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Can American followers listen to your podcasts? Want something to drive to class to 😊

Hello! Yes! Anybody can listen to my station on Otto Radio. Just download the free app and click “True Crime Radio” on the home page. You can download the entire playlist daily to listen to when you have no internet.

Or just click here to listen on safari!

Also, our our original podcast is called “The Knight Stories” and you can search for that on the app or website.

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Thank you so much for supporting me on Otto Radio!

When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

reasons Robert Small is a fucking dork:

  • “I may be bad but you made me glad”
  • if you pick whiskey he says “Man after my own heart”
  • Likes pineapple on pizza (A sin)
  • Says he trusts no one, not even River. Changes his mind and says “Actually I trust you, you’re an old soul ,kiddo.”
  • “I’m working on my relationship with existence”
  • “You ever kill anyone?”
    “Yeah me neither. Or have I?”
  • Loves dogs
  • “You do know when the internet becomes sentient it’s gonna use this information against us right?”
  • Demands you stay for movie credits and literally thanks every single person named onscreen out loud
  • “If you ever call me Bobert again I’ll kick you in the shins”
  • Texts like a 16 year old boy
  • “Come outside. Don’t make me honk. I will honk. Get out here.”
  • Carries around a well-stocked first aid kit in his truck
  • Actually wears a goddamn leather jacket over a red sweater

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Can you do the panthom thieves first kiss with their s/o? thanks i love your stories they're really cute and well written

This request is really cute and well written, I live for this stuff. *_* Thank you so much for liking my stories, and I hope you like what I’ve come up with!


  • Akira will lock eyes with S/O, his onyx eyes glistening with longing and anticipation. 
  • The he’ll lean closer to them, his tepid breath only fueling the scarlet incandescence of S/O’s face.
  • His smooth fingertips gently caress their cheek to brush their hair behind their ear, and his lips ghost over the cartilage as he whispers with a sultry cadence, “Strictly Hard Bean is a grade given to coffee grown at a high altitude of 4,500 feet above sea level.”
  • lookin dead joker
  • Needless to say, Akira would tease them a few times until he becomes impatient.
  • He definitely initiates the kiss, but only at a time where S/O least expects it.
  • They were probably doing the most mundane thing in the world like writing in their journal or brushing their when he called their name.
  • When S/O turned toward the direction of his voice, his lips were there to greet them.
  • S/O bashfully shifts their gaze away from him. “Took you long enough…”
  • “Haha, sorry,” Akira chuckled as he twiddled a lock of raven hair between his fingers, a peachy haze permeating the apples of his cheeks. he’s playful but shy
  • He’ll claim that he simply wanted to be spontaneous, but he actually kissed S/O because he adored how peaceful and content they seemed.


  • Ryuji would probably initiate because he tends to be impulsive, but he’s moderately nervous about it since he doesn’t want to screw it up.
  • He knows dwelling on it is only going to exacerbate his hesitation, so he assimilates all of his courage while he’s on a date with S/O.
  • Every time he’s about to try, he stops himself and blushes just from thinking about it. idek how s/o hasn’t kissed him at this point
  • As a result, Ryuji basically shuts his brain off to allow his instinct to take over. team instinct
  • The first sentence he says is, “Look at the size of that effin’ bird!”
  • Of course, S/O glances around the area in confusion because the two of them are indoors.
  • Ryuji kisses them as soon as they turn around to question him, and his eyelids are squeezed so tightly that he nearly faints when he opens them again. although he was feeling faint to begin with
  • S/O’s eyes are widened and they’re delicately touching their lips with their fingertips, a rosy dust on their cheeks.
  • Ryuji thinks they look so adorable and his mind switch is still of when he blurts, “I think I’m in love.”
  • He’ll mentally facepalm himself into the perpetual ether and stutter, “I-I mean, uh… thank you? N-no, wait-”
  • S/O sweetly kisses him, and most of his embarrassment melts away.
  • That is, until they smugly reply, “You’re welcome.”


  • This instance is a toss-up; Ann is typically straightforward, but whenever she’s around S/O, she’ll timidly fidget with her pigtails with butterflies fluttering about in her stomach.
  • However, when she feels she’s ready, she’ll wait for the opportune moment.
  • Apparently that moment was when S/O was relentlessly teasing Ann about doing nothing except for laying on the bed while playing games and eating sweets. literally me
  • “Are all those sweets making you stick to the bed?” S/O jested, sitting on the floor adjacent to the bed since wrappers accommodated the space surrounding Ann.
  • “Babe… it’s too hot outside,” she complained, a lollipop situated in her mouth.
  • “You haven’t even been outside to know that.”
  • “I totally have! You were there, remember?”
  • S/O squinted their eyes. “…You only got your mail.”
  • Ann glimpsed up at them from her portable console and winked. “But I still went outside!” can i marry you
  • “That’s it, I’m going to carry you,” S/O proclaimed, promptly standing up and attempting to clutch Ann’s shoulders.
  • Ann cast aside her console and grasped their wrists as she declared, “I won’t let you!”
  • S/O eventually gave up since the two of them erupted into a fit of giggles, and once the laughter had dissipated, Ann peered at S/O from under her eyelashes, her cyan scrutiny alternating between their eyes and their lips.
  • The couple is thinking the same thing, and both pairs of lips press together simultaneously.
  • Consequently, the two spend the rest of the day peeling wrappers off of each other. they keep flinging them at each other smh what children
  • jk i want this


  • Yusuke has absolutely no qualms, he just plants one on S/O when he feels like it. he’s clueless but he knows what he wants
  • However, he’ll more than likely ask for permission first since he’s a gentleman.
  • While painting in his dorm, Yusuke catches S/O staring at him with their chin propped up by their hand, a contented expression of admiration blanketing their face.
  • They immediately get flustered as they pivot their head away from his shrewd gape, and they’re so endearing that he simply can’t help himself.
  • Yusuke glides over to the table S/O is seated at and crouches down to tenderly grasp their chin, coaxing them to meet his steely orbs.
  • He’ll stroke their cheek with his thumb and quietly implore with a low inflection, “May I?” 
  • S/O is too starstruck to speak, so they respond by affirmatively nodding to him.
  • Yusuke’s kiss is so slow, fragile, and barely-there; yet the passion and emotion was exceedingly conspicuous, even without physical contact.
  • He’s immediately inspired, and he kisses them once more to express his gratitude.
  • Although, Yusuke can’t seem to stop peppering S/O with kisses, which elicits a flurry of mirthful giggles from them. he loves kisses now


  • Makoto finds it easy to converse with S/O but when romance is involved, she’ll become very bashful. so cute omg
  • She’s more inclined to take the lead since she views the situation from a tactical standpoint, pondering over what methods she should utilize, the proper romantic setting, etc. makoto it’s a kiss not battleship
  • Moreover, Makoto simply feels more comfortable and in control with a plan of action, so she invites S/O over to her house for dinner, eager to finally kiss them.
  • S/O arrives early to assist Makoto with the preparations, and she nearly abandoned the plan in favor of kissing them on the spot.
  • Alas, she manifested some self-control and proceeded cooking with them, chatting about recent events or snickering as they exchanged inside jokes.
  • Makoto almost burned the food because she was having so much fun, and the couple shortly seated themselves at the table to commence the meal.
  • However, prior to being seated, Makoto noticed a small dollop of dressing on S/O’s lips from their previous taste-testing, and she finally succumbed to her impulse.
  • “C-can I… um…”
  • She hurriedly pressed her lips against theirs; however she lingered for a moment before departing, the sweetness of the kiss somehow offsetting the savory sauce.
  • Dazed, Makoto blinked a few times before processing her impromptu action, and she flushed a shade that was approximate to the ruby irises that now glistened with embarrassment.
  • “I am so sorry…! That was very rash of me. Th-the um, sauce turned out well, though.” i’m in love
  • S/O smiled fondly at her. “Yeah, it did.”


  • Futaba received her first kiss, and she was caught completely off guard.
  • She was perfectly content with occasional cuddling and hugging, but she wanted to attempt kissing at least once.
  • However, due to her social ineptitude, Futaba can’t seem to recognize S/O’s hints and cues. s/o doesn’t mind tho
  • One day, her and S/O were perched on her bed, playing multiple rounds of goldfish. Naturally, Futaba won almost every single time.
  • “Hehe, another victory for me.” 
  • S/O sighed in defeat. “How are you so good at this?”
  • Futaba shrugged. “Talent?” she offered as she smugly adjusted her glasses. “You know, Sojiro was the one that taught me how to play goldfish. We used to play all the time, and he’d win every single match. I remember being so mad that I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day.”
  • S/O smiled as they shuffled the cards. “I can only imagine how Sojiro reacted.”
  • “He kept apologizing while I stormed off to my room, and when I opened the door after a few hours, there were two plates of curry with a can of pop. Oh, let me deal!”
  • S/O relinquished the deck to Futaba and watched intently as she dealt. “That was nice of him.”
  • “Yeah, he’s pretty cool for an old man. Anyway, let’s get this round kickin’!”
  • It was during this round that S/O had finally caught Futaba in the act of cheating as she craned her neck to uncover their hand.
  • Swiftly, S/O swooped up to plant a kiss on her lips, and Futaba’s face was as red as her hair when they abruptly parted from her.
  • “S-S/O…”
  • In turn, S/O became embarrassed and shyly rubbed the nape of their neck. “S-sorry.”
  • “No, I… it was nice.” Futaba smiled and kissed their cheek. s/o has stopped working


  • Haru is usually hyper-aware of her demeanor and behavior due to her upbringing. 
  • However, she’s the one to initiate because S/O’s presence is quite cathartic and liberating to Haru, thus enabling her to be more spontaneous.
  • All it took was a thoughtful gesture from S/O.
  • Haru invited them to her house for tea one Sunday at noon, but she became slightly disheartened since they were running rather late.
  • She dejectedly shrugged it off, assuming that they forgot. no one could forget you stop that
  • Despite that, Haru dashed to the door as soon as the sound of the doorbell echoed throughout her house, her mauve eyes twinkling with hope.
  • When she opened the door, she was struck speechless; S/O was guiltily standing there with a beautiful assortment of flowers nestled in their hands.
  • “I am so so sorry that I’m late, the flower shop had a problem with my order so I had to wait a little bit but I know that’s no excuse-”
  • S/O’s rapid rambling was interrupted by Haru’s lips colliding with their own, and although the impact was sudden, the kiss remained soft and affectionate. the kiss of life
  • Haru slowly retracted from them, wearing an apologetic smile and a blush as pink as her sweater. “I-I’m sorry for the sudden, um… thank you for the flowers, that was very kind of you. Please, come in, and… S/O?”
  • Meanwhile, S/O felt their grip on consciousness weaken considerably from being kissed by an angel.

When the internet treats you so horribly that you have to make a public statement about your daughter’s suicide in order to keep people from spreading lies.

I hope bloggers feel like shit right now.

Everything starts with a single Instagram post.

A couple lounging together on a hotel bed, their faces out of frame. Two pairs of sweatpants-clad legs tangled together - feet bruised and battered, the focal point of the image.

v-nikiforov: When you and bae have matching feet 💖💖💖 #movienight  #cuddles #figureskaters #FukuokaGPF

The internet explodes.

At 25, Viktor Nikiforov is already a notorious commitment-phobe.

Though his list of casual hookups and one-night stands is a mile long, the man has yet to have a serious romantic relationship.

(One that has been made known to the public, at least. There is, of course, no shortage of “anonymous sources” claiming to have visited him at his house in the countryside where he supposedly lives during the off-season with his secret wife and three kids.)

Not even two hours after the picture is first posted, his fans have already compiled a list of who this mysterious significant other could be, using the only thing they know (probably) for sure about them - that they’re a figure skater.

Christophe Giacometti, for some odd reason, is pretty high up on the list, despite the fact that he’s been in a committed relationship for the past two years now. Cao Bin is another notable name, along with TWO of Viktor’s own rinkmates, Georgi Popovich (something which he’s sure is going earn the two of them a good amount of light-hearted teasing from their rinkmates), and a girl named Evgenia that Viktor has known since they were 5, and whom he regards as nothing more than a good friend.

And somewhere near the middle of the list is Viktor’s longtime bitter rival, Katsuki Yuuri.

It’s something of a mystery that he had even made it onto the list, given that the vast majority of the world seems to be of the opinion that the two hate each other. But fans as a whole tend to have a strange fascination with enemies to lovers stories, and it doesn’t hurt that Yuuri is good-looking, talented, and just about the sweetest person ever (to anyone other than Viktor, that is)

By the time the next picture is posted, just over a month later, people have mostly given up hope on another.

A dining table laden with delicious, home-cooked food. A slender young man sits in a chair across the table from the camera person. The top half of his face is cut off, showing only an indulgent smile as he spoils the excitable brown poodle begging for scraps next to him.

v-nikiforov: When bae flies halfway across the world to surprise you with a home-cooked meal after you get back from Russian Nationals 😍 #luckiest manalive #loveofmylife #bestsurpriseever

This time, it doesn’t even take an hour for the fans to update their List. All the female skaters are removed, while a few more male skaters are added on. 

The man has a soft jawline and slender shoulders.

A few suggest that it may be Lee Seung Gil, while others shout that “he’s just 19!,” and how “that’s basically pedophilia!”

Katsuki Yuuri inches his way slowly up the list, while others demand that Christophe be taken off, given the man in the second picture is clean-shaven, and everyone knows Christophe wouldn’t be caught dead in public without some stubble.

There aren’t many more pictures of The Boyfriend after that.

Instead, there’s an endless flow of melodramatic selfies and black and white landscapes with captions that don’t make sense, of Viktor constantly complaining about not being able to see bae more often.

He does occasionally drop little tidbits - The Boyfriend has a dog as well, he does ballet, they’ve known each other for several years.

But he’s careful not to say anything too revealing about his significant other, playfully dodging the question whenever he’s asked about it in interviews and choosing his words carefully on his social media posts.

It’s a maddeningly long five months before Viktor finally makes the fatal mistake.

An excited brown poodle standing near a door, leash in his own mouth. His tail is a wagging blur, restless excitement seeming to roll off his image in waves.

v-nikiforov: Going to pick up bae from the airport. I think Makkachin’s somehow figured out where we’re going. He’s been waiting impatiently at the front door for the past hour. #offseasonisbestseason #beentoolong #reunion

Viktor turns off his phone after that, and so it isn’t until he arrives at the airport, only to be welcomed by a horde of screaming fans and reporters that he finally realizes the mistake he’s made.

All the blood drains from his face, and he quickly whips out his phone to send his boyfriend a warning message before he’s suddenly swamped.

His plane should have already landed by now, and Viktor prays that he’d sent the warning in time. He knows how much his lover values his privacy, and neither of them are very eager to have their relationship become public knowledge quite yet.

Viktor spends the next ten minutes trying to make his way through the overenthusiastic crowd while still trying to be as nice to his fans as possible.

Makkachin is having the time of his life, shamelessly begging ear scratches and cooing from the crowd of fangirls. He looks quite content to stay there for as long as possible.

That is, right up until he quite suddenly perks up, and barges right through the crowd, leaving behind a bunch of confused fans and a worried Viktor, trying to chase after him.

He doesn’t get very far though, before tackling someone with wet doggy kisses.

The man seems to expect the enthusiastic welcome, because he barely staggers as he catches the giant brown poodle in his arms, laughing and carrying him towards Viktor and his group of speechless fans.

He’s wearing a pair of sinfully tight skinny jeans, and a dark blue hoodie with the hood up. They can’t see his face properly yet, with Makkachin blocking their view as he continues to squirm in the mans’ embrace, tail thumping excitedly against his leg as he walks.

Before any of the fans can take a step, Viktor hurries to his lover’s side and immediately wraps an arm around his shoulders, using his body to hide the man’s identity.

“What are you doing here?” he asks urgently as the crowd surges forward to envelop them. “You could have snuck out another way and gone straight to the car!”

The man laughs, and turns to place a quick peck on Viktor’s cheek.

“It’s fine,” he says. “We’ve kept quiet long enough. I don’t mind letting everyone know about us.”

So saying, he lowers Makkachin gently to the ground, and the cameras finally get their first glimpse at the face of the man who had managed to steal the heart of the World’s Number 1 Bachelor.

Emergency guide for langblrs

I thought i should make this guide with suggestions for people who:

1. Don’t always have internet.
2. Go somewhere where there’s no internet.
3. The internet is slow/barely working in their area.
4. People who want to be prepared.
5. Others that i can’t think of now.

Everything I’m going to say works offline so in case the light went out for a couple of hours and you don’t know what to do to practice your target language, here are some suggestions.


You should have a notebook with grammar in it and it doesn’t really matter if you just copy-paste an entire grammar book. (However it would be pretty good if you actually pay attention to what you write otherwise you’ll have to work twice. 1st you copy-paste then you have to figure out what’s important and what isn’t and that takes pretty long time.)


  • Print a book. try to find a place where the printing is cheap. Usually these are small bookshops or so. Take a walk around the town and check out many places or ask friends of yours, maybe one of them knows a place.
  • Buy a book

Print some lists with verbs and their forms. 

I’d suggest you guys to always have a list with irregular verbs. If you have time you can actually make a big poster with their forms and practice them daily (or just look at the poster, after a while you remember what you wrote) or keep it for days with no internet so you can study them.

Alternative: you can download a PDF but if you have no light for hours, your phone/laptop will die pretty soon and you might need them for more important stuff.

Always have books, magazines, comics in your target language. 

Now, it doesn’t matter if they are PDF or physical. My tablet has comics in Danish in case i have no light and i’m bored. It’s pretty handy to have something to read.

Idioms all the way~ 

You might be a beginner so you didn’t really want to learn idioms usually because you think they are “too advanced”, however, it’s no harm to have 2 packs of flashcards at you in case you want to play a game.
I said 2 packs so i should explain why. 1 is in your target language while the other is the translation. Put all the cards with their writing facing the rug/table/book/whatever and turn them 2 at the time. If the translation is the right one for the other card, take them out or leave them with their “face” up, if not, turn them again and turn 2 cards again. 

pro tip: have a list with the pairs since you don’t know the meaning of the idioms.


You can buy one/download a pdf or use an offline dictionary. I’d recommend using ProDict or BitKnights Ltd. You need internet only for 5 min to download all the content and then your app is good.


Try to have at least 2-3 movies in your laptop or on a flash stick/USB. Now, if you stay  1 month at your grandparents, you might learn the lines of these movies but at least you used your listening skills.


I’m pretty sure 95% of langblrs have at least 1 song in their target language(s) but i’m still going to say this. When you’re bored, these songs will save you, also, singing improves your pronunciation.

Apps that work offline

Pocket - basically, you need internet at first (the app has to download the content and you have to log in) and after, you have to save a few stuff. The app allows you to read articles offline. It saves the page and you can acces it later.

While you are at a computer you “save” the page through the browser’s extention and they will be added to the app from your phone.

50Languages - just like every app i’m going to mention, you need internet only at the beginning. This app has games, audio, vocab. I like it for the fact that the audio is really good. As you guessed, it’s for 50 languages.

Fun Easy Learn - it has a version for words and one for phrases. The app has 7 games and you have to play them all in order to have “learned” the vocab.

Memrise - everyone knows it so i won’t say anything else than the fact that you can download a couple of their courses. (i’m not sure if for ios you can download them but i know that on os you can)

Learn - this app has audio and vocab. The game for “teaching” is more of a way of testing you after you learned the words but it’s still pretty handy.

Learn Languages - this app is built to work hand in hand with 50Languages and i just love them? So, you use 50langs for the audio and LearnLanguages tests you for what you know. If you don’t know a certain word or phrase, the app will send you notifications with what you don’t know and its translation. You set the timer (15min, 30min, 1h, 3 h).

If you have words that need to be learned and you don’t know how, Quizlet might be a good option since it has different games and also a flashcards option.


If you by any chance don’t understand something, write it down. Try to have a notebook or a paper only for questions. When you have internet again, use HiNative or ask a native friend of yours.


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

wip of a piece I’m doing for @hetalia-fanzine - yes its england and alice in wonderland what else can you possibly expect from me

coloring this is gonna be a damn hassle

‪Funny, how you can have 300k followers on all social media and have only two people who wanna talk to you cause they care and wanna meet you.. Back then when I used to have 4k I had over 20 internet friends and used to talk to them all the time.. After some time you just figure out who your real friends are and who are here for YOU. Time shows everything. Some people forget you, some get tired of you. I got busy with my real life and all those people just stopped giving a fuck about me cuz I wasn’t texting them first, now when I try to hit em up it’s like I have never even known them. Shit makes me so so sad!! Why people are being like this?
Anyway, I have known this girl for over five years and whenever we have time to talk, even if we haven’t talked for 5 months, we TALK. Shit is never awkward and we can both talk about everything. I am so happy to have her and I really hope that one day we both will meet. That’s what I call real friends, and yes even on the internet. People like her makes me believe that not everyone are selfish and fake.