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Normani doing what she does best, seeking out any camera when a 25 mile radius

Excerpts from interview with Johan “Shellback” Schuster (from 2015)

His artist name Shellback is fittingly from professor Shellback in the Swedish cartoon Bamse - a logical and technical genius that has a solution for everything. And also a person that sleeps a lot at his workplace and may seem a bit absent. 

A more intelligible way to understand how Johan thinks is to listen to his works. “Shake It Off” with Taylor Swift was, together with Megan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”, the song that dominated the year of pop music in 2014. If you haven’t heard “Shake It Off” a hundred times you are obviously allergic to electricity.

Anyone who thinks there is a formula for pop hit records is a sloppy listener. The songwriters and artists that try to sound like the others on the charts can become successful - for a while - but they soon fall into oblivion. On the contrary, the biggest songs are those that break the norm, the ones that do not follow any rules other than gut feeling.

Shake It Off (billboard #1 for 4 weeks) didn’t sound like any other modern hit song at the time of its release. The song starts with a five second long drum intro - old fashioned acoustic drums - something that is unheard of on commercial radio.

It is Johan playing the drums on Shake It Off. It is also Johan playing guitar, bass, keyboard and shouting in the background.

Songwriting on Shake It Off is credited to Shellback, Max Martin (Johan’s discoverer and mentor) and Taylor herself.

Johan further explains:
-  Shake It off was the next to last song we recorded for the album. The other was actually Blank Space (billboard #1 for 7 weeks). With Taylor one can work very quickly, sometimes we wrote a song a day. When we met 6 months after our first session we felt like there was a type of song missing.

How do you know that?
-  Basically it’s a kind of pleasing frustration. How good everything feels. We’re home, we have everything we need. But, at the same time… a feeling of… something missing. Something that breaks from the other stuff. Something more light-hearted. Pharrell had just released Happy and that song was on our minds. When we worked with Taylor on the last album, which was the first time she didn’t write everything herself, we did We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. It had a different feel than her other songs. It had a more fun and flirty feel to it. We felt that maybe we needed a song like that.

-  Taylor usually has a solid idea when she comes in, but this time we had nothing. It is also uncommon for Martin and me to work that way. We usually come well prepared to a session. So we just sat there. What the hell do we do now? We started playing music to each other to get reference points. Someone that happened to be me said, how about doing something in the same tempo as Hey Ya by Outkast? Something faster and more drum based?

-  In the studio there was a drum kit set up and ready to go. I went in and played something just for fun. We later on used that very recording for the song. What you hear is played live. We really thought of it as a sketch - all right, now we have a tempo to work on - but it often happens that you keep the demo even though it isn’t perfect, since there is more feeling in it. Martin was humming something, Taylor was humming something else. There was a mellotron. I found a brass sound and started playing something really bad on purpose (duh duh duh, exactly what is heard on Shake It Off). Martin instantly said: “That is awesome”. If he had not said that I would have moved on and tried something else. 

-  What we had didn’t really feel like chorus chords, but just as we were packing up for the day Taylor wrote a falling melody that sounded really hooky. We still didn’t know what it was. Is it a chorus? A verse? Me and Martin listened to it in the car on the way home and we were shaking our heads. Is this good? Is it shit? The next day after we had slept on it, which is the best thing you can do, we realized that we had been humming it all morning. The rest of the song wrote itself very naturally. Taylor wrote the lyrics in 30 minutes.

It is an incredibly clever lyric, a comment to her life situation as a tabloid target.
-  She is a hell of a writer, personal and broad at the same time. And the speed of it is unreal. I don’t get how she does it. If I was to write about my life it would be the most boring lyric in the world (starts singing the Shake It Off melody): “I go to the studio every day…”

A brand new ladder appeared in my yard.

Let me back up a little.

Look, I’m no storyteller, I’m just a high school kid living in literal hell on earth right now. I’m going to try to tell you my story exactly the way it happened, and I really, really hope some of you can help me.

I work in an AMC theater at the local mall. My parents got me the job since they know the owner. The mall itself is a shithole waiting to be turned either into a parking lot or a Costco. I mean, most of the stores are closed and our theater is the only business getting some traffic.

I started working at this AMC about 9 months ago. It pays shit, $11/hr, but I get to see all the movies and eat free stale popcorn, so it’s not totally bad. Unrelated, but one thing I found strange was that we were always closed on Thursdays. Nobody knew why, and my manager told me it’s always been like that, so I never questioned it.

So last week, we all get called into a team meeting where the manager tells us that someone has to work Thursday night. He said the orders came from the top and we had to be open that day. I look around and nobody’s volunteering. Shit, I could use the extra cash, so I raise my hand.

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Perfect - Jughead Jones

Anonymous said:

I absolutely love your writing!! I was wondering (if you’re still taking requests) if you could write a Jughead imagine where they’re best friends who both like each other based on “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran? The song’s been playing over and over again in my head and it reminds me of jughead tbh. Thanks in advance! <3

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

(FEM!Reader) This is totally based off of ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran, so have a listen while you read this! I kind of sped up their relationship because I already had an idea in my head for this one. (Song credit : Ed Sheeran)

I also hope this makes up for no Riverdale today… *sad face*

Riverdale High School hallways were buzzing with excitement during homecoming week. Even your ragtag group of friends had an extra bounce to their steps. Everyone had plans for the dance and the weekend after. Betty, Veronica, and Kevin would be attending the dance together, since they’re single. Archie would be taking Valerie to the formal, meeting up with the trio there.

“So what about you two?” Everyone turned to look at you and Jughead who, next to Archie and Valerie, were the only other couple at the lunch table. You glanced at Jughead who simply rolled his eyes. You had a feeling he wouldn’t be into the dance. Neither were you to be fair, but you both had been so busy, you thought that it could’ve served as a relaxing date.

“We’ll probably be at Pop’s,” you said, and Jughead smiled at you. His strong dislike for school dances was something you had to work around sometimes, but that smile was always worth it. Veronica let out a groan and Betty laughed.

“You guys have been so busy with the murder case! Do you find any time for each other?” You felt a smile creep onto your lips as Jughead chuckled. You didn’t spend all your time together solving mysteries. Contrary to Veronica’s beliefs, you and Jughead were an affectionate couple. You just didn’t show it during school hours. The two of you were just kids when you fell in love, so your relationship was stronger than ever.

“Of course we have time for each other,” Jughead said, eating a chip, “this relationship wouldn’t have worked otherwise.” You let out a small laugh at his words.

“Yeah, Jughead here is super needy,” you teased and everyone smiled, even Jughead. As the rest of lunch went on, you all made plans to hang out on Saturday.

“See ya Saturday,” Jughead said as the two of you started to your next class.

“Have fun at the dance tonight,” You added as you walked away. You had four minutes in between each bell, giving you enough time to question Jughead. You linked your pinky finger with his and he smiled at you. “You okay,” he asked, knowing that when you got nervous you liked to be touching him in some way.

“Maybe we should go to the dance.” You said, hoping that he would get the hint. He kept walking, pinkies still intertwined. You walked in silence to the door of your next classroom and Jughead pulled you closer to him. A blush rose to your cheeks at the action, knowing that others were looking at the two of you.

“Do you want to go?” He asked, his green eyes meeting your gaze softly. You curled your pinky tighter around his and shrugged. His free hand went to the side of your face, stroking his thumb across your cheek. “What if I can guarantee you’ll have the time of your life tonight if you meet me at the Drive-In at seven o’clock?”

You raised you eyebrow at him, “guarantee?” He nodded in response and you smiled. “Well then it seems I have no choice, Jones.” He grinned and pressed a small kiss to the tip of your nose. You blushed at the people looking at the two of you.

“I’ll see you at seven,” he said pulling away from you, “wear something nice.” You smiled as he walked away. You watched as he walked down the hall and when he was out of sight you walked into your classroom, wondering what he had in store for you.

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Get In

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Request: I was wondering if I could request a Dean x reader where Bobby takes her in after he has to kill her parents and dean and sammy get really protective and we see a little of sammy as a big brother? It can be as fluffy or smutty as you want :) (also maybe a little cas if it works ) 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: language 

A/N: Such family vibes going on…

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You’re a Dancer and Tommy Falls For You

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Originally posted by journey-illusions

Tommy Shelby x Reader

“Thomas! We’ll be late!” Polly yelled through the house before she saw her handsome nephew descending the stairs. She smiled and reached up to fix the one fly away hair that was sticking straight up. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, Pol, but I hope you know I have better things I could be attending rather than a ballerina performance.”

“Oh I know, but you promised to do something with me of my choosing and this is what I would like to go see. Now go get in the car.” Her stern voice broke through and he immediately walked out the front door.

When they reached the theatre, they found their seats and patiently waited for the performance to start. When it did, Thomas wasn’t really sure what the story was or what was going on. He was purely focused on one dancer, the lead. Her (Y/H/C) hair was pulled into tight braids that met together in a bun on the back of her head revealing her beautiful face. He watched as her grace was the only thing that seemed to be present on the stage.

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Southern Comfort

Originally posted by sammyseyebrows

Pairing: Benny x Reader, Sam x friend!Reader
Word count: 529

Part 8 of a Cajun and a Gamer

The next morning, you were woken up by pounding on your door. Yawning, you slid out of bed and stretched. Benny simply moved to lay on his stomach, the sheet going to his lower back. You bit your lip and pulled on your underwear, and his shirt before heading to the door. “I’m coming, I’m coming. Jeez.” You huffed when you were closer, and the banging continued.

When you opened the door, you were greeted with a shocked looking Sam. “Is that…Benny’s shirt?” He pointed, furrowing his brows.

“Yeah…” You nodded, crossing your arms under your boobs. Raising an eyebrow at him, you sighed. “What’s the matter, Sam?” You asked, not wanting to argue with him.

He ran his hand through his hair. “I went to see Dean at the bar yesterday. After you logged off vent.” You let out a small groan. “Told him I didn’t want one of his dumbass friends hurting you.” He admitted.

You shook your head. “So, you’d rather me lose my best friend? You’d rather think it’s okay to blow me off, try to tell me who I can see, and barely talk to me?” Wiping your cheek, you glanced over your shoulder when you heard Benny.

“Now that’s a sight I could get used to, cher.” Benny smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. His eyes went to Sam, not missing the way his jaw clenched. All Benny was wearing was a pair of boxers. “He botherin’ you?” He asked, kissing your neck.

Sam was getting angrier with the sight in front of him. You shook your head. “No, we were just talking, babe.” You put your hands on his. “Don’t worry.”

“Ya sure you don’ need some more o’ that southern comfort I gave ya last night?” He chuckled.

“Really?” Sam snapped. “I’m right here.” His hazel eyes went between the two of you.

Benny shrugged. “I seen you all over your woman at the apartment the other day.” He pointed out. “Ya didn’ seem to mind much then, did ya?”

You sighed, hating that they just rubbed each other the wrong way. “Come on, guys, don’t fight.” You pleaded. You’d be happy if they could just be in the same room without glaring.

“I’m not fighting. I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” Sam told you, his eyes pleading with you. “He’s friends with Dean, and we know what Dean is like.”

“You’re his brother! By that logic, you should be just as bad as he is, but you’re not. Stop, Sam. I’m a big girl. Come back when you’re ready to be a decent human being to my boyfriend.” You told him, moving to shut the door.

Sam’s hand stopped it before it could. “Boyfriend?” He asked, surprised.

Benny grinned. “Ya got that right.” He put his hand on the door, shutting it the rest of the way. Turning you, he pulled you into a kiss. “How ‘bout some more fun before we start the day?” He grinned, making you smile.

“I’d like that.” You agreed, giggling when he put you over his shoulder. “Benny!” You laughed as he tickled the back of your knee.

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Waiting Anxiously - Part 1

I sit there in my bed, my legs tucked close to me as I pull my knees to my chest hugging myself tightly.
My heart rate picks up, my head starts to pound, my throats feels tight, my chest feels heavy, beads of sweat are forming on my forehead.
Most of the time I can feel these things coming on and I can prepare for the wave or try and stop myself from even stepping in the water. This one had no warning though, just a sudden increase in paranoia over nothing.
As I sat in my bed I could feel the emotions intensify. I reach over on my night stand and quickly put my headphones on and press play on the iPod I keep plugged in at all times. I smooth my finger over the surface and turn the volume up.
I let the smooth beat and the soft vocals fill my ears and let the words seep into my mind.
I have found just a handful of songs can stabilize these moments if not get rid of them completely.
Tonight it was Twenty One Pilots, Car Radio.
I feel my eyes well up as the words speak volumes louder than the actual music playing in my ears. I rest my forehead on the tops of my knees and breath.

“Fear will lose. Fear will lose. Fear will lose.” I repeat in a whisper tone to myself.

I’m taking deep breaths through my nose and letting them out of my mouth slowly, tears are dripping from my eyes. I want this to be over and I’m not sure if I’m talking about this moment or everything.
The song comes to an end and my finger twitches to the previous button, the song starts over. My arms tighten around myself and soon the buildup becomes too intense. I let go of my legs and let a scream out, the sound only lasts for a second as I place a pillow over my face to muffle myself.
I let out one more scream as tears run down my cheeks, my hands are shaking and I can hear my pulse.
I lay down on my back and pull the pillow off my face. Another deep breath in and out.
All my lights are off and it almost starts to seem peaceful staring into the dark. I can feel my heart slowing, I take another deep breath.

“The hard part is done, you’re safe and sound, don’t let these thoughts scare you, I’m here now.“ I wipe the tears from my face as the last word escapes my lips.

I’ve struggled with anxiety for years and my mom used to say that saying to me after every attack, every breakdown, every episode. I don’t think she even realized how much she has helped me, even since her passing.
I let out another deep breath as the song comes to an end for the second time, I let it play to the next Twenty One Pilots song and close my eyes. I don’t fall asleep easily, it’s not till about the fourth song that my mind finally shuts down.

The next morning is always a little hazy after a late night attack, I’ve become used to it though. The sun is barley peeking through my dark curtains, I throw my blanket off me and let the cool morning air hit my skin. I mumble and groan as I sit up on the edge of the bed.
Its Friday, I have my earliest class on Friday, I don’t know why I thought that was a bright idea.
I drag myself out of the bed completely and shuffle my feet under me into the bathroom. A quick rinse to my face with icy water, tying my hair in a high ponytail and brushing my teeth is all I do before grabbing my bag and heading down the stairs and into my car.
I toss my bag in the passenger seat and start up my old little Nissan. I turn the radio on and it’s playing Stressed Out, which I still don’t find myself getting sick of but I don’t listen to the radio very often.
I pull out of the parking lot and drive off to school, it’s just a few minutes down the street so I enjoy the few minutes alone.
People fill the courtyard as I pull up to the building, I grab my bag from the passenger seat and take a step onto campus. I glance up at the sky, its gray like always but it hasn’t rained yet.
I walk past the crowds of people, I give smiles to most hoping thats enough to steer clear of conversations, it works.

Economy Health, its even more boring than it sounds, and at 8am it’s deadly.
My major is business because, well I really don’t know what I want to major in. I was told business can almost be a general degree and that no matter where I decide to go it will look good, so thats where I am at. I take a seat in the middle of the room and take a pen and notebook out of my bag, I set my bag on the ground in between my feet. Other students start to take their seats, it is definitely not a full class. The professor comes in just a few minutes before class should start, he throws his briefcase on the metal framed desk at the front of the class.
The moment he starts to ramble on about stock markets I daze off, I usually can get a few key notes even from the most bland of lectures but due to my lack of sleep I’m not retaining much. I start to draw swirls and starts throughout the notebook page, it feels like time is ticking by slowly as my small doodles fill the page but once I look up to try and get an once of knowledge the professor is giving out the next weeks homework and wishing us a well weekend.
I yawn as I scribble down the assignment, I grab my bag from between my feet and head back outside.
Now I remember why I had picked such an early class for Friday, so I could have the rest of the day to do whatever. Although I am really not sure it was worth it.
I head back to my car, making the same smiles along the way. Another yawn comes from me as I take a seat in the drivers seat and put my bag in the passengers.
Once I pull up to my apartment I make a stop at the floor below me, a couple of knocks and Shay answers the door with a blanket wrapped around her.
She groans as I walk in and close the door behind me.

“Mornings are the worst.” Her voice is still rough from just waking up.

I plop down on the couch and sink into it, “Mhhm.” I close my eyes and I could easily fall right back to sleep.

Shay takes a seat next to me with a cup of coffee in her hand, we stay silent just enjoying the moments and I am especially enjoying the quiet moments.

I’ve known Shay since I was 13, so ten years now. We became close instantly, inseparable. She knows the deepest parts of me that no one else sees, as well as I know hers. We have built each other up and have let each other fall if needed.

She was the only one I would turn to when my mom passed away from cancer, I was 14. I had no on else, I had no idea what to do or where I was going to live.
My dad had committed suicide when I was just a baby, I didn’t really know any other family.
I was scared.
Shay and her family let me live with them temporarily, but  before I knew it they were requesting adoption papers. It was about a year before they got the approval but it was all worth the wait.
Shay and her family have provided me with everything I could of ever needed for life, including a literal best friend and sister. We both decided to stay in Seattle for college but we got separate apartments to just sort of grow on our own, but we are only one floor apart so we really don’t stay away for very long.

“Are you excited for tomorrow Alanis?” Shays voice makes my body jolt as I was falling back to sleep.

“Nervous.” I mumble.

“Come on, ya know I won’t plan anything too crazy. It’s your birthday, you should be celebrating all month!”

“I don’t trust you.” I let out a small laugh with my eyes still closed.

“Well, you’ll be happy you did tomorrow night!” It’s like I can hear the smile on her face.

Shay gets up and gets ready for her full day of classes, I stay asleep on the couch when she leaves.
When I wake back up and it’s near 1pm, I stretch my arms above my head as I sit up on the couch. Shay still has a few hours at school, I decide to head up to my floor and get some laundry done because I know Shay will want me to wear something special for tomorrow.
I turn on a small wireless speaker I have in my apartment and put my music on shuffle. I sort my clothes and start my first load of laundry. I have a choice of getting homework done or letting my mind melt on paper. I chose to let my mind melt, I reach under my pillow on my bed and pull out a black note book with the phrase “Sit In Silence” written on it. I have traced over my original letters so many times that it’s almost hard to make out the words.
This is where every thought and feeling is written, every up and down. Some pages are filled with words, others with poems and some are like a diary entry, it just depends on the day.
I pick up a pen on my way to the couch as I turn my music off, I sit with my legs criss crossed on the couch and place the note book on my thigh, a deep breath in and a deep breath out before my pen touches the page.

“The thoughts run in.
My sanity runs out.
I can’t make out the words they are writing down.
Heavy letters.
Loud voices.
I’m trying so hard to sort the noises.
This is what its like.
This is a peaceful night.
Welcome to the inside of my mind.
No one fits in.
And I surly won’t make it out alive.”

The page is finished of with meaningless doodles and the date.

I place the note book back under my pillow and head to the kitchen to make coffee and a grilled cheese.
My Friday is wasted away, Shay had homework to attend to and so did I.
My head rested on my pillow by midnight and no attack to wake me up, a birthday wish granted.

Im horrible at not creating a back story, so thats basically what part 1 is.
Feedback is always welcome.
I promise Josh will be introduced in the next chapter & I will try to update every weekend if my life allows.
Thanks, loves.

Ya heard of angry ferre now get ready for

Him having to physically hold courf back because while he doesn’t get angry a lot, WHEN he does you have unleashed all of purgatory he’s coming for you enjolras is scared impressed and jealous


A.K.A. Depression is a bitch and other swears

This was really a self-indulgent piece that I needed to write before I got back to my requests. It’s been a hellish few weeks and my own depression has been horribly kicking my ass. I finally got the itch to write again but I needed to get this out first. So. Yeah :D

Here you go.

You only noticed Gabriel entering your room when he shut the door behind him. Startled, you curled up tighter under your blanket, eyes fixed on the screen in the corner playing one of your favorite programs. You felt a hand wrap around one of your covered feet.

“How ya feelin’?” he asked quietly. You didn’t answer. He perched on the edge of your bed, carefully extracting your feet from the blankets to set them in his lap. When you didn’t respond, he started to rub them. “Still not ready to come out into the field again?” he tried.

You pulled your feet out of his lap and curled up tighter under the blanket. You heard him sigh. In response, he climbed off the bed to reposition himself behind you, wrapping an arm over your form and pulling you closer until you were flush against his front.

“Look, I know you’re not feelin’ too hot,” he whispered, “What can I do to help you? Huh? Do I need to let Mercy know your meds aren’t working too well? Or can I get you any kind of food? What can I do for you, carino?” He moved his arm to rub what he thought was your side.

You relaxed at the touch. “I dunno,” you responded. Your voice was small, almost nonexistent. “I don’t even know what I want anymore.” You squirmed around until you faced him, looking away when his eyes widened just a smidge. This close, he was able to see the dark circles and how blood shot your eyes were, the red patches in the corners from where you had cried and the left over stains on your cheeks and mouth. You tucked your head against his chest. “I just want it to be quiet. Is that bad? I just…need the world to pause for just a while so I can get my shit together.”

Gabriel released a slow sigh. He hugged you tight, pressed his mouth against your head. “I know,” he whispered. He slid his other arm under you, hugging you closer to him. “I’m here for you. Whatever you need,” he said. He kissed your head and moved around until he could see your face. “Just ask. Okay? If you need anything from me.”

“…You’ll really get me whatever food I ask for?”

“Within reason, amor.”

You gave him a small smile. “Chocolate covered potato chips? Milk chocolate?”

Gabriel rolled his eyes and sat up, dislodging you from your cocoon. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll figure out how to get those for you.”

You fell back into the mattress with a small giggle. “Thank you, Gabriel.”

There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before (Pt. 1)

Summary: The cast loves you. I’m terrible at summaries.

TW: I wrote this a LONG time ago. Sorry


 X Pippa X Lin X Oak X Daveed

You were just cast in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new musical. A rap musical about Alexander Hamilton sounded a bit strange when you first heard of it, but having one of your closest friends, Jonathan Groff, there made you feel more comfortable. You and Groff met during Spring Awakening. After having “sex” eights times a week, the two of you bonded. When you started to get settled in the Rogers, you all found out that there weren’t enough dressing rooms for all the girls. You could either share a room with Pippa and Renee who, although they are amazing, you barely know, or you could share a room with Jonathan. You chose the latter because you felt more comfortable with him.

You’ve been doing the show for almost two months now; you knew the role forwards and backward, so rehearsals were pretty boring for you. One of the crew members calls you over during the middle of rehearsal one day. “(Y/N), there’s one note that you just haven’t been getting it. Do you want to run through the song while we have everyone here?”

You nod and head over to your starting place.

Leslie starts the song perfectly, per usual. “And Alexander’s by himself. I’ll let him tell it.”

You start walking on stage as Lin takes over. “That’s when Mrs. Maria Reynolds walked into my life.”

You nervously fiddle with your hands. “I know you are a man of honor. I’m so sorry to bother you at home, but I don’t know where to go, and I came here all alone.”

“I offered to walk her home.” He links his arm with yours, causing you to lean against his chest. “She led me to her bed, let her legs spread, and said-”




As the song progresses, you hit all the notes, while teasing Lin. You gently bite his earlobe, causing him to shutter. You grab his hands and run them over your body, making him trip over a few lines.

“Nobody needs to know…” You turn and walk off stage. Groff grabs you as you walk passed. “What was that?”

“What was what?”

“You just about fucked Lin!”

“Shh.” You put your hand over his mouth.

“Everyone saw you.”

“I didn’t think it was that obvious.”

“So, fucking Lin was your intent?”

“Will you shut up?”

“Answer my question.”

You fall silent, prompting him to raise his eyebrows. “I-It doesn’t matter.” He doesn’t have a chance to respond before you walk back to your shared dressing room to think. You’re not alone for a minute before Daveed bursts through your door. “Groff, I swear to God if you- (Y/N), hi, where’s Groff?”

You giggle at his sudden change of tone. “Why would I know? It’s not like I’m his overprotective girlfriend.”

Daveed chuckles and sits next to you. “If I didn’t know that he was gay, you could have fooled me.”

“What do you mean?”

“You two are so touchy-feely and inseparable.”

“Well, he did grab my boob just about every day,” you joke.

You hear him mutter something, but when you ask what it was, he changes the subject. “I should probably go hunt him down. See ya!”

Just as you’re getting ready to leave, Oak pulls you into his room. “I need your help.”

Apparently being confused is a theme for you. “With?”

“I have to go to some stupid dinner with a few friends, but my ex is going to be there, and I don’t want her to think I haven’t moved on. Come with me?” He pleads.

“Have you moved on?”

“Well, I, uh,” he stutters.

“I’m not helping you if you can’t answer me.”

“I’ve moved on. I just don’t know if she has.”

“Don’t go to the dinner then.”

“But-” you cut him off with your best ‘I just want to end this conversation and sleep look’. “I’ll get someone else.”

This time you’re able to make it out of the theater and to your apartment, where you proceed to take a nap.

Groff’s POV

Watching (Y/N) on stage was one of my favorite things. She’s incredibly talented, and it’s nice to actually watch her for once. From my place backstage, I can see her gently bite Lin’s earlobe. I’m ninety percent sure that she wasn’t supposed to do that. Suddenly more interested, I watch as she grabs Lin’s hands and drags them over her breasts and down to her hips.  "A-and her body’s screaming 'Hell yes!’“ His voice is much more breathy than normal. "When her body’s on mine I don’t say…” I watch as (Y/N) saunters over to him and sits on his lap. She tilts her head back, as Lin grabs her hips and roughly kisses her neck. I know I’m not onstage for this, but I am certain that half of this wasn’t choreographed.

“Nobody needs to know…” She turns and leaves the stage.I grab her before she has a chance to get too far. “What was that?”

“What was what?”

“You just about fucked Lin!”

“Shh.” She puts a hand over my mouth.

“Everyone saw you.” Javier and I were just talking about how none of that was in the choreography, but it really should have been.

“I didn’t think it was that obvious.”

“So, fucking Lin was your intent?” I clap my hands I excitement of two of my best friends getting together.

“Will you shut up?”

“Answer my question.”

She falls silent, prompting me to raise my eyebrows. “I-It doesn’t matter.” I don’t have a chance to respond before she walks back to our shared dressing room to think. After another twenty minutes, I watch as (Y/N) leaves with most of the cast. I head back to my dressing room to grab a coat, but Daveed approaches me before I have the chance to leave. “Why are you and (Y/N) so close?”

My answer is more like a question. “We did Spring Awakening together?”

He just stares at me.

“I mean, I did grab her breast every day.”

“Yeah, that’s been mentioned before,” he mutters.

“What are you so upset about?”

“Nothing,” he snaps.

I just roll my eyes and walk out, passing Lin and Javier.

“You mean, she’s never done that with you?” Lin asks.

Javier shakes his head. “Why would she?”

“Why wouldn’t she?”

“Because, she can actually get a date with you.”


“Talk to her.”

I pretend not to know that they’re talking about (Y/N) as I pass them. I don’t even get to the door before I run into Oak.

“Hey, have you notice that (Y/N)’s been acting strange?” he asks.

“Yeah, everyone’s been talking to me about it. I have no clue why. It seems like everyone here is suddenly obsessed with her.”

He laughs. “Everyone here has been obsessed with her.”

“You included?”

“Of course. Everyone has it bad for (Y/N). She’s incredibly talented and smart and funny, not to mention how gorgeous she is,” he gushes, causing me to laugh.

anonymous asked:

Hiii! Could you please write something where you and H are friends but you like each other and he's alway super cute but also flirty? the rest is up to you, thank you xx

Rating: PG!
Warnings: none really. Just harry being a cheeky bastard
Category: fluff?
Word Count: 4,154 I think the longest a request has been so far!
Request: yes! I’m stock piling these, trying to get them done so I’ll be popping more during the week i think. I’ll try. If not I will after #BIM is over :)

Note: IDK if this is “super cute but also flirty” but there’s some of both mixed in and stuff… I hope you like the way this turned out!

17. Something Small.

You run down the halls of school in search for your best friend, Harry. The envelope in your hands is too important and you clutch it tight to your body. Crashing against bodies and yelling half-assed apologies to people as you rush to get to his locker before first period. Soon you can see him, in all his skinny jean glory.
“ Harry harry harry!” you yell coming close. So close that you almost slam into the open door of his locker, smacking it shut.
“ Whoa whoa, hey there Lighting McQueen.”
“ Oh lord Harry you won’t believe what I go-”
“ G’morning to you too” he says interrupting you and throwing his messenger bag on his shoulder and fully closing his locker. You roll your eyes, this was not a moment to greet and say hello. You were freaking out, quickly you slam the letter on his chest and he scoffs looking at it. Soon his eyes and mouth both open wide. “Have you read it?” he says as he takes it in his hand and scans his eyes over the sleek design or the letter. London University of Arts. You bite your lip and shake your head no.
“ No, I checked the mail before coming today and it was… God it was just sitting there, haunting me… And I ran”
“ Fuck, oh… God I…” His dimples were showing. This was so important.
“ Well open it!”
“ Who? Me?” he asks in shock, green eyes opened to no belief. “N-no way, this is your letter… Yeh have t’open-“
“ I’m shaking, I can’t open it!” You say hopping up and down and shaking your hands. He breathes in and out and nods before tearing the paper open. You rest against the locker behind you covering your eyes. This is the most nerve-wracking moment of your life.

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Embarrassed ¿

Based (y/n) off Jada sezer. Requested, hope you like it. And sorry the ending is so shitty, but I promised to post this. please enjoy


“alright, that’s all for today, great job (y/n)” the photographer, Evan spoke as we just finished our shoot. Evan worked for a magazine, and as an ‘on the rise’ star, they wanted more information about be, so we did an interview and then the shoot.

I was new to the singing world, and fame and everything. I was always so nervous to ever pursue singing cause singers you see today, they’re a lot smaller than me. I was a little heavier than most, but I finally got my confidence after so many people said that ‘I was beautiful’ and ‘it’s not about your weight’ and mostly the only thing people ever said to me were about my singing, and how beautiful I was.

I also had my boyfriend Nate, to thank for being so confident with myself and my body now. Despite getting bullied in high school, when I moved out to LA, I met Nate at a concert, and afterwards we stayed around a bit more and drank some and just really hit it off. We started to talk more and hang out more after the concert and then like 3 months later he introduced me to his family as his girlfriend and that was the start of our relationship. Now here we are 5 months later, happy as ever.

I loved his family so much. They were so sweet, and his sister was like my little sister. I constantly texted her and called her and we always had plans whenever Nate would go to the studio or out with the boys.

I never met Nate’s friends, but I knew of them. I saw snapchats of them and pictures of them with fans all the time. He also would talk about them a lot. Nate also never asked me to go out with him and his friends. And at first I thought, maybe he just doesn’t want me to come around, not knowing how this is going to work out with us, but we’ve been together 5 months now and still nothing.

Nate was actually at the studio now, but he said he was coming over soon and we were gonna hang out, go out to the movies and then come back to mine for the night.

I was just getting ready when Nate called me.

Hey babe.

‘hey ma, I’ll be over soon, like 15 minutes, will you be ready by then?’

Yeah, I’ll be ready by then.

‘okay good. I’ll see ya in a few, love you’

Love you too Nate.

And with that I hung up and finished getting ready. I threw on some jeans, and rolled them up a bit, so they were cuffed right above the ankle, and then a denim like button up shirt. I curled my hair and put on some chukka low vans and by the time I was done Nate was already at my door.

“hey ma.” He smiled, placing his hand on my waist and kissing me. We pulled apart and I smiled at him.

“hey babe.”

“you ready to go?”



The movie was great. I couldn’t stop laughing, and I hated my laugh. Not many people were there, and people hardly recognize us. You see, Nate and I hadn’t really told anyone about our relationship. We wanted to keep it lowkey until we were sure how long we would last, but after 5 months I was more than ready to tell everyone about us, but Nate always seemed a little uneasy about that.

Yeah, I had my doubts on his reasons why. My first thought was that because of how big I am, compared to all the other girls that are like, in love with Nate, and he was embarrassed about that. And the one time I mentioned it to him, he flipped.

He told me that he just didn’t want everyone in our business, which I totally get. But sometimes I saw pictures people posted of them and their boyfriend or girlfriend showing them off, and I wish Nate and I would do that.

We were walking to the car, hand in hand when Nate suddenly let go of my hand. I looked up at him and he wasn’t looking at me, he was actually walking far off to my side, and then he started to walk faster.

“Nate, what are you doing?”

He turned and looked to me and then dug in his pocket, handing me the keys.

“here babe, go start the car, I’ll be there in a second.” He said, looking around and then coming and kissing my forehead. “love ya.” And with that he ran up to a group of guys, throwing his arms around two different guys shoulders. I could hear him yell.

“wassup guys.”

“yo skate, what’s up man?” a tall blonde said, bro hugging Nate.

His fucking friends. These were his fucking friends he hasn’t introduced me to yet. Unbelievable. This was the best time too. We were out and they just happened to be right there. He could have walked up with me and introduced me, but he didn’t. And it’s obvious why. Looking at the group of guys, they seemed all the same. Shallow. The blonde literally whistled at a stick with fake tits and a big ass, watching her walk my way.

His eyes met mine and he smiled, and then turned back around to all the other guys.

I was so pissed I went to the car. I sat and waited for 10 minutes before finally getting in the driver seat and just going home. I was over this. Yeah sure, I wasn’t a stick thin model like girl, like the type that him and his friends seem to be into, but still.

I texted Nate once I got home, telling him to find another ride, and that he can pick his car up from mine. He texted me back a half hour later, freaking out.

From Nate: wtf (y/n), I was getting ready to come to the car.

To Nate: sorry, but after like 15 minutes, I didn’t wanna wait any longer. Plus, wouldn’t want your friends to see me in the passenger seat.

From Nate: wtf is that about?

To Nate: you know exactly what I’m talking about. Just, your keys are in the car still, so whenever you get here don’t bother coming in.

I wasn’t gonna text him back the rest of the night. I was so over his bullshit. He knew how I felt about myself, despite the confidence he helped me gain, he also did a little to bring me right back down. He fucking knew.

I was laying on the couch, watching a movie when I heard a car pull up, a door open, some slight conversation, unable to tell what they were saying, just muffled voices and then a door close. I was waiting to hear Nate’s car start, but my front door swinging open was quite unexpected.

“(y/n), what the fuck” Nate asked, standing in my doorway. I got up from the couch and turned to look at him.

“did you have a nice time with your friends?” I scoffed.

“yeah, but seriously? What the hell? Why did you leave?”

“why did I leave? Are you seriously asking me that?”

“yeah? What the fuck’s your problem?”

“my problem? Nate tonight we saw your best fucking friends, and you couldn’t even introduce me to them. We’ve been together 5 fucking months and you haven’t even introduced us, and it’s pretty obvious why.”

“I was going to introduce you to them.”

“bull fucking shit. That’s why you told me to go wait in the car. Seriously Nate.”

“You don’t get it (y/n)”

“get what Nate? You’re fucking embarrassed to be seen with me. Admit it. Just cause I’m not as thin as the fucking skanks you guys are used to.”

“don’t fucking stand there throwing shit at me.”

“you’re not even denying that you’re embarrassed. If you don’t wanna be seen with me, why are we even together Nate?”

“cause I love you.”

“obviously you don’t if you won’t even introduce me to your friends.”

“we’ve been over this, we were waiting to tell people.”

“bull shit. It’s been 5 months Nate. I met your family, and they had no problem with me, or my size.”

“okay, yeah fine. I don’t want my friends knowing about us. That’s the main reason. You’re right.”

“get out.” I scream. I was fucking done.

“no, it’s not like that. Let me ex-“

“no, get the fuck out of my house Nate. Don’t fucking bother coming back either. I’m so over your shit. You knew exactly how I felt about myself, and you fucking made it worse. Just leave.” I said, turning and going upstairs. “I’ll put your shit in a box and set it outside, you can get it whenever.” And with that I made it up to my room and slammed my door.

I heard my front door slam, knowing Nate had left, but I stayed in bed, crying. I couldn’t believe this. All the times he said I was beautiful, and that my weight or size didn’t bother him. All of it. A lie. I must have cried myself to sleep, cause I woke up the next morning, feeling like shit.

My eyes were swollen, my nose was stuffy, and I just felt like laying in bed all day. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that though. I got up and got ready, showering and getting dressed and then heading out for some errands. I had to stop by the studio, my producer wanted me to come in for some sort of meeting about a collab.

Deciding on getting Starbucks before, I drove to the studio, parked and then walked to Starbucks, since it was only a 5 minute walk. Once I got in there, I noticed the line was a little long, but I had plenty of time.

I heard the bell chime, signaling that someone had just walked in. I turned and saw the blonde boy from the other night, Nate’s friend. We made eye contact and he smiled at me, and then stood behind me in line.

“excuse me” he spoke, causing me to turn around and look at him.

“hi” I said, awkwardly.

“You’re (y/n) right?”

“yeah, and you are?”

“oh I’m Sammy.”

“nice to meet you.” I smiled.

“yeah, you too. I think I saw you last night, but I wasn’t entirely sure,  it was a little dark, and I was a little high.” He laughed.

“oh yeah, I thought you looked familiar.” I smiled.

“well yeah, I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re really beautiful, and you have a killer voice. Crazy talent ma.”

“thank you so much. It means a lot” I smiled. Having a stranger call me beautiful made me feel so good about myself.

“no problem. I mean, I just speak the truth.”

“well thanks Sammy.”

“yeah. I don’t wanna be to upfront, but would you mind if we went out later? Drinks? My friends and I are going out downtown, and I’d really like to spend more time with you, plus, I saw you on Jimmy Fallon, and you seem hilarious.” He chuckled.

“um, yeah sure, I could use a drink.” I laugh.

“awesome. Here, give me your number and I’ll come get you later.”


We exchanged numbers, and when we got our drinks, we sat and drank them together, talking more. I felt so bad about thinking he was shallow. He was actually really sweet after talking to him, and he kept saying sweet things like ‘you’re beautiful’ or ‘I like when you smile’ and just sweet things like that, that made me feel so much better about myself.

“oh shit, I gotta go.” I said, standing up. “I’ve gotta go meet with my producer. It was really nice meeting you Sammy.”

“likewise. I’ll see ya later ma.”


Sammy and I had been texting all day. He kept talking about how excited he was for tonight. He said all his friends loved my music and they’ve been wanting to meet me because I seem so funny and chill.

And Sammy couldn’t get over the fact that I was doing a song with MGK. He was literally freaking out. Telling me that when we record, I have to invite him to the studio so he can meet MGK finally. I told him I’d see what I can do.

Sammy was actually on his way to get me. He said he should be here in about 5 minutes. So until then I was in my kitchen, working on my drink I made earlier. Just vodka and pink lemonade. Sammy texted me and told me he was here, so I swallowed down the rest down and walked out to the uber, sliding in next to Sammy.

We talked on the way to the bar, but were interrupted by my phone going off every 3 mintues. Nate texting me, calling me, anything to try to reach me. Nate was calling again, but I just let it ring.

“you’re not gonna get that?” Sammy asked.


“it might be important. Your phones been going off all night, and it’s barely even started.”

“it’s just my boyfriend.”

“and you’re not answering because…?”

“we kinda got into a fight.”

“over what?”

I sighed, and looked down at my hands in my lap.

“we’ve been dating for 5 months, and we haven’t told anyone besides his family.”

“why not?”

“at first, just for personal shit, like privacy from media and stuff, but then I was ready too, but he didn’t want too. And last night we fought over how he’s embarrassed to tell his friends and stuff because he’s embarrassed by me.”

“why would anyone be embarrassed to be with you? You’re gorgeous.”

“I guess my size just embarrassed him. He didn’t want his friends to know he was with someone so big.”

“(y/n) look at me.” Sammy said softly, taking my hand in his, causing me to look into his eyes. “he’s an ass. You’re beautiful, despite what he thinks, or his friends. He should be happy to be with you. Hell, I’d die to be your boyfriend. You best believe I’d be showing you off. I’d be proud of you. It’s not about size or beauty even. I can tell you’re a great person, and if he’s to stupid to see that, it’s his loss.”

“thanks Sammy. It really means a lot. It’s just been so hard to ever feel beautiful, but then with him I feel so great, but he does shit like, hide me from his friends because of my weight and stuff, that make me feel worse.”

“well, I say, fuck your ass of a boyfriend, let’s get drunk.”

We got out of the uber and headed inside. Stopping at the bar and getting some drinks, and then heading to Sammy’s little ‘vip’ area him and his friends had. We walked in, and everyone started cheering.

“guys, this is (y/n) you know the singer.”

“oh my god, you’re beautiful. I seriously love you.” A boy with longer hair said.

“thank you” I laughed, overwhelmed with everyone talking at once.

“I’m Kenny by the way.” He smiled.

“nice to meet you.”

I sat by Sammy, and talked to everyone, cracking jokes, and we were all just having a good time. I wasn’t even bothered by Nate’s problem anymore. All these guys, and the like 3 girls that were here, that were all way smaller than me, made me feel so good. The girls said they wish they looked like me, and that made me smile.

“yo, what’s good skate.” I heard Sammy yell, as I was talking to Emily. My eyes went wide and I turned to see Nate, who was looking right at me.

“what the fuck?” he asked, looking at me.

“oh yeah, skate this is my friend (y/n), you know, the singer we always talk about.” Sammy smiled.

“yeah I know who she is.” He said, harshly.

“dude, chill.” Kenny chimed in.

“yeah, chill Nate.” Sammy said, throwing his arm over my shoulder. And I knew that was it for Nate. He had always been the jealous type, and I knew by the look on his face, something was about to happen.

“I’ll chill when you get your fucking hands off my girlfriend.” Nate said, and then everyone just stopped and looked between the three of us. Me, Sammy and Nate. Sammy looked between Nate and I, and then looked at me.

“he’s the ass?”


Then Sammy looked at Nate, and stood up to face him.

“how are you about to freak out on me when you couldn’t even introduce her to us? What the fucks that about man? And for something as stupid as her size? Thinking we’d have a problem with it? You really think so lowly of your best friends?”

“no, it’s not even the reason.”

“well then what’s your real reason Nate?” I asked from my spot on the couch next to Emily.

“(y/n) you know it wasn’t like that. You know I love you. I just didn’t wanna introduce you cause I know my friends, and I didn’t want them calling me whipped and shit like that. I’m not embarrassed by you babe.”

“you know, I believe him.” Emily said next to me. “we’re a tough crowd when it comes to one of the guys and a girl, and especially Skathan. We’ve been wondering about him lately, constantly on his phone, walking around with a smile on his face all the time.” She smiled.

“yeah, he’s definitely whipped, but I don’t blame him.” Derek spoke.

Nate came over and sat by me.

“please believe me (y/n). I love you so much. You know that I do. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“nate, you could have just told me.”

“but then you woulda told me I was being stupid and insisted on meeting them.”

“would that have been so bad?”

“no, I knew they would love ya ma, I just didn’t want them calling me whipped. It hurts a mans ego.” He chuckled, the seriousness leaving. “I’m sorry babygirl. Do you forgive me?” he smiled his cute dopey little smile.

“I can’t say no to that face.” I laughed.

“good!” he cheered, grabbing my face and kissing me “I love you baby.” He smiled.

“I love y-“

“whipped!” Derek and Kenny yelled, making everyone laugh, and Nate and I smile.

Luke Likes You || Luke Hemmings

hehe, a luke request is also sorta rare. also THANK YOU, IM GLAD YOU LIKE MY WRITING <3

Summary: You were a singer. After your performance, 5SOS and their families walk by and hint that Luke liked you. 

I M A G I N E 

“Alright Y/N, let’s rehearse from the top,” the soundcheck manager said, adjusting your mic a bit before fleeing to the rest of the crew to start the music. You were in an empty stadium with just you, the crew, and your management. You agreed to do a music festival with a series of other bands, including your close friends, also known as 5 Seconds of Summer. “Your queue, Y/N.”

“Okay, ready,” you say before pre-recorded music begins to play and you begin to sing along with the song. As you did, you noticed the 5SOS boys walk through the seats with their families. You beamed at them, as you loved their mothers with a passion. As Calum, Ashton, and Michael cheered you on with their parents, you noticed Luke just staring at you with a very strong focus. His mother just gave you a small smile, paying attention to your performance. 

After the practice, you put the mic down and hop off the stage. The boys and their families were making their way over, giving you claps and cheers. The gap between you guys finally ended and Calum, Ashton, and Michael gave you guys as well as their mothers. You noticed Luke blushing and looking away with his mother whispering a few words at him. 

“That was super rad, Y/N!” Michael said as you two high fived. “Holy fuck, I felt the vibe completely. It was so chill but so uplifting.”

“Be a poet, why don’t you?” Calum joked before giving you a fist pump. “But that was sick, Y/N. Your performances as well as your music are always so eye-grabbing.”

“Thanks, I try,” you say, sticking your tongue out. Ashton also fist pumps you and gives you a small nudge. 

“Maybe you can join us someday and be the 5th Second of Summer,” Ashton comments, making you guys laugh. You bid farewell to their mothers as they walk towards the stage to help the boys set up. “Want to watch us do some soundcheck, too?” Ashton offered. 

“Of course!” You accepted gladly as the 3 boys skipped over to the stage. You watch the workers go to them and prepare them with their earpieces and designated instruments. Turning around, you find Mrs. Hemmings happily opening her arms for you. “Mrs. Hemmings, how are you?”

“Please Y/N, call me Liz,” she says as she gives you a soft embrace. “You are quite talented, my dear. I can’t wait to see the real thing and take plenty of photos.”

“I’m ecstatic that you’ll be watching,” you say happily. You see Luke quietly leave his mothers behind to go to the stage with the rest of the boys. It’s like he was avoiding you, which made you just a bit sad. You didn’t admit it to anybody, but you sorta have a crush on Luke Hemmings. Of course, considering the Arzaylea deal, you didn’t bother. But a scratch of hope still kept its mark in your heart. “Is he alright?” You asked Lukes mom. 

“He is, he’s just shy,” Liz responds, shrugging a bit. “He’s always like that when he’s around a girl he likes.” You froze. He’s shy when he’s around a girl he likes?

“Pardon?” You ask, wanting her to repeat what you don’t believe. 

“Luke likes you, honey,” Liz says in an audible whisper. And with that, she swiftly walks passed you and over to the front to sit with the rest of the mothers. You look down and think to yourself as your face turns a light shade of red. Luke likes me? You thought, rubbing your cheeks in disbelief. You then turned around quickly to find Luke staring at you. But once you noticed, he instantly looked away as they began their soundcheck. 

Once they finished, you watched them leave the stage full of sweat but huge smiles. Ashton threw his drumsticks at Michael, causing him to laugh. Michael picked them up to hit Ashton and Calum, but missed. But, you watch Luke quietly walk over to you, his face completely red. He looked tense even. 

“Hey, you did pretty great,” you said encouragingly, smiling at the shy Australian. “I can’t wait to here you guys live tomorrow. It’s gonna be amazing!”

“Th-thanks, Y/N, you’re really sweet…” Luke said quietly as he scratched the back of his neck. You smiled sweetly at him, making him blush even more. You were amused at how shy Luke really was, especially around you. Considering you guys have hung out a fair lot, you didn’t expect this from Luke at all. “Y/N, I was wondering something…”

“What do you wonder?” You playfully mocked with a smirk. Lukes eyes sparkled up at you, those blue eyes overwhelming you with its beauty. 

“If we can go out in a few hours…” Luke says quietly, cautiously looking into your eyes. You smiled at how adorably shy he was. “S-so we can clean ourselves up and go for a walk and some ice cream. Or something…”

“Sounds like a date,” you said confidently, winking at Luke. He looked at you with disbelief, his lips slightly apart with those ice eyes staring at you astonishingly. “All the performers are staying in the same hotel, right? I’m in 6B, ‘kay?” You inform him as he whips out a pen and begins to scribble on his arm. “Oh, and one more thing!” 

“Hm?” He asks before you pull his arm over and take the pen from his hand. You scribble your number down on his arm before handing back the pen and giving him a sweet smile. 

“Can’t wait for tonight,” you said quietly, planting a kiss on his cheek before leaving to your management. Luke was left standing there, completely flushed as his hand felt the cheek you kissed. 

After showering and getting ready, you waited a few minutes for Luke to come around. It was 7 p.m., which was a fair time to go out and do a lot of things before getting plenty of rest before the show. You practically shot up from your seat when you heard the door ring. Opening it, you revealed a very cute Luke Hemmings with a daisy in his hand. 

“Hey Y/N,” Luke greeted, smiling softly. He hands over the daisy and you take it, feeling like school girl again. “I also brought ya this.” Luke offered one of his black hoodie, which looked pretty much identical to the one he was wearing. 

“Good idea,” you agree, taking the large hoodie and putting it on. Covering your head with the hoodie, you smiled at Luke due to the amusement of how big the hoodie was. “Alright, let’s go!” Looping your arm around Luke, he guides you down and out the hotel. 

The two of you saw almost everything. From street performers to sky lanterns. All the sights were gorgeous and you adored them so much. Luke kept you in his sight at all times, holding your hand often to make sure he didn’t lose you. It was cute to see him protective. 

“Here’s the ice cream place I wanted to grab a scoop or two from!” Luke pointed as he dragged you out the crowd of people. You looked up to see a bright ice cream sign. It was on top of an ice cream parlor, that was fairly empty to you and Lukes luck. 

“I want mint chocolate chip!” You exclaim, following Luke to the cashier to order. 

“Welcome to the Ice Cream Clique, how may I help you?” A woman at the cashier, seemingly young, asked with a wide smile. Luke lifting up his hoodie a little so he didn’t look so suspicious. He looked up at the flavors real quick before choosing. 

“Can I get 2 scoops in a cone?” Luke asked politely. “One scoop vanilla and the other chocolate.” The cashier nodded, writing down the order before looking over to you. 

“I’d like a big cup of mint chocolate chip, please,” you asked, also lifting up your hoodie a bit. You didn’t want to seem like a hoodlum or anything. The cashier nodded before escaping to the back of the store. Luke led you over to one of the tables and the two of you sat down, staring at each other. 

“I’m really glad I could take you out, Y/N,” Luke said quietly, blushing a bit. “You’re really cool and sweet. I don’t get to meet many girls so laid back as well.” 

“Well, I always try to have a chill vibe,” you mused, giggling with Luke a bit. “But I’m happy you asked me. Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to go out with you. Just us, you know?”

“R-really?” Luke said, stuttering as his face flushed completely. You poke his nose before nodding. 

“Yeah, you seem pretty sweet and gentle and relaxed,” you say, smiling a bit. “Don’t get me wrong– the other boys are super rad. But they’re so energetic, I don’t know how you can contain them all the time!” 

“Years of practice,” Luke said with a chuckle. You giggled as well before feeling an itchy sensation on your nose. You begin to crinkle it, hoping the bothersome feeling would go away. “Holy fuck.”

“Hm?” You asked at Lukes abrupt reaction. “What’s wrong?”

“That was too fucking cute, Y/N,” Luke comments, smiling adoringly at you. You blushed, waving him away. You even covered your face with your hands. 

“Stooop,” you playfully complained, sounding somewhat like a child. 

“Nooooo,” Luke mocked, grabbing your hands with his large ones to reveal your face. He smiled at your face, practically beaming to see you blushing and embarrassed. “Don’t ever cover your face, okay? You’re too beautiful not to show off to the world.”

“Shush,” you groaned quietly as Luke laughed at you. It was like the both of you switched personalities immediately. Now Luke was the confident and you were the shy. You couldn’t help but love that irony and plot twist. The cashier then called the both of you over with both of your orders available. 

“Cheers,” Luke says as the both of you go to the cashier. Luke grabs your ice cream and hands it to you. He as well hands you a spoon. As you happily begin to eat. Luke starts to take out a bit of money. But as he offers it to the worker, she was stunned. She stared at Luke with a shocked face, as though she has seen a ghost. 

“Y-you’re L-Luke Hemmings, aren’t you?” The cashier stuttered, her voice completely surprised. Luke smiled and nodded, taking the cone from her now shaky hand. “I-I love you and your band s-so much! I’m actually going to the festival tomorrow– I can’t believe I actually met you before it, oh my god!” 

“Aw Lukey, you’ve got a fan,” you teased, sticking your tongue out at Luke as he begins to sign a tissue for the cashier. You take Lukes ice cream to help, but when you look up at the cashier, she looks completely pale. “I know, the excitement is pretty insane.” 

“N-no, you’re Y/F/N Y/L/N…” the cashier breathed, her eyes completely fixed and set on your face. “I am your biggest fan, holy fuck! Ask anyone around, they know how much I adore you so!” 

“Why thank you,” you say with a blush. Once Luke was done, the cashier quickly pushes the napkin and the pen to you. Luke takes the ice cream and chuckles as you sign the napkin. 

“I c-can’t even believe it, this is my absolute lucky day!” The cashier began to cry. “C-can I have hugs, please” Luke and you instantly entered a group hug with the crying fan, feeling joy to bring happiness to her. And then the two of you left, eating your ice cream while waving goodbye at the starstruck cashier. 

“I had a really good night,” you say quietly as you drink the last bit of your melted ice cream. Luke was chewing on the cone, close to the tip. “I’m glad you took me out, Luke. I had a really good time.”

“I’m glad,” Luke responds, taking your hand in his as the two of you saw the bright lights of the hotel you guys were staying at. “I hope we can do this again very soon, Y/N. I had a really great time as well.”

“Well, we are gonna be hanging out after the festival so,” you commented, smiling a bit. “I’ll be seeing you quite soon.” Luke nods before eating the last remains of the cone. 

The two of you entered the hotel quickly with the help of the guards. There was a large crowd of mixed fans in the lobby, and you two couldn’t afford getting in that limbo. So you two snuck it and scurried up the stairs. Because you lived on the floor below Luke, your stop was first. Making it to the 6th floor, Luke opens the door and leads you to your room. 

“Well, here we are,” you breathe, looking at your door. You fished out your key card from your pocket. “Thank you for the incredible time.” You put your empty ice cream cup down to hug Luke. He wraps his arms around you, with the overwhelming sensation of safety swarming you. He held you tightly, making the embrace last longer than you expected. And honestly, you loved it. 

“Have a good night, Y/N,” Luke whispered as he detached from you. 

“You, too, Luke,” you tell him, giving him a small smile and a gentle expression before unlocking your door and slightly opening it to only reveal a sliver. 

“Oh, and Y/N?” Luke said, causing you to stop with the door halfway open.

“Yes, Luke?”

“I forgot something.” Before you knew it, Lukes lips were smashed on yours and you melted in the kiss. The two of you have been wanting to do this for a while now. And finally, it was happening. 

“Alright, goodnight now, Y/N,” Luke said, giving you a very happy and successful smile. You looked at him, surprised, with your face completely red. Once he disappeared behind the staircase door, you hopped with joy and quickly entered your room. You leaned your back against the door and slowly slid down, smiling a smile immensely wide. You quickly put your hand on your lips, still in beautiful shock from what just happened. 

Your hand couldn’t stop feeling your lips. 

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Ahhh the NHL NurseyDex was so great! Do you think you could write more of that please? Thank you!

Part 1

Of all people, Dex gets the news from Jack Eichel first.

To be fair, though, Dex got the news before Nursey himself did. Apparently Eichs was hanging out with Gio, who let it slip that management would be announcing the terms of a trade with the Leafs later in the week. Of course, Eichs probably spent the next two hours pestering Gio about the details of the trade, and no one can really deter Eichs when he wants something.

Nonetheless, Dex didn’t exactly expect to be woken up from a nice afternoon nap with a text from Eichs that just says I swear to god I will not live with you two. He can move in and I’ll move back in with the Moulsons. I miss George and Mila anyways.

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Nightmare x Cross 2


(Here is the second part of the story, I know it’s short but I’m working on 3, it’s going to take some time, so enjoy!)

normal pov.

Cross was in the shower, showering all of the sweat that made him greasy and Chara was asleep, as he was showering, he was thinking about ‘her’…Her brown hair and blue eyes, he really missed them and he looked to where the locket was supposed to be, but it wasn’t there and Cross began flipping out, but he found the necklace on his neck,’I thought I took it off before I got in here.’ Cross then stepped out of the shower, put on some clothes he choose, it was some baggy white silk pants and a plain white t-shirt, he then crawled in bed to sleep for 5 hours.

Cross pov

In heard whispers around me, I woke up to find I was in a dark forest, I looked around me to find nothing,”Hello?” I called, I only heard some leaves rustle behind me, I whipped my head around to be greeted with a horrible creature that eyes gleamed in the dark, my eyes widen  and I began running.”Someone help me!” I never been so scared and it was then the beast had me, it’s horrible shaped claws pinning me to the ground as hit raised its other claw to finish me, I whimpered and closed my eyes as I whispered,”Somebody please save me…”


I sat up with a jolt and panted, I looked down to see the locket around my neck, I looked at the clock, 11:00 pm, I only had 30 mins left before I had to go, but I decided to look at the moon instead of sleep more, Definitely not after that horrible nightmare that just happened, that was the worst nightmare I had this week. I sighed and I saw it was a full moon tonight and I stared,”What a lovely night…” I murmured to myself.

Nightmare pov.

I was going to check on Cross and see if was getting his sleep, I looked in his room and instead of sleeping, he was staring at the moon, the moonlight made him glow, making him look like a being from another world and his eyes showed a glimmer of wonder, I blushed and quickly push the thought away and he seemed to have be looking something over, I tried to get a better look, but I tripped and the door flung open, he jumped in surprise and stared at me,”Nightmare?! What are doing? WERE YOU SPYING ON ME!?” He said enraged about being watched, I was nervous for awhile, then I knew was in control, so I glared and growled,”I thought I told to get some sleep.” He then flinched and countered it.”But I’ve slept for already 4 hrs and 30 mins.” I glared but, then starred in his eyes, they were beautiful, I quickly looked away, I then stood up and left, but I added.”Well, come get me when you’re ready, I’m going with you since I can’t trust that you might come back alive.” I then left the room.

(I’m going to stop here for today, the 3 well be out tomorrow possibly, see ya later!)

college bf jin

hey y’all, so we’re starting this bts college boyfriend series, here’s 1/7 our queen, kim seokjin (aka seokdaddy), enjOY!!!

  • you’d be dating jin (duh)
  • and you both lived a few hours away from your hometowns
  • probably met at an extracurricular club at school
  • you were always dying for tuesday nights to come around bc that meant you’d see jin
  • and one night after your club met, he’d ask if you wanted to grab dinner with him
  • you obvs wouldn’t turn that offer down
  • like hello seokjin asking u out hell ya
  • after dinner he’d be like wow ur rlly cool we need to hang out again
  • and so you’d exchange numbers and he’d walk you to ur dorm
  • so y'all chill again next week
  • and the week after
  • and the week after
  • until you guys are hanging out everyday of every week
  • it’s not until 3 weeks before you guys head home for the holidays that he asks you to be his and ur just like ya bitch it’s about time!
  • you spend a lot of ur time in his dorm room
  • also becoming friends with his roommate hoseok
  • u and him are pretty tight too bc y'all are in the same program
  • anyway
  • so like the night before your big ass exam ur stressing the fuck out and jin knows ur dying in ur room bc it’s 9pm and u haven’t responded to his texts/calls all day 
  • probably haven’t eaten yet either 
  • so he makes the initiative to go to room and get you outta there regardless of ur exam
  • he takes you to his room and locks the door behind u so fast ur a little worried lowkey
  • “hoseok’s not here dw"
  • ur like “ok…"
  • he hands you a paper bag that’s like rlly heavy and u take out what’s in it
  • surprise ur absolute fav food
  • “pls eat, babe, you’ve been working ur pretty little ass off all day”
  • u just smile bc wow jin is literally tOO sweet for u
  • after u eat, he turns the lights off and turns the lamp on and throws ur garbage out for u
  • “lie down”
  • “jin I still have to finish studying”
  • “were you gonna study all night?”
  • “yes”
  • “then take a nap”
  • he proceeds to remove the comforter off the bed and gestures u to lie down
  • and ofc he lies down beside you
  • but wAIT, he gets up and ur looking at him like bitch wtf get back in bed with me it’s cold!!!!
  • but he gets up to open the curtains bc he knows how much u enjoy the scenery outside of his dorm room
  • (not urs tho bc u can only see campus buildings from ur window ew)
  • and you guys are both wearing ur university hoodies so y’all are toasty warm kinda
  • lying down in his bed, you have ur head in his chest and his chin is on top of ur head
  • he has his arms gently placed on your body
  • ur drained as fuck so as ur drifting off to sleep he whispers
  • “don’t worry i’ll wake u up in an hour”
  • and u can always rely on him
  • u felt him slightly move
  • probably bc he was setting an alarm on his phone
  • y'all fall asleep for a little while feeling cozy as fuck in the cold winter weather in his cute little dorm room
  • but u guys are woken up less than an hour later
  • (like literally 5 minutes before jin’s alarm goes off)
  • bc loud ass hoseok barges in with his bae 
  • and they’re laughing so loud as always
  • u feel jin’s head move and u hear him telling them to shut the fuck up
  • bc hello he cares so much about u
  • “shit”
  • “let’s go to my room hobi”
  • “ok”
  • they leave
  • jin’s alarm goes off literally 2 mins later
  • and ur like “20 more mins”
  • he’s like are u sure
  • ur like ya
  • anyway 20 mins later he walks u to ur dorm
  • and tells u to ring his phone down if u need absolutely anything and he leaves
  • but 6 hours later when it’s 7am, you’ve got an hour to get ready for ur 8am exam
  • someone comes in
  • and it’s not ur roommate bc that binch is whO knows where
  • it’s jin with a cup of tea/coffee/whatever caffeinated beverage u prefer
  • and a breakfast sandwich that he bought from the cafe that’s literally a 30 second walk from ur dorms
  • “good luck y/n you’ll kill it, i gotta go to class now but i love you a lot”
  • then he kisses u and leaves
Taken - Part Eight

Joker x The Reader

Hello guys! I apologize for the delay of this chapter but it’s finally here :) I started class this week so my schedule has gotten more busy. I hope you enjoy! xoxo-S


“Hey,” you reply back to him, your voice slightly hitching in your throat. You quickly compose yourself and wipe away your tears so he couldn’t see you were crying. Did he hear what you said?

“Kitten, daddy’s gotta go to work early tonight. The club is going to be busy,” he says, sitting down next to you on your bed, placing his hand on your back and rubbing it slightly. Even his slightest touch sends chills down your spine.

“Okay… but what am I supposed to do when you’re gone?” You ask, in a slight whimper, trying to lock his crystal blue gaze in with your puppy dog eyes. Does he really expect you to sit in the house all day?

Just then, two people step into your bedroom, a man and woman. You recognize that she’s the same woman from before that made breakfast. Cheryl was her name. However, you didn’t recognize the man. He was tall with a muscular build with short dark hair with a slight beard and mustache.

“This is Cheryl, whom you’ve met before, and Frost, my lead henchman,” he says, turning his bead back to you. “They will always take care of you when I’m gone. Anything you need, you ask them.”

“Nice to meet you,” you say to them.

“Likewise, Miss (Y/N),” Frost states in his bellowing voice. J nods his head towards them and the two exit the doorway.

He turns his head back to you and his usual intense blue gaze has softened when he sees that you’re upset.

“Ah, kitten. It’ll only be for a couple a’ hours. Hey, i got an idea. If you’re up to it, you can come visit me at the club tonight and we can share a couple of drinks. How’s that sound?” He asks, encouragingly. “Would ya like that?”

Your lips curve into a slight smile as you nod your head.

“Alright good,” he says. “Frost will drive you when you’re ready. I suggest coming after eleven. Make sure you pick out a killer outfit in your closet. Daddy wants his baby girl to look sexy for him,” he says, cracking his blood red lips into his silver smile.

You return the smile, and J leans in and places a kiss on your forehead.

“I’ll see you tonight, princess,” he whispers in your ear before getting up and leaving your room.


You look at the clock - 10:56pm. You were just finishing up getting ready to head to the club. You decided to sport a bodycon red dress that hugged your curves well and a pair of black heels. You were just getting your shoes on when you hear a knock on your bedroom door

“Yes?” You ask. Frost then enters your room.

“Ready to go, Miss (Y/N)?” He asks.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” you laugh. You finish putting your shoes on and stand up.

Frost offers his arm to you and you graciously wrap your arm around his and he leads you down the stairs and to the garage to a cherry red Lamborghini.


As you and Frost are driving down the main road to the club, you guys engage in light conversation and laugh together.

“You know, Miss (Y/N), I’m not sure if it’s against my jurisdiction to say this, but the boss has really taken a liking to you,” he says, glancing over at you.

“Really?” You ask with a mixture of disbelief and excitement. Your nerves were slightly calmed after being unsure of what conclusion you came to this morning.

“Yes ma'am,” he says. “He cannot stop talking about you. He’s definitely talked about you more in this short period of time than he has with any other girl. He’s especially excited about the ball coming up and having you as his date.”

“Wow,” you sigh. “Well, I’m excited too,” you say. Your heart flutters in excitement. With Frost’s word, you feel more confident in the Joker’s feelings for you.

“Good I’m glad,” he chuckles. He pulls into the entrance of the club. “And here we are.”

You notice head turns from the people outside the club towards the car you were riding in. Frost then pulls into a spot right in front of the club. There was a sign that said Reserved in gold letters in front of the spot.

Frost then shuts the car off and opens his door, gets out of the car, and opens your door to let you out. You step out of the car and Frost offers his arm to you again.

“Get ready for lots of head turns and stares,” he whispers to you and chuckles. “Ready?” He asks.

“Ready,” you say. The two of you walk to the front entrance of the club.