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okay but I’ve seen such bullying of fans, infantilization of Rey, misuse of buzzwords, death threats, and close-mindedness on the behalf of the ants that when (god forbid??? The universe does not revolve around them??) things don’t go as planned in TLJ (read as: Rey is not a Skywalker) I can guarantee you I will be in every one of their asks sending

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Do you think Kylo will hurt Rey in TLJ? I do believe Reylo is going to be a thing, but what I'm dreading is how far they'll take it before they turn things around. I am cool with them battling in round 2, but I'm terrified he's going to seriously harm her if he's messed up in the head from his training with Snoke when he finds her on the island. What's your take on it?

I’m hoping (and this may be my shipper heart talking) that he won’t do anything too extreme. Just from his interactions with her in TFA, he doesn’t WANT to hurt her. I’m also okay with them battling. Perhaps he may land a hit on her and that snaps him out of his “trance” or whatever gets implemented when Snoke completes his training. Is anyone else terrified for what Snoke is going to do to him?

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Based on the MSW podcast back in May 2016 about there not being romance. Do you think that still holds water given the push to sympathize with Kylo Ren has been so blatant? I know that doesn't scream romance or he has to have a romance to be saved. However, the way they talk about it makes me nervous.

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So that conversation was about something specific that they’d heard regarding Rey and Kylo in TLJ which, in and of itself, was not romantic - but it surprised them. That’s what they were referring to when they said “it’s not romance“. I’m going to put it under a cut because it is a spoiler, though.

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To be honest I'm a little nervous, insanely excited on the other, about attending the midnight premiere of The Last Jedi, if it's anything like the TFA premiere then all of the biggest Star Wars fans in my city will be there and I'm anticipating what watching it with the audience will be like, how will people react when the parentage question is answered or anything Reylo related possibly happens

hONESTLY I’M hoping that TLJ develops those things thoroughly enough that it makes sense in the story if/when those bombshells are dropped but i still imagine a lot of people are going to be shocked, esp by reylo, bc everyone’s still operating under the assumption that kylo ren’s defining character trait is that he killed han solo. jUST……. PLZ DEVELOP HIM MORE, TLJ. SHOW HIM AS THE SYMPATHETIC CHARACTER I KNOW HIM TO BE.

if it’s all hardcore star wars fans in ur city you might wanna strap yourself in because there are probably gonna be quite a few reywalks that aren’t too happy…………..