when will they public their relationship

Dating Jaebum Would Be Like

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  • Saying cheesy things and cringing immediately
  • Heart eyes 
  • Chic and sexy boyfriend
  • Feeds you 
  • Sings for you
  • Funny selfies
  • Hands on your lower back to guide you in crowded places
  • Staring at you from afar 
  • You blushing
  • Still staring
  • Likes to keep your relationship private
  • Only the hyung line knows
  • Takes you to dates by the Han river
  • Cooks dinner for you
  • Bright smile every time someone mentions you
  • Doesn’t want to go on social events
  • You convince him anyways
  • “Okay I’m going, but I’m going to complain the hole time!”
  • Ends up enjoying the event
  • Likes when you sit on his lap 
  • And kiss him all over his face
  • Always has one hand on you
  • Whenever you’re in public he’d whisper what he’ll do to you later
  • Very rough and passionate in bed
  • Heavy breathing and holding back moans
  • He like to hear your moans
  • Likes to watch you lose control under him
  • Spooning afterwards 
  • Letting you play with his hair 
  • Secretly loves when you baby him
  • Loving you with all of his heart
  • Having loud fights
  • Regretting it immediately
  • Cuddling you while you finish crying
  • Apologizing and babying you for the rest of the day 
  •  Is a dork only for you 
  • Will fart in front of you after dating for a while 
  • Wants you to read him 
  • Because he hides a lot of feelings sometimes 
  • Doesn’t like when the other boys makes you laugh 
  • Jealous and observant 
  • Will be very quiet when jealous 
  • Avoids eye contact 
  • Will want to punish you whenever you make him jealous 
  • Daddy mode on 
  • Blindfolds 
  • Orgasm denial 
  • Over stimulation 
  • Best aftercare 
  • Always having sweets in your house 
  • Snacking in the middle of the night 
  • Going on midnight trips to KFC 
  • Being partners in crime 
  • Rare but meaningful “I love you’s" 

  1. Husband Jinyoung

Imagine being Chris’ safe haven.

A/N: Since quite a few are asking about the next part to ‘Imagine Chris helping you take care of your sister’ here it is. I thought about going to bed and finishing it in the morning, but- sleep is for the weak. I really appreciate the support, lovelies. Hope you enjoy! X (Read Part 1/Part 2)

You looked down at the card and read the clue again. It was vague compared to the first clue, but somehow, you still knew exactly where to go. The card said, “other than our lovely homes, where else would we consider a safe haven?” You were pretty sure Chris was referring to the time the two of you almost got caught by paparazzi whilst out on a date, before the relationship went public when everything was still new and under the radar. Chris had spotted the paparazzi before they spotted you and decided to sought shelter in the first establishment he spotted; Nixon Coffee House. The owner of the place, Carl, was a huge fan and offered to lock the doors so they couldn’t ruin the date. It ended up becoming one of the most memorable days for both of you; a new friend was made, and a new coffee place was found.

“It looks closed, Sissy,” Olive said as you walked towards the front door; Dodger sat beside her with his leash in her small hand. “Are you sure you’re right?” She looked up at you as you leaned forward, using your hands to shield your eyes from the sunlight so you could look inside; it looked closed but you were sure it was the place.

Chris watched the three of you from his car and laughed softly. He reached for his walkie-talkie and held it up to his mouth, “hey you.” He took his hand off the button and chuckled softly when he saw you spin around with narrowed eyes. “You with the pretty Y/E/C eyes.”

“I think he’s talking to you, Sissy,” Olive giggled and passed you the walkie-talkie.

“What game are you playing here, Evans?” You spoke into the walkie-talkie. “Where are you anyway?” You scanned the vicinity but failed to spot him as he was in a rental, and not his white Lexus. “Just because you’re not working right now,” you pretended to be annoyed even though you were enjoying every second, “doesn’t mean I’m not either.” You released the button so he could respond.

“Don’t be such a spoiled-sport,” he teased and you rolled your eyes with a smile on your face. “You’re lucky we’re on a bit of a time crunch, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to your dumb bum right now.” You scoffed and he laughed, keeping his finger on the button so you couldn’t respond to that. “Carl closed the café to help me with the scavenger hunt, the door’s unlocked so just push it open and go inside. Alright?” He asked then answered for you. “Alright. Now forget this number,” he whispered in a threatening tone then chuckled when he saw you laugh. “By that,” he continued, chuckling, “I mean- give the talkie back to Olive.”

“Are you going to make an appearance at all today?” You quizzed then waited for his voice to come through; it didn’t and you huffed. “Chris, are you-” Olive snatched the walkie-talkie out of your hand before you could finish and Chris smiled at her from his car.

“Thanks, bug.” His voice came through and Olive shot you a smug grin. You scoffed with a smile on your face as you shook your head in disbelief; you were glad they got along, but you were starting to think she’d rather be his sister than yours. “Make sure your dumb bum sister goes inside, okay?”

“Aye aye, Cap'n,” she responded and saluted the walkie-talkie; Chris smiled from his car. “You heahd 'im, Sissy.” You chuckled softly at the way she was copying Chris’ Boston accent, dropping her Rs. “Let’s go in.” Olive placed the walkie-talkie back into the bag then took your hand, tugged on Dodger’s leash, and led the way. Chris waited until the three of you disappeared into the establishment before he moved onto the next location.

Upon entering, fairy lights strung across the ceiling and along the walls lit up as if they were stars in the night sky. Olive gasped then giggled, tugging on your hands excitedly when synthetic snowflakes starting falling. Your smile reached your eyes; you were in awe. How he managed to do something as amazing as make it snow indoors was beyond you, you were just incredibly grateful he was doing it for you.

“It’s a bit much, don’t you think?” You looked up as Sebastian emerged from the back room.

“Seba!” Olive dropped Dodger’s leash and sprinted towards one of yours, and Chris’ best friends.

“Liva!” Sebastian scooped your little sister off the ground as she lept into his arms. As his arms wrapped around Olive, you noticed a traditional Tiffany&Co box in his hands. Your heart skipped a beat because you thought it was a ring box, then you realized it was rectangular and you relaxed; God help Chris if he had Sebastian help him propose. “How’s my favorite little garnish?”

Olive giggled at that, like she always did when Sebastian called her his 'favorite little garnish’; eight year olds found everything funny. “I’m good,” she grinned. “I’m having a lot of fun today, we’re on a scavenger hunt.”

“I can see that,” Sebastian chuckled as he looked over at you; he held out his hand with the box, indicating that the box consisted the next clue. “Your boyfriend really has a lot of time on his hands, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah,” you chuckled as you walked over, “and apparently so does his best friend.” Sebastian chuckled. “What are you doing here, Seb?” You asked as you took the box from him. “Aren’t you meant to be filming 'I, Tonya’?”

“I am,” he nodded. “But Chris’ scavenger hunt made its way to the top of my priority list.” Your eyes narrowed at that and you chuckled. “Just-” he chuckled, interrupting you before you could ask him what was going on. “Stop trying to jump ahead and open the box.”

“You, Olive, and Chris-” You chuckled with a shake of your head as you did as you were told. “You three are so Goddamn bos-” You cut yourself off when your eyes caught the silver necklace lying on the satin material; the airplane pendant dangled off the delicate chain as you gently lifted it from the box. “Oh my God,” your eyes welled with tears, “this is…” You trailed off, thinking back to the time you saw it in the store.

You were in New York for a job and Chris had flown in to spend your birthday with you. You’d just finish dinner at a romantic French restaurant and walking the bustling streets of New York City when it started snowing. It just so happened that the store you were walking past when the snow started to fall was Tiffany&Co, Chris knew how much you loved Tiffany’s and took you inside. He offered to get you anything you wanted but you didn’t want anything because him being with you was everything, but as you were leaving- you spotted that necklace. That simple and plain necklace- a necklace that didn’t stand out compared to the other intricate pieces- made your heart flutter. It wasn’t because it was special or beautiful, it was because it reminded you that no matter where your jobs sent the two of you, a plane ride would always bring you back together.

“He wrote something in the box,” Sebastian informed you.

You turned the lid over so you could read what your boyfriend had written, you were sure it was another sweet message along with the next clue that would lead you to the next location. You tried not to start crying when you read what he wrote: “Captain America may not be able to fly, but Chris Evans can. No matter where we go, I promise I will always find my way back to you because you are my safe haven, Y/N.”

“I think she’s crying,” you heard Olive whisper into Sebastian’s ear.

“No, I’m not,” you chuckled softly, sniffling and brushing the tears from your eyes.

“And I think she’s ready for the next clue,” Sebastian said to Olive, smiling at you.

The Meeting (Part 1)

*****This fic switches between Alex and Maggie - all in 3rd person. The ~~~~~ represent the switches. I hope you can follow along and enjoy! 

Alex Danvers never thought she’d be fit for a relationship. Yeah, she dated around here and there, but the guy was either too boring or too dumb to understand the way her mind wandered. She assumed it was her, that she was the problem.

Maggie Sawyer, on the other hand, always pictured herself with a girl, regardless of the comments she pretended not to hear or the bickering when she held a girl’s hand in public. She tried so hard to please the world by hooking up with boys in high school, but it only felt right when she was with a girl. But the thing is…she hasn’t found the right girl.

Alex gave up on her life love soon after J’onn recruited her for the DEO. Her relationship with Kara has always been the most important to her. She didn’t really have time to go out on dates either, not with chasing around aliens all day. She didn’t know that was about to change, and quite frankly, neither did Maggie.


Maggie went about her usual routine in the morning; brewed a pot of coffee, threw on a leather jacket and black skinny jeans, and bolted over to the precinct on her motorcycle. All the men in her unit gawked at her whenever she would pull up and swiftly remove her helmet revealing her dark hair and dimples. Their looks were unrequited. She immersed herself into every case file that was waiting for her on her desk. After all, everyone knew she was a badass, even though at first her petite size made her chief question her abilities to protect the city. But of course she proved them all wrong. That was just the way Maggie Sawyer rolled; she didn’t take shit from anyone.

The morning seeped into the afternoon slowly, making Maggie grow hungry quicker than usual. She decided to take an early lunch break to hit the city for some lunch. She jumped on her motorcycle and went straight to the food trucks. Maggie found a spot just close enough to the food trucks so she could read the menus while leaning against her bike. She inevitably chose “Burger Joes” only because she was in the mood for some fries and a milk shake. She observed two girls in line that seemed attached hip.


Alex and Kara spent their morning training at the DEO. They recently got new weapons that would help humans fight harder against aliens, including new protective wear. Of course Alex couldn’t resist trying them out, and Kara obliged. Alex felt like a whole new person and could not stop jumping up and down at the thought of defeating an alien all on her own. After being in the training room for hours, the sisters were famished and decided to take a lunch break downtown at the food trucks. They were both in need of a good old fashioned milk shake and fries.

While they were waiting in line a revved up motorcycle pulled up right behind them. Alex turned to check it out, curious about the man controlling it. The driver stood up and took off their helmet uncovering their dark wavy hair. Alex’s breath caught in her throat at the sight of…her.

“Should I get the double cheeseburger or just two cheeseburgers?” Kara pondered her choices, waiting for Alex to tell her what to do as usual. It was silent for a few moments until Kara nudged Alex on the shoulder. “Hello, earth to Alex.”

“What?” Alex whipped her head back to focus on Kara.

“Did you just see an alien or something?” Alex’s little sister made an obvious turn around to take a look at her surroundings.

“No, no. It’s just that girl is driving the same motorcycle I have. No one else would ever think to get that but me,” it wasn’t just the fact that the girl had the same motorcycle as Alex, it was that Alex has never been so drawn into someone’s effortless beauty the way she just was. She’s never been so drawn into a woman’s beauty the way she just was. Kara giggled and glanced back at the confident woman leaning against her bike.


Maggie noticed the two, she assumed best friends, right away; especially the slender woman with short brown hair. She’s seen a lot of beautiful women, sure, but this one…her mind even seemed beautiful which perplexed Maggie. She soon became intrigued, so she had stepped in line right behind them before anyone else could. She had been intent on trying to listen in on their conversations, and she could tell by the way the taller one was peeking at her motorcycle that she was interested too.

She didn’t know if she should say something to start a conversation. Maybe initiate one with the topic of motorcycles? No. Too nerdy. She thought to herself. Maybe compliment her? On what? Everything. Shut up you dumbass. Her tongue tied itself in a knot so she stayed silent. She was usually good at this, meeting new women and putting herself out there, so why was it that all of the sudden she couldn’t even introduce herself or bring up one her favorite topics?  She really is beautiful. Maggie analyzed Alex’s posture and her clothes and, well, her body. She seemed resilient and lionhearted and her legs…they were long and built. Maggie bit her lip as she made eye contact with her.  

The shorter, more stout girl started a conversation, so she listened in.

“Should I get a double cheeseburger or just two cheeseburgers?” She asked. There was no response for a bit so she continued on, “Hello, earth to Alex.” Then came a confused “What?”

Alex. Her name is Alex. Maggie was glad she could put a name to the girl’s face. She wondered where her mind was at in that moment, and wondered if Alex blanked out often.


Alex never blanked out. Never. Her mind was constantly racing; with new facts, always having to know where Kara is, and with anything that has to do with any type of alien or weapon ever. She never blanked out. Not like this. She managed to get out her order and step to the waiting line.

“Can I get a name for your order?” The cashier asked.

“Kara,” she said then joined Alex.

“Are you okay?” Kara grew worried, which happened often enough that Kara always knew Alex would say yes.

“Yes, I think I’m just really tired and hungry from all the fighting today,” Alex offered.

“Well, you should be. You were kicking a lot of ass. A lot of my ass,” Kara giggled at herself for cursing which only made Alex join in. She glanced back over at the girl ordering her food.

“Can I get a name?” The cashier asked her.

“Maggie,” she returned.

Maggie. Alex looked her up and down, noticing her NCPD Science Division badge on her belt. Science Division and a cop, not bad. She couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

“Alex, are you sure you’re okay?” Kara nudged her big sister again. “You’ve been acting really strange since we got here.”

“I…I’m fine.” They continued waiting for their food. Alex froze when Maggie rubbed past her to reach the napkins.


Maggie discovered the other girl’s name was Kara. Maybe she could research them both when she got back to the precinct. No that’s against the law. She had to do something. But what? She questioned herself hoping for an immediate answer. Maybe “accidentally” brush against her. That’s good. Do it. She noticed a small gap between Alex and the napkins and decided to take a chance. She stepped just close enough to where she felt Alex’s skin. She almost stopped breathing as she suddenly wanted nothing more than this stranger to become someone.

It was crazy, she hasn’t even said one word to this random girl and she’s already thinking about her becoming something more. That doesn’t ever happen. Not to Maggie Sawyer. She was dazzled and wanted more than just a brisk touch.

“You work in the Science Division of NCPD, huh?” Maggie was taken aback by Alex’s question. 

“I..I do,” Maggie shyly replied, her fingers clasping onto her badge. She noticed.

“That’s your bike too?” Alex nodded towards her motorcycle.

“It is.”

“I have one myself. I switched over to it because of the easy shift in gears and accelerated speed,” Maggie’s face showed nothing but shock.

“You know about ducatis?”

“Do I?” Alex scoffed but in the most adorable way - like she was incapable of being harmful to another human being.

“I’ve had this bad boy for a few years now, and I couldn’t be happier,” Bad boy. Maggie, what the fuck.

“Kara, your food is ready,” the lady behind the counter called out. Dammit.

“See you around…?” Was all Maggie could get out.

“Alex…Danvers,” Alex’s whole body was turned towards Maggie’s at this point, sending a dry patch into Maggie’s throat.

“I’m Maggie Sawyer. See you around, Danvers,” Alex couldn’t hide her smile and Maggie couldn’t hide her blushing. She was stuck between thanking God for Alex’s food being ready and hating him for letting her go too soon. Her eyes followed Alex and Kara until they were no longer in sight. She sighed when her name was called for her food.


Maggie’s touch took over Alex’s mind. Kara, the food, her surroundings seemed to fade away only leaving Maggie. You have to say something now. Oh my God. Oh my God. Okay. I have to do it now. Her mind was running round frantically trying to come up with what to say. The badge. 

“You work in the Science Division of NCPD, huh?” Alex switched back to her confident side. Kara stepped out of the way so the two could talk.

“I..I do,” Maggie tucked her hair behind her ear and her fingers found their way around her badge. Alex noticed everything.

“That’s your bike too?” Alex didn’t know what got ahold of her, but she wanted to crawl through every inch of this stranger’s brain.

“It is,” Maggie was shy and couldn’t keep her hands still.

“I have one myself. I switched over to it because of the easy shift in gears and accelerated speed,” Maggie’s face grew surprised.

“You know about ducatis?” Maggie took a step towards Alex. Holy shit. Okay calm down, Alex.

“Do I?” Alex huffed but chuckled lightly.

“I’ve had this bad boy for a few years now, and I couldn’t be happier,” Alex couldn’t help but grin. She said bad boy. That was so cute. Alex’s thoughts were interrupted when Kara’s name was called. She snapped out of the bubble she suddenly found herself in with Maggie.

“See you around…” Maggie wanted more.

“Alex…Danvers,” she needed one last look at those dark eyes and dimples.

“I’m Maggie Sawyer. See you around, Danvers,” Kara displayed the overloaded milkshake making Alex’s mouth water. Not that it wasn’t watering before that. Alex followed Kara down the sidewalk and into the park behind the food trucks. 

“Who was that?” Kara asked.

“Just some girl…a cop,” Kara seemed to focused on the two cheeseburgers in her lap to notice Alex’s shaky voice. Her mind never left Maggie.

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another jikook hc bc youre good at em tysm! times when jimin is looking too pretty and fairylike and jungkook has to fight his 'friend' from appearing in public and one time jimin notices and giggles at his cute boyf and showers him w kisses and hugs <3

•Jungkook has a love/hate relationship with Jimin looking pretty
•one one hand, jimin id the most beautiful person in the world to jungkook and he loves him so much it hurts
•when jimin is dresses all ethereal or cute, jungkook cant help but fawn over him
•on the other hand, jimin is damn sexy when he looks like that
•and jimin knows that so he antagonizes jungkook by licking his lips and acting seductive
•jungkook has to fight down a boner all the time bc his bf is just so hot
•its always awkward whenever theyre in front of friends or in a crowded area
•but jungkook cant help but love when jimin acts the way he does
•one day jimin looked especially attractive
•jikook were with their friends at a small get-together
•jungkook couldnt help but lick his lips and look his boyfriend up and down while jimin danced to girl group songs with hobi
•jungkook accidentally let his fantasies get ahead of him
•and he ends up popping a semi right there on yoongis couch
•jimin notices and giggles cutely, only causing it to get worse for jungkook
•jimin walks over and kisses jungkook, their friends groaning
•jungkook kisses back passionately and jimin ends up pulling away
•jimin and jungkook excuse themselves and leave yoongis apartment
•their friends whistle behind them

 I’ve been screaming about mtnn featuring a lot of neuyako!karma with @isahnas for the last 24hours:

  • Neuro and Yako keep the real nature of their relationship out of the public eye, so sometimes Fuwa makes theories about Yako’s relationships with people and if she has a boyfriend or something. And karma just laughs his ass off
  • When Karma invites class-e to his house and Neuro and Yako are there and Karma is like: oh hi Mom hi dad. Fuwa nees to lie down
  • Karma knows a lot of random world trivia just bc his parents travel so muchALSO Fuwa probably notices that he has an eye for detail and one day says smth like “wow you’d make a great detective” and he kinda just… h e h e h
  • The fanboy from mtnn is Fuwa’s dad. They have a Yako shrine in their house and buy a cake every 10th of March to celebrate
  • The technology developed by Harukawa was then used by researchers and had a part in making Ritsu and when no one else is listening, Ritsu says “hello, child of the neurons” @ Karma
    • Karma: am i hallucinating? h a h a 
  • Karma picks up his habit of putting his feet on his desk from both Neuro and Godai
  • Godai is the reason Karma knows how to twirl a knife in his hands without cutting himself lmao
    • At least he didn’t learn about fashion sense from Neuro and Godai 
  • When he was younger he liked to dress himself with his dads blue suit
  • Yako gets more and more badass the more she learns out in the worldlike she definitely learns self defense and some martial arts for her own sake, and the day neuro sees her flip three men twice her size and knock them out, he is (secretly) very impressed

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Stop pinning bisexuality on Tay, even if (when) she comes out as bi- like Lauren or Cara, she isn’t, just like they aren’t.
IF she was bisexual, at least a couple of her public relationships would’ve been real, but nope neither was, all of them were stunts.

I know POTO is public domain so you could technically do anything you want with the story, but I really hate it when fics/adaptations portray Erik so bad to point where he purposely physically abuses Christine or he acts really rapey towards her but the author still tries to make their relationship work out.

Like, go ahead and make Erik super evil if you want but it you are going to do that, please don’t try to make it look like his relationship with Christine still has good aspects of it. Not only does it send a bad message to the audience but it’s also just flat out bad writing.
Also not to mention, that’s EXACTLY how The Rat Fetish Movie™ portrayed Erik and Christine’s relationship and we all know how “great” that adaptation turned out to be.

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maybe it's also their way of 'being public' without being public or somethin like that? i had relationships with girls i had to keep in secret and sometimes it got too intense when I kept everything inside. it needs to be let out somehow thru letting close friends know for my sanity. haha maybe in camren's case, indirects/clues/hints in social media is their way.

Essentially what I was saying…☝👏👏👏

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"I don’t know. Maybe he’s a douche, maybe he’s not…. 37 and still single, though."- Why do think he wants to keep his private life 'private'. Coz if people find out (which, let's face it, after the past 2 years, we have) what kind of man he is in the "romantic" sense, the illusion of the perfect/sweet guy shatters and all you're left with is the douche. Guys can be great guys to friends/family/the outside world, but can also still be assholes when it comes to relationships. JS.

I’m kinda thinking he has been so protective of his private life because he knew what kind of public reputation he’d get saddled with if the world watched him go from girlfriend to girlfriend like the Grand Marshall of a sideho parade. Once the public forms their opinion of you, it’s near impossible to change it. And I’m sure he really would rather not have his private life overshadow his work life. In this case though, I think his own vanity is undermining his efforts to keep prying eyes out of his beeswax.

sex+romance headcanons!

Send me a symbol. Please note that some answers may be NSFW.

🌟 What is my muse’s sexual/romantic orientation?
💦 At what age did my muse lose their virginity?
😘 Would my muse have sex on the first date?
😊 Would my muse ever ask someone on a date?
👍 Does my muse prefer to be asked on a date, or would they rather do the asking?
😉 What are my muse’s fetishes/kinks?
💬 When did my muse go on their first date?
💯 What is my muse’s ideal date?
💗 Has my muse ever been in love?
👠 What was my muse’s last serious relationship like?
👰 Would my muse ever get married?
🌼 Would my muse prefer a big wedding or a small wedding?
🍬 Is my muse a sub, dom, or switch?
🏩 What was my muse’s first time like?
🎆 Is my muse into monogamy?
💕 Would my muse ever be in a polyamorous relationship?
🔥 Would my muse ever be up for a threesome?
👮 Has my muse ever had sex in public?
💔 What was my muse’s first heartbreak?
💑 What are my muse’s requirements for a potential partner?
💋 How many people has my muse slept with?
👀 Is my muse the type to sleep around?
👎 Would my muse ever cheat on their partner?
😳 What was my muse’s worst romantic/sexual relationship?
💲Would my muse ever date/marry/sleep with someone because they were rich?
👓 Would my muse ever lie for sex?
👿 Would my muse ever blackmail someone into sex?
🎥 Who is my muse’s celebrity crush?
🎀 Who would my muse sleep with if nobody ever had to know?
💍 Has my muse ever had a one-night stand?
💝 Does my muse like Valentine’s Day?
💘 What are the ways my muse says ‘I love you’ without actually saying it?

I’m surprised that some people still refer to Yuri on Ice’s content as ‘yaoi fanservice’?

Like, I get that all the butt shots and Victor’s need to get naked every episode are fanservice of some form, but Victor and Yuuri’s relationship just isn’t.

Or, if you think it is, then just tell me: when do interactions between two characters of the same sex stop being ‘fanservice’ and start being a canonical relationship?

Like, seriously how much further do they have to go for you to realize that they’re *gasp* gay for each other?

I mean, what are you expecting? The things we see in straight couples? Like, Idk, maybe physical closeness? Hugs? Holding hands? Touching foreheads? Public declarations of love? The desire to seduce/be seduced by your partner? Mental support? The desire to help someone find confidence in their skills? The desire to know someone better but also the tact of knowing not to push too far? The act of understanding love thanks to one very specific person? The act of dedicating your best work to one specific person? The act of always being there for one specific person?

Come now, you must be dreaming, no pair of two characters of the same sex could get that sort of development.

Oh wait. They already did.

Tell me one more time that Yuri on Ice offers nothing but yaoi fanservice. I double freaking dare you.

10 Tips for Keeping your Love Alive

1. Treat each other with kindness and respect

2. Be open and honest; don’t lie or hide the truth

3. Communicate your true thoughts and feelings with each other (especially those related to your relationship)

4. Be nice to each other, and aim to make them smile

5. Say “sorry” when you need to – and show you really mean it

6. Don’t criticise, or be mean about, each other

7. Don’t talk about their failings, or put them down in public

8. Be there when they need you (when they’re going through tough times)

9. Be empathic, understanding, non-judgmental and accepting

10. Don’t demand that they be perfect – just love them as they are.

it’s funny how straight ppl romanticize “forbidden” love. they think it’s soooooo endearing and fun and exciting when in reality, their gay peers are having to literally hide their relationships bc of safety. we have to hide ourselves and our lovers bc we could get murdered. we have to hide bc we’re afraid of getting fired. we have to hide sometimes bc we have to, not bc it’s some office romance that’s hush hush.

it’s not fun, it’s not exciting, it’s fucking terrifying and it hurts bc we can’t hold our datemate’s hand in public - bc we could be killed.


The world wasn’t ready for us;
I feel it every time we go to the store.
I feel it every time we go on a date.
I feel it every time I reach for her hand in a public place.
I felt when I went wedding dress shopping.
And I feel it every time I correct people for assuming my fiancée is a man.
The world wasn’t ready for me to fall in love with my best friend SEVEN years ago,
But on Tumblr,
I feel accepted. I feel loved. I feel protected.


me at 11 pm any given night: i am so content knowing it’s just me and my bed and these next few hours of sleep, i have never felt more at peace than now and i can’t wait for this long night of rest ahead of me

me at 4 am: mickey loves ian so much. he gave up his entire life seeking revenge for him. he tattooed his name over his heart. remember when he told fiona “don’t fucking tell me what’s impossible”? he had endured so much abuse and he hated himself and denied himself what he wanted for 3 whole seasons. he never imagined that his relationship with ian was possible nonetheless that it could be public and he could be out and at peace with himself but it DID HAPPEN so now he KNOWS it’s possible! he overcame so much fear! he was finally approaching real happiness and then that happiness was threatened! he didn’t deserve to feel scared again but he stayed with ian and he got him the help he needed. he loved ian so fucking much and then ian broke up with him because he somehow actually felt like mickey wouldn’t want to deal with him. MICKEY VOWED TO BE WITH HIM THROUGH THICK AND THIN, GOOD TIMES AND BAD. they were more than boyfriends or lovers or whatever, they were BEST FRIENDS since season 1 and yet ian didn’t even visit mickey in jail. even after ian told mickey he had to be bribed to visit, mickey still asked him if he would wait. he told ian to lie that he would because that tiny bit of hope could help him hold up. he told ian that the only thing that kept him going was the thought of them being together in mexico, away from all the shit in their past and just together and free even if it could never truly be perfect. MICKEY LOVED IAN SO FUCKING MUCH AND HE DID NOT DESERVE TO HAVE TO LEAVE HIM. but at the same time, neither of them could control their future. it was fucked from the minute mickey got arrested and him escaping jail only further complicated things even though mickey could very well be happy as an escaped convict. THEY did not deserve to have so much against them and MICKEY did not deserve to have his life screwed over again so quickly after finding some semblance of peace. i just want mickey milkovich to be happy.

get em tonight jr
  • coach sends supportive texts to bitty before games 
    • which would mean: he knows when bittys games are and he cares enough to reach out
    • coach is looking out for his boy
  • coach and bitty at least talk/text regularly enough that coach is comfortable using informal language
    • i.e. “em,” “jr,” no caps or punctuation
    • which requires some level of familiarity
    • their relationship isnt so distant that bitty is isolated from his father
  • coach calls him jr and thats cute as shit
    • also this could be its own post but
    • everyone talks about jack living in the shadow of his father and their name
    • but bitty has the same problem, albeit on a less public scale
    • bitty probs felt pressure esp when he was younger to be like his father
    • and maybe his father calling him jr recalls some shit and makes him feel bad
    • but i personally dont believe that the name is coming from a bad place on coachs part
  • anyway coach is there for bitty and although they obviously arent as close as bitty and his mother, coach has his own presence in bittys life
    • which may be limited by coach and his ability and like emotional intelligence
    • or maybe by bitty and the support hes willing to receive from coach 
    • bc coach is a reminder of a harder time and the person he could never be
  • in summary coach and bitty obvs have some unresolved shit but coach is a good father doing his best thank you and good night


“ my closest relationship is with my blackberry, thank god it vibrates! ”
“ when i was a kid, most of the advice that my dad gave me was crap. ”
“ there you have it, folks. young love. ”
“ valentine’s day was a massacre in chicago where lots of people were killed. ”
“ i don’t feel comfortable taking my shirt off in public. ”
“ love is the only shocking act left on the planet. ”
“ if you’re ever with a guy/girl that’s too good for you, marry him/her. ”
“ i shut down my playerness from new years to st. patty’s day. ”
“ i need happy, i need romantic, i need love, and i need it from you. ”
“ i would crawl over cut glass to take you to the winter formal. ”
“ dude, he’s from indiana. they only celebrate love your cousin day. ”
“ did you even consider marrying me? ”
“ when you ask a girl to marry you, do you want her to just consider it? ”
“ then there’s the whole thing with my parents’ horrible… ”
“ oh don’t tell me, that’ll take the fun out of guessing. ”
“ i can’t stand the idea of some jerk hurting her, i just can’t. i can’t. ”
“ what’s the greatest love song of all time? ”
“ i’ve never had an inkling before. i wasn’t sure what to do with it. ”
“ what do you do with the flowers? ”
“ you don’t step in to love, you fall in. ”
“ apparently everyone and their mother felt that way but nobody had the guts to tell me. ”
“ have you ever seen someone fall head over heels in love? it’s ugly, bro. ”
“ love doesn’t exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people. ”
“ unfortunately, the truth makes everything else seem like a lie. ”
“ it’s not about defiance, it’s about what a man will do for love. ”
“ that is a really weird way to talk to your boss. ”
“ this is the busiest day of the year for phone sex. ”
“ you know, i’d like to say yes. but… i don’t know if i can afford it. ”
“ when you love someone, you love all of them… ”