when will things finally b right man


xiumin takes a tumble during history… (゚ー゚;)


Song of the Day - Day 20 - Along the Busiest of Roads by C418

This song brought to you by the creator of the minecraft music interestingly enough. I’ve only heard a few songs not on the minecraft album and it all has this chill vibe that brings me from point A to point B. I could get lost to this.

Man yesterday was a crazy day. I finally worked up the courage to move on and cut ties, which is what I need for now. I don’t have room in my life for acquaintances right now, I just can’t deal with it. I can’t keep trying. A the same time I’ve been thinking about mistakes. I’ve made a lot of rash mistakes and mistakes are always the worst when they come from fear. Fear is the one thing that, when it causes a mistake, that mistake resonates within me and rings and rings and rings like a bell in my head. So I have to convince myself, at least for now, that it’s a step in the right direction and not as mistake made of my fear of change.