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If you are still taking requests, how would Monsta x react finding out the sweet girl they have a crush on is covered in tattoos, she just always hides with long sleeves?

Of course!! I love this request! Alright hope you enjoy!

You have always had tattoos and your group DAS (Devil’s Angels) had just debuted under Starship Entertainment. Your group’s manager wanted you and Monsta X to meet and start doing interviews together. They thought it might be good publicity for you and another group to become friends. So when you guys met, you and Monsta X’s (member’s name) instantly clicked. You had a tiny crush on him and he had a tiny crush on you. You didn’t want to tell him about your tattoos though because its not traditional and in most of Korea its even considered bad. So to keep them secret you always wore long sleeves even if that meant dying of heat. So when he saw you in a tank top during of your dance practices this was his reaction:


*so shocked, cant believe his eyes*

But because he is a shy fluff I think he would just stare until you finally notice him and then he would be all embarrassed and walks away. When you walk past him you already know that he knows about your tattoos so you don’t even bother to put on a jacket and just walk around in your tank now. You ask him if he likes them or if theyre horrible.

“Yah their nice i just didn’t expect you to have tattoos” Even though he doesn’t mind them and gets used to them fast.

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*walks in through the door and interrupts*

“OMG Y/N WHAT ARE THOSE!!” he would say in a scolding way because he is sorta the motherly figure. You would be so embarrassed that he saw your tattoos and be lost for words. He would probably notice and say something to cover up like Theyre great or he would just stare at the tattoos. But he would really like them and once he stops embarrassing himself by accident would tell you.

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                       just pretend I.M isn’t there xD ik its hard to do


*stands staring shocked*

Once you notice him you excuse yourself from the practice to talk to him really quick. Once you step out he just stares. You would say something jokingly like ‘so am I just going to be stared at or…’ He would respond saying he thinks they look good trying to hide the fact that he actually finds them extremely sexy because you are his crush. But he would stare at you all the time because he couldnt help himself.

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While you were dancing you forgot that Jooheon was suppose to come watch today so you were wearing a tank top. When he arrived and saw all the tattoos he was so shocked. You saw him and covered up really quick. When he got you alone he let you know how much he like the tattoos and how you shouldn’t be embarrassed. This made you happy and he saw. But when he really thought is that they are badass and hot af.  

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Changkyun decided that he was going to surprise you at your dance practice but when he saw the tattoos he was speechless. He is usually very laid back so he tried not to make a big deal about it but when he walked up to you he just started asking questions like “What does this one mean?” “Did it hurt?” “How long have you had them?” What he didn’t say is how much it turned him on and how he wishes you were his so he can kiss every tattoo.

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He would break through the door and start asking random questions about it. He would love you withought tattoos and with tattoos though so either way it doesn’t change how much he is in love with you.

the gif explains everything

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He would stand shocked. Because he is more traditional though I do think he would prefer no tattoos but he would still absolutely love you with or without. He is kinda like Minhyuk about them just loves them less. BUT he still would ask questions as he would be curious about why you got them and when.

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Hope you enjoy :)

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When Jungkook Asks You to Do Work At Home, But You Don’t Do It (Damn That Title Though)

sent in by anonymous (why am i crying at the title omf)

Its too long, I know, but we never really post so I want to make these long! And btw, if you read this before reading the snap, I find it more entertaining if you click on the pictures and swipe through instead of just reading it on here (does this make sense?) alright guys, have a fantastic night/morning! (and yes, i may have reused a couple of pictures like a hundred times, judge me) - admin t


I love that line. Still my fave though is “Anything you want Captain.” The way he says it its so sweet.

I know! So (long story upcoming) if you play inquisition and romance blackwall, if you are in a romance with him when you get to a certain map, when you are killing darkspawn he’ll go “you alright, love?” and OH MY GOD it just fucking slays me. So I had never gotten the quote above from Corso until after they were married and I happened to click on him in my house, and the way he said it was lke SWOON because he sounds so devoted, it’s almost like they made him say that only in the romance. 

Truth Or Dare (Smut One)

(Request) Could you do another true or dare , but smut :) 

Ik its not smutty Sunday but you guys deserve a fic <3 

“Dan I’m bored” I said to him. 

“Well I’m editing a video maybe you could get off your cute lazy butt and help me baby” He said. 

“You know we should play truth or dare like what we did when we were teenagers.” I suggested.

“Really Y/N?” He said chuckling.

“Yea it could be fun we could make it..interesting” I purred. 

He stopped clicking the mouse and turned around towards me. “Alright Y/N bring it on” He said smirking. 

He sat on the bed with me and i said, “Truth or Dare Daniel” 

“Truth” He said. 

“Awe come on Dan really?”

“I said bring it on baby”

“Fine Dan…whats your favorite thing to do to me?” I purred. 

“Give you kisses” He joked. 

“Dan” I scolded.

“Awe alright well beside the obvious fucking your beautiful brains out… teasing you and making you moan for me to be inside of you.” He said.

“Dan..” I blushed.

“Alright baby girl truth or dare” He asked.


“Awe baby girl..fine..whats your favorite way for me to make love to you?” He asked. 

“Well..um… I kinda like to be on top..its deeper that way ya know..” I was defiantly blushing now. 

“Awe baby” Dan smirked.

“Truth or Dare Dan.” I asked.

“Dare” He winked.

“Ok..I dare you to take you all your clothes off” I said.

“Awe come on Y/N that’s it?” He laughed. “Fine baby”

He stood up and pulled off his shirt exposing his amazing body and slowly took off his pants along with his boxers. I couldn’t help but stare at this amazingly sexy man.

“Enjoying the view baby?” He smiled.

“As always” I said.

“Truth or Dare Y/N” He said sitting back down on the bed.

“Dare” I smirked.

“Okay I dare you to take off all your clothes as well but..I want you to play with yourself” He smirked.


“You picked dare baby” He said.

“Fine” I said and stood up and stripped down very slowly. I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes.

“God baby come on with it” He whispered. I rolled my closed eyes and slowly slide my hand down my stomach. I could feel Dan hover over me and he started to kiss my neck which he knew was my weakness. 

I slowly side two fingers inside me and I moaned his name as he left little kisses around my collarbone and breasts. “God baby” He whispered.

“Dan god please I need you” I moaned moving my fingers faster and faster.

“Yes ma’em” He said and picked me up and got under me where I was straddling his lap. I could feel his erection on my thigh and I wanted nothing more for him to be inside me. 

“You said you liked being on top” He winked. “You’re still on the pill right?” He asked and I nodded.

He picked me up and I slowly slid down onto him moaning his name. He gave me time to adjust before he started to thrust up and I matched his rhythm screaming his name.

“God Dan…” I loudly moaned.

“Baby you feel so good…god right that princess please dont stop.” He said.

I felt the familiar warm feeling in my stomach and I grabbed on digging my nails into his back. I curled my toes and moaned loudly.

“Me too baby com on cum for me baby girl god please” He said and we both climaxed at the same time while ridding out our highs. 

We both laid down on the bed and he pulled me close to him. “Truth or Dare’ I whispered.

“Truth” He said.

“How much do you love me?” I said. 

He smiled and kissed my lips softly. “More than any words could ever describe baby girl” He said.

I snuggled close to him and drifted off to sleep.

Donna: Alright boys, squish ‘em real tight! 
Charlie: Yay!
Alex: *camera shutter* Got it!
Dean: Y’know, when I said we should have a Taster’s Choice moment, I didn’t think you guys would go the whole hog.
Sam: *chuckling* Yeah, this has got to be the least manly photo ever taken.
Kevin: After seeing Dean’s tinder picture, I doubt that.
Dean: Shaddup, shorty.
Claire: *snorts* Oh my god, I can’t believe Dean’s on tinder.
Castiel: He isn’t. Not anymore.
Jody: Dinner’s ready, everyone!
*collective cheer*