when you fall in love do you land on your feet

When You Fall in Love, Do You Land On Your Feet? Chapter 2

Title: When You Fall In Love, Do You Land On Your Feet (2/x)

Rating: Mature

Summary: Blaine Anderson is an unfortunate human living in a hybrid world. Maneuvering his way through high school is tough enough as it is, but what happens when he falls for someone the world says he can’t have? And how does he find a place in a society that won’t accept him for who he is?

Notes: Oh man. You know that saying it takes a village to raise a baby? I feel like it applies to this fic. The plot idea came from fancyforafeeling’s tumblr here. Where the anon essentially wanted a reversed hybrid trope and fuck it ate my brain. So then this happened. I want to thank Katie for posting the prompt that ate me, Axe for hand holding and killing my fic with the amount of red in grammatical changes it needed and helping make it sound amazing, Lilinas for universe picking and making sure everything flowed well and made sense. 

And of course, a huge thank you to Mandeh who reminded me that I can write, gave me hugs and flailings when I needed them, held my hand and helped write parts of this thing when it just wouldn’t even come together for me and let me talk shit out.

Also! For those asking about what to track tag wise, I’ve added “purr fic” in the first 5 track tags to make that trackable. :D


The boy goes quiet as Mr. Schue talks to him and the class, his nostrils flaring slightly as he breathes in deeply again.

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