when you have no internet


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

[!!!] Seventeen will have their first world tour <2017 SEVENTEEN FIRST WORLD TOUR ‘DIAMOND EDGE’> starting July 2017. 

The boys will tour 13 cities including Seoul, New York, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. More details will be released soon.

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Looks like a Dad thing

Team Free Will x Daughter!Reader

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Teasing normally came with the territory or wearing your uncles old rock shirts and hand me down boots from a hunter they’d bumped into or clothes that had been passed along to the Winchesters’. Even when they made fun of you for being adopted, on the rare occasion you stayed in one place long enough for them to find out you could handle.

When you finally settled in Kansas you thought making friends at school would be a breeze, you didn’t have to move around as much, you got a part time job and could afford your own things and your life seemed for one, pretty amazing.

Which is why it took everyone by surprise when you burst into the bunker in tears, tossing your bag down as you hurried to your room, the peaceful silence effectively destroyed.

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707 as Austin Powers.

Made because of @808lien. @guardmesherlock-rowan, this is why I haven’t been on Tumblr when I have internet, lol.

Let me know what you think! Ima do Zen next- Still am not concrete as to who Im gonna do him as- so any ideas are welcome!  XD

I let a a guy who is not so great for me back into my life several weeks ago, and the same signs started showing all over again. He could barely communicate with me through simple things like snapchat and text. He was hard to tie down outside of a weekend bar close. I’d already been through this with him. I knew what I was getting into when I let him back into my life. I let it be, because I have a weakness for him, while my friend constantly told me to leave him in the dust. Two weeks ago, I listened to her. I listened to myself too. I was already tired of holding out for him and not getting anything in return. I knew he didn’t have time for a real relationship, but I still needed more commitment than this. So I decided, if he didn’t text first, I wasn’t going to text him. If he didn’t send me a snapchat, I wasn’t going to send him one. He couldn’t respond to the simplest parts of my life, so I wasn’t going to include him in it in any way. Doesn’t mean I don’t still care, because I do. What can I say, I’m super fucking flawed. Now, this week. I quit my job and I’ve had way too much downtime and I’ve been reading my horoscope via cosmo’s snapchat articles. While I don’t fully submit to astrology, I find it super fun to read and see what does and doesn’t apply. The text posts and memes that float around? They’re hilarious. Keep them coming. So this week, Virgo’s horoscope said something about my love life and this weekend. I honestly don’t remember the specifics, but something was going to happen. In the littlest part of my brain I decided I’d wait and see. Maybe this meant the shitty guy I had a major crush on was going to reach out to me. But, realistically, I knew he wasn’t going to. He wasn’t good at communicating his feelings, or really, anything at all. UNTIL JUST NOW. HE TEXTED ME. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud because technically, my horoscope said this was gonna happen. Thanks moon or sun or love life or whatever. You actually panned out. And while he didn’t confess his undying love, he got like 30% of his shit together to send me a sorry-i-suck text. What a time to be alive


hey guys. I finally figured out how to upload things.

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I'd love to see Mark come up with an ego for his anxiety/inferiority complex and have it something like Internet Explorer. Like when you first meet him he's kind of shy but falls in love SUPER quickly asking to be your default browser, but you can see google in the distance and you're like "nah" then he spends the rest of the day crying in a corner.

that’s actually adorable, i like it!! 💙

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You watched Castle!? High five!!

I was a hardcore Castle groupie literally from the very first episode and then that show went on to disappoint me like so many others. I was so sad.

Kate Beckett will always be one of my faves though and is goals tbh

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Pros and Cons of having internet friends


  • They’re there for you when no one else is
  • They don’t judge you as harshly as the people you know irl (or not at all)
  • You can relate to them
  • You’re friendship isn’t based on looks/race/sexuality/gender/age


  • You may never be able to meet them in person
  • You can never dry their tears
  • You can never hug them
  • You can never truly show them how much you love them