when you look to the night skies

For @paolarq who so sweetly asked for pb&j skiing/snowboarding. I’ve given Bitty my absolute distrust of skiing in this one haha. Thank you <3 

Bitty looks down ruefully at the thin planks strapped to his feet. He’d been adamant in his belief that humans weren’t meant to toss themselves down the side of mountains, but when his options were to stay home or go on a free trip to Whistler courtesy of Jack and Kent, well, the choice seemed obvious. His visions of their five-night stay included a lot more time in the chalet and various hot tubs, and less of… this.

Jack and Kent are arguing about which trail to start with. Jack has a map in his hand, struggling to keep his ski poles in his grip, and Kent is dragging himself towards the gondola, one foot buckled into the bindings of his snowboard. They’ve pawned Bitty off to a private instructor for the first day so the two of them can tackle the more difficult trails, which Bitty only accepts because he can ditch the lesson once he’s alone and drink hot chocolate for the rest of the afternoon.

“Eric Beetle?”

All of them turn as the instructor skis up to Bitty, stopping in an impressive display of flurrying snow. His smile is brighter than the frost-covered trees. “I’m Johann, your instructor today.”

Bitty grins back at him. Taller than Jack and blonder than Kent, he sees the boys exchange a look as Bitty offers his hand.

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when i look in to your eyes 

its like watching the night skies

all the beautiful sunrise

well there is so much they hold……..

and just like them old stars

 i see that you  come so far 

to be right where you are 

 how old is your soul…..

well i wont give up on us, even if the skies get rough

I am giving you all my love………….i am still looking Up…….

anonymous asked:

"I don't want to be any star though. I want to be your personal sun,"

“I don’t want to be any star though. I want to be your personal sun,” Chat says, leaning his head back to stare up at the night sky. Patrol times like these are his favorite, when the city is quiet and they’re allowed a moment of peace—it almost feels like a date.

“I can’t revolve around you all day, kitty,” Ladybug giggles, her melodic laughter causing him to hope.

“It’s not that,” Chat starts, turning his head to look at her—they’re close enough where he can count the freckles on her face. “I just wanted you to know that, no matter how dark your night might be, I promise I’ll always bring brightness and light to you.”

Turning to face him, she smiles, and beneath the starry skies of Paris, she leans in and presses her lips to his cheek.

leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five.

so is shallura

a pronoun
(e.g. when you look up at the night sky today please remember that somewhere between the skies, shallura is gazing at each other, warm smiles across their lips.)

a noun?
(e.g. yo @shallura send me shallura. i need me some more of that shit to remind me why i live thx.)

a verb?
(e.g. i can’t believe @onemerryjester and i just shallura-ed the entire fucking day tryna put together this @shallurazine.)

an adjective?
me:​ i have a confession to make. i’m officially shallura trash.
unfortunate friend: right.
unfortunate friend: …
unfortunate friend: you just told me that yesterday.
me: okay i just wanted to make sure you know.

nah fam, this isn’t a question. repeat after me: 

shallura isn’t a part of speech. shallura is perfection.

Daniel Andre Tande imagine - “I was just there”

It was still dark outside when you opened your eyes meaning it was the middle of the night. Your head was pounding already knowing you were going to have annoying headache in the morning. Yesterday you went out for a few drinks which turned into a lot of drinks and you got a bit wasted. Now that you look back you know it was a horrible idea. In that moment you took in your surroundings. This wasn’t your room. You didn’t recognize it not even when you looked next to you. Because of the lights outside you could see the silhouettes of things in the room. The next thing you noticed was the sound of someone breathing next to you. Moving your head fast to look at that person your body reminded you of the night before and the headache you currently had. It was too dark to see anything so you still didn’t know who was lying next to you. Taking a deep breath in you looked up to the ceiling closing your eyes in the process trying to remember some bits and bobs from last night. You were sitting around a small table in the bar next to your accommodation during the Lahti world championship. The bar was filled with ski jumpers that were celebrating the end of world championship. As you were working for your national television you got to meet a lot of ski jumpers more personally. You were sat with a couple of them but then you remember walking out of the bar with someone’s hand on your lower back. What happened next was a mystery for you. Looking out the window your eyes caught one thing that you didn’t see before. By the balcony door there was a pair of shoes and even with that poor lightning you recognized them. Adidas black slippers with white strips. No. You thought to yourself. Sitting up you tried to find something to contradict your thought. But the more you looked around you found things that confirmed what you assumed. Purple jacket, purple hat, a pair of those big slippers for inside the house and your clothes lying on the flow along with your underwear. No. But how could you let that happen? For god’s sake, he has a girlfriend! No, you can’t become that kind a girl. You didn’t look at him because you knew you couldn’t see if he was sleeping or not. You climbed out of the bed, grabbed your things, got dressed, made sure you had everything and then with the help of the light from your screen found your way towards the door. Even thought you were scared of walking in the middle of the night alone it had to be done. You put on your shoes when you closed the front door behind you scared to do that in the house and wake someone up. Walking fast in that cold night towards your place that thankfully was pretty close was scar for you and even the adrenaline that was in you couldn’t help you. The chilly air woke you up fully if this whole Daniel-thing didn’t. You were cold, so managing to get a hold of your keys and then unlocking your door as fast as you could, was a bit of a challenge.

The minute you changed into your pyjamas you could feel the tiredness kicking in. You had a bottle of water in your room so you drank a bit of that hydrating your body. Before you laid in your bed you went to unclasp your watch like you always do but your fingers were reaching for an empty air around your wrist. You didn’t have you watch. But you had it on yesterday, that you remember just fine. You were afraid that the worst scenario happened. You forgot it in Daniel’s room. How could you forget about your watch! It was such an amateur move but since you had done something like this for the first time you could’ve expected to forget something. There’s nothing that you can do right now so you tried to fall asleep as fast as you could, trying to catch every minute of sleep you could.

The morning came to soon and your biological clock made you wake up at 7 am. You were far too tired to be awake at this hour but you knew you couldn’t fall back to sleep. Getting up, putting on the most comfortable outfit you could find in your suitcase you headed out to have breakfast. You were hungry and your stomach was calling for food ever since you woke up. There weren’t many people in the dining room so you felt relieved. You needed a slow start today. Maybe it was even your first hangover and you felt a bit ashamed you were so far from home. You were a huge home girl so at times like this when you felt horrible you always wanted to be laying on your sofa with your family.

While you were eating your breakfast people started to wake up and the room was already getting crowded. Drinking one last sip of your coffee you stood up making space for some other hungry creature.

But somehow you managed to run into someone that you had enough seeing for today. Even though you saw just his rough outlines in the middle of the night. “Y/N, I hoped I would run into you.” You thought to yourself `I can’t say the same´ but you thought it is better to keep that sentence to yourself. You looked at him not saying anything back so he continued to talk. But now in a more teasing way. “Since I guess you were in a hurry leaving you left something behind.” He winked at you and you felt even more ashamed of what you did. He waved your watch in front of your eyes and you reacted quickly. You grabbed your watch before anyone could notice it. You put in on your wrist glad that you got it back. Awkwardly thanking him you walked past him getting away as fast as you could. You felt ashamed and definitely not proud of what went down yesterday.

The sexual tension between you two was hard to deny. There were a few moments when his hands brushed my back or my arms and it made you frustrated. You never felt that way before so it was something new. Every time it happened you had to get yourself together. Sometimes I even caught him checking me out, scanning me like a printer. It all got too much and apparently we just needed a few drinks to act on this attraction.

I didn’t even get to the elevator when I felt his presence behind my back. “What are you doing?” You asked him without turning your head. “Last night was great.” He started but you heard enough already. “Daniel Andre Tande, don’t go there. It was a mistake and it shouldn’t have happened. Just forget about it.” You finally looked at him and you knew you shouldn’t. He had a cocky smirk on his face and it didn’t mean anything good. “We’ll talk on the way to your room.” He said entering the lift placing his hand on your back guiding you. The lift was empty so you didn’t waste any minutes to argue back. “Daniel, do you know you have a girlfriend back home? You cheated on your girlfriend last night with me. It didn’t mean anything, let it go.” – “Let me take care of my girlfriend would you? I think we both wanted that to happen and it finally did. I wanted it to happen. I wanted you and I still do.” You would like that so much better without the first part as deep down you knew you wanted him too. But the first part of his reply existed and you couldn’t act like it didn’t. “No Daniel. We were both tipsy one more than the other and it happened. You needed to get something out of your system and she wasn’t there but I was. That’s was it was. I was just there. Nothing more. Let. It. Go.” The lift stopped at one floor and people entered the lift meaning you two weren’t alone anymore. You stayed silent and once your stop came, you hurried out the lift like your feet were on fire. “Excuse me, please. Y/N!” You heard behind you and Daniel was following you.

“This is ridiculous Daniel. First of all; you have a girlfriend. Second, I don’t think it would be really professional of me to have anything going on with you. So now, what you are going to do is the following. You are going to the elevators, push the button, have breakfast and act like nothing happened. If not for you, please do it for me.” You can admit he was really persistent but it didn’t have any sense talking further about you two. The timing was wrong, the circumstances was terrible and it just wasn’t meant to happen. Even with your amazing chemistry off and on camera.

You constantly make me feel like I’m in the wrong for my own issues , for the type of person that I am , but I don’t mean to hurt you , I don’t mean to be idiotic but I need you to understand that I want the depths not the shallows I want the drives of looking at each other and the waking up in the middle of the night to talk for a few hours just because I love your sleepy voice I love the way you call me baby as you close your eyes I love the way you smile when I kiss the sides of your lips , I love how every time we step outside whether it be night time or day time you look up at the sky at the world around you because you love the colours of daytime and you love the stars that fill the dark skies ;

I make mistakes I know that , but I’ll try my hardest to fix them

does it ever mess you up how soft anakin looks

if he smiles enough his cheeks dimple and his nose is curled upwards a little, like a ski slope, and his mouth is really full and pink and his hair is curly, long and nice and really silky-lookingand his face isn’t angular or harsh or hard (but vader’s is) and he has a mole on his chin and his eyes are really, really blue and when he looks down his eyelashes rest on his cheeks and are long enough to cast a shadow and basically

do you think they casted him to look like this on purpose so when you look at him you see this cute loveable teenager that was manipulated and traumatized and conditioned to hurt people on command and you just feel bad instead of disgusted when he kills everyone because he looks like he should be sitting wrapped in a blanket in front of a fireplace instead of fighting a war

does it ever mess you up

Today I learned that we contain more atoms in our body than there are stars in the universe we know.
Each star can give off enough light to nourish an entire solar system and allow life to exist like our sun.
And you have billions and trillions of atoms that make you,
And you have the nerve to say that you’re worthless?
Well I have to disagree. Scientifically that is false.
Imagine our sun just gave out because it felt it didn’t shine bright enough.
Or what if our moon just broke apart because it’s tired of all the beatings it took from meteors.
Or the stars stopped twinkling because they’re so far and alone.
Without our Suns flames we would not be able to exist. And without our moon we would not have anything to look forward to in the night sky.
Without our stars?
We’d have no more art in the skies. And our galaxy would be empty.
So don’t tell me you’re worthless when you have an entire universe in you, you have responsibilities to the stars inside of you.
Keep your flame burning.
Take the hits
And don’t let your stars die out. Because God knows, you are worth as much as the universe.
—  S.A // You Are Worth As Much As The Universe

Oh, this is the night, it’s a beautiful night
And we call it bella notte
Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes
On this lovely bella note

Side by side with your loved one
You’ll find enchantment here
The night will weave its magic spell
When the one you love is near

Oh, this is the night and the heavens are right
On this lovely bella notte

Done again by the amazing @goldengrimoire3 He’s amazing.

name a star in the night sky after her.

lay with her below it on a cool autumn night. hold her and kiss her and let her know she is all you pray for and wish for every night.

she is and will be your North Star, your guiding light, when everything feels like a black hole and you are being stretched thin. look to the skies and she is there. even when she is not right beside you.

the signs as things I associate with summer

Aries: huge beach balls, burning hot sand, loose tank tops

Taurus: seafood, bright sunny days, tiny sea shells, glass coca cola bottles

Gemini:  tye dye t-shirts you make at camp, tropical fruits, pictures that make the sun look just a little too bright

Cancer: late night bonfires with friends, firefly catching, really green leaves on trees

Leo: going to the mall, outdoor parties, tooth shark necklaces

Virgo: cute little flowers that you keep on a balcony, big messy t-shirts you use when you paint,  popsicles that keep dripping 

Libra: feather earrings, gossip about someone’s new look, staring out the window

Scorpio: going to a nice cafe for breakfast, red clay, open toed shoes, 

Sagittarius: pastel blue skies, white tennis skirts, bright green wet grass

Capricorn: that one friend you still have a grudge on, surf boards, whittling your initials into a tree

Aquarius: sea foam, humid nights, hearing the wind slam doors shut

Pisces: flower crowns, bright colored posters at the mall, crowded market stalls





—  [poems from a golden boy for a silver girl]- Carmen A.
I am watching crystal blue skies rise and I have decided to say goodbye. Bye to the lost girl who found her way into your bed every night. Bye to the rivers I have created out of my silent ugly cries. Oh bye to the feeling of your hand on my thigh and my hand out the window making faces at you while you look at me from the corner of your eye. But you will feel me forgetting you and that is when you will reappear asking anything but innocent questions like, “where was the girl that said she was inlove with me just last year?”
—  October 21, 2015
Out There

Somewhere out there, past the sheet of stars that coat the sky, are billions of planets. Undiscovered and silent. That’s how you felt being a hunter. No thank you’s or how’s your day been, just working behind the scenes. You didn’t mind it, you were a giant planet, with a mind working and spinning, creating something beautiful. The stars were just the everyday obstacles that a hunter had to weave through.
The night was beautiful. Cold air blew past your neck while you tucked your legs under your thighs, pulling your jacket closer. A couple feet from the bunkers door you sat down, staring at the gravel road before raising your eyes to look towards the skies. The stars dotted the sky gently tonight, tiny sparks of light casting a soft glow down on the grass. When you were younger you once though the moon was like a charger for the stars, the large pale orb sharing it’s light with it’s younger siblings.
Dean is kinda like the moon.
You smiled at the thought, always watching him rub off on Sammy. You’d been with them for years, and nothing cheered you up more than watching them shout embarrassing stories at each other in the front seat after a long hunt.
“Yes, they are quite close” a voice made you jump.
“How long have you been there?” you recognized Castiel’s silhouette in the dark.
“Just a minute” he said and walked over to you. Sitting down you were hardly the height of his waist. He looked down at you and smiled, before following your eyes up to the stars.
“Stop reading my mind” you said with a light tone, and you practically heard him snicker.
“You’re interesting” he said and you blushed.
“Come, sit” you patted the ground next to you and Castiel looked puzzled. As your eyes adjusted to the dark you saw his face contort.
“It won’t bite” you joked and finally he sat, crossing his legs into a pretzel. You rested your head on his shoulder and the angel froze, although you hadn’t felt his sudden tense-ness. Castiel knew he cared profoundly for you, but couldn’t dig out the feeling he knew was all too human, hiding deeper inside his heart. So instead he turned his head, looking at your hair fly softly around your shoulders as a small wind blew. He watched your eyelashes as you blinked, and your nose as you scrunched it absentmindedly.
“Stop it” you giggled and he pretended like he was paying attention to the sky.
“Stop what?” he asked, but you knew he was smiling like an idiot. Giving a small chuckle you allowed yourself to drift off, although you hadn’t intended to. But slowly your head dropped off Castiel’s shoulder, and with his hand he caught you. Slowly he scooped you up, holding you tight against his chest. With some struggle he finally turned the door knob and brought you down the metal staircase. He passed silently through the bunker until he reached your door.
Castiel smiled before laying you under your sheets, pulling the blanket up over your shoulders. You turned onto your side in your sleep and Castiel pressed two fingers to your forehead.
“No nightmares tonight” he whispered to himself. And with that he left, all that was heard was the echo of his wings bouncing off your picture cluttered walls.

[TRANS] EXO :: Heaven

Please do not use or translate without asking first!

Hello angel, you’re like a painting. You’re all I see when I look to the skies.
City street lights, even if the lights go out and the moon disappears,
it’s bright because I have a star that fell from the skies, and it’s you.

I keep laughing for some reason every night.
Even when I close my eyes, I can’t sleep.
I spend the entire night with thoughts of you.
Your sparkling smile lets me breathe.
Probably you, you…
I’m sure you must have wings hidden behind your back
Anyone can tell you’re my angel.
I can fly as long as I’m with you.

I gave my everything to those skies
and the skies gave me you.
I want to keep you by my side so you can’t run away back to the skies,
hold you down, keep you with me, hold you tight.

Hello angel, you’re like a painting. You’re all I see when I look to the skies.
City street lights, even if the lights go out and the moon disappears,
it’s bright because I have a star that fell from the skies, and it’s you.
And it’s you.

She says, easily, so easily,
to not jokingly call her so pretty.
Hold me even more warmly, like a blanket.
Stay by my side just like the beginning, without a thing changing.
I’ll be always with you, all I could imagine.
I’d do anything if it meant this could be forever.
If this is a dream, I hope I never wake.
And I just wanna know your everyday.

I gave my everything to those skies
and the skies gave me you. 
So your heart won’t be hurt, so it can’t even be harmed,
I’ll protect you, I’ll live for you, I promise you that.

Hello angel, you’re like a painting. You’re all I see when I look to the skies.
City street lights, even if the lights go out and the moon disappears,
it’s bright because I have a star that fell from the skies, and it’s you.

Even the brightest jewel in heaven
for sure couldn’t be brighter than you.
Don’t drift away from me, baby, won’t you stay?
I’ll love only you forever.

Hello angel, you’re like a painting. You’re all I see when I look to the skies.
City street lights, even if the lights go out and the moon disappears,
it’s bright because I have a star that fell from the skies, and it’s you.
And it’s you.

“When you live as long as I do, you find ways to soothe the voices inside.” Rythian answered, soft words followed by thin billows of smoke. 

The violet wisps gave off a flicker of brilliance and stood as a stark contrast to pale skin. It looked almost alive, twining and moving around itself as if in a long forgotten dance. The smoke caressed Rythians cheeks gently as followed its path upwards, twirling life-like into the dark skies above. Its trail could be seen momentarily like a paint stroke on a black canvas before the night devoured its brilliance whole. A burst of life snuffed almost as quickly as it was born.


Rythians always been a wonderful inspiration to me. When all else fails I fall back upon that wonderfully creative nerd. (and I mean that in an endearing way) When I find my thoughts straying after a let’s play, I find myself mixing and trying out new concepts. All that endermagic can’t possibly be good for one soul to take. Then again, he’s had quite a long time to meditate on his strengths and flaws right?

we just wanted to feel wanted,
to feel alive, to touch our bodies together
and feel something more than insecurity,

but i want you feels like swallowing sandpaper.
i love you is prettier. it’s blades of grass
and starry night skies and feeling
your heart swell in your chest.
it’s what colors our insides red
when our cement is showing
from the walls we built up.

i want you is an action.
i drink a whole bottle of wine and
text you in the middle of the night
to tell you that i want you,
and only then do i realize
i want you is a choice.

i want you is in the morning when
you can’t bear to look at yourself
and in the evening when your laughter
is swirling in the toilet bowl
as tears roll down your face.
and i realize then, with my brain
numb from alcohol and my heart
so low in my chest thinking of
all of the love i wanted to give you
but never was able to, it was because
i couldn’t say it: i want you.

i could say i love the way your eyelashes
cast shadows on your cheekbones
or your sheepish smile after sex
or how determined you are to be a friend.
i could say i love your stupid fucking jokes
that always make me smile when
i’m crying and the way you
never stop when i tell you to,

but i want you rolling down the staircase
with our three-year-old on christmas morning.
i want you eating the dinner i made
in the kitchen we bought with
the money we never thought we’d have.
i want you to open the filing cabinets
and see nothing but family photos and
i want you to put a map in our bedroom
of all of the places we have been.
i want you to read love notes on
every mirror in the house on your birthday
and to be able to show my kids how
to stick together through everything.

i want you.
i feel a scratch in my throat every time
that i say it because it feels like
letting my guard down, it feels like
crossing my fingers that you want me,
handing you my bloody knuckles
and hoping you won’t turn them away.

but here is my soul– please have it.
because i could find someone else to love,
but you are the only one that i want.

—  i want you, and i will never forgive myself if i can’t at least say i gave this my best shot