when you realized their history for the first time

Wait For It (M)

Anonymous Requested: Jungkook Royal AU
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Royalty AU 
Word Count: 11,013
Author’s Note: I pretty much took a whole day off from life to work on this, since I start school on Monday and wanted to try and get through as much writing as I can before hell starts.

Summary: As royalty, you were forced to be sent off and married to a prince of the neighboring kingdom to strengthen your country. But when you are betrothed earlier than you expected, you seek comfort in a random stranger until you realize that perhaps fate plays a bigger hand in things than you ever thought possible.


For the record, you never asked to be a princess. Not that you think you would ever have had an upper hand in a situation like that in the first place, or that you expected things to be different if you could go back in time to watch your family history unfold. It’s just something that’s short, and simple, and a fleeting thought you ponder about on more than one occasion, which is certainly a lot more times than someone who was actually happy with their lives would think.

Now, it’s not that you’re ungrateful with the life you’ve been gifted with, you’re well aware of the luck you’ve received, because at the end of the day, it’s the kind of lifestyle that guarantees food upon the table. It promises a roof over your house during the night, during the rain or snow, (more than) comfortable clothing to keep you warm throughout the bitter winter. The gold and motivation and rule your family has over the kingdom is nothing to shy away from.

It just, it provokes a lot of… pressure in your system, in your heart and in your mind.

Most of these things sprout from your father, who is probably just as ruthless as he is caring and hard-working and passionate about the land he is expected to rule over with grace and respect and an equal amount of force to make sure the people of the kingdom didn’t take advantage of him. He’s always been a loving father, albeit expecting the most out of you between your two other siblings. As caring or thoughtful or empathetic has he could be, there were often moments in your life when your best was never good enough for him.

You’ve been taught since birth to follow the orders and rules set up by your father because, as so graciously pointed out by the servants the dusk and clean and care for you on more than one occasion, your father always did what he believed would be best for you. So every piano or violin or guitar lesson he ever made you take, those foreign language lessons, classes on discipline and how to look, think, behave like a princess—those were always for your own future benefit.

“Keep your back straight, shoulders back, smile pretty.”

Always cut small pieces of your meal. Take small sips of your drinks. Always remember to wipe your mouth with a napkin.”

“Don’t speak unless spoken to.”

It’s not that you hate being a princess. You just hate having things being done for you, you hate how decisions and that free-will of choice and responsibility has been ever-so-graciously lifted off your shoulders as if these were things you would never have to burden yourself with. You hate not having a voice, your words drowned by the ones of your father or mother. Your existence has constantly been overshadowed by those greater than you could ever hope to be. You hate the role you have to play into society, how you had to spend your days dealing with other people’s problems. Shouldering a kingdom is no laughing matter, there are rules and regulations and decisions that constantly need to be made to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who live within the borders. Your mere existence is to live for other people.

It’s exhausting.

But in spite of your feelings, you know that changing fate is practically impossible. So you roll with your father’s wishes, because you understand that this is duty you owe to your kingdom. Perhaps at the end of the day, it will truly never really matter what you desire. From the moment you were birth, your entire life story has already been written by you, the quill of ink belonging to your father and mother and every other person who thought they could know you better than you could ever know yourself.

You let yourself take everything in. You visit the nearby villages and listen to everyone’s problems, their hopes and wishes and promise to become stronger and stronger to help them. You take the lessons set up by your father. You keep your back straight, your eyes forward, your mouth shut. You accept the fancy parties and the wine, the dancing and the violins echoing through your ear, speaking only when you are spoken to. It’s torture, but you have to remind yourself that is it your duty, your obligation and your responsibility.

You even let your father tell you that there will come a day when you will be sent off to a predetermined prince in a neighboring kingdom, be married off into a family you don’t know and perhaps will never truly belong to—all for the benefit of your kingdom. You let him tell you this, and you accept it. You give yourself a few years to mentally prepare yourself, expecting your father at the very least to grant you this one wish.

A raised eyebrow. “But the prince could be ready to meet you any day now.”

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Reaction to BTS falling in love with their psychologist


Jin was fully aware of his love for you. When he really started to feel buterflies in his tummy, you started receiving all kinds of flowers and food. This is when you found out and you bluntly asked him out through one of his sessions. And everything else is history. 

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Namjoon was always a cheeky bastard. When he realized he likes his psychologist he didn’t make his sessions more.Nooo…he started coming to your office only to hang out. Like a lunch, a walk in the park, things like that. The first few times you thought it was only to help him relax and then you noticed it also made you relax and it also made you look out for him. And to be brutally honest, you also fell for the boy with overworking disorder. 

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Yoongi didn’t really like the fact that he was falling for you and tried his best not to show it. Since his whole problem starts from not being able to show his emotions, now he really stopped talking to you. As he saw you began to worry about him, the boy decided to show his true feelings through the only way he knew. Music. So he sang. About his problems, about his love for you. And then it hit you like a ton of bricks that the black haired rebel wasn’t the only person in love in this room.

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Through one of the sessions the boy just bluntly spit it out. “So I was lying in my bed, as you have told me and was thinking ‘How can I, Jung Hoseok, invite you Ms.Y/N, to dinner’ and then it hit me. Y/n will you go out with me? Even if I’m mentally unstable as you like to call me.” You couldn’t say no to that.

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Jimin would be very shy about it. He wouldn’t want to tell you. So he just makes more and more sessions with you and always makes up excuses to spend more time with you. At some point you noticed that everytime the boy with the kitten pawns came in your heart was pounding, expecting him. So you asked him out, instead of him you. You knew it was unproffessional, yet you fell for him.

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He will just say it. “Y/N I  want to go out with you. Wouldn’t you want to go out with me? I know I’m a patient and all so think about it like…an experiment you can explore? Don’t you want to know what’s going in this crazy head? Of course you do. Let’s go.

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The bunny in him told him to stay quiet and to talk only about his problem, but truth to be told, you were his problem. He wanted to be a man to you, not a patient, so slowly but surely his attitude around you changed. He became confident and sexy suddenly. He used his confidence with you and his plan worked. You fell for him as fast as you saw it coming. 

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THE MAGIC BEGINS - Favorite scene: ‘Possibly no one’s warned you, Lupin, but this class contains Neville Longbottom. I would advise you not to entrust him with anything difficult. Not unless Miss Granger is hissing instructions in his ear.’ 
Professor Lupin had raised his eyebrows. I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the operation,’ he said, ‘and I am sure he will perform it admirably.’

James Potter (young) Imagine #1 - Part One : The bet

Request :  Hi! Could you pretty please do a young James Potter imagine where the reader has been friends with the marauders since first year and he thinks he likes Lily and everything but then he wins a long time bet with the reader and makes her snog severus. Only when he actually sees her flirting with him does he realize he actually likes her. Thank youuuu 😘😘

disclaimer : we don’t own any of this gif, (found this severus snape gif from a fanfiction credits to the owner.)

For once in your life, you were listening to the history of magic class, god Cuthbert Mockridge is so boring… But it was without counting on James Potter your best friend. A small paper plane landed on your book “Look at Severus”
You glance behind your shoulder and saw the shy boy staring at you intensly. He turned his eyes away when they cross yours in a second. 
“What the hell” you asked silently to James.
He responded by making a heart with his hand. So stupid. You prefered ignoring him and go back to the monotone voice of the professor. At least you could hope for a little nap.


“Truth or action ?“ 
“Truth” said James with a confident voice.
“Hummm what is happening between you and Lily?”
“Nothing at all”
“James potter you are madly in looooovvve”
“Why? A whippersnapper with glasses self-obsessed on top of that  ? No.”
“Definitely jealous. Your turn : Truth or action ?”
“You know me action!”
“And you’re gonna regret this! I want you to snog with…SEVERUS SNAPE”
“HELL YES! Twenty five Galleons you won’t do it”
“Never say never" 

Yeah you regret it deepely but you can’t loose against James, plus you’re not rolling in money right now. You’ve tried everything, seating next to him in potion class, spill your pumpkin juice on his dress, even dressed with Slytherin color for a quidditch game but this boy don’t understand flirt a second. The only solution you’ve found is following him to the library.
"Heyyy Snivellus… hmm Severus.”
“Hmm” he said barely looking at you.
“Can I seat?”
“Hmmm” still looking at his book.
Severus was writting frantically in a small book of potion like his life depended on it. You tried to sputter to get his attention in vain.
“Well… there is a small party tonight why don’t you join ?”
Was this proposition that strange ?
“Yup could be fun there will be beer, crisps…”
“And Lily and James snogging all night long. No thanks”
Shit. He was still in love with Lily. Why the hell were all the boy falling for her? For sure she was as nice as pretty but…
“Listen Severus. You can’t hide all your life like that. You will come to that party and you and I we are gonna make Lily more jealous than ever”
You didn’t wait for an answer and left the library under the incredulous look of Severus.


He came. With an oversized suit but he came. You heard an applause behind you’re back. James a cigarette in his mouth.
“Congratulations. How did you do that ?”
“Always the tone of surprise”
“Well enjoy the party with your Romeo”
“I want my money. Tomorrow”
Severus was not a bad dancer especially when he was a bit drunk. You wait after the slow to press your lips on his. Your move was following by whistling and some laugh. Sirius and Remus were laughing to tears but James…James was looking at you the most strangest way ever, holding Lily’s hand.
“That was unexpected” said Lily’s looking at James.
“yeah” James mumbled back.
He send you a fake smile leaving you a unpleasant impression. What was wrong ? Unhappy to loose you guess.


Consider this....

Person A is an archeologist and travels all the time.

Person B is the customs agent that always seems to be the one stamping their passport

B is always happy to see A and is a tiny bit in love with the mysterious but adorable A. One day B is grumpy because they are in the detainment room and won’t get to see A and is ready to play bad cop on the next person to walk through the door. Imagine their surprise when it’s A that comes in having brought back some contaminant from one of their digs. B draws out the questioning, loving the one on one time with A. Whether or not they ask A out is up to you.

Bonus: A was upset at B not being the first face they saw when they got home and is excited to see them. While being questioned A discovers that B is a history major and is only doing this job to make ends meet and realizes that B would be a big help on the field and asks them to come with them on the next dig. 

“Another great issue of RHATO that builds on the previous issues but also Jason’s overall history in the DC universe. Jason’s time in Arkham and the skills he learned there to cope with his trauma come into play in a major way while his relationships with everyone are tainted by his experiences with Bruce. One of my favorite things about the issue is how it shows that Jason is very much the heart of RHATO, and not just because his name comes first. He cares for his team, even if they don’t realize that they are a team yet. It’s astounding when you think about Jason’s background and all the truly awful things that have happened to him and it’s what makes this book stand out. Yes, almost every hero in the DC universe has had some epically bad trauma but few have been through the brutality that Jason has endured on both a physical and emotional level and still find it in themselves to give a damn about the world around them. That he does is pretty phenomenal and makes the character, and the book, one of the more complex and truly heroic ones out there.”

-Reviewer, Belleburr

Legit Tip #176

or - “Writing Characters in Established Relationships”

The majority of time, when relationships are prominent in fiction, they cover the beginnings of relationships - how couples get together. First meetings and the difficulties that people face in getting to know each other and falling in love. And there’s definitely something magical and special and lovely about that.

But there’s something just as special and lovely about couples who have been together for a while - who have already had the time to get to know each other and grow together. Which is why I love it when stories open with characters who are already in established relationships. I think it goes without saying, though, that there are special challenges that come with writing characters who are already in established relationships.

First things first  - I think anybody writing a couple in an established relationship needs to realize that there is always going to be a history there. And just like you can’t infodump with the worldbuilding of a story, you can’t infodump with a couple and tell the reader everything there is to know about how they got together, and what they’ve been through. So that leads me to one of my first major points.

Reveal backstory through interaction. One of my favorite couples is Tess and Joel from Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us.” Though they were never officially confirmed as a couple, it was pretty obvious that they were together romantically in some sense. And really, it was the fact that it was never made explicit that makes them such a good example for this point.

Apart from a few lines of dialogue and the fact that they’re working together on a mission to retrieve stolen weapons, there isn’t much to tell you that they’re “together” - not even body language. (There’s not the chance for that sort of thing). What we do see is that they’ve had a hard life together. That they’re partners in criminal activity. That they’ve been together for several years. And we know that they’re both hard people. 

So how can you do the same? As a writer, you can reveal your characters’ backstory in the same way through your characters’ shared experiences. Remember that they’ve lived a life together by this point, so use that to your advantage. When the chance arises, have them remember some little detail that gives you the opportunity to bring up something from their past. 

How are couples who have been together for a while different from “established” couples? Hoo boy. This is actually a tricky question to answer because, well, every couple is different. But as I already said, remember that any couple who has been together for a while has had the chance to get to know each other - has had the chance to merge their lives and established patterns, routines, and a sense of domesticity. 

Showing your reader the way that your characters live can help give them a sense of who they are together - who they are as a couple. To give you another video game example, there are some great scenes in “Uncharted 4″ where we get to see Nate and Elena in their home, living their lives together. It’s awesome because in the earlier games we are getting to see the beginning of their relationship, and now we’re seeing them as a couple who have been together for a while. 

Honestly, these details aren’t boring to readers if you present them in a way that isn’t boring. (I know, easier said than done…) But showing your reader just a little bit of insight into the way that your characters live is a great way to invite readers in. 

Romances with established couples honestly shouldn’t be as rare as they are. They’re a great way of inviting readers into the “ever after” part of the Happily Ever After. And even if it’s not all bliss, it’s interesting and dynamic and can make for great storytelling, no matter the genre that you decide to insert it into. 

Okay, I need a minute. I need to take a minute and talk about my feelings for Louis Tomlinson, because they are many and they are complex.

When I first came into this fandom, Louis didn’t make much sense to me. There’s so much to sift through when it comes to his history, his manipulation, his misrepresentation, his rebellion… there’s so much there. I think Louis is like a fine wine, it takes time, maturity, and objective observation to realize what a gem you have on your hands. And honestly, Louis Tomlinson is a rare, rare gem. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’ll always and forever call myself a “Harry Girl”, (I have such tender affection for him), but there’s something about Louis that draws you in, something so endearing that you’re just pressed to look further.

And what you find when you look further is a young man who has known heartache and pain beyond what many of us could ever imagine– a young man who would have every right to crumble and completely fade away given the circumstances. Despite all of that, he has not crumbled. He has not given up or given in. He has remained irrevocably and undeniably himself, even through the darkest of times. He is strong, committed, passionate, fearless, protective, outgoing, hilarious, and so many other adjectives. He’s such a layered personality, with such complexity, that it truly takes time to enjoy him, and affection grows for him the more and more you dig into who he is and what he’s done over the years for the people he loves.

I’ve talked to many people about this, so I know I’m not alone when I say that whether you were “here” or not through 2013 and 2014, whether you watched in real time as a fan or whether you’ve gone back through the archives, people were very concerned about Louis. It felt like we were losing him, like he was slowly slipping away from us, and as a fan, that’s a very helpless feeling– to care about someone but not to have any power to express your concern.

So I know I speak for more than myself when I say that to see Louis -truly LOUIS- on stage lately has been a joy. There is a glow back in his countenance, a light that has returned to his eyes, and a flash that’s returned to his smile. That impish mischief has come back– he’s put on weight and is laughing (truly, honestly laughing) again. He’s gained confidence in his musical abilities and is truly beaming as he tackles solos and vocal parts he never has before. He looks like literal sunshine during No Control. He seems at peace and overjoyed with his life and it’s current trajectory, and honestly… that’s all I want for him. That’s all any of his fans want for him. We love Louis Tomlinson, and it’s our happiness to see his happiness come alive again.

It’s going to seem like we’re picking on the USSR here, but damned if they didn’t pull some truly next-level conspiracy shit in their time. One of the more crackpot things they’re accused of is the popular Lost Cosmonauts (or Phantom Cosmonauts) theory, which claims that they tried to cover up the very existence of certain cosmonauts after launching them straight into the great beyond. Except it doesn’t seem so crackpot at all, really, when you realize that Russia did indeed attempt to erase certain cosmonauts from history, 1984-style.

First off, there’s Valentin Bondarenko, a cosmonaut trainee who perished in a horrific fire during a training accident in 1961, but whose existence wasn’t acknowledged until more than 20 years later, on the 25th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s famous first spaceflight. But while Bondarenko’s story is undeniably tragic, the absolute poster boy of disappearing cosmonauts would have to be Grigoriy Nelyubov.

Nelyubov was initially among the top six cosmonaut candidates, but then got his ass booted from the program after he had the audacity to suffer a nervous breakdown during his rigorous training and then get a little rowdy in a bar during his recovery. After his ejection from the program, the Soviets summarily erased records of his ever having been in it to begin with, as well as airbrushing him out of any photographs of the group of space flight candidates. 

5 Conspiracy Theories About Space Travel (That Are True)

The power of “I love you”

We know that Killian was always meant to be Emma’s love interest. Killian Jones was DESIGNED FOR HER. His personality, his history, all compliment Emma perfectly. That’s not an accident.

Now the writers chose to have Killian realize his feelings first. When they kissed in Neverland, he realized he wasn’t just infatuated, he was in love. For the first time since Milah. He had moved on. Killian has used a variety of words (and a attempted TLK) to tell Emma how he feels. All without putting pressure on her, knowing her well enough to know that she needed to say it first.

Which she now has.

But here’s the thing. Killian hasn’t used to phrase “I love you” TO ANYONE. His great love, Milah, died in his arms and he didn’t say it. He didn’t even kiss her goodbye. Now, as Emma took her place at the Dark One…he didn’t get to reply.

I do not think that is an accident.

Does the audience know he loves Emma? Yes. Does Emma know? Hell yes. Does the milkman know? Damn skippy. EVERYONE KNOWS. So why not just let him use the words?

Words are powerful. What do those relationship gurus always say? TELL PEOPLE YOU LOVE THAT YOU LOVE THEM. Use your words. Yeah, they might KNOW, but nothing beats hearing the words. Based on that I have to believe that they are saving Killian Jones saying the words “I love you” for a reason. Christina Perri wrote a damn song about it and we all lost our shit, FFS.

Not only that but they have been VERY careful to not go with any kind of romance or even real flirting when it comes to Killian’s past. Just like the only person we’ve seen him kiss on screen has been Emma Swan. Merrin was like really disappointed when she found out that Ursula didn’t flirt with Hook. Ariel, Cora (ew), Regina, Belle. All women that Killian has shared significant screentime with and ZERO romance.

That’s not an accident either.

Emma has felt rejected and alone and unloved her whole life. She’s gotten past her family hangups (mostly) and has embraced her love for her parents and Henry. The romance thing has been harder, but Killian has finally busted through most of her walls. They are in love. But every time a romantic partner has told her they love her…BAD SHIT HAS HAPPENED.

Killian’s “I love you” has to be different. It has to be a positive moment, reversing the damage of the past. It will carry just as much weight as when Emma said it, even though we all know he loves her. Even though Emma knows he loves her. Because this time she won’t be losing him. He’ll most likely be helping her (again) see the best in herself and that no matter what he will always love her. No other guy has done that for her. Or he’ll say it right after he TLKs her and she’s free of the darkness. She’ll be getting him BACK, instead of losing him.

Make no mistake, Killian saying the words is important. They’re saving it for a damn good reason. I think we’ll get it before 5A is out.


While I was working on Downward Spiral, I was living in the house where Sharon Tate was killed. Then one day I met her sister. It was a random thing, just a brief encounter. And she said: “Are you exploiting my sister’s death by living in her house?” For the first time, the whole thing kind of slapped me in the face. I said, “No, it’s just sort of my own interest in American folklore. I’m in this place where a weird part of history occurred.” I guess it never really struck me before, but it did then. She lost her sister from a senseless, ignorant situation that I don’t want to support. When she was talking to me, I realized for the first time, “What if it was my sister?” I went home and cried that night. It made me see there’s another side to things, you know?” -Trent Reznor (Rolling Stone magazine, March 1997)

History of a Smell

Second entry to Hpshipweeks :) This is not the three parter I I talked about on Sunday, but I hope you like it anyway.

Title: History of a Smell
Summary: There’s a first time for everything, and noticing the way his hair smells is one of them.

The first time Hermione smelled his hair, she felt incredibly foolish. They were alone in the library, waiting for Harry, as usual, when she looked up from her books and parchment to realize that Ron had fallen asleep. She had checked around to make sure they were alone, and then bent her head to peer closely at him.

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Vernon: My Love, My Love

anonymous asked: can you please do a request where Hansol says he loves you for the first time?? and like he says it by accident but then realizes like “dang yes I love you”. thanks!!!

Summary: another high school au because I am weak

Your eyes flit around the library. You’re looking for someone, more specifically your partner for your history project. You let out a squeak when you feel someone grab your shoulder. You turn around to see your boyfriend laughing.

“Wow, Hansol. You’re so funny.” You scoff with a glare. When he starts to laugh harder you pout and cross your arms over your chest.

“I’m sorry. You were just too cute, I couldn’t resist.” He says, wrapping an arm around your waist and pressing a kiss to your forehead.

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Why do you think no one acknowledges Ayn Rand?

Since you guys brought it up, I’ve discussing this with a friend of mine several times.
I realize Ayn Rand had a terrible personality, and I hear people talk more neutrally about mass murdering dictators. The first thing I hear from most people when she’s brought up are aggressive speeches about her selfishness.
She was and remains such an influential figure. There’s also the fact that she was a woman, therefor especially influential between all famous women, and in her field of philosophy. Seemingly impossibly, she’s always completely erased as a female role model.

Why do you think Ayn Rand is so hated, and her accomplishments and philosophy so disregarded? Is it the specific content of her philosophy? Is it a specific thing in her personality? Is it the way culture differently treats glorification of female figures?

the ecstasy of comics

i have a vivid memory of being 4 years old and looking at a comic for the first time in my life, and realizing that the pictures came to life when you look from one picture to the next, it was like witnessing a miracle, it was so beautiful to me.

i remember that moment, i had some sort of mystical experience, where i entered into a state of euphoria, where i felt like all the molecules of my body were dissolving and merging with all the molecules around me, like i had unraveled the mysteries of the universe, and i was holding the answer in my hands, comics, the greatest invention in the history of humankind.

every time i sit down to draw a comic, i think back to that first moment in my life when i felt such pure joy from experiencing the magic of comics, and i think, “i want to share this joy with the world”.

This is my private wiki that I use to keep track of things for myself.

You will notice that I spent some cat-vacuuming time fiddling with the appearance, back when I first was making entries. Which was when I was a couple chapters into Sword and realized I had no idea what ship was where, or what some characters’ names or histories were.

You will also notice that I have made sure to take this screenshot on the startup page and not on the entries related to the current project.

*at first interview in Oprah* honestly when i heard for the first time,for the very first time,the car horn sample in capsule’s Striker,honest to god,Oprah, *starts crying* thats when i knew,,,you know? *oprah comes over and starts wiping my tears and hugs me* …it was like….my calling,my moment of realization..a moment like that was never gonna repeat itself in the history of music…NEVER gonna repeat itself, i WANTED that for myself…… honestly,that was my wake up call