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So I saw a post by the account @sunnyoongi about Bangtan and how they were being “colorists” in their recent Vlive where she/he (Admin Matte) thinks that Bangtan viewed Jungkook when whitewashed more beautiful!?

I had to address this because it can go really bad and can really hurt their image. Just because someone/you misunderstood and post about it on tumblr and continues to keep their opinion on the matter even though many people are submitting that she/he misunderstood the whole thing! Why? Do you really want to ruin the image of the artists you stan?

Here is the real tea 🍵:

Here is the picture that we are talking about of Jungkook in Hawaii, where does it look tan to you? YES AROUND THE MOUTH AREA! (This is from bon voyage season 2):

Now lets get why it was funny (and merch worthy) and Jungkook said it and CLARIFIED IT HIMSELF in the comeback special on the comback special for lover herself, her:

And that the members thought it was “ugly” and things like that (here is a little Jikook moment for yall):

So still you think that they are colorist and lets not beat around the bush because colorist is another word for discriminating or being RACIST:

Here are screenshots from one of the episode of bon voyage 2 where Jimin liked the girl performing and said she was beautiful and others agreed, was she pale? no! :

How are they racist to begin with they had a program where they were with people of dark skin color and let me tell you they loved it, learned from them, and were happy around black women , dont come now and tell me they were doing it due the program to appeal to it and some shit because there are some youtuber girls who are dark skinned who said namjoon gave them alot of complimets when he met them, here is video from youtube:


Also they collaborated and still collaborate with dark skinned artists, if they hated and had prejudice they aren’t forced to, right? Their tutor was Coolio in American Hustle and currently they are collaborating with Desiigner, and Namjoon collaborated with wale!

And lastly the Vlive that erupted the volcanos, I think that they hated the fact it was photoshopped and hated the fact that its whitewashed:

Racism : error 404 not found. Yall complain when they dont whitewash and complain when they dont!

Lastly, Bangtan loves everyone and tries their hardest to not discriminate and didn’t even normalize heternormativity on interviews, and they spread live in their lyrics and show love to everyone from any gender, sex, race etc. So for someone who stan Bangtan you shouldnt spread things around them and twist it to make them look racist. That was a joke and it wasnt even about being tan it was about how he only got it in one place. Also they do not hate on Taehyung who have a darker skin tone than others bless his soul and tan skin. And in one of the episodes I cant find which one it was they said they were excited about getting a sun tan. Also our boys needs us now that MAMA is on the doors and that the votings are decreasing, we should be worried about this and not try ruining their image while stanning them at the same time. Who does this at such a time? Seriously? Just like I said think twice about what you write and publish because it can really ruin your favorite artists image. And also do your fucking research its not that hard! Shit can look wrong if you want to make it that way.

Love our boys and spread more love as Namjoon says love others and most importantly love yourself. DONT WASTE TIME AND GO VOTE!

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what is erised?

OMG! Hello, nonnie, first of all I want to thank you for bestowing me with the honor of introducing you to Erised!!! This is so exciting! And I’m so excited for you!!!

@hd-erised is one of the most amazing fests in the HP fandom! It’s a winter gift exchange for fic and art that posts amazing pieces throughout December and reveals the creators in January. It’s a fest that has been running every year since 2013 and evolved to fill the void left by HD Holidays, the original winter holiday exchange fest from ye olden days of fandom (yours truly participated in three of those rounds with some of my first fanfics and boy howdy were they bad when I found them again recently hahaha!). It’s hosted by three amazing people, @gracerene09, @sassy-cissa, and @capipuff and each year they do a brilliant job of corralling creators, organizing the whole fest, lovingly and carefully matching gifters and giftees, and providing us with fun bonuses like a guessing poll and fun facts at the end of each round. As with most of the established fandom fest events, it’s home base is on LJ and can be found here. However, as I was mentioning in a post the other day, most of the popular fests also have a tumblr presence to promote the revealed works, so as long as you’re following the fest’s tumblr you’ll be in the loop for when posting starts on December 1, 2017! (So soon!! It’s coming, it’s upon us!!!)

It’s one of my favorite fandom events, and not just because those of us that participate in Erised bust our asses and pull out all the stops to create amazing things to spoil our assigned giftees with. A lot of the fandom’s favorite fics and art are results of Erised! So, you may actually be familiar with it without knowing you are!

I mean, just look at these all star favorites that are from previous rounds (taken from page one of the parent collection on AO3 sorted by kudos):
Tea and No Sympathy by who_la_hoop (also: Written on the Heart)
Azoth by @lol-zeitgeistic
A Convenient Impracticality by @firethesound (also: The Light More Beautiful)
He Who Must Not Be Normal by lettered (also: Another Mask Behind You)
Lumos by birdsofshore
The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight by Omi_Ohmy
In Which Harry is Magnetic North and Draco Is An Idiot by @bryoneybrynn
Side-Along by @lqtraintracks (also: Weeds or Wildflowers by LQTT and @ilikebangbang)
On the Turning Away by @blamebrampton
Any Instrument by @dictacontrion (also: The Vanishing Department)
Love Comes Tumbling by taradiane
(The Piece) I was Missing All Along by lauren3210 (also: Five Weddings and a Potions Accident)
On Call by Faith Wood (faithwood)
The Little Marauders Nursery and Day Care by @digtheshipper

And those are just the fics! There’s also amazing art every year! Like, last year’s famous sock that destroyed the fandom (thanks @ano-ka-ba​ haha) - Breakfast Is For Eating In!

The other amazing thing about this fest is actually participating in it and, more than getting a gift crafted to your tastes (which is fucking awesome!!! I was blessed with art from dustmouth last year!!! still not over it), is actually getting to hear from the person you write or draw for – it’s the best to see them fall in love with their gift! It’s just wonderful all around, for creators and for the fandom’s readership. It wouldn’t feel like December or the holidays without Erised for me!

I’ve had the pleasure of beta/alpha reading a handful of this year’s submissions and the truth about Erised’s amazingness and the quality of work just rings more true each year! Seriously, y’all aren’t even ready haha. I can’t wait to see which works this year become instant favorites across the fandom.

Now, to get you started, these are where you can find the previous year’s works along with the masterlists from those rounds:
H/D Erised 2013 Masterlist
H/D Erised 2014 (AO3) | Masterlist
H/D Erised 2015 (AO3) | Masterlist
H/D Erised 2016 (AO3) | Masterlist

And 2017′s collection can be found here: H/D Erised 2017 (posting begins December 1, 2017!)

And, while we’re on the topic of Erised, I want to highly encourage you to leave kudos, comment, and share any stories or art you enjoy from the fest with your friends and followers! Recs are so important and are deeply appreciated by the creators who pour so much of our hard work and time into crafting these works!

Vanilla Rules || Ch 5


Genre: Badboy! au, romance, drama, angst

Word count: 2.3k


The hate saga between you and baddie of the town Park Jimin rests on two very simple rules: 1.) Hate each other for the rest of your lives and 2.)under no circumstances fall in love with each other. But what happens when the possibility of love threatens this dynamic?

A/N: Here is Ch5!! I hope you guys enjoy reading it!! Thank you so much for all the love and support you have shown this fic!! ❤️ I hope you guys like it! Also thank you for getting all the chapters over 200 notes!

Ch 1 || Ch 2 || Ch 3 || Ch 4 || Ch 5 || 

Originally posted by narika-a

It had been a week since the incident in the gym. A week since you had been to college. You didn’t have the strength to do get out of your bed much less the comfort and warmth of your house. All motivation had been replaced by a sense of doom. You couldn’t find the courage within you to face your peers but most of all Jimin. You hadn’t been able to concentrate on anything else other than the moment that you had kissed him, albeit forcefully.

The image swam even in the depths of your mind becoming the cause of your sleepless nights. Your stomach refused to take in any food and settled on feeding the anxiety that had managed to grapple you in the past couple of days. You were not ready for whatever hell he was about to unleash on you this time. Never had you ever imagined that a boy named Park Jimin would become you own personal form of hell.

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The Human Pin-cushion

Originally posted by mancrushallweek

Bad Girl/Good Boy!AU
High School!AU
Jongin x Reader
Genre: Smut (this was originally meant to be fluff + sexual tension BUT…yeah)
Rated: M
Summary: He’s the quiet, shy type with a future career in music whose body is his temple - except when it comes to fried chicken. When he’s teamed up with a fellow student who’s hair changes every three weeks, flirts with any and everyone, chews WAY too loudly and is a walking pin-cushion; the chemistry surprises both him…and you.
Word Count: 4,156 (I’M SORRY)

Opposites Attract Mini Masterlist

What do you think?

For the last few months, Jongin has been preparing for this; his routine is tight and flawless, his body perfectly toned for an eighteen year old male due to the strict training regime he’s given himself – except for when his parents bring home fried chicken.

Kim Jongin, top of the class in Dance and Theatre Arts, is a boy who loves his body and treats it like a temple.

Unlike you.

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hamilsquad magic!au headcanons

A/N: this au is my baby so please be gentle with it. if you guys wanna write stuff based on this (which i myself will eventually do) then ask me and credit me and @11wolfpup11 because she had a big part in creating this world with me. this is just a little bit of something big that i have tons of notes on so feel free to ask questions and such (: as always, enjoy! p.s. this is my first hc so idk if im doing it right o well


Weather Wizard

  • this boy can make the sunniest day instantly cloudy and dark if he’s in a bad mood
  • when he cries, it rains with flashing lightning and thunder that shakes the ground
  • overall, donT MAKE HIM UPSET
  • he will either strike lightning down on your ass or have a storm cloud follow you for a week
  • one time after he fought with Jefferson, he manipulated the static electricity so his hair was frizzy 
  • Thomas nearly killed him for it

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BTS - School

Masu: If you have any requests, the inbox is always open! 

BTS as your classmates

[ Headcanons | GIF | Neutral ]

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by shinenamjoon

  • Would be really flirty, but not anywhere close to a bad boy
  • Makes loud jokes when the teacher is not inside
  • It’s either everyone laughs at it or nobody does
  • Sits at the back
  • Studies whenever he feels like it
  • Copies your homework subtly
  • “ What? No, I’m not copying! “
  • * Continues peeping and writing *
  • Sneaks snacks and food under the table and doesn’t share them
  • Pretty boy of the class ad he knows it

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by randomgirlwitharobe

  • That seemingly lazy kid who actually studies at home
  • Works crazy hard but doesn’t want people to find out
  • Everyone’s crush
  • Swag in the halls, sugar in the classroom
  • Doesn’t want to participate in things
  • “ Do we really have to do this? “
  • Sleeps in class but gets every answer right
  • Has friends and won’t hesitate to punch for them
  • Brings his own earpieces and listens to music in class
  • Writes songs in his Maths textbook

Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

  • The class clown that everyone loves
  • Has a lot of friends and won’t hesitate to make new ones
  • Makes crow noises in the middle of class
  • I mean he’s too cute to get scolded by the teacher anyways
  • Knows how to make class projects feel like an adventure
  • Pranks a lot of people
  • Takes hot yearbook photos and people not believing that it’s him
  • Or they get more attracted to him
  • Actually does his homework
  • Won’t hesitate to wear his pajamas to school

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by shinenamjoon

  • That “ innocent “ boy in class
  • Speaks multiple languages and everyone keeps getting shook
  • Answers every question there is, aimed at him or not
  • Cool nerdy kid ™
  • Sits at the front because why not
  • Hangs out with anyone and everyone there is
  • Breaks the class equipment and has to pay for it
  • Probably the class monitor
  • Definitely the Maths teacher’s favorite pet
  • Communicates well with girls, equal to how he talks to the boys

Park Jimin

Originally posted by yuukox

  • Everyone’s favorite student
  • Bad boy is always the first impression people have on him
  • Psyche, he says, as he whips out that tongue of his
  • l’m just kidding but he has the duality, you know?
  • Makes everyone happy
  • If you meet him outside he’s not letting you go
  • “ Hi! You’re from my class, right? “
  • Probably cheats on exams
  • Lets you cheat with him as well
  • Has little friends because everyone’s too shy around him

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by bangtanbighit

  • Pretty boy of the class #2
  • Helps everyone out on their homeworks
  • Cheers people up when they’re sad
  • Would be the first person who greets any new classmate they have
  • “ Hi, I’m J. Nice to meet you! “
  • Gives a different name to another student he meets (probably in the toilet)
  • Has friends from different classes, the social butterfly he is
  • Pretends to not know the answer to anything
  • But actually knows everything

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by cuteguk

  • The cutest boy in class
  • Only friends with his tablemates
  • Brings them out to go bowling together on weekends
  • Everyone wants him to be in their group for group projects
  • Pretends to really know the answer but is actually blur
  • * Unbuttons his shirt *
  • Winks at girls and gets shy afterwards
  • Pays attention in class
  • But gets told off because he always looks confused
  • Hangs out at the school library

Masu: If you have any requests or feedback, again, my inbox is always open! x


What Max did to Chloe by abandoning her when she needed her most is seriously heartbreaking. But I truly gotta say Chloe is way better off without her. No one needs shitty friends who are flaky and conceited, petty, jealous, possessive, manipulative and overall dismissive of your feelings and who dislike everything you do. There are so many things wrong with Max I want to make a compilation of facts so I could take the blindfold out of your eyes.

Life is Strange 1 was about Max’s guilty conscience for abandoning her friend and making constant bad decisions. It portrayed her mental instability, her reality literally shattering around her and having a mental breakdown. This was her purgatory.

Be good to your friends, boys and girls. Keep in touch. Commit to your choices and plans. Don’t let them hanging. Let them know you’re there when you need them and show it by your actions and words. Let them be themselves around you, let them be free.

The headcanon that Michael’s got abandonment issues always fucks me up real bad.

Imagine staying at the Myers House and you ‘just need to grab a few things’ from your own home. And Michael stands at the window watching you leave and later arrive again because the thought of you abandoning him terrifies him.

When he was a boy, his life was filled with neglect and the fear of one day - what? Disappearing? Becoming an invisible man? Well, somewhat that turned out to be right. But not with you.

The longer you two are together, the less you are alone. Michael begins adapting to your everyday life, your preferences, your little habits. Studies them and knows them. You can’t leave him. You won’t.

Michael tugging on your shirt when you have to get up in the morning? Michael popping up next to you at the most random times? Michael keeping you company if you feel down until you’re done with it? Hearing his footsteps in the corridor at night because he’s watching over you? Helllll yeah.


Vmin Social Media Au (Angel/Demon) Part 7/?:

Jimin, an angel and Taehyung, a demon are both assigned to the same child, one to keep her innocent and the other to corrupt her. When they meet things start off pretty bad, as neither one will back off from their mission. Soon feeling start to get in the way, and something further than hatred blooms.

Late night postss. (PS. Take a look at my previous post if you’d like, I’d really appreciate some feedback) 💕💕

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For the send me a ship I'll give you a choice, egorubberbang or rubberraptor

Already did egorubberbang so I will GLADLY do rubberraptor because fuck yeah, my boys.
Who said “I love you” first: Arin! I like to think it was originally said platonically, when they were a lot younger.
Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Ross has Arin as his background, except it’s one of those horrible unflattering selfies Arin takes.
Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Ross!
Who buys the other cheesy gifts: They’re both bad abt this, but Arin moreso.
Who initiated the first kiss: Ross. During a friendly “boys will be boys” wrestling match.
Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Arin, while Ross loudly complains about morning breath (even tho secretly he doesn’t mind).
Who starts tickle fights: Ross!
Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Arin!
Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: They take turns!
Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Ross, though his nervousness doesn’t translate to shyness so much as it translates to babbling and teasing.
Who kills/takes out the spiders: Rossssss.
Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Ross, because Arin doesn’t drink.

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Henloo!! I love your blog and basically everything in this blog-- can i ask how will the Libra boys react to their S/o being an ex-soldier(or fighter) and having all these battle scar that they think look pretty bad on them?? Thank youuu XD

thank you !!

And this reminds me of the soulmate au where soulmates can kiss away each other’s scars aha


  • Zed holds his breath for a few seconds upon seeing his s/o’s scars.
  • I imagine s/o will notice how Zed looks so saddened when seeing their scars, and them trying to reassure Zed by telling him that they’re fine and the scars aren’t that big of a deal. Zed has this look of sympathy on his face the entire time, since just looking at the scars makes him realize that his s/o has been through a lot of things.
  • It makes Zed sad to know that his s/o has been harmed in the past and had to be scarred because of it. Seeing their scars make him want to hug and hold their hand as a way of comforting them, and also make sure that they won’t be harmed so there won’t be another scar to add to their body.


  • His eyes widen when he sees their scars for the first time. Zapp would be in this sympathetic sort of awe.
  • Judging by how bad some of the scars look, Zapp can’t imagine the pain that his s/o experienced getting the scar. It makes him a bit sad to know that his s/o was hurt in the past.
  • He’ll also be curious about how his s/o got some of their scars, and if it’s a person that caused it, he’d already thinking about taking down whoever it is for harming his s/o. It irks him to know that someone hurt his s/o in the past and left a mark on them.


  • Even though Leo knows that they’re fine now and that they’re healed, he can’t help but feel a bit worried about his s/o. He’d feel concerned, looking at their scars and knowing that something happened to them in the past.
  • Nearly all the scars make Leo think about how something, or someone did this to his s/o. He’d feel pity, knowing how his s/o has gone through many fights and have had to escape with injuries that caused their many scars.
  • Sometimes, when it’s dark in bed, Leo will kiss a few of one of his s/o’s scars. His s/o might not know it, but Leo will do it in an effort to making it seem like their scars disappeared in the dark.


  • Steven has his fair share of scars as well from fighting (his most obvious on his face of course), but he’s surprised at the number of scars that his s/o has gotten in the past.
  • Some might look terrible, but the thing that’s more terrible to Steven is what happened to them to get that scar. He can’t imagine the pain at the time when the injury/injuries happened.
  • Steven will kiss his s/o’s scars. S/o might do the same too, with his scar and any others. Though it makes Steven both happy and sad to kiss his s/o’s scars, if there’s many. With that many scars, it makes him doleful that his s/o was harmed.


  • In a way, his s/o’s scars show Klaus that they’ve been through a lot. There might be some new ones that his s/o could’ve gotten recently or old ones he’s never seen before. Either way, he can only think of preventing/protecting them from getting hurt again so another scar isn’t added to their body.
  • Whenever he hugs his s/o in bed or anywhere, he can sometimes feel his s/o’s scars if they’re that out there. It makes Klaus hug his s/o just a little tighter, along with an “I love you” from him to his s/o.

What my first Black Friday working retail consisted of:

  • Being at work at 4:30 and having to pry the front doors open to get inside in front of the crowd of customers
  • Seeing my very sleep deprived coworkers, some of whom where caffeinated and therefore very awake and screeching about how many customers there were
  • I don’t normally open, so I’ve never been to a morning meeting before. Bri, a new girl, was standing next to me as we gathered, and she whispered, “what are we doing? Are we going to say a prayer or something?” I was just like “idk but that wouldn’t be a bad idea”
  • Cute cute cute boy was working a twelve hour shift and good gosh he was adorably sleepy looking during our meeting
  • Also he ran over to my register as soon as I started setting up there and was like, “dude, you gotta get twenty credit card applications today” and when I told him he had missed it the other day when I got so many, he was like, “oh, I saw” and then my heart basically exploded
  • Idk like?? Today he just looked kinda soft and sleepy and adorable, and he was super calm and helpful even when there was a huge crowd of people, and like…it was just a different type of interaction than what we normally have and as I stood there feeling very sleep deprived and loopy, I realized oh crap I really like this guy
  • I learned that rednecks will stand in line for four plus hours to buy a gun
  • At around seven in the morning, two women came to my register and one of them just burst out, “I hope people are nice to you today and no one yells at you!” It was kinda the sweetest thing ever
  • One man decided it was a good day to teach his kids how to pay for stuff, and I was just like “um, while this is all well and good, do you realize what day it is?”
  • We jinxed ourselves…at around 6:30 things majorly slowed down, and one girl was like, “I’m going to be so bored if it’s like this all day!” And then ten minutes later the crowds hit again and did not let up until after I left at 2:00
  • I was supposed to get a break…that didn’t happen
  • I peed at 4:45 before we opened. I did not pee again until I got home (tmi? probably)
  • Also one of the girls and I started whining about being hungry at 6:00…I didn’t get to eat until I got home after 2:00
  • My legs are permanently sore
  • It was so loud and so crowded and I was kind of pissed that I didn’t get a break, but overall it was a good experience
  • Also did I mention I like a boy

ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

mcelroy fan problems

- constant uncontrollable giggling in public places

- the more inappropriate the place, the more uncontrollable the giggling

- “hachi machi!”

- sub-consciously adopting the speech patterns of your favourite brother

- your sense of humour is now completely incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t know what a mcelroy is

- referring to literally every single thing on this godforsaken planet - living, dead or otherwise - as an *adjective* boy

- completely insufferable when in the presence of other mcelroy fans

- when you introduce a friend or loved one to the brothers and your deep multi-faceted relationship devolves into a never-ending stream of ding-dong jokes and discussions about the latest episode of each of the seven billion mcelroy media products currently available for your consumption

-  listening to them on a bad day and becoming unexpectedly emotional about how they are very good and nice even when everything else is a big trash pile- 

- sorry i just love them so much

- crying now

why keith is considered ‘the best pilot of his generation’

  • can eat a whole mandarin in one bite, skin and all
  • knows all the words to ‘paul blart mall cop’
  • swallowed some tadpoles at the garrison because a kid dared him he wouldn’t and he also wanted to see if they’d grow into frogs in his stomach
  • his favourite snack is tomato sauce on ice cream
  • once made eye contact with a baby at walmart and refused to look away for 46 mins for fear of looking weak
  • stubs his toe on a daily basis and doesn’t even flinch
  • mispronounces 'ask’ as 'axe’
  • spells it as 'axe’ too
  • 'i’ll just axe him nicely shiro’ 'ok keith let’s not do that’
  • chews on pencils instead of sharpening them
  • still believes in santa claus at age 18
  • 'i have a crush on lance what should i do?’ 'flowers are always nice-’ 'you’re right shiro i’ll steal his social security number and get him arrested for fraud, then bail him out so he falls in love with me’
  • can sing in a perfect falsetto all the words to celine dion’s 1997 smash hit 'my heart will go on’
  • bought his jacket from the kids’ section
  • legally changed his name to 'flurb’ because he was feeling sad and needed something to make him laugh
  • can flip pancakes perfectly
  • doesn’t need to use conditioner
  • wears leather and carries lighters to impress boys but lies down on the sidewalk and wails when he sees a small dog
  • grew a mullet because nobody trusts him near scissors
  • can’t use his knife to cut it either because truthfully he doesn’t know what knives are used for, he just thinks they look cool
  • got expelled for coming to an exam 2 hours late and yelling 'what the hap is fuckening’
  • keith: 'so i’m half alien…is this why i pour milk before cereal?’ kolivan cringing: 'no that’s just you’

🌹Venus placements and love✨

This post is going to help you understand your love-life better. It’s going to help you to read your Venus placements! Nb! I’ve written your love interest as a male, but you can change it to whatever fits you.

Venus in the Signs:

Who you’ll fall for, how, and why, based on your Venus sign.

- You are more likely to fall for someone if their Sun or AC is your Venus Sign.

Venus in Aries: You’ll fall for someone who is wild, passionate, competitive, reckless, and firery. The Jock or the Bad Boy. You’ll be struck by love the way trees get struck by lightening. You’ll love the way he’s always so passionate and out there. He’ll drag you out of bed in the middle of the night to do something. To go on an adventure.

• Venus in Taurus: You’ll fall for someone who is stable, protective, reliable, mature, and romantic. The classical gentleman or marriage-material. You’ll fall for him by feeling love slowly creeping up on you. Slow and steady. Like drinking a hot cup of tea or cocoa. It’ll warm you up from the inside. He’s the type of man who’ll wake you up with a plate of homecooked food.

• Venus in Gemini: You’ll fall for someone who is witty, quick, intelligent, easy to talk to and exciting. The popular guy everyone genuinly loves. You’ll fall for him like a breeze on a warm summer day. You see him as a breath of fresh air in a otherwise polluted enviorment. You’ll love his way of being liked by everyone, and the way he can convince anyone into anything.

• Venus in Cancer: You’ll fall for someone who is sweet, caring, protective, sensitive, fair, and loving. The kind, quiet guy who takes care of everyone. He is well liked and respected. Heals the wounded. You fall for him because he makes your heart go all soft and gooey. He probably makes your knees shiver and tremble too. You love him because when he’s at the top, he gives everyone a hand to come join him.

• Venus in Leo: You’ll fall for someone who is loyal, proud, cocky, elegant, loud, and popular. The popular guy. Or the preppy man. He is an elegant royal. You’ll love his fierceness and protectiveness. He’s a king and you’re his queen. He’s a lion and you’re hin lioness. When you fall for him, it won’t be subtle. He might see a strong and elegant woman in you, and you see a strong and elegant man in him. You fall in love in a playful, and challenging manner. Like two people dancing, slowly getting closer and closer.

• Venus in Virgo: You’ll fall for someone who is practical, intelligent, woke, smart, and clever. You’ll probably fall in love with him by him teaching you new things and helping you. He awakens some kind of inner fascination in you for him. You’ll love his way of spreading knowledge and trust. He is well-respected and he’s the one you go to when in trouble. He is the man of steel.

• Venus in Libra: You’ll fall for someone who is diplomatic, gentle, just, popular, and masculine. You’ll fall for him the way Disney princesses fall for their prince. He’s your Prince Charming. Your knight in shining armour. You’ll love how protective and fair he is. He’ll be the type of guy who brings you flowers and takes you out for dinner, but also calms you down, and helps you solve your problems.

• Venus in Scorpio: You’ll fall for someone who is passionate, mysterious, protective, unique, and powerful. The mysterious man, the bad boy. It will be love at first sight. He’s magnetic, you’ll be pulled towards him. You’ll love how he makes the entire world stop. Time stops. There’s just you two. Frozen in time, like two snow cystals in a snowstorm. His magnetic field to strong and powerful. And you’ll love his air of mystery and excitement.

• Venus in Sagittarius: You’ll fall for someone who is fun, loving, exciting, wise, adventurous, and mature. The foreign professor, the traveller. When you fall for him, it’ll feel like the sun rising over the meadow on a dewy summer morning. Warm, and enlightening. You’ll love the way his mind is like a library and his lust for travelling, learning, and exploring. His mind is like a map, always expanding. You grow together with him. Like the mist in the forest, spreading all over the landscape.

• Venus in Capricorn: You’ll fall for someone who is stable, mature, wise, logical, protective, mysterious, and classy. The man. Like a flower in the ground, blossoming, your love for him wil blossom into a beautiful flower on stable ground. He’ll be your rock. Standing with your back against a tree, the tree wraps around you and almost swallow you up. You’re safe and home. That’s what you feel for him. Deep in a dark, but safe and warm cave.

• Venus in Aquarius: You’ll fall for someone who is unique, original, intelligent, bizarre, spontaneous, and eccentric. The intellect. The rebellious leader. When you meet him you’ll be intrigued and impressed. He’s like a cult leader. You’ll fall in love with his mind and ability to lead an army of justice. You’ll feel powerful with him. And you’ll feel hope for the future, and what has yet to come.

• Venus in Pisces: You’ll fall for someone who is genuine, sweet, intuitive, caring, gentle, wise, and healing. You’ll be pulled in by the mysterious and unique persona, almost like crystal ball, it’s clear. When you fall in love it’s like a starry night. You feel like they open up your mind and awakens your 6th sense. You’ll feel nostalgic with them. Like two children, running through the forest on midsummer’s eve, dreaming of what can be.

Venus in the Houses:


• The 1st house: You’ll meet them while looking in the mirror. Oh, no, wait, that’s you! You’ll meet them while doing sports or something fun and exciting.

• The 2nd house: You’ll meet them while shopping. Or though connections. Somewhere related to money, but in a classy way.

• The 3rd house: You’ll meet them somewhere you go often. They might be a neighbour, co-worker, classmate, friend of a sibling, etc.

• The 4th house: You’ll meet them at your home. It might be a family friend, childhood friend, or someone from your past.

• The 5th house: You’ll meet them at the local theatre, the cinema, the club, art class, amusement park, anywhere related to art, creativity, hobbies or fun.

• The 6th house: You’ll meet them at work or at school. Maybe at the dentist or at the doctor’s office.

• The 7th house: You’ll meet them while doing charity. Or in some stereotypically romantic way. You might drop your purse, and he’ll swoop down to help you pick it up, and you’ll touch hands and fall in love.

• The 8th house: You’ll meet them at the morgue or the strip club. Or both. Jk, you’ll meet them at a fancy restaurant or party.

• The 9th house: You’ll meet them while travelling or at church. The library maybe.

• The 10th house: You’ll meet them at work. Or somewhere connected to work. Maybe at a job trip, someone from another office, a boss or a competitor.

• The 11th house: You’ll meet them through your friends. A friend of a friend. Or a friend. If you’re lucky, maybe even your crush!

• The 12th house: You’ll meet them while being out in the nature. Hiking, jogging, walking. Anything connected to the elements. A cabin in the woods, on boat, by the bonfire or the grill, or on a plane or bridge.

Venus in aspects to the Planets:


• Sun - Venus: You feel like your beauty and aesthetic is a part of your identity. People get easily pulled towards you. You’re a magnetic and beautiful person. Popular and easily liked. People look up to you, and admire you.

• Moon - Venus: You live for love. You feel love and beauty in every inch and limb or your body. You love decorating yourself and your home in order to feel good and beautiful.

• Mercury - Venus: You are quite the sweet-talker. You could talk anyone into anything. You love music and poetry. You love PDA and express your love through words and actions. Quite publicily.

• Mars - Venus: You are extremely passionate and blunt when it comes to love. Like an atomic bomb of hugs, kisses, and hearts, you are quite intense. Your love and passion never fades for what and who you love.

• Jupiter - Venus: You are the collector of beauty, art, and poetry. You have travelled the world and picked up everything beautiful that you love, and put it in your museum. Your mind is a beautiful and special place, and here you have managed to share it with others.

• Saturn - Venus: You are a stable and secure partner. When in relationships, you are the mom/dad, taking care of the other. You nurture and protect. Like a true lioness. Or the opposite: you like to have a partner protect you. Usually older, and mature.

• Uranus - Venus: You love to break norms and social rules. You’re usually involved in bizarre or unique relationships. You might have an original and new kind of eye for beauty. Other people feel both intrigued and frightened by you.

• Neptune - Venus: You tend to compare yourself to others a lot. You idolize people, and you want to be like them. People love your gentle and soft aura. You’re like a goddess swaying in the wind. Pale blue and pale pink silk.

• Pluto - Venus: You love taboos. You are one magnetic, passionate, obsessive person. Once you have set your eye on someone, they can’t escape, for better or for worse. You have a high sex appeal, and people are fascinated by you. When they meet you, they feel like someone threw a heavy stone on their stomach.

bad-mama-jama  asked:

Hi ^^ i was wondering if you could tell me why jhope is being called jay all of a sudden? D: I saw that rap monster changed his name to RM.... so did hobie do the same? (Btw i love your blog ❤❤thanks for sharing those airport pics omg they were lookin hot 🔥🔥🔥)

This ask is about these posts HERE & HERE & HERE

Jay is the name we give Hoseok when he goes to America. In Korea and the rest of the world, he is the Jhope we all know. However, in the U.S he turns into that rude overly sexy man called JAY DOPE

This is JHOPE

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A ray of sunshine

Originally posted by bangsihyuks

A happy soul smiling and laughing all the time

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And most of all, an adorable being that cannot even harm a fly (because he is scared of them …)

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NOW This is JAY

He is the bad boy your mom told you to stay away from. 

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As soon as he breathes the US air. His forehead gets revealed and his arms too. He turns into such a stan attractor that …

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Even the members cannot keep their hands away

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His moves scream ‘I am taking your innocence away' 

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His walk yells 'Moooove btch get out the way’. Suga who is used to look the coolest can even lose in that department next to Jay.

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During concerts … even Jimin’s hip thrusts start looking cute next to his. He goes OFFF!

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When in Korea he tells whoever wears a simple V neck shirt to cover themselves while in America he only wears shorts and his 6 pack 

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His tongue goes wild for unknown reasons. Maybe it’s the climate?!

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His whooooole aura turns into a ladies/men/aliens whatever species killer

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And please it’s not the styling or the makeup. His attractiveness in no joke also when he is barefaced with messy wet hair. 

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So yeah! That’s JAY one of the most powerful personas in BTS that scares the hell out of ARMYs.


-catching his attention first day and after that he just has to have you

-he has all these pick up lines

-like, he’s a walking pick up line creator

-him taking a lot of time to get ready for your first date and fussing over every last detail

-showing up to your date and he’s just 100% charm

-after that you cant get enough of each other

-driving around

-pulling over just to make out

-when he drives he has his hand on your thigh

-yeah you’re just so damn distracting when he’s driving so lots of stops

-lets be serious, you like driving fast and he can give it to you, he loves when he goes so fast you scream

-he likes doing other things that make you scream

-this boi has mad game in the bed room lets be serious

-he’s hella protective and if you were dating him you’d have to be chill with that

-king of arm over your shoulders

-king of glare down anyone who looks at you the wrong way

-you’re both reigning king and queen of PDA

-like when you stand next to  him, lets be serious, you’re running your fingers around his abs and shoulders

-but also such a deep like communication

-opening up to each other about everything

-supporting each other 100%

-being there for him whenever he has issues with his dad

-helping him learn to not take his anger out on Max when he’s really just mad at his dad 

-him sitting with his head in your lap while he tells you his life story

-he likes sitting with his head in your lap, looking up at you

-people being just shocked you’re with him

-having to explain to Steve why you’re with Billy

-honestly, just lots of explaining

-but people see how he changes when he’s with you

-really trying to get to know Max

-one day she snaps at you about why you’re dating Billy and you, without directly stating it, tell her there might be more going in in his head when he’s mean to her, perhaps he’s an ass to her so she knows not to do things that would upset his dad

-its obvious to Billy that you like Max, and he is super insecure about not being good enough so he tries really hard to make you happy and if being nice to Max makes you happy then so be it

-honestly, just helping Billy figure his shit out

-redemption arc please

-going to movies together and managing to get through half the movie before you both go find some place to make out

-honestly just primal attraction and need for one another

-he’s a lip biter, i see it

-being jealous of his hella long eye lashes

-him telling you he loves every single part of you

-him kind of being scared he loves you so much because he’s never felt that way before

-but he knows his heart is safe with you <3

-kissing in the rain

-sneaking around school together

-he’s a bad boy so skipping classes, unless you’re super against it, then he wouldent pressure you

-honestly probably doing something athletic together, unless you hate that, then you study or listen to music and dance while he works out 

-holding each other like your life depends on it when one or both of you is sad

-always knowing how to make the other smile

-there would be issues, not gonna lie, but you see in Billy the ability to redeem himself, and you are there with him every step of the way

-(last minute add on: super dirty dancing vibes in some dodgy bar with rock music going where you dont know anyone else and all you care about is each other)

the bet || fuckboi!peter parker x reader

 oi, I don’t want to make this too long but…. IM BACK smh I’ve been so m.i.a. but that’s literally because I’ve been so busy and have bad writer’s block. Smh this probably ain’t even gon be good. But like I worked hard on it to have meaning and stuff and I rlly hope you guys enjoy it. I just want you guys to get straight to the story because you’ve waited so long for it and I’ve been teasing it sm smh. Just read it hope you enjoy muthertruckers😬

tags : @running-outta-time @i-just-wanna-run-hell @munalisax @themyscirahs @sammie-blogs @geeksareunique @violentlybarnes @geeksareunique

words : 11,197

warnings : fuckboi!peter parker, mild cussing, various mentions of sex, angst, ned needs a hug, peter needs a hug, you need a hug, everyone needs a hug



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”I bet you your whole Goddamn rep that you couldn’t get weird ass mcgee over there to sleep with you; you know, take her v-card. Before. We. Graduate.”

The words spoken smugly by one of Peter’s multiple friends at the lunch table caught his attention as quick as you could say, “Spider,” The statement challenged him, making him smirk at the smug boy before looking over his shoulder, almost savagely, at the fifteen year old girl huddled in her own little corner of a table in the back, her face morphing as she read through numerous pages of the thick book she held in her hands.

Watching the scene, Peter laughed and shook his head before turning back the group at his table, them looking deeply invested as to what would happen next, he spoke lowly, “Watch me.”

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