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Kinda fluffy and angsty, could i ask short stories for Dva/Reapy/Genji noticing that their S/O is about to or collapses from overusing their ultimate ability? Thanks in advance, but no need to do it if it makes you uncomfortable :x

((Soooo, this sat here for a loooong time, so I’m going to post it. It’s missing genji, I’m so so sorry! I hope that’s okay!))

((The hardest part of this…was coming up with the fricking name/catchphrases for these attack lmao. Because I am….baaad at coming up with attacks and such))

D. Va was maneuvering her MEKA through the droves of hostiles, her fusion cannons tearing through their armor and dropping them before her blasters had stopped pushing her. This had been an intense battle, Talon had forced the Overwatch agents into a head-on battle that had been raging for the better part of the afternoon. She wasn’t streaming this, no, civilians didn’t need to see the dead bodies of human beings. She would be happy when this was finished and done with, they were pushing all of you to your wits end. Hana stared at the screen of her computer, typing away at it to follow where the other agents were located. Lucio was on the other side of the field with Roadhog and Torbjorn, Mercy was flitting across the field to reach Reinhardt who was asking for back-up and you were twenty meters away facing hostiles.

“Make a wish”, you yelled for what felt like the hundredth time that day although it was only your third. Your gun glowed bright white your weapon aimed straight up, wincing at the recoil that hit your shoulder as the meteoric metal rained from above. Your shoulder felt numb as you watched the bright and shining metal shower down on the enemies around you, the felled enemies the only upside in this whole scenario. Your eyes blearily looked across the field confirming that your area was clear–but something was wrong. You were exhausted, your vision was blurring, you tried to lift your arms but you couldn’t. “Well…shit.”

“Y/N”, Hana yelled, watching as your legs began to give out and you fell to the side. She slammed the button for her boosters, hitting eject and popping out of her mech, rushing forward from the momentum to grab hold of your body.

“Hey sunny bunny”, you said sweetly, looking up at your worried girlfriend before your eyes squeezed shut. “I may…have overdone it.”

“Babo”, she said with a small pout on her lips, lightly flicking your forehead. You flinched with a small, breathy chuckle, groaning softly. Her hand jumped up to her comm link, pressing the button. “Need healing!”

Reaper threw his shotgun to the side as he watched the last of the guards in his sector crumble, pulling two more from what his lover playfully called ‘hammer space’. It appeared that this mission would be over soon enough; Sombra had already extracted the information from the computers and now you and Gabriel were cleaning house for those that got in your way. Gabe knew you had the floor below him, his hand lifting to his comm.

“Status update”, he stated plainly, shifting into his wraith form as he began to move towards the rendezvous point in the back of the building.

“I’m good Gabby”, Sombra said back, ignoring the agitated growl that followed. “But you might wanna get downstairs, looks like your special friend is bouta take a siesta.”

The hacker was watching the security camera feeds, your back literally against a wall as you slammed your hand down under your minigun, the stand dropping down. Your fingers danced across the barrel, switching the ammo in your gun out from regular bullets to poison laced ones, smirking darkly. Your gas mask lay on the opposite side of the room, smashes to absolute pieces by someone who shot it out of your hands before you could affix it to your face. You knew that switching over to your poisonous rounds without proper ventilation or masks could lead to you being poisoned by your own weapons, but you didn’t have the luxury of worrying over that at the moment.

“Time for a spray and pray”, you yelled, finger holding down the button to fire, sweeping the weapon left and right, filling the guards with hemlock-laced bullets.

You grit your teeth, holding your breath as you unleashed hell onto the men in front of you, sweeping left and right. You knew if they didn’t die from the initial shooting, the direct introduction of poison into their system would paralyze their system and kill them. Smoke curled off of your weapon as round after round was fired off, wisps of poisonous gas floating upwards. You smirked as the men fell before your need to breathe won out, gulping in a deep breath, your body shuddering painfully. You wavered for a second before your knee hit the ground, your hand clinging to your gun as you tried to stay upright. You had slowly built up a resistance to the poison your weapon could fire but not a full immunity. Your legs and arms were complete jelly and would stay that way until fresh, clean air was introduced to your system. Until then…you were good as done.


Reaper solidified next to you, surveying the dead and groaning men you had left in your wake, catching sight of your maroon mask before looking back to you. You gave him a sheepish smile, no real excuse coming to mind as he dipped down and pulled you into his arms, squeezing you protectively.

“Next time call for backup, cariño.”

Our Greatest Mission Yet: Part 2

PARING- reader x steve rogers


WARNINGS- strong language, and angst, it get’s better from here I promise

It’s here my lovelies, you have been voicing how much you want a part 2 to this story and let me tell you, its another feel’s one, I hope that you like it, if you want to be tagged in this story please let me know and I will tag you in the next one 




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It had been just a little over a month and you hadn’t seen or heard from Steve in all that time, the others assured you that he would come round, that he would see sense and come running, you though you saw remorse in Steve’s eyes during your last encounter but obviously he still felt the same way about this whole baby fiasco, but you tried not to think about it, you focused on getting up each morning and helping around Clint’s farm, when Natasha had called Clint and told him your situation he replied.

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can i have some bff reaper and soldier 76 headcanons? ily tsym in advance!

Ohh this is so cute! Yasss. I’m taking this as them being bffs with you? :) I haven’t gotten bffs HC’s before!!


  • Ohhh boy is being bffs with Reaper fucking fun. You get away with shit that people would generally die over. Like, you don’t understand. Being bffs with Reaper is really, really special. You feel special. Also no one will ever want to fuck with you because you’re bffs with the fucking grim reaper, bitch!! Yasssssss~ While it doesn’t look like you guys are friends because you give each other so much shit on the field, the fact that you’re still alive after running your mouth is a testament to how much Reaper cares about you.
  • Your conversations are pure gold:

    “D’ya say ‘death comes’ when you’re fuckin’ someone or what?”
    “Do you want to die today?”
    “Look, I’m just saying you’re missing out on a golden opportunity, friend-o.”

    “Saved your life. You owe me.”
    “Technically I’m not alive, so I don’t owe you shit.”
    “Touche, Reaps.”

    “What do souls taste like?”
    “Despair of the enemy as they experience crushing defeat? Delicious.”
    “No, really.”
    “…Sometimes mothballs for some reason. Wouldn’t recommend it.”
    “Oh god. I’m so sorry.”
  • There are tender moments when Reaper just isn’t feeling okay with being what he is. He’ll rage and get mad at what happened during the fall of Overwatch and there isn’t really much you can do to help. It breaks your heart to see your friend so upset. When he falls silent and the both of you are alone, you’re the only person who can give him a hug. He’ll take his mask off and he looks awful, but you’re there to reassure him.

    “Y’know we probably wouldn’t be friends if it didn’t happen, G.”
    “You’re fine the way you are. I guess it doesn’t help much, but I like how you are now.”
    “That makes one of us.”
    “Give me some time to convince you.”
  • There always a careful silence where you just lounge around with Reaper close by, waiting for when he’s ready to talk and be himself again. He’ll put his mask back on before giving you a tight squeeze. “Thanks.”

Soldier 76

  • Okay being bffs with 76 is more obvious when it’s on the field. Your banter and actions make everything really and teammates generally like to hear the conversations between you. The two of you will always have each others’ backs and it’s so nice to know that you can trust each other completely.
  • You also kind of act as each others’ wingmen. It’s kind of a joke, kind of not. You want to see each other be happy, but you both sort of understand that the life of an Overwatch agent doesn’t leave much room for romance. Still, it’s not like you don’t get some verbal jabs in every now and then.

    “Look, it’s your type.”
    “What? Get out, Solly. You totally know what my type is and that is not it.”
    “Are you sure? Look at that neck beard.”
    “Oh my god, I’m going to punch you in the face.”

    “Ooooh, they’re kinda cute. I bet you could growl the pants offa that one, Solly.”
    “What—I’m old enough to be their father—why are you giving me that look?—No.
    “Come on! Sooo many people are into that. Play to your strengths.”
    “This conversation is over.”
    “Wa—Hey don’t you walk away from me!”
  • The both of you have about equal amounts of broodiness and you cover for each other when either of you are just not in the mood to deal with anyone’s shit. Sometimes both of you are broody at the same time and it’s so awful because. Since you’re so close and know everything about each other, you also hurt each other by saying things you don’t mean out of frustration sometimes. But the two of you always experience the same emotions after fights like that. The regret, the fear that you won’t be friends anymore, the possibility of losing someone who is a solid rock in your life; someone you can always turn to when things go sour.
  • Swallowing your pride after realisations like that is pretty easy. The both of you are either in his room or your room and you both look exhausted as you mumble apologies.

    “There’s no way I can do this without you.”
    “I know, Jack. Likewise. This saving the world thing is tough.”
    “I lost someone I thought I could rely on. Not sure if I could take another blow like that.”
    “You won’t. I got your back. I swear.”
    “Yeah and I got yours.”


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The First Contact Job is lowkey God’s gift to Earth like

  • BUNGEE JUMPING OFF A HOT AIR BALLOON because she won dat bet
  • Hardison uses two whole jumbo bottles of hand sanitizer because of his fear of dust mites
  • Eliot saying with his little grin, “You never know when you’ll have to fight an alien,”- he’s such a great hitter aww
  • And Hardison making Eliot move around like an idiot in that gigantic field after the signal is sent
  • Undercover wackjob Eliot too tho and Sophie giving him props on his acting gives me life
  • And don’t forget about Professor Sophie deciphering the alien message
  • And there’s still Parker and Hardison as agents they kill me
  • “Ooh, fire. I do like fire,” Parker’s usual insane happiness yep
  • Oh, and Nate punching that guy that is ordered to get Sophie completely satisfies my Sophie x Nate needs ahh
  • Eliot trying to fight off like five guys without breaking anything
  • Parker imitating E.T
  • Eliot pretending to have been probed
  • ahh Sophie you hot tamale, grifty grifter you’re perf
  • “Don’t worry it’s perfectly safe-ish,” Nate Ford everybody
  • Can we continue to talk about the team’s amazing technical genius work in convincing Kanack that aliens are getting him???

This job in its enterity is my religion I stg