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Keep Sulking (Seungcheol x Reader)

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Synopsis: I was staring at you and the teacher caught me

Genre: Fluff Fluff

How long had he been staring, probably longer than he needed too. Seungcheol couldn’t help it, you, in his eyes, were the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on. The downside of it all, every time he tried to utter a word to you, two things would happen.

One, he was always cockblocked, like the time he had called your name in the hall but ended up on the ground due to Jeonghan jumping on him. Or the other time when he had sat in front of you in the library to ‘study’ but model student Joshua had come over, sitting right next to you, taking all of your attention as both of you began to actually study.

Two, he would end up embarrassing himself more than he needed too. For instance, you were dragged to the gym by Seokmin who insisted that you cheer for him during the older vs younger basketball game. He was trying his hardest not to stare at you that Wonwoo had accidentally chucked the ball at Seungcheol’s head thinking he would catch it.

All in all, Seungcheol was stuck in the phase of admiring you from afar.

“Choi Seungcheol!” The teacher calling his name made him jolt up, “You can get y/n’s number after class for now pay attention.”

The class erupted in giggles, Seungcheol caught your gaze, a smile played on your lips and Seungcheol could feel the embarrassment. Seungcheol sunk into his desk, eyes glued to the board and ignoring the constant teasing looks from his friends.

You looked over your shoulder at the sulking boy, you smiled to yourself at the cute boy. As the teacher turned their back, you ripped off a piece of notebook paper, scribbling words quickly before passing it behind you to Jeonghan, gesturing to give it to Seungcheol.

Seungcheol felt the light touch of the paper as it landed on his hand and slid off. He glared at Jeonghan, Seungcheol refused to open it thinking it was him making fun of him again.

‘Just open it.” Jeonghan mouthed at the boy.

Grumbling, Seungcheol open the piece of paper.

Keep sulking like that and I’ll think you won’t want my number - Y/N

Seungcheol quickly looked at you, eyes meeting, you sent Seungcheol a smile before turning your head back to the front. A smirk played on Seungcheol’s lips as he stuffed the note into his pocket.

For the rest of the day, you mood was dumped. You had expected to meet him in the cafeteria only to see his face empty from his group of friends. When you arrived back at class, you expected him to be sitting in his seat but he was gone again. It was like Seungcheol had just disappeared.

Yes, it was your turn to sulk now. You buried your head into your locker, the idea of slamming the locker door into your head seemed more pleasing now.

“Keep sulking like that and I might not ask you out.”

You pulled your head out of your locker, eyes set on the boy with a smug grin on his face. You chuckled, “So, disappearing the whole day was your game play.”

“You thought about me the whole day didn’t you.” Seungcheol leaned in a little closer, “that’s payback.”

You broke into a laughter, “A cheesy line but, it’s cute.”

“You know what else is cheesy. Pizza. The guys and I are having another basketball match, you can watch, we can go after.”

“Pizza?” Chan popped his head into sight. Seungcheol’s face fell, he knew what would be coming next. Chan ran to the incoming boys, “Seungcheol is buying us pizza after the game!”

You giggled as Seungcheol groaned, lightly slamming his head on the locker next to you, “Keep sulking and we won’t sneak out after the game.”

A smile as bright as the sun appeared on Seungcheol’s face, “I’m not sulking anymore am I.”

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OH MY GOD THIS BLOG IS FANTASTIC AND I JUST DIED LAUGHING LOLOLOLOL hmm.... Consider what would happen if someone (cough cough probably BH cough cough) dumped buckets of glitter over every Elgang member while they were sleeping?


  • The type of sleeping asshole that, even half asleep, will jump on your ass and put you in a chokehold.
  • Being the bright kid he is, he wakes up after you pass out
  • Feels guilty but also is like “well u dumped glitter on me soooo”
  • Gets revenge by dumping actual glitter demons on you when you sleep
  • I mean they’re dead but still


  • Doesn’t fucking wake up
  • Literally a rock throughout the glitter-spreading process
  • Some glitter totally doesn’t get up her nose nope that’s just…uh…dust coming out of her nose
  • Contemplates setting your room on fire but last time she did that to Elsword she set her room on fire too
  • Seethes in silence every time she finds glitter on her books


  • The glitter actually makes her look really, really pretty
  • It kinda just…weaves itself into her hair? Even in the moonlight it sparkles
  • In the morning everyone’s staring at her hair trying to figure out what the fuck happened
  • Then she shakes her hair out and this metric fuckton of glitter tumbles out
  • Rena is actually disappointed that it didn’t stay in


  • Light sleeper #2 of the Elgang, after Elsword. Being a mercenary does that to you
  • If you can pour it on him without him waking up, he will love it.
  • Just kidding, he’s highkey pissed.
  • Deep breaths, Raven. Go to your happy place, Raven.
  • Do not set the poor reader on fire, Raven. There’s only a few buckets of glitter in your arm, Raven.
  • Put your sword down Raven, just ask Eve for help getting it out
  • Run


  • What the fuck is sleep
  • While she does find sleep enjoyable sometimes, she rarely does it
  • Pouring glitter on her will be a difficult task, since she’s got Moby and Remy guarding her 
  • If you can put them to sleep you can throw a glitter party and she won’t even budge
  • When she wakes up she just
  • Cleans it up and goes outside like nothing happened
  • Except she forgot to clean herself off and she’s pretty much a walking disco ball
  • Add is not pleased


  • Like Raven, immediately wakes up but instead of grabbing his destroyer and murdering you, he just….tries to go back to sleep
  • Poor baby’s so tired that he rolls back over and falls asleep again
  • If you wake him up again you’ve essentially caused armageddon in the form of a small Hamelian boy
  • There are no survivors


  • Actually screams when the glitter touches her face
  • Turn into a wiggling spear monster, everything she touches will fall victim to her squirming
  • Poor girl thinks it’s a bug and grabs her spear and actually pierces her bed
  • Ara is in trouble for piercing her bed and you are in trouble for being a pest
  • And yes, when Elsword says that to you, he did in fact, mean that to be a pun.


  • Sits up, stares at you dead-on for a few seconds, and starts throwing glitter at you
  • You think you’ll get away with lobbing her with beautiful, beautiful glitter?
  • Nuh uh. You’re getting covered in it too, sucker. 
  • She pins you down and rubs glitter all over you
  • You two actually get so lough and rough that Add practically knocks your door down and tells you two to shut the fuck up
  • He is assaulted by glitter
  • RIP Add


  • The fuck you mean, sleep? He can’t sleep. He is an insomnia riddled goblin-man.
  • The most you can do is scare him or surprise him with the glitter by dumping it on him
  • Add actually falls off of his chair and shrieks
  • Its loud enough that Chung pokes his head out to see what on earth made the usual ‘kekekekekek’ laughter stop and he laughs at the spectacle
  • Add shoves you out and installs a very, very violent security system in his room. 


  • Screams at first, making Ciel fly into the room in phoru pajamas, inches from shooting you dead until Lu starts laughing and throwing glitter on him too
  • Ciel is not amused but does Lu care? No. 
  • You all fuck around in the glitter for a while until Lu accidentally gets some up her nose and starts hacking up a lung
  • Ciel forces you to clean up Lu’s room


  • Ciel wakes up, sees you, and tries his hardest to go back to sleep
  • You will have to physically drag him out of bed to get him to react
  • That’s only because there’s glitter everywhere oh my god
  • Why is there glitter in the teabags
  • Where the fuck did you get this glitter, how did you get this much glitter
  • Ciel stays away from you for a good several weeks


  • Wait, no, it’s just you. Why do you have a bucket?
  • Zero’s in the corner laughing his ass off and you’re sitting there, glitter scattered on both of you
  • She just rolls her eyes and goes back to sleep
  • She fights demons and shit, she doesn’t have time for this.


  • ????? What’s this shiny stuff?
  • Oh, you poured it on me to surprise me? K. Gonna go sleep now.
  • Doesn’t give a shit, he’s an angel, of course he doesn’t
  • This does, however, make him research pranks a bit more
  • You wake up buried in a mound of glitter with just your head sticking out

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How could you not like dogs

• bark in the middle of the fucking night when Im trying to sleep
• run up on me and start licking me and it’s GROSS
• generally don’t smell too pleasant
• jumped over a fence and chased me across the street when I was 14 and I was just trying to walk to school and mind my business and that grudge stays with me forever
• dog owners don’t pick up their dog’s shit and ive stepped in it too many times
• also, they’re dogs

Like a Lullaby

A/N: This is an anon request for a fluffy Spencer x Reader where one of them (I chose the reader) is scared of storms and they end up doing a ton of cuddling. @coveofmemories


“I thought you were sleeping?” Spencer asked, laughing slightly at the sight of you wrapped from head-to-toe in the comforter from Spence’s bed.

“I was,” you replied, jumping in place at the crack of lightning outside. “But the thunder and lightning woke me up and now I’m all anxious.” Whenever there was a thunderstorm, you would get unbelievably anxious and shaky; it had been happening ever since you were a kid, and almost nothing helped. The lightning cracked again, lighting up the entire apartment, which subsequently made your heart jump in time with your body.

When you looked over at Spencer, he was staring back with a look of pity. “I’m so sorry,” he soothed, walking over to your shaking form and enveloping you in his arms. “You really are shaking badly,” he said surprised. You’d told him about your thing with thunderstorms, but given that you hadn’t been dating long, he’d never seen the effects of storms on you up close before. As you looked up into his eyes, the lightning cracked again, following up with a thundering boom that practically rattled the apartment along with you insides. “Wanna watch TV?” he asked, wanting to try and peel your eyes away from the windows.

Nodding your head, you walked over to the couch, still wrapped up in the comforter from Spence’s bed. “Sure,” you replied, trying to think of a movie or TV show that might get your mind off of the storm outside. “Can we watch Casablanca?” The classic romance might be one of the few things to distract you - but honestly, you were wondering if that would even work.

“I’m always up for Casablanca,” he said, as he reached into the oak cabinets and pulled out hot cocoa mix. “Want some? Extra marshmallows?”

“Y-yes, please,” you said as the lightning cracked, not once, but twice. “And extra marshmallows really is the only way to go.”

After preparing two cups of cocoa and grabbing some cookies, Oreos specifically, from that cabinet to go along with it, Spencer returned to the couch and you started the movie. For the first 20 minutes or so, you felt okay - the movie was distracting you enough for the time being. Occasionally, you would see a flash of light out of the corner of your eye, but for the most part you were too focused on the movie in order to pay attention; if the thunder had been following the cracks in the sky you probably would’ve been worse off.

“No. Dammit,” you said, as the rain picked up outside and the lightning and thunder returned full force. “I thought you went away.” Pulling the blanket up over your head and covering yourself completely, you crumbled into the couch, able to see the light streaming into the apartment even now.

“Wanna let me in there?” Spencer asked, smiling as he opened the part of the blanket that was crunched up by your face. Grinning back, you lifted up the one edge of the blanket that you had clutched in your right hand and allowed him to jump in behind you. Once he was situated, you returned the blanket to its burrito-state, enveloping the both of you in warm, fluffy goodness.  “It’s really warm in here,” he mumbled against the skin at your back of your neck. “But not too warm. It’s perfect in here.”

“That could be partially because you are huddled up next to a half naked lady,” you replied, keeping your eyes closed and concentrating on Spencer’s warmth. When you’d gone to bed, you were wearing a pair of shorts and a bra; you had to be perfectly warm when you slept, which meant wearing very little, freezing the room out and then cuddling in a giant blanket. Spencer chuckled, tightening his grip on your waist.

“That could definitely be part of it,” he said, kissing your neck. “You seem a little less shaky than before.”

You still hadn’t peeked out from the blanket or even opened your eyes, but the thunder accompanying the lightning was the worst for you. If it was just the lightning, you tended to be okay as long as it wasn’t so bright that it flooded the apartment. The thunder by itself was pretty awful too, but you could usually drown it out with a loud, action movie or really boisterous music. “I’m not too bad right now,” you said, grabbing his hand and entwining your fingers together at your waist. “But the thunder seems to be getting closer and closer. I just want it to pass over, so I can be done with this.”

With his breath at your back, you curled into him. “What?” he chortled. “You mean you don’t love huddling under a blanket with your shirtless boyfriend?”

“Nooooo, not at all,” you laughed, “I’d just like to do the cuddling sans thunderstorm, that way I could concentrate on how comfortable I am and maybe even tease you until you wanna rip off your clothes.”

“How about we go inside, close the blinds and cuddle in bed until we fall asleep?” he asked, easing himself up from his place on the couch. “I’m getting tired anyway.” When the lamp light from the apartment streamed slightly through the comforter, you took a peek out the window, seeing a steady torrent of rain, but very little thunder and lightning.

The shaking had mostly subsided, but you still wanted to cuddle and it was getting late anyway, so you said yes, standing up from the couch simultaneously with the blanket wrapped around both your bodies. “Do we waddle inside?” he laughed, planting a kiss behind your ear. “Because I don’t really want to leave the warmth of this blanket to get inside.”

“Sounds good to me,” you replied with a sleepy smile. “Andddddd, go.” With very little grace, you both managed to get inside without breaking out of the warmth of the green comforter. “We must look like walking burritos,” you laughed. “Oh burritos.” You thought you heard your stomach growling.

“You need sleep,” he snorted, opening the bedroom door and walking you both towards the bed. After adjusting the temperature of the room just the way you liked it, Spencer climbed back into bed, pulling you close to his chest as you both began to fall asleep. Though the thunder and lightning still hadn’t subsided completely, - it could still faintly be heard in the distance - the rise and fall of Spencer’s chest and his steady breaths in your ear lulled you off to sleep like a lullaby.

MAMAMOO Scenario: Their s/o comes home early to surprise them

Mamamoo Prompt: Their s/o coming back home from a trip early to surprise them

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You received some notifications on your phone, only to find that Wheein had texted you photos of your girlfriend sulking on the sofa. Her usually bright and energetic self slumped into the corner of the sofa. She was wearing your hoodie and buried herself within pillows. When you came home and surprised her, she pretended that she didn’t miss you at all, only coming up to give you a light peck on the cheek.

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Similar to Hwasa, Moonbyul was being all whiny about missing you. She jumped for joy when she saw you at the doorway, lugging in your luggage. She pretty much jumped you and hugged you hard, asking for a kiss. “Didn’t you miss me?”

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Solar would be so embarrassed about missing you. The only person that knew about you was Byulyi. She knew the maknaes would tease her relentlessly about it, so she kept you hidden. Until you decided to come home early, and surprise her at her apartment. But you didn’t realise that the entire Mamamoo group was there, so when you leaned in to kiss her all you could hear were the gags of Hwasa in the background.

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Wheein would behave like a puppy when its owner comes home from work. She’d be all over you, kissing you and saying how much she missed you. “God if I knew you were going to come home early I would have made something~!”

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The episode needed to run just a little longer. I wanted to see Magnus and Izzy going to Alec when he woke up. What about Clary, even after their last interaction she was so worried for him. Would she just have left after knowing he was ok or would she have told him she was glad he was alright? Did Alec stay at Magnus' to recover a while? I need to know. (And you know next week they'll probably just jump ahead and skip past it all.)

Yup, same here, Anon. All your questions….yes yes yes!!! I feel like it wouldn’t have hurt if the ep might have run for at least 5 minutes longer.

I know this is probably an unpopular opinion but tbh? I could have lived with a little less Simon and more stuff regarding the parabatai issue and all. Some more flashbacks? Deeper insight of these characters back then? Maybe a scene where Izzy is gonna tell Magnus what happened to Alec? And how are they dealing now with Jace going to the City of Silence? I need to know. Because like you said, I am pretty sure they will do a time jump in the next ep.

Don’t get me wrong, I really really love Simon. And in these dark times he is such a ray of sunshine. But all his scenes felt like a bit off this ep? Sure, he had Clary by his side but still? It all felt so isolated? Maybe it was the intention to show this I am not sure. Although all I was thinking was like…can we go skip this and go back to the important parabatai stuff? :(

Dancing in the Rain Drabble

Pairings: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: fluff

Word Count: 250

A/N: Title is kinda self explanatory. Excuse my sarcasm, I’m running on 2 hours of sleep in the past like 60 hours. Thank Chuck for Mt. Dew and 5 hour energy! Enjoy the fluffs.


You were laying on your bed in the bunker, half asleep as you only partially paid attention to the episode of Friends you had turned on to fall asleep to when suddenly Crowley appeared between you and the TV and you yelped, jumping at his sudden appearance.

“Come with me.” He said as he extended his hand to you.

“Babe, it’s 3 in the morning and I am in my pj’s.” You said as you sat up, crossing your legs on the bed and he sighed, stepping toward you and taking your hand out of your lap, pulling you to your feet.

“Kitten, don’t fight me on this.” He said as he pulled you into his chest and you sighed as you closed your eyes, wrapping your arms around his waist tightly. You knew you had changed locations when you were suddenly standing in the middle of a field in the pouring rain.

“Crowley, what the hell?” You exclaimed as you tried to pull away from him but he held you close as he snapped his fingers and a slowly melody started playing around you.

“Darling, I just wanted to dance with my Queen in the rain.” He said as he took your hand, spinning you around and pulling you back into his arms. You looked up at him with a smile.

“Alright, my love. Let’s dance.” You said, standing on your toes to kiss him before he began to twirl you around natures ballroom under the full moon light.


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If you don’t know how spellwork functions please do not ask me to give you a spell for you to do. Especially if you don’t follow me or know me. I am not a mentor nor am I ready to be one. I am still learning myself. If you don’t know the basics of the craft please do some research, just for your own safety. It is not a good Idea to jump into spellwork when you have absolutely positively no clue what you are doing. Start with cleansing and meditation and work your way up. I can totally share my links for reading and such with you but I am not here to teach.

Crackship Starfrost Foals

Hey guys!

I’m going to be driving back to uni and unpacking today, but I would love some fun warm-up exercises to do this week, before I continue doing updates (and to prep me for making some art prizes I need to do as well!)

So I’m jumping on the crack ship pairing bandwagon! Send me an OC you’d like to see crossed with Starfrost (since I don’t have my other pony OC’s in the blog yet) and I’ll pick some interesting pairs and give them a whirl! (Not everyone will be chosen, but I’ll do however many I can!)

(Kaj Northern Lights’ sibling is coming! She’ll be finished when I get unpacked ^^)

Please read this, you won't regret it (maybe)

So let me tell you all a story that happened after I logged out last night:
I was getting ready for bed in my room (although I wasn’t going to actually go to sleep until I finished my Chica ref)and heard my sister walking down the hallway. Me being myself thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to scare her.
So! I stood right up against the door, waiting for her to walk by. (She was putting something back in the spare room next to my room at the time.) When she did, I jumped out almost awkwardly and sorta screamed in her face. She screamed, too…

But then proceeded to punch me in the face.

Right in my teeth. I stumbled back a little, then reached up to see if I was bleeding. I was, so I went downstairs to get a paper towel and tell my mom the whole thing.
I went back upstairs and looked in the upstairs bathroom mirror, only to find that…

She punched one of my braces out of place and off the tooth it was originally on.

I started panicking, knowing my mom would yell at me if I told her. My sister came into the bathroom, and with a concerned look, asked “What’s wrong? Did I do something?” I told her what happened and she, too, began to panic. Turns out that she also cut her finger open in the process. She cleaned it up, though, so everything’s okay, I guess.

Moral of the story is: Don’t scare your siblings because they will most certainly punch you in the face.

Hmm… the only problem I really have with the loose brace is that whenever I eat, it moves and actually kind of aches. Same goes with talking too fast, which I do. I can’t wait to go to the orthodontist so he can fix it. I hate braces, to be honest… you can’t eat some stuff, but I eat em anyway. ;-D
So, yeah! Fun little story I was really looking forward to sharing with you all!

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cake ask: Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Angelfood cake?

Cheesecake: What is your favourite sweet treat?

Passionfruit Cheesecake~

Chocolate Fudge Cake: What song can always make you dance/feel good?

Rosalie by Thin Lizzy and Diamonds On The Soul Of Her Shoes by Paul Simon

Rosalie is the song my sister was named after, and my parents played Diamonds on loop after I was born :)

Angelfood Cake: Tell us a cringey childhood story.

I don’t know how ‘cringey’ this is, but I got child protection services called on us twice :|

When I was two I jumped off a window ledge trying to fly after watching Aladdin and shattered by arm so the hospital thought my mum was beating me up

And when I was seven I downed a bottle of liquid pain killer and got blood poisoning, and one hospital trip later they thought my parents tried to kill me soooo… more child services

I was not abused.

I was just really, really dumb.

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random question, but did that girl like the manta ray you drew?

she did!! she jumped up and down and gave me a hug and made that high-pitched noise u make when ur excited

Cat Got Your Tongue Pt. 1 (M)

Word Count: 5,463

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: catboy!tae, comedy, fluff, eventual smut

Summary: When your boyfriend cheats on you you’re left heartbroken and lost all hope in relationships. Santa says you’ll find love soon, but what do you do when you’re beloved cat turns into a beautiful grown man?

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“I grew up, like, savage. My stepfather abused me starting at the age of four. My mother threw me out when I was fourteen. I became addicted to drugs. I fell in love with a drug dealer and we had a daughter. He hit me but I had nowhere else to go. I tried to get away from everything when I turned nineteen. I thought: ‘I’m leaving Puerto Rico and I’m going to change.’ But on the plane to New York, the guy next to me was a heroin user. And he convinced me to try it. And things got worse in New York. It was even harder because I was alone. I ended up in the street. I was jumping from house to house. I was doing what I had to do to survive, you know. The government took my children away. I was lost for so many years but I’m a new person now. I’m sober and I’m working and I’m going to church. But I struggle a lot. I have all these emotions and I don’t know where they come from. It’s like I can’t control them. And when I’m with other people, I feel less. My past always comes back to me. I say to myself: ‘Who do you think you are? You’ve done so many bad things. And you don’t even know how to talk right.’ I can never get away from the things that I’ve done. But Jesus forgives me, you know? He knows that I’m a sinner person and he still loves me. My past does not matter to him. He is changing my thinking. He is helping me start new. Without him, I would have nothing to hang onto.”

I honestly don’t know what this is or where this came from but…Merry (early) Christmas. 

Dean’s been staring that the Christmas cards for what feels like an eternity when Sam finally rounds the corner, his cart full of supplies. 

“Dude, what are you doing?” 

He jumps slightly and clears his throat, “Just looking.” Dean knows the face Sam’s giving him before he turns to look, “What?”

“Nothing,” he shrugs, a smug smile on his face, “Who’re you looking for?”

Dean rolls his eyes and shoves his hands in his pocket, “No one, I was just-”

“Awh, Dean, you know you don’t have to get one for me.” Sam smirks.

“Shut up, Sammy,” Dean grumbles, “Let’s just go.”

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  • Me: Oh good, looks like I've finally stopped posting and reblogging YOI stuff.
  • My brain: *humming Agape*
  • Me: *pretends she can't hear* I should go---
  • My brain: Oh! You know what I was thinking?
  • Me: Please don't...
  • My brain: What if when Yurio is performing Agape...
  • Me: Don't say it...
  • My brain: Instead of thinking of his Grandpa---
  • Me: Noooo
  • My brain: ---the image of Otabek pops up in his mind?
  • Me:
  • My brain:
  • Me:
  • My brain: Yurio flubs his jump, btw.
  • Me: ... Shit.
  • My brain: Nice idea, yes? OK, byyye! *logs off*

Stiles x Reader

“Stiles Lydia says we need to stop the bus.” You sighed down the phone.


“Yeah well I tried that and coach said no.” Stiles I could stop it.


“I could stop it.” You offered and he made an inhuman noise caught between a shrieked no and a desperate plea.


“Just give me a minute ok… do not use your powers!” He yelped and hung up.


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Masterpost of Twenty One Pilots’ covers

My personal favourites are bolded!! Feel free to unbold them when you reblog.