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└ Arashi’s personalities: all too evident from Hand Sumo match~ 

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 28.10.2017

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so this happened;

Beyond the Horizon has been viewed over one million times. Now I’ve hit several milestones with this story, at over 200,000 words and counting it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written, it’s won several fandom awards and it’s the most followed OUAT story on ff.net. I’ve marked some of these milestones privately, some publicly, and this is one that I definitely wanted to share with all of you!

Tomorrow on my blog I’m going to celebrate this by reblogging the amazing gifsets and edits people have made for the fic, I’m finishing up my Jealous!Killian extra scene to post, and if anyone has any questions or comments, I’d love to hear them! All messages will be posted publicly unless specifically requested otherwise, and I’ll tag everything with “bth milestone” if anyone wants to blacklist.

Thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, followed and favourited this story over the past three years. When I first sat down and typed out the opening line, “We have found nothing of value, Captain.” I had no idea what I was going to find through this story, this fandom community that has had many ups and downs, but one that I will always be proud to be a part of.

Much love,

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Kakasaku 22!! :D (I'm asking you so many things lately)

you can ask me all the things. never stop asking me things. in honour of ks month, let’s make this a same age au.

22. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

Sakura’s hands are sure as they unwrap the gauze, quick brushes of skin that spark something he dares not name along his nerves.

Her hands disappear and he hears her moving around the room.

Can I open my eyes yet?” Kakashi asks.

“Don’t you dare.”

Sakura is all no-nonsense, the sharp crack of her doctor tone.

It’s the kind of voice that means “do as I tell you or you’ll regret it.”

Kakashi doesn’t open his eyes.

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i guess i’ll have to learn to be delicate (with your heart)

Fluff Friday: November 18 “Big & Little”

Not particularly shippy. Featuring: Sakura and Kakashi, with guest appearances by Naruto, Sai, Yamato, Tsunade and Shizune. Would nod vaguely at canon if they were to pass in the street.

This is de-aged fic. Neither Sakura nor chibi!Kakashi are particularly thrilled, but Naruto thinks it’s hilarious.

Sakura’s just coming up on the end of a long, long hospital shift when she hears the commotion in the lobby. She pauses, letting her attention stray from the medical chart she’s updating to trying to decipher the noise two floors down, but the distance muffles everything to only the dull rise and flow of voices. She cocks her head, listening to no avail.

“Haruno-sensei?” the chūnin perched on the bed dares prompt.

She frowns and shakes her head, turning back to her patient. If she’s needed, Shizune will send one of the nurses to fetch her. Until then, she has work to finish.

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Favorite Tagatha Quotes (2/?)

He ripped out his training sword and Sophie drew back. But instead of striking her, Tedros stayed on one knee, pivoted to the aisle, thrust the blade towards the crowd –
“Agatha of Woods Beyond.”
He laid down the sword.
“Will you be my princess for the Ball?”

For @ladylesso

Anonymous said: 

Since people seemed to enjoy the first one well enough, have a little more Cavill/Cullen (Cavullen, Cullvill?) 

Hope you like it!

ninja gardening club (secondary succession)

someone said ninja gardening club. and i had some feelings.

gen. post-war. not not-canon. short ficlet.

It’s Ino who starts it, as she is so wont to do, Sakura and Shikamaru and Chōji trailing along behind her, each in their own way.

Or, well, no, that’s not how it starts at all, except for the ways that it does.

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Tadashi Hamada headcanons ? :3


  • I must agree with this idea of Tadashi being extremely ticklish. Tadashi being ticklish in all the reasonable spots. On his sides (you can’t even touch his waist without him squirming), the crooks of his neck, his stomach, under his arms, his feet (though Hiro’s feet are more ticklish than his) and his knees. And when this guy gets tickled, he flails his arms around and will attempt to yell “Stop it!” but he can’t even get that far. He laughs hardest when being tickled and it is the heartiest, loudest, and most contagious laugh ever. (pls help me I can’t stop smiling)
  • Most stubborn when sick. Will convince family he is well enough to go to school even if he can barely stand. Very whiny the whole day because he can’t be productive.  
  • Rarely ever procrastinates. When he assigned an essay or project he gets started on it right away. Gives himself really short breaks every now and then. If he’s really into it, he’ll only allow short naps. And yes, he had slept through an alarm he had set and it threw him off so bad.
  • A terrible liar. When he was little, he tried to lie, but his body language and stuttering gave it away to easily. When he got a little bit older, he managed to lie and pull it off, but was extremely guilty afterwards and told the truth. Only ever tries to lie in sake of not hurting a friend’s or family member’s feelings, but it’s obvious to tell when he’s not being truthful.
  • Has always been a hugger, but he learned the more bone-crushing hugs from Aunt Cass. Of course, he only gave those kinds of hugs when he was either really excited for someone or was excited about something coming up. He respects personal space, but if any of his friends or family want a hug, he will not hesitate to give one. And he gives all types of hugs, but the one that he will not do is a side hug. Unless he isn’t given much choice, he wants the person he is hugging to get the full hug experience.
  • Because he remembered their parents more than Hiro, Tadashi actually ended up having more dreams about his parents than Hiro did. The thing was that Tadashi always kept these dreams (good or bad) to himself which ended up being something he regretted when he got older. Although there was this one time when he was in his early teens. After not having any dream in relation to his parents whatsoever, he had a horrific night terror of their death. He screamed himself awake and because that woke Hiro up, he ended up talking about it with it. This is also the first time (that Hiro can remember) where Hiro sees Tadashi cry.
  • In fact, Tadashi keeps a lot inside for the sake of his family (especially Hiro). Everyone is very self aware of the fact that Tadashi has worries and things to bother him, but he has to get really stressed out or panicked for him to actually talk it out. I mean, he’ll talk out big things after a couple days, but the little things that get to him he keeps inside and they just keep marinating in his mind until every little thing comes out at once.
  • Tadashi either sleeps like a rock or sprawls out in his bed diagonally. There is no in between. Either way, he’s a total sheet hog.
  • OH and he snores so loudly to the point where it has woken Hiro up. Usually snores loudest when he hasn’t slept for like two days straight (seriously, get a better sleep schedule, nerd). And when he finally has a decent sleep schedule, he’ll have little bunny snores.
  • Keeps ticket stubs from every movie, museum, sport event, etc. he goes to. He keeps them in order of the date and he has an entire notebook filled with stubs. He even writes little summaries of the event.
  • Once Aunt Cass thought he was old enough to learn how to cook (and taught him so simple meals), Tadashi would decide to cook the whole family dinner on nights when the cafe was too busy. He’s actually surprised with how good the meals turn out.
  • Despite him being a really good eater, he’s got a little bit of a weak stomach (in comparison to Hiro who can eat just about anything). Tadashi is one to give any food at least one try, but sometimes not everything would agree with him.
  • Will listen to music when cleaning up his side of the room, his lab, the cafe, etc. He is known to dance with a mop or broom in the cafe while humming along to the song he’s listening to and there is video evidence of it (more than once). Also, he can whistle and he’ll whistle along to the song while cleaning as well.
  • Besides his biggest fear of losing the people he loves the most, he has a mild fear of heights. It used to be a bit worse as a kid, but got better as he got older. You just won’t ever catch him on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. He could handle being on a plane, but he’d more than likely not have the window seat.
  • LOVES the rain. No doubt that the on the first rainfall of the year, he’ll go outside and enjoy the little shower. Heck, he’ll even stand out there if it were pouring (but would come back inside sooner than usual).
  • Likes to take short drives around the city on his moped alone just for the fun of it. It helps clear his mind especially when he’s had a long day. Sometimes he’ll stop at a park to relax for a little while. He’d love to turn his phone off for just ten minutes, but he knows that anything could happen at anytime so he never does. Luckily, he rarely gets interrupted by anyone when he’s having his alone time.
  • Goes completely out of his way to make someone smile. He has surprised Aunt Cass with doing a full on clean up job of the cafe. Seriously, from top to bottom, he made the entire cafe look brand new and it was all because of some off day she had had a week before then. He’s taken Hiro on a brother’s day out around the city when he’s had off days.

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Confused and Looking for Recommendations

So I wasn’t able to execute a few things I wanted to do last month due to constant migraines. I’m trying again to do it this month and probably next month in light of all of that but one of the things I planned on doing was posting an original piece of work up on AO3 and from what I’m reading from a post here on Tumblr, I apparently can’t do that? Um, ok…then I combed the TOS for AO3 to confirm and try to work out the wording. Then I contacted the people I was told to from said post if I had any questions…*rubs temples* I can’t put my story up is the gist of what I’m trying to say. I’m not angry or upset about it. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. I understand and accept what they originally intended the site to be for, ok? My fandom stuff will still go up there.

Don’t get me wrong. I love fandom stuff and I have a ton of ideas for it but I also have 8 pages of original story ideas just sitting on my computer (wasn’t bullshitting when I said I enjoyed writing ^.^;; ❤) and since I can’t put it on AO3 I was wondering where could I put it. I thought about Literotica but I’ve heard and have actually seen mix reviews about their story updating process that leave me on the fence. I don’t really know where else I could put up my original content. 

I suppose I could try leaving it up here. It might make it easier for a lot of people. I would have to get crazier than normal with the tags but that wouldn’t bother me if you’ve read any of my tags, haha. Jokes aside I would tag everything appropriately so that it would at least be easy to search for in case someone misses a chapter. I just…I don’t know…

What other writing sites could I put my original work up on, guys? Throw me your suggestions.

bolt to the heart

Fluff Friday: December 30 “Snowflake”

Ver short smol!kakashi fic @beyondthemoor

Large timeskip! Sakura has been on a mission in Kumo for months. She somehow managed to forget that with those months, Kakashi becomes ever more of himself.

“Sakura-chan!” a familiar voice calls her as she trudges through the cold.

And what, she wonders to herself, are they doing in Haru no Kuni? Sakura wasn’t even supposed to be here, although, it makes more sense for Tsunade-shishō to send her all the way to Yukigakure if the rest of her team is here.

Sakura dodges the snowball aimed at her head. “I saw you Naruto. Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Naruto pouts. “I could so take you in a snowball fight, Sakura-chan.”

Sakura taps her foot gently, and the snow jumps. Just a bit. Just enough.

Naruto gulps.

“Like I said,” Sakura tells him, “don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Naruto leads her, cowed, back towards the inn where they have rooms.

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still our hands match: A mix for that time when Rose met Twelve while hopping dimensions. The meeting is bittersweet and painful because they’re just going to have to say goodbye again and they’ve both changed, have both hardened, and they clash in ways they used to match. So much has changed but they’re still the Doctor and Rose and they still love each other and their hands still match even if they’re more stained and lined than they were at their beginning. [listen]

i. Reunion - The xx // ii. From Eden - Hozier // iii. 9 Crimes - Damien Rice // iv. Lost Cause - Beck // v. Don’t Believe Anymore - Missy Higgins // vi. Winter - Daughter // vii. Ashes and Wine - A Fine Frenzy // viii. Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez // ix. Still - Daughter // x. Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova // xi. Unfold - The xx // xii. Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars

(graphic credit: badwolfrun)

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Sharon’s “hands-on” approach to dealing with Provenza.


Done With Foolish Relationships
 You were raging, really raging. Your long time frenemy had just announced that she was going to get married in three months and something had just sent a surge of anger through you. You were suddenly reminded of your static relationship with Harry, you supposed. Things between the two of your had been moving quite fast at first, it seemed. Harry would always tell you how he was going to marry you and give you a family and like promises for two whole years. You were starting to get skeptical of his vacant promises, knowing he hadn’t one notion of moving forward in your relationship any time soon. For goodness sakes, he had just started touring. You decided that you would bring this to his attention the next time you went to visit him on location. So, you informed Harry of the next time you would visit and you impatiently awaited to break things off with your two year long boyfriend. The moment you laid eyes on his smug features, the anger growing inside of you started boiling violently. He had no idea what was coming but you could only hope you could contain yourself enough to refrain from boxing it out with Harry.
Harry Styles!” You exclaimed, determination prominent in your tone. The “man” you had come to love so dearly turned with shock in his expression.
“Babe, you’re here early,” Harry furrowed his eyebrows, offering a nervous laugh. You only mocked his lousy laugh before stopping before him.
“We need to talk,” you grumbled as your fists found your waist.
“Okay… What about?” Harry crossed his hands in front of him as he sent a glance at the person he was speaking to before you rudely interrupted. This person only nodded before rushing off somewhere.
Us,” you wrinkled your nose in disgust.
“What about us?” Harry laughed at your riled up features.
“What the world are we doing?” You sneered, looking Harry up and down, judgmentally.
“Be more specific,” Harry smirked down at you.
“With our life! With our time!” You exclaimed, flailing your arms around frantically.
“Please don’t flail. You know I hate it when you flail,” Harry growled between his clenched teeth as he squeezed his eyes shut.
“I’ll do whatever I darn well please,” you gasped before flailing your arms a few more times in spite of Harry. You only later realized that the two of you looked absolutely ridiculous as you spoke.
“Alright! Enough! Enough!” Harry finally pushed your arms down by your side with his palms.
“Harry, I’m tired of waiting around for you to move forward,” you started with a shake of your head.
“Then move in with me. Come on tour. Do whatever pleases you,” Harry shrugged, still holding you in place.
“See? I hate that!” You exclaimed with a shutter.
“Now what?” Harry groaned as he let you go.
“You’re just doing that to make me stay! Besides, I would never move in with somebody unless I was married,” you pouted, frowning up at Harry’s features.
“Then what the heck do you want me to say?” Harry asked with confusion.
“You don’t even understand it, Harry. That’s the worst part. You make all of these promises but you don’t go through with it. Actions speak louder than words, Harry. You’ve been saying we’re going to get married for two whole years, Harry. Do you know how long that is in girl years?” You pointed an accusing finger at Harry.
“Babe,” Harry tried interrupting your ongoing rant, “babe, I just asked you to move in with me. What more do you want from me right now?”
“You don’t get it, Harry. I need more than just a boyfriend at this stage in my life,” you began before Harry let out a laugh.
“And what stage would that be?” Harry inquired with amusement in his features.
“The stage where I start thinking about my future that’s going nowhere. I will not be the girl that waits until she’s thirty-five to get married. I’m telling you right now, I'm not that girl,” you shook your head as you pointed to the ground.
“And what’s wrong with waiting until you’re thirty-five?” Harry crossed his arms over his chest, defensively.
“I want a family, now, Harry,” you grumbled, diverting the question all together.
“I understand that,” Harry slowly started explaining himself.
“Do you? Do you, really? See, I don’t think you do! I have been waiting around for you and you’ve just sat around and done absolutely nothing,” you started rambling before you saw Harry send a glance behind you and nod, “and you aren’t even listening to me? Gosh, Harry! The nerve! I can’t believe you!”
“This is stupid,” Harry shook his head before his sights set on you, a small smile playing at his lips as you started up again. What finally made you stop scolding Harry was when his smug features glanced up, above your head.
“What are you looking at?” You frustratedly turned to trace his gaze up to the very top of the stadium. You gaped at the gargantuan, glowing letters spelled throughout rows and rows of the stadium Harry would be performing in later on. MARRY ME had been carefully spelled out across a full section of seats, causing your shoulders to sink from their tense state.
“Now, by my still asking you to marry me after all of that… I think that just shows how serious I was about all of those, what did you call them?” Harry leaned forward, sucking in his lips as he dug a little black box from his back pocket.
“Empty promises,” you refreshed his memory before you couldn’t help but smile widely at Harry.
“Yes, empty promises. Nevertheless, though. I love you,” Harry nodded, slowly blinking, “and I was wondering if you would marry me after these two, painful and treacherous years I put you through.”
“I could do without the sarcasm,” your features fell as you tilted your head and put your hands on your hips.
“And I could do without your little outbursts, yet I’ll learn to live with them. Now, will you marry me or not?” Harry finally lost his cool from all of the trouble you had caused him in one day.
“Yes,” you breathed out, smiling once again at the frustrated features you could never get tired of looking at.
“You sure? You’re not going to come and blame everything that goes wrong in our marriage on me?” Harry questioned as you dropped your purse and neared him.
“Of course I will but you love me,” you grinned as you sat in Harry’s lap and grabbed his chin in your hand, “and I love you. We’re kind of stuck together now. No take backs.”
“No take backs,” Harry lightly shook his head before his smile met yours in a joyous kiss.

after a particularly successful ladies’ night out, pepper and natasha awoke (still somewhat hung over) to discover that they now owned three decommissioned cruise ships and a small eastern european nation. also, the strap on pepper’s favorite purse was broken.