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Protector ~Draco Malfoy Imagine~

Summary: You are a good girl who happens to be dating Draco Malfoy. Being a Hufflepuff and dating a Slytherin bad boy, this tends to surprise people. It didn’t shock you when Draco would protect you from bullies or during the battle.

Author’s Note: In honor of the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter, I am writing a Draco Malfoy imagine. 

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You were a good girl. The type of Hufflepuff that would follow the rules and tries to stay out of trouble. That’s when it shocked everybody when Draco Malfoy asked you to the Yule Ball. He fell in love with you every time you smiled at him and give out positive compliments. 

“I never thought to see the day you’d be with Draco Malfoy,” Hermione Granger, one of your friends, tells you.

“He’s quite a gentleman when you get to know him better. Don’t tell him I told you though,” You winked over at her. 

Even though you both were dating, not much changed for the both of you. You were still the good girl with good grades and he was still rude but had better grades thanks to you. 

“No Draco. You need to put in four slugs not three,” You tell him as you both were in potions class together. 

“Thank you for reminding me,” Draco smiled over at you. 

“Are you smiling?” Crabbe asked him.

“Mind your own business,” Draco spat at him. 

It was clear not to mess with you. Even if Draco wasn’t there with you. That was one of the Slytherin’s mistakes when Draco almost hexed him in the middle of the Great Hall during lunch.

“Draco’s girlfriend isn’t as beautiful as Draco talks about,” One of the Slytherins said looking over at you.

“Don’t let him hear you say that,” Goyle warned. 

“Why? He could do much better,” The Slytherin said. 

“What did you say about my girlfriend?” Draco asks him from behind. The Slytherin looked up at the angry Draco. You looked up from your book to see Draco mad. You got out of your seat and walked over to him.

“I’m just saying you can do better,” The Slytherin repeated as if it was nothing. 

“That’s it,” Draco said before taking his wand out and aiming at the boy. You stepped in front of him and placed your hand on his. 

“Draco. You’re going to get in trouble. Why don’t we go out and take a walk,” You say calmly. 

“Fine. Talk about Y/N like that again, and I’ll hex you in secret,” Draco threatened the boy. You held his hand before walking out of the Great Hall, leaving everyone including teachers in shock.

When Draco was turned into a Death Eater, he broke up with you in order to protect you. He had to break up with you the night Dumbledore died. 

“I don’t understand. Did I do something wrong?” You asked, tears falling from your eyes. 

“No. I’m doing this to protect you,” Draco said, cupping your cheeks. He wiped some of the tears away. 

“Draco. I love you,” You tell him.

“I love you too, Y/N. You don’t know how much I’m in love with you,” Draco said heartbroken. He gave you one last kiss before running off. 

During the Battle of Hogwarts, you were fighting for your life. You saw another kid fighting off a Death Eater, you aimed at the Death Eater and shot out a spell to give the kid time to escape. You ran over back to the Great Hall but tripped over a broken part of the wall. You felt a sharp pain on your arm as you collided with the hard ground. You looked back to see a Death Eater coming towards you. 

“Y/N!” Draco yelled. 

“Stupefy!” The Death Eater was now down. You looked over as Draco ran over to you. He held your hand before aiming at a Death Eater.

“Stupefy!” He yelled. 

You both ran back inside to safety. Draco looked back at your arm before helping you get your arm better. 

“Draco, are you alright?” You ask him. 

“Me? Look at you. You’re hurt,” Draco said. 

“I’m okay,” You assure him.

“I told you I promise to protect you and you got hurt,” Draco tells you. You cup his cheeks, making him look up at you. You give him a light kiss on the lips. 

“Draco, I forgive you,” You tell him. He wrapped his arms around you as he held onto you. 

“How can you forgive me after all this?” Draco asked. 

“Because you’re still the same guy I fell in love with,” You tell him, smoothing out his hair a bit. 

“I think you already know this but I have a soft spot for you and only you,” Draco said.

“I’ve noticed,” You smile at him.

Princess (Luke Hemmings)

i lack the self-control to wait more than two days after posting to post again so. lucky you.


“Hey, princess.”

You instinctively rolled your eyes, knowing the comment coming from down the hallway was for you. You ignored it, however, and continued to gather your books for your third period class. The boots striding along the tiled floor of the hall got louder and louder until the clink of a zipper hitting the locker next to yours rang in the air around you.

“You know, it’s not polite to ignore people when they’re talking to you, princess,” Luke shook his head, eliciting another eye roll from you.

Luke Hemmings was the school’s resident bad boy slash soccer team captain, causing trouble everywhere he went. You weren’t as popular – most of your classmates didn’t even know your name – but for some reason, you were the person Luke chose to pine for.

“You know it’s not polite to ignore people when they tell you they don’t want you to call them princess, Hemmings,” you shot back, still not looking at him.

“When have you ever said you don’t want me calling you princess?”

“Ah, let’s see…” you pretended to think about it, “Every time you call me princess?”

“Huh, weird,” he hummed, shrugging, “Anyway, I’ve got a proposition for you.”

“Oh, boy; I can’t wait to hear it,” you said monotonously, shoving your pencil into the spiral of your notebook.

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There was this fic on ao3 that was 'diet' some soda, it was where Dan was a Neko it was at six chapters when I last read it but I lost it

Diet Mountain Dew (ao3) - Phil Lester is a bad boy, living as a runaway in New York City. He’s mooching off his girlfriend when he finds a poor abandoned neko in an alley.“You’re no good for me. Baby you’re no good for me. You’re no good for me. But baby I want you, want you”His life changes drastically now that he has a small, anxious, kitten to care for.

- Eliza


In the beginning, we hoped to choose this era’s bad boy, the sort who’s raved about by everyone everywhere. You can see all sorts of “rebellious” qualities commonly shared by many of the youth of this era in him: arrogant, temperamental, rash, blunt…. And it’s a super magnified version. His “badness” comes from his unabashed desire and insistence on being his true self. In the end, as fate would have it, we finally managed to get an appointment with him, Huang Zitao.

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@evodog wooo boooy hearing someone say my sketches look good is sure a new one.

like my sketches for the most part, aren’t what you see here since BOY HOWDY THEY CAN BE BAD.  since I paint (usually) I don’t tend to spend a whole lot of time detailing sketches, all i try to do is get the general proportions and parts in the correct places.  the programs i tend to use though are paint tool sai and photoshop for the most part i use sai for commissions.

this shit is like the most basic baaasic sketch other than a stick figure that i tend to give when starting up a commission. just something to get anatomy shapes and posing.  

after that isn’t much different.  just when I get approval, then I move onto adding character details or whatever i’ll need as a guide for painting.

I should say, when I paint for myself, It all depends on how i feel.

base colors are a fuckin mess for me. sorry i picked a dark pic for this example. essentially i just throw about colors i want and general shading.  nothing very detailed or defined at all.  the goal is just so the feel of the colors is generally there that i want.  to me this is the best way to get a painterly feel from your over-painting, since then you don’t mind really destroying the under sketch or base colors.

i’ll usually also add layers of overlay to help pop a certain color if i feel it’s needed, then just start painting on a new layer to blend it in more.  

semi finished piece that i then brightened quite a bit after both i and the commissioner agreed on it.   detailing isn’t really something i can explain, it just requires practice.  stubborn determination is always a good way to deal with it.

finished piece before color correction. has some added details and generally more full of life to go better with what the commissioner wanted.  the whole process is generally a lot of slow building up to get what i want.  lots of eyedropper tooling and such.  you can use “painting” brushes in photoshop to add more grit, but it’s not really a NEED.

my rules on art is, there are no rules. if you see a shortcut or a way to correct something easily, just take it. don’t make life harder on yourself because someone else does something a different way. your learning process is your own. 

idk if this was helpful at all.  explaining this stuff is always super hard for me since it’s so much of just trial and error.  

as far as painting sketches i hope this covered that? since i’m not sure what you were meaning.

Mine | Tommy Shelby (P.2 of Church)

many of you asked for a part 2 of church so here you go. i’ve purposely left it on a bad ending so i can write another part if people want that. this is slowly becoming a series but if other people do what another request, it will be a while before it’s uploaded. thank you for all ur lovely comments and enjoy.

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please... explain to me what poppee the performer is... i want to be a part of this. NEED to be a part of this.

😂 it is supposed to be a Japanese cartoon for kids: you have Popee, the main character, a 17 years old boy who wants to become a great performer as his father, Papi. Then you have Kedamono, Popee’s “best friend” (Kedamono loved Popee, but since he wants to become a good performer so bad, he always tried to kill Keda when he’s doing better than him). As I said, it is supposed to be for kids, but sometimes the show can get pretty gore-ish and creepy, lots of blood and death scenes.

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I love your posts! If it's not to much to ask, could you write a sfw and nsfw head canon for one of the Miya twins? It would we awesome!

Anonymous said to sfw-haikyuu-nsfw:
I know I asked earlier, but would seriously love a nsfw headcanon for one for the Miya twins. Thanks anyway

I got to it, Anon! I’m sorry it took so long, but I really appreciate your patience and I hope you enjoy these headcanons!


Miya Atsumu

  • So, while I think this boy can be a REALLY good boyfriend, I also thing that he has the potential to be a REALLY bad boyfriend. He’s constantly got to keep himself in check. And he’s going to need a significant other that won’t be scared to stand up and tell him whats what.
    • It’s primarily his arrogant nature and his offhanded compliments that get him in trouble the most. And he might actually have completely good intentions when he says it, but it just comes out wrong. Like “You sure eat a lot for a girl” or “I’m impressed that I guy like you is so smart” kinda thing.
    • And then when they call him out on it, his immediate response is so say that he didn’t do that or that’s not the way he meant it. It’s definitely something that he’d going to have to work on for sure.
  • But, holy shit, can this boy be protective as hell. Get ready for him to stare down anyone that gets anywhere close to them. I don’t think he’ll ever really jump into that realm of jealousy (boys too laid back and too trusting for that), but he’d definitely give the message that they’re his and no one else’s.

Miya Osamu

  • Ya know, when I first thought about this I saw it as just the most laid back kind of relationship ever. But when I thought about it more, I started considering Osamu’s sense of humor and just knew that whoever dated this guy would be just as much of a little shit as he was, lol!
    • They’d totally spend their time making small teasing comments about their friends and siblings (if they have any) and then even at each other. Like, I guarantee they started out as best friends that ended up dating (it’s my favorite f-ing trope, I swear).
  • Further than that though, I do still believe that this is a very laid back couple, like they probably spend most of their weekends together just hanging out at each others houses watching movies and playing video games (or cuddling). Legit, their favorite thing to watch are all the cult classics.
    • That’s not to say that they never see the light of day, I feel like Atsumu always makes them go on double dates with his significant other. And they complain a lot - especially if something goes wrong with the plan - but they love it. Osamu really likes that they’re out spending time with his brother as well, no matter how much he teases the boy, he still loves him bunches and wants his significant other to feel the same!


Miya Atsumu

  • Oh boy, OH BOI. Just think, okay, this boy is a provocative little shit on the court, so you bet that it’s going to transfer over into the bedroom big time. It’ll totally drive them crazy but he doesn’t feel any remorse and he shows absolutely no mercy!
    • Like, he’s a hella tease. He’ll constantly be bringing them right to the end before stopping and starting the process all over again. Orgasm denial is his thing man, not only for them but for himself as well. He wants the whole thing to be dragged out for as long as possible.
  • Shower sex is this guys thing. Seriously, just the sight of wet skin gets him going and he just loves the steam and the echo of their voices in the room. Oh, and the noises of their skin slapping together just make him that much harder.
    • Okay, legit, I can totally imagine Atsumu thinking that him and his significant other are home alone and start getting it on in the bathroom and Osamu waited right before they both about to cum to pound loudly on the door telling them to shut up.

Miya Osamu

  • So, yes this boy is far more calm than his brother, but he’s definitely got a side of him that just switches when it comes to getting down and dirty. Like, I don;t think that he’s always been that way with sex, like first times are really important to him and all, but once he gets comfortable with his partner then things can get a little wild!
    • Seriously, I thick that first times are waaaay important to this guy. Like I picture his own first time being a one night stand that he tried to make special yet couldn’t and he just wants everyone to have a first good experience with sex.
  • Ahhhhh, despite being all calm and making things special and being all sappy like that, this boy is totally kinky. Like he’s probably way too into semi-public sex and the adrenaline of almost getting caught. It’s his absolute favorite thing and he always ends it with saying “and you thought we would get caught,” with this shit eating smirk on his face.
    • (and since I did it with Atsumu) I’m sure there’s also a time in which they were caught by his twin. Like probably while they were doing it in the club room or something, the poor unsuspecting boy just comes through the door and then makes a HUGE scene about it. (Legit, I think this is just a sibling thing, especially when they’re close in age, like I’ve caught my brother and he’s caught me.)
Summary of the blog

It needed to be done, since I saw I already edit 50 posts. If it can help some of you to navigate… You also have some spoilers in the list. All projects here are finish or in draft.


GIFS series

Instagram series (at 24-25 years old)

Instagram requests series

MCL/Eldarya aesthetics (HP version)


“The proposal” - drabble series

“Exams period” - conversation series

“What would they look like?” series


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Should I pursue this man that I like, or just avoid it all together?

Hey there sweets! for you I pulled the ten of cups

This is card that focuses on shared joy and bliss among loved ones.

It seems like if you pursue this guy, it could bring a lot of bliss, for the both of you. Which is not unusual in a new relationship.  But I will say: with shared bliss also comes shared sorrows, as those we’re closest too tend to suffer with when they know we are in a bad place. If you think this is worthwhile. If you think you’re ready to share bliss and sorrow with another, then go bananas. Go woo the heck outta that boy. Indulge in life together. If you aren’t in the right head space, then it’s best to wait.

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Is it bad that I want your Voice to be in the Anime? You are f**king perfect. All you other Grunts..Ya Boi knows whats up when it comes to catching peoples Attention.

heh thanks and i agree completely.

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I watched recently some Macedonian political show and I got an impression that of all neighbours Serbia is the most (maybe only) liked in Macedonia. And that's really rare.. Because Serbia is often seen as an enemy. It's even funnier when I think of Hetalia lol. I could imagine Macedonia saying things like "He's not that bad." and everyone rolling their eyes on that. 😂 So could you do something with them with the quotes from some famous bad boy x good girl movies? 😊

Yeah, form what I knew they don’t have too many problems, and as for the personifications I always saw Macedonia and Serbia as liking each other and being really close.

If I find quotes I’ll post some! I can show you this one for now, since it’s Mace speaking nicely of Serbia and Cro heavily disagreeing. 

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I know which crew you mean, I actually knew about them long before I knew about bigbang, they have a super bad reputation. I was actually shocked when I got into BB and realized that GD and Top, were part of that crowd because it doesn't compute. Like it literally made no sense to me that they would hang out with them. But I suppose when you are young and lonely you don't really have options.

Maybe they’re just the type who sees the best within a person no matter what everyone thinks. (considering they’ve been under the same circumstances where people judged and criticized them)

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I am SO here for Usnavi "full naming" Sonny hahaha. In what other ways do you think he'd get parental? I love when he goes full Papa!Usnavi

Ohohohohohoho boy do I have so many ways! Dadnavi is BEST Usnavi!!! Ever since Sonny took his first steps towards Usnavi as a baby, Usnavi has forever vowed to be a parent to Sonny in ANY way, shape, or form.

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Hi! Can I get a ship too? 💗 I'm 5'8" and mixed with black and white. I have a deepish skin tone and I LOVE FOOD. I love cars, especially old ones. I dress casually about all of the time, and I hate dresses. I also have long dark curly hair. I like dem bad bois, you feel me? But also someone smart so, thank you so much. 🖤🖤

I ship you with: Derek Hale

Originally posted by mybrokenemotions

You and Derek fit like puzzle pieces. You had met him while running around with your loser friends. *cough* the two stooges *cough* You don’t really know why you are friends with them as, at the time, they were freshmen while you were a senior. Derek had intrigued you to no end, and when you finally got to know each other, he asked you out on a date. After you graduated, you moved into his house and have been a part of his life ever since.

Your best friends: The Two Stooges

Originally posted by wolvesofthehills

As stated before, your friends with Stiles and Scott. You became their friend after yelling at someone making fun of Stiles in 5th grade. You were more of an older sister they go to when they need help. The two had grown on you after a while, and you couldn’t help but love them.


ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

So imagine after the war, Draco’s friends are thinking okay, Draco was only obsessed with Harry Potter because they were arch enemies but everything will go back to normal now. And then eighth year starts and nothing changes?

Draco is still staring at Harry Potter over the other side of the Great Hall, at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner. He still talks about how the great Harry Potter gets this or the boy who lived gets that. And the Slytherin are like ??? Why are you still obsessed with Harry? And Draco’s like ??? I’m not. We’re enemies remember? And his friends have to tell him no not anymore. You’re on the same side.

So Draco’s very confused for a while, not sure how he should be acting. And then he realises, even though he no longer hates Potter’s guts, he still wants to stare at him every meal. He still wants to find excuses to talk about him to his friends. He still wants to make snarky comments to Potter every class…but only because it’s the only time he gets to talk to him.

Despite all the warnings, it still hits Draco way too abruptly when he realises he’s in love with Harry Potter. He’s in the middle of a potions double when his eyes, completely of their own accord, latch on to Potter turning his head and laughing at something the Weasel said. Draco stares and stares as the realisation washes over him. He keeps staring even long after Potter has turned his head back to the front of the class and all he can see is shaggy brown hair.

Pansy works it out first. Even before Draco’s potions epiphany. Although for once she understands the importance of keeping her mouth shut. So when Draco comes to her with his revelation, she is not at all surprised. And she is here to help. She convinces Draco to cool it with the snarky comments and work up the courage to actually talk to Potter.

And so - with plenty of encouragement - Draco does. At first it’s just small things like asking Potter for a spare quill in class, or saying excuse me politely as they pass rather than pushing into Potter. And then one day Draco works up the courage to say good morning to Potter when he runs into him in the Great Hall during breakfast. And Potter says good morning right back, albeit with a puzzled expression on his face.

Soon, Potter no longer looks puzzled. When Draco greets him, he returns the sentiment with a smile, that seems to grow with each day. It’s that smile which gives Draco the push he needs to approach Potter in the library one night and ask if he might like to share his table. An enthusiastic yes from Potter lights a small spark of hope in Draco’s pining heart.

Studying together becomes a habit most nights. It starts off silently, Draco happy to share his space with Potter but too nervous to think of anything further to say past a simple greeting. Thankfully one day it’s Potter who starts the first conversation. It’s one of those awkward small talk type conversations about the weather but it leads in to an animated discussion of Quidditch that keeps them talking well into the night, ignoring several reprimands from Madam Prince for being too loud in the library.

And so Draco and Harry - he’s no longer Potter - become friends. And Draco’s happy. Happier than he’s been in a long time. And his friends know. Not just Pansy. All the Slytherins. It’s obvious. Because despite spending most of his free time hanging out with Harry Potter, and professing to have no remaining hate for him at all, Draco still stares at him across the Great Hall, at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner.

And so Slytherins, being Slytherins, begin planning, with Pansy at the lead of course. They already know how Draco feels, they only need to get Harry Potter to realise his own feelings too, which they suspect match Draco’s. Because he might have his head down in the Great Hall but they’ve seen Harry stare at Draco during Quidditch games for far longer than strictly necessary.

And so they do something that Draco would completely disapprove of, solely for Draco’s own good. When they know Harry will be walking by the Quidditch lockers after a Gryffindor practice, they plant two of their own at a nearby bench and have them talking far louder than normal conversation requires.

“It’s really rather embarrassing. Draco’s been pining for ages. I’ve never seen anyone who had it so bad.”

“But who do you mean? I’ve only seen him hanging out with Potter.”

“Exactly. Potter. It’s tragic isn’t it? He’s in love with the boy who lived. He should probably queue up like all the other groupies just to get his autograph.”

While the two younger Slytherins continue their staged and poorly acted performance, (Pansy will have words with them later) Pansy, safely hidden with a disillusionment charm, watches Potter’s reaction closely and is not displeased. At the sound of Draco’s name, Potter stops immediately to eavesdrop which is telling in itself. When his own name comes into play, a blush creeps slowly up his face. And when Draco’s love for him is revealed, an involuntary smile appears on Harry’s face very very quickly. Pansy knows now they only have to wait.

Sure enough, at dinner that night, Harry Potter makes his move. Always one for dramatics, he walks right up to the Slytherin table and plants a short but deliberate kiss square on Draco’s face before Pansy even has time to let out a wolf whistle.

Draco sits there, mouth agape, pale face not so pale for once, until another Slytherin gives him a nudge on the shoulder. He looks up and blinks at Harry Potter who is smiling down at him. Once more Harry’s smile brings him courage. He stands up to meet Harry, conscious of every eye in the Great Hall on him, and kisses Harry Potter right back.

And it’s the Slytherins who lead the cheers that erupt across the Great Hall. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. At last.