when xiumin walks by

A hyung's dirty mind

^Late Xiumin birthday update,,, gotta love my smol bun^

Xiumin: -Calmly walking through the dorm when hears noise from one of the bedrooms and approaches it to eavesdrop-

Lay: Jongdae-ah, how big do you want this D~?

Chen: The bigger the better.

*insert Xiu’s X-rated imagination bubble*

Xiumin: -gasps, barges into the room- What is happening here?!

Lay: What…-disappointed stare and poutty lips- Hyung, you’ve ruined the surprise!

Chen: -groans and throws ‘Happy Birthday’ banner onto the ground-

EXO Reacts To Showing Their Shy S/O Affection

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You were sitting next to him on the couch at the dorm watching a movie with the rest of the members.

Chen decided that he was going to lay his head on your shoulder. Now normally you would be comfortable with this sign of affection but you were with the rest of EXO and it just seemed… weird.

“What are you doing?” You gasped at him.

He looked at you, “Nothing.” He smiled.

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You were watching your boyfriend do an interview and during it the MC asked about your relationship. 

Your cheeks got hot when you watched the other members lean over to look at him. 

“Ah, she’s wonderful. She’s the best.” He said.

All the MC’s awe’d and coo’d as you blushed from your side of the screen.

 “Why don’t you blow her a kiss huh?” The lady asked

He smiled and did it, your face got even hotter and you turned off the tv quickly, hoping no one saw it.

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This gif has nothing to do with this but can we just… holy fuck!

You were in the dorm when all of the sudden Xiumin walks up behind you and back hugs you.

You froze and blushed when you heard the boys holler and hoot.

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You were sitting on the couch with your legs draped over Lay’s lap.

All of a sudden he leaned over and kissed you on your nose.

He noticed the heat that reached your cheeks and smirked.

“Don’t be shy, baobei.”

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He wanted you to sing for him so he grabbed a guitar and started playing. 

When you finally got comfortable and actually started to be confident in your singing, you caught him looking at you admirably.

“You’re beautiful, jagiya.”

You blushed and he chuckled, looking away.

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He’d giggle and blush at your own blush-iness.

“Jagiya, you’re so cute!” He cheered.

You rolled your eyes and pouted, “Whatever, shut up.”

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“How are you so cute?” He asked, pinching your cheeks as you couldn’t stop smiling from the sudden action of affection.

“Aish, y/n. What am I gonna do with you?”

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He looked at you in awe as you hid your face after he kissed your hand.

“What is this beautiful perfection? It makes me want to cry.”

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“You are adorable, jagiya but don’t forget, I will always be the master at aegyo.”

EXO Scenario: Seeing you in a swimsuit


Kai: Your new one piece red swimsuit is sexy as hell. The cleavage goes down until your bellybutton. As you walk into the room, his eyes can’t stop staring at you. In a matter of seconds you could see him turned on. 
“You knew red was my favourite colour. But… You.. in red.. Is a huge different thing.”

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Kris: When you take off your dress in front of everyone in the beach, in a matter of seconds his faced changed to a confused/horny/happy face.

“What are you trying to do here?”

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Chanyeol: You go running to pool and jump in. He follows you. As he hugs you, both of you wet, your lips touching softly as you hear the drops of water falling from your bodies. Slowly his hands go to your back unbuttoning your bikini top. He smiles:

“I think you look better without it”

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Sehun: The fitting room is cold as f*ck. You’re trying this new swimsuits and the ac can’t be any lower. 
Y/N: Sehunniiie, can you come here for second
When he enters the room, he licks his lips and pushes you against the wall. One hand strongly holds your hips, and the other your face.

Damn girl”

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Tao: Just when you finished shopping, you arrived home and asked Tao to wait in your bedroom with his eyes covered. As soon as he went there, you put your new sexy black swimsuit on. When you enter the room, he stares at you for more than a minute without moving. Suddenly he stands up. He walks towards you, grabs your arms and flips you towards the door to take a better look at your ass.

“This is all, every piece of you, mine”

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Baekhyun:  While you’re practising your new routine, you put your new swimsuit with a tiny short you bought some days ago to watch yourself working out. When Baek sees you all covered in sweat, he grabs you with his arms like a princess and puts you on your bed. 
When he takes your shorts off, he takes a good look at your new swimsuit. 
“If you want… we can take this to the shower”

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Zhang Yixing: 
Y/N: “I’m going to look so fat ” - You take your bikini out of the plastic bag and show him.
Lay: “Why do you say that? I bet you’ll look sexy as you always do.”

When you go to your bedroom with the swimsuit, as you try it on, you start again with the self esteem thoughts. Why couldn’t you look at yourself and think, i look good, sexy or just something positive?

“Baby?” - You heard Lay whispering as he opened the door.  When he looked at you, he could see your eyes almost crying. 
With his strong arms he hugged you, and look at you once more. 
“You do understand that I couldn’t possibly love you more? Stop thinking about those stupid standards, you are the one I want. Every single part of you.”

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Minseok: When you walk towards the beach, Xiumin looks at you and realises that the fine silk you are wearing is see through. 
“Baby, i don’t want to worry you but, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”

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Suho: “Jagiya, can you please show me?” 
While he asked you to go to the room to show him the new bikini you bought, you tried to fix the bottom part. It was way too small and wedgy. 
Out of nowhere, Suho enters the bathroom. 
“Let me fix this”

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He grabs your ass, then your bottom bikini part and tears it apart while he kisses you roughly.
You look at him worried since it was brand new.
“Daddy will buy a new one”

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Kyungsoo: You were waiting for DO to arrive home after a few hours in the pool with your new beautiful swimsuit. When you heard the door closing, you walked out of the pool all wet to welcome him. 
DO: “Where are you baby? I’ve misse- He looked at you amazed. - Is..this..uhm..new?“
He takes off his shirt and pants as fast as possible and jumps to the pool with you.  

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Y/N: Can you help me tying this up babe? 
Chen: On my way!
He looks at you from behind from the top to the very bottom. When you hear him walking towards you he ties your swimsuit up as he whispers in your ear:
“It’ll be kinda hard to contain myself in front of everyone…”  You could feel his hard d*ck from behind, while he kissed your neck softly.

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Luhan: When he first looks at you he thinks about tearing it off and lick every single part of your wet body. After a few minutes looking, you realise he is staring with his mouth kinda open.
Y/N: Babe, are you ok? - He closes his mouth and looks back as if everything was alright.

Luhan: I’m perfect. Why? 
You discretely point his bulge and his face blushes 

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OH YAS. I’m back for more. Love you a lot, seriously, thank you all for the beautiful messages.

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Exo Reaction~ Spending A Day off together

Anonymous said:Helloooooo! I was wondering if I could request a reaction where the exo and their s/o have a day off and what they would do on their day off! I hope it makes sense! Your reactions are so cute 😊❤️



Baekhyun seems like the type to take his s/o to an amusement park on their day off. All so he could run around riding different rides together, and finding out new things about his s/o.



I feel like Chanyeol would be the type to have a lazy day with his s/o. A day where they would just be able to enjoy being in each other’s company. Lots of laid back ‘I love yous’ and little displays of affection, hugs, kisses, cuddles.

all the good stuff


 You would wake up to Chen playing with your hair, something that was unusual since he was usually at work by the time you woke up.

 “(Y/N), I’m off today, let’s go to the beach.”

 You would go along with Chen’s spontaneous plans, enjoying a day of playing in the ocean and running around in the sand with the guy you love.


 “Jagi, be ready in twenty, I’m taking you out.”

D.O. picked you up soon after, driving you to the local fair. The two of you ran around, playing the games, riding different rides, enjoying being in each other’s company.

 D.O. would love to treat you through a sweet date like this, showing you how much he loves you.



“Jagiiiii” Kai would whine. “Hurry up, I’m ready to go.”

 The two of you would later go to the local pet store where Kai would help you pick out an adorable little puppy because “you need someone to keep you company while I’m away.” The rest of the day would be filled with adorable pet- parent moments, while trying to decide on a good name for the new addition.


Since Lay had been given the day off, he wanted to do something different. He decided to take you hiking so the two of you could get outside and enjoy the change of scenery while being in each other’s company.

 “Yixing, the view is beautiful up here!” You said, smiling at Lay.

 “You’re an even more beautiful view.” He said, grinning at his cheesy comment




 I feel like Sehun would go for something simple like a boba tea date. The two of you would go out to get your boba, and walk around town together, snapping sweet pictures of each other, enjoying being able to spend the day together.




Suho hits me as the type to go out shopping with his s/o. The two of you would go to the mall, entering different stores until Suho spotted matching couple’s hats. He would insist on the two of you getting them, which didn’t take much convincing b/c he’s adorbs ok. It would be a simple date that would end with Suho being able to show his s/o how much he loves them.



 “No, Jagi, I have to work, I’ll see you afterwards.”

 You were a little disappointed, so you got up that morning and got ready, leaving to routinely run errands before returning home. Upon entering the house, you noticed that the lights were dimmed. When you walked into the living room, Xiumin stood there, a smile painted on his sweet face. Behind him was a blanket fort, and a coffee table covered in snacks.

 “Xiumin, I thought you had to work.” You said, him bringing you into a hug.

 “Well I thought that you would enjoy a surprise rather than a normal date.” He replied, before kissing you sweetly.

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You check him out and he catches you (EXO OT12)

Xiumin: -he literally walked right over to you. When he saw you look over at him he smiled at first and you smiled right back then he decided to make his way over to you. He introduced himself and hoped for the best after that- “Hello, how are you? My name is Minseok what is your’s?”

Suho: -He thought it was weird because you did this everyday even though you looked at him all the time. He would still catch you staring. Laughing when you blushed he would always tell you that you didn’t have to look away- “you can look at me all you want baby no need to be all blushy”

Lay: -he saw you looking just as you looked away and when you looked back over at him. He was already looking at you and started waving childishly. He laughed when you did the same thing back to him before you began laughing- “hello random person”

Baekhyun: -he kept making faces everytime he saw you looking at him. You were staring and he was looking over at you constantly. He thought it was cute when you would look away and laughed before you would do it again- *gif*

Chen: -when you and him made eye contact he gave you a wave and you gave him one right back. So you then blushed and looked away from him. He thought you were really cute for being all shy even though you stared at him for awhile in public- “hello”

Chanyeol: -he felt eyes on him and when he searched to find them his eyes met your’s. You blushed and quickly looked down at your book you brought with you. He thought for a second before he decided to make his move to talk to you and try and get your number- *gif*

D.O -he blushed because when you stared at him he felt like the only person you had even done this too. When in fact you never really looked at any other guy but him this way- “please stop staring before I turn bright red”

Kai: -he just stared right back at you but he was spaced out so he really didn’t know you or him were staring at eachother until you snapped him back into reality after a few minutes- *gif*

Sehun: -he gave you a smirk as he and you made eye contact. He then watched you blush and look away quickly. He knew he had a power over you and he didn’t even know your name yet- *gif*

Kris: -you and him were out on a date and when he wasn’t looking you kept looking at him, hoping he would hold your hand. So when he looked at you he smiled and slid his hand nicely into your’s. You didn’t know if he got it from the look or not but you were happy to be holding his hand- *gif*

Luhan: -he was in the middle of doing something weird when you and him made eye contact and he kinda froze unsure of what he should say or do. So you both sat there for a few not saying anything- *gif*

Tao: -he thought he had done something wrong because he had caught you more than once glancing at him. So after this time of catching you, he found out you were just looking because you found his thinking face attractive- “did I do something wrong?”

Exo’s reaction when you want to cuddle

Xiumin: *you walk around your apartment looking for your boyfriend Xiumin who you find sitting at the table in the kitchen glued to his laptop* 

y/n: Xiumin I’ve had a bad day come cuddle with me please. 

Xiumin: Ok jagi, I’ll be with you in a second *blows a kiss cutely in your direction* 

Lay:*can’t help but smile because of how cute you are* 

Kai: *to busy eating to notice you’re talking to him*

Suho: *you call him from the bedroom and when he enters the room you’re curled up in a ball on the bed* 

y/n: *wide eyed* can you come cuddle with me 

*without saying a word jumps into the empty spot next to you and buries you in his arms*

Kyungsoo:*refuses at first but gives in when you give him your cute eyes, and when you two get comfortable he starts to probably enjoy it more than you*



Chen: *it was his idea*

Jagi, come cuddle, I’m cold

Kris:*you waddle over to him tiredly and tug on his sleeve to get his attention*

y/n: can you come cuddle me for a while please?

Kris: no, you had cuddles yesterday plus I’m busy at the moment

y/n:*you use your quiet but high pitched voice to try and persuade him to do as you asked* but I’ve had such a long day and I’m tired, please, only for a little while

Kris: *groans* fine but only this one last time  

Chanyeol:*doesn’t take much to get Chanyeol to cuddle with you, and when you two are comfy his long arms act as your blanket and he kisses the top of your head lightly as the two of you start to drift to sleep*

Baekhyun:*enters the apartment and sees you curled up on the couch drifting to sleep*

y/n: *you notice him looking over at you and you open your arms to him* Cuddle me, please

Baekhyun: *gif*

Luhan:*you find him in the living room watching tv and you sit on the couch next to him*

y/n: can you come cuddle with me, we haven’t cuddled properly in ages

Luhan:*picks you up and carried you to bed and engulfs you in cuddles*

Sehun: *he find you asleep on your bed and decides to try and cuddle you without waking you. This fails miserably and when you look at him with a pissed off expression he does aegyo to cheer you up before burying his face in the crook of your neck and going back to cuddling you*


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Exo’s Reaction to finding out you’re related to one of the members

Thanks to both Anons for requesting! And thanks for supporting and loving our blog. We hope you enjoy this reaction :)


*He’d have to think about it for a bit until he actually sees Luhan and sees the resemblance between you two.*


*When Xiumin walks in and you call him Oppa (older brother), Luhan immediately looks at him and with a surprised face looks back at you.*

Luhan: “You and Xiumin… are…are you guys siblings?”


*He wouldn’t believe you at all because you and Tao were totally opposites and you guys didn’t even look like you were related.*




*He would be really confused because you and Suho looked nothing alike so he’d think you guys were messing with him. But after you guys prove to him that you two were actually related, he would be happy and excited.*

Lay: “Why didn’t you tell me before? Suho, you have an amazing and beautiful sister and don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.”


*After you tell him that Chen was you’re brother, he would go to Chen and actually ask him if you guys were related. Then after Chen tells him that you guys were, he would look back at you.*

Baekhyun: “Oh shit… Kkaebsong…”


*You acted just like Baekhyun so when you told him that you guys were siblings he wasn’t surprised because you guys were very alike.*

Chen: “tsk, I already figured that out. You two act the same but to be honest that’s why I like you.” *gives you a flirty smile*


*He’d keep his distance from Kyungsoo and try not to bother him too much. But he’d also ask questions about you to Kyungsoo and would probably glare at him a few times to see if you guys looked alike.* (pretend that Baek is DO)


*Kyungsoo would just look at Chanyeol and then back at you and would probably not care at all that you guys were related.*


*At first he wouldn’t believe that you and Kris were related but then after staring at both of you for awhile, he would realize that you two actually look a lot alike.*

Tao: “Wow, you two really are related!”


*After finding out that you’re Sehun’s sister, he would sometimes stare at him and try to figure out if you guys actually are related or if you guys look alike.*


*He’d be really surprised and would just start laughing because you and Kai didn’t even act like siblings.*

If you guys have any request, please feel free to send them in :)

EXO reacting to their gf walking around the house in her panties

overdosedlittlepieceofshit01“Can u do Exo reacting to their gf walking around the house in her panties , and thank so much” 

A/N: This is literally my first reaction >~< So forgive me if it’s a bit stupid and unprofessional xD Here you go love! I hope this is what you wanted! If not then please don’t hesitate to tell me! xxx :D

*GIFS are not mine*


D.O.: Kyungsoo was quietly leaned over on the kitchen island sipping on his coffe, when you suddenly walk in the kitchen in your panties. As you walk past him towards the fridge his gaze would follow your every movement like a hawk. You open the fridge and pull out a slice of leftover pizza from yesterday. While you grabbed a plate you felt two pairs of eyes staring at you intensely. You turn your head back to see Kyungsoo staring at you. 

“Um… Is there something wrong Kyungsoo?” You asked him as he then smiled blushing a bit. 

“Nothing, I was just thinking of how beautiful you look.” He said smiling ever so brightly.

Suho: It was the middle of the night when you decided to take off your pajama pants because it was kind of hot that night. When you’re about to go back to bed, you noticed that Suho wasn’t in the bed. Then you heard loud noises coming from the kitchen. Startled you ran in the closet and grabbed the bat for protection. At times like this you were wondering where the hell was your boyfriend… As you slowly open the door, you began to tiptoe towards the kitchen. When you make it you hid against the wall and take a deep breath before screaming and ran in the kitchen. You immediately stop and slowly lower the bat when you see your boyfriend Suho eating ice cream. He stared at you shocked as he took a mouthful of ice cream and stared at you amazed. 

“Jagi, you look amazing…” He said as you roll your eyes and walk back to your bedroom. 

Chen: You were in the bathroom blow drying your hair while dancing to Love Me Right, even though you dance it awfully, you still liked to dance it. You were wearing one of your boyfriends sweater and one of your favorite panties, which were also his. As you kind of flip your hair for the fun of it you heard a deep chuckle behind you. You immediately stop and spun around to see Chen leaning against the door smirking at you. 

“Why do I feel so aroused looking at you wearing my sweater and one of my favorite panties of yours…?” He said biting his lip lower lip slightly. “But you look better without any of them…” He said all flirty raising one of his eyebrows suggestively. 

A/N: This one is a bit fluff (///w///)

Kai: You and your boyfriend Kai were getting ready to go out for dinner to celebrate your three years together as a couple. As Kai was in the bathroom doing his hair, you were torn between two dresses that you liked very much. You stared at the two dresses placed on your bed intensely with your arms crossed. Then you felt two arms hug you from behind. Kai kisses your neck and sighs. 

“You look beautiful Jagi…” he whispered in your ear as you giggle slightly. You turn around and wrap your arms around his neck smiling. 

“But I’m not dressed yet.” You said as he slightly shakes his head staring into your eyes. 

“I don’t really care if your dressed or not. To me your beautiful dressed and undressed…” he said kissing your forehead. You felt yourself melting in his arms and felt like crying. You look up at him and smile. 

“How about we skip dinner and just stay here cuddling?” You asked him as he smiled ever so brightly and nodded. 

“Yes, I like the sound of that… And I also like what you’re wearing…” He whispered kissing your neck sweetly. 

“Kai, I am technically not wearing anything special besides my black bra and panties.” You said chuckling. He kisses your neck one more time and pulls away smirking. 

“I know that, but I just love seeing you in your panties…” He said his hand traveling down to your butt squeezing them slightly. You giggle and shake your head. 

“Getting bold are we? I thought you wanted to cuddle?” You asked as he began to slowly push you down to the bed. 

“I changed my mind.” He said smiling mischievously leaning down to kiss your lips.

Luhan: *The Gif says it all xD*

Baekhyun: You were preparing some snacks to watch a movie with your boyfriend in one of his t-shirts and your panties. Baek was currently taking a shower. After a few more minutes you finish the snacks you went to the living room and placed the snacks on the coffee table. Then you walked to the TV and slightly bend over to grab a Movie in your favorite stack collections. That’s when you hear a phone snapping a picture. You quickly turn around and see Baekhyun with his phone in hands beginning to smile but then turns his face embarrassed. 

Tao: When you walk towards the living room you heard Tao gasp loudly. You stop and turn your head back to look at him. 

“What are you wearing?” Tao asked shocked. You give him a puzzled look and then look at yourself. 

“Um- a sweater and panties…” You said looking at him confused as he gave you a disappointing look. 

“You shouldn’t wear that.” He said as you raise an eyebrow at him. 

“Why? It’s not the first time-”

“You should wear Gucci panties, because those are a no no.” He said as you look at him shocked and then shake your head wanting to laugh.

“I don’t think such a thing exists.” You said as he scoffs. 

“Of course they do! You really don’t have no sense of style Jagi.” He said as you chuckle under your breath. 

Kris: While you were cleaning around the house in your panties, Kris eyes would follow your every move intensely waiting very patiently for you to finish cleaning so that he could make you his and punish you for not wearing proper clothes while he was trying to concentrate on his lines for a new drama.

Xiumin: You just got home from a very busy day at work and you were deadly exhausted. You just wanted to take all of your clothes off and cuddle with your boyfriend while you watched a movie together. And that’s what you did. As you enter the house you put your bag on the floor and take your blouse off along with your skirt. You begin to walk towards your bedroom when you see Xiumin on the couch watching a movie. You smile and tiptoe towards the living room. Then you casually sit on the couch and cuddle Xiumin. You look up at him and he had a chocolate bar on his mouth. He stared at you expressionless while his eyes lingered on your body. Then he snaps a piece of the chocolate in his mouth roughly and you swallow hardly knowing that you have awoken Daddy Xiumin…

Chanyeol: It was Chanyeol’s birthday and you wanted to surprise him by wearing the new panties that you bought. Since he loves seeing you in your panties you thought it was perfect. He loves it most when your wearing white. He says you look like an angel… As you heard his car pull up in the driveway you let your curls loose and adjust your bra as well as your panties. You look around to see if everything was well prepared to the white and red roses on the floor to the bed and candles. Then you grab the birthday cake you bought for him and wait in front of the door. As the doors lock clicks open, he begins to open the door slowly and walk in. That’s when you felt like your soul left you body… Your eyes fall on the rest of the EXO members with Chanyeol. They all stare at you utterly shocked as Chanyeol’s jaw drops open. Then Chanyeol panics as he realizes that the members are here and staring at his beautiful girlfriend. He then gives Suho his car keys and begins to push the members out the door and yelling to get out and that they should forget that this ever happened. As he slams the door shut he quickly covers his face embarrassed and laughs at how surprised and embarrassed he is at the same time. 

“Oh my God Jagi! You look so beautiful! Just like an Angel!” He said quickly walking towards you smiling ever so brightly his eyes gleaming excitedly. You wanted to shout at him for bringing the guys, but let it go when you see how happy he is. 

Lay: You were practicing your dance routines for a dance choreography that you and your friends were going to cover. The song was ‘Lose my Breath’ by Destiny’s Child. Even if it was an old song it would never lose it’s popularity in your opinion. Lay and you came to an agreement to make a small dance mirror studio in your house so that you could practice your dance routines when you have time. As you grunt slightly at how tight your jeans feel from the movements you decided to take them off, staying in your panties and your grey sweater. You then begin to practice when you see Lay through the mirror leaning against the door staring at you with a smirk. You turn around and he walks towards you. 

“I see you’re practicing hard today.” He said teasingly tilting his head towards your jeans. You blush and shrug. 

“I-It was getting hot and they were getting uncomfortable…” You said as he nods. He stares at you with intense eyes as he stood in front of you. 

“Let’s play a game…” he said as you give him a puzzled look.

“What kind of game?” You asked him. 

“Let’s dance to the song and whoever forgets a step has to take off a piece of their clothes.” he said his smirk growing wider. 

“That’s not fair! I only have two pieces of clothes!” You said pouting. He smiles mischievously.

“That’s what makes it fun…” he said as you shake your head.

“You don’t even know the dance steps-”

“I’ve seen you dance it for like five times, that’s more than enough for me to learn the steps well.” he said smirking, you stare at him slightly shocked as he made a short dance step, that looked like a challenge *GIF* “Let’s see if you can keep up.” 

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Sehun: You were mopping the floor in a white tank top and your black lace panties. Since cleaning without music is such a drag, you grabbed your headphones and phone. Music made things better, even cleaning. As you tuck your phone in between your breasts so that it wouldn’t fall, the song “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld started to play. You would sway your hips slightly and give a short jump while listening to the song. You shake your head slightly to the sides as you sang one of your favorite lines in the song. You would use the mop as a microphone while dancing like if you were a pop star.

“I know how to scream my own name, scream my name…” As you took a deep breath and closed my eyes to sing the next lines, the song suddenly stopped playing. You shot your eyes open and see Sehun staring at you. Well he came early today…You look down and saw that he disconnected your headphones. You open your mouth to complain, when he takes your headphones off and took the mop away from your hands. 

“What are you singing?” He asked. You swallow hard as he slightly glared lustful daggers at you.

“L-Love myself… By Hailee Steinfeld…” 

“Why are you singing it?” He asked.

“B-because I like the song…?” You said as he looked at you up and down. 

“Why do you want to love yourself when you have me to do that Y/N.” He said coming closer. You take a sharp intake of breath as he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you closer to him. “Why do you want to scream your name when you can scream mine…?” He said sexily as he slightly thrust his hips at you. He then leans closer to your face and began to kiss your jaw as you shiver slightly. “I see you’re wearing the panties I bought you, Jagi…” He whispered against your jaw. “You look good…” he whispered before pulling back and stared at your lips. He then looks at you in the eyes and licks his lips, biting them. “But you would look better without them…”

EXO react to seeing you during your dance practice

 Aw, thank you so much! Your English is perfect anon, thank you for requesting

Baekhyun: “That was really impressive,”

Chanyeol: “I hope you didn’t mind me watching you,”

Chen: “Damn, she’s good,”


Y/N: “Oh..hey. I was..erm..I was just practising,”

D.O: “I saw. You’re amazing,”

Kai: “I’ve seen you dance, and I love your style. I was wondering if you’d like to work on something together? I’d love to see what else you can do,”

Kris: *Claps*

Y/N: “Wait, did you just see that?”

Kris: “Yeah, you’re amazing,”

Lay: *Memorised*

Luhan: *Starts a dance battle with you*

Sehun: “That’s the best dancing I’ve ever from a female at SM. Wow,”

Suho: *Notices you’re doing the Growl choreography so copies when he walks past*

Tao: “Wow, you’re really good..”

Xiumin: *Joins in whilst watching*

Another Member Kisses You While You’re Dating Him

I’m gonna do it like, he’s always been suspicious of ____ liking you, then he sees ____ try to kiss you. (Just going in alphabetical order).



Chanyeol, I just don’t-” You start to say while backing away, but he smashes his lips onto yours. You immediately pull away, but right when you do, Baekhyun walks in.

What the hell’s going on?” He yells angrily, staring right at you. You start to explain yourself, then Chanyeol interrupts. “Calm down man.” He says to Baekhyun.

He slowly turns his head to look at Chanyeol, then shoves his finger in his face. “If you ever-” He starts, walking closer and closer to Chanyeol. “-Go near her again, there’s going to be a very big problem.


Chen, no-” You say as he pushes you up against a wall. “I really like you..” He whispers, attempting to kiss you.

You hear footsteps come up from behind you, then feel yourself being lifted up forcefully. “Don’t touch my girlfriend.” Chanyeol mutters to Chen angrily. He stares at Chen for a few seconds before saying “You are dead to me..


No, I really don’t like you like that.” You say to D.O. as he stares deeply into your eyes. You turn your face away, but then he grabs your chin and forcefully kisses you.

What the actual fuck is this!?” Chen yells as he walks into the room. D.O. pulls away, but smirks, staring at an angry Chen. “I knew you always liked her like that you piece of shit..” Chen says walking toward him.

Chen, it didn’t mean anything-” You start to say as you lightly try to push him away. “Fuck this, I’m going to beat the shit out of you.” Chen says to D.O. and moves you away.


Kai, I understand, but I can’t return your feelings for me..” You say as Kai confesses. He nods, but attempts to give you just one kiss to try to change your mind. You push him away forcefully, and as you do, Kyungsoo walks in.

Did I just see what I think I saw?” He asks, looking at you with hurt eyes. “No, I was-” You start, but Kai interrupts. “I like her, a lot. Probably just as much as you.

D.O. stares at Kai with sad eyes and purses his lips. “That is just too bad Kai, because you can’t have her. She is my girlfriend, don’t even try to compare your love to my love for her because I am utterly in love with this woman. If I see you with her like this ever again, my anger will not be pleasant for you.

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(I’m doing Luhan for Kai cause there’s literally a perfect gif for it)

Luhan had just kissed you, without even letting you react, when Kai walked outside. Kai tells you to go inside, so you do.

Listen here,” Kai says grabbing Luhan by the coat and pushing him up against a wall roughly. “I know that you like my girlfriend, but you don’t just go and kiss her. She is mine, not yours, and you didn’t even ask how she felt. That is no way to treat a woman, forcing yourself onto them. You’re scum.


As Lay leans closer to you, you take a step back and hit the wall. “I’m sorry but I just can’t-” You say but get stopped as he presses his lips to yours.

Yixing, get the fuck out.” Kris says as he walks into the room, looking not impressed at all. There is no surprise on Kris’ face, only anger. “Look, I know you like her, but if you do something like that again, you’re done. So, get out of here before I do something too bad.

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Sehun had you pinned to a wall, his arms on both sides of you. “I really do like you..” He says as he gets closer. As soon as his lips land on yours, you shove him roughly away.

What the hell!” Lay yells from behind Sehun. He turns around to look at a pissed off Yixing. “You’ve got to be kidding me, you would do this to me?!” 

It’s not like that.. I really like her, I couldn’t control myself..” Sehun says backing away.

You may have the looks, the voice, and even the moves, but the one thing I will make sure that you never have, is my girlfriend.” Lay shouts in Sehun’s face.

Protective Yixing is making me feel things


Suho grabs your arm as you walk past him, and spins you to look at him. “You can’t just tell me you don’t like me!” He says leaning in closer, as if it was a game to him.

I’m being serious, I don’t like you in that way, not one bit!” You yell. Suho grabs your face and kisses you. As soon as he does, you hear Luhan’s voice from behind you.

Get the fuck away from her.

Suho moves away and stares at Luhan with wide eyes. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I just-

I don’t want to hear it. I have no words to say to you, get out.


Tao grabs you roughly, placing his lips onto yours. It caught you off guard, coming out of nowhere.

You have three seconds to get the hell out of this house before I hurt you.” Sehun says, his voice intimidating and deep.

1..” He starts. “2..” He yells, pointing at the door. Tao slowly starts to walk out, while saying that he is sorry.

Sehun raises an eyebrow and rolls his eyes. “Get the fuck out.


You were outside, waiting for Suho to come back out from inside, when Xiumin walks outside and sits next to you.

Hey!” You say smiling as he sits down. He looks at you with a serious look on his face, then puts his hand on the back of your head to pull you to him. “Xiumin, no-

I knew something like this was bound to happen!” Suho yells, running over. He takes off his sweater and tells Xiumin to stand up.

Just because you like her, doesn’t mean you can go around touching my girl.

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Kris kisses you roughly, catching you super off guard. You push him away as hard as you can, but he pushes forward, shoving you up against a wall. You feel his mouth on yours again, but then he is shoved away from you.

You watch as Tao pins Kris up against the wall. “You’re an absolute piece of shit.” He yells. “Why the hell would you do that?

I like her so much.. I just-” “Did you think I was going to just let you go after doing something like that to my girlfriend?


No!” You yell at Baekhyun as he tries to kiss you. “I don’t like you like that, I love Xiumin!” 

I don’t care, I like you so much! You just don’t understand!” He says back.

She loves me, not you.” Xiumin says coming up behind Baekhyun. “So back the hell off before I beat the crap out of you.” 


Here’s the completed schedule! YAYAYAYAY!!!! :DDDD We made 6 texts each day, 3 each! ^^ Everything was posted in the order we received them as always! Thank you to everyone that requested! We hope you all enjoyed the texts and wait patiently for the next time we open requests!!!! :DDDD



  • Beagle line + Kai when you wear their shirt (X)
  • Baekhyun when you fangirl over his Monster solo (X)
  • OT9 when they text you early in the morning that they have the day off(X)
  • Sehun, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol when you’re home sick (X)
  • OT9 when they overhear you singing (X)
  • Chanyeol and Xiumin when you walk in on the singing Beauty and the Beast (X)


  • Luhan and Xiumin when they find your old tumblr blog (X)
  • OT9 when they find out you make YouTube videos (X)
  • OT9 being encouraging when you have anxiety (X)
  • Chanyeol when he’s jealous (X)
  • OT9 finding baby clothes and thinking you’re pregnant (X)
  • Baekhyun, D.O, Xiumin and Suho when they find you crying because they died in a movie (X)


  • OT9 after you keep losing in EXORUN as their character (X)
  • Beagle line is concerned because you’re locked in your room (X)
  • Yixing when he’s home alone and gets “excited” (X)
  • Beagle line + Sehun when they find out EXO wasn’t your original bias group (X)
  • EXO M forgetting your anniversary because of work (X
  • Xiumin, Luhan, Baekhyun and Chanyeol when they find out you used to ship Xiuhan and Chanbaek (X)


  • Yandere!Chanyeol (X)
  • Beagle line spamming you w/ memes and jokes (X)
  • Yixing, Kai, and Sehun after you break your wrist at a dance off (X)
  • OT9 New Year’s away from each other (X)
  • Jongdae, Sehun and Chanyeol finding a stash of pictures on your phone(X)
  • D.O, Suho Xiumin and Chanyeol when you try to make nice dinner but fail(X)


  • Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun and Kyungsoo when they see you lost in thought (X)
  • Xiumin when he finds out you’re perfect for him (X)
  • OT9 setting you up with Yixing (X)
  • Suishy Kyungsoo when you compliment his new movie (X)
  • Baekhyun after you wrongly send him a picture of his abs (X)
  • Sassy Sehun with sassy Y/n (X)


  • OT9 when you fangirl over For Life/Lose Control (X)
  • Beagle line when you’re on your period (X)
  • OT12 proposing (X X)
  • Baekhyun and Chanyeol “needy” (X)
  • OT9 when they get in trouble (X)
  • Xiumin and Chanyeol find out you’re past your bedtime ft.Chen and Baekhyun (X)


  • OT12 when you’re afraid of fireworks (X X)
  • OT12 when their pregnant wife walks out into the cold after an argument(X X)
  • OT9 hears you yell at the TV cause you die in video games (X)
  • Yixing, Chen, Chanyeol when they’re stressed and say things they regret later (X)
  • Suho when he forgets your date together (X)
  • OT9 find out you sleep talk (X)


  • OT9 accidentally out your relationship in an interview (X)
  • OT9 after you tell them you want to quit your job to become a Disney princess (X)
  • OT9 worried when you lock yourself in the bathroom (X)
  • Chanyeol forgets your birthday (X)
  • OT9 when they miss your southern accent (X)
  • OT9 watching Friends (X)


  • Yandere!OT12 (X X)
  • OT9 after they find out you have a tattoo of their symbol (X)
  • OT12 accidental nudes (X X)
  • OT9 setting you up with Xiumin (X)
  • Sehun taking jokes too far (X)
  • OT12 buying you lingerie (X X)


  • Suho cheering you up after a breakup (X)
  • Sehun, Chen, Xiumin, and Suho when you accidentally send him a text missing him (X)
  • Sehun, Chen and Suho sending cheesy pickup lines but you are already together (X)
  • OT12 suggest you move in together via your pets (X X)
  • OT12 sulk after you beat them in video games (X X)
  • OT9 when you have a sugar rush (X X)


  • Sehun, Baekhyun and Kai when they say something they don’t mean due to stress (X)
  • OT12 when you accidentally confess(X X)
  • OT12 Little Mix lyric prank (X X)
  • Best friend OT9 when you’ve been cheated on (X)
  • OT12 when you choke on a potato(X X)
  • OT12 asking you about your home country (X X)
  • Kris when gf spams him with weird af texts (X)



EXO Reaction: their s/o coming home stressed from work and requesting a joint bubble bath *Requested*


Being the leader of a group with so many overly active boys he knew how stressful work could be. When you came home and almost immediately sighed and ran your hands through your hair, he’d know it had been a long day for you. He would smile at you and wait for you to say something first. When looked up at him and asked him to take a bubble bath together, he’d nod happily and run to the bathroom to prepare it. As you two got ready to get into the bath, he’d start joking around a bit, trying to cheer you up. If you didn’t tell him to stop, he’d take it as a sign to go on and try more things to make you laugh and take some of your stress away. When he stayed quiet for a while, you would lean against his strong chest and just listen to him breathing. His hand would find his way to your hair and gently pet it, making you completely forget your stress for a while.


When you opened the door you would hear him calling out your name from the kitchen. He would immediately ask you why you looked so tired. When you told him you were stressed and that all you wanted was a bubble bath with him, he’d wiggle his eyebrows suggestively and chuckle. You’d punch him softly but he would just laugh, already grabbing your hand to pull you towards the bathroom. He’d tease you a lot for asking for a bubble bath together, doing suggestive things but in a way that left you laughing until your stomach hurt. When you two had calmed down a bit he helped you wash your back and even gave you a  shoulder massage, letting you know that he was there to support you no matter what.


Sehun would complain about being stressed too when you told him you were. He stopped when he saw you didn’t think it was funny though, allowing you to tell him off before sighing dramatically. He’d smile when you pouted and asked him to run you a bath. He would try to complain about it at first, but when you rubbed your temples and told him you just wanted to enjoy a nice bath with him he quickly shut up and smirked. That expression stayed there until you two were actually in the bath. You were about to ask him why he was so quiet, but the moment you opened your mouth you felt his arms around your waist, gently pulling you closer. He would place a soft kiss on your head before allowing you to doze off in his arms, relaxing in the warm water.


Kai would be happy when you came home, but once he saw your facial expression he was worried. He was careful not to do anything to annoy you, unsure of what to do. When you asked him to join you for a bubble bath he blushed slightly, but then smiled. He’d give you a quick kiss before running a bath.  Once in the bath he gently pulled you against him and softly massaged your sides as he allowed you to rant about your day. He would tell you it would be better tomorrow and you would nod, smiling at him as you sighed with your eyes shut.


He would walk into the hallway when he heard you drop your bag on the floor. He would smile and ask how you were, noticing your stress. You asked him for a bath and he’d agree immediately, smiling at you as he took you to the bathroom. He helped you undress and once you were in the warm water, he’d ask you to tell him how your day had been. You’d feel his hands rubbing your legs first, slowly going higher and higher. You’d start stumbling on your words and he’d chuckle. You’d feel less stressed, but your body would tense a little bit, knowing that Minseok would help you relax in a different way than you had expected when you asked for the bath. You leaned into his touch slightly as you turned to look at him, your eyes meeting as his lips found yours.


Once you had closed the door behind you, you felt Chanyeol’s long arms hug you tight. You could basically feel his smile as he welcomed you home. He’d anticipate you smiling back, but when you freed yourself after a few seconds and walked off to the living room he’d frown and follow you. He would ask if you were okay, grabbing your hand and not letting go until you’d answered him. When you told him you had a stressful day and asked him to run a bubble bath for the both of you, he’d blush and cover his face. A giggle escaped  his lips as he went to the bathroom immediately. When you sat in the tub and told him about your day he’d pout. “I will come with you tomorrow and kick everyone’s ass.”


Kyungsoo would look at you when you walked in, smiling slightly. You’d smile back but he’d see you were not in a good mood. He would stand up and walk over to you, helping you with your coat while he waited for you to say something. When you ran your hands through your hair and asked for a bubble bath, he’d understand you needed some relaxation. He would make a quick but loving gesture to make you smile before going to the bathroom. He’d run the bath when you two got in he’d carefully ask you about your day, stroking your arms a few times before taking your hands and intertwining your fingers. He’d listen to your stories and hold you until you weren’t that stressed anymore.


Yixing would smile at you when you came home, standing up to give you a hug. But when he saw your face, he knew you didn’t feel that well. He would ask if you were okay and keep doing that until you shut him up with a kiss. He smiled at you, his eyes sparkling and his cheeks flushed slightly. When you asked him to take a bubble bath with you he agreed, wanting to do everything he could to help you relax a bit. He hold your hand and rub small circles while he listened to you, nodding understandingly.


When you opened the door you heard him calling out to you in a whiney tone. When you made your way to the living room you were met by an excited Baekhyun. You smiled shortly before dropping your bag on the floor and sighing. He asked you what was wrong, but instead of answering you just asked him to run a bath for the two of you. When you two were undressed and ready to go into the hot water, Baekhyun looked up at you. When he saw your face he grinned and reached out his hand. You tried to stop him, but he started poking you until you couldn’t do anything but laugh. He helped you into the tub and pressed a kiss to your shoulder. His hands rubbed over your thighs comfortingly as he playfully bit your neck, making you giggle again. You turned around and looked at him before gently kissing him, knowing he’d help you relax completely.


Kris would not really know what to do at first when you came home that stressed. He’d follow you around the house until you turned around to look at him. You told him you were stressed and needed a bath, preferably with him, and he’d nod calmly although he was freaking out inside. He ran the bath and waited for you to start undressing first, making sure you knew what you were doing. When he sat with you in the bath and you asked him to wash your back he’d be super clumsy and careful, making you smile. He’d be gentle and wouldn’t say a lot to try avoiding making it awkward.


Zitao would be whining when you told him you wanted a bath with him, but inside he was very happy that you trusted him and that you thought he could help you relax. He would run the bath and be in it before you were even in the bathroom, then whining about you not being fast enough. Once you were in there though, he would hold you close and press his forehead against your shoulder to hide his smile.  


Luhan would be a little bit sad to see you that stressed. When you asked him to take a bath with you he’d try to refuse and ask you to take the bath alone just because he didn’t want to say or do anything wrong to you, but when you told him you wanted to just be with him for a little bit he would agree. He would help you get into the bath with a gentle smile and then wait for you to say something. After you’d lean against him though, he’d ask you how your day had been, patiently listening to your rant as he started rubbing your upper arms.


I changed it a little bit because I thought it would be easier to include different members, but I included an extra reaction for D.O, I hope that’s okay :)


*He is sitting on your sofa when he hears a knock on the door and you open it letting in your brother Luhan, who locks eyes with Kai*

LH: “What are you doing in my sisters apartment?”

Y/N: “He is my boyfriend Luhan”

K: “Wait, Y/N, when were you going to tell me that he was your brother!”


*He is laying in bed when someone walks into the room and he knows it’s definitely not you buy the heaviness of the footsteps, he turns and it’s Chanyeol*

CY: “Sehun, what the hell are you doing here”

Y/N: “He is my boyfriend ”

SH: “Hang on, what’s going on here?”

Y/N: “Chanyeol is my brother”

SH: “Well damn, I hoped I would die peacefully but nope”


Y/N: “Chanyeol, I want you to meet my brother come over here!”

*He comes over and stares in shock*

Y/N: “Chan, this is Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo this is Cha…”

D.O: “Your dating my sister?!”

CY: “Well apparently so, but please don’t hit me”


*You were about to introduce Suho to your brother who seemed to be running late, but then there was a knock on the door and in walked Baekhyun*

BH: “Wait he is your boyfriend?”

S: “Excuse me, but “he” has a name and is also your hyung”

Y/N: “Wait, you know eachother?”

S: “Very much so.  Well isn’t this situation just wonderful”


*He was sitting in your house and had some nerves because you had said that your brother was a hard person to please, but you didn’t understand until you met him… again*

Y/N: “Baek, this is my brother, Kyungsoo”

BH: “What?, oh I get it your trying to get me back for that prank I pulled last week right?, please tell me that’s it jagi”

D.O: “Nope, that’s definitely not it”


*You had invited D.O to a family meal so he could meet them all for the first time, and it was going well until you introduced him to your brother*

KRIS: “D.O did you ever think to tell me that you were dating my sister”

D.O: “I didn’t know she was your sister!”

*He tries to avoid eye contact with Kris for the rest of the night”


*You have come over to the dorm for the first time to meet all of the boys, and Chen introduces you to them as his girlfriend, but you stop in your tracks as soon as you see Xiumin, as does he*

XM: “Wait, what, this is my sister, you are dating my sister!”

C: “What?, you never even mentioned a sister. Damnit”

*After seeing the looks he gets from Xiumin he starts planning how his death will probably end up*


Y/N: “Tao, this is Lay, he is my brother”


T: “You never told me you had a sister, wow this is awkward”


Y/N: “Wait, have you guys met before?”

L: “Well yeah, you could say that”

KAI: “Well I always said I would never introduce any of my sisters to one of my band members, but I guess if you were to pick one you picked the right one”


*Kris found out a while ago that you were Chen’s sister and even though Chen said he was okay with it, it wouldn’t stop him from giving Kris little wacks sometimes and making out like they were accidents*


*You walked into your apartment followed by your brother Tao, to find Luhan sitting on the sofa waiting for you on his phone as you said you needed to pop to the shops*

TAO: “What are you doing here?”

LH: “Um well this is my girlfriends apartment, what are you doing here?”

TAO: “Y/N, this is your boyfriend?”

LH: “Yes, why what’s it to you?”

TAO: “She is my sister”



*You and Xiumin are walking into a clothes shop when he sees Sehun, and he goes over to him whilst you are occupied with clothes*

XM: “Sehun!”

SH: “Hyung, hello are you here alone?”

XM: “Nope, I’m with my girlfriend”

SH: “Ooh let me see her”

*He brings Sehun over to you, leaving both you and SH with a confused look on your face*

XM: “Oh  wait do you two know eachother”

SH: “Yeah, that’s my sister”

*None of these GIFS are mine, credit to the owners*


Exo Reaction : Someone catcalling you (gf) in front of them
lexsaurus said:how would exo react to someone catcalling their gf


Exo reaction: when someone cat calls you (gf)

You are walking toward sehun dorm and knock when you see a group of guys walking by. You knock again to see sehun smirking as he opens the door. He pulls you close to him and then you hear a whistle.  Sehun looks at the guys , mad as he can be.

Sehun-“ I hope that was for me man cause I know that wasn’t for my girl. ”
Guy-“that was for her man, I ain’t like that”
Sehun-“oh that is funny cause I assumed you liked guys”
You smirk at the guy and hold onto sehun as they walk away. 

You and kai are walking to the studio , hand and hand when some guy whistle at you.
Guy-“hey baby give me a smile”
Kai-“oh hell no”

Kai starts to approach the guy and you hold him back. You wrap your arm around his waist ad he trys to get closer.
Kai-“ come back man , I’ll give you a smile." 
The guy walks away and you look at a smiling kai.
You-"are you okay? ”
Kai-“I’ll kill him, I know where he works” you smile and kiss his cheek
You-“my savior”

You and tao are in the grocery store , picking up things for your Christmas party. He is texting on his phone when I guy comes near you guys and whistle to you. 
Tao-“hey what the fuck man”

Tao grabs your hand and pulls you toward the guy. He taps the guy shoulder , and turned him around.
Tao-“ wanna whistle to her again ”
Guy-“woah man take it easy”
Tao-“oh I don’t take it easy" 

You and DO are walking in the park when some guy whistle at you. Do turns around and lets go of your hand.
DO-” Did you just whistle at my girlfriend 
You-“do calm down”
DO-“Come over here punk”.

You-“DO calm down ”

DO-“ No he will feel my wrath”.

You grab his hand and pull him to your body. Do wraps his hand around your waist. He kisses your forehead but pushes you off slowly.

DO-“ I’ll be back. Hey You come over here ,  you wanna say something to my girl you can say it to me.”


You and Chanyeol decided to go get some street food. As you are dodging photographers you hear some catcall you. Chanyeol looks around and sees a group of teenagers. Chanyeol looks at you , holds you closer to him , and kisses your cheek.

Chanyeol-“So who whistled at my girl like a dog?”

Chanyeol-“She isn’t a dog jerks”

The boys get a little scared and start to walk away. Chanyeol grabs your hand and pulls you close to him.

Chanyeol-“What losers”

You-“My hero” You both start to laugh and hug him.

Chanyeol-“I know I am great.”

You and chen are shopping for gifts for kris birthday when some group of guys cat call you. 
Guy-“hey baby”
Chen-“ what did you say man?”

Chen looks at you and winks
Chen-“daddy has to handle something”
You-“ew don’t call yourself daddy and do what ever you have to do baby”
Chen gives you a quick peck and walks up to the guys
Chen-“so which one whistled at my girl cause you can use your mouth to talk to me.”


Walking with baekhyun in the exo dorm you see a lot of other bands. Waving to the rest of exo you walk inside the elevator with baekhyun only to hear some make noise toward you.
?-“ oh yeah give me a smile”.

Baekhyun-“ ill knock you teeth out man! ”
You see baekhyun walk toward a unknown group as you hold onto him
Baehyun-“say something again ill knock your fake nose off”
You smirk as you to walk away , you kiss his cheek and hold onto his hand.
Baekhyun-“ Don’t forget it”

You and lay are carrying your groceries inside when someone starts to make kissy noise at you. Lay looks around and see a photographer making those noise.
Lay-“hey dude why would you do that?”

Lay-“she did nothing to deserve that now get a life and screw off”
Lay pushes the photographer and walks back to you. You hold on to your brave boyfriend and kiss him.
Lay-“ you okay , some people have no respect”.
Lay looks at a group of gather photographers and nod.
Lay-“anyone want to join him?”


Suho and you are walking hand and hand toward the mall when you hear whistles.  You look at steaming mad suho and turn around to see two teenage boys staring at you. You roll your eyes and grab suho harder but he looks at you , mad.
Suho- “i’ll handled this”

Suho hugs you and walks over to the boys they get serious and look back at you. Suho pokes one of thier chest as they walk away. You look at him in confusion but he shrugs.
Suho-“they learned there lesson.”

Kris and you are enjoying a great time near the lake when you hear kissing noises. You look at kris and as you cuddled into him more he gets up. He helps you up and looks at a man walking and starts to talk at him.
Kris-“Are you fucking kidding me !”

Kris winks at you but keeps yelling at the guy.
Kris-“yo bitch I am talking to you!”
You gasp and walk up to kris again
You-“hey baby it is okay”.
Kris-“Don’t screw with me man , I’ll chop you up!”

You and your sweet luhan were having a good time eating when someone walks up to the table and starts to cat call you.
Guy-“your hot baby”
Luhan-“you know you made a bad mistake man”.

Luhan drops his fork and stands up from the table. He looks at the guy and stands up , being taller than the guy he smirks.
Luhan-“get your tiny ass out of my girl face!”
The guy nods and walks away , Luhan puffs in anger .
Luhan-“why do you have to be pretty ?”

You and xiumin are walking downtown when a small group of teen are looking at you. You look a bit scared so xiumin grabs your closer. You smile and hold him close but his smile drops when he hears whistles.

Xiumin-“ i would close that small mouth of your before I beat the crap out of it”
The group looks confused at xiumin and he laughs.
Xiumin-“ I am not kidding, beat it!”
The guys friend walk away leaving you and xiumin alone again.
Xiumin-“ I got you baby”.

Oh Exo is so sexy when mad hehe
Please request I am still working on short stories