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What if this :

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This not going to go the way we think it’s going to go

“ cue Luke’s voice ”

You know when Luke was afraid of her power because she could BREAK a rock ?

WHAT IF in this scene she unleashes her powers like Ben accidentally did at Lukes academy ?

( just look at the destruction in the background )

And she if frightened and lost

AND WHAT IF in this scene Kylo is reaching for Rey to join him so he could help her control her power ?

Maz’s line in TFA about Rey finding her belonging not behind her, but ahead, is often interpreted to be about Luke.

But I pose here that this line was always about Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, and Rey finding her fate and place of belonging through him. 

The first important note is that when a main character answers an oracle’s question directly, that answer given is never the right answer – because the answer to the question is the journey the character must take, not the assumptions they make about that journey before it’s really begun. 

“You already know the truth… Whomever you’re waiting for on Jakku, they’re never coming back. But there’s someone who still could.”


But that’s the point of the oracle’s question: that the main character is not aware of the truth and their fate. If Rey really already knew the answer, what’s the point in telling her story – in making her take that journey? If not to discover the truth, her story is meaningless.

Also of note, when Rey answers, "Luke,” Maz does not respond that she is correct. She tells her to take the saber. To take her fate by her hands.

But Rey does not take it.

 Rey runs away into the forest. And who is the FIRST person she sees after that oracle encounter? Kylo Ren. 

That is storytelling 101, folks. It is foreshadowing 101. The answer is right before our eyes – including our main character, Rey’s – but if you’re not paying attention you assume instead that the answer is what Rey has assumed – when, in fact, the true answer is what is SHOWN, not told.

Rey even has a vision almost entirely of Kylo Ren before she meets him in the woods. 

In that vision, you’ll notice that Kylo is always positioned directly in front of Rey, as she tries to back away from him. She tries to run from him just as she tried to run from the saber. 

But in that vision Kylo Ren is NEVER positioned to be behind Rey, even as she runs from him – Daisy is intentionally directed to back away while facing him, so that he is always positioned in front of her (her fate is not behind her, but ahead). Even as she falls at the end of her vision, she is still looking toward where his figure stood before it fades. I believe this is symbolic of the oracle’s words.

“You imagine an ocean… I see it – I see the island.”

They eventually even share a moment where they “see an island” together, where the both of them will meet in TLJ. This is another moment where the Force is making the prophecy of the oracle come true – in due time, of course. Only those who pay close enough attention will catch on to this – otherwise, it will take until the end of the series, and a rewatching or two, to realize what JJ was showing us all along (for most audience members).

 And now we’re being shown a scene in the trailer of Kylo extending his hand in what is likely part of the climax of TLJ? 

This is a scene that is going to play out in juxtaposition and contrast to Rey and Kylo’s final snowy forest fight in TFA – the moment where he pleads, “You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the Force!”

In TFA, they were not yet at a point of understanding and mutual trust. They weren’t ready to partner up and fulfill that prophecy – that is something that can only come when both characters are ready to take that destiny and move forward with it.

In fact, they are even separated in that moment by the earth, which cracks beneath them and divides. But, here they also share a meaningful look which functions as foreshadowing of what’s to come when they finally meet again.

A divide like this implies it must be overcome. The space between them – the misunderstandings they have – must be closed before the prophecy can be fulfilled. I’m not saying this prophecy is one in a literal sense per se within the context of the story – although that may come to pass, too. But for the sake of this meta, this particular prophecy is presented in a more metaphorical sense through the archetypal “oracle’s” words – the words of Maz.

There is one direction this story has been heading all along. Every clue is there in the story to point us in the right direction and figure it out. 

I believe wholeheartedly Rey will be taking Kylo Ren/ Ben Solo’s hand at the end of The Last Jedi, based on the above information the story has given to us. It is the most sensible direction the story could take to fulfill particular themes and strings of narrative being woven throughout.

Is ‘THAT FINAL SCENE’ in the trailer ‘misdirection’ or not? And is this even the right question to be asking? Should we not instead ask why it’s even there in the first place?

It’s so intriguing to see how people are reacting to it, but I think we can all agree that yjis left us all speechless. In my case, and I suspect for a lot of us, it was validation. Finally, validation that regardless of what’s in the final cut of the film, Lucasfilm has set out to have these two characters be more than simple opposites on a chessboard. That alone quite frankly is enough for me. Seeing it through the advertising, the posters and Rian Johnson’s comments is one thing, but to actually see it displayed on film? That is a whole other ballgame.

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Again, like all of us, I had to calm down a bit before putting my thinking cap back on again, and rationally I started to think about why this scene had been put into the trailer. Was it necessary and what was Lucasfilm’s motivation behind this?

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Some of you might disagree, and I know this might seem rather pessimistic, but I think Rian Johnson was genuinely nervous about this trailer.

Maybe the reason why he was posting so much about the trailer was because he was aware of how much the general audience still hated Kylo Ren and not even in the way that you love to hate your villains. It might partially have been because of the twitter comments he received, but I actually think he started to notice this long beforehand, when he first started doing interviews for this film. He holds his ground, that is for certain, but I think he felt that the marketing for the film had to be drastically different to the ‘nebulous’ way TFA was promoted. He quickly found out that people came away from ‘The Force Awakens’ with drastically different viewpoints and ideas about what had happened and how they viewed the new characters.

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 The main reason for this trailer was for Lucasfilm to say ‘guys, this is where we’re going, this is what we see as the themes of this film’.

 No, I don’t think they’re messing with us, not this time. And here’s why.

 A couple months ago during celebration, it was clear that the cast was making fun of the ‘Rey Skywalker’ theory. Rey’s origin was a deliberate mystery box, but clearly it was one which Rian couldn’t give two f*cks about (I mean this in a good way). As Rian has said recently, it’s just information, plot, and it doesn’t really mean anything. Hence the reason behind the cast messing around during Star Wars Celebration and teasing fans about it. The same thing can be applied to Finn and the whole lightsaber fiasco – is he a jedi or not? That was misdirection. ‘Your Snoke theory sucks’. You get the idea.

The thing with the final shot of the trailer however, is that it is not a simple plot point. Many people seem to view it that way and that is why they are weary that it might be misdirection. But if you look at the nature of that shot, what it could for the future of the franchise, you quickly realize that isn’t what they’re showing here.

That wasn’t Lucasfilm showing a specific plot point, dangling the question of whether Rey was going to turn to the dark side or not. Some say Kylo is tempting Rey here, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening. As many have already pointed out, you can tell from this shot that Kylo is extremely passive. He doesn’t wear a maniacal grin on his face like Palpatine.

What they were trying to convey there was theme, something almost symbolic. Not plot.

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Maybe those two shots are from completely different scenes (I personally think they are and you’ll find out why when I write my post about what I think will actually happen in TLJ).

 Maybe they’re from the same scene.

 But I don’t think it matters. Because the point is, Lucasfilm put in the effort to put this in the trailer. Why would they do that if this idea of two people being lost and trying to find their way together was completely irrelevant to the film?

It’s not logical.

 I think it is meant to echo what Rian has been saying for the last couple of weeks during his interviews. That Kylo and Rey are dual protagonists, two halves that will inevitably collide. 

Another interesting thing is that fact that the trailer cuts deliberately to black before the final scene. It was extra and did not have to be there. They made a point of separating it from the rest of the trailer so that people remembered it and thought about it.

I think Rian gave the okay because he realized the audience may have needed more prodding than he expected. Hence the emphasis on Kylo Ren. It’s very on the nose, almost too obvious that quite frankly I was gobsmacked when I saw it.

 Clearly the trailer wants you to compare Rey and Kylo and see that they are not so different. The trajectory is clear. It’s not misinformation.

 And furthermore, it’s in the trailer because that IS NOT the biggest reveal of the film and that gets me REALLY excited because I expected them to keep this hidden.

 So what is the big reveal? Well, just wait till I write up my post on what I think will transpire in the TLJ (that could end up being a spoiler-fest so be warned).

 Thank you so much for all the reblogs and comments from the previous post! I was not expecting such a huge response but it was lovely to see so many people share their sentiments about it. This is why fandom exists and why Star Wars has survived for as long as it has! The strength of fans and their passions, regardless of what they agree or disagree on. Next post should be coming soon so stay tuned :P

TFA Metaphors/Visual Story telling of the destruction of Kylo Ren.

Since watching the video on Visual Story Telling by the lovely ladies @starwarsconnection I recommend you watch it. It will open your eyes! I rewatched TFA to see if there was anything else I could spot. This is a long post mainly because I like using visuals so sorry, not sorry. Anyway, with out further ado lets look at the dialogue and the visual storytelling in TFA with regards to only Kylo Ren

Note: I may miss some and this just my interpretation. And most were covered in the Starwars connection video- but wanted to go over every line of dialogue and visuals in extra detail. 

So first up is the scene in which poor Mitaka has the pleasure of delivering the news that the droid escaped. 

Mitaka: The two were accompanied by a girl.

Kylo: What girl!

Oh, the line we all love! But more importantly what happens when he says it. The back panel flashes/sparks to blue (the color associated with the light side of the Force)  By itself it’s telling but then the scene cuts to Rey trying to fix the Falcon and the very next line is.

Rey: It’s the motivator. Grab me a Harris wrench – check in there!

Finn: How bad is it?!

Rey: If we wanna live, not good!

Now, this is an extremely good use of dialogue and visual storytelling. Not to mention very very clever on JJ’s part by putting Harris wrench in there. 

What girl? Sparks blue- the girl (Rey) is the light aka the motivator. Grab me the Harris wrench (lol JJ!) Harrison Ford = Harris wrench. We all know Han goes to save Ben to bring him back to the light so I find it funny/clever Rey needs the Harris wrench to fix the current issue with the Falcon. Then when Finn says how bad is it- Rey replies if we want to live not good. Kylo Ren is visibly shaken in the previous scene violently pulling poor Mitaka into a choke hold. If Rey the light can’t get the Falcon (right now a metaphor for Kylo) fixed with the Harris wrench aka Han then it’s not good if they want to live. 

One more note on this before I move on. It is important to understand that JJ could have used any combination of words or parts for the Falcon but he chose to use motivator and Harris wrench. If you think this is coincidence I hate to burst that bubble. JJ Abrams is the master at hiding easter eggs and these tidbits of dialogue are exactly that easter eggs. You don’t notice them at first and they don’t mean anything by themselves, but once you get the full picture and you know what happens next everything comes into focus. 

I’m putting the rest under this line so if you want to keep reading please do

Next is the bonding tape– I know everyone was waiting for this one but it may have a double meaning. 

Rey: I’ll drop you two at Ponemah Terminal. I need the bonding tape, hurry!

Finn: What about you?

Rey: I gotta get back to Jakku!

Finn: BACK TO JAK–?! Why does everyone always wanna go back to Jakku?!!

Rey: No, that one! No. No. The one I’m pointing to! No. NO. NO. If we don’t patch it up, the propulsion tank will overflow and flood the ship with poisonous gas!

If we keep on the Falcon’s mechanical issues are a metaphor for Kylo Ren we can see that there is possible foreshadowing for a bond to form between Kylo Ren and Rey. This could come in the form of a Force bond (when they enter each other’s minds later) but I think that it will come in the form of friendship in TLJ. The other possible meaning is that it actually referring to Rey and Finn (hence my comment about a double meaning.) BUT then we have this dialogue.

Finn: Rey. You’re a pilot – you can fly anywhere! Why go back?! You got a family? You got a boyfriend? Cute boyfriend?

The alarms stop (Rey has fixed the Falcon).

Rey: None of your business that’s why. 

All the ship power goes out. 

Finn asks about the family and boyfriend– suddenly the ship is fixed. Then when Rey tells him it’s none of his business everything shuts off. 

Wow- Rey just shut Finn down hence the visual of the Falcon’s power shutting down. But it is interesting that the second a boyfriend is mentioned the ship is fixed. Again assuming the Falcon is a metaphor for Kylo this is telling for his role in Rey’s life. If it is meant for Finn which I think that it is also- it shows that the two are just friends. I think that it is meant for both Kylo and Finn in that the boyfriend relates to Kylo and the shut down relates to Finn. Now I’m not hating on Fi/nRey but this is just my interpretation of the dialogue and visuals. I’d love to have Fi/nRey but this is just the feel I get from what I saw. I also just realized this could also apply  to Rey– everything is fixed at the mention of family, and potential love (the boyfriend). So now maybe a triple meaning how about that.  But my main focus is only on Kylo… so moving on . 

Next up we have the scene where Snoke addresses Kylo and Hux about Luke Skywalker. 

Snoke: There has been an awakening have you felt it?

Kylo: Yes

Snoke: If Skywalker returns the New Jedi will rise. 

Snoke’s hand flexes as the same time the angle of the shot shows his hand over Kylo’s head while saying the word Skywalker. This could be foreshadowing of Ben Solo’s return as some sort of new type of Jedi. 

Then we have Snoke addressing Kylo again 

Snoke: There’s something more the droid we seek is aboard the Millennium Falcon. In the hands of your father.

Kylo: He means nothing to me. 

Snoke: Even you Master of the Knights of Ren have never faced such a test.

Kylo:  By the grace of your training I will not be seduced.

Snoke: We shall see. 

The very next shot is of Rey and Han having issues with the Falcon. But the line of dialogue is…

Han: Electrical overload

Rey: I can fix that.

Han: The coolant is leaking

Rey: Try transferring auxiliary power into secondary tank

Han: If this Hyperdrive blows there going to be pieces of us in three different systems.

Rey: (fixes problem alarms stop)

Han: what did you do?

Rey: I by passed the compressor

In this scene, we should take the Falcon’s issues as a metaphor for Kylo Ren’s mental state. He is having an electrical overload aka emotion crisis, he’s losing his cool. 

Rey’s next line about transferring the auxiliary power into the secondary tank is foreshadowing. Meaning that Kylo’s power will be shifted int Ben Solo (the secondary tank.) 

Han’s line about the hyperdrive is also interesting. In the context that Kylo goes off the rails and Ben Solo does not come back - we will have complete and other destruction.

Finally, Rey fixes the problem, she bypassed the compressor.  The compressor is a metaphor for Snoke. This is also foreshadowing of what’s to come. Rey will get around Snoke and fix the problem which is Ben Solo being held hostage under the influence of Snoke himself. 

Now for the grand finally of it all… The destruction of Starkiller base.  Again we are going to use Starkiller base as a metaphor for Kylo Ren. This is the grand daddy, the whole enchilada of foreshadowing/visual story telling/ metaphors.

Kylo Ren =Starkiller base

The oscillator = Kylo Ren’s struggle between the light and the dark 

The Resistance must destroy a thermal oscillator in order to destabilize the planet. JJ could have used a slew of different mechanical terminology but he chose oscillator. 

The definition for oscillating is…

1.to swing or move to and fro, as a pendulum does.

2.to vary or vacillate between differing beliefs, opinions, conditions, etc.: He oscillates regularly between elation and despair.

Throughout the movie, Kylo struggles with the pull to the light. He teeters back and forth between the two. Note the brutality he shows Poe in the interrogation room vs how he treats Rey. It is noted in the novelizations that he doesn’t want to enter her mind by force even goes as far as saying that it gives him no pleasure. But if you only strictly want to base this on the movie we have the line about compassion. It was filmed but cut from the movie (probably because it is too telling right now) He has compassion for Rey even though he denies it. So Kylo Ren oscillates between the dark side and the light. 

Edit: @force-bond pointed out something that I missed when I originally posted this meta so I thought I would point it out now since this has gotten a lot of positive attention. 

Prior to the assault on Starkiller base, the Resistance meet in their command center and discuss the weapon. 

Finn: It uses the power of the sun. As the weapon is charged, the sun is drained until it disappears.

ADMIRAL STATURA- If we can destroy that oscillator, it might destabilize the core and cripple the weapon.

Poe: We’ll go in there and we’ll hit that oscillator with everything we got.

 ADMIRAL ACKBAR: They have defensive shields that our ships cannot penetrate

HAN: We disable the shields. Kid, you worked there, what do you got?

FINN: I can do it.

HAN I like this guy.

Finn: I can disable the shields. But I have to be there, on the planet–

 HAN: We’ll get you there.

LEIA: Han, how?

HAN: If I told you, you wouldn’t like it.

Wow, talk about your foreshadowing! 

So as the weapon is charged it drains the sun until it disappears. Snoke is using Kylo Ren as a weapon until Ben Solo (the sun/son) disappears. The line from Statura informs us that the oscillator must be destroyed in order to destabilize the core and cripple the weapon. Again, oscillate and destabilize are two important words here. Destroying the oscillation between the pull to the darkness in Ben Solo and let him be pulled to the light will destabilize Kylo Ren thus crippling him.

Then when Han says he can get Finn on the planet Leia asks him how… He responds that if he told her she wouldn’t like it… Han is going to destabilize Kylo Ren and it will cost him, his own life. It’s quite obvious Leia won’t/doesn’t like this. That is huge foreshadowing for Han’s death. However, his reasons are stated here and later on when it actually happens. He is going to stop the weapon from draining the power from the sun. He is going to stop Snoke and keep his son Ben Solo from disappearing. 

Even Han repeats Finn’s line to Ben on the bridge (sort of) 

Han: Snoke is using you for your power.  When he gets what he wants he’ll crush you. You know it’s true. 

The use of Sun and Son in this makes the ending of the movie that much more meaningful so keep that in mind for the very last part of this meta. 

In the beginning of the assault on Starkiller base, we have Poe giving us two very telling lines. 

Poe: We’ll go in and hit it (oscillator) with everything we got.

Poe: As long as there is light we still have a chance. 

We all know Star Wars is about hope and optimism. Poe gives us that and also eludes that if the light remains in Kylo Ren there’s still a chance.  (We know that the light was not all lost as Starkiller base never fired upon the resistance again keep this in mind for the very last part of the meta)

But we know what happens, Kylo oscillates back to the dark side and kills Han. I have a separate post on this moment which involves Han and the Helmet click here to read.  Anyways moving on… Chewie first shoots Kylo Ren wounding him but not killing him. AND Chewie blows up the oscillator, BUT ALSO fails to completely destroy it. 

Admiral Ackbar: The Oscillator’s been damaged but is still functional.

Kylo Ren is down but not out of this fight just yet. 

We know that Kylo and Finn battle it out, while Rey is knocked out. Poor Finn loses and is out for the count when this happens

 Rey and Kylo begin to battle it out.

And the very next line in is…

Niv Leck: We just lost R-1!

We just lost Finn to Kylo, he’s down for the count. 

Then we have 

Jess: We’re overwhelmed! What do we do?

Rey is clearly overwhelmed when the lightsaber flys into her hand and so is Kylo judging by the look on his face and the cues from the script that states …


Then we have the following line as Kylo and Rey battle it out off screen.

Yolo Ziff: Black Leader, there’s a brand new hole in that oscillator. Looks like our friends got in!

There’s a brand new hole in Kylo Ren and that hole is Rey. 

Poe: All teams I’m going in, pull up and cover me. 

Rey has engaged Kylo Ren and Poe makes it in and blows up the oscillator. The planet begins to collapse as Kylo and Rey continue their battle. Until he gets her at the edge of the cliff. Rey turns and kicks Kylo’s ass, and a large chasm rips between the two. 

As the planet crumbles a FO technician says the following line after he is told to get back to his station. 

Just look. We won’t survive – even Hux has gone!

I believe and I am speculating that this is also foreshadowing. The First Order will not survive and neither will Hux in TLJ but we won’t know that to be the case until December. 

Speaking of Hux he also delivers a very very important line.

Hux: The fuel cells have ruptured. The collapse of the planet has begun.

Kylo Ren has lost his fuel, he has been beaten and most likely lost his will to fight for the darkness and resist the light. Considering that he is horrified by his actions. But the bit about the collapse of the planet has begun. The darkness that is Kylo Ren is falling apart. 

The very last part I will leave you with is the description of the destruction of Starkiller base. 

the PLANET  IMPLODES – THE SUNLIGHT IT CONTAINS BURSTS FORTH, and as we get further and further distance from what was Starkiller Base, we witness the REBIRTH OF A SUN. Light restored to a corner of the galaxy.

This is a very detailed description of something that happens in a script. If Starkiller base is a metaphor for Kylo Ren then he has been reborn back into Ben solo. The rebirth of a sun/son. It’s a pun but it also an effective use of visual storytelling. It’s a metaphor. They will not come right out and say these things but they are there. 

If we look at all the clues, visuals, and dialogue, together they paint a clear picture of whats to come and what has actually happened to Kylo Ren. 

Kylo Ren is dead… He died on Starkiller base. If TLJ picks up right where we left off it may be safe to assume we will see Ben Solo grieve his father (somehow) We actually may be left in the dark and not know for certain whether or not Ben Solo has returned until much later in the movie for dramatic purposes/big reveals. 

And that ladies and gents are my interpretations of the metaphors/visual storytelling of TFA. 

Now go watch TFA again knowing what you know and tell me you don’t hear/see it. :-)

New 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' trailer hints at troubling tie between Rey and Kylo Ren
The two were enemies in 'The Force Awakens' but the latest footage suggests they're on parallel journeys.

The end, though, is the best part, especially for Star Wars nerds who love thinking about this stuff: Rey and Kylo seem like they’re talking to each other when she says, “I need someone to show me my place in all this,” and Kylo reaches out his hand — and not in anger, which is pretty different for the hotheaded baddie.

Is he trying to bring her to the Dark Side? Or could Rey be the key to his redemption?

Or it could all be a big misdirect. Luke, ever wise, even intones at one point: “This is not going to go the way you think.”

They’re finally starting to catch on.

How Reylo Can Happen

I’ve had a theory for months but haven’t wanted to post it because I wasn’t sure about it until after TLJ teaser and panel. I will try to keep my explanations short and to the point.

For Reylo to happen, there will need to be extensive character development and storyline between Kylo Ren and Rey. Those familiar with Reylo meta’s and theory have speculated Force Bonds (hearing/seeing each other’s thoughts) and Kylo saving Rey to gain her favor. Well, what if I said that both were possible? But not without a little thing called Halfway Plot Switch and something called Conflict Killer. What are those and what do they mean? Well, let’s go back to the Director himself, Rian Johnson. When asked what movies he watched to prepare for TLJ he mentioned a movie called Letters Never Sent (LNS). Immediately our eyes were drawn to the romantic storyline of this movie but that’s not important as far as Reylo is concerned. What is important is the structure of this film and the tropes within it. Trust me Rian isn’t concerned with the storyline. He is concerned only about how it was executed. 

I won’t go into the details of the storyline of LNS because that isn’t the point. What is the point, is that LNS starts out to be one movie about these geologist setting out to find diamonds, but it turns into something completely different when they are trapped fighting for their lives after a forest fire.

At the TLJ panel Riann and Daisy both state that it’s amazing how this movie starts out and how it actually ends. Daisy threw us a bone and stated (I am paraphrasing) that Rey is meeting her hero but sometimes you shouldn’t because they may not be what you’ve expected.

So, what does all this mean? What the hell am I babbling about? I’m going to warn you now do not read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled. Although yes, I am speculating it might hold more water than you think. Read on at your own risk.

Keep reading

The Last Jedi-Could it be...?

Ok y’all, I’ve watched that new trailer like 4 times now and I have come to a realization. 

So for the most part, the trailer is pretty straight forward. But there is one bit that has everyone scratching their heads. 

“The balance”

When Rey responds with this, we see two images. From what I can guess, the first image is a book shelf in a tree. And the second one is a hand over a faded picture of the Jedi symbol. Now I’ve studied this part so many times, my head hurts. First off, why the f**k are there a few books on what seems like a tree?! And who’s hand is that? Seem like questions with no answers, (at least right now) correct? Wrong! 

Don’t get me wrong, I got no clue what the book shelf is all about. That is an answer I’m gonna have to wait for. But I think know who’s hand is that. Now you might be wondering “How could you possibly know that? It’s just a hand!” You’re right! But look closely. Notice something interesting? This person is wearing a glove. Look even closer, and the glove looks yellow. And who do we know where’s a yellow glove in the Star Wars universe? What’s a major theory going around about this movie involving an unnamed cast member? Mainly this guy:

Oh yeah, you better believe you know where I’m going with this. I believe that our mysterious yellow-gloved hand in the trailer of The Last Jedi is none other than our favorite blueberry child: 


a concept: rey did not friendzone finn and finn did not friendzone rey, they both just love and support each other as best friends without the romantic subplot, because after everything they’ve been through, a constant platonic and supportive love is what they need the most.

an alternative concept: just because they’re best friends, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be in a romantic relationship anymore in canon. finnrey isn’t dead. in fact, a ship can’t ever be dead because au fanfiction and fan art exist. don’t shit on anyone’s ships/beliefs because no one actually knows what’s going to happen in tlj no matter the “evidences” y'all continue to jot down. also, don’t be so confident in what you believe in because you’re just going to end up like an idiot for attacking people when you’re the one who turns out to be wrong in the end.

The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer - Reylo bits!

At least this is where I saw them, it’s just my personal opinion ^_^ 

Oh and yes this contains TLJ spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want to see anything from the trailer. (I’ve tagged this with spoilers too)

Here we go


When Rey is asked what she sees by Luke:

We see this shot of Leia, but the key thing is we hear Rey’s theme as she says  "Light”

Then she says “Darkness” and Kylo’s theme plays while we see his broken mask. This shows the connection between Kylo and Rey and we’ve seen the parallels in their music themes before in TFA. 

What I like about the smashed mask is that it is very obviously on a First Order ship or base, due to that lighting in the background. There is glass everywhere as well, so could he have smashed it up in one of his trademark rages? Could it be something Snoke asks him to do? Did he ask him to kill Rey? Is this the start of his redemption?

Then she says “The balance” and we see a shot of ancient books in a tree. I believe this hints that at the very least Kylo and Rey will come together to bring balance the Force and follow a new path. Something like Grey Jedi, who don’t shun connections, which means Kylo and Rey would be free to have a relationship. ^_^. 

Like Snoke says in TFA “The new Jedi will rise” if the Resistance find Luke… and he was right it seems. Luke wants to end the Jedi, but he is still training Rey, so I think he wants to create a new order that balances both the light and the dark. We know from the TFA novel that Kylo has both the light and dark within him and we see that Rey has dark in her when she strikes Kylo down on Starkiller base. Basically these two are the perfect pair to bring balance to the Force.

Incidentally I think these books may be those Journals of the Whills that appear in the EU and may be connected to the religious order that Chirrut and Baze belonged to in Rogue One. I also think that Bendu in Rebels may have a connection to the Whills and original teachings of the Force. There has been a lot of emphasis on light and dark coming together and a middle way in Rebels. Not just the bendu, but Ezra and Darth Maul combining holocrons etc.

Here we have Kylo, (looking hot as hell might I add!) I think he is facing Rey here because in the reflection of his eyes, I think I can make out the red dot of his lightsaber glow and a smaller blue dot which might belong to Rey’s lightsaber

Rey running into battle, I think Luke has sent her to finish Kylo (just like Snoke sends Kylo to kill Rey), but neither of them are going to be able to kill the other because they feel connected and dare I say it “are attracted to each other” ^_^ 

OK and the last Reylo moment for me is this shot of the Milennium Falcon. This is more of a headcanon but……

The Falcon is on Ahch-To and it looks like it is indeed flying over the ocean world. The First Order are attacking it, which could mean Kylo brings more than his Knights to deal with Luke and Rey (somehow I don’t think thats his style) It could be just Chewie in there, but I like to think it is from late on in the film…

Basically I think Kylo lands early in the film and he and his knights are defeated by Luke. Kylo ends up stranded on Ahch-To and connects closer to Rey. Both confide that they are unsure of their masters, have been lonely children etc. By the end of the film Snoke sends in the cavalry to collect Kylo, but instead he and Rey just flee Ahch-To together in the Falcon. The last shot in the film would be Rey and Kylo in the cockpit of the Falcon giving each other lingering looks before going to lightspeed….. roll credits!!!!!!

Basically I loved the trailer and have watched it 20 times. It feels in tune with so many metas and discussions the Reylo fame have written about since TFA. 

anonymous asked:

hi! there's been a few posts saying that it could be luke who rey was speaking to at the end scene but during the cave (where luke appears!), her hair is wet and down but rey has her hair up still?

At the end of the trailer:

I think Rey is in the cave where the Whills journal/Force book from the teaser is located. It’s in like a hollowed out Force tree or whatever, so sounds echo-y. 

I think it’s a continuation of her lines from the beginning ‘and then I was awake.’ - and then perhaps Luke says no, and then we get that scene from the trailer where he says it’s time for the Jedi to end.

She definitely still has her hair up in that clip + the outfit for what we’re calling ‘first half’ (ie before the time jump). So this is certainly spoken to Luke.

Her cave/wet scene:

I think she comes out of the water in the cave on Ahch-to with yes wet hair and her hair still up - we’re led to believe that it’s the same sequence as the next shot - which is of her standing and Luke in the darkness (assuming to be cave).

But you’re right, when she gets out of the water her hair is still up and not messy. The next shot of her standing is with her hair down and Luke in front of her - rocks around him, but also wet. Rey doesn’t look wet here.

Wet Luke on the ground:

It’s raining. Probably Ahch-To, probably to Kylo. I personally think this shot is tied to the shot of him in the cave above - he looks wet again, his hair is messed up similarly - but he’s outside in this shot, rather than in the cave.

It’s also possible that she goes with Kylo willingly off of Ahch-To, and Luke is speaking to Rey with the ‘This is not going to go the way you think.’ - but I think it’s far more likely that he’s talking to Kylo with that.



Side note, after scrutinizing the shots - anyone else find it interesting that Rey is shown in her costume change while being tortured by Snoke (presumably) - and then we have her with the same kind of undercloth that Kylo has? Always figured it was just common fabric, but what if she changes when she’s taken by the FO/Kylo?

I love how the line, “Let the past die. Kill it if you have to,” (said in Kylo’s seductress voice) means he’s going to kill his mother. See, y’all think the REYLO stuff is the misdirection (hint: it’s not), but you take THAT scene at face value when it’s clearly a fake-out (LF has literally said Ep 9 was supposed to be Carrie’s movie and Rian specifically said her arc ends in a satisfying way in TLJ like come on).

It – of course – COULDN’T possibly mean turning away from all these shitty things he’s done in the fucking PAST like:

1) stop consulting your dead grandfather’s melted breathing apparatus

2) maybe stop killing your loved ones, too

3) maybe stop following the example of old grey dudes with bad advice and quirky fashion choices

4) destroying lots of shit and being a dickbag

5) being very lonely

Yeah… killing the past couldn’t possibly transform into  T H O S E  things. Couldn’t possibly mean changing behavior to reach toward things of the future: 

1) the pretty young girl who can kick your ass but who is also ultimately your equal.

2) not killing people? Or like… you know, less of them and with better judgment.

3) starting a Jedi Order that doesn’t suck

4) create things and start being LESS of a dickbag (though those genes don’t make for much improvement on that last one)

5) maybe finding belonging or some shit, I GUESS.

Oh also, he’s probably talking to Rey anyway, and it probably has something to do with her weird past or whatever. So like… he’s probably telling her not to focus on that sort of thing because it’ll destroy her like it almost does Kylo.

BUT ANYhooo, that’s just me thinking about what might make a genuinely compelling story ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The criticism that TFA is too much like ANH has always rung incredibly hollow to me. Let’s not pretend that 1.) from 1999-2015 we weren’t inundated with the prevailing narrative that the prequels were a mistake and that all people wanted was to return to Classic Star Wars, and that 2.) there wasn’t a need for the first movie of Disney’s tenure to reassure fans that this was Star Wars, not something watered down or grafted onto an existing franchise, and that 3.) the role of a first movie is to establish continuity and the sandbox that we will proceed to completely break as the series goes on. 

Come on. You own it, whiny fanboys, so just wait to see how they subvert the world in TLJ before acting like it’s going to be all the same. You didn’t like it when Lucas did something different, so … some patience, please.

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Are you expecting any kind of close scene like physical contact or even a kiss maybe between Reylo in TLJ? Sounds like they aren't in that level for now but I can't give up hoping, I can't let these thoughts go and I'm pretty sure that I will be disappointed when I'm gonna leave the cinema..


I don’t think so about the kiss, but man I’m gonna hope for it.

However I really really do think that we’ll be well fed and satisfied as any level of shipper, so I can’t tell you to fix your expectations - I think you’ll be happy when you leave the theater.

Years of building up Reylo and reading fanfic will make any of us want the movie to focus tons on romantic Reylo, but that’s just not going to happen - they’re going to build a relationship, and we’ll get to watch it ON SCREEEEEEN.

So in terms of expectations, I’m terrible at managing my own expectations, but I think perhaps what I’d tell you is just to remember that this is like the first half of a slow burn fanfic and just try to enjoy the ride =D