when you leave your phone with your cat

Quit (Sia & Ariana Grande)
Ariana Grande & Sia
Quit (Sia & Ariana Grande)

Cashmere Cat - Quit (Ariana Grande & Sia Duet Version)

And you say that I’m the devil you know
And I don’t disagree, no, I don’t see the harm

They say, “You crazy, just leave him, he’ll suffocate you”
But I wanna be in your arms

They say, “No, don’t pick up the phone, let them think there’s nobody home”
But I’m under your spell
‘Cause when you call my heart starts to roll
I always want more
It’s my heaven, my hell

We’re heading deep
Inside lives a voice, a voice so quiet
But I can’t hear that voice when your heart beats next to mine

I can’t quit you
I can’t quit you
I can’t quit you
I can’t quit you
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it
I know I’m gonna regret it

When you said, “Baby, I just want you to lay me down and we’ll fuck the pain away”
'Cause skin on skin, I feel nothing but the burning of desire
And that’s just foreplay

We’re heading deep
Inside lives a voice, a voice so quiet
But I can’t hear that voice when your heart beats next to mine

I can’t quit you
I can’t quit you
I can’t quit you
I can’t quit you
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it
I know I’m gonna regret it

I can’t quit you
I can’t quit you, oh baby
I can’t quit you
I can’t quit you, oh babe
Gonna regret it
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it
I’m gonna regret it
I’m gonna regret it
(babe, babe, babe)
Gonna regret it
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it

“Quit” By Cashmere Cat Ft. Ariana Grande Lyrics

And you say that I’m the devil
You know and I don’t disagree, no, I don’t see the harm
They say, “You crazy, just leave him, he’ll suffocate you”
But I wanna be in your arms
They say, “No, don’t pick up the phone, let them think that nobody home”
But I’m under your spell
‘Cause when you call my heart starts to roll, I always want more
It’s my heaven, my hell
Well held in deep inside lives a voice, a voice, a choir
But I can’t hear the voice when your heartbeat’s next to mine
I can’t quit you x4

Yeah, I’m gonna regret it x3
I know I’m gonna regret it

When you say, “Baby” I just want you to lay me down and we’ll fuck the pain away
'Cause skin on skin, I feel nothing but the burning of desire
And that’s just foreplay
Well held in deep inside lives a voice, a voice, a choir
But I can’t hear the voice when your heartbeat’s next to mine
I can’t quit you x4
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it x3
I know I’m gonna regret it
I can’t quit you, I can’t quit you, oh baby x2
Gonna regret it
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it x2
I’m gonna regret it x2
(babe, babe, babe)
Gonna regret it
Yeah, I’m gonna regret it

Cats and Dogs

Here is my first entry for Juju’s Fluffy Birthday Challenge @jared-padaloveme, for prompt #11.  The cat (Jake) is based off my cat (see cute picture below), and the dog (Barney) is based off my parents’ dog.  The interaction between them in this story is exactly how things go in real life! :)

Summary: You and your cat meet Sam and his dog at the pet store.

warnings: fluffy Sam, dog and cat fighting

word count: ~1200

Originally posted by hunterchesters

You cooed at your kitty in his carrier as you walked into the pet store.  Your cat wasn’t a very outgoing animal – you knew that he hated being out of the house or around strangers in general – but since you were on your way home from the vet you thought he could come in with you while you bought his food and some new toys.

Yes, your cat was spoiled, but he was your baby and you would be damned if you didn’t buy him a new toy or two (or three) every time you stopped at the pet store.

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JOKER X READER ; THE OATH. ft. Harley Quinn

Author’s Note; This is actually my first Joker imagine so hopefully it’s up to par with the thoughts you were thinking. I included Harley in this one since you made her presence known in your ask, but I really hope this is what you were looking for. Hope you don’t mind me throwing in a name for her at the end. I tried to make the oath scene DIFFERENT but SIMILAR the way you asked so I HOPE that was up to par too. I kind of made it up as I went along to be honest with you >.< I really need to do more brainstorming before writing. Hope you like it!

   Your eyes scanned over the the meal you were cooking absently as you shifted your weight in an attempt to subdue the upcoming annoyance you were trying your best to control. It wasn’t like you to be so emotional, but the fact that you had completely thrown your life to the wolves in an attempt to please a maniac who didn’t seem to appreciate you set your rage on edge. 

For an entire year you had worked under the Joker like some secretary assistant; fetching food, picking up coffee, cleaning up blood and other unknown substances at his beck and call just because he was too afraid to see you for what you really were; an asset. 

How many security systems had you broken into for him and his hench men? how many bodies had you piled up to prove your loyalty? And how many of his friends and followers had you patched up to save their lives all to prove your usefulness? Well, you were done. No more.

“Fuck it. I’m not gonna keep doing this to myself. If he doesn’t want me to be part of the crew then i’m done. No more favors, no more tests, no more free help. Just fuck it.” You grumbled aloud to yourself before letting a shrug ripple through you. 

Frost had paid you a good amount of money to patch up those gunman the other night, and even more for being available to help them out every now and again, but as of this morning you denied any further payments and refused to answer any of Frost’s or Joker’s phone calls.  

the distant sound of your phone vibrating against the table to the right of you pulled you from your thoughts and a flimsy hand reached for it to examine the name. 

“J” it read simply and instead of declining it, you placed it back on the table and allowed it to ring until it went to voicemail. You weren’t kidding, you were done.

Stirring the wooden spoon over the now fully cooked pasta you had been making, you placed the sauce soaked end of it in your mouth and held it there. Perfect. Pulling the finished product into a near by bowl, you couldn’t help the smile of accomplishment that plastered itself across your lips. How long had it been since you were able to properly prepare a meal for yourself? Your time had been so engulfed in doing the dirty work of mister j and his company that you lost sight of your own simple pleasures. 

The small bounce in your step was nothing compared to the giggle that resonated in the pit of your stomach. For some reason you felt empowered by it all, the idea of standing up for yourself and cutting off the head of your misery in which was also known as mister J. You were a jack of all trades and every skill you had, you offered him. Your hacking skills. Your medical knowledge and supplies. Hell, even your cooking skills, for you made sure no one went hungry. Yet, instead of making you a part of the gang, he kept you at arms length and for what? 

You could feel your frustration growing, but before you allowed it to reach its peak you laughed again. He would not upset you tonight, tonight was your night to yourself to relax and you’d be damned if that was going to be taken away from you. Tonight was dedicated to patching up the gash on your ankle in which you suffered while on a mission for him. Tonight was dedicated to remembering who you were outside the hive of him. Tonight was dedicated to normalcy and that was a fact. 

the darkness of the room was half illuminated by the television and the sound of one of your favorite sitcoms filled the air. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It had been too long since you were able to fully relax and let loose. The pasta hit your stomach with a heaven that you couldn’t describe and you found yourself slightly dancing around your apartment singing the FRIENDS theme song that you had become so familiar with over the years. You felt as though you resembled a small child the way you radiated excitement, but a distant pounding on your door stopped you in your tracks. 

A glance to the wrist watch around your forearm revealed the time as 2:45AM, who would be knocking on your door at 2:45AM? Could it have been your neighbors complaining about the noise? Although the tv wasn’t really all that loud, they weren’t used to you really being home given your side job as the joker’s, well, what would you be considered? a secretary, a fool, an idiot, a fangirl, what?

you scoffed before pulling the spoon from your lips and peeking out of the peep hole of you apartment door. it was pitch black and you couldn’t tell if someone was covering up the hole or it was just dark as all get out. Instead of taking a chance on it you decided to ignore the knock and return to your spot on the couch. If it was one of your neighbors and you didn’t answer they would just assume you were asleep and come back tomorrow, however, the knocking persisted and you found yourself growing impatient. who the fuck was it, it’s 2 AM. 

Your frame slid over to the door to glance out the peep hole only to see nothing once more, but the voice on the other end alerted you of the identity of the knocker. “Knock, Knock Doc-tor.” the voice instructed sliding through the confines of the door and gripping the back of your spine with a hold so strong you couldn’t move. 

Your body slid against the door to insure it was locked and you attempted to stay as quiet as possible. Your car wasn’t in the parking lot, and there was no possible way he could be sure you were even home. You stood there for a glimmer of a moment listening to the sound of the tv playing in the background and his chuckle was strained. “Come on Doc, knock knock….” he urged once more. Your eyes rolled in annoyance, a knock knock joke, really? Your pearly whites raked over your bottom lip to ensure you kept quiet and his finger removed itself from the peep hole for you to see him clearly. his frame leaned elegantly against the door way but there was a strange limp to him. what was he doing?

His fingers reached to his pocket and the back of his purple and gold phone gleamed against the light of your neighbor’s porch lamp. Your head twisted violently in the direction of the couch and the silent prayer you spoke to yourself in hopes that it was still on silent was answered when the small sound of buzzing hit your ears. Your body tip toed in the direction and you swiftly declined the call with a message. 

“Picking up food at a friend’s. Can’t talk.” you typed back before pressing send. There was another chuckle at the door and you frowned. 

“Clever, but no dice. C’mon doctor……” he answered more irritated than before and the casual knock from before was more aggressive now. A second text was sent to your phone.

‘open the door. you know i hate repeating myself.’ it read. you frowned. 

‘i’m not at home. i leave the tv on for the cat.’ you lied. The knock from before turned into 3 loud bangs against the door before you finally spoke aloud.

“Whaddya want?” you question while folding your arms across your chest and balancing your weight on one leg. 

“That’s not the joke doc. Knock, knock.” he insisted and his breathing was off as if he had just did 7 flights up and down your apartment stairs. You were in no mood, and instead of playing along you simply opened the door. 

“It’s 2AM. I don’t do jokes at 2am. what are you doing here?” you question while the look of aggravation spread across your features like the plague. The look on his face sent a flame through the back of your spine that warned you to back down, but you wouldn’t. Never had anyone from the gang visited your personal home, it was a boundary that you had set from the beginning of time. The simple fact that he crossed that line only infuriated you more. 

Should you really be surprised. The joker knew nothing of valuing someone’s personal space. He’d walk into the bathroom as you pee’d or showered without a second thought while maintaining complete composure. It was nerve shattering. 

An eyebrow tensed as you stared down at his posture, his hand was cupping his side and he was leaning against your door way. Was he injured? 

Frost’s expression was apologetic as he stood behind him, and you knew he had no intention of taking him any where else.

“The hell happened to you?” you questioned folding your arms across your chest an in attempt to hide your concern. “You shouldn’t be here.” You warned while peeking out of the door frame only to hear him laugh.

“I called. When I call, you answer.” He grumbled and your shoulders slid back in offense.

“I ain’t some errand girl, I got other job to do outside of you.” You mocked. Truth be told, most of your clientele backed down when they found out you were working for the joker. Something about not wanting to step on toes and fear of occupying your time when he needed you. He was a selfish creature, the joker, and the idea of someone else using his resources always ended in some form of violence. “Sides….” You trailed off pulling the door closer to you and leaning against it in a gesture to inform him that he wasn’t welcome. “Ya had ample opportunity to lemme in your little crew, and you dissed me. I refunded ya money. Leave me be.” You instructed, but there was a low growl in his demeanor.

“Non-refundable. I pay you, ya work….unless ya want me to break those little money makers of yours.” He threatened glancing down at your hands.

“Then what use would I be? That makes no sense.” You argued only for him to smirk at you in return.

“Ohhhh? I’m good at spottin’ a good thing when I see it, and if I can’t have your expertise then…..no one can….Now, ya gonna be a good girl and lemme in pumpkin?” he questioned, but before you could actually answer Frost pushed passed you both. He was never one to really stand by and let you two argue, he was an action person and was most likely fully aware that this was going no where.

“What is this, a slumber party?” You asked allowing your arms to stretch out on either side of you as Frost held up his injured boss. He guided him into your living room and proceeded to lean him over the couch.

“He said you could patch him up, and we all know you can. C’mon …..i’ll pay ya double.” Frost pleaded. His eyebrows knitted together into a look that could rival the cage of a thousand puppies crying for assistance and you knew full well that you were faltering long before he even entered your home. Frost was acutely aware that it wasn’t the money that lured you, you genuinely adored him to a degree; he was like a brother to you. Although Mr. J was a sadistic boss, he also had a small place in the back of your mind when it came to his health.

“Patch him up? I’m not some home health care doctor. I can’t keep patching you up every time you get hurt J. You need to go to a hospital, where they’re trained to handle this, with legit medication.”

“Yeah, got it, got it, got it, got it.” He answered in a slight whisper while waving his right hand in your direction as if to dismiss you. His frame slid down to sit on your couch, but you frowned and slightly shoved Frost in his direction.

“Don’t get blood on my couch, put him on the floor or something!” you urged while turning back towards the front door to ensure that it was locked. You couldn’t help the growing aggravation that centered at the forefront of your mind. The entire situation made you uncomfortable because this was your home, your private place of peace and he was invading it with blunt force. You had one boundary, ONE boundary that you didn’t want to be crossed and yet here he was gracefully ignoring your wishes. What or WHO ever had hurt him, could have followed him here and been lead straight to you, and that was the last thing that you wanted. Your business life and personal life was kept separate for obvious reasons, and suddenly the swift collide of the two of them left you slightly disoriented.

“Mr. J, she said….” Frost trailed off while J flashed him a look of utter annoyance.

“I heard her, ain’t deaf.” He grumbled kneeling down onto the small wooden end table that sat in front of the couch. Even in this state he couldn’t follow directions, how unsurprising. It didn’t take you long to retrieve your medical kit and the supplies you were sure you needed to aid him in his injuries. When you returned to the room Frost’s hands were gripping at the joker’s coat in an attempt to help him undress and you instantly frowned.

“Don’t undress him, he’s not staying.” You urged moving over to them both and resting the box a few inches away from his body. His body leaned back slightly and his features were drenched in an expression of disapproval.  

“We got a deal kid, and there ain’t no walkin away. If ya can’t hack it, I can give ya a bullet right now.” He advised putting on a show with his hands and aiming his middle and index finger in your direction. The tips of his fingers grazed your lips before he sounded off an auditory “bang” while pulling the imaginary trigger.

“Still enough energy to talk slick out ya mouth. Good sign. - - I ain’t take an oath with you Mr. J, remember? Ya pay me, I give you services, isn’t that what ya wanted?” You stated in an as-a-matter-a-fact tone. Truth be told you were slightly offended by it. You had done all this work because it gave you purpose, Frost and the other henchmen were like your family, and to reduce you to nothing more than a paid handler instead of making you a hench girl only pissed you off. He didn’t need to blackmail you, he didn’t need to threaten you, you cared for them all, but he was so gung hoe on not trusting any one that he kept you at arm’s length like some errand girl. It wasn’t fair.

“What happened to your leg?” He questioned while tilting his head to the side and you rolled your eyes at the idea of him trying to change the subject. Was he really that dead set against giving you the oath like all his other hench people? What was so fascinating about pushing you away like this? Was it fun? Was it all a game? So much for family. Perhaps you should just accept it, be the cold hearted employee that he yearned for. Stop caring, stop striving to do more just be callous. 

You didn’t answer him. Your attention was no longer on him and instead you focused your mind on patching up his injury, he was shot at. The bullet went through and through but his bleeding was irregular and if she didn’t stop it, he’d surely bleed out onto the floor.

“Get me some towels outta the bathroom, and some alcohol. I gotta stich ya.” You stated bluntly. Opening the small kit next to you, you sharpened your irises on the small needle and thread sitting at the bottom of the right corner. It shouldn’t be hard, stitching was usually the easiest part, getting him to hold still was an entirely different story. There was no numbing agent, but the faster he let you get it done, the less it would hurt.

Frost was timely with the materials. A long towel in hand for the floor, a hand towel within reach for you to wipe away the blood and the alcohol to sterilize. It was time.

Your emotions were rattling you, and the pent of rage you could feel towards his current actions caused you to be slightly unsteady. A deep rooted sense of you was delighted that there was no anesthetic, you wanted him to feel this pain, for it was nowhere in comparison to the pain he had caused you.

His flesh was tender, and throughout the first 3 stitches he was handling the pain well until a constant purring continued to fall from his lips. It radiated through his body and caused your fingers to vibrate against his skin.

“Don’t be a pussy.” You warned trying once again to focus. You stop immediately when you feel his eyes on you and you look up at him only to have it confirmed. You had never seen that look before, it was a mixture of offense and a hint of rage. “Your growling is only making your blood pump faster. If you keep it up, there’ll be too much blood around the stitch for me to continue. My house. My rules. No pussies.” You urged again, firm in your threat. Although he was the infamous Mister J, he was in your house and you wouldn’t stand for disrespect. If he thought this one bullet wound was bad, he’d hate to be the brave soul that chose to face off with you in your house of wonders. Everything, was a weapon.

“Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….” He trailed off more to himself than to you and in an effort to emphasize your annoyance, you pulled tighter on the stitch. His grumble was audible and his hand reached up to cup your chin in a grip that you were sure would bruise.

“Careful.” He said simply, and with one word you were slightly terrified. All banter aside, you didn’t like that tone; it was drenched in lethal acid and surrounding by cautioned signed duct tape.

The remainder of the stitching didn’t take long and with a borrowed patch, you stuck gauze over the polished stitch and handed him some pain relievers.

“I don’t wanna see you again.” You urged. His head tilted back before returning to the center of his being with a look of patience.

“Don’t you?” He questioned.

“I ain’t a part of your crew, remember. Just a working Jane. Next time if I’m not available, you’ll just have to wait your turn.” You nodded. You were surprised when his eyes rolled off to the side before a smile slid slowly across his lips. It was like you could almost hear the click in his head as he realized your true concerns.

“Ya really wanna know why? I’m a man with a plan Pumpkin and nowhere in it, does it include you.” He answered truthfully while using his hands to motion to himself before finally allowing his right hand to fall down slowly in front of you.

“Jesus, ya act like I’m askin to be your wife or something. I’ve done everything you’ve wanted, everything I’m capable of to help you and the rest of your little family and all you can do is throw money at me and treat me like some errand runner. I’m more than that. I’m valuable, and if you don’t want me around then fuck off. Don’t call me, don’t pay me, don’t drop by my house, just leave me alone if that’s the case.” You answered tossing the money from earlier that week in front of him on the floor.

“Already told ya, ain’t no walkin away Princess.” He warned.

“Then I want in, and I mean really in, not this intern crap you’re givin me. What’re you so goddamn afraid of?  Ya think I’m gonna betray you or disappear? I’ve been runnin with all of you from the beginning, everything you and Harley have needed of me, I’ve done without a problem. Even Frost likes me, Frost!” You answer angrily while motioning your hand in Frost’s direction only for him to shrug in response. “So what is it?”

“Ya want me to truuuuuust you? Give you the keys to the kingdom all because you can complete a few tasks? Uhhhhhh.” He patronized with an ending sound of annoyance before turning his back to you. His right leg inched backwards, tapping the side of the brief case you had just thrown, and sliding it back in your direction. Was he not listening? You did not want the money, you wanted IN. Being an outsider was something you had always been used to especially when it came to your normal life, but you had recently discovered that it was because you weren’t normal and you didn’t want to be. Being a part of Harley’s crew, doing everything you did for your fellow hench community always made you feel like you were a part of something bigger than yourself. You found solace in them, and in return they trusted you, but instead of fully listening to you and giving you what you wanted, Mr. J always found himself sadistic enough to watch you fall apart over the idea of ONCE AGAIN not belonging any where. You had become so alone that you convinced yourself it was your choice, but it wasn’t. You were already half way there but you lacked his blessing, and without HIS blessing, nothing mattered.

Your anger bubbled over, and before you could stop yourself you grabbed the alcohol from the table, poured a few inches onto the brief case and lit it aflame. The small silver plated lighter engraved with your name fell into the fire you had just caused and your chest heaved up and down with the emphasis of your rage. When you were originally recruited you were set to be the doll of Harley Quinn. You were ordered to do her bidding, keep her company, and assist her in any way possible. These tasks were child’s play at first, until you slowly found yourself doing so much more. Aiding the henchmen in heists, thievery, murder, you had offered your soul to him and instead of giving you a firm price, he continued to bid. Well, no more.

His neck rolled around his shoulders while his lips fixed themselves into a hard line. His eyes glanced over to Frost for a glimmer of a moment and Frost instantly removed his jacket and tossed it over the result of your indiscretion. It took a moment for the fire to dissipate, but you were immediately sure that Frost’s jacket was ruined.

Your eyes did not leave the Joker’s frame, even when his irises sharpened so deeply against your that you could have sworn that the fire was still blazing under you. You could swear he had run across the room and shoved you against the wall, but it was only a glamor put forth by your mind because he had not moved. His eyes faltered for a moment to the half burnt money sitting between the two of you before returning to you.

“It takes more than thaaaaaaat.” He scoffed before stepping around the tarnished currency elegantly. His body circled yours as if he were a lion strategically seducing his prey while Frost stood perfectly still in the distance.
“Is that the kinda restraint ya practice in ya daily life, pumpkin pie?” He joked throwing his hands on either side of him and motioning to your life style. He was demeaning you, throwing the casual nickname around to emphasis to you your place, the child, while he, the adult or stature in the room commanded dominancy. You wouldn’t give it to him.

“When ya ready to let that go, come find me.” He bargained with a grumble while flicking the small area between the bottom of your chin and the center of your chest. A small stammer backwards tarnished your posture while he slowly grabbed Frost and exited the room.

The night has passed slowly and you spent most of the day doing trivial tasks that were only meant for the hands. Your mind studied his words as if they would reveal the location of the holy grail if you pried them apart enough, but instead you gathered nothing. What did he want from you? Hadn’t you done everything he’d asked? Everything Harley asked?

When ya ready to let that go, come find me

It repeated in your head like a mantra as you slowly began to realize the double edged meaning behind his words. Your normalcy, your frailty, and everything that made you who you were decorated the halls of your apartment and the empty life you were trying so desperately to hold on to. You had no family, and what little family you did have, you never spoke to. The friends you once had in school, dissipated years ago and you couldn’t remember the last time you had actually seen them. You’d never been in love or been loved so that wasn’t an issue. The crew was all you had, so what in this life were you so desperate to cling to? Were you willing to let it all go?  

Night came quickly and you found your body lifelessly heading in the direction of the pent house associated with Mr. J and Harley Quinn. Why were you headed there? You didn’t even know how to do what he had asked of you, yet you couldn’t stop yourself. You needed more.

Your hand rose to knock on the penthouse door only to hear the joker on the other side tell you to come in. How did he even know you were there? A chuckle nearly passed your lips, you designed the security system, the cameras, of course he knew you were there.

You weren’t surprised to see Harley leaning against the large window that took up half the wall of the pent house. The curled dip died pigtails sat elegantly against her shoulders as she flashed you a smile. You had never seen that smile on her face before, it was a mixture of acceptance and mischievousness.

“Whaddya want?” He questioned demanding your focus.

“I….” you trailed off. What did you want?

“If ya don’t know, ya shouldn’t ‘ave come.” He warned while fiddling with the small bar of alcohol in front of him. His back was to you again as he spoke and you didn’t like the idea of not knowing what to do.

“Ya told me to come.” You stated as a matter a factly. He scoffed.

“Yeah…..when ya were ready. Are ya ready?” He questioned finally turning to you and casually leaning against the bar.

“Yeah.” Before you could fix your face to show your seriousness, you heard Harley laugh to your right.

“Get outta here, Kid.” She urged with a sly smile looking off to her right and away from you. Your heart beat quickened and you turned toward Mr. J.

“Ya heard her.” He nodded while tipping the glass in his hand in her direction. They were orders, orders from your bosses that you were taught to uphold and ever so slowly you felt your body tense back towards the door. You should leave, you should get in your car and just leave, but the aggressive voice in the back of your mind stopped you. It mirrored yours but held more stature with your brain. The deep sense of hatred loomed in it and you slowly began to recognize it as the same voice you usually heard when you were killing, stealing, or doing something you felt you had a purpose for. How many long nights, forgotten days, bullet wounds, cuts, scrapes, gashes, bruises, black eyes, internal bleeding, heists, business deals, and drugs had you been involved in? How many times had you risked your life out of sheer obedience and love for the two of them? You are powerful beyond reason and you weren’t just an asset, you were a solider. You knew it. They knew it. And it was about time that everyone else did too.

“No. I ain’t leavin.” You spoke up mirroring the voice in the back of your frame. Mister J’s eyebrow rose while Harley tilted her head in response. “I’m part of this and ya don’t just get to throw me away. I’ve done everything you’ve asked plus more. All your trials, all your initiations, all your stupid tests I’ve passed with flying colors and THIS, this is my decisions. I’m not leaving. I want this.” You answered setting your chin and raising your brow. Harley nodded before flashing a smile towards Mr. J.

“Show her, Puddin.” Harley’s voice echoed in the darkness of the room that was illuminated by nothing more than the mood shining through the window. Mister J’s eyes flickered from her with acceptance while he rested the drink back on to the bar.

“Is that what you want. To embrace us and only us? Will you consign your soul to me and laugh at the world in disgust the way we do?” He questioned sauntering slowly in your direction.

“Yes.” You stated.

“I’ve only asked this of one other, and only one has taken this pledge. Do not take this oath thoughtlessly. Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power. Think carefully now, for once you’ve taken this oath the gates of sanity and normalcy will be forever closed to you, and the self you knew will cease to exist.” He urged, once again invading your personal space and closing the gap between the two of you.

The sound of Harley moving slightly in the distance caught your ears, and the audible lighter in her hands flickered a small flame nearby. She was burning something, most likely out of boredom, but you couldn’t look away from him to see what it was; his eyes were like hypnotic oceans pulling you into a trance you could not escape.

“Yes. I know.” You stated simply.

“In order to be reborn, one must die. Would you die for me?” He questioned seductively.

“Yes.” You responded.

“Would you live for me?” He questioned again and your eyebrows wrinkled. A nod slid through your posture and he shook his head softly.

“Use your words….Say it, Say it, saaaaaaay it.” He demanded placing his hand under your chin.

“Yes.” You answered and suddenly his eyes released you allowing you a second to finally breathe. Harley was by his side now, how long had she been standing so close? Her right arm slid over the back of his shoulders while her left hand handed him a ring. She slid it onto his finger delicately and the center of it caught your attention. The decorated “J” was slightly orange and for a moment you could tell it was glowing, but you assumed it was catching the light of something in the room.

“Then, it’s been a pleasure knowing you ( insert reader’s first and last name here ).” He stated simply while looking down at his hand and refusing to maintain eye contact with you. Your eyebrows knitted together in a hard line of confusion as he finally glanced at you. You were caught off guard by his fingertips against the sides of your neck and the gentle massage of them caused your eyes to flicker in Harley’s direction. What was he doing?

The sliding of his thumbs around the front of your neck gave you insight to his intentions as the burning sensation of his ring digging into your throat caused you to gasp. The grip of his hands around your neck cut off your air supply and stopped you from screaming at the burn resonating on the left side of your throat. Harley’s light show earlier with the lighter was her burning his ring in preparation of this moment, he was branding you, but even after the brand was sure to have taken to your skin his grip did not end.

 Your fingers were steel bars around his wrists, but he did not budge and the lack of oxygen to your frame forced the room to spin. Your frame moved backwards in hopes of colliding with the floor to get him off of you, but instead he only flowed with you. The floor came slowly and after a few seconds you could’t feel anything anymore. There was a heat in your chest that rivaled against the flame filled ring that had already burned his infamous symbol “j” into your neck. It spread throughout your body and left you limp under him. You were dying, why was he killing you? 

His eyes connected with yours and you instantly felt yourself let go of his hands preparing yourself for what you knew was coming. Death. It didn’t take long for him to fade from your view and the sensation of being under water over took you. Your body felt heavy but light. The encompassing darkness was inviting rather than scary, and there was an overwhelming peace to it all. 

Oh infamous Clown of Gotham, you are a magician. Mystically pull me together the same way you have broken me a part. Every day you awoke with the realization that, that day might be the day, but you never knew it would end like this. 

A force of great proportions leveled at your chest and before you could stop yourself you felt your body lunge forward. A gasp of air entered your lungs, but the breath was not yours, it was placed there with the assistance of another. Shallow breaths slide through the base of your lips and the coldness of the room slowly became apparent. With the realization of life hitting your brain, your limbs twitched ever so lightly beneath you and the growing migraine at the base of your skull alerted you that life was restored.  

A peek from behind stubborn lashes revealed Harley’s hands on the base of your chest and Mister J’s lips inches from yours. 

“What should we call her?” Harley questioned looking over at him. 

“More your pet than mine, whaddya think?” He questioned absently with a shrug. Harley’s eyes shifted to the side before returning to you.

“Ava.” She stated simply. 

“Ava?” he questioned.

“It’s old English, means the breath of life.” she nodded. 

“Aren’t you clever.” He muttered. 

New Neighbor

Challenge 07: Breathless
Genre: Fluff
Character: Jaebum

Plot: You try to get close to your new neighbor Jaebum by stalking joining him on his morning run.



Here’s the thing. Your mom always taught you to be kind to your neighbors. When you’re out of town for a business trip, who’s the most likely to help babysit your cats? Your next door neighbor. And what if one day you get kidnapped, who will be the first to notice you go missing? Your next door neighbor, of course.

So when sweet old Mrs. Baek moved out and was replaced with a chiseled, leather-clad, young man, you were determined to make him your next insurance. But here’s the other thing…you and the elderly, you guys mesh like peas in a pod! But young men your age, particularly handsome, chiseled, leather-clad men…not so much.

“What do leather-wearing young dudes like, Tuna?” you asked your orange tabby as you dug your way through the ingredients in your fridge.

Your grey cat, Sundae, purred against your legs at the sight of the open fridge. You smile at the hungry feline before closing the fridge and picking her up into your arms.

“Sundae? Shall I make him sundae, Sundae?” you coo, snuggling into the grey ball of fluff. You put your cat down and settle down on the kitchen floor, thinking seriously about making him a meal. Young men usually liked home cooked meals right?

You rise back up, determined to start cooking. You weren’t the best cook out there, but you weren’t bad either. Besides, it’s the thought that counts, right?


And so there you were, at his front door with three containers full of sundae, scallion pancakes, spicy rice cakes and a thermos full of kimchi chigae. He was bound to like one of these. You stood at his door for another minute, trying to gather your thoughts.

Say hi.

Introduce yourself.

Remember to smile.

Please don’t stutter.

Be confident, Y/N!

And then the door flew open, catching you off guard. Your eyes grew wide as you found yourself standing right in front of your new neighbor. He was even better looking up close.

“F-f-f-food…” your stupid mouth managed to bumble out.

“Huh? Uhh…I didn’t order anything,” he looked at you confused. You could feel your face growing hot with embarrassment as you shook your head in reply.

“Ah, no, umm…I meant…” you let out an exhausted sigh, closing your eyes to compose yourself. _Imagine he’s an old man. An old man like Mr. Lee from down the street. “Hi.”

He let out an amused chuckle. “Hello?”

You smile, a bit relieved. He looked less scary when his eyes were curled into crescent shapes.

“Umm, I’m sorry,” he said again, breaking you away from your trance. “I’m a little busy right now.”

“Ah…okay,” you mutter as you watch him pass you by and enter the waiting taxi across the street.

You looked at the bags of food in your arms in defeat. Sighing, you place the food by his door. You’ll just tuck a note in there to let him know your intentions. You were going to make him like you whether he wanted to or not.


A week passed and you made no progress. In fact, you had actually lost your Tupperware in the process. But were you going to give up? Absolutely not!

“Absolutely not!” you said aloud to Tuna and Sundae as if to reassure yourself. Ignoring your newfound energy, the cats stretched lazily before going back to their evening nap. You walked to your closet, hesitantly taking out your workout gear.

Every morning, without fail, your neighbor had gone running. Afterword though, he would disappear in a taxi and wouldn’t come back until late at night. You knew this from the two loud slams of the door he made when leaving for the day and then coming back home. You wonder if he had even eaten your home cooking. Nevertheless, you set your alarm clock to 5AM sharp. You were determined to be a kind neighbor!

But at the violent ring of your phone alarm going off at dawn, you suddenly didn’t feel so kind. You groaned, forcing yourself to rise from the safe and warm embrace of Tuna and Sundae who were snuggled closely across your neck and leg.

The cats groaned at your rustling but found solace in the warm empty space you left behind. You rolled your eyes at them, wishing you could switch places with them. Although you had to admit, if Tuna and Sundae were in your place they probably would’ve already been good old friends with your neighbor by now.

With one last exhale, you changed into your workout gear and reluctantly left the house. Outside was still cold. The sun hadn’t even risen yet. You looked across your yard to his door. No sign of life. After standing at your door for a few minutes you started to worry if he had already gone running.

But to your relief his door opens and there is your handsome neighbor in his running gear that hugs him in just the right places. You blush when he turns your way. He gives you a slight nod before walking down his steps. You follow quickly.

You were so determined to meet him again that you actually hadn’t planned what you were going to say when meeting him.

“M-Morn-” you started as you approached him.

However, maybe you had said it too softly, but he began lightly jogging away. You blushed with embarrassment, feeling silly after being ignored. But you were already outside and squeezed tightly into workout clothes you hadn’t worn since last summer. Nothing was going to stop you now!

And then he started sprinting.

You huffed after him, feeling your heart beating violently against your chest as your face grew hot with exhaustion. The cold morning air wasn’t much help as it entered your lungs, leaving you wheezing desperately.

You slowed to a stop, landing on the grass in defeat. By now he was already long gone out of your sight. You heaved in disappointment, trying to catch your breath and soothe the ache in your shins.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea,” you mutter to yourself, blowing at the hair in your face. You stretch out your legs, staring at the sky that was slowly glowing with soft orange hues. At least you had a pretty sunrise to pacify your painful exhaustion.

As you watched the sun slowly rise from the horizon, you could understand why he got up so early. This was a pretty sight to see.

You were ready to walk back home now when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned around, tearing your eyes from the sky only to see your neighbor looking at you with concern.

“Is everything okay?” he asked, taking a seat beside you.

“A-ah, y-yeah,” you quickly mumble, trying hard not to stare at the sweat running down his face and dripping to his collar bones.

“I’m Im Jaebum by the way,” he introduced, sticking out his hand towards you. You take his hand gently, trying hard not to smile too widely.


“Sorry about before, Y/N,” Jaebum looked at you with a sheepish smile. “I didn’t mean to be rude when I walked away suddenly.”

You shake your head vigorously. “No, no it’s okay. I was the one who stopped by so suddenly.”

He looked at you for a moment. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’re wheezing.”

You turned red with embarrassment, trying to breathe less so he wouldn’t hear.

“I’m fine,” you mutter with constricted lungs.

He laughed, his eye curling as he patted your back soothingly. “No, please, breathe normally. The wheezing should subside once your body finds its balance again. Do you have asthma?”

You shake your head, watching as Jaebum grabs hold of your hand, placing two fingers softly against your pulsating wrist. You blush. His fingers are a bit rough but have a warm touch.

“Must be the cold air then. Don’t force your body to run too hard, it’ll only hurt your body more in the long run.”

You nod softly, glancing up at his face as he stares down at your wrist. At a closer look, he didn’t seem as scary as he did in his leather jacket. His brown hair fell delicately over his eyes. He was literally glowing with the sun shining on his face.

You gulped, looking back down before he caught you. “Are you a doctor?”

He lifted his head with a smile. “No, actually I work at a local clinic. I’m a physical therapist for people with disabilities.”

“So you’re a doctor,” you smiled, noticing his tone shifting as he talked about his profession.

He chuckled softly, a glint in his eyes at seeing your own smile. “Tell my parents that.”

“But you are!” You say, trying not to yell it. “Sounds like you’re doing something great and meaningful. What parent wouldn’t be proud of a son like you?”

He looked away shyly. “You’re really good with your words.”

You laugh at this. “Actually, I’m a writer. Nothing big though, just small stuff for a magazine.

“Oh really? I’d love to read some of your stuff.”

You chuckle. “My cats will be so relieved to know I’ve found someone new to read to.”

Jaebum’s ears perked up at this. He turned to you with a wide smile. “Cats?”

“Tuna and Sundae,” you say proudly. You could see his eyes widening with excitement.

“I have three cats,” Jaebum said enthusiastically. “Nora, Odd, and Kunta.”

You can’t help but squeal a little. You loved meeting fellow cat lovers. You wheezed out a cough, your lungs constricting from the feelings of excitement. Jaebum laughed, rubbing your back again.

“You don’t run much do you?” he chuckled.

You blush. “Not really. To be honest, I was just trying to talk to you…so I could formally introduce myself.”

He grinned. “You know you could just knock on my door, right?”

“But where’s the excitement in that?” You joke. “I’m a writer remember?”

“Ah, of course, of course.”

“But in all seriousness, it did feel like this was my only option. You leave so early and don’t come home til late at night.”

“Ah yeah, sorry about that. My schedule has been hectic since I’ve just moved in.”

“No need to apologize. I feel sorry for your cats though.”

“Oh, I see you’re the guilt-tripping type.”

You laugh, halfway coughing again, but the pain was all worth it. I mean, look at you now, having a better conversation than you’ve ever had with Mr. Lee or Mrs. Baek. “Did you try the food?”

He stopped rubbing your back and gave you a thumbs up. “It was the best meal I’ve had in years!”

You look up in surprise. “R-really?”

He nodded. “I’m so grateful to have such a kind neighbor.”

“Ayy, you shouldn’t eat random food outside your door though,” you teased, trying to hide the blush growing from his compliment.

He chuckled. “But you left a note.”

“Ah, that’s true,” you agreed thoughtfully.

“I’m sorry about the containers. I’ve been meaning to give them back to you, it’s just…”

“Oh, it’s alright. Take your time, I know you’re a busy person,” you reassure him with a smile. He looked at you, his cheeks turning slightly pink. He rubbed the nape of his neck, looking away from you.

“I guess that too, but…mostly, I’m just not good at talking to pretty girls.”

Your eyes widen as your lips curl into a smile reflexively. “P-pretty?”

“Ahhh~!” he yelled in embarrassment, hiding his face in his arms. You laugh as his ears go bright red. You were glad you weren’t the only one feeling shy.

“And this whole time I thought you were going to be a scary new neighbor,” you chuckle. “Turns out you’re just a soft cat dad.”

He chuckled, lifting his head from his hands. “Well, turns out you’re prettier in person.”

You blushed, looking away shyly.

“I mean, kind of a stalker too,” he added jokingly. “But seeing as you’ve suffered enough this morning, I’ll let it slide.”

He winked at you teasingly.

“You should stop by my clinic one day,” he offered. “Some physical therapy might help you out.”

You roll your eyes at all his teasing.

“Well, if you’re being so kind, I’d also like to offer my hand in caring for your cats when you’re gone. Since I work at home,” you grin mischievously. “Some human presence might help them feel less neglected.”

Jaebum stared you down, his mouth slightly open in dismay.

“Wow, Y/N, you’re kind of savage.”

“But still pretty right?” You smile sweetly. “Jaebum-sshi, I’m pretty right? Still pretty?”

Trying to conceal his smile, Jaebum rose from his seat on the grass. You laugh, watching him walk away. You quickly rise, following after him, giggling the whole way home as he tries his best to ignore you. 

Let It Be Known: Part 5 (Final)

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Mob Boss Hux x Bakery Shop Owner!Reader

Summary: Next to the restaurant that well-known Mob Boss, Armitage Hux, frequents and owns, is your bakery shop. After a rather unfortunate occurence, Hux begins to frequent to your bakery more often.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

A/N: “So now we’ve come to the eeeennd of the roooaad.”

Originally posted by domhnallgleesonbrasil

Kylo rushed you to the hospital. The car wasn’t even at a complete stop when Hux carried you out the car and to the emergency room. He was panicking and yelling for help.

Doctors and nurses ran up to him, “What happened?”

“Sh-She was shot. She’s lost a lot of blood already. Please!”

Two nurses came up with a gurney and Hux gently set you down. He was going to follow but a doctor stopped him, “I’m sorry, sir. You’ll have to wait out here.”

“W-Will she be alright?”

“We’ll do the best we can.” With that the doctor left him. He sat down in the waiting area looking down at his hands. They were covered in your blood. 

“Come on,” He heard Kylo say as he gripped Hux’s elbow and led him to the bathroom. 

Hux mindlessly began washing his hands watching your blood swirl down the drain. His adrenaline was finally settling and his emotions were running high. Out of nowhere, he began to sob. 

He turned off the water and gripped the edge of the counter. He didn’t care if Kylo watched him cry. He couldn’t hold it in. You were targeted because of him. 

“I shouldn’t have let it come to this. I was so foolish to think she wouldn’t get involved. Foolish to think I could’ve had something normal for once.” Kylo silently handed him some paper towels, “I should have listened to you, Ren.”

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anonymous asked:

cat grant walks in on kara and reader having sex or making out or sexting at work at catco

Honestly? Wearing clothing to CatCo is futile if all Kara’s going to do when you get there is rip them off of you. It usually starts with her seeing you across the lobby on her way to get Cat’s coffee, sometimes she forgets the coffee all together and just pulls you into a storage closet.

Sometimes it’s when you come to drop off her lunch since she’s two departments over from you, she excuses herself to the bathroom which is code for ‘follow me to my office’ where you and her spend way too much time away from your respective positions for anything but a bathroom break.

Today Kara grabs you from your office for a supposed meeting with Ms. Grant. Everyone’s smirking at you and Kara’s face turns as red as her sweater. She takes you by the hand, not caring that your coworkers are snickering behind you both. She luckily nabbed a key for this departments meeting rooms since last time you complained that the walk to her office was too far last time.

She took you from your office about fifteen minutes ago, now? Now her lips were on your neck and she was reprimanding you with her fingers for letting your coworkers embarrass her like that.

She keeps using her free hand, the one that isn’t pinning you down to the glass table, to push in and out of your heat, causing your wetness to drip out onto the surface.

“Please,” you whine turning your cheek so that it makes contact with her nose. Kara’s annoyed that you moved, a growl coming out of her mouth as she moves lower. She bites into your shoulder, you’re hoping she didn’t break the skin but with the blood contrast to Kara’s face the answer isn’t what you want it to be.

“Told you bad girls get punished,” she smirks, wiping off her face with the sleeve of her sweater. It doesn’t matter because it’s red but you know Kara will be able to smell it all day, or at least until she gets home. Her fingers are still plunging in and out of you as she laps up the blood from her bite.

“Now,” she pauses, hovering over your lips, “are you going to go tell Paul in broadcasting that i’m not-”

A sudden jiggle of the doorknob and a figure that looks like Winn followed by one that looks like Ms. Grant enter the room, stopping you and Kara’s activities.

“Toyman Jr. you can leave, I’ll see to  these two myself,” Ms. Grant says, stepping forward. Kara’s fingers are quickly retracted from inside of you, you whine at the loss, Kara glares at you and you’re worried her heat vision is about to start.

“Sorry,” you mumble, pressing your face into Kara’s shoulder. She rubs your back before Ms. Grant scoffs and Kara steps away from you.

“No, sorry you’ll be when you and Kiera spend tonight and this weekend looking through my files from over a decade ago, looking for a response I’ve reassured myself I had deleted, but apparently had not.”

“But,” you begin to protest before Kara shoves you and Cat smirks in response. She leaves you be but takes Kara with her. When you head back to your desk everyone’s strangely silent.

“What?” you ask them.

“We heard about your actual meeting with Cat Grant,” says Paul.

“And that your girlfriend has a biting kink,” says Thomas.

You bury your face in your hands, hoping Kara heard none of that, but by the notification on your phone, you’re pretty sure she did. 


Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Warnings: Swearing, (hardly any)

Word Count: 3689 (you lucky buggers)

Prompt: I love your work so much! Can you do a fic about a halloween party where reader and dan get it on plzzz I don’t mind where or how but can you make it smutty??. Tysm

(N.B I wrote this whilst v. hungover I’m not really sure how well it’s written, but I hope you enjoy)

Every year, on the 31st of October, your evening ends up being the exact same. Sat at home, watching re-runs of Ghostbusters and waiting for the doorbell to ring so you can hand out sweets to overexcited little kids. Boring right? Tonight however, there was a party at Dan and Phil’s place, and you had been invited.

You had been friends with Phil for years but you had only known Dan for a few months, and you had been introduced to each other at the BBC. It was safe to say there was a connection between you. The connection being you couldn’t seem to keep your eyes off each other every time you had met since. It was like you were drawn to each other, you couldn’t explain it. You just fit together. He wasn’t shy about holding your hand or holding your waist around other people either, and you both mercilessly flirted with each other all the time, but you really wanted more than just words and hand touches.

Dan was 6'3 of beautiful dark sweeping hair and gorgeous brown eyes. And his smile turned your world upside down. Tonight was your first chance to maybe spend some time alone with him, and you wanted to look hot.

You’d decided to go with a tight fitting skeleton jumpsuit, which accentuated your curves. You weren’t the slutty cat kinda gal, and you knew Dan wasn’t into that kind of thing either. You still looked sexy, but you looked badass too. And all black is always a bonus. You were just finishing the last of your skull make up when your phone buzzed.

Phil Lester 20:03

Hey!! What time are you coming over? Asking for a friend… ;)

You smile at the screen as you tap out your reply.

Y/N Y/L/N 20:04

Hello, I’m leaving in a few minutes. I should be there in about half an hour. Which friend was asking??

Phil Lester 20:04

Do you really need to ask? :P

No, you already know the answer, and you can’t wait to see him. You can’t wait to see either of them, but Dan especially. As you fluff you hair one last time, you grab your bag and keys and head out the door. Down to the taxi waiting on your drive. Party time.


“YOU’RE HERE!” Yells an excited zombie Phil as he swings open the door to the Dan and Phil flat.

“You look amazing!!” You laugh as he reaches forward to give you a hug. He had ripped up his clothes and there was fake blood everywhere. He’d even got realistic looking slashes on his face and arms, and his eyes were a piercing white/blue against his dark fringe.

“Thanks! So do you!” He pulls away to look down at you. “Your make up looks awesome! Dan attempted to be a skeleton too but his fringe kept sticking to the face paint and curling up, you know how we feel about our hair” he laughs, tapping his head.

“What is life without the perfect fringe?” You grin. “So what has he dressed as then?” You ask as you follow him up the heavily cobwebbed stairs, trying to hide the excitement in your voice.

“He’s the vampire. The all black vampire, ignoring the red fake blood.” He turns to say to you, smiling as he puts his arm on your shoulder and takes you through to the living room.

They really had gone all out with the decorations. Pumpkins lined the windows, each with a little light inside that gave off a bright glow. They had draped cobwebs complete with little black spiders all over the ceiling and walls, with orange fairy lights and little ghost bunting hanging all around the room. The lighting was soft, the room dimly lit adding to the atmosphere and everyone was laughing and joking over the sound of Phil’s halloween playlist. You smile up at a few people, scanning for faces you recognise. They had invited a lot of people! You spot PJ in the corner, dressed as wiggles, and he gives you a salute as you wave. But you still couldn’t see your vampire.

“Drink?” Offers Phil. Gesturing to the dining table.  They had put a zombie hand in a bowl of sweets, the punch had floating eyeballs in it, and the cups were glow in the dark. Drinks and bowls of food were arranged symmetrically along the table. Dans touch no doubt.

“Rum and coke please Mr barman”, you say, flicking your hair over your shoulder.

“Coming right up.” Replies Phil. As he pours the liquid into your cup he looks up at you. “You know Dan’s going to love your outfit Y/N. He’s been asking about you all evening too.”

“Now as a best friend aren’t you meant to keep that stuff a secret?” You giggle, but your stomach flutters as you realise he’s been thinking about you probably as much as you’ve been thinking about him.

“He’s not shy about it.” He laughs. “Oh sugar. I don’t know where the straws are. The kitchen maybe…” He says as he hands you your drink but turns away towards the door. You grab his arm.

“I’ll go find them this is your party, mingle with your guests!” You order, pointing towards the groups of people on the sofas and around the coffee table.

“Mingle!” Replies Phil in a funny voice, he then smiles at you and walks towards a dead Mario and Luigi.

You hadn’t been in Dan and Phil’s flat that many times before, but you manage to find the kitchen straight away and pushed through the glass door. And that’s where you found your vampire.

He was dressed in all black, obviously, wearing a half length sleeved top and his black jeans. He had on a short black cape covered in spots of red glitter, and he had spray painted the ends of his hair grey. He hadn’t whitened his face, but instead had fake blood trailing from his mouth, a little on his bare neck and collar bones, and he had black contacts in that made his eyes glitter even more than they already do. You could even see little white fangs touching the top of his bottom lip. He looked incredible. And his eyes widened when he saw you too.

“Hi….” He said breathlessly as his eyes wandered up your body.

“Hi Dan.” You reply, closing the door behind you, setting down your drink and moving forward as you reach your arms around his middle. As you hug him you breathe him in. He always smells so good. You press yourself up against his body and your hands hold his back. He then moves his own arms, one rests on the small of your back, just above your bum, and the other wraps round your neck, holding you close to him. His lips find your hair and you feel his chest rise as he breaths.

“You look incredible” he says against your hair.

“Please, it’s all suit and make up” you giggle against his chest, knowing if you don’t accept this compliment he’ll just give you more.

“I know but, you still look incredible.” He says confidently, pulling back to look at you. “You look sexy.” He parts his lips and gazes at your mouth, the corners of his curling into a smile.

“You do too. I really like that blood”. You reply honestly. Confidence is key, you definitely had to let him know you fancied the shit out of him. His bottom lip was covered in red, and droplets at the top of his chest looked good against his black clothing. Your fingers reach up to his neck and you run your finger down his throat. He shivers at your touch, his hands still around you. The one on your lower back wanders a little further down…

“Are you trying to seduce me Miss Y/L/N?” he smiles at you, a wicked grin flashes across his face. You stomach knots with excitement a little knowing he’s enjoying a touch as simple as this. You run your fingers down his chest and turn slightly to lean back onto the kitchen counter. He moves forward against you, never breaking away from your touch. The hand that was at the top of your bum slides over your hip and brushes the top of your thigh. He was watching your face as you look into his black eyes. They really suited him. He looked dangerous. Wild.

“Is it working?” you say softly, parting your lips and grabbing hold of his top to bring his chest closer to yours. You couldn’t believe your own confidence.  

“Yes.” Dan replies, exhaling. His breath is sweet, sugary, he’d been eating cherry haribos you could tell. His lips probably tasted the same.

Dan wanted you too, you knew it from the way he was touching you. His crotch was hovering against yours and his fingers played with the ends of your hair, the other hand still holding your waist against the counter.

“I wanted to wait until everyone had left the party before I told you how much I like you. But I guess you know. And I can’t wait that long. I have to…” His voice trails off as he looks at you longingly.

You decide to slide your hand further down his chest, and run your fingers over his bulge before tilting your head to the side a little to look up at him innocently.  

You see him take a sharp breath as you touch him there.

“Would it be considered unhygienic if I took you right here?” He suddenly says to you, moving his face very close to yours and brushing your lips with his. Your stomach flips.

“Yes, but I guess it depends on how baldly you want me.” You tease, pressing your crotch into his, which through the thin material of your jumpsuit could feel was big. And hard. And that seemed to flip a switch in Dan, because his eyes grew even more wild and suddenly, he crushed his lips to yours.

You instantly moan into his mouth and close your eyes, overcome with lust for this beautiful vampire who kissed like it was his superpower. His tongue worked against yours, and his lips definitely tasted of cherry. He took your bottom lip between his fangs and bit gently, looking down at you and smiling wickedly. He then quickly pulled the fangs from his mouth so as not to hurt you. You were out of breath already, he had made you dizzy from the passionate kiss alone. The boy really knew how to make a girl flustered. And really really horny.

“Please Dan.” You beg, kissing him gently but with heat. You roll your body against his and he is quick to react.

His hands move around the back of your thighs and he lifts you up onto the counter, you spread your legs and wriggle your fingers through his hair as he moves between you. His hands move to hold your face and his kiss deepens.

You can still hear the thumping music from the lounge, and regular laughter reminds you that you aren’t the only two in the flat. There’s every chance someone will need to come into the kitchen for something.You feel his hands grip at the back of your jumpsuit, by the zip, and his mouth moves to your neck, sucking on your soft skin, leaving his mark.

“Dan…. Your room…”, you say softly, rolling your head to the side as he kisses you. You grip onto his hips and break away from his lips to look at him. The fake blood on his chin had smudged around his mouth and his hair was sticking up in tufts. His black eyes still glittered wildly. You figured your make up had also gone everywhere, he was a passionate kisser.

“This way.” He says, lifting you from the counter and moving to stand behind you. His hands wrap round your middle and he guides you to the door, biting softly on the side on your neck as you open it. There’s no one in the hall, everyone is still in the lounge and Dan uses this to his favour as he continuously kisses your neck leaving faint bruises where his lips and teeth ground against you. You kick open his door, holding his hands in yours against your lower stomach.

Suddenly, he spins you round to face him and his lips smash into yours, swinging his hand back to hit the door closed without looking. He kisses you deeply as he walks you in his arms over to his bed. His fingers are at the top of your body suit, and you lift yours to tug at the string holding his cape around his neck, and it falls to his feet. Suddenly, you see his arms flex in his tight black top, and you hear a loud ripping noise. Then before you know it, you are stood in your underwear with your skeleton suit bunched around your feet. Dan licks his lips before grinning cheekily down at you in your matching black lace.

“It had a zip you know, crazy pants” you giggle at him, not at all caring he’d ripped your clothes off.. because he’d literally RIPPED your clothes off, and that was hot as fuck.

“Figured this was quicker”, he winks. In a second, he had pulled his top over his head, and was pulling at his jeans. You took the opportunity to kick off the suit at your feet and turn to check your reflection in the mirror. Yep, nearly all of your skull make up had rubbed off, either on Dan’s hands or Dan’s lips. But your hair was still fluffed and you’d worn your best underwear tonight, thank God.

You turn back around and see Dan stood in front of you in just his black boxers. His soft skin illuminated just by the soft orange light of the street lamp coming through his window. Your eyes rake over his torso, and you can’t help but bite your lip when your eyes reach his crotch. The bulge pressing hard against the material. He was big. You automatically felt a swirling sensation below.

You meet his black eyes again and bite your lip. You slowly walk into his body and press your breasts against him. Slowly shaking your hair over your shoulders, you then leave open mouthed kisses along his collar bones, tasting the tangy fake blood but not caring, because his skin tastes sweet underneath. He groans and his hand raises up to your bra strap, popping it open. His fingers move to the front of you and you lean back allowing him to run them down your now naked torso. His forehead connects with yours but you see he is looking down at your body.

He suddenly wraps his arms around your body and lifts you to his waist. You wrap your legs around him and you feel his hardness right against you. You gasp gently as you feel the swirling within you again, and you look at him with excited eyes. He roughly kisses you and takes a few steps towards his bed, before climbing on to his knees, and loosening his grip on you so you drop down onto the bed. The boy meant business.

He climbs over the top of you and lowers his chest to your breasts, closing his lips around your nipple. The sensation makes you arch your back. Your hands run down his back and you unintentionally wrap your legs around his lower back, your body clearly wanting him closer to yours. You inhale deeply and take in his smell, which was a beautiful cocktail of his Paco Rabanne cologne, his musky body wash and the slightest edge of sweat. You scrape your fingernails down his spine and groan into his hair, he gets the message.

His leans up and strong hands lift your hips before his fingers grab at the lace separating you from him. He slowly slides them down your thighs but you lightly kick and he lets out a deep, sexy laugh at your impatience. God, that laugh. He tosses your underwear aside before pulling his own down over his thighs, and you see him smile out the corner of your eye at you looking at him there, naked in front of you, for the first time. You let out a few heavy breaths. Now you’ve seen him you know you really really want him. He leans over to his bed side table and pulls out a condom, ripping it with his teeth and rolling it over himself. You reach your hands up and he practically falls back down on you, between your legs as your hands tangle in his hair once more.

He kisses you strongly, and rolls his hips against yours. You moan out properly for the first time as you feel your own wetness gliding along his length, it felt so good.

He kisses you again, his tongue running along your lips and he signs into your mouth, before you feel him adjust himself on his elbows either side of your shoulders and he rolls into your hips once more. This time however you feel him slowly slide into you and you drop a hand from his hair to grab on to his bed sheets, overwhelmed by his size.

“You okay baby?” He asks you gently, his eyes searching yours for any signs of pain or regret.

“Yes” you reply breathlessly. “So..okay”, you promise. You felt no pain, like you’d heard about. You just felt electricity. All the way to your toes.

He grins against your mouth and kisses your strongly, and then starts to move. Slowly at first, and you hold him as he grinds himself against you. You moan out occasionally and thats when he starts to move faster. He moans out again and you whimper against his lips when you feel him hit your g-spot and pleasure crashes over you like a tsunami. The thrusts get stronger, harder, more frequent, and you start to naturally grind your hips up into his until you feel heat building within you, and you tilt your head back as he tucks his into your neck.

“Da-dan!” You cry out, unable to say anything else as you feel it build layer by layer. You squeeze your eyes shut, certain you’re about to fall over the edge, when you hear him groan out-

“Ffffuck Y/N”

And with those two words, you explode into a million pieces beneath him. Your hips and thighs quivering against him as he tenses against you, reaching his climax too. His breathing deep and ragged as he gives you an open mouthed rough kiss against the side of your mouth before gently pulling out and collapsing on your chest. You hold him for a few minutes, both of you regaining a breathing pattern and allowing your heart rates to return to normal. He is the first to speak

“Jesus Christ. That was incredible. Please be mine.” He whispers.

Your heart flutters again, and you tilt up his head with your finger to look into his dark, but now soft eyes.

“I’m never going to be anyone elses.” You reply. Never feeling so certain of anything. He meant everything to you and you now knew it. He leans up a little and kisses you gently, before sitting back on his heels and sliding his hands under your back. He pulls you up to face him and holds you against his skin.

“Shall we go re-join this party of mine?” He laughs. Touching his forehead to yours as you smile against his lips.

“I may need to borrow some clothes…” you whisper.


A few minutes later you were dressed in Dan’s black t shirt with the stars around the collar, and a pair of his black sweats. He had managed to find all of his vampire outfit and smoothed down his hair a little before taking your hand and leading you back out of the room towards the lounge.

“Wait, let me grab my drink Dan, I was meant to go into the kitchen to find a straw”, you say quickly, darting through the door and picking up your rum and coke, along with the packet of green straws next to it.

You turn back around and follow Dan through to the lounge, where the music and laughter was still as loud and as happy as ever.

“There you are!” You hear Phil say. “We’ve been waiting to play some halloweeney games!”

You emerge from behind Dan and try to give him your most innocent smile.

“Found the straws.” You hold out your hand and he takes them from you, but instead of looking at you, he looks down at your body.

“Y/N what happened to the skeleton?!” He asks you, rather naively. And then you see his facial expression change as he looks between you and Dan. “And the face paint…” He raises his eyebrows at you both, giving you a knowing look, and just grins at you both. “Didn’t waste any time did you.”

Dan gives him a light punch on the arm. “Shh idiot. Lets play some games.” He walks over to the coffee table and you begin to follow before Phil holds your arm.

“You’ve got a little fake blood on your lip” he says softly to make sure no one else hears.

“Thanks” You whisper back, raising the back of your hand to your mouth and rubbing harshly to make sure you get it all. He smiles at you and turns around to join the group of people forming a circle to face the middle of the room. PJ places the Cards Against Humanity box on the table and excited chatter starts as you join Dan on the sofa. No one notices (or chooses to say anything) about your change of clothes and you relax at his side. After a few seconds, you feel his warm hand find yours underneath the material of his cape, and you intertwine your fingers.

Your vampire, from now until always.


Jimin - Dope Series

Originally posted by parxjimin

You were an artist without inspiration. Desperate to find something, you visit your best friend’s office in hopes of sparking something artsy - But you only find Jimin.

Genre: Fluff | Smut
Members: Jimin x Reader (feat. Taehyung)
Word count: 8414


Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

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Catboy Jungkook au

Slight smut

‘You’ve always wanted a cat, but your boyfriend refuses to let you get one. What happens when you find a cat and it’s not what you thought it’d be?’


“You seriously need to stop obsessing over those cats” your boyfriend said. “They’re so cute!” You’ve wanting to get a pet for a long time now but Jaebum refuses to let you invest into one. “Baby, please” you begged while shaking his shoulders. “No” you pouted. “Jaebum, this isn’t fair. I really want a kitty” he rolled his eyes and put you on his lap. “The last time you insisted on getting a puppy we did, what happened to him?” He placed his finger under your chin so you two would make eye contact. “Hm?” He asked.

“I left the door opened and he ran away” you whispered. “Exactly, you’re not responsible when it comes to pets. I actually grew attached to the little thing surprisingly. Plus seeing you cry so much hurt me” you sighed. “I promise I’ll take care of the cat, please?” He shook his head no. “Maybe I’ll consider it soon, you never know” he removed you from his lap and adjusted his tie. “I’ll be back around 8, baby” he leaned down to place a soft kiss to your lips.

“Bye, Jae” you hugged him and he sent a smile your way before grabbing his keys and leaving out the door. You unlocked your phone to check the time '9:30 a.m’. It’s so early. You walked up the stairs into your room to change. Might as well get some errands done early. You changed your clothes and fixed your hair and walked out. It was such a nice morning so you decided to walk. You were walking down the street and admiring the scenery. First thing on your to-do list was to buy Jaebum a gift.

You know how hard he’s been working lately since he’s a CEO of a company. Picking out a gift for someone who’s crazy rich and has everything was a little difficult. You thought about getting him something more sentimental rather than buying him something he already owns. You walk to the nearest arts and crafts store. You grabbed a basket and started walking down the aisles. You were going to make him a scrapbook. You soon gathered all the materials you needed and walked to checkout.

Walking down the street to go back home you heard the sound of a garbage can dropping. You turned your head towards the ally and got curious. You walked towards the garbage can and saw it suddenly move. You cautiously opened the lid and aww’d immediately. You saw the cutest little cat ever. The cats eyes snapped up to you and meowed. You moved back and the cat jumped out of the garbage can. It stared at you for awhile until you heard the sound of a stomach growling.

The cat meowed again and turned it’s head to the side. You heard the sound again and got closer to the cat. It stared at you again before jumping back into the garbage can. You were slightly confused about what to do. You took one more glance before making your way back to your home. You continued to walk until you nearly tripped. “What the hell” you looked down and the cat was staring at you. You leaned down and pet its head. “Do you have a home?” It tilted its head. It’s stomach was growling. “I’m going to assume you don’t. Come on, let’s you some food and a nice bath”

You picked up the cat and walked to the closet store to purchase some cat food. You finally reached your house and placed the cat down. You quickly walked to the kitchen to take a bowl out and put the cat food in it. The cat slowly walked towards the bowl. It sniffed it and walked away. “Do you not like it?” You knew the cat had to be hungry. You walked towards the fridge and saw leftover pizza. Maybe the cat will eat it? “Come here, kitty” the cat jumped onto the counter and waited patiently.

“Want to eat this?” The cat came towards it and starting eating it immediately. You smiled and walked to the bathroom. You started to run a bath. You started looking up scrapbook ideas until you got a phone call. “Hello?” “Baby, I’m sorry but I’m going to home late tonight” you saw it coming considering he just got some new workers. “I understand” “I promise I’ll take you out to a nice dinner on Friday. I know we haven’t been able to spend much time together lately. I feel awful. I miss just sitting with you and being able to see your beautiful face”

“It’s okay, Jaebum. Your job takes a lot of work. I know you’re working really hard. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. You’re eating okay, right? I know you how you days without eating. Please drink a lot water too-” he chuckled. “Always so worried about me. Baby, I’m supposed to worried and taking care of you. This is another reason why I love you” you blushed. “You’re my boyfriend so of course I worry. I love you too” your startled by hearing something falling to the ground and breaking. “Is everything okay?” You walked into the kitchen and saw jars on the floor broken.

“Yes I accidentally dropped something” You hoped he wouldn’t question you. “Hmm, if you’re sure. I need to get back to work sadly, I love you so much. I’ll try to get home as soon as I can, baby, have a great day” “I love you too, work hard, bye” you quickly went to clean up the mess and checked the cat to see if it was hurt. It was okay. “Let’s take you bath” you walked into the bathroom and gently placed the cat into the bathtub. You started to clean it to find out it was a boy. He was purring every time you’d massage its head. You grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him. You placed him the counter and plugged your hair dryer.

“You’re such a cute cat, would you like to stay here?” He replied by running its head on your abdomen. You smiled. Maybe Jaebum would let this slide.

You were halfway done with your scrapbook until you heard the sound of the door opening. You shot your head up and started to hide all of the materials as fast as you could. “Y/n, you’re still up?” You heard footsteps walking towards the living room. “It’s 3 in the morning. What are you doing?” You bit your lip nervously. “Uh, nothing. Just wanted to wait for you” you looked down and silently cursed when pictures fell off your bed. He raised an eyebrow and lifted the blanket up. “So this is what you’re doing” he smiled while looking at the unfinished book and looked at you.

“Hmm, so you lied to me” he started walking around the bed until he was right in front of you. “I-I wanted to do something nice for you. I wasn’t supposed to give it to you until it was ready” he leaned down. “I appreciate it I really do baby,” he bit your earlobe. “But you lied. Girls who lie are naughty. Are you my naughty little girl now?” He placed kisses down your neck. “N-no” you whispered. “Really? I think you’re lying again” he leaned lower to suck on your collarbone. He pushed you down on the bed and climbed onto you. “I think you need to learn a lesson” he ripped your shirt in half and teasingly flicked his tongue over your nipped. You moaned and arched your back.

His tongue swirled around the hardened nub and his hand trailed down your stomach until his finger met your slick opening. “Already so wet for me” he ripped your panties off and slapped your thigh. “Such a bad girl” he flipped you over and raised your hips so your ass was in the air. His hand rubbed up and down the back of your thighs until a harsh smack was sent to your ass. You gasped and tried to escape his hold. “You’ve been a naughty girl. Let daddy teach you how to be a good girl from now on” he sent another harsh smack over and over again. You moaned from the soreness and the throbbing sensation from between your legs.

His fingers slid into your wet hole and down to your clit. Your hips pushed against his hand. You received another smack. “I’ll reward you when I feel like you’ve been good” he threw you on the bed and threw your legs over his shoulder. His lips wrapped around your clit and sucked harshly. Your fingers laced into his hair and you moaned louder as his tongue slid into your aching hole. His fingers rubbed your clit at a fast speed that sent your body thrashing. His arms held your body down.

Your back arched off of the bed as your high got closer. “Daddy, oh my god. I’m getting closer. Please, daddy. Let me cum” his fingers replaced his tongue and his lips came up to wrap around your nipple. His fingers thrusted harder and faster until you couldn’t control yourself any longer. You screamed his name as his fingers fucked you harder. His mouth connected with your dripping pussy as you came. You soon became sensitive to his touch. He kissed up your stomach to your lips.

“Seems like you’re a good girl now” he smirked. He walked into the bathroom to grab a damp cloth to clean you up. He grabbed a pair of panties and one of his large shirts. After he cleaned and dressed you he went to take a shower. You tried your best to fight the sleep that was slowly taking over you. You finally closed your eyes and fell asleep.

“Baby” someone gently shook you. Your eyes fluttered opened. “I’m on my way to work. I’ll try to be back by 7, okay? I love you” he kissed me and pulled the blanket higher on my body. “I love you too” you said still half asleep. As soon as he left you went back to sleep.

“Jaebum, quit it” you said annoyed as he rubbed your legs. You groaned and turned around to say something but froze. It was a man. “What the hell?” You shouted and fell off your bed. You rubbed your head and looked up to see the man looking at you. “You should really be carful” he went to help you but you backed away. “Stay away, who are you? How’d you get in?” He sat in front of you. “You let me stay here” you looked at him confused. “I don’t recall that happening” he looked down. “You found me in the garbage can, remember?” You scoffed. “I found a cat not a-”

You looked at his head and noticed ears and his tail swaying in he air. “Am I dreaming?” He shyly looked up at you. “You’re not. I do want to say thank you though. I’ve been a stray for a long time now and everyone was always mean to me. You actually cared for me and fed me, made me clean, let me sleep in a comfortable and warm bed. If you want me to leave I understand, I’ll leave. I just wanted to express how thankful I was first” he stood and started to walk out. “Wait” he stopped and looked at you. “I’m sorry for reacting like that. If you really have nowhere to stay, you can live here”

He looked down. “You don’t have to do that. I can find somewhere else” he whispered. “I insist. Please stay, I wouldn’t feel right letting you leave and having nowhere else to go” he smiled at you and hugged you. “You’re so great. No one has ever treated me this good” you smiled. “I’ll show you to your room” you walked downstairs into the spare room that was never used. “I’ll get you some clothes and other things. We can go shopping and you can get things you’d like” he smiled and laid down on the bed. “I’ll be right back”.

You walked back to your room to take out Jaebum’s old clothes. You grabbed a duffle bag to put all the clothes and shoes in. You walked in the bathroom to grab other necessities. You walked to to him and gave him the back. “Here are clothes” he thanked you. “Do you have a name?” He shyly shook his head no and looked at the ground. “Hmm, what about Jungkook?” His ears raised “that sounds pretty cool” you smiled. “Jungkook it is. Are you hungry?” He nodded. “What do you feel like eating?” “Anything is fine really” you walked to the kitchen.

After shopping for what seemed like hours you and Jungkook finally got back home. You wanted him to feel comfortable being here. Being with him you could tell he was really shy. You always caught him staring at you but would immediately look the other way. He was adorable. Now you need to come up with a story as to way he’s here so Jaebum wouldn’t freak out. “I have a question” he looked up. “Do you control when you turn into a cat?” “Yes” you nodded. You grabbed a beanie you bought him and put it on his head. “There you go” now you needed to hide his tail. “Is there a way to tape your tail or something?”

“It moves on its own but I could wear something to cover it” you nodded again. “When Jaebum gets here I’ll tell him you’re a close family friend. If he asks questions just say we’ve known each other since we were 3, okay?” He nodded.

“Baby, I’m home” Jaebum dropped his brief case and loosened his tie. You were sitting on the couch nervously waiting to talk to him. He kissed your lips and sat next to you. “What’s wrong?” He asked while holding your hands. “I need to tell you something” he nodded waiting for you to continue. “A close family friend of mine got kicked out of their home and I wanted to let you know I’m letting him stay here” he looked at you. “Him?” You sighed. “I’ve known him since we were young. Please tell me it’s okay he can stay here. He doesn’t have anywhere else to go” you felt guilty for lying to him.

“It’s fine, baby. I know you’d be mad if I said no” you kissed him and thanked him over and over again. “Jungkook, want to come out?” After a moment he came into the living room. Jaebum studied him. “I’m Jungkook, thank you for letting me stay here with you two” he said softly, barley maintaining eye contact with Jaebum. “It’s no problem at all” he smiled. “I’m gonna go change” he kissed your forehead and walked away. You heard a hissing noise and looked up at Jungkook who was death glaring Jaebum. “Are you okay?” He quickly snapped out of it and looked at you. He nodded and sat down.

“I’m sorry” you shrugged it off still confused. Will this end up being a good idea?

A/n I know this probably sucked ass but I promise the next chapters will have a lot more Jungkook and smut involving him 🌚🌚🌚

Cheater part 4

A/N: IT’S OUT!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! So school has started and it is already hell so I will update ATLEAST once a week. Mostly likely on Fridays. SO I could have just kept going but I figured I could get it out tonight for you guys. As always I would love any feed back. As always Requests are open and I’m always available to talk

Tag list(Let me know if you want to be added): @princessmarvelcu @buckybarnesisalittleshit @blueswallow5 @iamwarrenspeace @maddfairy @pandellaz @dobby-is-a-fr33-elf @blackwidwoah @millie67 @celticthundersherlocked  @avengingangelsoulofmusic​ @avengersandchill @jaderbugz (Message me if you want to be added)

word count: 1606 words

Unhappy when he didn’t answer her Y/D/N looked at you “Who is that Mommy?” she asked you tilting her head to look at you when you looked away.

“He is my brother scumpo. Pietro” Wanda said stepping forward when no one answered. She knew you didn’t want Pietro with her so she knew what had to be said.

“So he is Uncle Pietro?” she said trying to imitate Wanda’s accent. Looking over at him she was about to speak when you interrupted

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Moonstruck: Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Genre: fluff (Jungkook x OC)

Word count: 2k

Summary: You and Jungkook have been best friends for as long as you can remember. But when he starts acting strange, you begin to fear the worst. You hope that tagging along with him and his family for their annual summer trip might bring him out of his slump, but things quickly get messy as you start to question where both of you stand in your relationship.

The next morning goes by in a blur. As soon as Mr. Jeon picks you up, you get that itching feeling in the back of your head that you must’ve forgotten something. By the time the car hits the edge of the city, you remember the bottle of sunscreen still sitting on your dresser.


But not even that can spoil your mood. You’re practically bouncing in your seat in anticipation of the next week. Thoughts of laying in the warm sun and floating on the smooth ocean waves drift through your mind, a smile finding its way to your face small. You absently close your eyes and sway back and forth as if you’re already there.

Jungkook nudges you with his elbow, eyebrow raised in amusement. You nudge him back, giggling at your own display.

Somehow, you and Jungkook make the 8-hour drive somewhat enjoyable by pointing out funny license plates or random signs. You’re showing him a cute cat video on your phone when the car suddenly swerves into the next lane. Jungkook’s hand immediately reaches out and lands on your forearm, gripping so firmly that the tips of his fingers turn white.

When Mr. Jeon steadies the vehicle again, but Jungkook leaves his hand for a few moments too long. You feel your heart flutter slightly.

“Um, Jungkook…” you say, shifting in your seat. You point at his hand still on your arm.

“Oh sorry.” He clears his throat, jerking his hand back.

An uncomfortable silence surrounds you, both wondering if you felt the same thing from that simple contact. After several minutes pass like this, you hear Jungkook’s quiet snoring, finally catching up on his much-needed sleep. You lean your head against the window, and try to watch the passing scenery, but no matter how much you try to focus, your mind still wonders.

No matter how hard you try to suppress it, you can’t possibly ignore the fluttering in your heart.

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Up A Tree

Originally posted by jehbum

There were times when you absolutely loved the apartment complex you lived in.

Your neighbors were generally respectful. The staff was nice and accommodating. The building itself was in a good location and was clean. There was a small garden area where you could sit and enjoy the nicer days the city had to offer.

And then there were times when you absolutely hated the apartment complex you lived in.

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request: “Can you do a blurb about you and the boys calling Luke a mama’s boy (baby) and he gets ticked and then later that night in the hotel room he shows you how much of a man he really is? Please? I’ll love you forever if you do!”

warnings: smut, swearing, sorta rough luke

It was just another day on tour. It had been a while since the last break, so the boys were starting to get tired of each other, and would do whatever they possibly could to annoy the others. Calum had put himself into his bunk and shut the curtain, locking himself away from the other three. Ashton and Michael were sitting with you and Luke in the lounging area of the tour bus, just sitting around talking. Luke was trying to open a water bottle, albeit unsuccessfully, since his hands were slippery. Your hands weren’t, and he silently handed you the bottle, asking you to open it for him.

“Wow, Luke’s so much of a baby that he can’t even open a bottle of water for himself,” Michael cackled, laugh bouncing off the narrow walls of the bus. He elbowed Ashton, and he looked up from his phone to join Michael in laugher at Luke’s expense. Luke cheeks visibly heated up, and he refused to make eye contact with the boys, looking at you with pleading eyes, as if to say make them stop. You reached your foot up from your seat and aimed it at Michael’s shin, successfully hitting him under the table. He let out a shriek as his laughter died down.

“Who’s the baby now?” Ashton said around another fit of laughter. Even Luke joined this time. The laughing was enough to wake a grumpy Calum, and he came into the common area rubbing his eyes and holding his ears.

“Jesus, you guys are loud. Cut it out,” Calum said viciously, taking a seat beside you at the table. 

By this point, the laughter had died down and a look of sadness and insecurity washed over Luke’s face. You noticed, but figured that if he wanted to talk about it later, he would. 

A few hours later, Luke’s insecurity was replaced by anger. He stormed off the bus when it arrived at the venue, not even bothering to wait on his bandmates. He tugged you in by the hand, nearly pulling your arm out of socket. Heis long legs kept a quick pace, and you practically ran to keep up with him.

“Baby, wait.” You called from a few steps behind him.

“What did you say, Y/N?” Luke’s features were stoic as he looked past you, not making eye contact with you. He was practically seething at this point about the comments the boys had made to him, calling him a baby. To Luke, he was anything but a baby, he was a man, for Christ’s sake. No baby had broad shoulders like him. He walked back to where you were standing still, pushing you back into the nearest wall with his hips. 

“I’ll prove how much of a fucking baby I am tonight after the concert, Y/N. Get ready.” With that, Luke walked away, leaving you in his dust.

The concert went on as you watched from backstage. When the opening act was on, Luke was nowhere to be seen. Since this was fairly common, you weren’t too worried. 45 minutes later you heard his familiar voice through the speakers and were comforted. While they were on stage, you thought about what he could’ve meant by his earlier statement. Ten thousand things were running through your mind, and the only thing that could help was cat vines on your phone. 

They finished the set and encores, thanking the crowd many times, telling them that they were the “best crowd yet”. This made you smile slightly, because they said it wherever they were. Luke came backstage, sweaty and glistening like there was direct sunlight on him. He looked so handsome, and you got up and wrapped your arms around him, pulling him in for a kiss. He backed away, hurting your feelings slightly.

“Not now, Y/N. Wait until the hotel.” There was a strange glint in his eye, one you couldn’t quite put your finger on. You let him lead you back to the tour bus, which you were taking back to a hotel for the night, since they were playing here again tomorrow night. Room cards were passed around, and the boys were lucky enough to get their own rooms for the evening, and you were with Luke. He led the way to the hotel room, quickly, and without saying a word to you. You slid the key into the slot and held the door open for Luke, and apparently this was a major offense. 

I don’t need your fucking help Y/N. I’m not a baby,” Luke whispers under his breath, walking into the room and sitting on one of the beds. 

You sighed deeply and walked into the room. What was his problem?

He patted the spot on the bed next to him, apparently forgiving you, for now. You sat down, but not for long, since Luke was pulling you onto his thighs, making you straddle him. He kissed you, deepening it as he slid his tongue into your mouth. He pulled away to bite on your neck, soothing the burn with his cool tongue.

“Remember what I said to you earlier, Y/N? I’m ready to prove that to you now.” Luke says against your neck, looking up into your eyes as you start to swivel your hips into his. He was speaking of when he told you that he’d prove to you how much of a baby he was, but you were guessing that he meant that he was going to show you how much of a baby he wasn’t.

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01 | apartment 124

Word count: 1,486

Summary: Yoongi is apartment 124, and you live in 125. One day, his little brother finds his way into your apartment on accident. (big brother!yoongi)

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A/N: ignore any mistakes! I’m really excited for this series! It’s basically a big jumble of fluff and a tiny little problem that works itself out over time. Get ready, I’m SO EXCITED! Leave me an ask if you liked it and I may update sooner than I would normally!!


When you’re a student, working an unpaid internship, some things seem harder than others.

It had been exactly two days since you had left your house; simply because you had a huge ass final due for your art major class and you were only half done.

You truly wanted a break, maybe a coffee to ease your nerves; but the last thing you wanted to risk was spilling a cup of brown liquid all over your most recent project.

At this point in the day, tired wasn’t a part of your vocabulary. You were beyond tired, sleep deprived, even.

So when your front door creaked open, you had let it slip your mind. Not only because you were tired, but also because at this point, your music was louder than your thoughts, and you were too busy to and too far into your project to stop just yet.

Though you let it slip your mind, when your art room door opened, you froze directly in your spot, not even picking up your brush from the wet canvas.

When you turned around, you definitely were surprised to see a person; not even, a small child stood in your door frame. He had to be no older than seven or eight, yet you still couldn’t bring yourself to even begin to form any sort of sentence.

You stuttered in breath to try and find words, but could find nothing to describe the situation that was in front of you. “W-Who…”

And right then, out of nowhere, the boy screamed.

It was only then that you had realized how you looked.

Your face was smeared with paints that ranged from blacks to blues, and your hands an aprin were anything but pretty.

“Hey! Please! Just don’t.. Don’t yell,” you reasoned, standing up and rushing over to the small boy that stood in front of you.

It took minutes for this child to gain back control of himself, and you had finally been able to fully relax when he had done so.

You had so many questions to ask this child, but all you could do was stare. He was small, and his hair covered his face in an attempt to make him look younger. He was cute, probably one of the cutest children you had ever seen; putting aside the fact that you generally didnt interact or like children too much.

“W-What are you looking for? Where are your parents?” you finally found your words, kneeling so your height was the same as his.

“My parents?” he repeated, looking down at his hands. “My parents are in america.”

It took everything you had inside of you not to freak out. Everything. This child was in your house, and his parents were in america?

“Well… “ you closed your eyes, trying to think of something to get your mind back in check, “where’s your.. Owner?” You yelled at yourself for your choice of wording, but you quickly moved passed it again when he started to speak.

“My hyung is at work.” he mumbled. “I was supposed to go to apartment 125.”

Relief flooded over you when you realised that you lived in apartment 124. He had only gotten lost. Not only that, but it also concerned you that this boy was alone in an apartment for who knows how long. You had a little brother yourself, and this child definitely reminded you of him.

You had definitely seen the man in apartment 125 more than once. He owned a cat, and it often found its way through your apartment window. You had texted him many times before telling him it was there, which would often lead to you ‘borrowing’ for days at a time. It offered you stress relief, what else could you say?

But no, this was much different than a cat slipping through your window. This was a child, a grown, human being, that had wandered aimlessly into your house.

“Do you want me to call your hyung?” you had offered him, when you noticed he had started to get a little red in the face, tears threatening to tear their way through the corners of his eyes.

He nodded vigorously, wiping the ends of his eyes as you fumbled with your back pockets, pulling your phone out and attempting to unlock it with paint covered hands.

You pulled up the contact quickly, pressing call without a second glance.

You handed the small boy the phone, and watched as he clicked the speaker button so you both could hear.

it took two rings before the phone was answered.

“Did my cat find its way through your window again?” He questioned after the second ring. You could literally hear the smirk that played on his lips.

“Hyung!” The small boy yelled, gripping the phone tighter.

“Hyuk?” Yoongi hesitated, his voice suddenly becoming stern. “Where are you?”

“Apartment 124,” he answered calmly, shrugging his shoulders to himself.

“125,” you corrected.

“Yah,” he sighed, shaking his head. “Hyuk, go home.”

“How old is Hyuk?” You question, cutting Yoongi off.

“I’m seven.” The small boy answered for him.

“Hm,” you hum, glancing down at the phone screen, and leaning your chin into your hands. “It’s not very responsible of hyung to leave you home alone, now is it?”

“Well, I guess not…” Hyuk says, looking at you with big, opened eyes.

“Hey!” Yoongi yells.

“Well, what do you expect? Leaving a seven year old alone!” you laugh. “What time do you get off of work?”

“Eight? Eight thirty?” he sighs, giving in to you obvious plans of keeping the boy for the night.

“And you were going to leave him alone until then?” you gasp at the metal phone in your hand. “What was he supposed to eat?”

“He’d eat when i get home!” he says. “I liked it more when you were borrowing my cat, not my brother.”


Hyuk had granted you the well needed break you had been dying for.

The small boy lifted your spirits, and allowed you to cook for someone besides yourself for once.

You were fascinated by how much he could eat, plate after plate of food being given to him until he told you ‘Noona, i really can’t eat anymore’.

The clock had struck 8 when Hyuk had finished eating. You had just assumed Yoongi was working until 8:30, which didn’t bother you at all.

You felt at home again when you watched Hyuk, and it made you happy.

You decided to put on a move while you waited for Yoongi go get back.

Hyuk told you about his parents, and how only his mother was alive at the moment.

“She had to go to America.” Hyuk frowned at you. “I don’t know why, though. So I’m staying with Yoongi hyung until she gets back,”

You didn’t know Yoongi personally, but you knew what type of person he was.

He got a cat because he can’t take care of a dog. Cats basically take care of themselves, anyways- how was Yoongi supposed to look after himself, a cat, and Hyuk?

You knew few things about your neighbor, but one of them was that he worked at a bar; which also meant that he worked nights. You knew it wasn’t your place to butt in, but this little boy being alone at night until whenever Yoongi got relieve from a shift didn’t sit well with you.

It wasn’t until someone knocked at your door, that your thoughts had ripped from you.

Hyuk shot up from your couch, making is way to your door from the living room.

The door was pulled open, revealing very worried, very tired Yoongi.

“Hyung!” He sounded relieved, yelling and bringing the larger boy into a hug.

“Thanks for watching him,” Yoongi sighed, looking down at the boy. “It’s his first day here, and I wasn’t sure if he’d get home safe, and all of that,”

“No problem!” You smile. “I liked seeing him a lot. He reminds me of my brother.”

Silence grew between you two, as Yoongi scratched the back of his neck.

“Hey, if you don’t mind, could you check on Hyuk whenever you’re home? As you know, I work nights, and sometimes-”

“Yes!” You answered excitedly, smiling down at the boy. “That’d be amazing!”

“Really? You don’t mind?” Yoongi chuckled. “Just if you’re not too busy with school.”

“No, I was actually going to ask you if you needed help. Hyuk told me you’re moms in America, and-”

“Yeah, yeah she is.” He cuts you off, a smile pursing his lips. “Well, thank you. I’ll text you later tonight about details for tomorrow.” He says, redirecting Hyuk to the apartment across the hall.

“Oh, uhm, okay,” you nod. “And again, no problem.”

You shut the door slowly, pushing it closed until you hear the metal hinge click.

Only at that moment, do you remember your art final.

Winter Break: Part Two

Summary: You’re saying goodbye to your friends before boarding the plane to Germany with Sebastian, where filming is taking place.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Tom Holland(more to be added)

Word Count: 1467 words

Warnings: Swearing?

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   At the same time you recognize your brother, at least twenty girls around you scream in complete excitement.

“Sebastian!” You make your way towards your brother, pushing through girls that had gotten up and threw yourself into his arms, grinning ear to ear into his sweater.

“I missed you so much!” Sebastian says into your ear, happiness in his voice.

“I missed you too!” you grin, holding onto his sweater sleeves as he pulls back, “but how did you get in here?”

“I ran,” Sebastian smirks, and you don’t know if you want to smack him or yourself. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“I think you surprised the staff more than me,” you laugh, and he joins you.

“Miss Stan,” one of the faculty members that had been chasing Sebastian, Mr. Flint, the school’s only male Assistant Principle, pants like an overworked dog. “You…know this…man?”

“He’s my brother,” you inform him, smiling more in amusement now than happiness of seeing Sebastian. Mr. Flint had been giving you a lifetime’s worth of shit in the nearly four years you’d known him, and it satisfied you that it had been your brother to make your least favorite adult look so displeased.

“Well,” Mr. Flint wheezes, “your brother needs to learn that this is a closed campus, and adults must remain at the front of the school.”

“Well,” you mock the AP. “He is standing right here.”

Mr. Flint glares at you, and you smile innocently back.

“Oh yeah,” Sebastian suddenly says, pointing at you. “I’m signing her out.”


“I loved you in Political Animals,” Chris goes on, and you rest your head against the seat in the airport terminal, trying desperately not to ask the luggage woman standing at the counter closest to you for her roll of duct tape.

“Thanks,” Sebastian smiles awkwardly, turning his phone over in his hands. His hat was pulled low on his head, and with his sweater pulled up to his chin, it was hard for even you to recognize him.

“I hope you know you just outed yourself to Sebastian Stan,” Max says to Chris, and your blond haired friend blushes a crimson color and retreats back to Damon’s side, where the football running back was playing some game on his phone.

Sebastian gives your best friend a questioning look, and glances at you, his eyebrow raised, but you shrug your shoulders and ignore your brother’s mouth beginning to form a question.

“(Y/N),” Max drawls out your name, and you look over at her. Forest was leaning against her, playing games on his phone with his legs thrown up over Jamie’s lap. She didn’t look like it bothered her though, since she was zoned out, staring at the ground.

“Max,” you reply with the same length, and smile at her.

“When does your plan leave? I want to go home and sleep,” she complains, and you put a hand on your chest, pretending to feel hurt.

“Gee, Maxie,” you say sarcastically. “If I had known you didn’t care about me getting safely onto my flight, I would never have asked you to come with me to the airport.”

Max gives you a smile the Cheshire Cat would be proud of and goes back to commenting on Forest’s game strategy.

“Your friends are weird,” Sebastian says to you.

“Says the one that dresses up as a ninety something year old assassin and makes sound effects for his guns,” you reply dryly.

“He’s not an assassin,” Sebastian mumbles defensively.

“He’s an assassin,” you say, and your brother sticks his tongue out at you.

“Hey (Y/N),” Jamie speaks up. “What time does your flight leave?”

“Eleven fifteen, why?” you answer, and Jamie nods in the direction of the flight tracker above the escalators. Your flight number and the Germany destination draw your attention instantly, and you realize that there’s only twenty minutes before the plane lands.

“Hey Seb,” you say, nudging your brother. “We’ve got to get through security if we want to make this flight.”

Sebastian looks up at the flight schedule and sighs, then stands up and stretches. “Alright kiddos, (Y/N) and I have to go if we want to get to Germany on time.”

Max, Forest, and Chris collectively whine, while Damon stands up quietly, and throws his arms around you.

“Text me when you land,” he tells you before kisses your cheek before pulling away.

“Awh,” Max crows. “Old flames go out slowly.”

Damon ignores her and hands you his letterman jacket, smiling. “Take care of it, alright? I’m going to need it when you get back.”

You smile and nod your head as Chris hugs you.

“Be safe, scheißkopf,” Chris tells you as he steps back, and you roll your eyes.

“Real mature, tu connard,” you curse him in French. He winks at you.

Jamie’s embrace is minimal, and you only smile at the girl as she moves away to stand next to Damon and Christ.

Forest hugs you like it’s the last time he’ll see you, and squeezes you hard enough that black dots dance across your eyes until he lets Damon pull him off and stands beside him, teary eyed.

Max yanks you into her arms, holding you bone crushingly tight and ordering you to be safe and text her every moment you’re in Germany.

“I will, I will,” you promise her.

“And get me some autographs,” she adds on, and you laugh, but hug her quickly again.

“We’ll see,” you promise, and look at your friends. “I’ll see you all soon.”

“Be safe,” they call after you as Sebastian pulls you through the crowd, towards the escalators that would take you up to security.

“I will!” you shout over your shoulder, and hold tightly onto Damon’s letterman jacket with your free hand.

“You’re not going to cry on me, are you?” Sebastian asks when you reach the top of the lift.

You wave at your friends as you answer.

“I’ll be okay,” you tell him, smiling thinly.

“Good,” Sebastian nods, ruffling your hair and checking his phone at the same time. “Chris is picking us up from the airport.”



“Welcome to Leipzig-Halle Airport,” one of the pilots in the cabin say as your plane begins to touch the ground. You hold onto the seat’s arm rest, gritting your teeth at the most nerve wracking part of flying for you. “The current time is five twenty-three am. We hope you enjoyed your flight and have a safe time in Schkeuditz, Germany. Thank you for flying with us.”

You nudge Sebastian, who has been out like a light since the plane got into the air, and he stirs, grunting and yawning.

“Are we here?” he asks, hands reaching for the roof of the plane as he stretches.

“Yeah,” you nod. “Do we have to get ready with our passports?”

“Yes,” Sebastian nods. “I got us fast track checking, so we should get through quickly as long as we can get off of the plane early.”

“Okay,” you nod, pulling your carry on backpack out from under the seat in front of you and pulling Damon’s jacket tighter around you.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” one of the flight attendants speaks over the intercom. “Please remain seated until the plane has come to a complete stop at the gateway.”

You unclick your seat belt and stretch as much as you can without your bag falling out of your lap.

“Chris is waiting for us,” Seb tells you, and you nod, yawning yourself.

It takes another ten minutes until you’re completely off of the plane, and moving into Immigration Check, but even that goes by surprisingly fast. You were still chuckling from the passport checker’s expression when they realized whose passport they were holding when your brother went after you. The man’s reaction to being told you both were here for the Civil War filming was ever better.

“That bag’s yours,” you nod towards the incoming navy blue suitcase with a few braided bracelets you had made for Sebastian when you were eight. It warmed your heart to see them there.

Your brother had only left your side for a moment before a large arm threw itself over your shoulder. You jumped, and yelped, scaring a few people in the immediate proximity, and then shouted, “Chris!”

You throw your arms around the much taller man, grinning ear to ear as your brother’s best friend laughed, patting your back.

“I haven’t seen you in almost seven months!” you exclaim, holding onto Chris’ jacket as you pull away. He didn’t really look much different other than the scruff growing on his face from lack of shaving, but someone would probably make him shave it soon.

“Ah, I know!” Chris chuckles, pulling on a piece of your hair. “You look taller.”

“And you look like shit,” Sebastian says as he walks up to you both, smiling.

“It’s almost six in the fucking morning, Seb,” Chris rolls his eyes. “You’re lucky I’m not the one driving or else I would have left you here.”

“Steve Rogers wouldn’t treat me this way,” Sebastian huffs playfully.

“Well then it’s a good thing you aren’t Bucky Barnes,” Chris chuckles.

“Hey wait,” you speak up. “If you’re not driving, who is?”

Chris winks. “You’ll see.”

Female Encounters: Hiro Hamada x Reader

Part One:

“(Name)?  Can you please take out the trash?  It’s making the kitchen smell,” your mother pokes her head into your open bedroom doorway.

 You set down your book and look out your window.  The image of the house across the street is distorted by all the water pelting the glass from the outside.  “But it’s raining,” you protest.

 She rolls her eyes. “You’ll only be out there for a few seconds, it’s not like you’re going to melt from a little water.”  That said, she walks off to the bedroom she shares with your father to finish getting ready for the dinner party the two of them are leaving to.

 You huff in annoyance but make your way off the bed, like the obedient daughter you are.  You slip on a jacket and put on your shoes before heading downstairs to the kitchen.  Your nose scrunches up when you notice how correct your mother was when she told you the kitchen smelled bad.  Holding your breath, you pull off the lid to the trash can and quickly pull the edges of the bag up to tie it closed in a tight knot.

 You take the bag with you, when you exit the front door of your house.  You pull the hood of your jacket up and walk over to the side yard where you keep your larger, outside trash can.  After depositing the trash, you casually make your way back to the front of the house, where you find your parents starting to get into your dad’s car. They are both holding umbrellas over their heads to try to protect their fancy clothes as much as possible.

 When your mom notices you she waves you over.  “We’re running a little late, so we need to go.  Be good, don’t stay up too late.  We’ll probably be back after midnight.”  She kisses your forehead, before slipping into the passenger seat of the car.

 They both wave at you as they pull out onto the street and then drive off.  You shiver slightly as you begin to notice the cold rain water seeping into your clothes.  You turn around and hurry up the path to get to your front door.

 You go to turn the knob and then freeze when it doesn’t move.  You grip the handle a little harder, thinking maybe it might be a little stuck, but still it doesn’t turn.  With a sigh, you lean forward and bang your forehead against the hard wood of the door.  In your parents’ haste to leave, they had locked the front door, forgetting that you were still outside and without a key to get in.  With a groan, you turn around and slide down the surface of the door until you are sitting on the ground.

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“oh, sure, i have a smartphone, i see it’s useful. but everybody knows that you can’t get a REAL relationship anymore (ha, ha) - everybody is always looking at their phones on buses and during classes. go talk to a stranger! feel the air! eat your body weight in kale! hang on, how do i make a note on this? i wanna write that down, that was a good quote.”

consider this: i am in a long distance relationship with somebody i met in person. we have a very deep connection. we both go to different colleges. we have over forty-two thousand facebook messages: about philosophy, our lives, our deepest secrets, the posts that we find hilarious and want to give the other person so we can share that experience (lizard playing piano with an existential crisis is the most recent) - maybe when he checks his phone in public, he’s just seeing me checking in on him

i have friends in places i never thought i’d find them. i have friends hours away from anywhere i’ve ever been. i have friends from school i rarely spoke to after graduation and i have internet friends who text me every day with pictures of animals and plants. i know people who fell in love over the internet, and when they met in person, it was exactly as perfect as they expected. they meet with an ocean of shared memories already, a match which was already lit. who cares that they weren’t at some office mixer and standing around awkwardly when they first locked eyes. who cares if they were on a pokemon forum. does it matter. is their happiness somehow hurting you in any way. does it offend your “real connection” sensibilities. “we met drunk at a frat party” is just as embarrassing as “i edited her fanfiction.” not everybody meets in hollywood ways. all that matters is that when they met, they were there to stay. friendship and love are amazing that way.

i get it. there are people who really do abuse the system. i personally don’t believe in technology at the table, as much as possible. it really is rude and hurtful when someone pulls out their phone while you’re talking directly to their face. but most of the people i know will excuse it with: “this is my mom, which drugs should i tell her i’m on,” “sorry, waiting for the doctor to get back to me” “hang on lemme show you this snapchat of a cat” “wait i have the perfect vine for that.” and if you have a problem with it - which is valid - just use your “real connection” powers and be an adult about it. say, “i’m sorry, i’m not comfortable when you use that, is there any way you could leave it until i’m done talking?” most people touch their phone subconsciously. they’re not doing it to be mean.

and as for meeting strangers: did your mother teach you nothing. i don’t talk to strangers for a pretty good reason. give me a safe place, and i’ll be incredibly friendly. but the fact i’m texting my friend rather than suddenly striking up a conversation with the dude who keeps burping loudly two seats away from me: that doesn’t mean technology has frozen my heart completely. but when it’s late and i’m tired and i’ve had a long day: it’s so comforting to get warm messages from family. and even if there weren’t circumstances outstanding: maybe your problem isn’t that people are on their phone, it’s that you by yourself feel strangely alone.

just because you feel that you’re becoming distant from your friends: that doesn’t make it true for the rest of us. society changes whenever large-scale changes in technology occur. the way we interact is different. that doesn’t make it wrong. for many of us, this is the only way we can see the faces of our loved ones on a frequent basis. who cares if a connection comes with the support of the internet. learn to adapt to it. and if you feel like you’re addicted: put it down. go for a walk. delete the game you have 458 hours on. solve your own problem. stop pretending like the younger generation is at fault.

phones are portals to books, music, family, friends, to photos, to calming coloring books, to video conferences. instead of seeing a wall: see the window that person is holding. yes, they’re not looking at the grimy floor of the train station. but when you can fill that time usually spent staring into the distance with a discussion of whether academia has reduced artistic representation down to a few hallowed artists of a certain dynamic: why wouldn’t you?

so download the kindle app, re-read harry potter. join online communities. make a twitter. i don’t care that you think you’re cool and distant because you never hashtagged something on instagram. try it before you mock it. talk to people about things. take a web seminar. use the device for good instead of seeing it  as evil. somebody said to me yesterday: all advanced technology would be magic to people of another age. you have something in your hands which would have been a miracle in another day.

use it fully.

—  This coming from someone who has never owned a smartphone/tablet/e-reader in her 21 years of life // r.i.d