when you realize these two still have virtually no pictures together

Dating Jonathan Byers Would Include


  • Photos. Let’s just get this out of the way here and now.
    • Photos of you, photos of the two of you, photos of you with his family –
    • According to Jonathan, there can never be enough photos of you
      • Well, he never outright says it, but you can assume such from his actions
    • Depending on how you are with getting your photos taken, there can be a mix of what kinds of pictures of you Jonathan has an abundance of
    • If you enjoy it, you model and pose quite a lot. There’s plenty of goofy pictures of you that were done to make him laugh
    • If you detest it, he tries to respect your wishes. Honestly, he does. But sometimes you just look so beautiful and natural and that profile of yours looks so right in this lighting and just –
      • *click* “… Did you just take a picture of me?” “I’m sorry..!!”
  • Meeting *because* of said profile looking great in lighting
    • You were honestly probably just getting some reading done while walking to your car/the bus/however you get to and from school. Jonathan happened to look your way, saw you, and became incredibly smitten
    • Normally he’d just take the picture he wanted with or without the subject’s awareness and move on with his day. With you, however… He felt different about doing that. Almost ashamed in himself if he did it without your awareness, or even permission
    • Nancy looks in the direction Jonathan has been staring at for nearly an entire minute and immediately knows what’s going on, suggesting that Jonathan just go talk you
    • Of course, Precious Picture-Taker™ is too shy to do it, so Nancy tries another route: Gently pushing him towards you until he’s about halfway to where you are
    • He was about to give up and walk away but you looked back at him just before he could. Poor soul froze and could feel his heart beating so fast it felt like it was encased in ice. Meanwhile, his face was growing warmer by the second
  • Jonathan was incredibly tongue-tied when you asked if you could help him. Nancy had to step in and say he was doing a senior project for photography and that you seemed to fit the criteria he’d told her about
    • His face said “What?”, his eyes said “Panic!”, but his heart said “Thank you, St. Nancy.”
      • After you two became a couple, you would occasionally tease him about how shy and cute he was being over “little ole you”
  • Him making you breakfast
    • It’s already a part of his regular routine, so if you spend the night at the Byer household or arrive there in the morning on the weekends or even school day, you can trust that there will be a fourth plate laid out and stacked with food for you
    • If he goes to pick you up in the morning to go to school, he packs you a bag with a breakfast burrito or breakfast sandwich
  • Being involved in a two-headed mother hen of a relationship
    • You’re protective of your lanky prince, always trying to get him to sleep more, making sure he’s dressed warmly in winter when he goes out to take pictures
      • You’ve stood up to many bullies and unsavory people on his behalf, much to his dismay (and much to his poor heart’s horror)
      • This includes his father, whom we will discuss later
    • Jonathan, however, is virtually the same with you. In fact, he might even be even more of a mother hen!
      • If you’re begging him to put on gloves and a scarf, he’s darn-well making certain that you’re doing exactly that – even when it’s not that cold out
        • God help you if you sneeze …
      • He carries a mini first-aid kit in the glove box of his car not long after you two begin dating, which he’s glad to have done after you once got a splinter during a walk
      • You’re pretty sure he just plain likes feeding you because even beyond packing you breakfasts (which he makes because he thinks you aren’t being healthy enough), he’s always offering you snacks or has some on standby
      • Jonathan isn’t a confrontational person, but he will throw fists if somebody speaks ill of you
        • (To be honest, as upset as it makes you to see him hurt, you need to admit that there’s something attractive about seeing him get animalistic
      • Clarification: Jonathan is definitely the bigger mother hen
  • Developing a big sis-type relationship with Will and his friends
    • You learn a bit about Dungeons and Dragons for his sake before realizing it’s pretty fun. You want to join the group at some point, and agree to do so after Mike’s current campaign is over so that you don’t feel like you’re intruding
    • You inherently become protective of Will and make it your vow to mess up anyone who dares mess with him
      • Jonathan quietly appreciates this
  • Joyce adoring you and always ready to save a spot for you at the dinner table. The Byers household ultimately becomes your home away from home
    • She’s just so happy that her eldest son not only has a significant other, but one who treats him properly and embraces his oft ridiculed characteristics
    • (However, if you spend the night or anything, she still would prefer his bedroom door stay open. Just an involved mother’s preference)
    • She always makes sure you go home with a plate of something
      • Since Jonathan is the photographer, there aren’t too many photos with which she can embarrass him with – doesn’t mean that there aren’t any at all, though
  • The first time you meet Jonathan and Will’s deadbeat father, you try to hold your tongue. However, the keyword here is “try” because you ultimately failed
    • The moment that bastard uttered a single word about Joyce and/or her boys, you were hot as a studio light
    • You were cussing and screaming and calling out as though you were getting paid for it, growing hot in the face
    • Meanwhile, Jonathan stood there for a few moments, completely gobsmacked: Even when faced with ridicule back in Hawkins, he’d never seen you so pissed
      • When he finally comes back to reality, however, his instincts kick in and he gently ushers you away.
      • He can’t tell why his face is red: It’s not embarrassment, he decides, but maybe it’s a little closer to shock, pride, and … excitement?
  • Double dates with Nancy and Steve
  • Nobody telling you about the Upside Down or anything that happened until at least a year into the relationship
    • You’re not exactly upset that such information was withheld. How could you be when you’re too busy being horrified at the trauma everyone has surely gone through
    • As a result, you become a lot more affectionate towards Jonathan, always nervous that somewhere deep down he’s still very much frightened over his experiences. Speaking of affection, though …
  • PDA being a very quiet, tame thing between you two
    • Jonathan, being the closed off person that he is, isn’t necessarily going out of his way to show PDA in the way that most of your peers are.
    • At most, he’ll peck you on the lips or hold your hand. But in every peck and every hand-holding moment, you can feel the growing love he has for you, never allowing you to doubt his intentions even once
  • In private, Jonathan still exhibits slight hesitancy to show bigger, more emphasized forms of affection towards you, often fidgeting when you two are sitting together and watching a movie
    • He may need some encouragement or a clear sentence where you consent to him wrapping an arm around your shoulders
    • Once you get him cuddling, though, Jonny’s as comfy as a kitten in a sun spot.
      • Nothing will stop him from nuzzling you and quietly sighing with content
      • The boy loves neck kisses, giving or receiving. He won’t do the former as often due to his shyness, however. But you rarely let this stop you from placing a quick peck on his own neck to receive a slight shutter or him turning his blushing face elsewhere
  • Jonathan can’t help but feel like any nickname he gives you sounds awkward falling from his mouth.
    • At most, he’ll call you “sweetie” or “honey” but he often winds up sounding so unsure or clumsy about it that you can’t help but giggle about it
    • You, however, go nuts with naming him things and he doesn’t seem to mind: Jon-Jon, Jonny, Jon Boy, Jo-Jo, Baby, My Tired Puppy, Jon-Bon, Stieglitz, Picture Perfect, etc. (After 1983, you begin referring to him as Jon Bon Jovi sometimes)
  • Blasting The Clash from his room when you’re over or when it comes on the radio in the car
  • Jonathan becoming so used to your bizarre comments and conversation topics that he’s barely phased by them anymore
    • He plays along with them, even offering genuine input when you ask for it
    • He never wants you to feel like you’re too strange or your thoughts are invalid – he knows that feeling all too well and would never wish that on anyone he cares about
    • As such, he invests himself into every conversation you have, even if he may not have any real thoughts on the subject matter. But if it’s important to you, then he at least needs to make an effort
  • Helping him prepare his portfolio for his NYU application
    • Jonathan was honestly a little nervous about telling you that his dream school was NYU – most wouldn’t imagine a shy, quiet guy from a town like Hawkins to be able to make it out of the neighboring cities, let alone to such a prestigious school in a big city.
    • His little heart did an entire gymnastics routine of shock and complete glee when, after he told you, you gained expression on your face and told him that you needed to start immediately to create the perfect portfolio
    • In the end, a great portion of the photos wind up including you in them or some aspect of you or something Jonathan later admits he finds symbolic of you
    • You want to ask him why, but you kind of already know: You’re his muse, simple as that
  • Enjoying just that: Life with Jonathan (when it’s not involving the Upside Down or whatever else is out there) is simple.
    • Not in a bad way, but in a sweet way, the kind of way that makes you think of cute diner dates on Friday evenings, walks for ideas for photos on Saturdays, baked pies for Sunday dinners.
    • The sweet feeling of holding hands as you walk down Main Street, making idle chitchat
    • Life with Jonathan feels like you’re eternally wrapped in one of his sweaters – which, much of the time, is plenty true
  • Always being so proud of him and knowing that you two are a team, be it for fighting against the supernatural odds, or for fighting against the more difficult parts of reality
    • He’s your weary-eyed prince, you’re his knuckle-bearing, fire-tongued princess
Artificial Love

A/N: I’ve finally managed to post a smut after so long! I’m terribly so sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for their requests to be fulfilled! This smut is dedicated to the lovely anon who requested a long time ago. On a side note, thank you to everyone for the lovely feedback and support I’ve been receiving for my moodboards. Look forward to more in the future ;) As of now, enjoy some Sub! Jongdae x

Pairing(s): Chen/Jongdae x Reader

Warnings: Light bondage, Submissive Chen

Genre: Smut

Requested: Yes

Summary: Jongdae teases you with videos of his cane-grinding skills in ‘Artificial Love’ so you decide to teach him a lesson when he comes home.

Word Count: 3445

Originally posted by etherealchen

It’s been weeks since you last saw your boyfriend Jongdae due to the touring he’s been undergoing with his band members. However, despite the never-ending distance between the two of you and the time zone differences, Jongdae never failed to drop you at least one call or text message a day. Even if it is to complain about how exhausted he feels or a ‘Hey baby, miss you lots’ message, your heart swells up with unconditional love whenever you catch a glimpse of his contact name popping up on the screen of your phone.

It’s no easy feat to live your life normally when Jongdae always plays at the back of your mind, teasing you with the promise of his return. You could be washing dishes and the thought of him would invade your mind, reminding you of the playful memories of when the two of you would flick liquid detergent at each other while doing the dishes after a meal.

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Cherry Blossoms (I) - a chanyeol story

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Part Two - Part Three - Part Four

Plot: You loved Chanyeol with everything you had; but after many broken promises, it may be time to let him go

Genre: Total and complete angst

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

I woke up with a start. I felt sweat beaded on my brow; I wiped it with the back of my hand and slowly opened my eyes. I could see the beginnings of a sunrise creeping in through my blinds, a few birds chirping to start their early day. ‘What time is it?’ I couldn’t find my phone. I  lazily pawed at the other side of my bed, startled when my hand hit something warm. 

He’s here. Chanyeol is here.

When did he arrive? He surely wasn’t here when I went to sleep at 2am. He had promised me he’d be home by 11. He said he would make me popcorn, and we could finally watch that cheesy drama I’ve been begging him to watch with me. He said we could finally have time together, alone. 

 But as usual, Chanyeol broke every single one of his promises. 

He was pretty good at that.

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Kiss Cam

A/N: I saw this video recently, and it inspired me to write this. I hope you enjoy.

Also, I know I’m a little behind on Blind Spots. I decided to switch two chapters around, so the one I thought was gonna come next was mostly written already, and I had to switch to a different chapter to write. I hope to post it by the end of this week.


“The referee blows his whistle! It’s time for intermission, with the Dragons leading 2-1 over the Vikings! Get your drinks and snacks, because it’s gonna be another exciting half in about 20 minutes!” the announcer’s voice echoed through the stadium. All around Astrid Dragons supporters cheered for their team, before getting up to go to the bathroom or grab some soda. The big screens stopped showing the field, and instead started playing commercials for beer and cars.

“You want a drink?” Astrid asked her boyfriend, the rush of the game still racing through her veins.

No response.

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Summoner/M!Corrin C-S Support

Written by Shauni


(y/n): Okay, let’s recap… I need around 5,000 more feathers if I wanna upgrade a new hero… I just ran out of Light’s Blessings this morning… Thirty-seven Dueling Crests is more than enough though, so that’s good. Aaaand I have zero orbs. Again. *sighs* Why am I like this?

Corrin: Summoner?

(y/n): Aah!

Corrin: Oh! My apologies, I didn’t mean to startle you…

(y/n): I-it’s okay, Corrin. Just nearly had a heart attack but, you know, I got used to it somehow. Did you need something?

Corrin: No, but this strange object fell from your pocket. I figured you didn’t want someone to step on it, so here you go.

(y/n): A strange object?… Oh God, that’s my phone!

Corrin: Your what?

(y/n): It’s… Phew, the screen is intact. You’d think after dropping it so many times on so many different surfaces I’d stop worrying, but I still do. Now more than ever. Thank you, Corrin. I wouldn’t have noticed until hours later.

Corrin: Don’t mention it. I’ll admit I am a bit curious now though. Is it important? You seem to care a whole lot about it.

(y/n): Indeed I do. Probably not as much as all those surveys about Millenials believe I am, but there are days when I interact more with it than with other people. Well… before I ended up here with no charger. Or electricity, for that matter.

Corrin: Um, come again?

(y/n): Haha, sorry, it must sound like I’m speaking nonsense. Forget it, it’s not important. Well, I gotta go now, Corrin. Thanks again for giving it back to me.

Corrin: You’re welcome… I’ll see you later, Summoner.

[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank C.]


Corrin: Summoner, won’t you take a break? You’ve spent your whole afternoon inside that study. I’ve brought coffee.

(y/n): How kind of you. Did you make it yourself?

Corrin: No. Jakob did. The last time I tried to make coffee, Elise broke into tears after drinking a single mouthful… For everyone’s sake, I swore I’d never try again, so rest assured.

(y/n): Ha ha ha, oh my, are you really that bad at making coffee? Not that I’d do a better job at it. Anyway, thank you.

Corrin: You’re very welcome.

Corrin: …

(y/n): Corrin? Is something wrong? You’re staring into space.

Corrin: Ah, my apologies. I’ve been thinking about that strange device of yours lately. You left in a hurry last time and aroused my curiosity.

(y/n): You mean my phone?

Corrin: I believe that is the word you used. May I ask what is it exactly?

(y/n): Well… Ironically, I’d have to use it to give you a proper, exact definition, which I can’t, but I’ll try to explain with my own words. As you said, it’s a device. That allows you to… uh… have a conversation with someone when you two are apart.

Corrin: So this small object conveys… sound?

(y/n): That’s right. In my world, virtually everyone has one. Life is easier thanks to it. Unfortunately, it needs… stuff that doesn’t exist in Askr to work, like electronic signals, so it’s mostly useless here.

Corrin: Oh. So you can’t have a conversation with your family.

(y/n): … No, I can’t.

Corrin: I-I’m sorry, Summoner. Upsetting you wasn’t my intention.

(y/n): … I know it wasn’t. It’s okay. I’m okay.

Corrin: Are you really?

(y/n): … It’s just… I don’t know how I feel, you see? Sometimes, I don’t even know what’s going on anymore. I’m not sad to be here – at least I don’t think so – but I’m not exactly happy either. I guess I was at first, but now… I have so many questions. What if this war lasts years? I assumed it wouldn’t take long to defeat Veronica and Bruno. But what if… what if it does? What if I’m stuck here for five, ten years?? Sure, my life maybe was kinda pointless, and very imperfect, but… I miss it so much.

(y/n): *turns phone on* I can’t call or text anyone here… but I have so many photographs in this. Here are my parents. Here’s my pet. This stupid thing is gonna run out of battery in one, maybe two days, and all I can think about is how I’ve read somewhere that the first thing you forget about someone is their voice. Then their face… Corrin, you know how it is to forget people, right? Do… do you know if it’s true?

Corrin: Summoner, I… I’m sorry. I don’t know.

(y/n): … I’m the one who’s sorry. You came to bring me coffee and I just made a spectacle of myself.

Corrin: Please don’t worry about it. You’re under pressure and you’re always taking care of everything. Frankly, I am amazed you didn’t crack sooner. Now, please, go get some rest.

(y/n): But I–

Corrin: No buts. A warm bath and some sleep won’t solve anything, but it will still do wonders. Believe me.

(y/n): … Alright, if you say so. See you next time, Corrin.

[(y/n) leaves.]

Corrin: … He/she left the phone on the desk. Hmm…

[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank B.]


(y/n): Huff… Huff… I’ve looked everywhere… Asked a dozen people… Where the hell is it?! I left it turned on, that I’m sure… It must have ran out of battery by now…

Corrin: Summoner!

(y/n): Ah, Corrin. Say, have you seen my phone?

Corrin: About that… Yes, you forgot it on your desk yesterday.

(y/n): That’s what I thought, but it wasn’t there when I went back in the study… Did you take it?

Corrin: Well… yes.

(y/n): Why you–

Corrin: Please let me explain. You said you were afraid to forget your loved ones’ faces if you couldn’t look at their pictures anymore, right?

(y/n): I… remember pathetically whimpering something along those lines.

Corrin: When you left, I had an idea. I found Subaki and showed him the family picture you showed me. He’s great at many things, you know? Well, I remembered painting is his forte as well.

(y/n): Painting…?

Corrin: I rushed him a bit and he managed to reproduce it. Look at this, Summoner. What do you think?

(y/n): !! That’s…

(y/n): … *sniffle*

Corrin: Summoner… I apologize for taking your ‘phone’ without permission. It turned black a few minutes after Subaki was done…

(y/n): It’s alright… It was going to run out of battery anyway. Thank you, Corrin, truly. I appreciate your gesture, more than I could ever express it, and it means so much to me. That painting is gorgeous.

Corrin: Glad to hear it. You should thank Subaki though. All I did was running away with something that belongs to you, but he spent hours on this masterpiece. When I explained how important it was, he dropped his training and gave it his best.

(y/n): Heheh… At least you didn’t ask Kagero… You’re right. I’ll go find him immediately. Again, you have all my thanks in the world.

Corrin: Don’t mention it, Summoner. It was my pleasure to bring your smile back.

[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank A.]


Corrin: (y/n), may I borrow you for a moment?

(y/n): Certainly, Corrin. Did you need something?

Corrin: Not really… It’s just good to see you. We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, so now I feel uneasy when you’re not around.

(y/n): Haha, it’s true that we’re quite inseparable. I think the others noticed.

Corrin: They sure did. My siblings even called me overprotective. Heh. I guess I am. I’d like to just keep you where I can see you, so nothing bad can ever happen to you.

(y/n): Corrin?… What are you trying to tell me?

Corrin: I… I… Gods, I didn’t want to– I mean… I’ve felt overprotected my whole life, you know, but this time I want to do it myself. You are essential to this realm, so it’s only natural to protect you, I suppose…

(y/n): So… you’re saying you’ve got my back?

Corrin: W-well, yes… but I’m also saying that I’ve fallen for you.

(y/n): You WHAT?!

Corrin: I-I’m sorry, was that inappropriate? If you have someone waiting for you back home, just forget I said anything. I don’t know what I was thinking, we both have a world to go back to–

(y/n): No! Don’t shy away now… please. I have feelings for you as well.

Corrin: You…?

(y/n): Don’t you realize? You entered my life out of nowhere, and suddenly it was all about you. You’re so kind, Corrin. I love that about you.

Corrin: You do? That’s what people usually dislike about me.

(y/n): They’re idiots then. You always choose to do what is right, not what is easy. People are self-centered and unreasonable, but you forgive them anyway. When people try to deceive you, you’re kind anyway. You know giving your best will never be enough, and yet you do it anyway.

Corrin: *laughs* Isn’t that the definition of stupidity?

(y/n): This is just what you’re always told, not what you actually believe. Or am I wrong?

Corrin: No… No, you’re not. In fact, you are entirely right. Heh, you know me well.

(y/n): See? I had my eye on you since the beginning. And as for our worlds… For now, we are trapped here until further notice. So we can take the time to talk about what we’ll do when the time comes.

Corrin: Now is now, huh? Very well. (Y/n)… There are no words for how happy you’ve just made me.

(y/n): Corrin… Please never change. Kindness looks good on you.

[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank S.]

Confession quote:

Corrin: I choose you. No matter what happens from this moment on, I know in my heart this is the one and only choice I’ll never regret.

The Sweetest Thing (A Roman Reigns Story) - Part 2

Raising children is a lot tougher than it looks. And with two babies in the picture and one parent virtually out of it, things are twice as difficult. So how have Joe and Sasha coped? Or have they not? Mini-sequel to ‘Into The Deep End’ and ‘Nothing Better’. Two-shot. Roman/OC.

Comments are greatly appreciated!



As Pam threw her hands up in the air and began clapping enthusiastically, Sasha cringed and threw a glance around the Spa’s relaxation lounge. “For God’s sake, lower your voice before people think we’ve lost our minds!”

But Pam waved her off. “Let 'em hear me all they want, my friends are finally fuckin’ again! It’s about damn time too!”

“I didn’t say we’re fuckin’ again,” Sasha corrected, her cheeks warming. “We made out. But yeah, we were certainly heading in that direction when Micah interrupted us.”

“And that’s the important part…'heading in that direction’,” said Pam, “Which is a lot of progress seein’ as y'all couldn’t say that a week ago.”

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joyedtobeforlorn-deactivated201  asked:

how do you feel about dirkjake?

man i never thought i’d get into the dirkscourse in december of 2016 but here i am

i think their relationship throughout act 6 was unhealthy and fraught with problems, but i don’t think it was abusive. i think the interpretation of dirk as jake’s abuser is somewhat valid and has a small amount of evidence behind it, but most of the textual evidence contradicts that, and it’s not the interpretation i subscribe to.

much of my opinion on this was formed by reading this four-part essay, which is long but well-written, and definitely worth reading: part one, part two, part three, part four.

you can read the parts in whatever order you want, if you’re not up to tackling it all at once. the essay is backed up by a huge amount of evidence and i really appreciate how sympathetic and understanding the writer is when discussing the opposing point of view.

i think one of the reasons dirkjake was so discourse-y was because while act 6 was happening, it was really hard to take in the full picture. i read a lot of act 6 as an archival reader, and even then it was hard to figure out who was responsible for what. one of the core problems in dirk and jake’s relationship was the muddle between dirk and his proxies — the fandom would read a recent update, go “oh my god!!! i can’t believe dirk would do something so awful!” only to realize later that “dirk” was really AR. that initial impression would linger, and many people would argue, “well, the AR is just his personality in a different form, right? and even if they’re separate beings, isn’t the AR still dirk’s fault?”

both of those beliefs are fundamentally unfounded, and i would explain why, but i’m worried i’ll fuck it up… so instead PLEASE go read those essays, they’re so good.

another core reason dirkjake became so fraught with discourse was because of the habit of taking homestuck characters at face value. to quote that essay i love so goddamn much:

“Dirk is assigned a lot more competency than he really deserves. But in reality, most of Dirk’s narrative is focused on all the ways Dirk finds himself losing control… As far as manipulative masterminds go, Dirk is a failure. He fails at executing his plans continually, spectacularly, and with catastrophic consequences. He’s not good at multitasking and he’s not particularly great at orchestrating the kids’ entry to the session (the AR does most of that). And yet, for many Homestuck fans, he takes the lion’s share of the credit (and the blame) for the ridiculous time-loop he participates in during [S] Unite and [S] Synchronize.”

tl;dr — people interpret dirk a puppetmaster because he presents himself that way — he tells everyone he knows what he’s doing because he wishes he were.

i’m hard-pressed to think of a single character in the comic whose outward facade matches their true self. no one, not even john, is completely honest about themselves.

one thing that essay doesn’t tackle is: many people view dirk as an abuser because at one point, he thinks he is one.

dirk obviously has depression. at one point he attempts to destroy the AR, and by proxy himself, in a crippling bout of suicidal ideation. that sequence of events is where a lot of fans get to say “but even he admits he was abusive to jake!”

but i’m not sure why everyone just takes that statement at face value.

when i see a character saying “i hate myself, i ruin the lives of everyone i care about” while the story shows that they were not at fault (PLEASE read those essays), i don’t think “wow, they’re such an awful person,” i think “wow, they have depression.”

finally, i’d like to note one more thing.

i believe that fiction should be evaluated separately from the creator’s intent, so i don’t think hussie’s intention should determine whether or not you interpret dirkjake as abusive (as opposed to unhealthy for other reasons). but i seriously doubt hussie intended to portray dirk as an abuser.

homestuck is a comic where female characters are just as nuanced as male characters, where the longest-lasting and healthiest romantic relationship is between two girls, where the villains embody heteromasculine ideals and the heroes have beautifully written, thoughtful coming-out narratives. why on earth would andrew hussie upturn that by writing in dirk strider as the gay predator archetype? how the hell does homestuck, of all pieces of media, accommodate a storyline about a gay teen as a cruel, manipulative predator who abuses other teenagers into fulfilling his sexual desires? it makes no sense.

i want to be clear, since this is easy to take the wrong way in wonderful discourse-filled tumblr land — i’m not saying that believing that dirkjake was abusive makes you homophobic, or that it makes you the kind of person who buys into those narratives. it’s not your fault for reading the text differently. you might think that canon includes all that nasty stuff even if you would’ve done differently if you were in hussie’s shoes.

and if dirk and jake’s dynamic reminds you of abuse you’ve experienced yourself, then i’m not asking you to somehow undo your triggers or your perception of their relationship for the sake of understanding my argument. they’re just fictional characters, after all.

and if you want to argue with me about my opinion, or present evidence to the contrary, please do! i love talking about this stuff, and if i’ve forgotten something crucial or am just plain wrong, i’ll try to acknowledge it.

at the moment though, i personally, fervently believe that dirk and jake’s arc is not about abuse. it’s about another core theme of homestuck: the dangers of forcing too many expectations onto yourself, the dangers of trying to become an idealized version of yourself instead of accepting your own imperfections. you see it in terezi, in vriska, in rose, in karkat, in dave, in virtually every single character, including jake english and dirk strider.

beyond all the problems of dirk’s splinter selves, what tore dirk and jake’s relationship apart was emotional distrust and an inability to communicate. dirk couldn’t show jake emotion or vulnerability once they were together in person because he was terrified that by letting go of his image as ultra-competent and infallible, he would be failing jake — and jake couldn’t communicate his anxiety about their relationship because he was terrified of being any less than the superhuman movie hero he wanted to be.

i’ll end by reiterating that you really really really should read those essays, and also this reconciliation fic by the same author; they’re both fantastic and nuanced and wonderfully written.

aaaaaaand that’s it, that’s my dirkscourse, folks!

thesickficsideblog  asked:

This is more of a narrative suggestion X) After who knows how long in the Castle of Lions, the paladins are DONE with the food goo. Hunk and Lance dig through the kitchen to make dinner. They find old Altean recipes to follow, and Allura and Cora insist they did a wonderful job and it tastes just like home! But the paladins start to feel not so good, and the very confused and concerned Alteans have to deal with pukey and miserable humans as best they can.

Ask and ye shall receive!

(Send me more Voltron prompts!)

A loud clatter sounds from one end of the kitchen.

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Christmas Wreck: KarmAgisa one shot


Nagisa and Karma had been married 2 years and it was 9 years since 3-E. The day was Christmas as Nagisa drove to go meet the old members of 3-E at a party to catch up and celebrate the jolly day that also happened to be Karma’s birthday. Nagisa smiled as he held Karma’s hand using the other to steer, pulling into Chiba and Hayami’s driveway. Rio was the first person to see them, her long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail which swished as she ran towards them. 

“Karma, Nagisa! You’re here!” she said cheerfully. As they stepped out the car she hugged both of them. Nagisa, who had hardly grown, ended up with his chin on Rio’s breasts as she embraced him tightly. Karma chuckled at Nagisa awkwardly patting her back since Nagisa wasn’t necessarily the best with this much physicl contact. Once Rio pulled away Karma grabbed Nagisa’s hand and leaned down to kiss him. Nagisa, who often feared people hating the PDA, blushed.
“Come on Nagisa, relax!” Karma chuckled as he steered Nagisa into the house.

“Nagisa, Karma, long time no see,” Chiba said. He had antlers on which matched Hayami’s but neither seemed pleased with it. Hayami kept flicking the bells on her antlers as if annoyed or intrigued by the intricate addition. Rio smiled at that. Chiba and Hayami both shook hands with Karma and Nagisa, not being quite as outgoing as Rio.

“I see you still cover your eyes,” Nagisa said. Chiba nodded and his lips curled into a soft smile. He then clapped his hands together and looked around at them.

“Anyone want a drink while we wait for the others?” he asked. “We have some pop, water, and…”

“Alcohol,” Hayami said. “I think I’ll have some wine.” Chiba nodded and looked at the others.

“I’ll…I’ll just stick with water…thanks,” Nagisa said.

“Do you have any vodka?” Karma asked them. Hayami nodded and Rio didn’t want anything at the moment. Karma kissed Nagisa’s forehead and smiled. Nagisa held Karma’s hand and leaned against him. People began to slowly come in to the house in small groups. Nagisa and Karma greeted each and they casted Ritsu onto the TV.

There was soft chatter and laughter. Nagisa giggled at Karma who was balancing a piece of watermelon on his forehead. He flicked his head up and caught the piece of watermelon. Rio and Kayano cheered and laughed at the red head’s coordination.

“If Nagisa can’t catch a piece of watermelon, you have to give him a 50 hit kiss,” Rio said, smirking mischievously. Nagisa gulped and looked at Karma who nodded.

Nagisa opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could and Rio grabbed the smallest piece of watermelon in the bowl.

“That’s not fair Rio,” Nagisa mumbled.

“Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed to kiss me!” Karma asked, pouting.

“No no no, I didn’t mean that at all!” Nagisa said. “G-go ahead Rio.”

Nagisa’s point of view

I opened my mouth as wide as possible once again and Rio got ready to toss the piece of watermelon into my mouth. I saw her toss it and reacted too late. It landed on my hands I had cupped beneath my chin in case I missed. I stared at the piece of watermelon in my hands with shock. This means…

Karma leaned forward and I felt his lips move gently against my own. I jolted with the sudden shock and he shoved his tongue into my mouth, dancing with my own. I could taste the faint flavor of vodka on his breath. It felt like it intoxicated me more than him and I hated that.  “Karma, stop! I’m numb… No…ah but why fight? I’m too numb anyway…plus…it’s not TOO bad. I like this….Karma…I love you, no matter what…,” I thought as I heard Rio counting the hits.

“Whoa, already a full 50 hits in only 15 seconds,” she said, sounding both thoroughly surprised and impressed. I wiped my mouth, feeling dizzy and a bit turned on as Karma pulled away. I panted softly and he pulled me into his lap. I hid my face in his shoulder out of sheer embarrassment. It wasn’t as humiliating as Bitch-Sensei kissing me though, at least I enjoyed this. Bitch-Sensei was…weird. She practically choked me with her tongue.

Time passed and I cuddled with Karma as he sipped his vodka.

“Dinner!” Chiba called. Everyone gathered in the huge dining room and sat down at the large table. Once everyone was seated, there was a wave of people putting their finger on their nose. I didn’t know what was going on and reacted too late.

“Ahh, Nagisa you’re saying grace!” Karma giggled. His breath smelled strongly of the vodka he had been drinking and it made me want to break the bottle. I hated having Karma intoxicated, it wasn’t fun but I said grace anyways while I held Karma’s hand. At least I can smell small undertones of watermelon…

“Thank you God for this amazing meal and allowing us all to gather today. We ask that you please bless those in need of your graces the most. Please give strength to the weak, wealth to the poor, shelter to the homeless and love to the lonely. We all also thank you for bringing us together with our significant other and thank you for having a plan for those who have not yet found theirs. In your name we pray, amen,” I said, trying to keep a reasonable volume. A common murmur of “Amen” was heard around the table as we all began to get food on our plates and eat.

Karma held my hand and didn’t let go so I ate with my non dominant hand the whole meal. I noticed that he continued to pour the vodka in his glass and down it. He now had become visibly tipsy and drunk. The bottle…it’s almost empty! I watched him pour himself another glass and I lost it.
“Why don’t you just drink straight from the bottle, seeing as how you’re going to finish it anyways?” I hissed under my breath. Karma smiled in a sweet, dorky way and kissed my cheek. There was no scent of the potatoes, no scent of the roast beef, no scent of onion, pepper, or lime. All I could smell on Karma’s breath was that damned vodka! I scowled and tried to calm myself down. I could always drive home anyways, plus it was Karma’s birthday. Won’t be tomorrow when he has the worst hangover of his life…that’s his fault.

(Time skip to after dinner)

We all began to give presents to one another. Everyone got one present from each household. I hardly cared about who got what and stuff like that, I was too preoccupied with keeping Karma safe and alive. Chiba and Hayami whispered something to eachother and went to the kitchen. I heard a soft, high pitched whistle and everyone silenced. Hayami held a cake for Karma’s birthday and Chiba got everyone to start singing. I left Karma’s side so everyone could take pictures, I disliked being in pictures.

Karma smiled at then, giggling happily. He’s alright, let’s just leave after this. We do have to take care of the dog anyways… I thought. I heard Karma yelp and nearly slapped everyone around him, thinking they might have hurt him. Then I realized he tried to touch the fire of the candles.

“Uh, you know what guys? I’m really sorry but we have to go. Karma is clearly too drunk and I don’t want him breaking anything or getting hurt so we’re just going to head home,” I said, standing up.

“I understand,” Hayami said, speaking for the first time to the whole class. “That’s very responsible of you Nagisa. I understand it can be difficult to do something that may make you seem like the bad guy when it’s for the best. Drive safe.”

There was a small murmur of agreement and everyone said their goodbyes. The girls all gave hugs except for Kirara and Hayami, who settled for handshakes. Ritsu tried to give us a virtual hug which was actually kinda cute in my head. The guys gave handshakes and Karma and I left, Karma’s arm draped down my shoulder.

“I can’t believe you’d be so irresponsible,” I mumbled as I started the car and backed out the driveway. Karma smiled and leaned over in his seat to hug me, nearly making me swerve off the side of the road before I steadied.
“I love you my little *hic* blueberry,” Karma said cheerfully. “I even wrote a *hic* song for you.”

“It can wait until we get home,” I said, my tone softening at the familiar nickname. “Alright, love?”
“Heh, you’re so cute…alright,” Karma said. He still had his arms around me and had his head on my shoulder. I didn’t mind this but I was trying to drive, so it was a bit distracting at first. Karma began to lick and kiss my neck, much to my displeasure as it nearly made me fall off the side of the freeway.
“Karma!” I growled. He bite my neck where he knew I liked it and I gave a small mewl. “S-stop, I have to drive!”

Karma looked like a kicked puppy and his eyes teared up. I sighed.
“I just have to drive, so wait for when we get home. Does that sound alright to you?” I asked him kindly. He frowned.
“If you don’t want to drive I can,” Karma said. No no no no NO! My mind screamed as his arm was taken off from being around me and his hand went at the top of the steering wheel between my hands. “I don’t like driving but I will for you Nagisa…*hic* I love you.”
“GET OFF OF ME KARMA, FUCK! YOU ARE GOING TO KILL US!” I screamed, trying to keep the wheel steady. He turned the wheel aggressively the car veered off the side of the freeway. We were on a part that arched over other freeways. No…Karma…what have you done? I thought, seeing memories play before me as my arm flung out to hold Karma back so he wouldn’t collide with the windshield.

Kayano’s point of view

“Hey Ritsu, you’re getting some kind of alarm on your screen,” I pointed out.
“Oh so I am! Alright, let’s see the news!” Ritsu said. She went half screen as she pulled up the news.

“Two young men identified as Karma and Nagisa Akabane were found dead on the freeway. The blue haired Akabane was found to have no alcohol in his system although Karma Akabane was heavily intoxicated. Nagisa Akabane was found in the driver’s seat, it is assumed that Karma distracted Nagisa, leading them to veer off the side of the freeway. Luckily no one else got killed or injured in the accident. This may have been avoided had-”

“Ritsu, turn it off,” Hayami said, tears beginning to track down her cheeks “TURN IT OFF RITSU!”

Ritsu was sobbing and went full screen. Chiba looked guilty, hanging his head.
“I gave Karma the vodka…this is my fault,” he murmured. Everyone was silent after that. I felt like crying, I felt like screaming. They’re dead…and they probably died arguing….no…how could this happen?

Guard!Jin Part Two

So someone actually requested a part 2 to the guard!Jin post (fun fact that was my very first post on here it feels like it was just yesterday tbh) so I decided today I would do just that since it’d been a while since I visited this topic and I’m excited to like add onto my very first post so without further ado, here is our lovely prince himself Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka I’m kinda digging the blonde hair not gonna lie I’m waiting to see more of it but this is Jin they could do virtually anything to him and he’d probably be able to pull it off like it’s almost a bit unfair like can you actually not for two seconds bc I need to be able to chill its enough that I have to have tae breathing down my neck every second of the day like just friendly reminder I exist and then Jin comes in and is like hi I’m amazing and sweet and beautiful you’ll love me instantly like haha okay I see you bighit I fucking see

  • Part one here
  • Okay so basically guard!Jin is like your best friend right
  • Like you two have known each other for years
  • He’s also been the person who’s protected you and helped you and just really has been there for you for so long
  • He’s the first person that comes to mind for basically everything
  • You want a late night adventure in the gardens?? Jin’s your man
  • You want to talk to someone about something really serious and important??? Just call him
  • You want to talk about some not so serious things and just eat every ounce of junk food you can find??? Ding ding ding we have a winner it’s Jin for all of them
  • We all know he’s an absolute sweetheart and that definitely doesn’t differ when it comes to you
  • Like whenever you need him, no matter what it is, he’s there instantly
  • He takes the night shifts sometimes just to make sure you’re safe even though he truly doesn’t have to
  • “No offense to your skills but I’m gonna guard instead okay??? okay everyone’s cool with it that’s great plz move aside I got this”
  • He first realizes he’s in love with you like about 5 years in
  • For the first three, he’s pushing those feelings aside and being like oh this is how a best friend feels towards their best friend
  • But nah nah that shit’s not platonic at all and literally everyone knows
  • It’s Yoongi who finally gets tired of Jin being like so confused
  • He sits him down and is just like after carefully monitoring the situation and by that I mean listening to the way you speak for two seconds bc literally anyone could tell you’re head over heels, I have decided you’re officially in love
  • Jin decides to continue to ignore bc guard + royalty = no
  • Plus you’re already engaged to be married to a prince
  • You tell Jin all about him
  • How much you hated the arranged marriage, how much you still wish you could find a way out of it but how you’re also happy that it’s at least to someone who’s nice and isn’t a douchebag
  • He is happy for you, he’s always happy for you of course
  • But at the same time, he can see you’re not very content with the situation and he wants to help you in every way he can, physical or emotional
  • In that fourth year, he realizes that lil need to have you happy at all times thing is a lot more than a platonic feeling
  • He realizes his heart skips a beat when he sees you
  • How he somehow finds really lil ways to touch you like hold my hand while we go downstairs so you don’t trip or hold onto my arm so you don’t get lost
  • The way he could watch your face light up a million times over and still smile as widely as he did the first time
  • He only falls deeper the longer he’s around you tbh
  • Like just when he thinks he’s getting a hold of himself, he looks at you and your cheeks are puffed out bc food and you look so cute to him and he’s like well fuck I’m in love
  • You’re just so comfortable around each other, it’s hard not to fall in love honestly
  • Bc how does one not fall for Jin let’s be real
  • Your wedding is getting closer and closer
  • You start to push all of those lovey thought about Jin out of your head and try to focus on your soon-to-be husband but you really can’t
  • You don’t know when, you don’t know how but at some point you fell for Jin just as hard as he fell for you
  • It’s a late night confession that starts it all
  • You both are just laying together, looking at the stars
  • He asks how you feel now that the wedding is so close
  • “It feels cool but it would feel even better if it was you at the end of the aisle”
  • He doesn’t even realize what you said at first bc he’s just picturing that scenario and is all :D
  • But then it’s ??? wait excuse me what was that you just said
  • He doesn’t even give you a chance to repeat yourself before he’s scrambling to give you a hug
  • You both just take a moment to be in each other’s arms before he actually responds
  • “I’d love to be at the end of the aisle waiting for you”
  • You just give each other these cute lil love filled smiles
  • He leans in to give you this soft kiss that makes all the butterflies and heart skips happen
  • Side note his lips look really soft just putting that out there bc wow have you ever looked at his lips like just really looked 10/10
  • It takes a bit of convincing but eventually you get out of the arranged marriage
  • With a lil bit more convincing, you get your father to give the okay on marrying Jin instead
  • Okay but just picture Jin as a king can we do that
  • Like he’s such a gentle soul and he’d be so kind and he’d look so good in a crown
  • The guard that everyone said looked more like a prince than a guard is now the king
  • And both of you are finally together and are just v v happy and you just see Yoongi roll his eyes bc “I told you so”

Fandom: Kuroko no Basket

General Warnings: AU, Arranged Marriage AU, Fem!Kuroko, Imayoshi Shouichi/Kuroko Tetsumi

Summary: Imayoshi Shouichi is a name Tetsumi has known since she could understand what it entails, but she doesn’t actually meet the person that the name is attached to until her sixteenth birthday when a boy and a bouquet of flowers show up at her door.

The dawn of Tetsumi’s sixteenth birthday is nothing special. She hasn’t really celebrated anything in years aside from presents from her teammates, and that stopped after second year.  She especially doesn’t feel like celebrating this year.  The Teikou-Meikou match from barely a month and a half ago is still fresh in her mind, and she hasn’t even seen Kise or Momoi since she turned in her resignation.

Then again, Tetsumi excels at being invisible, at hiding, at being forgotten.

She’s rummaging through the meagre contents of her fridge for something to eat when the bell at the front gates rings.

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I spend a lot of time thinking about how Supernatural would be different if Dean or Sam had been a girl and we’d had a brother-sister relationship instead. 

I imagine that John would have raised them to be equally tough and capable of hunting, but Dean would still look around nervously when he brings Samantha to a seedy bar (one time a guy tried to grab her ass and left with a broken nose and two missing teeth). Sam would keep a close eye on Deanna and possibly stay overnight in the Impala outside the house of whatever guy she went home with, just to make sure she’s okay. The siblings always have each other’s backs; that wouldn’t change. But they’d have new threats to look out for, and that would give the show a different type of edge and a really amazing opportunity to deal with various issues women face in everyday life, especially with the type of life the Winchesters lead.

But that’s not all. Charlie and Deanna would have had a field day LARPing together. You know Gabriel would have been flirting like mad with Sam every chance he got. Instead of various suits and ties, Deanna would have this massive array of little black dresses cause she knows she’s got a smoking hot body and she plans to use it to her advantage whenever possible (demons still warn each other about what happened to Travis after spending the night with the elder Winchester). The siblings would be constantly mistaken for a couple so they eventually just roll with it and develop this really elaborate backstory if somebody asks. At Stanford, Samantha might have been a cheerleader and certainly the top of her class. Dudes would always try and offer Deanna help when she worked on the Impala but then she would stun them by knowing more about cars than they did. Samantha would work out a ton and guys everywhere would be constantly shocked that this oddly tall girl is kicking their asses in fights. Deanna would spend half of her time complaining about periods. Samantha and Jo would have been best friends.

After Swan Song, maybe Deanna went back and lived with Lance and they had a child together. Can you imagine her learning how to be a mother after having virtually no role model for that growing up? Sam finding out that he’s an uncle after returning from hell. Bobby finally hearing about their baby and insisting on receiving constant updates and pictures. The two of them crying just as much as Deanna when she returns to hunting and has to go through the guilt and pain and turmoil of leaving behind this tiny, green-eyed baby.

Imagine Kevin, newly minted member of Team Free Will, being an awkward high school kid and trying to figure out how to act around Samantha, who is this super tall, super gorgeous, super terrifying girl who can kick his ass but also has a smile that shines like the sun and a laugh that fills the room. Just think what a massive crush he would have on her, and maybe those feelings are returned just a little bit, but there’s an understanding that hunting is the kind of lifestyle where you just can’t become attached like that. Imagine Samantha realizing that Gadreel killed Kevin while using her as a vessel and going and shutting herself in his room for a week, only coming out after Dean makes her favorite food and promises that they’ll track down the angel for revenge.

Picture Demon!Deanna, a stunning girl with red lipstick who dresses all in black leather and lace-up boots, winking at men and getting them to follow her outside of the bar, then her eyes flicking black right before she kills them. Imagine Crowley trying to make her stop flirting with the waiters and bartenders until he realized that they could get free drinks that way. You just know that all of the demons in hell would have been gossiping about Crowley’s new girlfriend until he hears about it and throws the biggest fit any of them have seen in a long time.

Samantha would have gorgeous long wavy hair that somehow never gets tangled in fights. Or maybe Deanna would be rocking a pixie cut and constantly getting mistaken for a boy because she wears John’s leather jacket (it’s about four sizes too big but it smells like the Impala so she refuses to take it off).

I have a lot of feelings about the female!winchesters

Cyber Tag

Originally posted by layonhands

Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 926

Part 2 of The Games We Play

For some reason, getting on at the same time lately had been difficult. You’d be logging off, just to see his name pop up, and vise versa. Sure, you would have loved to stay and chat, but you had work to do. So, you left each other little in game presents and notes.

Haven’t seen you on lately. I miss our flirting. Did you replace me with someone real? *gasps* I bought you a pie. I hope you like it!


It wasn’t much, but it was something to let him know that you were thinking of him. You waited a few more minutes before calling it a night.

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A Long Distance Surprise

long distance with vernon and you surprise him//for anon who requested it a looooong time ago.

a/n: finally! it’s been a while since i posted a one shot. my b for being so bad with updating requests. it’s been a tough month TT-TT but since christmas season is coming up! hopefully, less things will be on my plate. this scenario may not be as well written as my others (not like they’re well written in general…) because i literally pushed myself out of this writer’s block. i hope you enjoy this!!

The worse part was that Hansol was on the other side of the world. Facetiming grew difficult because one always had to sacrifice sleep. Text messages can never be answered right away because of the conflicting schedules. Phone calls continued to be expensive and long distance pushed your relationship to new limits, but it only made you two want to make it work.

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Folsom Prison Blues - Part 1

Word Count: 2721

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“You wanna run this stellar plan by me again…one more time.” You asked with your head propped on your arm at the motel table.

“We’re breaking into a museum to get intentionally caught and thrown in Deacon’s jail.” Dean said. “People keep getting killed there, plus, we owe him.”

“I hate this plan.” Sam mumbled.

“So do I!” You exclaimed. “How the hell am I supposed to help with this?

“You aren’t. You’re staying away.” Dean ordered.

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These are the Hands of Fate | Chapter 9

Note: This is unfinished-ish but with a clear subchapter ending point; just what I’d written so far. Figured it was better to share than not. Not as long as usual. Not as combed over as usual. But i hope you enjoy it anyway. 

“Hey Brandon.  We’re heading back. We’d like to go eat at the Olympic Tea Room night. Could you see if it will be possible to get a table in the back? In your name.”

“Of course,” her bodyguard replies, nodding his head as he stands by the security team’s car, which is parked behind her and Tom’s white Toyota Highlander.  

“Thanks,” Taylor says, smiling and walking back towards her vehicle, where Tom is waiting.

“Ready?” Tom asks, as she opens the passenger door and sits beside him.

“Yeah,” Taylor confirms, sitting and buckling, and then taking her phone out of the glove box.

Ten missed calls, 43 new texts. But nothing that pressing. Just group texts, friends, her mom. She made a mental note to get back with Karlie soon.

She sighs and turns to Tom as he gets back on the main road. “I’m going to call Tree and let her know about the pap,” she tells him.

He rubs her arm. “Okay.”

Taylor dials her publicists’ number, who picks up on the second ring.

Tom listens to one half of the conversation as Taylor skips pleasantries. “Hey. They found us.” … “Mhmm.” … “At the beach. We were on the rocks.” …  “No, just one guy, I think.” … “Um yeah you could say that.” … “No I don’t think it will be ambiguous.” … “Yeah several times.” … “Probably Thursday.” … “Okay.” … “Okay.” … “Yeah, I know. I’ll mention it. Will you e-mail it to me?” … “Thanks. Okay. Talk to you later.”

Taylor ends the call and sets her phone in her lap, sighs and stretching her legs out in front of her.  She can feel Tom’s eyes on her intermittently as he drives. She looks over at him and rubs his arm for a second before returning her hand to her lap.

He didn’t have to ask if she was ‘okay’; he knew she wasn’t.  He could tell she was edgy about having been photographed with him and while kissing. But, he would let her take the lead if she wanted to talk about it.

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Playing Husband and Wife

Prompt: hii! can you do a ten scenario where you’re an idol, probably 3 years younger than him, and you’re together on WGM? thank youu☺

Pairing: Ten/ Y/N

Originally posted by taesyong

“Y/N, wake up~ Y/N!”

Someone was shaking your shoulder, willing you to wake up.

“Y/N!” It was your leader.

Sometimes, sharing a dorm with your members can be a pain in the butt.

“Hm?” You opened one eye and saw your group leader’s looming face.

You awake with a start.

“Waaah!” You fell off your bed with a thud.

Your leader merely laughed. The other members also gathered around you.

“Happy birthday, Y/N!” they all greeted.

You rubbed your eyes, wiping the sleep away.

“Thank you!” You smiled widely.

They also produced a two-tiered chocolate cake and made you blow the candles. But then you realized they weren’t the only people in your room.

There were the camera crew as well as staff.

But of what?

Your eyebrows creased in confusion until one of the writer-eonnies handed you an envelope.

You opened it and read its contents.

“What does it say?” the maknae of your group asked. The rest waited for you to read the letter out loud.

“Today is the day you will be meeting your virtual husband.”

‘Ah, We Got Married,’ you thought. You remembered your manager approached you one day and told you that you were participating in the show.

It was a dream come true for you! Of course, you were excited, very excited. You’ve been wondering ever since who your virtual husband was? So, naturally, you avoided all kinds of spoilers.

“He prepared this for you,” writer-eonnie said, gesturing around your room. “He also bought you the cake.”

“He came to our dorm?” Your eyes roamed around and saw teal-colored balloons floating. Tied at the end of their strings were your pictures with your members.

“Your virtual husband must be rich,” your leader joked. The rest of the members laughed.

“You have one clue of who your virtual husband is,” she continued.

“Ah, really?” you said as you continued looking through the pictures. Your members, of course, were also excited at your virtual husband’s sweet gesture and looked through the pictures as well.

“Look through the pictures,” she said.

“I wonder who he is?” the main vocalist of the group wondered while searching through the pictures.

“Ah!” You found one odd picture. It was of a boy wearing red clothes with spiky hair. However, his face was blurred.

Your members huddled around you.

“Hmmm, he’s got style,” one of them commented.

“He’s probably a bad boy,” another said.

“You already got two surprises from him,” writer-eonnie said, after your group’s silence.

“Meaning there’s more?” you asked, surprised.

“He said you should be spoiled for today because it’s your birthday,” she said while smiling.

“Aaaawwww~” your members said in unison.

“He’s sweet,” one of them said.

“Are you ready to meet him?” writer-eonnie asked.

“Very,” you replied, putting your game-face on.

The rest of your day was spent with you following around the clues left by your virtual husband. All the while, excitement was bubbling up inside you that you were afraid you might burst.

The last of the clues led you to Lotte World.

You were carrying his surprises. Of course, constant at your side were the “We Got Married” crew who documented every single of your reactions.

Your gifts were a teddy bear, a book, a box of chocolates, bracelet, necklace to name a few.

Writer-eonnie also emphasized that your virtual husband bought all of these with his own money.

“He really must be rich,” you joked as you got another gift which was a couple headband from Lotte World.

Only, you had no idea who to share it with.

“Are you tired?” writer-eonnie asked you as you paused from walking. Your gifts proved to be heavy after running around and following the clues.

“I’m good,” you answered.

“Don’t worry. It’s almost over,” she said. “Let’s go over that bench.” She pointed to a nearby bench.

You took a seat and sighed in relief. At least, you had an opportunity to rest your tired legs.

“How many gifts have you got?” writer-eonnie asked.

You reached for your bag and counted the gifts inside. “7, 8, 9. I got 9 gifts.”

She handed you another card. You opened it in haste.

“'What comes after 9?’” you read the contents. You stared at the camera with a confused look. “10?”

At the sound of 10, someone emerged.

“That’s right!” His voice was light and happy, and it came from your right side.

Your mind was still bit too slow to process the right answer. “10?”

“That’s me.”

You looked at your right and saw someone you definitely recognize.

‘Ten? Ten as in Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul? Ten from NCT U?!’

You were freaking out.

“Oh my gosh,” was all you could say.

“Hello, Y/N. I’m Ten, your virtual husband. Nice to meet you.” Of course, he completed his introduction with a sweet smile.

'Get over it, Y/N,’ you berated yourself. But it was difficult because your favorite K-Idol was your virtual husband. You were afraid you might faint.

“Hello, Ten-sunbaenim. I’m Y/N. Please take care of me,” you said after finally getting over your shock. You bowed to him to show your respect, too.

“Aw, we’re too formal with each other,” he commented with a pout.

“Too cute!” you blurted out and you almost wanted to choke yourself.

But Ten merely laughed.

“But maybe we’ll get close in time, right, Jagi?” he said, winking at you. He also draped his arms around you.

You were stunned at what he said that you merely nodded.

“You’re so cute when you blush,” he said, pinching your cheeks.

“Yah! Oppa~”

But he, again, only laughed. Then his expression turned serious.

“But you thought this was your last surprise right?”

“Is there more?” you asked. How could there be more?

If you were being honest, he actually has given you a lot.

“Of course there’s one last gift! Your tenth!”

You laughed. Of course he was staying true to his name. Ten.

“I wonder what it’ll be?”

“It’s for me to know and for you to find out!” he said as he led you running towards a truck.

He got on the driver’s side while you rode shotgun. There were also cameras installed inside the car, and you can’t help but be conscious. The crew followed you two closely behind.

“Where are we going, oppa?” you asked after a few minutes of silence.

“You’ll see,” was Ten’s reply.

Night slowly came and with it came the stars. You looked outside the window and saw that you were out of the city and into the countryside.

Where was Ten leading you to?

You got your answer as soon as you saw a field of flowers.

Ten stopped the car, got out, and opened your door for you.

“Thank you,” you said, smiling at his gentlemanly actions.

“Anything for my wife,” Ten said, flashing you again with his sweet smile.

He held your right hand as he led the way towards his surprise.

In the middle of the field of flowers was a table for two. On it was a candlelit dinner. There was also a butler and a violinist nearby. Everything about it just screams romantic.

“You made this for me?” you asked him. He just made your jaw drop with his efforts.

“Happy 18th birthday, Y/N,” Ten said while holding your hands. “I promise to be a good husband.”

Out of impulse, you hugged him. Ten was shocked at the gesture but soon returned the hug.

“Thank you so much, oppa,” you said.

“Aw, don’t cry, Jagi,” he said as he wiped the tears at the corner of your eyes. “Let’s eat?”

The rest of the evening was spent with you and Ten talking about each other. You even forgot the cameras were rolling. Until writer-eonnie told you it was time to wrap up.

You were whisked away to a van that will take you to your dorm.

“Y/N!” Ten’s voice came in loud and clear in the field.

“Oppa?” You turned to regard him.

“Give me your phone,” Ten said as he held out his palm.

You fished your phone out of your pocket and gave it to him.

Ten typed in his number and saved it in your contacts.

“Oppa give me yours, too,” you said.

“Here.” Ten handed you his phone. You took it with somewhat shaky hands. Finally, you managed to type in and save your number as “Jagi”. You smiled at your little joke.

You locked his phone as you handed it to him.

With a smile, you said, “Thank you so much again, oppa. Have a safe ride home and good night.”

“You too, Y/N. Take care.” And for like the 11th time that day, Ten surprised you with a kiss on the forehead.

After, he immediately went to his van and left you in a dazed.

“Y/N, come on! It’s already late!” Writer-eonnie was frantically gesturing at you.

“Um, c-coming!” You jogged towards the van and got in.

The ride back to your dorm was peaceful.

You thought of texting Ten but then thought against it.

You searched your contacts and almost laughed out loud at what he saved his number on your phone.

“10 out of 10, huh?” you said, smiling.

You were definitely looking forward to making more episodes of him on We Got Married.

Notes: This was a challenge to write. Also, this was assuming that Ten is already 21 and Y/N is 18. :D And again, I got carried away with writing this. XD Ten, why are you such a muse to me? Hahahaha! Hope you enjoy this, Anon-ie~

SSPrompt: Drifter

Prompt: In which he finally decides to visit.

a/n: please excuse this lengthy hiatus. I love you all so much.

Enjoy. <3

Most days, Sakura found herself going on with her life. As she had once decided to think of it, life doesn’t stop every time your heart breaks. And so she kept going. Being the new head medic of the village helped to keep her hands and mind occupied. With Tsunade and Shizune away and tending to other villages in need of proper medical care, Sakura filled most of her days with a calming mixture of mountainous paperwork and Leaf nin in dire need of repair. With every bit of her focus invested in the task at hand, in the working of chakra from her core, through her limbs, and into her healing hands, Sakura would go about life with a head held high. Still, it always seemed to ruin her just a little more every time he walked through those gates.

She would always remember the first time he waltzed back into the village. It amazed Sakura how the man could do things with such nonchalance. Sure, the last time the lot of them had been together, he had singlehandedly become the #1 threat to global security and all around peace, but- why not just walk right into the village? At the mere feeling of his likeness within the same building, Sakura had stopped her tasks right then and there, as her being threatened to crumble and her heart quite possibly palpitated right out of her chest. While Kakashi enjoyed his break of executive duties with tea in hand, eyes on the golden horizon, she sat at her desk; pen completely still in her hand, blood running colder with each passing second. Her curiosity did not escape her despite the circumstance. Blinking her concentration, she measured his heart rate from where she sat. Much to her anticipation, the Hokage was as calm, cool, and disgustingly collected as ever.

And yet here she was-

Feeling like a scared girl again, documents regarding Fire Country medical care in hand.

The door swung open with such ease- as if just anyone were about to walk through it, bringing mission briefs or good tidings, but Sasuke was not and nor could he ever be just anyone- that Sakura had to restrain herself from screaming. Still, the listlessness that covered her otherwise placid face did not betray her. And even as Sasuke stood before the two of them, forcing the great weight of his presence upon the room, Sakura did not budge.

And without missing a beat, the Uchiha closed his eyes in that blasé fashion of his and spoke-

“There’s a village right outside of Iron that is in need of herbs native to this region. I intend to deliver on this.”

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Easy Pt 1. (Rewrite)

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Bodyguard Chanyeol vs. Assassin Sehun
(ft. other exo members in future chapters)
Who will you fall for? Keep up with my story to find out^^
-dramatic music-

“Lock… Aim… Shoot.” he muttered as his silenced sniper rifle went off. He smiled to himself, “Dead.” Oh Sehun climbed down the fire escape, and disappeared into the night as his victim lay defeated on the street. He heard horrified screaming and he ran away from the scene. Once home, a box laid by his door and he carefully brought it inside. Opening it, he picked up a small flip phone land listened to a voicemail. He knew what this meant… another assignment.

New Target, (Y/F/ N) (Y/L/N).
Mission: Bring target to HQ. Target’s father is head of an organization that works under the FBI. Has valuable information. Find her. You will have no new assignments until mission is complete


Another day at her mother’s flower shop. Y/N remembered spending time with her in this small building. That’s why she loved being here. Surrounded by the scent of flowers and memories of her now deceased mother. Y/N suddenly jumped up when the bell rang at the door. A tall man entered with a frown plastered on his face. “Hello! Can I help you with something?” She asked walking up to him. “Oh right. I’m Sehun. I’m a photographer.” he said dryly. He seemed distant and cold…And his aura was oddly intimidating. “Are you going to tell me your name?” he asked. “Oh I’m Y/N..Nice to meet you.” she smiled brightly. “Well Y/N. I’m working on a photo project and I need some flowers for it…What do you recommend?” he asked. 

“Hmm..You seem to like these a lot.” She said noticing him staring at some tulips. “I think if you get something that interests you, it’ll turn out better.” she said fiddling with the tulip petals. He nodded and placed them on the counter. She rang him up and he was on his way out the door. He strode back up to the counter and extended his hand which held a pink tulip. “For you..” he said. She felt her face heat up as she accepted it and thanked him shyly. He left silently and she began instantly daydreaming.

Annoyed, he walked out of the flower shop. Ugh he hated flowers, his nose and throat began to itch…He threw the flowers into some homeless man’s fire. “Bad date huh?” the homeless asked. Sehun stopped and glared at him, to which the man ran off. He began walking back to his apartment complex. Once he entered, he kicked off his shoes and laid back on his couch. ‘How am I going to get her to HQ? Do I kidnap her? I need her trust first..I can do this. I have 21 unfailed missions in a row…’ He smirked to himself. “This’ll be easy.” he muttered. 

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Closing time…Sadly. Now Y/N had to go home to an empty apartment. Since ya know, her dad was hardly ever home. Locking the front door, a shadow loomed over you. “Chanyeol! I told you not to sneak up on me!” she giggled as she turned around. Long arms wrapped around her as she met her best friends bright smile. “I know!” he laughed. “Literally with as clumsy as you are, you’d think I’d hear you coming!!” she teased. He scratched the back of his neck and blushed. “I’m not that clumsy…” he muttered. “Anyways…Are you hungry? I can take you to dinner for scaring you.”
“Aw. Okay! Let’s go!” She smiled up at him. Wrapping her arm with his they both began skipping down the sidewalk like maniacs…Once they got to a good restaurant Chanyeol held the door for her, and pulled her chair out, he was always a gentleman to her. 

Once their food came out, both of them fell quiet. Chanyeol ate like he hadn’t eaten in days…Which made Y/N wonder, just because she worried about him. He peered up at her with puppy eyes, “Aish, I can’t eat with you staring at me.” he laughed as he covered her face with a large hand. Y/N giggled and swatted his hand away. Suddenly, the waitress came back up and handed them the receipt. “Oh why did we get a discount?” Y/N asked confused. “Oh we give couples discounts! You two are very cute together!” she smiled. “B-but…” she studdered. Suddenly, Chanyeol grabbed Y/N’s hand, “Aren’t we??” he giggled at her flustered face and immediately blushed too. The waitress smiled and walked away leaving Y/N staring at Chanyeol with disbelief. “What? I wanted the discount..” he laughed. “Park Chanyeol!” she said pouting. “Cheap food is the best food, but feel free to keep pouting. Its cute.” he smiled. 

He always did this..,Whenever someone would mistake them for a couple, Puppyeol disappeared and Flirtyeol showed up…And it was complicated to deal with because, honestly, Y/N really had feelings for him. They grew up together, and nobody knew her the way he did. But she couldn’t tell if Flirtyeol was mindless teasing or him trying to get her attention. “Aw I’m sorry. Come on its late. I’ll walk you home.” he said offering her his arm, to which she instinctively wrapped her arm around his.

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Walking next to her in the night, Chanyeol felt at peace…Sort of. She was safe with him and that’s all that mattered. Though, this time, protection wasn’t just a mission…It was his world right now. Y/N and him grew up together since they were barely able to stand, and when she lost her eomma…Chanyeol took care of her. He remembered her crying herself to sleep on his shoulder, her hiding behind a wide smile so people couldn’t see just how sad she was. That’s when Chanyeol knew he had feelings for her. So the fact he was chosen to protect her…Made him a bit scared for once that he couldn’t do his job. What if something happened to her? Who’s looking for her? What do they want? He thought of the phone call…

“Agent Park. We have a new assignment for you. A girl by the name of Y/F/N Y/L/N is in danger of assassination. Her father is the leader of our sector, and he requested you protect her. Your income will be tripled until she is completely safe.”

He was so shocked he dropped his phone. He didn’t know Mr. Y/L/N was her father…Chanyeol had never seen his face and he thought it was only coincidence they had the same last name. Chanyeol peered at the clock and realized she’d be closing up her flower shop soon, and that’s how he was here now, right by her side. With every step he scanned every corner, and every alleyway, subconsciously holding her arm against his body. No way in hell was some sniper or assassin going to take her out so easily.

 “Chanyeol..Were you listening?” she asked him with slight annoyance across her face. “Of course. You were telling me about the guy that came in the shop today and how weird he was.” he smiled down at her. Thank God for all those torturous hours of being taught to listen and think at the same time. She smiled back at him and he felt his heart slightly flutter. And a twang of guilt…Guilt because she had no idea he was a bodyguard or an assassin…If she knew would she be afraid? He shook his head to rid the thought. “You alright?” her voice asked. “I just have a headache. I’m not feeling well.” he said rubbing his temple. “Aw..You can stay over if you want.” she offered. Yes it worked! Now he could make sure she was safe all night, he let the worry roll off his shoulders. “Thank you, Y/N. I will.” he smiled.

“Who is this idiot?” he muttered to himself. Sehun ran his hand through his hair and sighed in annoyance. He observed the male character. Over 180 cm, strong…Taking in his surroundings…Damn…bodyguard. Sehun could spot Sector 6 assassin bodyguards from miles away. They were smart, fast, and some of the most brutal people to come into contact with. He was almost one of them…Until he couldn’t take the torturous tests anymore…Now he was here, killing people who knew too much. He continued following his target and her guard from afar…Watching and taking in as much information as possible. Snapping a picture of the mans profile he scanned his identity.

Agent Park Chanyeol
49 consecutive missions accomplished in a row.
One out of 6 in Sector 6 assassination program
Avoid if possible

He almost turned around, if the database said to avoid him…He must’ve been really lethal… But all of Sector 6 profiles said that. Sehun believed it..He went through what they did. He remembered how they used your fears against you..So you virtually feared nothing. Without realizing it, Sehun was just a few feet behind them. He knew Chanyeol was listening to his movements by the way his head was slightly turned. He was still talking to the target with a broad smile. Sehun noticed how he was smiling though. It was a genuine smile, not the fake ones he came to know. He smirked to himself, “Maybe this’ll be harder than expected.” he muttered. The next thing he knew, they were entering an apartment together and his eyes met with Chanyeol’s. An average man would’ve probably been a bit disturbed by it but Sehun returned his glare as he watched him disappear into the building. Now that he knew where she lived, he departed and headed home as well.

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As soon as they reached the elevator, Y/N noticed Chanyeol acting a bit strange or bothered by something. Probably since he wasn’t feeling well, so she dismissed it as nothing more. He harshly pressed the elevator button to the top floor penthouse. Yes, Y/N’s apartment was a penthouse. Thanks to her dad’s company. She didn’t know what company it was, or what it did but, it seemed to provide quite well for him. She texted her father doubtful he’d text her back.

Appa, Chanyeol is staying the night. So if he’s asleep on the couch if and when you come home, don’t freak out like last time😂😘

She smiled as she closed her screen. Dad wasn’t home much but he did have a sense of humor, she imagined him smiling at her teasing. A smile she only saw on holidays or her birthday..And maybe once in a while when he came to see his beloved daughter.

✉Appa: Aish, I can’t live this down..But thank you for telling me. Why don’t you just tell him to move in? He practically lives there anyways.
📩Because ppl would start rumors Appa😂😂
✉Ah true. Okay Appa needs to work. Good night!

“Aish!” she sighed. Well at least she had two minutes of conversation with him.. She buried her face in her pillow. “Hey Y/N-ah…Y/N-ah…Y/N-AH!” a deep voice rolled from across the hallway. “Whatttt??” she pouted. She got up and sauntered over to the doorway of the guest room. “Haiii! I’m not tired. Let’s watch a movie!” he smiled. “Ooh yesssss!! Just as long as its not the Lion King. You cried last time..” she teased. “I TOLD YOU IT WASN’T CRYING! I WAS SWEATING BECAUSE IT WAS HOT IN HERE!” he defended. “Park Chanyeol..You were sweating from your eyes? Seems sketchy to me..” She shrugged and skipped to the living room.

 She heard his clumsy footsteps behind her as he walked to the kitchen. As Y/N nestled down on the couch, she heard the buzz of the microwave and she knew Chanyeol was making popcorn. “A movie isn’t a movie without popcorn. Y/N that’s just taboo..” he’d always say if she refused to eat it. She felt a blanket cover her and as she looked up, Chanyeol held a giant bowl of popcorn and waddled to the other side of the couch where he plopped down. “Don’t peek. The movie is a surprise tonight.” he said. “I told you I’m not watching Saw..” Y/N said. “Ani, its not Saw. Its not a horror film anyways.” he laughed. She obeyed and closed her eyes. Soon a familiar song filled the room.

Born of cold and winter air
And mountain rain combining. This icy force both foul and fair has a frozen heart worth mining~

She opened her eyes and stared at him as he sang along to the familiar opening song of Frozen. “So cut through the heart, cold and clear. Strike for love and strike for fear. See the beauty, sharp and sheer. Split the ice apart…AND BREAK THE FROZEN HEARRRRTTT!” he sang.
They giggled as they sang the rest of it together. As the movie went on, Chanyeol literally sang to every song, and Y/N soon drifted to sleep to the sound of his voice.

“Y/N-ah?” Chanyeol whispered softly. He moved her hair out of her face and sure enough, she was finally fast asleep. He giggled to himself. Getting up, he lifted her up and brought her to her bed. He gently placed her down and covered her with her blankets. She squeezed her pillow tightly and squeaked out a faint “Eomma”..Chanyeol’s heart sank. As far as she knew, her eomma died in a car accident. But that simply wasn’t true. She was murdered for knowing too much. And seeing the pain and sadness it caused Y/N..He decided to dedicate his life to protecting people and helping fewer hearts ache like his did. And now, he was protecting the very person he cherished. He walked out of the room and out into the hall. The security guard asked him why he was up so late. Usually, Chanyeol never left during the night when he slept over at Y/N’s. “Ah just for a walk.” Chanyeol smiled. As soon as he left the building, he circled it. He was checking the perimeter. He checked the fire escape, the roof, around in the alleyways…Everywhere. It seemed safe so he went back in. He checked on her once more, locked the door and all the windows tightly…Still not satisfied, he just slept on the floor of her bedroom. He was comfortable now, but he knew that’d be a different story in the morning

______________________________________________________________Pt.2 coming soon!! Yayyy I hope you guys like this as much as I liked writing it^^ (Hopefully this version was less confusing;p)