when you got nothing you got nothing to loose


Rating: Teen and Up

Pairing: Reaper/Reader

As infamous as he is, even the Reaper is still just a man.

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You have missed the bus. Of course. It is not often you are called upon to visit the offices where you technically work; as their best programmer you’ve been given permission to work from home. The next bus doesn’t get here for another hour - God only knows why - which is how long it will take you to walk, if you hurry.

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First Love -6- Suga AU

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First love - Suga AU

Parts; Masterlist, | 01, | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 |

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, Angst

Word count; 3.938

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

The minute you opened the bathroom, you were shocked to see Yoongi lying on the floor, his hands were bleeding and he had bruises all over his beautiful face, never had you seen something like this, not even when Jin Soo’s father hit your mother. “Yoongi!” you know you sounded panicky but there was nothing you could do about it. “Jin call the emergency center!”

“No!” Yoongi tried to sit up and you could see the fear on his face, which wasn’t easy. “No Doctors!”

“But.” He shook his head and with that, he fainted. “Hoseok help me lift him,” you yelled and to your surprise, he listened and picked him up. “I don’t care if he wants this but we need to see a doctor.”

“He doesn’t want to,” Namjoon said and looking at his face, you knew he wasn’t going to cooperate, which annoyed you so much but you would have to yell at him later, the first priority was Yoongi, as you needed to help him. “Well don’t just stand there, go find the emergency box!” you commanded Namjoon and he hesitated a few seconds before he went to get the box, in the meantime Hoseok had put him on the bed. You finally could get a good look at his hands and you were happy that it was only cuts and nothing worse. “Hoseok please get me ice.” he nodded and left the room, leaving you with an unconscious Yoongi and an annoying Namjoon.

“Do you know what you are doing?”

“Of course I do, so shut up and give me the box.” you held out your hand but he placed it next to you on the bed. “Hurry up, we have to be gone before his parents come back.” you looked at him as if he had lost his mind, how in the world could we move Yoongi in this kind of state and where do we take him? You felt pressured, which made your hands tremble, you just had to focus on cleaning the wounds on his hands and you were shocked that someone deliberately cut his knuckles, which was the cruelest thing ever to Yoongi as his first love was the piano, there was no way he would ever recover if someone took that away from him.

“Will you please hurry?” Namjoon started to sound nervous, which made you nervous as well and when Hoseok finally returned with the ice, you were at a breaking point because Yoongi was in so much pain that even whilst being unconscious he was still moaning from the pain. “Hoseok please make him leave!”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“You are distracting me, I can’t work like this!”

“I’m not even doing anything.”

“You are nervous and it’s something I feel so please leave the room and let me help Yoongi.” Hoseok didn’t hesitate and pushed Namjoon out of the room. “Can I do something?”

“Yes please fill that towel with the ice and put it gently on his bruises, it helps with the swelling.” he did exactly what you asked and as you both worked alongside each other you grew a certain amount of respect for him because he was genuinely worried about Yoongi. “Why is Namjoon so nervous about his parents coming home?”

“They did this to Yoongi and this isn’t the first time, his father beats him up regularly.”

“Why?” Hoseok shrugged and it was upsetting that Yoongi never had someone to really talk to, you had finally cleaned everything and put on a bandage on both hands and as the ice began to melt, you decided it was enough for now. “Do we really have to replace him?”

“We do, if his father comes home and see he got help, it will be much worse.

“Alright, get Namjoon. Do we know where to take him?”

“Ah that’s right, Can’t he stay with you?” You were going to say no to that but changed your mind because what could happen and maybe your mother could help out, so you nodded and told them your address, you in the meantime threw in some of his clothes and called your mother to let her know the situation and she sounded shocked and told you to hurry up. We had to take the bus but luckily no one was really looking at you and you had put a face mask on and a hat, his hands were hidden in his coat, so it was safe to move, without being stopped by people.

When you arrived home, your mother was already waiting anxiously and her eyes went big when she saw the state Yoongi was in, it was really bad and as you put him on your bed, your mother followed with painkillers and water. “What happened to him?”

“His father beat him up but we don’t know why.”

“Omo, poor boy.” she brushed his hair from his forehead and that made him cry unconsciously, this was tearing your heart, who would do something like this, yes Yoongi was annoying most times but if you got to know him, he was actually really sweet, so why would someone do this to him? “Mom could you stay with him because I really want to take shower.”

“Of course, take your time.” you quickly grabbed easy clothes and jumped in the shower, you just had to get rid of everything, you couldn’t stand the blood of others especially like this because the only reason you knew how to help Yoongi was because you had to do this often with your mother, as she had been in situations like this and you were always the one who had to clean up, so yes you could say it was a trauma thing but what could you do about it except for talking to a damn shrink. You couldn’t stop thinking about the state Yoongi was in when you found him and you knew that you couldn’t let him go back there, you had to find a way to protect him from ever getting hurt again.

When you were done showering you walked back into the room, letting your hair dry normally and a small smile appeared on your face when you saw how worried your mother was about him, she was talking softly to him and telling him it would be okay and that he could stay as long as he wanted. “Mom, I’m back, you can get some rest now.” you kissed her cheek when she got up. “Thank you.” she nodded and caressed your cheek for a second. Yoongi was still out of it so you decided to work on your music, it was a good thing you had a keyboard and you could practice without disturbing others and in the meantime, you could keep an eye on Yoongi, so that when he woke up you could help him immediately.

He didn’t wake up though and you were afraid that he had done something bad, but when you moved away from your keyboard you saw the sweat on his face, he was having a fever and he was trembling all over his body. You quickly got a damp towel and put it on his head, this is what you kept doing the entire night. You were startled when someone put his hand on your head and you shot upright, when you realized that it was Yoongi, you were a bit confused until you saw his bruised face but at least he was awake, this also snapped you right out of your drowsiness “How are you feeling?” you put your hand gently on his forehead and was happy to see that his fever was gone. “Why am I here?”

“You don’t remember?” he shook his head and you couldn’t hide the pity right now and when he saw this he knew that you found out about his parents. “We brought you here after we found you and you can stay as long as you want.”

“You’re pitying me, aren’t you? His face was sad, which was new as he had never ever sounded like this but you did understand why he was like he was. “I’m trying not to.” you smiled gently and called for your mother who came in with breakfast “Good Morning Yoongi-ah, how are you feeling?” she smiled her brightest smile and you could see Yoongi looking at her as if she was not real, which wasn’t crazy if you thought about the fact that he didn’t know this kind of behaviour.

“I’m okay, I guess.” He was pretending to be okay just for your mother, which melted you a bit but also made you angry because why would he diminish his injuries but he shook his head as he looked at you, so you just bit your tongue, not wanting to upset him. “Y/N, took care of you the entire night, isn’t she great.”

“She sure is.” he smiled and this was the first time you saw him smile genuinely, “I will leave you two alone for a bit, as I need to do some groceries, is there anything you would like to eat?”

“I’m fine with anything.” She smiled again and left us alone, you sat down on the bed and just looked at him. “You know she means it when she told you that you can stay as long as you want, so please just stay here until you’re better, don’t be stubborn like always.”

“I will stay, so please stop worrying.”

“That’s going to be hard because you make it so that I have to worry.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” You got up and walked to the bathroom only to return with the emergency kit and some towels. “Do you think you can take a shower by yourself?” He nodded but when he tried to get up he didn’t come far. “What did I say about being stubborn, just let me help.” You supported him from the bed and helped him out of his clothes until he was in his boxers. You checked him out and clicked your tongue because of the number of bruises on his body.

“I know it looks hideous, I’m sorry” you shook your head as you felt annoyed by his apology because he had done nothing to be sorry about. “Stop apologizing, you did nothing wrong.” This shut him right up, when you got him in the shower you made him wait as you needed to change into something else, you decided to put on shorts and a loose shirt with a bathing suit underneath it, this was going to be a new experience for sure.

You helped him stand under the shower after you got the right temperature, you let him stand for a few seconds as you reached for the shampoo, you used your own shampoo and you couldn’t help but smile at this because your shampoo smelt like strawberries. Lucky for you, you were just a few inches smaller than him so he didn’t have to bow and as you started to massage the shampoo he closed his eyes, you weren’t sure if he was enjoying it but he wasn’t complaining so that was good, right?

When the shampooing was done you had to wash his body and as you carefully put the body wash on him he started to tremble and it was upsetting to see but you had to do this and as you rinsed it off he suddenly pulled you against his body and buried his face in the crook of your neck, next thing you know he started to cry and the only thing you could do for him was to just hold him and that was exactly what you did.

His body stopped trembling after God knows how long and you felt his arms loosen their grip on you so you took a step back and looked at his face and decided that you were done, you dried his body as much as you could and left so that he could change his underwear, this way you could change as well but before you could pull a shirt over your head he came walking out but instead of feeling ashamed you quickly pulled the shirt over your head and grabbed him before he fell because you could definitely tell that he didn’t have any energy left.

The next few days went like this but you couldn’t be here all the time because of college but your mother took care of him whilst you were gone and he became better each day. At first, you were sleeping on the floor but now you slept in the same bed because he kept having nightmares and they stopped when you laid down next to him, the way he slept after you joined him was really adorable because he curled himself all around you. He didn’t say a lot but you still grew closer as you shared a lot of intimate moments and when he did talk, he told you about his childhood and you were surprised that he had a good childhood but it all stopped when his father decided to divorce his mother, that’s when everything changed and you couldn’t help but feel sad about it.

“Maybe I should go home” you were watching a movie after you returned from college and if anyone saw the two of you, you would think you were a couple that was dating for a long time, which wasn’t the case, you know he liked you but you were the one that was already in love with him and you really wished he was feeling the same way but you didn’t want to ask him, if he loved you, that would just be awkward..


“I’ve been here for almost two weeks, don’t you think I’ve stayed long enough?”

“No, you can stay here as long as you want, I don’t mind having you here.”

“Don’t you want your bed back?”

“No I don’t mind sharing it with you, I’m used to it by now.”

“Hmm, you know I love being here, your mother is so sweet.” You smiled at him and nodded “She is.”

“Then if you don’t mind, I will stay a bit longer.”

“Good.” you ruffled his hair, which made him chuckle and next thing you know he flipped you over and was hovering above you, not quite sure what to do you just looked away after a while when he suddenly pressed his lips against your cheek. “You don’t mind if I use your Piano right?” You shook your head because why in the world would you mind that?
“Good because I need to practice.” He sat up and walked over to the piano, you could see the fear when he sat down because his hands really were in a bad state when you found him but now it should be okay.

He took a deep breath and started playing and soon he was playing one of the most difficult pieces and he never made a mistake, you just sat there staring at him, you loved the way he played piano and to see the emotions change with every minute, it was something beautiful to see. “Play with me?” You got up and sat down next to you and you recognized the music when he started to play and you happened to know how to play it and together you lost track of time, you didn’t even notice your mother coming home with your little brother and they never once disturbed you two, they just sat down and watched you play, you stopped after a while as Yoongi got tired but you still wasn’t aware of your surroundings and as you turned to face Yoongi, he came closer and put his hand on your cheek. “Thank you for everything.” you just smiled and next thing you know he presses his lips against yours but this was short lived as you brother scraped his throat.

“Get a room will you?!” you almost fell from the bench as you sat back real fast and Yoongi was even chuckling “Welcome home bro.” he ruffled his hair as he walked back to the bedroom, giving us a bit of privacy. “My little dongsaeng.” you pulled him into a hug, which he absolutely hated but you just thought it was cute “Yah, let go Noona!” you laughed at this but did what he wanted and you took him to his bedroom, so he could get sorted. “Just let me know if you need something, okay?” he nodded and almost pushed you out of his room, this was too funny but you were happy he was finally home.

“Y/N, get in here!” you quickly walked into your room and closed the door and you couldn’t hide your smile when you saw Yoongi casually patting the empty space next to him so you did lay down next to him. “So where were we?” he got up and hovered over you and before you could do anything he had already pushed his lips against yours and this time there was no one stopping you. His one hand held onto your face and his other hand was gently caressing the side of your chest, which made your heart beat like crazy and he responded to this by deepening the kiss and his hand even went under your shirt and as he was caressing your stomach you couldn’t help but moan silently, this made him press his lower body against you and it was startling to feel him there but also really exciting but you knew you couldn’t let it go too far so when he slowly made his way up you stopped him but he didn’t remove his hand. “We can’t Yoongi,” you mumbled against his lips and you saw him nod slightly but he still didn’t move and you waited patiently for him to open his eyes and when he did, you almost forgot the reason why you said no. He kissed you again but this time you could tell he was holding back, probably for both our sakes.

“Just promise me, you will never leave me.” Which was stupid because how could you leave him, as your heart was already completely his. “I promise.” with that reassuring he got up to take a shower and you quickly messaged Jimin, as he asked you if you could come to the dance studio to practice one more time before the big show tomorrow, you hadn’t said anything to Yoongi about it because we hadn’t changed the dance much but now we did keep a bit of a distance especially after you told Jimin that you were dating Yoongi, you knew Yoongi would be angry but then again, this was your life so he should just respect it.

“Who are you texting?”

“Oh Jimin, he asked me something.” Yoongi narrowed his eyes but didn’t say anything because he knew you would completely ignore him if he said something bad about Jimin.

“So isn’t tomorrow the day of the showcase?” You nodded as you were going through your phone when he took it away from you. “Are you going to perform?”

“Of course I am, I’m playing the piano again.”

“Okay and nothing more.”

“Well I will be dancing but it’s nothing much.” you smiled at him and the scowl didn’t leave his face but again he said nothing and you were worried that he wouldn’t support you but he just took you in his arms. “Let’s sleep then, as you will have a big day tomorrow.” he kissed your temple and after a while, you fell asleep.

The next morning you left without waking Yoongi up because you were busy with rehearsals and as you walked into the dance studio Jimin was pacing through the room “You’re late!” you immediately checked your phone and it said 7 am, which we had agreed on through text. “I’m on time, stop being so nervous.”

“I’m not nervous.” you pulled up your eyebrow and just looked at him, this made him sigh deeply. “I’m sorry, let’s just start. Do you have to warm up first?”

“I do, I’m sorry just give me five minutes okay.” he waved you off and began stretching himself, you followed his example and after the five minutes were over Taehyung also entered the room and sat down to watch and film it, as Jimin liked to watch back rehearsals and it was fine for you, anything to help him out. “Let’s begin.” you nodded and took your place, this time Jimin started the dance and you joined him, the dance was still the same but not that intimate, which was fine but you weren’t sure about how it looked on stage and you were just hoping for the best.

“How did it look Tae?”

“Take a look for yourself, it looks good!” We both sat next to Taehyung as he replayed it again and it really did look good. “Y/N, I’m not sure about this version.”


“It’s missing something, don’t you think?” He was right, it lacked the usual chemistry that you shared but you couldn’t do that without hurting Yoongi but then again he wouldn’t be here right? “Jimin-sshi, if you are that worried let’s do the first version.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“No not really but it looked better, we just can’t kiss or anything.” he nodded understandingly and that’s when you rehearsed the first version one last time and it looked ten times better and after Jimin was satisfied, you quickly made your way into the music room and practiced the piece you would be playing on stage, this wasn’t really hard because you had learned a lot from Yoongi.

“It’s time.” your teacher knew how to make someone nervous, you had to start the show with your piano piece, so you didn’t have time to get mentally prepared and you just walked onto stage in a long black dress and as you cracked your fingers, you could hear the teacher cluck his tongue because he really didn’t like the way you prepared but you couldn’t play piano if you didn’t crack your fingers first.

It was completely silent in the hall as you played the beautiful piece and after you were done you got a standing ovation and with that the level was set for the entire evening and after you got dressed for the dance performance you suddenly felt nervous which Jimin saw, he quickly grabbed your hands “It will be fine, we have practiced so many times, so don’t worry.” you nodded and took a deep breath as you walked onto the stage and when the music started you fell in step with Jimin and you danced as if it was the last thing you would ever do, when the last part came you threw your all into it, so it got to the intimate point and as he held you close, Jimin actually crossed the line and tried to kiss you but you saw it coming and moved your head to the side which made him kiss your cheek, you heard the gasps but you couldn’t stop in the middle of the dance. When the dance ended people were giving you again a standing ovation and they were cheering loudly, which was always great to hear but this time you couldn’t enjoy it and the second the curtains were closed you slapped him and walked away but the minute you walked backstage you stopped and locked eyes with an angry Yoongi.

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