was no way you’d be able to keep him away all year by yourself. Especially not with your friends actively working against you. You watched as Steve shook his head again, but he was still looking outside of the window.

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Oh, GOD, I was wondering that from the start and didn’t realize creators of the show actually showed us her!

Okay, so, in ep 11 of season 1 Toby and co broke into the Strickler’s office. They found Gumm-gumm’s history book. And there they showed us pictures of two trolls. Toby pointed at one and said: “Is this Gunmar?”. No one answered him. 

When I was watching this moment first time I was like “It’s clearly Bular, are you blind, Toby?”, despite picture being not completely accurate, as if someone saw Bular from great distance and just think out the details. But I brushed it off, because picture of Aaarrrgghh was sketchy as well.

I re-watched it today. The thing is, we was shown silhouette of Gunmar before. So design for him already had at least main points. I mean his big ass horns.

WE saw Gunmar’s silhouette already. But Toby did not. He saw picture that resembles Bular, but not completely and goes “oh, that’s his papa”.

The picture had face that didn’t match Bular’s, no sidehorns and straight silver hair.  

I present you


Bular’s and Gunmar’s hair is messy and black. Bular have his small sidehorns as echo of his father’s big-as-horns.

Here, face comparison:

Detention & Chalk (Carry On Countdown Day 1)

It feels so good to be doing the Carry On Countdown again, I can’t wait to look at everyone’s stuff! I hope you enjoy a little 8th year one shot! <3 @carryon-countdown

Word Count: 1824


It was hard to focus on an exam when your nemesis was sitting beside you, answering the questions faster than you were. Simon was only on the second page of his exam and had noticed that Baz was already turning to the fourth page. Baz had always been the better student, Simon knew this, but he’d never had to suffer through watching it happen in action like this.

Miss Possibelf had changed the seating arrangement, just like that in the middle of term. Simon had tried to talk to her, had pointed out all the potentially disastrous scenarios that would result from having him seated next to Baz, but she’d refused. She said that, given that it was their eighth year, she was teaching them how to be the mature adults they should have already been.

Simon felt a rush of happiness when he flipped to the third page. It was deflated, however, when he saw that Baz was on the last page of his exam.

“Showoff,” Simon muttered.

Baz’s grey eyes slide to his, narrowing.

“Excuse me?” Baz whispered.

“Why don’t you just close your eyes and fill them out that way? I’m sure you’ll score just as high, you’re so perfect.”

Baz sneered.

“As grateful as I am for the compliment,” Baz whispered, “Would you mind shutting your mouth? You’re ruining my concentration.”

“Maybe I could shut up if you weren’t such a superior prick,” Simon said.

Baz glared.

“Maybe, if you weren’t such an idiotic-“

“Simon! Baz! Give me your tests!”

Miss Possibelf stood above them, her eyes narrowed and her hand outstretched.

Glumly, Simon handed her his test. Normally she was nice to Simon but just because she liked him didn’t mean she treated him differently than anyone else in their class. With a huff, Baz handed her his own exam.

She tore them both in half.

“Hey!” Baz barked.

Simon’s cheeks reddened.

“Talking during an exam is an automatic zero and a detention. You boys both know the rules. Come see me after class.”

“But Miss Possibelf,” Simon said, “We weren’t cheating.”

She shrugged.

“I don’t care what you two were discussing. Rules are rules.”

They both had to suffer the rest of the class without exams and endure the looks everyone else was giving them. Simon could practically feel the rage coming off of Baz to his right. 

“I just want you to know that I blame you for this,” Baz spat.

“The feeling is mutual,” Simon said.


If Baz had to clap one more chalkboard eraser, he thought it might have to be against Snow’s head. 

They were in Miss Possibelf’s classroom, cleaning. He still couldn’t believe he was going to take a zero on that exam. He’d been well on his way to getting an A on it, he was sure of it. The exam had been worth thirty percent of his grade. Now Bunce was going to take the spot of top of their class for sure.

The source of all his misery was angrily scraping gum off of the bottoms of the desks, his magic making the air thick with static. Normally Baz wouldn’t have gotten so riled up by Snow’s jabs, but it had been torture ever since the seat change. Before, he could watch Snow from afar, enjoying the view and sneering every time he got caught. Now he was next to him every single day, feeling his magic and body warmth. It was like he was getting drunk on Simon Snow every day, and it made everything more intense. Including his frustration when Snow acted like an absolute git.

“I’ve never gotten detention before,” Snow pouted.

Baz looked over at him and resisted the urge to roll his eyes, or laugh. He was sitting under a desk, scraper in hand, with his hair dangerously close to the gum territory. He looked miserable.

“I’m surprised,” Baz said, going back to clapping the erasers together, “What with all the ditching you do to go off on adventures, I thought you’d have gotten detention loads of times.”

Snow glared at him.

“The Mage signs off on my, well, they’re not adventures. He signs off on my missions.”

Baz smirked.

“Right Mr. Bond, sorry,” he said.

“Well,” Snow said, rising to his feet, “Have you ever been in detention?”

Baz thought about it and frowned.

“No, actually, I haven’t,” he said.

Snow looked surprised.

“That’s weird,” Snow said.

Baz winced internally. He didn’t need to be reminded how low Snow thought of him.

“I know, I’m the worst villain ever to be evil,” Baz said.

Snow growled.

“That’s not what I meant,” He said, “I just meant that with all the times we’ve fought in class it’s weird we never got a detention before this.”

Baz studied Snow’s face. 

“Maybe we used to be better at fighting,” Baz murmured.

Snow blinked and then looked down at Baz’s hands.

Baz was covered in chalk dust, from head to toe. He was pretty sure he’d be washing chalk out of his hair all the way up until the Leavers Ball. 

“Here,” Snow said, taking some of the other erasers, “Let me help.”

Baz wondered if Snow was actually trying to be nice to him.


He wasn’t sure why he was trying to be nice. 

Simon had been helping to clap the dust out of the erasers for about twenty minutes and he still wasn’t sure why he’d offered to help Baz. It had just been strange; to realize that in all their history together this was the first time they had gotten in trouble together. And then Simon had started to think about all the times they should have gotten detention together. It had made him feel funny, thinking about their past.

“Do you think this will be the last time?” Simon asked.

Baz looked up at him.

“What do you mean?”

Simon clapped his erasers together, trying not to cough when the dust hit his nose.

“The last time that our fight ends in something as silly as a detention,” Simon said.

Baz’s grey eyes flickered over his face. Simon always had been obsessed with Baz’s eyes. Technically, they both had blue eyes but in reality their eyes couldn’t be more different. Simon’s were just plain old blue but Baz’s were more than that, like the mist that covered the Great Lawn in the early hours of the morning.

“Maybe,” Baz said, looking away, “I hope it isn’t though.”

Simon picked up another set of erasers, thinking How can Miss Possibelf possibly have so many of these in one classroom?

“Why?” Simon asked.

Baz sighed.

“Do you really think I want to kill you Snow?”

For a long time he’d thought so. But now he wasn’t so sure.

“So you don’t want to kill me?” Simon asked.

“There are,” Baz said, shaking dust out of his hair, “A lot of things I want to do to you, killing you is not one of them.” 

Simon frowned, confused.

“What do you mean?”

Baz shook his head.

“It’s nothing Snow, let’s just get this done.”

They worked in silence for a bit. Simon couldn’t help but turn Baz’s words around in his head, trying to arrange them in a way that made sense. Did Baz want to be his friend? To have one last go at him on the pitch? What could he possibly want from him? 

“And I’m done,” Baz said, wiping his hands.

Simon looked up and laughed.

“What?” Baz asked, looking annoyed.

“It’s nothing,” Simon said, “You just have chalk on your face.”

Simon stepped forward, licking his thumb. He pushed it over Baz’s sharp cheekbone, wiping away some of the chalk that had settled there. Baz’s eyes widened, and he reached for Simon’s wrist.

“What are you doing?” Baz asked.

“Oh calm down,” Simon said.

He licked his thumb again and went to work on the rest of the chalk. The skin there was surprisingly soft and a little cool. He had almost gotten it all and had pressed his other fingers onto the side of Baz’s face to get a better grip when Baz sucked in a sharp breath. Simon looked at him and was about to ask what was wrong when something in Baz’s eyes made him stop.

Simon felt his heart thud a little faster.

“You know,” Baz murmured, “People don’t usually just lick their finger to clean someone’s face.”

Simon looked at Baz’s mouth as he spoke, a million thoughts clashing in his head.

“Penny does it to me all the time,” Simon muttered.

Simon hadn’t let go of Baz’s face, even though all the chalk was gone from his cheek. 

“You’re still touching me,” Baz said.

“You’re still letting me,” Simon said.

Baz’s mouth parted slightly and then Simon couldn’t help himself any longer, he was just kissing him. 

He half expected Baz to push him away, or yell, or do both. But none of those things happened. Instead Baz let him kiss him, his own hands finding their way onto Simon’s cheeks.

Simon realized, as Baz pressed him gently against the chalkboard, that it was strange they hadn’t done this before. Maybe they’d used to be better at fighting, but this, they were best at doing this, Simon thought.

His hands were in Baz’s hair and Baz’s were untucking Simon’s shirt, pushing up underneath to touch the skin there. At some point Baz had opened his mouth and Simon had lost the ability to think straight, his brain melting away.

“Well, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. But I’m glad you two are getting along.”

Baz moved away from him and Simon saw that Miss Possibelf was standing in the doorway of the classroom, a smirk on her face.

“I, uh, we, um-“ Simon couldn’t catch his breath.

Miss Possibelf put up a hand to stop Simon.

“It’s quite all right Mr. Snow. I think I understand. But, seeing as your detention is over, I need my classroom now.”

Baz gave her a funny look.

“Did you give us detention to try to get us to get along better?”

“Yes,” She said, “And it achieved a great deal more than that, it would appear.”

Simon’s cheeks were burning. 

“Now,” She said, as they were filing out, “Do be careful in the halls. You two look like you both rolled around in a chalk factory.”

When they got into the hall they looked at each other, and broke out into laughter.

“I cannot believe that just happened,” Simon said.

Baz had tears in his eyes.

“I know,” He said, “It felt like having Mary Poppins walk in on me wanking off.”

When their laughter died down, Simon reached out shyly, taking Baz’s hand.

“So, uh, is this okay?”

Baz pushed his hand through Simon’s hair, smiling.

“More than okay,” He said.

They kissed and Simon didn’t even mind that it tasted like old chalk.

Plans for the [September 14, 1989] Wall Street demonstration against the price of [important early AIDS drug] AZT were advancing, and were not undermined by the pending release of ddI, a direct competitor. On the contrary, it was more important to the activists to keep pressure on [AZT’s manufacturer] Burroughs Wellcome so that Bristol-Myers would not feel encouraged to price its own drug out of reach. Activists formed into affinity groups and made independent plans for actions within the demonstration. Peter Staley and [ACT UP affinity group] the Power Tools wanted to make a spectacular impact on Burroughs Wellcome. The idea to infiltrate the New York Stock Exchange was Staley’s, and once details were worked out it included a plan for a small group in “executive drag” to enter the Exchange on the corner of Wall Street and Broadway and chain themselves inside.

In the weeks leading up to the event, Staley scouted the building with two other men, both of them HIV negative—Charlie Franchino, a chiropractor, and Robert Hilferty, a writer and filmmaker. They posed as tourists with a video camera. Back home they studied Hilferty’s footage. Each of the traders they encountered wore a pocket badge, which the guard at the door scrutinized only glancingly. Hilferty zoomed in on several badges. They were plastic-coated white tags, about three-by-five inches, and contained the name of the firm along with a series of large, bold numbers. Franchino knew a place that would copy them exactly. They decided to masquerade as traders from Bear Stearns, because that firm seemed to have the greatest representation on the floor.


On the morning of the Wall Street demonstration, the guards were jittery. Leaflets and news accounts predicted the noontime arrival of a thousand ACT UP protesters. Staley and his affinity group members slipped inside the Exchange with the morning crowds. The opening bell was set to sound at 9:30 am. At 9:20, five of them climbed to the balcony, locked a chain to the balustrade, and handcuffed themselves to the chain: Staley, McGrath, and Arsenault from the Power Tools, and filmmakers Scott Robbe and Gregg Bordowitz. No one had yet noticed them up there. When Staley saw the electronic clock read 9:29:45, he signaled to the others to unfurl their banner. It said, “Sell Wellcome,” using the Wall Street shorthand. Then they pulled portable marine foghorns from their pockets and pointed them in the air. For Staley this action had deep personal meaning—payback after having endured the homophobia of the trading desk for so many years. He gave the signal.

The noise was deafening. At the same time, they pulled big stacks of fake money from their pockets—in homage to Abbie Hoffman, who had protested the Vietnam War inside this building years earlier—and threw them into the air. The slogan printed on the bills bypassed diplomacy: “We die while you make money. Fuck your profiteering.”

Once the traders realized what was happening and why, they exploded in outrage. They surged angrily toward the balcony’s staircase. Pens and other projectiles sailed through the air accompanied by cries of “mace the faggots” and worse. In the confusion, nobody realized the opening bell had sounded, and trading was delayed by many minutes, the first time in the 197-year history of the Exchange.

Down below, the two remaining protesters—Hilferty and Richard Elovich, a former IV-drug user—snapped a few photographs and hastily retreated toward the door, sprinting the last several yards after someone bellowed, “Who the fuck are you!” and twisted-faced traders lit out after them. When they were blocks away, the photographers passed their film to designated runners who headed straight for the AP offices to have the images developed and copied for the wire. Police took their time extracting the five from their chains. They dragged them out of the Exchange and into the thunderous applause of fellow activists. As Staley stepped onto the running board of the police department van, he allowed his eyes to turn toward the windows of the old J. P. Morgan trading floor. He pictured his former colleagues pressed against the glass, and smiled.

When lunchtime came, nearly 1,500 other ACT UP protesters descended on Wall Street, likewise armed with air horns and placards and banners decrying the cost of AZT. Their angry voices echoed through the narrow canyons into repetitive, blurred cries: “How many more must die? How many more must die?”

That same day, ACT UP chapters staged satellite demonstrations in London, where Burroughs Wellcome’s parent company was based, and in San Francisco, where the company’s major U.S. warehouse was located. Papers throughout the world carried news of their feat, following The Wall Street Journal, which played the story above the fold. Only the Times, continuing its aggressive stance against covering gay news, let the historic event go unmentioned in the morning papers. The following Monday, admitting to being pinioned by protesters, Burroughs Wellcome slashed the price of AZT for a second time, finally reaching the price range demanded by ACT UP. It took another seven months for the criminal trespass case to come to a head. A judge, ruling that the defendants had acted “in the interests of justice,” dismissed all charges.

—  David France, How to Survive a Plague: The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS (2016), Pt. 3, Ch. 6.
Legit Tip #176

or - “Writing Characters in Established Relationships”

The majority of time, when relationships are prominent in fiction, they cover the beginnings of relationships - how couples get together. First meetings and the difficulties that people face in getting to know each other and falling in love. And there’s definitely something magical and special and lovely about that.

But there’s something just as special and lovely about couples who have been together for a while - who have already had the time to get to know each other and grow together. Which is why I love it when stories open with characters who are already in established relationships. I think it goes without saying, though, that there are special challenges that come with writing characters who are already in established relationships.

First things first  - I think anybody writing a couple in an established relationship needs to realize that there is always going to be a history there. And just like you can’t infodump with the worldbuilding of a story, you can’t infodump with a couple and tell the reader everything there is to know about how they got together, and what they’ve been through. So that leads me to one of my first major points.

Reveal backstory through interaction. One of my favorite couples is Tess and Joel from Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us.” Though they were never officially confirmed as a couple, it was pretty obvious that they were together romantically in some sense. And really, it was the fact that it was never made explicit that makes them such a good example for this point.

Apart from a few lines of dialogue and the fact that they’re working together on a mission to retrieve stolen weapons, there isn’t much to tell you that they’re “together” - not even body language. (There’s not the chance for that sort of thing). What we do see is that they’ve had a hard life together. That they’re partners in criminal activity. That they’ve been together for several years. And we know that they’re both hard people. 

So how can you do the same? As a writer, you can reveal your characters’ backstory in the same way through your characters’ shared experiences. Remember that they’ve lived a life together by this point, so use that to your advantage. When the chance arises, have them remember some little detail that gives you the opportunity to bring up something from their past. 

How are couples who have been together for a while different from “established” couples? Hoo boy. This is actually a tricky question to answer because, well, every couple is different. But as I already said, remember that any couple who has been together for a while has had the chance to get to know each other - has had the chance to merge their lives and established patterns, routines, and a sense of domesticity. 

Showing your reader the way that your characters live can help give them a sense of who they are together - who they are as a couple. To give you another video game example, there are some great scenes in “Uncharted 4″ where we get to see Nate and Elena in their home, living their lives together. It’s awesome because in the earlier games we are getting to see the beginning of their relationship, and now we’re seeing them as a couple who have been together for a while. 

Honestly, these details aren’t boring to readers if you present them in a way that isn’t boring. (I know, easier said than done…) But showing your reader just a little bit of insight into the way that your characters live is a great way to invite readers in. 

Romances with established couples honestly shouldn’t be as rare as they are. They’re a great way of inviting readers into the “ever after” part of the Happily Ever After. And even if it’s not all bliss, it’s interesting and dynamic and can make for great storytelling, no matter the genre that you decide to insert it into. 

Princess - Calum Hood


A/N - Hey! This was an originally a 17 part story that i just compiled into one big post. This is 9,374 words. If i knew how to do the “show more” thing i would. But I don’t so if you aren’t reading this I’m sorry for endless scrolling that is about to begin. 



A confident Calum saunters over to the desk next to you and plops himself down into the seat.

“Hey Princess,” He says, just to annoy you. You purse you lips, trying not to give a snarky response and give into his game. Everyday, it is like clockwork. Calum would walk into the class you shared together, sit down in the seat next to you and greet you. With the same, damn annoying nickname. The first few days, you tried to fight it, annoyed with him calling you princess. But slowly you gave up trying.

“You know it’f rude to not - at least- acknowledge me!” Calum says, turning in his seat to see you better. You give him a glance before turning back to the teacher, that is yet to arrive to the class. “C’mon Princess, don’t be like this,” Calum playfully begs, but you keep your eyes straight forward. You have no intention on playing the bad boy’s game.

The teacher comes stumbling in a minute after the bell rings and apologizes for being late. Of course a bell and the teacher doesn’t stop Calum from annoying you constantly. He would continuously poke you and slip notes to you. Most of the notes you didn’t bother to open, knowing after the first few that all they consist of is crude jokes. When the period lets out you are quick to get away from him, but he comes up behind you and whispers into your ear, “I’ll see you after school,” He says. You pat at your pocket and make sure it’s still there

When school ends, and you begin your walk home you are disturbed a block away. “Hey Princess,” Calum greets you and you turn on him. He’s been getting on your nerves for months now.

“Call me princess one more time. I dare you.” You say as threatening as you can, palming your pocket.

“Oh don’t be like that prin- Ack! What the hell lady?!” Calum shouts.

“What? I’m sorry, is the dagger at your throat making you uncomfortable?” You say darkly.

“It’s not a dagger, Princess, it’s a pocket knife,” Calum says, taking your arm and pushing it away from his neck. “And why do you have a knife anyways?” Calum asks, eyeing the  knife.

You give a noncommittal shrug, “I walk home from school everyday,” you say.

“Yeah, why don’t I just give you a ride, and you can leave the knife at home, princess?” He says, you quickly turn on your heel and storm away. You would think pulling a knife on a guy would make him stop calling you that! “Hey! Princess! Don’t be like that!” Calum shouts down the street. Your cheeks flame red, knowing that a couple of bystanders were sure to hear him. You keep walking.

Calum runs a little to catch up to you. He says nothing, just walks you home. He’s never done this before. When you’re home you walk in the door, but not before he says, “See you tomorrow Princess,”

“Hey Princess,” Calum says, one arm leaning out of the car. You are just stepping out of your house, for your walk to school when you hear two quick pulses of the horn. You  instantly looked up, to see your acquaintance from school, the bad boy.

Calum has done some scary shit. And you know it. From drugs to rumors to being in gangs, he’s done everything. Although rumor is is that he’s gone clean. Some people speculate that it’s because he want’s girlfriend, but you know thats B.S. When a guy can get any girl he wants, why would he ever want to settle down. It wasn’t just Calum’s bad boy attitude that attracted girls, but the fact that he’s really attractive. With warm brown eyes, and a jawline that could kill, who wouldn’t be attracted to him?

“What are you doing here?” You asked shocked.

“It’s supposed to rain,” Calum says back, as an explanation. Your so confused, why the hell would he care if its supposed to rain? You give him a confused look, “Get in,” He says.

You are quick to shake your head. No way are you getting in a car with him! That would make you a madman! You defiantly begin to walk away from him and to the school. Then, just like in a movie it begins to pour. Calum, who was following you in his car gives a smirk, thinking that you were going to give in and go to his car. Defiantly you continue to walk to school. You will be damned if you go into that car.

You hear the car door slam and someone grab your hand. The car is left unattended and Calum spins you around. He doesn’t say anything, but puts you into a fireman’s carry and carries you back to his car, soaked. He sits you down in the passenger seat and buckles the seatbelt for you, like an attending father would do for his child. He then gets into the Driver’s side and drives the both of you to school. You are too shocked to do anything at the moment but sit quietly in his car.

“See you later Princess,” Calum says, after parking the car. He hops out and walks to the school. Leaving you in the Passenger’s side, alone.

When your class with Calum comes around you make sure to sit surrounded by people, thinking this might keep him away. When Calum walks into the room and spots you, you hear a low growl come from the back of his throat. He stalks over to you and give a menacing look to the person sitting next to you. They immediately leap out of the chair and move seats. Calum gives a satisfying grin and turns to look at you. “Hey Princess,” He greets like nothing happened.

“Why did you do that?” You ask, ignoring your rule to ignore him. His eyebrows shoot up, not expecting a response from you, but quickly lower back down.

“What?” He says, playing innocent

“Scare that poor boy away?” You asks, fiddling with you nails. Your head is bowed, not looking at him.

“Look at me,” Calum demands and you find your head shooting up to meet his eyes. His dark brown eyes are sparkling as he looks at you, “You really don’t get it do you?” Calum asks.
You shake your head, unsure what he is talking about. He give a big sigh before demanding, “I’m giving you a ride home today.”


“I won’t go!” You scream, wiggling around in Calum’s arms. You tried to make a run for it when school ended, but Calum, with his athletic frame, quickly caught you. He wrapped you into a fireman’s carry and is carrying you back to his truck.

“Too bad Princess,” Calum says, throwing you into the Passenger’s seat. You give a relived sigh that you weren’t thrown into the bed. Count your blessings right? He holds down you legs, and you throw your front forward to try and throw him off balance. He quickly compensates and pushes you back with his forearm. “Are you gonna sit still?” He asks darkly.

“Never!” You yell squirming around in the seat. Who knows where Calum would take you. It could be an abandoned farm where he will rape you. It could be your house. You don’t know and you don’t plan to find out today.

Calum growls at your response. “I’m just gonna take you home!” He shouts, then mutters, “It’s always the quiet ones.” You scoff at his accusation. Sure your quiet, but he’s the one who’s forcing you into his car, you’d think this causes for some shouting!

“Bullshit!” You yell, not believing his as he tries to buckle you in. Someone wolf-whistles in the background.

“Princess,” He whispers, his breath tickling your ear. “Sit still for me?” He asks sweetly, but darkly too. It’s a tone that stops your wiggling and has you frozen. He quietly buckles you in and goes to the drivers side, puts in the key and drives away.

“Where are we going?” You ask, after a few beats, scared out of your mind.

“Your house,” Calum says shortly, like its the most obvious thing in the world. You give a hesitant nod, and Calum takes his eyes off the road for a beat to look at you, something that leaves you blushing.

He brings you to your house, true to his word. You quickly unbuckle and attempt to jump out of the car when the doors lock. You quickly turn your attention to the boy beside you. He is staring at you, but in a good way? He’s examining your face, like he wants to memorize it and he opens his mouth to speak.

“My door has a lock too,” You say, flicking the unlocking devise and you are out the door. Calum quickly opens his own door and follows you as you unlock your front door. He steps into the house before you can close the door in his face. “What do you want?” You ask, exhausted.

“I want you to listen to me!” He says in his deep, rough voice.

“Then talk!” You say, damning the consequences. You know raising your voice at the bad boy probably isn’t the smartest move, but something inside you knows he won’t do anything.

“Do you want to go on a date with me?” He asks, nervous for the first time in, what you think is, history.

You let out a humorless laugh and begin to try and push him out of the door. Try is the main word here. “I don’t want to be one of your hookups!” You say, after realizing that you aren’t going to be able to move him anytime soon.

“I don’t want you to be one of my hookups!” Calum shouts, “I want you to go on a date with me!”

“Well when you put it that way,” You say trailing him off, leading him on. “No.”


“What do you mean ‘No’?” Calum’s voice becomes dark and deadly. Your breath stops and your hands turn cold. Calum had never used that tone with you, no matter how many times you told him to fuck off, or to find someone else to bother. Calum stares into your eyes, like he is reading your soul like an open book.

“I mean,” you gulp, “I don’t want to go on a date with you,” You say, and cover your face, shying away from his sure-to-come attack.

“Y/N” he says softly, taking your hands away from your face. “Princess,” He whispers darkly, shaking his head discreetly, “You will go on a date with me,” He says and then after a beat, “Willingly.”

You shake your head, knowing that would never happen. “Never Hood.”

“I can even bang you on the hood of my car,” He wonders, thinking of all the places he would like to have sex with you.

“That is so gross, Calum get the hell out of my house,” You say as threatening as you can.

“Aww, you sound like a baby rabbit, when you try and be threatening,” Calum coo’s at you. You glare your hardest at him, but he must be made of stone or something.

“If you’re trying to woo me or something, this is not the way to go about it,” You say, with as straight of a face as you can manage. What can you say? You’re a naturally happy person.

“Princess,” Calum says with a sultry voice. He takes the step that is separating the two of you. “I’d bang you in my bed any day,” He whispers sexily in you hear. You push his chest and he lightly takes a step back. “See you tomorrow, Princess,” He smirks.

The period the two of you share comes around and you don’t feel worried. Not one bit. After you went to the office and they confirmed that he wasn’t in school today you felt over the moon, although somewhat disappointed. Parts of you wondered what would happen if he was in school today. You guess you’ll never know.

You walk into the class and sit down in your regular seat. Happy, yet somewhat uncomforted by the fact that the annoying boy was not here to keep you company. You had friends, but they all seemed to prefer someone over you. Besides, none of your so-called friends were in this period anyways. The period starts, and you forget about everything you were thinking about.

It’s about halfway thought the period when someone comes bursting into the room. The door slams into the wall. The teacher looks up from her lesson plan, with mild interest of what was about to happen. Calum strode into the room, flicking a pass at the teacher. But that wasn’t what caught your attention.

It was the bouquet of Daisies in his hand. He strides over to you and kneels down next to your seat. He thrusts the Daisies into you surprised hands and asks a simple question, “Will you go on a date with me?”

You look at him in surprise, then at the flowers, then at the class, then back to him. “No,” You choke out. A few people had their phones whipped out, no doubt texting about what just happened. The bad boy of the school, asking a girl out and her saying no? Juicy gossip.

Calum stand angrily. You don’t even know how it’s possible, until now. He stalks out of the room, hitting someone’s phone out of their hands, while they were trying to take a picture. The teacher looks at the classroom in shock. Calum slams the door closed. It’s complete silence. You stare at the Daisies laying on your desk.

“Dude, why’d you say no? Have you seen him?” Some girl asks from across the class. You know you don’t have to answer her, but you do anyways.

“I don’t know,” You admit. You open your mouth to explain yourself more, but the class had already gone back to the lesson.

The reason why you continuously said no was his reputation. You want nothing to do with a boy that uses girls. You want nothing to do with a boy that doesn’t care for people like they are, people. You want nothing to do with his anger issues. You want nothing to do with him.

Yet there is a part of you that feels connected. He is always there. Everyday, without fail, he is by your side. Even when your ‘friends’ leave, he is there. Maybe to just annoy you, but he is there, and that means something.

You shake your head. You are just thinking crazy, how could you care for Calum Hood?


It’s lunch when you see Calum next. You were somewhat peacefully eating food with your friends. All they wanted to talk about is Calum asking you out, a topic you were not happy with. You spot Calum from across the room, holding Chocolates in a cheesy heart-shaped box. He stalks over to your table, and when your friends catch sight of him they start to squeal, like piglets.

Calum, when reaching your table gets down on one knee again. You ready your lips to say no, again.

“Will you go-“ Calum begins, placing the chocolate on the table.

“no,” You say quickly, pursing your lips. You can’t even look at Calum right now.

“Damn, you don’t even let me finish! Is this how it’s going to be Princess?” Calum asks, mildly annoyed. He gives a signature smirk. “Well, if you aren’t going to let me finish what I was going to say then, you give me no choice,” Calum says dramatically.

“What are you talking about?” You ask dumbly.

“Y/N, You. Me. Date. Tonight,” Calum demands, leaving you shocked, he stands and turns around to walk away.

You yell to him, “I don’t want to go on a date with you!”

“It wasn’t a question,” Calum yells back, not turning around. You silently fume. No way are you going on a date with him!

“No! NO!” You yell, your body slung over Calum’s shoulder.

“Yes, Princess, You are going on this date wether you like it or not!” Calum yells back. He lightly pats your butt, making you squirm in his hold more. You don’t care if you get dropped on your head, as long as you get left alone! Your parents are no help, considering they weren’t even home yet.

He plops you down into the passenger seat. You lunge forward to try and escape, but Calum just tsk’s at you. He pushes you back into your seat, and it feels oddly familiar. Oh yeah, it’s because he’s kidnapped you before.

“I’m not a patient man,” Calum warns after a few minutes of you struggling and him holding you down.

You stop struggling for a moment to respond, “If you could call yourself that,” you laugh. As if Calum was anything but a man.

“I can show you if you’d like,” Calum says, his lips getting awfully closer to your’s. You stop squirming for another reason now. Calum quickly buckles you in. He leans in again, and give you a peck on the cheek, and you freeze in your seat, not knowing how to respond. Do you respond? Calum climbs into the drivers side and you’re off.

“Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me,” You chant quietly.

“Shut up, I’m not going to kill you,” Calum says, pulling onto the highway. To get anywhere decent from your small town you had to go on the highway to get there.

“I know you aren’t but jumping out of the car might,” You say, lunging for the locked door. Calum, as quick as lightning pulls you back into your seat. He runs a hand through his hair.

“Damn, I didn’t know you were suicidal!” Calum exclaims, stealing a glance at you.

“What can I say? You bring it out in me,” You cheekily reply.


It takes an hour and a half to get to their destination, night has settled on the horizon. The time was spent with Calum trying to make conversation over the radio, and you ignoring him. Eventually he stopped trying and concentrate on driving. It was peaceful, the soft music and watching the sunset while you drove. It made you want to fall asleep, but you keep your eyes open, so you’d know how to get home if he abandoned you.

The two of you reach a deserted park. Calum turns to you, opens his mouth to say something, before quickly exiting the truck. You’re left in your seat to wonder. Quickly you jump out of your side to see him grabbing something from the backseat.

“You brought me to a park?” You question the boy across the car from you.

“Yes,” Calum says steadily. He walks over to the back of the pick-up and lets down the tailgate. He climbs into the bed of the truck with a long stride. You fall quiet as Calum begins to uncover a mattress, under a tarp, and spread blankets onto it. Calum turns back to you, walks to the end of the bed and holds out his hand to help you up.

The two of you were going to stargaze? It’s totally something you would do, but never before had you imagined that Calum might be interested. You hesitantly take his hand and he pulls you into the bed.

“I’m not having sex with you,” You warn, sitting down onto the mattress that is in the bed.

“I know, we’ll wait for the third date for that one,” Calum says, sending you a cheeky wink. You give a small scowl. You don’t want to piss him off too much, since he is your ride home. Calum sits down next to you and lowers down onto his back. He closes his eyes, imagining the stars from his home town. Calum moved to the town he lives in now a few years ago, but his first town had so little light pollution, that you could see all the stars. He used to stargaze every night, and knows most of the constellations.

“So why me?” You question after a few minutes. You lay down next to him and place your hands behind your head.

“You remind me of someone,” Calum says, trying to find the Taurus constellation in the sky. It’s warm for a spring night, but once and a while a chilling breeze would pass through.

“Who?” You ask, once realizing that he wasn’t going to give you anymore answers.

Calum leans up on his arm, and stares into your eyes. “Do you know how some people say that home isn’t a place, but a person?” Calum ask, his eyes becoming sad. You nod slowly, remembering hearing quotes like that, “You remind me of home,” Calum says quietly, as if he himself didn’t want to admit it.

“Who?” You ask slowly, tentatively, ready for him to lash out at you at any moment.

“My little sister,” Calum says, wiping away his welling-up eyes.

“I didn’t know you had a little sister,” You say, frowning.

“I don’t, not anymore. She, she, um, died,” Calum stutters. He looks up to the stars for guidance.

“I’m sorry,” You says slowly. You didn’t know what to say.

“It’s just that,” Calum says, tears are rolling down his face now. He hiccups a little. “When I look at you… I feel like I finally have a home,”


Calum sits next to you, waiting for a response. He glances from you, to the sky, to the cab of the truck, to the mattress, then back to you. Tears kiss his lips, but he makes no move to wipe them away. “Say something,” He softly demands.

Parts of you want to shout bullshit. But here Calum was, putting his heart out to you, crying. You want him to stop crying and laugh, saying that it was just a prank. That way you could go back to hating him. You don’t hate him, you haven’t for a while, you realize. “Can I tell you something?” You ask him. He readily agrees, a curious look in his eyes. “You are probably the closest thing I have to a friend right now,” Your voice stutter and chokes. Realization is settling on your skin. The people who you call your friends right now aren’t really your friends. They leave you in the dust all the time, ditching you for other people. They are nice, but the moment you want to do something that is not on their agenda, they hate you.

“Really?” A small smile settles on his lips, his cheeks still tear streaked.

“Yeah,” You say, and it’s your turn to cry. Calum says nothing, just pulls you into his arms. Your head rests against his chest and you can hear his quick heartbeat. He is as nervous as you are. His arms wrap around the curve of your body, one arm settling on your lower back, the other across the back of your shoulders. It’s a little awkward, you’d have to admit, but comforting. You’ve never had anyone that would hug you, not like this.

You pull away to lay down on your back, Calum laying next to you, one arm behind your head.

You wander down the halls of the school, to the class you and Calum share. You don’t know what will happen after last night, but you hope that he will still be there for you. He is like a guilty pleasure of your’s. Everybody is so scared of him, but after last night, you don’t think you would ever be.

You sit down at your seat. Looking around the room you seem alone again. Calum comes into the class ten minutes late. He searches the room, locking eyes with you. He seems ashamed for some reason. He comes and sits next to you, quiet for once in his life. Is he ashamed of what he told you? He doesn’t poke you, or annoy you. He doesn’t talk to you, or even glance in your direction.

When Lunch rolls around, you go over to sit at your regular table, feeling rejected. You sit down and your ‘friends’ give you a glance before returning to their conversations. Quietly you begin to eat your lunch. Your friends slowly stop talking and look at something behind you. You slowly turn around to see what they are looking at. There Calum is, standing behind you.

“Hey?” You greet the boy.

“C’mon,” Calum says shortly, holding his hand out to you. You take his hand and he pulls you out of your chair. In his other hand he grabs your lunch and you grab your bag. He pulls you away to his table and sits you down.

“So this is the famous Y/N?” A boy named Michael asked. He and his friends, Luke and Ashton, are all deemed the bad boys of the school, Calum being the worst. You stay quiet, unsure of what to say. Calum just took you away from your own so-called friends to sit with his own. You don’t know what to make of this.

Calum swoops in and saves you from responding, “Yeah, this is her,” Calum says in a rude tone. Its a finishing tone, one that demands no response. The boys turn back to each other, and return what they were saying before. You turn to Calum and ask him, “Why did you ignore me in class?” It is a question that had been burning your lungs all day.

“I wasn’t ignoring you, I was trying to be nice,” Calum responds, giving you a confused look.

“Well, it isn’t nice to ignore people,” You say, quietly.

“I wasn’t ignoring you,” Calum insists, gaining the attention of the rest of the table.

“Mate, you are ignoring her?” Michael asks, being the most vocal of the group.

“I wasn’t ignoring her!” Calum insists. You let out a small smile, at Calums outburst, “You think this is funny, Y/N?” Calum asks you, turning on you. He has a threatening look in his eyes, but a mischievous smile on his face, “I’ll give you something to laugh about,” Calum threatens, reaching around you to grab at your sides. His fingers work into you sides causing you to shriek and wiggle around, to get out of his grip. Calum lets out his own laugh.

“You two are so cute together,” Luke comments, looking between Calum and you.

“We’re not together,” you say quietly, looking down.

“Could’ve fooled me,” Luke says, giving you a pointed glance.


“You should stay away from him,” A soft voice warns besides you. It’s a girl named Summer sitting beside you in your math class. Her strawberry blond locks falling over her shoulders in wavy tangles. Her smile is brilliant, and you have to refrain from asking her if she had braces as a kid. Her emerald eyes shine brightly back at you, but had a serious tone to them today.

“What?” You ask, confused.

“Calum Hood? Bad boy of the school? Yeah, you should stay away from him,” Aside from her nice first impression, this girl is quickly getting on your nerves.

“Why?” You ask, playing cool. You lean an arm on your desk and turn to look at her.

“Because he’s bad news!” Her voice is quickly rising from her quiet, soft beginning. Her voice became rougher and more strangled.

“I’m sorry?” You say again, egging her on.

“He’s mine!” She yelled for the whole class to hear. You give her a wide-eyed look, and the teacher yells that she has a detention. She shrinks back down into her chair, but not without a glare to you.
When school lets out, you find yourself being dragged into a car by a familiar bad boy. “Calum, you’re never going to believe what this girl in Math said!” You say.

“What did she say?” Calum ask, pulling out of the busy lot.

“I think she thought we were dating or something? Imagine that! Anyways, she said to stay away from you!” You say, stumbling over your words they flew out of your mouth so fast.

“Who was this?” Calum says, anger glazing over his eyes. You touch his hand that is resting on the center consul, pulling his attention to you.

“Summer? I don’t know! But imagine me and you dating!” You say. You throw your hands up into the air at the thought. Sure, like the rest of the female population, you’ve thought about Calum before. But the prospect of Calum dating anyone is too much to handle. You were not going to be the girl that turned Calum Hood, you were sure of that. That girl had to be confident and sexy, and good at putting him in his place! You still shivered at his name! No way were you going to be the one to ‘change’ him.

Calum throws you an angry look, and you know your in trouble. For what? No idea.


Calum’s POV

The school bell rings, but Calum is already at the doors waiting for a familiar-haired girl. When he sees her starting her usual walk home, Calum quickly sprints and grabs her by the waist. “Where you think you’re going princess?” Calum says roughly in her ear.

“Home,” Y/N squeaks out. Calum spins her around to face him and lifts her into a fireman carry. “C-calum!” She chokes out. He places her gently into the car seat, buckling her with minimal squirming on her part. ‘Good, she’s getting used to me’ Calum thought.

Calum doesn’t really listen as she babbles on about, until she perks up yelling, “Calum you’ll never guess what this girl said to me in math today!” Calum takes a glance over at the beauty next to him, pulling out of the student parking lot. Calum would usually park int the faculty lot, but he parks in the student lot for Y/N’s sake. She didn’t like going to the faculty lot.

“What did she say?” Calum says with mild disinterest. It’ll probably be some story that he doesn’t really care about, but he’ll always listen to his girl. No matter how stupid it is.

“I think she thought we were dating or something? Imagine that! Anyways, she said to stay away from you!” The words spill from Y/N’s mouth so fast that she is tripping over them. Calum chokes back a growl. He doesn’t want to scare his girl, but how could she think that he didn’t want something with her! He told her about his sister, for god sakes.

“Who was this?” Calum asks, glancing over at the girl next to him again. He silently vows in his head that he will find this girl and crush her head in. How dare she say to his girl to stay away from him? She’s already so scared of him. Their relationship is so fragile, and while Calum is trying to strengthen it, a girl telling Y/n to stay away my ruin them.

“Summer? I don’t know! But imagine me and you dating!” Y/N says throwing her hands into the air. What does she think he spends the day doing? Calum spends most of class imagining kissing his girl. Maybe fucking her on a desk. He imagines her not being scared of him, and coming to ride in his car willingly. He imagines coming over her house and baking cookies with her, which is just so manly. But they would get into a flour war, throwing ingredients at each other. Kissing as they have to clean it up.

Calum looks at Y/N angrily. How dare she think that they would never date! What does she think he’s trying to do here? Be her friend? Calum Hood doesn’t have friends. Except for maybe Micheal, Ashton, and Luke. Calum Hood doesn’t have friends. Y/N gulps audibly.

They reach Y/N’s house and Calum follows her out of the car fuming. He himself doesn’t know what he wants to do yet. Y/N lets him in the house. Calum grabs her hips and pushes her against the back of the front door. “Calum!” She yells, giving a nervous laugh. All Calum can do is look at her lips. Her beautiful, soft lips. The ones that he wants to kiss so badly. He leans in and he can feel her breath. She breathes in big gulps of air, trying to calm her heart that is racing, but it doesn’t work. Calum carefully fits his lips to Y/N’s.

There were no fireworks, or sparks, because this is the real world, and that doesn’t happen. But what did happen was Y/N kissed back. She wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him down for more.

It was like they were both laying all their cards down on the table and saying, I give in.


“Wha-what was that?”  you ask as he pulls away. His lips were open and he licks them, as if to prepare to kiss you again.

“I kissed you,” Calum says plainly. He states it calmly, but examines your eyes waiting for a reaction. “oh” You whisper out unsure of what to say.

“And now I’m going to kiss you again,” He says, gripping your hips tighter and leans down again. His lips fit to your’s like they were made for you. He gently opens his mouth to deepen the kiss and you follow suit. It was unlike anything you experienced before, kissing him. It was like an out-of-body experience.

“What did I tell you bitch?” A girl yells in your ear. School started again the next day, and Summer had found you in the hall and taken it upon herself to yell at you for holding hands with Calum. It was odd being with the badboy. The stares were standard and people cowered away instead of bumping into you. Well, all except one.

“I’m sorry?” you ask Summer, the girl who threatened you the day before.

“I told you, he’s mine,” Summer threatened. Calum had left you to get your books as he was called down to the principal’s office. He wasn’t here to defend you. You look at Summer in question, why would Calum be ‘hers’?

“Um, I’m sorry, but we’re kinda dating now?” You say almost unsure. Calum had asked you to be his girlfriend last night after a few steamy kisses. He claimed that he had to ask you to be his girlfriend, because he needed your kisses. He claimed that he couldn’t survive without them.

“Bitch!” Summer screamed, like that was the only word in her vocabulary. You turn to walk away, not really wanting conflict when her hand swipes out and hits you across the cheek. You books fall to the floor and onto your feet, in shock. A crowed begins to form as you turn around to face a smug Summer.

“Well, that was rude,” You whisper, intending to pick up your books and leave. You weren’t one for conflict.

“I’ll show you rude,” She hissed grabbing your ponytail and pulling your head back. She lands punch after punch to your cheeks and jaw. You spot Calum on the outside of the ring, peeking over everybody to see the commotion happening. Your eyes lock and suddenly he’s pushing the crowed, yelling at them to move, to get to you.

“I want you to beg for me to stop like the tramp you are,” Summer seethes, not noticing her ‘one true love’ who is pushing through the crowed. You still have some dignity left in you, so you spit the word out, “Never”

“Bitch,” She yells again, but this time somebody had grabbed her fist, and twisted it behind Summer’s back. Summer drops her hold on you and you go tumbling to the ground. Calum stands behind Summer, his arms underneath her arms and snaked up to the back of her head where they’re linked. She is rendered immobile.

You and Calum share a conflicted look, and a Promise to talk later.


Calum pulls you aside after school, and for once you didn’t fight him as he drags you across the parking lot. “Princess,” he mumbles opening the door of the truck for you. You jump inside and he closes the door, for once not buckling your seatbelt for you. You do the tedious task yourself.

He passes your street and pulls out onto the highway. You knew he wanted to talk, but you didn’t understand why he needed to pull you out of town to do so. He drives to the playground again. He pulls into the parking lot and turns to you. He opens his mouth to say something, but then quickly closes it.

So you and Calum sat there in silence, watching the little kids dance around the playground, shouting at the other kids and the mother shouting at them. It’s peaceful, but it also felt intrusive. Like you were not supposed to be there.

“We can’t date,” Calum whispers.

“What do you mean?” You say whipping you head around to face him. He just stares at the kids playing with their friends as the mothers and fathers chatted.

“I mean, I’m going to end up hurting you. Or someone else is” He states, still not making eye contact with you. It seemed so cold, him not looking at you.

“What?” You ask. You have never heard Calum talk this way before. He was always so playful.

“Think about what happened today! That girl beat you up because you were with me. It will get a lot worse than her. I was thinking selfishly when I kissed you and asked you to be my girlfriend,” He admits.

You stay silent, unsure of what to say. You can’t say it was okay, because being beat up was definitely not okay. But it was good that he saved you, like your very own Prince Charming. “I think you’re overreacting,” You admit, with a small breathy laugh.

“I’m not! Bad People want me Y/N!” He yells, using your full name to get his point across. It stung your chest that he didn’t call you Princess. “I have to prove that I don’t like you,” He whispers to himself.

“It’ll all be okay!” You say encouragingly, nodding your head.

“I need you to get out,” he said stubbornly.

“Excuse me?” You ask. What does he mean, get out of his car?

“Get out of my car,” He says strongly, and more importantly threateningly.  You had never been threatened by Calum before, and suddenly you knew why everybody was so scared of him. You fumble with the door handle and leap out of the car. He reaches over and closes your door. He peels away.

He had left you.


Calum’s POV

Calum drives away quickly, not wanting to think about her crying face. Or maybe the fact that he’s left her almost defenseless. As he drives all he can think about is her wet eyes, and the small tears rolling down her cheeks, and that all he wanted to do was catch in his palms.

It was decided, Calum quickly turns around his truck, he was only a few miles away, not yet on the highway. He drives back, but stop on the other side of the park. Calum walks over to where she’s sitting on the curb, sobbing into her hands. Something inside of him says that she should be sobbing into his caring shoulder. But why would she do that, if Calum’s the reason why she’s crying?

Calum sit on the curb a couple yards away, concealed behind a plant, but he could see her clearly. With wobbly hands she takes out her phone. A couple numbers were dialed and she holds the phone to her ear for a response. He want to run over there, rip the phone out of her hands and show her that he’s here and that he’ll take her home. But he holds himself back.

About thirty minutes later, her eyes have dried, and Calum is still stuck staring at her. A mini van pulls into the park parking lot, and a teenager steps out of the drivers side. Calum immediately recognizes him as someone from school, but had never bothered to learn his name. Y/N seems to know him though. She stands, wiping a stray tear from her eye, and jumps into his arms. He places his hand under her bottom to support her. He himself sits down on the curb with her in his arms, her crying into his shoulder.

It was like a fire had been sparked inside of Calum. All he wants to do is stalk over there and rip her from his arms. He had no right to hold Calum’s girl like that. That boy, deserves to be kicked in the ass by Calum and the rest of the boys. Calum wants to walk over there and demand him to let go of his girl.

She pulls back and starts to talk to the boy, but he shushes her. ‘Something I would never do,’ Calum thinks. He would never shush his girl. The boy helps the girl up and walks over to his car with her. They get inside and drive away, but as they pass Calum, Y/N and him make eye contact.

“I hate him!” Calum exclaims at Ashton’s place. He repeatedly punches the punching bag hung up on the home gym. Ashton looks half interested, from the couch pushed to the side, reading his book.

“I’m sure you do,” He says in a monotone voice.

“Can’t you care a little more?” Calum yells, whipping around to see Ashton. Ashton glances up from his book.

“You always do this, Calum. You see a girl, you really like her, and then something happens, you get angry, then you ditch her.” Ashton says, turning his attention back to Hamlet.

“This one is different!” Calum shouts, turning around looking for something more satisfying to punch. His gaze lands on Ashton, but then he turns away, no matter how angry he is, he can’t punch his best friend.

“That’s what you always say,” Ashton says, and Calum starts to rethink this whole, ‘no punching your best friend’ thing.

“There’s an emergency!?” Luke yells running down the stairs to the basement. They hadn’t even heard Luke and Michael enter the house.

“There is?” Ashton questions Calum.

“Not anymore,” Calum grits out, walking up the stairs of the basement, past Luke and Michael who are giving him questioning looks. But Calum has only one thing on his mind. To get his girl back.


Your heart pulses in your head, beating on your temples. You lift your head. Your heart moves down into your throat and you’re sure he can see it pulsing. You slowly blink, before speaking. “You love me?” distaste is laced into your voice. How dare he barge into your house and demand that he loves you. “Calum, you left me at the park.”

“I came back!” Calum protests. His body leans forward, bending over the coffee table between the two teenagers.

“You never… You never came back to me! You just sat there on the curb, hiding behind the bush like some coward-“

“I’m not a coward.” Calum spits back. He rounds the coffee table and stands in front of you. His legs are between your own. He shrinks down to your height. “I’m not a coward Y/N. And I came back for you. And yes, I love you.”

It felt like the world stilled, again. Goosebumps trailed up your arms as a response to Calum’s words. Your heart is beating wildly, wanting to jump from your chest and into his arms. A certain anger takes over though, because how dare he come into your house and tell you these things?

“Adam!” You yell into the next room, where your old best friend was. When Calum first came over, he had excused himself, saying that if you needed him, to just yell. Around the time of high school, you had found new friends, and so had Adam so your friendship had split. But when you were sitting on that curb, left by Calum, you couldn’t think of anybody else to call.

Adam comes into the room and assesses the scene. Calum who is squatting down at your height, stands up to intimidate Adam. Adam barley blinks an eye as he turns to you with a questioning look. Now that he was here, you had no idea of what to say.

“I can’t do this,” You say moving over on the couch before standing. You move to stand by Adam, but Calum catches your arm.

“Princess?” He asks, squeezing your arm just a little. You just shake your head and he releases you. You stand next to Adam.

“Man, I don’t think she wants you here.” Adam informs Calum, who had already known. Calum nods his head and disappears out the door.

You lean onto Adam as tears began to stream down your face

Little did you know that the bad boy of the town was wiping away a few tears of his own.


School is dull compared to the last few days. You had heard a rumor that Calum was wasted in a bar the night you rejected him. You could tell how ‘broken up’ he was about it. Note the sarcasm. Calum was probably having the time of his life, hooking up with girls and drinking whatever he could get his hands on.

Adam has been really nice to you. It’s been good to rekindle your friendship, but it would’ve been better under different circumstances. You sit with him and his friends at lunch, but never miss the glares coming from Calum’s table. You assume they are directed towards you, but they have yet to make eye contact with you.

Calum huddles at his table, shrinking his shoulders in together, trying to look as small as possible. It’s nothing like how he used to sit. He used to sit upright and strong, as if he expected and knew that everybody was watching him and enjoyed it. Now, he looking like he wants to be hidden away. His friends, Luke, Ashton, and Michael, are often leaning in towards him, talking quietly. You don’t put much thought into these actions though.

Focusing your attention back at the table, you can see Adam and his friends, Ryan and Kevin talking excitedly, probably about some sports game. You catch Kevin staring at you.

“Why you looking at him?” He mouths to you. You quickly shrug you shoulders, unsure of what to say. Kevin and Ryan became quick friends with you and knew what had happened with Calum.

Kevin gives you a quick pity grin before returning to his conversation with Ryan and Adam.

You walk into your maths class the next day and sit down in your regular seat. Calum sits four seats away, staring out the window to avoid eye contact. You spend the whole class staring at him, hoping to catch his eye though. He must have felt your gaze on his back, because he never turned around, except for a quick glance when he left the class.

Summer calls you a bitch on a daily basis, and you wish that somebody you knew was in that class to defend you. You couldn’t exactly do it yourself. Today she called you a whore though, and she doesn’t think you would fight back, so it was a shock to her and the teacher when you throw the first punch to the girl next to her.

Suspended for a week.

It’s a long week.

You hope that Calum is proud of you for defending yourself.


Calum’s POV

She got suspended. Calum doesn’t know if he’s proud or disappointed. Proud because she actually stuck up for herself and defended her own honor. Disappointed because she broke. And Calum thinks that it’s his fault. His sweet, innocent Princess, that would never harm a soul, punched somebody. And Calum thinks it’s his fault.

He had been avoiding all contact with her, trying to separate himself, for her sake and his own.

It hurt like hell.

It hurt like hell, knowing that his Princess was staring at his back when he wasn’t looking. That she was watching him during lunch. That he could only steal secret glances at her to try and figure out how she was.

The boys tell him that she sits at a table with Adam and two other guys. That she looks over at him a lot. That they are glaring at the back of Adam’s head, like it’s his fault. It was nobody’s fault but Calum’s.

Everyday, when Calum leaves school, he finds himself pausing for a second and looking to his passenger seat, expecting a certain girl to be sitting there. But she never is. He checks to make sure she is walking back home alright when he leaves school. There is a certain type of emptiness of her being suspended. Like even the chance he had of seeing her has been ripped away from him.

It’s a few days after she got suspended, and Adam approaches the table during lunch. Calum could tell that the whole cafeteria is watching his every move. Adam sits down next to Calum as if he sat there everyday. The only sign of nervousness is his glance back to his friends who are also watching him.

“She misses you,” He whispers to Calum. Ashton, Luke, and Michael take it upon themselves to glare at Adam, but Adam just raises his hands in surrender. “I just thought he should know, that there is probably a chance. And that I’m offering it to him. Because if he doesn’t take the chance, I’m going to make a move in the next week or so,” Adam promises.

Calum looks up at Adam and Adam couldn’t help but take notice of the bags under his eyes.

“Thanks man,” Calum says, sticking out his hand awkwardly. He could basically hear the gasps form the onlookers.

“No problem,” Adam says, sticking his hand inside of Calum’s. Adam gets up and walks away leaving Calum and the boys.

“What are you going to do?” Michael asks.

“I’m not sure yet,” Calum whispers. He wants her back, but he wants to do her right. He doesn’t want to hurt her again. He never wanted to hurt her.


The knock on your front door echoes through the house. You’re home alone because, surprise, you’re parents both have jobs and couldn’t take a week off to babysit their seventeen year old daughter. When they had asked you why you did it, they had scolded you for letting Summer get under you’re skin. Apparently you were ‘better than that’.

You swing the door open to find a Calum Hood standing on you’re front stoop, hands shoved into the front pockets of his jeans, looking kinda awkward and squishy. The door swings shut.

He knocks again before you could even turn on your heel to walk away. You swing the door open again, but you’re not sure why.

“What do you want?” You demand, wrapping one of your arms around your torso, the other arm on the door, ready to slam again.

“I never wanted to hurt you,” Calum says, a promise in his eyes. Your arm muscles tighten, ready to close the door, Calum sees your muscles flinching and takes a step inside, uninvited. “You can hate me, you can do whatever you want, but please know I never wanted to hurt you,” Calum says, his hand reaches out to you, you eye the hand for a moment, but don’t take it.

“You left me in a park, an HOUR AND A HALF away from home-“

“I know but-“

“You came back for me? is that what you’re about to say? I had to get a ride home from Adam, not you. You didn’t come back for me, you hid in the bushes!” Tears are welling up in you’re eyes now. They shine like stars to Calum.

“I know but-“

“Then after, when I was finally home, having a nice time with my friend, you decide to come into my house, and declare you’re love for me?”

“Y/N I know, but-“

“But what? You think you say the magic three words and all is forgiven? In my family, I love you, is meant for somebody you actually love,” You say coldly. You’re face is strewn with tears, and you lips are pressed thin.

Calum takes a deep breath before saying, “You’re right. I don’t love you,” You expect him to turn around and walk off you’re porch, but instead he walks into the house. What could he want from you?


“What are you doing?” You snap at him as he brushes past you.

“You are sitting,” He responds, turning around and grabbing your hands. he guides you over to the couch and sits you down. You don’t protest, but that’s mostly because of curiosity.

Calum awkwardly pulls the coffee table away from you’re feet and kneels between your legs. He gently takes your hands in his, and lets out a deep breath that tickles your hands. “I don’t just love you, Y/N. I’m in love with you,” he brushes his hair out of his face, but it just flops back down into his eyes. You have to control the urge to push it back for him. “When Adam touches you, I just want to rip you from his arms, and pull you into my own. ‘Cause I know that he would never care for you like I do. When I see you, it’s never butterflies or fireworks that erupt in my stomach, its like a stampede of animals. When I touch you, even in the most innocent of ways, it makes me want you even more. There aren’t fireworks, because this is real life, but if we were in a fictional piece, I can promise you we’d have explosions. So don’t be my heartbreak girl. ‘cause I’m such a sucker for anything that you do. Please Y/N. I’m in love with you, and I don’t know what to do with myself anymore, because here’s this beautiful girl that I love and I feel like I blew my chance. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

“Calum-“ You begin to say, watching the silent tears roll down his face.

“Please don’t say anything. Please,” He whispers, bowing his head, to hide the tears away from you.

“Calum,” You whisper, sliding to kneel next to him. He turns his body towards you a lifts his head up. “I don’t love you,” You whisper, feeling a little embarrassed after his speech. “But I like you a lot. I think I could love you, one day. But, hell! Calum, I don’t know…. How am I supposed to react to that? I really like you, but I can’t trust you. I’m so scared you’re going to push me away again.”

“No, no no nononononono,” Calum says, his voice raising with each word. He reaches out to touch your shoulders, you look up into his shining eyes. “I’ll never do that to you again. It was a mistake and-“

“So what changed?” You ask, cutting him off as he took a breath.

“What do you mean?”

“So what about you changed, what has changed you from the time that you abandoned me to now? What about you has changed?”

Calum pauses for a moment before responding, “You. You changed me. I realized how deeply in love with you I am,”

You pause for a moment before wrapping your arms around him, encaging him into your hold. He takes a breath before wrapping his strong arms around your body. “We’re gonna take this slow okay?” You say, whispering into his ear.

“Okay, Princess,” he says, and you let out a small giggle.

Jeff Atkins Imagine (request2)

ahhhgggg, this was extremely difficult to write but I hope it’s good!

AU where Jeff didn’t die in the crash and Clay stayed with Hannah

WARNING: i’m pretty sure all of my imagines are going to mention weed in them


“He doesn’t remember your relationship with him.” 

Those words were like an atomic bomb to you. In all of your years of life, it never crossed your mind that something this tragic would happen to you. No one expects it, you guessed. No one knew that your boyfriend of six months would get in a car crash and lose all of his memories of your relationship. Sometimes you blamed yourself. Why did you let him go on that beer run? Why didn’t you keep him at the party? Why did you let him leave drunk?

It could have been worse, you concluded. Jeff could have died, but it felt as if he did. And at first you had been in denial. You pushed passed persisting nurses and held is hand as he slept, but when he would wake up he would always just smile and say “Hi Y/N? Did you make cheerleader?”

So you stopped seeing him, because the first thing you told him on the first day of school was that you hoped that you would make cheerleader. That’s where his memory ended. He didn’t remember that the years of friendship had slowly begun to knit into something more, he didn’t know the intricate stitches of your shared secrets and nights on the roof of his car. But you could never forget because you loved him too much. Maybe that love is what sparked the hope in you, the hope that maybe in some way you could make him remember. 

It had been two weeks after the accident, fourteen days of crying yourself to sleep and finding comfort in the bottom of red solo cups and rolled joints of cannabis. A Monday to be precise, when Jeff returned to school. You were dressed your best and had your makeup done after hours of being in front of a mirror, as if you were barely meeting him for the first time. When he walked in people crowded around his figure, giving him pats on the back and passing their condolences for his lost memory.

“No, it’s cool guys! Obviously nothing worth remembering happened during that time.” He replied with a laugh, oblivious with his giant forehead scar.

People turned in your direction, where you stood at the edge of the crowd, trying your best to hold back tears. Part of you was traumatized because you were thinking of what would have happened if you had truly lost Jeff in the accident, but you couldn’t even gain comfort from him because he didn’t remember that just those months ago you had shared your first kiss together.

People dissipated like ants, scattering away while staring at you. You knew some of them were scared to make you cry, because it had happened in the last week while you were at a basketball game. The others simply didn’t care so they stayed. The majority of them were the jocks like Monty, Zach, Justin, and Bryce. 

“That’s got to burn,” Monty made a face while walking over to you. He placed his arm around you while you stared at Jeff laugh with his friends. “You know, Y/N, I’m all free, and since our little Jeffrey over there doesn’t remember a thing about your ‘relationship’ with him, it would be better if you just acted like it never even happened. You can’t get him to fall in love with again.”

You made a noise of irritation and sadness before turning around under 
Monty’s arm and pushing his chest. “Shut the fuck up, Montgomery! Fucking fascist asshole!” 

You took his arm from your shoulders and turned on your heel, storming to the red room, where you knew you would calm down. Pictures were a great hobby of yours, and it mean usually that you had to spend time with Tyler the school ‘creep’ but you didn’t mind very much. 

“Bro, what’s her problem?” Bryce asked as you stormed way, Monty shrugging his shoulders like it didn’t hurt his feelings. 

“She’s probably still pissed off because I didn’t go all the way with her Saturday at your get together. She was stoned as fuck.” The guys all laughed except for Jeff as they started to head in the other direction, talking about that night. 

It was partially true, you had made out with Monty at Bryce’s party two days ago, but you had been desperate, stoned, and drunk and in desperate need of some relief. You were stressed out and depressed, what else were you supposed to do? Find help? Shrinks were a joke in this town, you would be laughed at. He was twisting the whole story, you were the one who would not mess with him, though. 

“You coming, Atkins?” Justin asked when they were a little ways away, his eyebrows raised. All the guys looked to see that Jeff was shaking his head and scratching his head. 

“I feel like I should go after her. I mean we are really close, right?” Jeff asked them, adjusting his backpack.

“Very close,” Justin smirked. 

“What?” Jeff asked, knowing that he was missing something. 

Zach reached over and smacked Justin, a look of pity coming over his handsome face. “It’s not about if you should or not, it’s if you want to go after her, man. It’s only if you want to see if she’s okay.” 

Jeff stood there for a second as Zach watched expectantly, his fingers crossed. The other jocks rolled their eyes and took off. Jeff turned back to Zach and pointed to the way you had ran off to. 

“I want to go after her, I don’t know why.” He said with his eyebrows furrowed. 

Zach grinned and pointed to the hall as well. “You don’t need a reason. Just go.” 

You placed the picture you had just developed on the clothespin line and hung it, a picture of you and Jeff at the beach, the both of you wrapped in each other while making panicked faces and pointing at a crab. It made you smile but you heart ache, and Tyler, who was standing next to you sighed and placed a hand on your shoulder. 

“I’m sorry.” He breathed he looked down at his camera and ran his hand behind his neck. 

“Stop apologizing!” You snapped, wiping a tear from under your eye. “I’m so tired of it. I know it’s tragic and I know it’s sad and pitiful, but don’t pity me. It’s all my fault anyways. If I would not have let Jeff leave that party for that stupid beer run he would still remember us. The things we shared with each other, the kisses, the love. He would remember that he loves– loved me and he would be in here right now making out with me and telling me I’m beautiful. But instead this happened. HE DOESN’T REMEMBER, Tyler! He just thinks we’re friends, and he just thinks that even his name means nothing to me. But Jeff Atkins means everything to me.” 

Tyler put his camera down, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. You hugged him back, ignoring the small line of yellow light on the floor as you squeezed your eyes shut and cried into Tyler’s shoulder. 

“Monty was right, I can’t make him fall in love with me again.” You sighed when you were calm, simply resting your head on Tyler’s shoulder. He had been patting your back but at your words he shot back and grabbed your shoulders. 

“Y/N, are you kidding me? You and Jeff were relationship goals. I loved taking pictures of y’all and if I know one thing in this world is that you never truly forget a love like that.” 

You looked into Tyler’s eyes to see that he was excited. You slowly began to get a feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maybe you could help him remember…or if that was impossible, maybe you could make him fall in love with you again. 

“How do we do that, Tyler?” You asked, a smile growing on your lips. 

“Easy! First, we make a plan. Do you remember the things that led your relationship to grow into more than friendship?” He asked, running around the room for a pen. 

You sighed and looked back at the picture, your mind spinning into a fine silk of memories. “Every second with detail.” 



The plan wasn’t easy, but one step at a time you seemed to get closer to Jeff, slowly feel a lot better about him falling back in love with you.

Step 1: Pull an all nighter with Jeff at the neighbors pool without getting caught (x) This is where you and Jeff first shared your deepest thoughts and even though you already knew what he had to say you still listened with your utmost interest and attention.

Step 2: Convince Jeff to let you do his makeup (x) this is where Jeff started to notice your beauty, or so he told you, when you were makeup less and your eyebrows were furrowed in concentration as you ‘carved out’ his eyebrows. This time Jeff was a little more compliant, pointing out colored eye shadows he wanted you to use and getting closer when you were contouring his nose (not that he needed it). 

Step 3: Have a Star Wars movie marathon (x) this is where you started to show Jeff the nerdy side in you, and you figured out he had one of his own. This is where you two first cuddled, and where you finally realized you didn’t want to spend those long hours with anyone else. This time Jeff was quiet and didn’t ask much questions about what was going on, but you did catch him staring at you a few times. Eventually you both fell asleep on each other during the last scene of the empire strikes back, which was a shorter time span than you had thought you would last. 

Step 4: Go on a mini adventure to all of the museums he loved (because, once again, that hidden nerdy side); this is where Jeff realized that you were really funny, as you kept cracking history jokes and just jokes in general. This time he told you jokes and you had a joke war, eventually getting lunch together and sharing a milkshake (cheesy, but Jeff had suggested it). (x)

Step 5: Party hard, smoke a joint together, and share your first kiss. (o) That’s where you both told each other how you felt, where you had engaged in a drunken make out session with Montgomery and he had gotten extremely jealous and nearly beat his ass for it. When you were sober he had taken you to the porch and watched you sip a cup of water before spilling his feelings out. This was the one step you were going to have the most trouble reenacting. 

Good thing in this town, there was never a weekend that someone was not throwing a party. This time it was Zach Dempsey, because his family was out of town for a family reunion and he had faked sick, so he had his whole giant house to himself. The thing was that you were extremely nervous, and the only person that had been of help lately was Tyler, who had wholeheartedly given his all trying to help you with the plan was not invited to this party. 

You were currently at your house while he sat on the floor sifting through photos of you and Jeff. “Who took these? They’re amazing.” 

“My cousin, Angela. I think you would like her. She’s a fanatic for photography.” You giggled, putting a blouse across your body. You shook your head and threw it into a rising pile. “Ugh, I have absolutely nothing to wear.” 

Tyler stopped looking at the photos and got up, shaking his jacket. “What do you mean? You have a million clothes…” You made a face at him. “Why don’t you just wear what you wore during step five the first time?” 

You turned back to the closet and pushed the remaining clothes aside, spotting the striped t-shirt dress immediately. You reached over and pulled it out, letting the smooth material run through your fingers, memories flashing. There was the click of a flash and you turned slightly, to see that Tyler was looking at his camera. He walked over and showed you the screen. 

“Look how much emotion is running through your eyes… you’re ready for this.” He said, patting your back as you looked down at the picture. 

“I am.” 


You flattened the dress on your body when you got out of your car, your hands slightly damp with sweat.  You had paired the dress with a pair of flats, but this time you curled your hair and put it in two buns.Your makeup was done unlike that night and you were more nervous, that was for sure. 

You finally pushed yourself to walk to Zach’s house; the music was already playing, vibrating your teeth and the smell of sweat and weed was so strong you needed to stop and take a breath. Of course it was a party after all. You made it to the front door after what felt like ages, and you took a deep breath. 

“YN!” Someone yelled behind you, and you groaned. It was Clay Jensen and he was walking to the house as well with Hannah Baker. 

You had been avoiding Clay like the plague, because he was a good friend of yours, but ever since that party where you and Jeff convinced him to stay with Hannah you couldn’t face him. You knew he was all about pity. 

“Can’t talk, Jensen!” You yelled, running into the house and immediately going towards where you knew Jeff and the others were. 

Jeff was always a careful person at parties, never letting himself go and usually occupying himself with things other than the drugs and sex. You knew he was in Zach’s game room, and where Jeff was, his followers were as well. No one liked to admit it, but Jeff was the best and most liked of the whole group of jocks and he wasn’t really like them but he hung out with them anyways because Jeff never judged. 

“HEYY!” You yelled once you entered the game room, seeing that all of the guys and a few girls were crowded around the pool table. Everyone turned. “The life of the party is here.” 

The guys clapped, whooping when you did a turn in the air, bringing out your special bag of weed from your bag. They got louder when they saw it. You laughed and walked over to the table, taking off your purse and setting it aside while you looked them over. 

“Y/N, we were wondering if you were ever going to come.” Justin spoke, his hand not so discreetly laying on Jessica’s ass. 

You rolled your eyes. “Foley I’m a cheerleader, I’m literally nearly obliged to come.” 

You walked over and stood next to Jeff, who was smiling slightly as he looked you over. 

“Now that is not true.” Zach started, placing his arm around your shoulder. “You’re a party animal.” 

“You’re so right” You grinned, shaking the bag of cannabis. Zach gave you a high five and took it from your hands. 

“Who is ready to smoke a good one and get high?” Zach yelled out, raising his hands above his head. You cheered with the others and they all went to the couches at the far right of the room, talking loudly. 

Jeff stayed behind as you went to your purse and grabbed your cell phone. “Y/N?” He asked softly. 

You turned to him and a piece of hair fell into your eyes, while you dug through your purse for a lighter now. He got closer and your breath sped up while your heartbeat increased, but on the outside you stayed casual. He reached a hand forward and removed the hair from your eyesight. “You look beautiful tonight.” 

You could feel your heart swelling in your chest, like it was the first time he said it all over again, a smile creeping onto your face. You stood up straight, getting closer and patting his chest while leaning your head up. “Thank you, Jeff. You don’t look too bad yourself.” 

Jeff rolled his eyes as you pulled your head back. “You gonna have a little fun with us tonight?” You asked him, looking over at his cup and seeing only carbonated soda. 

Jeff sighed and shook his head. “I swore off everything when I got home from the hospital. I can’t let my senses become dull anymore, I can’t risk everything for a little high. My mom and dad were scared to death for me to come tonight. They shouldn’t be. So I’m not doing anything, Y/N. I’ll just watch and make sure you don’t do anything too stupid.” 

He chuckled slightly and then touched his arm, squeezing it reassuringly. “That’s good, Jeff. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you again.” 

You had said it without thinking and your eyes widened. He made a face of question but you quickly turned on your heel and sped to the group, squeezing yourself between Zach and Monty. Zach had already rolled one joint and yanked the lighter out of your hand, taking a big hit as he sparked the end of it. You took it from Zach and tried to one up him, smoke coming out of your nostrils as you did. The girls cheered and booed Zach for being beat by a girl. You handed it to Monty and he took it with a wink your way. You rolled your eyes and leaned your head back. The smoke drifted from between your lips and your nose, the feeling of it sending you to bliss. You looked up to see that Jeff was staring at you distantly, sipping his coke. You looked away quickly and distracted yourself with the others, suddenly forgetting about the plan.

When the joint was shriveling and Justin was rolling a second you had forgotten Jeff was there at all, and your legs was in Monty’s lap as he rubbed your thighs and you two laughed like nothing bad was happening. Like the rising anger that Jeff was trying to hold back. Because the plan had done it. When the others started on the second you grabbed the butt end of the old one and sucked in whatever was left, coughing and then grabbing Monty by the shoulders, bringing your mouth to his and blowing the smoke into his open mouth. He sucked it in them let it out, licking his lips and then catching your lips with his. 

“OK, that’s enough!” You heard someone say loudly, but you kept on, kissing Monty’s mouth with force. 

Then two arms were under your arms and you were being pulled away, both you and Monty protesting. You looked back and saw that it was Jeff, and the plan came to your mind again and you smiled lazily. He shook his head at you and then glared down at Monty. 

“Don’t touch her again. Or I’ll kick your teeth in.” 

The words echoed in your head and you bit your lip. He was being much more aggressive than what you expected. Especially with his words. Monty stood up like he was going to fight Jeff, a hurt look on his face but Zach placed an arm across his shoulders, pushing him back.

Jeff lifted you so you were standing straight and wrapped his hands around you elbow, dragging you through the house and to the front door. You two passed many people who looked like they wanted to ask questions, like Clay and Hannah but Jeff did not slow down in his angry march. 

“Jeff, what’s up?” You asked with a slight squeak to your voice. 

Jeff let you go when you two were on the foot of Zach’s porch, sitting down and then patting the spot next to you. You sat down as your heart beat faster with each second. This was starting to seem familiar, even with the clouds that were surrounding your mind. 

“I mean, listen, I have no control over what you do but I really don’t like seeing you getting stoned.” Jeff said, looking away from you. 

“Just getting stoned?” You asked while your hope started to deflate like a balloon.

“Not you just getting stoned.” He sighed, turning to face you formally. “I don’t like seeing you with Monty.” 

You scooted closer without thinking and placed your hand on his shoulder, tears coming to your eyes involuntarily. “Why, Jeff?” 

He pulled you closer and placed his forehead on yours, breathing you in. “Because I remember that I love you.”

Tears spilled out of your eyes and you pulled him into a long awaited kiss, your arms wrapping around his neck and his around your waist. The plan had worked and you had Jeff back, just like you wanted. 

 This took forevverr and it had such a shitty ending but thank you anon for the request! I hope you like it. (NOT EDITED)

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What would sweet pea daring a Northside (apart of the gang) be like.


  • hiding your relationship in the beginning bc of all of the drama going on 
  • Sneaking out after curfew and meeting him behind pops 
  • Riding on the back of his motorcycle 
  • Sp introducing you to his friends first (he definitely held his arms open and was like ‘look at dis human. Pretty right? She’s mine’) 
  • The Serpents giving him shit for calling you babydoll 
  • Eventually they all start calling you babydoll 
  • Realizing the serpents aren’t much different than your friends during their day to day life 
  • Corny jokes and shitty gossip, overeating and crashing at each other’s houses all the time 
  • Jugheads the one that outs you to your friends 
  • ‘He’s dangerous’ ‘his fucking name is sweet pea’ 
  • Archie and Ron being against it so much you couldn’t be bothered wasting your breath to convince them otherwise 
  • Jughead being against it bc he knows how demanding being a serpent is, honestly just being a homie like ‘if you wanna do this fine but be careful ok you’re not always gonna come first and you gotta accept that’ 
  • Betty sympathizing with your inner turmoil 
  • Spending more time with Betty despite previously not being her biggest fan 
  • Double dates with jug and Betty and sp at pops drinking milkshakes and overeating 
  • Your parents being skeptic the relationship will last - later realizing that sweet pea moves when you move and despite the history, they’re happy you have him and the support 
  • Kevin adamantly reminding you that snakes are bad company but also low key dying over how unbelievably bangable SP is 
  • ‘He might kill me but he’d look damn good doing it so I’m game’ 
  • SP doing everything he can to go above and beyond what you expect from him bc he knows what you deserve 
  • ‘You didn’t have to’ ‘I know. I wanted to.’ 
James Potter (young) Imagine #1 - Part One : The bet

Request :  Hi! Could you pretty please do a young James Potter imagine where the reader has been friends with the marauders since first year and he thinks he likes Lily and everything but then he wins a long time bet with the reader and makes her snog severus. Only when he actually sees her flirting with him does he realize he actually likes her. Thank youuuu 😘😘

disclaimer : we don’t own any of this gif, (found this severus snape gif from a fanfiction credits to the owner.)

For once in your life, you were listening to the history of magic class, god Cuthbert Mockridge is so boring… But it was without counting on James Potter your best friend. A small paper plane landed on your book “Look at Severus”
You glance behind your shoulder and saw the shy boy staring at you intensly. He turned his eyes away when they cross yours in a second. 
“What the hell” you asked silently to James.
He responded by making a heart with his hand. So stupid. You prefered ignoring him and go back to the monotone voice of the professor. At least you could hope for a little nap.


“Truth or action ?“ 
“Truth” said James with a confident voice.
“Hummm what is happening between you and Lily?”
“Nothing at all”
“James potter you are madly in looooovvve”
“Why? A whippersnapper with glasses self-obsessed on top of that  ? No.”
“Definitely jealous. Your turn : Truth or action ?”
“You know me action!”
“And you’re gonna regret this! I want you to snog with…SEVERUS SNAPE”
“HELL YES! Twenty five Galleons you won’t do it”
“Never say never" 

Yeah you regret it deepely but you can’t loose against James, plus you’re not rolling in money right now. You’ve tried everything, seating next to him in potion class, spill your pumpkin juice on his dress, even dressed with Slytherin color for a quidditch game but this boy don’t understand flirt a second. The only solution you’ve found is following him to the library.
"Heyyy Snivellus… hmm Severus.”
“Hmm” he said barely looking at you.
“Can I seat?”
“Hmmm” still looking at his book.
Severus was writting frantically in a small book of potion like his life depended on it. You tried to sputter to get his attention in vain.
“Well… there is a small party tonight why don’t you join ?”
Was this proposition that strange ?
“Yup could be fun there will be beer, crisps…”
“And Lily and James snogging all night long. No thanks”
Shit. He was still in love with Lily. Why the hell were all the boy falling for her? For sure she was as nice as pretty but…
“Listen Severus. You can’t hide all your life like that. You will come to that party and you and I we are gonna make Lily more jealous than ever”
You didn’t wait for an answer and left the library under the incredulous look of Severus.


He came. With an oversized suit but he came. You heard an applause behind you’re back. James a cigarette in his mouth.
“Congratulations. How did you do that ?”
“Always the tone of surprise”
“Well enjoy the party with your Romeo”
“I want my money. Tomorrow”
Severus was not a bad dancer especially when he was a bit drunk. You wait after the slow to press your lips on his. Your move was following by whistling and some laugh. Sirius and Remus were laughing to tears but James…James was looking at you the most strangest way ever, holding Lily’s hand.
“That was unexpected” said Lily’s looking at James.
“yeah” James mumbled back.
He send you a fake smile leaving you a unpleasant impression. What was wrong ? Unhappy to loose you guess.


Truth or Spin the Bottle

“Y/N!!! Come over here and join us,” Lily called out drunkenly.

You were returning from a study group in Ravenclaw tower. Not the most fun on a Friday night, perhaps, but you needed the help in Potions and your cousin’s group had really helped you. Unfortunately, your cousin was a lot more studious than you and to keep your spot in the group you had to be as dedicated as the rest of them. So, generally speaking, your social life was non-existent.

You smiled at your tipsy friend. Lily always tried to include you. Even though she had started dating James Potter and that meant that his best friend Sirius Black was generally present for the festivities, she still tried to include you even though she knew that you had been in a hate/hate relationship with Sirius for years.

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|| Sketched Love ||

[[request prompt: I loved “Our Love Story” And was wondering if you could write something similar with a Peter Parker x reader where they go to school together and the reader is and artist, and she is always drawing sketches of him during class and stuff? Thanks :)]]

time to work on requests ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́) this time I’m all about writing for my main boi, peter parker

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53, , @nekonerdxox , @pepcvina , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none, just pure fluff that comes with experiencing love for the first time ♡

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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ivy-raven  asked:

So, a prompt! First, do you write for IronPanther and StarkQuill pairings? If yes, I might be back with more prompts for them, but I'd really like Stuckony where HYDRA sent the WS to kill Tony before launching Project Insight, so he can't somehow stop it at the last minute, as heroes are wont to do. He's sent UC in SI, because that's the only way to get close, but Tony, exhausted, trips and twists his ankle in front of him and dozens of witnesses, so he can't kill him yet. (1/2)

He’s forced to pick him up and take him to the med bay, being the security guard and visualy strongest. But he’s desperatly touch starved, and really like touching/carrying Tony, and he smelled so good and was really nice to him, so he decides Tony must absolutely never die and tells him everything, declaring himself his new bodyguard. Steve/Tony is established, and both are aware of Bucky’s feelings for Tony (before and after regaining memories) so they invite him into their relationship. 2/3

And Bucky is super confused, like, punk, we’re already in a relationship?? Keep up? And picks Tony up and takes his two fellas on a date! - ok, that was super long and detailed, sorry about that! I can just imagine it and it’s so cute! You don’t have to include all the elements, I realize it’s a lot, I just really need touch-starved Bucky imprining on Tony and the ‘we’re already dating, punk’ scene! Thanks so much! (3/3)

Haha, this is adorable! How sweet. :) I do not write StarkQuill. In fact I’ve never even seen Guardians of the Galaxy! I should get on that, haha. I can write IronPanther though. I hope this lives up to your expectations! Keep an eye out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

The Asset had barely even touched his gun when the Mark tripped and went down in a flail of limbs and loose papers. He had to fight a sigh. Some might think the clumsy marks would be easier to kill, because it could be made to look like an accident, but actually it was much harder—they were more likely to accidentally dodge attempts on their lives.

The Mark sat up, looking shocked. “Ow.”

“Sir?” one of the secretaries called, standing from her desk. “Mr. Stark, are you okay?”

“I think so?” The Mark pressed his palms to his eyes, letting out a sigh that betrayed deep exhaustion. “Yeah.” He took her hands when she offered them to him and pulled himself up, letting out a little noise of pain as he finally stood. “Ow!”

The secretary began patting him down, concerned. “What? What’s wrong?”

The Mark batted her hands away. “I’m fine, Ms. Carmichael. Just a twisted ankle.”

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Didn't jess got an anon saying that Cait was pissed AF with Sam all SDCC weekend? cause she hasn't seen him for weeks and they didn't have time alone, anon said she's over possessive with Sam although they aren't formally dating just kinda "involved" well, looking those LATimes pics Im totally buying this nonnie info.

Hi Nonnie. Since Jess is the one who got the anon, you need to ask her about it. However, since you came to me I’m going to share my opinion. I don’t buy it for one second. Ever since Lionsgate came on the scene and discovered Sam and Cait were planning to reveal their relationship, they’ve done everything they can to force them to hide their it, even creating fake SOs. 

When the Narrative is hovering like a black cloud over SC, you can see the toll it’s taking. Can you imagine being ready to share your joy one day, and being forced to lie about it – using words that hurt a lot of shippers in the process – the next? They went from acting like giddy newlyweds to acting like someone had died in one day. Here’s a comparison from Flirty Thursday to IFH Friday. 

They’ve been dealing with this farce for more than a year. If anyone knows how much this is hurting Sam, it’s Cait. Why would she be angry at him when it’s the LG/Starz buffoons who came up with this idiocy?

Here’s another comparison for you. The first shows them at SDCC in their natural state with their arms wrapped around each other, unaware they’re being photographed. The second is from their LA Times shoot, probably after Starz VP of Publicity Jamie French told them to lose the love. Quite a difference.

I found the next photos yesterday. The strain is both obvious and heartbreaking. 

Why would a studio treat anyone this way? Perhaps because LG has a history of not wanting their co-stars together, and they’re too obtuse to realize that the way things were decades ago just might have changed. Could be they are so caught up in their quest for more money and power that they haven’t stopped to realize what a gold mine Sam and Cait’s love is. Whatever the reason, they’re doing no one any favors – themselves included – by continuing this nonsense.