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The worst thing is when you know someone isn’t doing well, but you’re too far away to come over and build a fort and avoid all responsibilities. so lets just vicariously live through art shall we

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Can I just say that H and L’s lyrics fuck me up more than any video or picture proof? This year they have both made it a point to talk about the honesty in their writing. Louis said that the honesty of his lyrics helps fans see a side of him they don’t normally see. Then, Harry with his upcoming album release, has been stressing the fact that these upcoming songs are written about his own life and his experiences. They’ve both expressed and talked about the honesty in their songs, so it really makes you wonder what all these songs are about.
The themes of freedom and forbidden love are so fucking redundant in the songs they’ve written on, it’s hard to be oblivious (but of course antis still manage)
Starting with the most obvious two songs, Home and If I Could Fly:
“So long I’ve been waiting to let go of myself and feel alive. So many nights I thought it over, told myself I kind of liked her, but there was something missing in her eyes.”
One verse in and already hinting at a gay anthem. Louis had a girlfriend before x factor and before Harry. In my head, this verse is talking about when Louis was with her, unsure of himself and scared of what he was feeling, or rather, what he wasn’t feeling. There was a time when he was only just beginning to discover himself, a time of self inflicted hiding. I honestly think this song is about the path of self acceptance after so long of telling/forcing yourself to be something to fit everyone else’s standards. It’s him realizing, hey, maybe I’m not into the gender I was told I’m supposed to like.
It gets more obvious when Louis sings, “I see the smile as it starts to creep in. It was there I saw it in your eyes.” FUck me up with that pronoun change. This song is a literal gay anthem. The fact that Louis sings that part, directly followed by Harry singing, “I was stumbling, looking through the dark, with an empty heart, but you say you feel the same. Could we ever be enough? Baby we could be enough.” This song is such a larrie? I suck at explaining, but just imagine you’ve spent 18 years of your life forcing yourself to be something you’re not, and then you meet this person and everything sort of clicks. This person makes you feel safe, but with all of the outside forces and circumstances, you wonder if its all worth it.
“And it’s alright. Calling out for somebody to hold tonight. When you’re lost, I’ll find a way and I’ll be your light, you will never feel like you’re alone.” The chorus is lead by Harry and finished with Louis singing, “I’ll make this feel like home.” Honestly, the fact that Louis had to leak and promote this song himself says enough.
Harry just had to make it more obvious by writing a response.
“If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you. I think I might, give up everything just ask me to.” For someone who has never publicly been in love before (a huge contrast to Louis’ constant het image), he sure does write some heart-wrenching love songs. If his writing style is so terribly honest, where do all of these feelings come from? This song is so vulnerable its hurts to listen to. It’s reassuring and heartbreaking all in one. In the chorus he’s literally saying, if you start to lose yourself and feel like no one is there for you I will give you my love (makes me think of all the stunts and lying Louis has been put through and how he’s starting to forget himself), I am all yours, no one else will ever see how much I love you, you’re my other half, for your eyes only.
Also, real quick, the heart thing, “I can feel your heart inside of mine, I feel it.” Always in my heart?? OKAY MAN.
Then you have Louis’ solo, “I’ve got scars, even though they can’t always be seen, and pain gets hard, but now you’re here and I don’t feel a thing.” Harry is his safety, his sanity, his home. Through all the years of lying, closeting, harsh remarks, and rumors, Louis should have broken down long ago, but Harry has kept him grounded. Thinking of all that Louis has been though makes me tear up, and even when he has seemingly no one, he manages to keep himself standing and strong.
“My hands, your hands, tied up like two ships. Drifting, weightless, waves tries to break it.” Here we go again with the forbidden love, standing together, and holding on. This theme is so constant in their lyrics, it’s almost laughable. The nautical references (Tattoos anyone?) and symbolism stands out clear and loud. Strong is literally just another gay anthem. My mom’s GSA at her school (she’s a teacher) are using this song on their Day of Silence playlist BECAUSE IT’S SO OBVIOUSLY GAY.
The chorus just hits it all the way home, “I’m sorry if I say I need you, but I don’t care, I’m not scared of love. ‘Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker. Is that so wrong? Is it so wrong? That you make me strong.” The amount of pride in this chorus make me so happy. I can just imagine Louis thinking, “Screw management, screw pr stunts, screw the media, screw homophobia, I love you and I’m not ashamed to say it.” Black and white, clear as day, Louis is deadass saying that he is not ashamed of himself and no amount of forced closeting or homophobic remarks will change that.
“So baby hold on to my heart, oh need you to keep me from falling apart. I’ll always hold on, ‘cause you make me strong.” AND THERE IT IS, hold the fuck on bitch (if it all goes wrong, darling just hold on).
and it’s not just the “hold on” thing that reoccurs. The words “strong” shows up a lot too and Jesus fuck “heart” must be their favorite word because it’s practically in every goddamn song (not surprisingly).
The chorus of Through the Dark just takes the cake, “I will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough, when the night is coming down, we will find a way through the dark.” Anyone else get major Home vibes? What the actual fuck man?
But can’t dwell on it too long, this is only the beginning my dear friend, because of course we’re back at it with the forbidden love.
“But I can’t hold you too close now, through the wire, through the wire.” This keeps happening, doesn’t it? Singing about hiding your love and being torn apart (and yet elounor do anything but hide). The bridge (sung by Harry dearest), “Whatever chains are holding you back, holding you back, don’t let them tie you down…tell me you believe in that.” Do I even have to explain at this point? They’re so fucking obvious I wanna scream. Actually, at this point the themes are so redundant, I’m just gonna list some more lyrics and let them speak for themselves:
“I think I’m gonna lose my mind, something deep inside me I can’t give up…I got a feeling deep inside, It’s taking all I got…’cause nobody knows you baby, the way I do (If I Could Fly vibes)…It’s been so long, we must be fireproof, ‘cause nobody saves me the way you do…I think I’m gonna win this time, riding on a wind and I won’t give up, I think I’m gonna win this time, I roll and I roll ‘till I change my luck.” Love wins, always.
“Then there’s me, a sinking boat running out of time. Without you I’ll never make it out alive, but I know, yes I know, we’ll be alright…There’s no way you can change the rolling tide, but I know, yes I know, that I’ll be fine…I don’t want to get lost in the dark of the night…’cause I wanna be free, and I wanna be young, I’ll never look back now I’m ready to run.”
“You say we’ll be together even you’re lost…Is it too much to ask for something great…The script was written and I could not change a thing. I want to rip it all to shreds and start again…You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.” Okay but ouch :’(
“Used to sing about being free, but now he’s changed his mind.”
Do you get what I’m saying? Do you get why I call it redundant? Because these words and ideas take play in almost every fuckin song they write.
Now, turning to songs Harry has written that aren’t for One Direction: I Love You and Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.
“I fell in love in the morning sun while the hours slipped away. Sometimes when I hear your name, a smile creeps on my face.” Here we have Harry giving major Home vibes yet again.
“And I know that it sounds so wrong and you’ve heard it all before. I didn’t come back and I wasn’t there, I wont trouble you no more…Every time I try to fight it everything just turns out wrong. Maybe if I got my timing right, I wouldn’t end up alone.” I honestly don’t know how to explain these lyrics. I just feel like they have a special meaning and I have to include them. Harry doesn’t say or write anything just for the sake of it. He’s raw and honest and emotional.
“I fell in love with a beautiful boy and you still take my breath away. When you left it was the end of my world ‘cause I never got to say that I love you, more than you think I do.”
Now for a song that brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart heavy:
“I don’t ever ask you where you’ve been, and I don’t feel the need to know who you’re with. I can’t even think straight, but I can tell that you were just with her, and I’ll still be a fool, I’m a fool for you.” I don’t think this song is necessarily about cheating. It’s definitely about loving someone so much, you’re willing to share their heart. In a larrie perspective, this song gives major hints at how Harry feels about the stunting Lou does. He tries to hide the hurt from Louis because he knows its not under their control. Harry is a naturally jealous person presumably, and at one point in time he was incredibly insecure. It only makes sense that seeing Louis going out with beards and holding someone else’s hand would break him, even just a little. “I don’t ever tell you how I feel…and nothing’s ever easy, that’s what they say. I know I’m not your only, but I’ll still be a fool.”
“I know I’m not your only, but at least I’m one. I heard a little love is better than none.”
“Just a little bit of your heart is all I want…Just a little bit is all I’m asking for.”
Fuck pr stunts. Free my babies :’(
And okay, I know Ed wrote 18, but hear me out. “I have loved you since we were eighteen.” (or that one time on stage when Louis sang “I have loved him since we were eighteen.”). And then we have Steal My Girl, “She’s been my queen since we were sixteen.” I mean, Harry and Louis just happened to be sixteen and eighteen when they first met, but hey, that’s none of my business.
Okay, I’m just going to finish this off with Perfect, because if I try and get into Just Hold On or Sign of the Times, I’ll never finish this post. Also, because they fucking wrote it together.
“I might never be your night in shining armour, I might never be the one you take home to mother, and I might never be the one who brings you flowers.” I might not be able to love you publicly, I can’t treat you the way you want me to, I can’t hold you or show public signs of affection or show you to the world, but for now I can promise to love you.
“When I first saw you from across the room.” My mind just keeps bringing up that picture from X factor of L and H looking at each other from across the room through the crowd.
And the bloody chorus, just give me a moment because I’m tired of their asses and their need to reference forbidden love all the goddamn time, “But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms, and if you like having secret little rendezvous. If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do, then baby I’m perfect, baby I’m perfect for you.” WHAT HIDDEN LOVE HAVE THESE TWO EXPERIENCED? Their public het love life is anything but hidden. “And if you like midnight driving with the windows down, and if you like going places we can’t even pronounce, if you like to do whatever you’ve been dreaming about, then baby you’re perfect.” Hiding in the comfort of night, running around, traveling the world together. This chorus is deadass the Just Hold On music video. Funny how the one song Harry and Louis wrote together happens to explain their love story perfectly.
“I might never be the hands you put your heart in or the arms that hold you anytime you want them, but that don’t mean that we can’t live here in the moment, ‘cause I can be the one you love from time to time.” Once again, I can’t love you in public, but give me a chance to love you anyways, even if I wont always be there. The message stays standing throughout the song; I can’t promise perfection, but maybe we’re perfect for each other despite all this shit, so give me a chance, even if I can only give you so much.
“And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out, and if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about, baby I’m perfect, baby we’re perfect.” Of course, people turned these lyrics into a Haylor thing (genuinely laughable). I’m just gonna say it, I think there are definitely times where they’ve taken a break from each other. I’m not gonna say broken up, because I strongly believe they’re still together and giving up at this point is the last thing on their minds, but theoretically, they’ve written breakup songs about each other (Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Love You Goodbye, I Love You (sung by Alex and Sierra), Spaces). I mean, Harry and Louis were so adamant to make it known that they had written this song together, they clearly hold this song near and dear to their hearts.
I dont know. This straight up became an essay. This is what happens when you’re a songwriter and a larrie, bye lmao.
love wins. always.
always you.
always in my heart.
yes, of course, always.

“You’re a Good Egg” - Oneshot

“You’re a Good Egg” - Oneshot

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Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Word Count: 1,588

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Blood, Cursing, Sort of Panic Attack

Summary: After a bad egg triggers a small attack, a good egg comes to the rescue.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Author’s Note: Okay. Real life story time quickly. I was making breakfast the other morning, I went to go crack three eggs into a bowl so I could make scrambled eggs, as is my normal weekend routine. The first two eggs were normal, but then the last egg was all red when it plopped into the bowl. It apparently triggered something in my head and I was then on my floor, catching my breath and trying to not think of it. I was able to breathe and then knock it all into the sink and start over. But now I am scared to crack eggs and see blood everywhere. Add that to my list of irrational fears.

The plus side of this is that I was able to calm myself down by writing this story idea out. So please enjoy this very selfish piece that I wrote to help me feel better about this morning’s adventure.

Thank you to the ever lovely @the-witching-hours12-3 for letting me talk to her about anything and everything and also beta reading everything I send her!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces, check out my tag list above and let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

It was a seemingly normal Sunday morning. You’d taken the weekend off of work for mental health reasons after a rather bad breakdown. With it being the last day of your mini-break, you decided to make a nice breakfast for yourself.

Your phone went off on the kitchen counter as you ducked into the refrigerator for eggs. Looking down at who texted you, you couldn’t help but smile. Eggsy Unwin.

Eggsy: Mornin’ luv. Feelin alright?

(Y/N): Yeah, I’m doing better. Cookin up some eggs and toast. Want any?

Eggsy: PLEASE. I’m headin’ out of the shop in a bit. I’ll be there soon.

Putting down your phone, you smiled like an idiot. Even though you and Eggsy weren’t romantically involved, you hoped that it would happen eventually. He was your closest mate and understood all of your quirks, irrational fears, and almost everything about you; he was one of the very few people who could actually help you feel okay.  

Shaking your head, you snapped out of your Eggsy induced daydream. “Come on, (Y/N). Breakfast. Gotta cook if you wanna eat!”

You put on your favorite playlist of songs from your phone and began to gather everything you’d need: Eggs, cheese, veggies, toast, some fruit, milk, and butter.

Everything was going smoothly. Noshing on some strawberries as you opened the carton of eggs and slightly swayed along to your music. You knew you were going to do the toast last or else it would get wimpy, so it was time to get started on the eggs. To feed both you and Eggsy, it would probably be about five or six eggs.

The first two were perfect, the only bad thing was that you had a bit of egg white on your finger. The feeling of raw eggs on your hands was something that made you uneasy. Usually, you would run your hands under the sink for a second or two, get the slime off of, and then go back to being fine. But you decided to just wait until after you were done cracking all of the eggs you needed.

“I’m probably going to end up getting more on my hands, might as well just wait until the end. It won’t be bad.”

The next three were just as easy as the first two. You decided to do one more just in case. Picking the egg out of the carton and getting ready to tap it against the countertop, nothing felt abnormal. But as soon as you split it in half and plopped it in the bowl, your chest constricted and you felt yourself falter.

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hello-tarpon  asked:

Ooh, for the tempest au I just reread it all and realized we haven't actually seen mace and qui interact yet. Maybe mace accidently sees tempest comforting/healing/cuddling obi and he finally realizes that it's for real?

Hand still lingering over the door, Mace stared at it as he strained his ears.

“Come on Obi-Wan, you need to take the medicine. I know it tastes horrible but its good for your lungs.” That was Tempest, his voice sweetly coaxing Mace former padawan to take the medicine he was required to.

“But it tastes so bad Qui-Gon.” Obi-Wan rasped out, sounding horrible and Mace gave a sympathetic wince at how bad he sounded.

“I know sweetheart. But Healer Che has already laid down the law and honestly, you do sound horrible.” There was a little pause and then a low sigh. “Obi-Wan, hiding beneath the blanket is not going to make me ignore the fact that your lungs are in a terrible state. You had plague.”

There was some more silence and Mace was about to open the door when there was a harsh cough.

“Oh Obi-Wan, okay, sit up, that’s it, lean your forehead on my shoulder and cough out the phlegm. That’s it Jedi Love, breath.” Mace could feel the Force in action and figured it must be Tempest using the Force to sooth the harsh cough. “Just breath, its going to be alright, I’m here for you. That’s it, nice and steady.”

The coughing was slowly calming down and there was a click of a bowl being set aside.

“…That hurt.” The Korun could barely hear the redhead now, the voice even more rasped up.

“I know, you willing to take the medicine now. I got some sweet heated apple juice you can drink right after.”

Mace raised his brows. ‘Hot juice?’

“Hot juice?” Obi-Wan seemed to agreed.

“Juice is good, full of vitamins if you get the right one that’s not full of sugar and the heat would do your sore throat some good. Sweet and strong juice to take the medicine flavor.” There was a warm chuckle.

“…I’ll take it if I also get a kiss afterward.”


“On the cheek, on the cheek, I’m not going to get you sick too. I’m not an idiot Qui.”

There was a deep chuckle and then some shifting around.

A low groan and then some gagging.

“Well done love. All down, here’s the juice.” Some more shifting around, more then likely Obi-Wan taking several small sips of juice. “Now, lay down. Do you want me to help you sleep?”

“…Please. Kiss first though.”

Quiet chuckling and the soft shift of fabric once again, the Force came to carry and then it was all quiet.

Mace hesitated then put his hand to the button, emitting himself.

Tempest instantly stood up then relaxed when he saw who it was, raising a brow. “Obi-Wan is sle-”

“I know.” Mace lifted the pot he had in his other hand. “This is for him. Haruun spice soup, it used to clear out his colds as a padawan…” He gave the man a long look. “Perhaps you’re not so bad. I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, but you won’t be bad for Obi-Wan.”

He moved towards the kitchen while Tempest watched him, a small frown on his face. “…You were listening.”

“I was, I don’t have a habit of eavesdropping on Obi-Wan but he’ll forgive me this one transgression I imagine. Force knows he eavesdropped on my conversations often enough.” Mace put the soup container into the fridge.

He then turned back, frowning at Tempest. “…I meant what I said, I don’t trust you. But… you are good for Obi-Wan. If nothing else, we can agree on that.”

The Sith, because that was what he’d always be in Mace eyes, shrugged. “He’s my soul bonded. It would be foolish to do anything but care for him… and…” Here the man hesitated. “…Obi-Wan is special even without the bond.”

“Glad to know we agree.” Mace headed for the door. “Tell him to comm me when he’s feeling better, I’d like to have tea with him. Tell him he can bring you if he wants.” With that he disappeared out the door and left Obi-Wan to his rest and Tempest to his relieved confusion.

After all, it wasn’t often you won over someone as protective as Mace Windu.

Surprises - Part 1

Summary: You are a hunter who has a special arrangement with the King of Hell. An arrangement that gets a lot more interesting when Crowley promises a surprise for you after you complete a new job.
Characters: Crowley, Reader, mention of Sam and Dean
Word Count: 2751
Warnings: Typical SPN injury (nothing graphic), and a few curse words
A/N: I’m probably going to make another part of this, so it will probably be a two part mini-series. This is my second reader insert fic and I would love any feedback you all can offer! Thanks!  
Part 2

“What is it, Crowley?” You ask, not moving your eyes from the shotgun you were cleaning on your kitchen table.

“Come on, love. Gonna do me like that? Where’s the foreplay?” He asked with a shrug, moving closer to you. You twitched your nose the moment the pungent smell of sulfur had reached where you were sitting.

“The last time you showed up like this you begged me for a favor,” You slowly raised your eyes to look at the black-suited demon mere feet away from your kitchen table. “A favor, which I might add, almost cost me my life. So excuse me for not wanting to play twenty questions.”

“May I?” He asked, motioning to the chair opposite you. You nodded and he sat down. “I need your help. Your specific kind of help.”

“Go on…” You moved your finger in a circle, motioning for him to continue. This wasn’t the first time the King of Hell had asked you for your assistance. As a hunter, you were trained in many skills…and one of those, breaking and entering, was top notch. You haven’t met a security system or building you couldn’t get into. Hunting didn’t pay, and Crowley was more than generous with his compensation. As long as he kept your name out of his affairs and you stayed away from his demons, you bit the bullet and took small jobs from him.

“One of my minions was stupid enough to lose an ancient athame after he, uhh, ‘procured it’ from a private collector who didn’t have any use for it anymore,” you narrowed then rolled your eyes at Crowley as he continued to explain, “Long story short, my guy lost the athame, which ended up in police evidence, which was then shipped off to a museum in Chicago. I need that athame.”

“Why did the police send it to a museum?” You asked, setting down the shotgun and moving to your pistol.

“The private collector’s will distributed all of his possessions to the museum in the event of his death,” Crowley studied you as you began to meticulously field strip your pistol.

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anonymous asked:

todoroki, bakugou, and tokoyami with an s/o who stims where really excited? (specifically shakes their hands and jumps around?)

Todoroki Shouto:

  • He finds your stimming the most adorable thing he’s ever seen in the world. You’re like a little shivering excited leaf, never failing to make him fall in love again.

  • He accepts your differences from other people, and when people say that you should suppress your stimming, he gets really defensive of you.

  • “They are just perfect the way they are, I suggest you leave us to our privacy.”

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • When he first sees you stimming, he was confused by the repetitive movements and how you were doing the exact same things when you were excited. He almost thought it was annoying, until he asked you about it and it suddenly clicked for him.

  • He secretly thinks its cute, and sometimes it will melt his his stubborn heart. Only when you’re alone does he admit this.

  • “You look like fucking dork….. come here baby, I want to hold you.”

Tokoyami Fumikage:

  • He almost didn’t even notice at first. Not until you had brought it up. He slowly began to pick up on it, but not matter how prominent it was, it didn’t change the way he saw you.

  • If you get too into stimming and accidentally hurt yourself, he’ll be by your side instantly and be there to comfort you.

  • “It’s alright, moonlight. It’s a low chance that will happen again. But just be careful, agreed?”

Hey there! Below the cut is a fanfic based on this post > http://asksamstuff.tumblr.com/post/150391772469/sam-wait-come-back

This is a submission for a Sam-based contest by @asksamstuff . Hope anyone who reads this enjoys!

Word Count: 2044

Warnings: Torture scene with a lot of stabbing but it isn’t that descriptive because I’m bad at descriptions.

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Embers To Ashes

Alright! First ever multi-chap fic from me! I’m super excited and ridiculously nervous about this because well, it’s my first time doing something like this! I can’t say i’ll promise a consistent update schedule but i’ll try to update every week! And if I can’t i’ll give you guys sneak peeks instead

This’ll be quite a ride for you guys and me but I hope you’ll stick around, so without any further ado let the ride begin!

Rating: T

Summary: “Dragons, dragons, dragons. Beasts of unimaginable power yet utterly grace in their destruction- as the stories often say. Their breath  could cleave mountains and lay waste to cities. So when humanity rose that same strength rebuilt them, as the stories often go. But stories will be stories, fantastical adventures and beasts to keep young minds fresh and cultures alive. Such a shame people always forget that stories grow from a single, grain of truth.”

                                                    Chapter 1

Human-  of or characteristic of people as opposed to God or animals or machines, especially in being susceptible to weaknesses; showing the better qualities of humankind, such as kindness.

“Mum, were all dragons bad?”

Her eyes widened, brimming with curiosity and the need for knowledge. They gleamed in the weak moonlight that slithered through drawn bedroom curtains. Her room was otherwise shadowed, which she enjoyed. Little as she be Lucy preferred it dark- there was just something about all the untouched toys and new dresses in her room that made her skin crawl. At least in the dark she couldn’t spot them. Lucy wiggled up from under plush blankets, night gown bunching up as she crawled into her mother’s lap.

She was desperate for an answer.

Layla hummed in amusement, smoothing her hands over Lucy’s hair. “Why the sudden interest? Yesterday it was exceeds, before that the faefolk.  Dragons weren’t even in tonight’s story Lucy.”

Her curious gaze disappeared swiftly, dodging her mother’s knowing one, wringing her little hands. She gnawed her bottom lip guiltily. Layla knew the answer.

“Did you take books from your father’s study again?”  Lucy’s cheeks puffed out in silent response, her head shaking ‘no’ when Layla prodded her cheeks back to normal.

“You know you’re not supposed to be in there.” She gently scolded. “He’ll lose his head if he ever finds out.” She shushed her daughter as she began to protest sitting up in her lap with crossed arms. Her eyes betrayed mischievousness. “But you know I won’t ever say a word. Now, tell me everything you read.”

If Lucy’s eyes gleamed before, then there wasn’t a word powerful enough to match the light shining now.

She babbled, she babbled, she babbled. Her little hands waved wildly trying to paint pictures of her stolen wisdom that Layla already knew. And when a lap wasn’t enough room to articulate Lucy rolled to the bed, flapping and waving some more while the stream of moonlight grew slimmer yet brighter.

A peal of laughter tore from Lucy, infectiously grabbing her mother who made no effort to hide her unbecoming snorts. Why should she? No one could hear her- save for the few ladies in waiting who knew not the meaning of rest- and night was her time, no heavy titles to weigh her shoulders down. At night, she was just a mother with no strings attached.

Layla rubbed away weak tears that’d trickled free and shuffled a bit as Lucy squirmed her way back into her lap. “Why do you always learn so much when I’m not looking?” Lucy beamed proudly. “ ‘Cause you keep looking in places I’m supposed to be, but I’m not there.”

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anonymous asked:

can u do a dope au smut with V please ?:)

I tried something new with this prompt, it was really interesting to write, I hope you guys don’t mind. :) I think it turned out more fluffy than I preferred and I did my best to incorporate more sexy stuff. 

Heart to Heart (Kim Taehyung)

Warning! Sexual Content!

| ship: V + reader | word count: 1267 | genre: fluff, implied smut | au: Dope au | 

Summary: He’s always slept through your lectures, this time though, he manages to last through the end.

au ask prompts 

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Draco Malfoy Imagine

I was sitting in the Slytherin Common room staring out at the amazing view of winter snow. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always loved playing in the snow, I never really seemed to care if I got sick. I was so caught up in the view that I didn’t hear my boyfriend Draco walk into the common room. That’s when a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and I immediately smiled. “Hello Love what are you doing?” I smiled and turned around and buried my head into his chest and I inhaled his cologne. “Watching the Snow.” He chuckled at this, “Have I ever told you how much I love you Y/n?” I looked up at my boyfriend and I smiled, “You tell me all the time so yes.” He grinned and kissed my lips. I then wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed back, I then pulled back and I realized that Draco was staring at me. “Draco my love are you staring at me?” He smiled, “Yes my petal I am, your just so beautiful.” He giggled and I hugged him once again, “Why thank you Draco your quite handsome as well.” He smiled, “Come on love we should probably get to bed now.” I nodded my head and we went our separate ways,

Time Skip to the Next day in class

I was bored sitting in my fathers potions class, Yes my father is Severus Snape. But no matter how cold people think he is. He loves me as his daughter and I love him as my dead, In fact Draco is the only boy that my dad trusts me to date because he’s always known that no matter what circumstance Draco would never hurt me. Thats when I looked down at my desk and I saw a paper swan and I smiled because I obviously knew it was from Draco. But when I looked up I saw my dad was smiling because he thought it was cute. But I then put the swan in my bag so I would read it later. And my dad smiled warmly and turned back to the bored to continue on with the class.

Time skip to after class

I was sitting in the room of requirement looking at all of the stored items. I was staring at the memories that I formed with my wand. The one I was more focused on was the one with me and Draco. The memory was me and Draco playing in a field and I was also setting a flower crown on top of his hair and he shook his head chuckling in the memory. That’s when a pair of arms set me on their waist. “Well hello there my sweet petal,what brings you to the room of requirement?” I shrugged, “I just wanted to get my mind off some things.” He chuckled once again, He then started to play with my hair, “Draco what are you doing?” “I’m playing with your hair now hold still.” I obliged and I waited for him to be done, “Alright I’m done.” when I noticed what he made it was a beautiful fishtail braid. I was actually quite surprised that he knew how to make one. “Draco its beautiful but my question is how did you know how to braid?” “I might be a boy but my mom does teach me some things.” I smiled and hugged my boyfriend, “I love you y/n don’t ever forget that.”

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“No thanks. You guys go on without me.”

A phrase Lewis and Vivi were getting all too familiar with. “Are you sure, Artie? We’d miss you.”

No you wouldn’t. “It’s fine, Vivi. I’m not all that hungry anyway.”

The bluenette and her boo shared a look. “Well…okay then.” Lewis sounded disappointed. As much as they wanted to, they couldn’t force him to go. “Do you want us to pick you up anything?”

“I’m good. You two have fun.”

He couldn’t even turn around to look at them as they silently left. It was too hard.

They needed time to rekindle things. Bring their relationship to where it used to be. And if he was there, he would only get in the way. That was all he ever did.

They didn’t need the third wheel.

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So, the thing I’m currently writing is turning out to be at least three times longer than I expected it to be, and it’s taking a while, so I’m giving you this small thing while you wait.

Inspired by this, and @fenerismoon in general

On Ao3.

See, the thing about being best friends with a powerful demon was that sometimes you kind of forgot. In fact, most of the time Tyrone was really just Tyrone, and the fact that he was also Alcor was less important. And then, sometimes you read a pop science article about the role of computer viruses in the history of programming, and it hit you all over again.

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I'd like to vote for your book on goodreads but I can't find it there! Sorry :(

aw its okay honey! you have to write in my vote (if that’s still an option now? idk when the first round ends lol)

basically when you click on the category link, you can scroll to the very bottom and it’ll say “write-in vote” or something like that. if you type in ‘Have Some Pride’ it should pop up and allow you to vote for it!!

but no worries if you can’t, it’s alright bby :’) <3

Cake and Coffee

Title: Cake and Coffee

Summary: Phil was the kind of person to get bored often, Dan and his little coffee shop helps.

TW: Self Deprecating (But only if you reaaallly try to look for it)

Fluff: Coffee Shop!AU, AU

 Genre: Fluff

Length: 1009 words

Notes: Thanks to Aubrey {netphanfiction} for betaing it.

Phil loved walking, or more so the temporary cure it gave to his never ending boredom. You see, he was always looking for something to keep his mind interested. Last month it was reading, it was painting the month before that, and this month it just so happened to be walking. He  would walk anywhere and everywhere, never once taking the same route as the times before. After all, Phil was the kind of person who was dragged down by routine. He wanted to get out in the world and see it in it’s entirety, not on a worn in path.

He’d walked all around London, but never before had he seen a bakery as cute as the one he saw today. It was a decent sized building, somewhat run down, but charming nonetheless. The blue and pink painted exterior was faded and chipped, and most of the letters that made up the ‘Cakes and Coffee’ sign were beginning to fall off. Phil, being curious as he was, had to take a better look.

Totally oblivious to the sign on the door, he stepped inside, the floorboards creaking with every movement. The shop’s interior was much like the outside, old and outdated, but still loveable. The only person there was a boy who looked around twenty. His eyes were a deep shade of brown and his dark, lazily tossed hair accented his tanned skin beautifully. It became obvious that he worked here, from both his uniform, his name tag, which read ‘DAN’, and the fact that he was cleaning a table. At first Phil didn’t understand why no one else was here. Then it clicked. He turned around and saw the ‘Closed For Lunch’ sign he had missed coming in.  

He felt his cheeks redden with embarrassment, only a moron would have missed a sign so obvious. “oh, um I’m sorry, I didn’t see the sign.” The boy named Dan flashed a smile and revealed two charming dimples as he told Phil that it was alright. “I’ll be going now, um have a great day” He choked out as he turned to leave when Dan stopped him abruptly.

“No no, its fine, stay if you like, I’m almost done and I wouldn’t mind the company of a pretty face.” He said a little too eagerly, but Phil didn’t care, it’s not like he had a lot of friends, or any if he’s going to be honest. It’s not as though people didn’t like him, if anything really it’s the other way around, he’s just never really connected with anyone before.

“Uh ok, I’m Phil by the way.” He shuffled awkwardly, making the floorboards shout louder.

“Phil,” he paused, mulling over his name, “I like that name, I’m Dan.” He fidgeted with the hem of his shirt.

“I know, I mean, like, I read your name tag, I don’t stalk you or anything.”

Dan giggled at Phil’s awkwardness, then smirked as he said, “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as adorable as you.” Phil blushed and sat down.

A couple minutes later, when Dan was finished cleaning, he brought two cups of coffee along with two small chocolate cakes stating that they were “On the house.” He handed one of each to Phil, before sitting down opposite him. Phil felt his cheeks redden, he wasn’t used to people doing things for him.

“Oh, you really dont have to do that.”  

“Don’t worry about it,” He gave him a reassuring smile making Phil blush even more. “So what brings you here?”

“Went for a walk, I guess. The shop looked cute, thought I’d check it out” Their conversation was cut short when the radio started playing Phil’s favorite song. Apparently it was Dan’s favorite song too, because he started singing along. “Starlight, I will be chasing a starlight until the end of my life-” Phil cut in“I don’t know if it’s worth it any more.” The both sang in union.

“You like Muse too?” Dan asked, shocked by Phil’s sudden outburst in song.

“Well duh, they’re only the best band ever!” Phil replied giggling and dancing to the beat of the song.

They talked for hours, even when Dan’s lunch break was over. The place was dead, so Phil still stayed to chat. Phil left the shop around half past nine feeling very satisfied about his day with his new friend. For the first time he wasn’t bored, in fact he couldn’t stop thinking about Dan and the way his cute little face lit up every time he smiled or how he snorted if he laughed to hard. Everything about him was perfect. Just lovely.

The next day Phil woke up smiling, remembering Dan. He remembered the way his eyes widened  when ever he was interested, or the way he tried to hide his face whenever he blushed. God he was perfect.  Phil, in all his excitement wanted to see Dan again, and before he even registered any movement his legs were taking him in the way of the little old coffee shop. Half way there, he started having doubts. What if he thought he was just being annoying? What if he doesn’t actually like him? What if he thinks he’s stalking him? But what if he really likes Phil? He couldn’t make up his mind, and the bakery was right in front of him. There was no turning back now.

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and peered through the opening. He felt his face drop when Dan wasn’t there. Instead a short girl with blond hair pinned back with the same uniform as Dan was wiping down the tables.

“You’re Phil right?” She asked, looking up from her work.

“uh yeah, why?”

“ I thought you might be, Dan said you might come by today, he doesn’t work Tuesdays, but he told me to give you this.” She said handing him a ‘Cakes and Coffee’ take away box. He opened it to see a small chocolate cake with icing reading ‘555-1122-3344 call me - Dan.’ Phil smiled, he liked him. He actually liked him.

quiet is violent #3

part 1, part 2

could be triggering.

she checks the chalkboard, the one they have hanging by the kitchen door. They all write down what hours theyre working, what days they’ll be home and days they wont. She still feels a pang of guilt when she sees the blank hours next to her name, compared to the 30+ the rest of her family are doing. But shes nowhere near ready to go back to work yet, to sit on a till and talk to people like she doesn’t want to disappear. She doesn’t want to go back to work ever, and just thinking about it gets her nervous. It shouldn’t, because shes been working there for almost two years now and her colleagues are like a second family, but her stomach is uneasy.

Her parents are both working late, and her brother wrote in his small, untidy scrawl that hes going straight to the pub after work to meet friends, signed with a sweet smiley face. And she decides she cant stay in the house anymore, so she grabs for her converse, her keys and headphones before stumbling out the door. It takes her three times to get the key into the door to lock it, and she giggles as she furrows her eyebrows because why wont the door stop moving?

Its just past lunchtime, and she watches as people head back to work and school, readjust their ties and blazers. She walks until she ends up somewhere shes not familiar with, and that’s comforting, in a strange way. She finds a bench by a park and lets herself curl up on it, and watch as strangers pass with their dogs. She feels guilty about leaving her own at home. She checks her phone, and sees an abundance of messages but she cant see them clearly. It starts to rain and shes not wearing a jacket, but its nice; its soothes her overheated skin. She squeezes her eyes tight and then lets the tears fall. Theyre camouflaged in the drops of rain, as they both run streams down her cheeks, pool for a few seconds in the dimple on her right. She doesn’t know why nothing makes sense and why shes so determined to make everything so much harder than it has to be.

She isn’t sure how it gets to seven, or what shes been doing since then. She isn’t sure where she wonders, and how she managed to find her way back home. She isn’t sure if shes imagining a figure sitting on her doorstep, with his head in his hands, foot tapping impatiently on the ground.

She calls out his name and he jumps, and she wants to cower under his gaze, not her usual favourite colour of warm brown, but angry and stormy and worried.

“Where the fuck have you been? Everyone’s been calling you, trying to see if you were okay and then you didn’t answer the door and no one can remember seeing you after the exam and – are you drunk?”

She shrugs, “I was,” she mumbles quietly, but seeming as her words sound thick she reckons she still is a little bit. He reckons so too and she hates the look hes giving her.

“Do you even care that we’ve all been worried about you? I’ve rang your parents, your cousins – no, for fuck sake, I’m tired of you wallowing in this self pity and idea that no one gives a damn about you. Because its exhausting!”

She chews on the inside of her cheek to stop herself from yelling out, letting him take his blows at her because heaven knows she deserves it.

“Look,” He breathes in heavily through his nose, “Get inside, and stay there until your folks come home, alright? I’ll ring your brother, let him know you’re safe. And have some water, before you puke.”

She shuffles for her key, and looks over her shoulder when it clicks open, “Are you – are you not coming in?”

He sighs, and pinches the bridge of his nose, “No,”

It’s pathetic, and it’s stupid, but she feels even worse now than she did before. She chokes back a sob. She shouldn’t be surprised, and she wants to say something, anything, but it feels like shes swallowed her tongue and before she can cough it back up again, hes turning on his heels and she can hear him mumbling to her brother as he walks down her drive way with his phone pressed to his ear, only turning back to nod his head to the door. She gets it, and steps into the house, cold and unwelcoming. When she closes the door, and he keeps walking away, she feels like she has no insides at all.


He keeps his head down, scuffs his battered old vans against the pavement as his mind races. He regrets yelling at her already, and hes so tempted to turn back around and make sure she doesnt do something awful. Hes trying to be strong, and hes trying to be patient, but when she doesnt answer her phone, leaves an exam early and smells of alcohol and cigs then he has the right to be mad. He cares so fucking much about her, but he cant save her. He knows that, hes pretty sure she knows that too. He can do everything he can for her, but if shes going to get better, she has to be the one to do it. He cant do it for her, no matter how much hed love too.

He rings her, as he crosses the road to mikes house, and pleads she’ll answer. His heart leaps when she does,

“Did you - have you just broken up with me?” She trembles and his heart leaps again, but its an uncomfortable, sinking feeling.

“No, no of course not,” He reassures in a quiet hum. He catches mikes eye as he climbs out of the car with luke, and raises a hand in hello. Mike opens his front door, and leaves it wide and welcoming for when hes ready.

“You didnt come in,”

“I know, and im sorry,” and he is, hes so sorry that she feels like this.

“Its getting really bad again,” She whispers and he bits his lip. He doesnt know what he can do.

“You need help. Please, please, let me find you some help,”

“You’re my help,” she responds immediately and he screws up  his eyes and his fists,

“Dont fucking say that,” He almost shouts, “you cant fucking put that responsibility on me. I want to help you, i want to help you so fucking much baby, but i cant be it,”

“I dont know what to do,” she says, voice so quiet and hoarse he barely hears it. He doesnt know what to do either.

And she knows now, why storms are named after people.

Baby Winchesters (Dean Imagine)

Hello:) as a request maybe dean and the reader? They come home from a hunt and dean says jokingly “this’ll be a good story to tell the kids.” The reader freaks out a little and they have a talk about possible children? Just fluffy and cute? Kinda stupid but oh well. Thanks! love ur writing!

This was a really cute request. was fun to write! Hope you like it X

“What is going on!” You yelled as you suppressed a smile that wanted to shine through your lips. Your boyfriend Dean and his brother Sam were hunting a trickster, you weren’t planning on joining but when Dean called you for help you had to come and save them. When you arrived at the location of Manhattan, New York you opened the door to the apartment, and found a five year old which looked exactly like Dean when he was a kid (judging from pictures) and toddler who you were guessing was Sam. “Y/n, it was a trickster” little Dean said strangely excitedly in a childish voice, you couldn’t hold in your laughter. The boys were wearing their older selves large over sized clothes, and they looked adorable.

“You are so cute” you smiled as you walked over to Sam, picking him up and the clothes falling off him. You balanced Sam on your hip and held a tight grip on him with your hand secured on his back. You turned around to look at Dean, he had blonde hair and wide green eyes, and he was just as cute as Sam.

“Aw, Dean you are precious” you giggled at his expression when you complimented him.

“So what’s the deal are you mentally five, or can you like talk like big people?”

“I don’t know” he replied

“What way did the man go” you asked Dean in a voice that would only be suitable to use around small children.

“Next door”

“What why? Why the hell would he go next door”

“Daddy says we shouldn’t say hell” Dean’s face suddenly turned serious “That’s rich coming from him” you murmured.

“Ok so you are five, and he is what, one?” Dean nodded happily. You should have been freaking out but having to look after two children and hunt a monster was going to be hard, you were feeling too much stress to panic.

“Ok I can’t leave you here, but i can’t bring you. Tricksters are people right? well not really but they have morals. They wouldn’t hurt children…I think” you thought out loud

“Can we get pizza?”

“No Dean come on” you held your hand out for him to take it. His tiny palm was wrapped around your own and you walked next door and pushed the already half open door. A man was sitting there in front of a platter of desserts. You set baby Sam on the floor and told Dean to watch him.

“I see you got my gift” the man smirked confirming it was in fact the trickster

“What have you done to them!?”

“They acted like babies so I turned them into babies”

“Alright, this isn’t funny” you stormed up to the trickster and put your weapon to its throat that you had pulled out of your inside coat pocket. “You turn them back. Now, or I will kill you, and they’ll turn back anyway” you demanded sternly as you kept a solid eye contact with the creature in an attempt to intimidate him.

“Alright, alright…but you can’t kill me after”

“Deal” you spat then moved away from the trickster using his body to push yourself back. He clicked his fingers and disappeared. You turned your head to look at the guys when were laying on the floor in full adult size. Sam was only wearing boxers as his clothes fell off when he as a baby, and Dean’s previously baggy clothes that were dragging on the ground fit normally again. You put both your hands out in front of yourself as you stood before the men. They took them and jumped up quickly, Sam then went next door to get his clothes, Darting out of the room clearly embarrassed. Dean kept your hand in his, and locked your fingers, then raised it up to his lips where he placed a small kiss on it

“You handled that pretty well” Dean said with an approving nod

“Yeah, well i needed to deal with the trickster, no time to panic. You by the way were such a cute child, i never realised” Dean smiled goofily, just like he did a couple of minutes ago when he was a kid

“You still have the same little smile” You said returning the same facial expression that Dean was wearing. He leaned down to you and pressed his lips against yours with his grin still spread across them.

“This is definitely a story to tell the kids” Dean chuckled casually, then gulped nervously when he realised what he’d said. The smile faded from your lips and you were suddenly extremely curious. Dean had never mentioned babies and now he had you wondering if they were in your future with him

“Kids?” You asked

“I don’t…well…i mean” Dean searched for words with a blank face.

“You want kids?”

“Some day maybe. If we stop hunting it’d be great to have a couple of rugrats running around”


“Yeah. You’d clearly be a great mom”

“You wouldn’t be such a bad father either” You beamed at Dean, he took his hand out of yours and put both of his own around your waist as he faced you front on. His eyes lingered at yours for a moment as you put both of your arms around his neck

“I’d love to have a family with you y/n” He said softly

“You are the only person in the world i’d consider having one with” You replied. Dean leaned his head towards yours and grazed his lips across yours, you stood up on your toes and pulled his head closer to lock your lips. His tongue pared open your lips, as his hands ran up your back and he leaned forward nearly sweeping you off your feet making you giggle, the sound of your laughter muffled by Deans mouth. He loosened his grip on you, you followed his lead. His hands went back your hips as stopped kissing you. He pulled you in for a hug, kissing he top of your head once his arms were wrapped around you.

“Ready?” You heard Sam say to you both from the doorway.

You looked up at Dean, your eye meeting his own which had a twinkle in them.

“love you” You whispered

“me too” he pressed at sloppy kiss to the side of your cheek then with his hand on the small of your back he guided you out the door to head back to his car.

Even though you hadn’t decided to start trying for children, your whole relationship with Dean suddenly felt more exciting now that there was a possibility for a future with Dean rather than just a lot more fighting and death which was what you assumed your future was going to hold. You were buzzing at the thought of it, and Dean Winchester is the only man you could ever imagine being the father of your kids.

birbwin  asked:

Alright. Here's a drabble idea I was saving for a rainy day, but I want to entrust it you bc I feel like it's something you could do super well: When returning inside the walls after an expedition, an angry townsperson throws a stone at Erwin and/or he cops physical/verbal abuse from the people lining he streets. Maybe he bleeds/is injured. He does not let Levi react. *kisses hands before clicking the ask button* be free my precious

this is amazing and painful (’: you heartless soul, you. ty for the prompt!!

She slaps him first across the right side of his face.


A second hit comes crashing from the left, Erwin’s head striking to the side at her force. It stings more than any punch he’s ever taken. The woman is hysterical, howling and crying, pounding her fists on his chest like a neglected child. Erwin can feel the handprints going hot on the skin of his cheeks.

Levi is behind him, the very air he gives off near suffocating. His small feet create deep thuds in the dirt as he approaches from the back.


He’s at his side now, gunmetal eyes wide like a rabid dog’s. All the previous jeers of him being the Commander’s mutt are coming to light, and Erwin will do anything to keep Levi’s name from being sullied. Levi’s said otherwise, assured him he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what people think so long as they hold respect for his Commander.

Levi, loyal Levi, here to grind this poor mother into the dirt for laying her hands on him in anger.

“Monsters! You both are!” she yells, the broken turmoil etching her face crushing Erwin’s heart beneath its heel. Her husband is breaking free of the crowd. Levi steps forward with his right hand balling in a fist.

“Levi!” Erwin’s voice breaks the confinements he’s placed on it, temper reaching a boil, and the crowd nearly hushes. Levi turns and stares at him with equally furious eyes, but he retreats back without a word. He knows his place, though the contemptuous glare he sends the crowd reveals his want to beat them all down to their knees.

If Levi could have his way, Erwin knows it would mean placing him at the head as a messiah, a king, a savior to mankind.

But he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s stolen the boys of this city and tossed them to Hell, escaped with only his cloak singed. The stench of wet corpses sleeps dormant beneath his skin, and it rises and falls as he does.

“You took him from me!” wails the mother, a stiff limb cradled in her arms like a child. It’s all she has left of hers. “You heartless bastards! You heartless bastards!

The guilt and shame that weighs his shoulders down is enough to overflow onto his soldiers, who have continued to keep silence. All but Levi look downward. 

Levi faces him, face pinched like hot steel, the fury from his childhood broiling and frothing behind his eyes. He’s asking for permission to hurt them.

“No,” Erwin tells him in a tired hush. “No.” Because this is what he deserves.