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Disastrous || Joe Sugg

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Word Count: 1.2k+

Summary: In which you and Joe broke up two years ago, and yet when he calls you up one night, slurring his words, you can’t bring yourself to hand up.

Dedicated too: My little snowflake emilie, @emiliesnowflake , who personally requested a Joe imagine quite a few hours ago and I just couldnt let her go without.

Disastrous. That was the only word that could describe your past relationship with Joe. You were both far too young when it happened, and things progressed way too fast. You both fell head first into the ground and didn’t know how to handle it. He’d only just moved to London and was living with Caspar Lee at the time; he was young and naive, and you were even younger and even more naive.

Your break up was messy, an hour of screaming and shouting and tears before eventually you just ended things and stormed out of his apartment, slamming the door behind you and only ever hearing from him once after that. He sent you a text the next morning, after you spent the night sobbing into your pillow, that simply read ‘I’m sorry’.

You read it, but didn’t bother to reply. It wasn’t worth it; the relationship had been toxic, and by then you’d both become more of a brand than a couple. You knew that your fns would wonder why you suddenly weren’t in any of Joe’s videos, and even more so his vlogs; but you pushed that worry away and focused on yourself for a while. You hadn’t done that in a while.

You stared at yourself in the mirror for hours, questioning very detail about yourself - until finally you logged onto twitter and began replying to some tweets, reassuring everyone that you were okay but would just be absent from social media for a few days seeing as you needed some time to yourself.

Just reading the loving messages that people had sent you, even the short text you’d received from Zoe, which simply had two red hearts; and even though they may not have seemed like much to anyone else - they really meant the entire world. You initially thought that everything would fall apart, but your friendships held strong and even when Joe revealed that the two of you had intact broken up in a Q&A two weeks later, the fans didn’t choose sides. Instead they supported you both, and it made you feel wonderful.

Now, three years later, you still thought back to your days with Joe on occasion, and instead of making you sad, it made you smile. Your relationship hadn’t ended well, and you would forever regret letting that happen, but you’d shared a few tweets and you knew for a fact that he still watched your videos and ditto. He still meant so much to you: even if things could never go back to how they were before. He was your first real relationship, and you’d forever cherish that.

But the moment you received a phone call from Zoe in the middle of the night, you knew that maybe, everything wasn’t so alright. You were already awake, like the night owl you were, and so you answered the call within seconds, your face scrunched up worriedly. “Zo, what’s wrong? Is everything okay? Has someone died? Oh god I hope nobody’s died.” You squeezed your eyes closed and forced yourself to stop your nervous rambling, but when nobody on the other end of the line spoke, you quickly made sure they hadn’t hung up before frowning and pressing the phone beck against your ear. “Zoe, are you there?”

“I’m sorry..”

The familiar voice on the other end of the line made your eyes widen, but you scramble dup onto your knees nonetheless and held onto the phone tightly. “Joe?”

“I’m sorry for making you think I was Zoe, but I knew you wouldn’t answer if I called you from my phone.” His words were slurred, and you knew immediately that there was no way he was sober. He giggles on the other end of the line, and you couldn’t help but purse your lips in an attempt to hide your smile. “Did you know, that I think about you all the time?”

You know you should probably hang up, and text Alfie and ask him to go and check up on the obviously pissed man - but instead you decide to keep him happy and stay on the phone. To be honest, you’d missed his voice more than you were willing to admit. You smile softly at his admission and shake your head, almost forgetting that he couldn’t see you. “You do?”

“Mhm. I miss you every single day.” His voice is quiet, soft and gentle as you hear him shuffle around a little. He sighs, and you can almost picture the sleepy pout on his face. “I wish you were here with me so I could tell you that I’m sorry.”

As he speaks, you get comfortable on your bed, and frown sadly at his words. “Why’re you sorry?”

He sniffles, and your heart clenches in your chest. “I just- that night, when we broke up, I was wrong. I was so so wrong and I shouldn’t have shouted at you and I’m sorry.”

You press your lips together as a tear rolls down your cheek, and you laugh, but your voice cracks mid-way through. “It’s okay, Joe. Wo were too young, too immature. We would never have worked, you know that, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” he breathes out slowly, and she chews on the inside of her cheek nervously, waiting for his next words. “I just wish that instead of screaming at eachother we’d have spoken calmly about our feelings. Maybe things would’ve been different, maybe you’d be here with me now..”

You blink quickly and glance to your left of the photo of you and him whilst on holiday in Italy, something you’d never quite been able to bring yourself to move. “We would’ve snapped eventually, Joe. It was just a matter of time, and you know that.”

“It doesn’t matter! I still miss you!” He raises his voice, overwhelmed with emotion after speaking to you directly for the first time in two years. You flinch a little, not expecting the volume of voice. “I miss you every single day and body understand why, but I do! I love you, I love you so fucking much and I don’t know why I still do and why I can’t stop myself from feeling this way but that’s just the way it is.”

“Joe, I need you to calm down, okay?” Your voice is calm, but on the inside you’re whole stomach is turning. “Listen to me, love, I need you to take a deep breath, and then hang up the phone, okay? Then you’ll go and drink a big glass of water, give your sister her phone back, and get some rest. Can you do that for me?”

He hums softly. “Why can’t you be the one to hang up?”

You smile sadly, and shake your head. “I don’t think I’ll be able too.”

You both stay quiet for a while, simply listening to eachother breath before Joe inhales suddenly. “Goodnight, princess.”

You squeeze your eyes shut at the familiar nickname, and have to force a reply out of your mouth. “Goodnight, Joe. Get some rest.”

“Okay.” He sighs, and you wait patiently until you can no longer hear him breathing on the other end of the line before dropping the phone onto the bed and running your hands down your face.



an: day three of fluffy mini ficlet week continues! <3 for @swans-and-pirates who must be dying of boredom by now <3

If you told Emma when she was young that she’d one day be engaged to be married to a ticklish pirate, she would never have believed it.

But now, as she pinches his side just so she can watch his body convulse under waves of laughter, she finds that she absolutely adores it.

“Stop that, now!” he laughs, his words spoken half-heartedly. As if he doesn’t mind that they’re lying on the floor beside their bed, her body half on top of his while she pinches and teases him with her fingers. “I’m ticklish!”

“You’re ticklish?” Emma teases. “Really?”

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If you don’t COME ON AND SLAM now when you’re young then when you retire 50 years from now you won’t be WELCOME TO THE JAM

think about your future for once

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For the dear thing Dear past me..

Dear past me,

I’m sorry I let you down. I’m sorry I became a failure. I’m sorry I didn’t protect you from getting hurt. I’m sorry your innocence was stolen from you when you were so young. I’m sorry I’m not the girl that you had hoped I would be. I’m sorry…

mcr flavored ~ tag yourself

Today, March 22nd 2017, marks 4 years since My Chemical Romance joined the Black Parade on March 22nd 2013, after 12 glorious years of bandom and adventure. In honor of this anniversary, tagurself presents a My Chemical Romance themed ‘tag yourself’. Killjoys, enjoy.

why do women in dress pattern illustrations look like they’re about five seconds away from DRAMATICALLY DECLARING THEIR LOVE?

#here we see masha- young and untutored in the ways of love#‘o katya!’ she cries 'my very soul aches when you are not by my side! i tell you i could not breathe if you were to leave me!’#katya kisses her just once. very gently.#and then leaves chelyabinsk. never to return#(two years later masha marries a local boy and never lets herself think of what might have been)

hunk: coran, when did you learn how to fix the castle with the efficiency you do?

coran: well, you see, when i was a young boy-

hunk: [eyes widen in fear] coran, no-

keith: [bursts in wearing a my chemical romance shirt and too much black eyeliner] MY FATHER TOOK ME INTO THE CITY

Vincent and Rachel

Yana made several posts about the characters’ ages on twitter today, but to me the most interesting information was this one about Vincent and Rachel:


“Because his wife was young, *papa [*Vincent] would make himself look younger.”

The keyword here is 若作り (”wakazukuri”), I’ll just quote the definition from the dictionary:

“the act of attempting to make oneself appear younger than one is by wearing youthful clothing and makeup“.

So apparently, Vincent was (much) older than Rachel that he felt the need to make himself look younger to keep up with his young wife (appearance-wise) xD

tbh i can’t see the gotham rogues having kid sidekicks or henchmen or whatever but i could totally see them breaking in some new young rogue, even if they’re super passive aggressive and condescending towards the poor kid. 

eddie and some of the others start hearing about this new up and coming rogue who’s been successful in pulling off a few bank heists in gotham and mostly avoiding batman. so they straight up kidnap the kid and when the kid’s coming round, probably tied to a chair in a basement somewhere, the kid’s like, “what the hell is happening? where am i?” and at first the rogues act all menacing like they’re going to torture or kill the kid, but then eddie pushes in a costume rack like, “you really need to work on your image. now, do you like the blue one or the purple one better?” 

harley is way too overly friendly and makes the kid kind of nervous, one arm around the kid’s shoulder while she waves her gun around nonchalantly, “so if you ever run into any trouble, you should probably hide in the candy store off fleet street. trust me, bats never looks there!” 

the rogues take the kid out for a night on the town and it’s only after the kid gets completely shitwrecked that they realize the kid probably shouldn’t have been allowed to drink. cue harvey and selina arguing over who has to take the kid home.

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how does one draw beards, besides selling their soul to Satan?

no soul-selling! it’s pretty simple

well, what i’m gonna show you is pretty simple

so let’s take these baby-faces:

having the jawline/chin/etc down pretty accurate is important! because the beard grows from there!

dudes all have a specific growth pattern on their face. when doing a 5 o’clock shadow, you can pretty much just follow that and fill it in with a gray/their hair color at a low opacity

with the growth pattern and jawlines and mind, it’s pretty easy to make a readable beard by doing little lines that follow those patterns! i never do a straight line to draw beards. it’s an option, but it’s tough to make look natural lol–i don’t even do that for comics! but once the hairs are curved along the jawline, i think getting rid of the visible jawline helps show thickness/structure to the beard itself

as beards get longer, you can lengthen the lines and make them have more minds of their own, as they begin to stop conforming with the face!

so that’s about it. if you want beards with a little more texture, remember that beards grow in layers. they grow just like hair! but…on..on the face.

as a beard might.

Will you now forever remain/ out of reach of my arms~
—  Lumière & Plumette, Beauty and the Beast (2017) aka two extra lines I didn’t expect Ewan to sing

Once this whole thing is over, maybe things can go back to how they used to be when we were young. You know… Perhaps we could spend some time together?”

It’s not perfect but this was just a little looping animation I did for fun, I hope you guys like it! I wanna do some more complex stuff soon but I need a new computer first so I can actually use Premiere and After Effects, not Movie Maker.