when will they public their relationship

Dating Winwin (NCT 127)

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first of all: you’re a lucky bish if you date him

-He will text you, every day, every night, when he can… and even when he isn’t supposed to, he will text you ALL THE TIME

-he’s too shy shy shy to kiss you on the lips in public, he’ll just kiss you on the cheek if he feels brave enough

-is a blushing little shiet

-he makes sure that you are 100% okay, 100% of the time

-gets shy whe the members start asking about your relationship

-he tries to teach you Chinese, TRIES (mark my words)

-he plays with your hair A LOT

-if he accidentally pulls your hair a bit, he will apologize 1000356315786323428631579685213589865432 times

-if you’re sad, he will buy you an ice-cream, if you’re happy, he will buy you an ice-cream

-you will gain 2 things with him: a beautiful relationship and 10kg cuz food is life

-if you also have broad shoulders *cough* like me *cough* you and Sicheng will make jokes about it

-says he is not jealous when you fangirl over another idol, why you lying? why you always lying? oh ma gad! stop fucking lying!

-he tells you some Chinese legends

-late night talks

-he hugs you so tight  when he sleeps, you are scared that one day you will fall asleep and never wake up

-he will have his first time with you, you will have your first time with him

-awkward af

- “a-are you okay?” “d-does it hurt?”

-after your first time, you will cuddle in bed and probably eating ice-cream

-when you will get pregnant, he will be happy af

-will talk to your baby

-kisses your belly 24/7

-he will take really good care of you and the baby

JONERYS HEADCANONS- Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions:

If you haven’t checked them out, here are Part One & Part Two

I got 2 Fluffy ones and 2 Angsty ones! OKAYYE LETS GET TO IT!

Requested by @jhennelio 

Private Arguments:

As i’ve said before, I don’t think they will keep their relationship secret, as they’re both honest and unashamed, but they WILL keep it on a low radar. They will not acknowledge it in front of the Northern lord, although they suspect. So before public meetings, they have private arguments. The biggest one being their concern for each other’s safety. Jon can hardly keep quiet about his reasons for keeping Daenerys safe if the Northern lords ask her to fly Drogon to battle. And Daenerys is beside with herself when Jon says he will lead his men in the front lines. She tells him that she risked her life for him, and gave her Dragon’s life, and she is willing to do it again if he puts himself in danger. Every time they know they are bound to argue in front of others, they settle it in private, so they can express their feelings fully. Daenerys asks him to become her heir, in case she dies early, and he refuses at first, but she says that she can’t think of anyone that would make a better ruler. When she brings it up in public, we grudgingly accepts.Everyone is baffled at how well they communicate and get along in some meetings, but its only because they already made arrangements by themselves. Sometimes they will bring things up like “The dragon plan we talked about” and Tyrion looks around, confused “what plan?” and Jon remembers “Oh right, we didn’t tell you yet about the plan” and they move through meetings so fast its almost confusing to everyone else, because the two of them know their plans by heart.

The PDA that will give them away

Again, they’re not strictly hiding their relationship, but not making it obvious to spot. Or so they think! Anyone that knows Jon at all can see him smiling like an idiot or trying to make her laugh.They use each other’s names more freely than they should, when they should be saying “Your Grace”/”My Lord.” Anyone that knows Daenerys finds is unnerving when she lets him get away with stuff: Calling her Dany in public, moving to her side and brushing shoulders casually, joking about her Dragon’s looks.Sansa and Arya are annoyed that he takes Daenerys’ advice just as strongly as theirs, and Tyrion and Varys have caught on to trying to get Jon on their side because they know Dany will listen to him. The whole castle gossips about Jon Snow, the only person aside from the Mother of Dragons thats not afraid to pet them/talk to them. The Stark Sisters don’t know what to think when Ghost is absolutely smitten with Dany, and she’s not afraid of him AT ALL. Dany commenting on how she hates the word “Bastard” and Jon telling everyone that she’s not just the “Mad King’s Daughter.”Sometimes they hold hands, talk privately, or kiss when they think they’re alone but every time they’re seen by someone.


Out of all my predictions, this one is the one that will most likely happen in the show. I’m 100% sure Melissandre is coming back to Winterfell. Jon is right about to order her execution but Dany cuts him off. I think Melissandre was counting on Daenerys to defend her when the time comes. In Season 7 she says “I brought Fire and Ice together.” As Jon and Davos are rounding up on her, Melissandre talks to Dany in front of the whole Hall, but only a few can understand them because they speak in High Valyrian. Not only does she argue that she introduced her to Jon, but also that she was the one that brought him back from the dead. No one else hears this except the Essos lot. Melissandre finds out they’ve fallen in love and uses it against them, by telling Dany that if she cared for Jon at all, she would let her live in case he dies again. And it works, so Jon and Dany get in a huge argument about honor and oaths. Arya/Davos/Gendry pitch in, saying that she’s a crazy witch that will burn people alive for her God, but Dany finally snaps and tells Jon that she cannot bear if he were to die. They allow her to live, but she’s not allowed inside the Castle. They also struggle coming to terms wether one or both of them are the prince that was promised.


This is a cute one, but If you want the full headcanon, you should also check out my take on Jon Snow & Baby Fever.  Alright, so this might take place before or after the R+L=J revelation, but I believe Bran is going to tell Jon that Daenerys is pregnant. Either because she knows and doesn’t want to tell him yet (in case she miscarries) or because she doesn’t know. So Jon is late to a public meeting, and Daenerys is waiting along with everyone else to start. Bran tells Jon that he will be a good father, but Jon confesses her doesn’t know if he’ll ever be a father. He says that Dany told him she’s barren, but that he will love Daenerys no matter what. Then Bran says “No Jon, I don’t think you understand. You will be a good father. Daenerys is with child.” So after a minor freak out and making sure he heard right, he sprints to the hall where the meeting is taking place. Daenerys is already impatient, so she stands up and begins talking but Jon crosses the room and just KISSES her in front of the whole bloody north. Everyone is speechless, except the Wildings/Dothraki, who start hooting and cheering. NO ONE is sure of what to say after they break apart, but they’re still pretending like no one else exists. Loud enough for everyone to hear, he says “Marry me?” and for the first time ever, Daenerys Targaryen is at loss for words, glancing around everyone in the room. He gently tilts her head and makes her look into his eyes and she knows the world is about to end and the man she loves just proposed to her in front of all the people who don’t want him to get married, so she SURE as hell knows he loves her. So she nods her head and kisses him back and they both exit the hall holding hands while everyone stays standing astounded in a mutual “That was Wild” look.

Here’s a closer look at some of those rarer woohoo wants. This is a composite shot to show a variety at once (there was also elevator woohoo in my last post, but not shown here, because I haven’t seen it on its own yet), but if all of the options are available on the home lot, it’s not unheard of for there to be this many of them rolled at once naturally, as in my last post.

And at any given time there will usually be at least one or two different woohoo wants, sometimes connected to a specific lover, or just in general. And it seems that the “public woohoo” want that crops up quite often with romance sims can be fulfilled on the home lot by using the photo booth. And If all else fails, they can always rely on a general woohoo want to appear when they arrive home from work. Woohoo wants are also relatively high scoring (at least 3,500 aspiration points) for very little effort in an existing relationship, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. (No pun intended. :P)

So yeah, optimize their home for woohoo and your romance sim will easily be quite happy there. :)

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5, 13, 20 Dazai headcanon?

headcanon asks {open}

5. Bathing/showering headcanon
   - Baths for Dazai are rare and really only happen when he has a partner that wants to take one with him. He gets extremely bored taking a bath by himself, and ends up drinking in the tub instead of relaxing.

13. Nickname headcanon
    - Dazai loves giving terribly over-the-top sugary, fluffy nicknames to his partner solely to see the shame and embarrassment on their face when he uses them in public. 

20. Relationship/thoughts on _____ headcanons
      - There are points in time where Dazai has a sort of longing for Kunikida to understand him the way Dazai understands Kunikida. Rather than Dazai reaching out to him he knows a true connection would be reached much easier if Kunikida where to initiate it, but Dazai is his own worst enemy and knows his teasing and consistent jokes/behavior push Kunikida away from him. 

“You’re Okay With Vlogging?” Part 4 - Niall Horan





“Hey” Niall called with obvious anger storming onto the bus, shoving the sliding door to the back lounge open.

“Hi” you greeted brightly, then dimming when you saw the anger flaring in his eyes, “what’s wrong?”

“Have you seen this shit!?” He asked you, slamming 3 magazines down on the table in front of you, all reading different headline. ‘Nialls new boo? Or a summer fling?’ ‘Real relationship or tour promotion?’ And lastly, ‘relationship already ending’ they all had different pictures, the first one was Niall kissing you in public, the second was you Vlogging while on stage with him when he gave you the ring and the third was when you got into an argument about where you should eat, and him rolling his eyes at you, which showed the annoyance on your face.

“So?” You asked, leaning back into the sofa. You and Niall had a talk about this before going public, you knew it would happen, and you knew it would piss him off. You thought it would upset you more, but truthfully, you knew all these were lies so it wasn’t bothering you all that much.

Niall looked at you like you were an idiot, his hands on his hips, his eyes piercing you, “you’re alright with this?” He spat.

“No Niall” you finally stood up, looking him in the eye, “I’m not, but they’re all lies so who cares!?”

“I care” he expressed, getting red in the face, “do you know how this makes me look, affects my music!?” He trialed off, rubbing his head, “Kim’s going to kill me”.

“Niall, this is literally what we talked about when we decided to go public, you knew this was going to happen, and all these” you said picking up the magazines, “aren’t going to harm your career, it’s not like they’re saying you cheated on me”.

“That’s not the point, (y/n)” He said, flustered, rubbing his eyes.

“Then what is?” You asked earnestly, not seeing what the big deal is.

He huffed loudly, not wanting to take his frustration out on you since it’s not your fault this happened. Well actually, now that you thought about it, it is largely your fault, you did sort of pushed him to go public when he wasn’t quite ready for it.

“I’m sorry” you hesitated, the words making his head snap up to you.

“What?” He questioned, “why?”

“It’s my fault” you shrugged with a weak smile, “I shouldn’t have pushed you to go public”

“Babe” He chuckled, “no, this isn’t your fault. I wanted to go public I just didn’t know how to go about it”

“We should’ve talked to Kim first” you said, ignoring his words.

“Yeah” he confirmed, “we should’ve, she’s gonna throw a fit”

The more Niall looked at the magazines, whether it was it was reading the articles that were written or just looking at the picture they took, He more frustrated he got.

“Listen to this” he said after a little while, “a source close to both Niall and (y/n) says it’s all for show, to promote her channel which has 100,000 subscribers and Nialls tour which has been almost sold out”. He shook his head in frustration, throwing the magazine back on the table.

“Hey guys” a woman said, opening the door and then sliding it shut, “we need to talk about this” she motioned to the magazines on the table.

You realized it was Kim as soon as she walked through the door, quickly sliding it shut before she said anything. Niall quickly sat forward, intently listening to what she had to say.

“So…” she started, s confused look on her face, “why didn’t you guys tell me you were going public?”

“Didn’t think it would matter” Niall shrugged, his elbows leaning on his knees, his hands clasped together.

“Didn’t think it would matter!?” She repeated, surprised, “Niall you haven’t been rumored to date anyone since 2014 when Made In The AM came out, of course people are going to think it mattered”

“I didn’t think it would reflect badly” He put it different, struggling to continue.

“I’ll take blame, it’s my fault” you stepped up, knowing you were the only reason he did it. Kim looked at you surprised, possibly because you haven’t said more than a few sentences to her, but probably because of you owning up to it, “I asked him if we could go public because I was sick of hiding”

“Okay he should’ve talked to me about it first” she said, first eyeing you, then Niall who was nodding his head.

“I know, and I messed up, so if you want, I’ll just pack my things up and go because obviously I’m a bad influence” you suggested, touching Nialls leg. His head snapped up as soon as the word pack left your lips, giving you a shocked and saddening look.

“No” Kim rolled her eyes, “don’t be dramatic, you’re the best thing to happen to this kid”. This caused Niall to smile and take your hand. “I’m not going to break you two up and it would only look worse if you did, this isn’t bad Niall” she continued, “this is more bad press on (y/n)’s part but it really is going to attract a lot of attention from everyone to your music and your channel, so keep Vlogging or whatever. No damage control has to be done, soon they’re realize this isn’t for show” and with that she got up and left.

“Told you” you said to Niall, picking up the magazine and reading the articles, “my last video has double the amount of views and I haven’t checked your streams yet but I’m sure they got some love too”

He shrugged, unsure of what to say, but also realizing it wasn’t that big of a deal anymore. Seemingly brushing it off, he walked out of the back room and to the lounge in the front, or his bunk. You figured you’d let him calm down a little and continue watching what you were before he came in.

An hour went by, and you were getting concerned, you haven’t heard his voice or his laugh, and you weren’t even sure he was on the bus. There was no show tonight and no press coming around to bother him, so he was either walking around town by himself, or sitting outside the bus.

“Niall?” You called, hearing only silence. You slid open the door, and saw only his band mates goofing off in the lounge. Checking your bunk, you saw that your camera and laptop were gone, and you stomach dropped.

“Hey have you guys seen my camera or laptop?” You asked all of them, all of which shook their head saying “no sorry”. You rolled your eyes at how very unhelpful they were, “Okay, what about Niall” you half snapped, getting impatient.

“He walked off the bus about an hour ago, not sure where he went” one shrugged, causing your anger to flare, but not saying anything to them.

You took a deep breathe, grabbing your shoes and a jacket and ran outside. While trying to figure out which way he would’ve went you heard his voice, he was talking very serious to someone.

“I’ve never had to do this” he said, “I never met a girl I was so into that I wanted to bring them into my world and bring them into this craziness”

You walked around the corner of the bus to the other side, seeing Niall sitting on the ground, your camera perched on a road blocker, he was Vlogging.

“I know all the stupid articles” he said through gritted teeth, “say this is for a promotion of my tour or promotion of this channel, but it’s not, I never knew (y/n) existed until like 300 thousand of you tagged me to watch that video, and Louis was up my arse about it because you were all tagging him in it” he looked down for a second, drawing circles in the dirt, thinking about what to say next.

“I’ve written like 3 different song about her since I met her, that she knows nothing about, she’s honestly my world, I love her with all my heart, and being able to have these experiences with her, makes everything else that I miss, just go away.” More circles being drawn, “I know a lot of your guys are really supportive of us, I think when we go out, she gets recognized more than I do” he chuckled, “but seriously, this is really, we are real, and if I could ask her to marry be with me forever this soon in our relationship I would, but I got her that ring to symbolize, well A.) I keep my promises, and B.) that I love her, kind of like a promise ring. Even if we haven’t known each other long, that’s how soulmates work.”

He stopped for a little while, leaning back up against the bus, probably trying to think of what to say.

You watched him for a minute, sitting there so vulnerable, opening up to your audience, It’s was sweet that he cared so much, not that you didn’t care, but you didn’t want to let the hate bother you.

“Hey” you said simply, rounding the corner. His head snapped around to you, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

“Hey” he said, eyeing you, wondering how much you heard, “I was just, uh, venting”

“I do that a lot too” you mused, sitting down next to him, “they actually like when you show you’re like a real person, not just someone behind a camera”

He shrugged, unsure of what to say, and you could see he was still embarrassed.

“So you love me, huh?” You grinned, “and you want to marry me?”

“You heard that” he laughed with embarrassment, his face getting even redder.

“You know I had to edit the video and I would’ve heard it anyway” you informed him, chuckling, hugging your knees to your chest.

“I was going to delete it” he gave a small laugh, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“I rather show your softer side than delete it” you said, half asking for his approval.

“You can” he allowed, “I just hate that these editors are trashing you”.

“They trash everyone that’s dating the celebrity” you shrugged, “it’s not a big deal, and I’m not offended by it, do you know how many comments just pure hate on my channel?” You paused for a second to look at him, “I don’t read them anymore”

“I used to get the same thing” he mentioned, “I used to be the worst voice, or the background guy” he shrugged again, and you knew this never bothered him for a a second, “I didn’t care either, I just continued to work on my voice, my guitar, my writing…”

“And look where you are now” you grinned, “selling out a tour in less than 24 hours, your album hit number 1 literal seconds after it came out”

He was grinning now too, still a little disappointed in the articles, but super proud of himself for all he had accomplished, and you were too.

“Thanks” he murmured, pulling you in for a huge kissing your head, “I do love you, you know”

“I know” you said with a grin, leaning up for a kiss, “and I love you, and you one day, we’ll probably get married”

“I know we will” he clarified, helping you up off the ground as he got up, giving you another kiss.

“How about we edit his together, see how it turned out?” You said it a questioning tone, grabbing the camera and shutting it off.

“I actually wanted to ask you” he ask quietly, causing you to look up from the camera, “would you mind teaching me how to edit?”

“Of course!!” You said excited, borderline running to the bus to grab your laptop, “now you can vlog and we can both edit, oh my god this will be great for tour!”

He laughed at your excitement as you sat down on the couch, pulling up your editing program and getting all the clips off your camera, “okay…” you began, showing him how to do everything as he did it, knowing he was a hands on learner.

“Now you can start Vlogging with me” you winked, “even when we’re not together”

Niall tolled his eyes then smiled, “god that’s going to be so awkward”.

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Do ittttttttttt! Be my TAZ writing buddyyyy!!!

i have so many things like?? i want to write some tender polyamorous blupjeans/lupcretia

i wanna write about taako and lup being in the magic academy and taako realizing that if he doesn’t really bust his ass that lup will get chosen for the IPRE and he won’t and she’ll leave him behind

i wanna write a modern au where taako like owned a food truck and when shit went south it was like during his first live television cooking show and he has to like go into hiding because it was like nationally publicized and like…… just modern partyboy/sex coping taako angst haaaa–

i also want to write like an exploration of taako’s relationship with s//azed (no one shoot me plz) 

i want to write the terrible cycle where lup finds barry in a time of emotional weakness and comforts him and their relationship really blossoms

i want to write lup opening lucretia up to her during the ipre cycles and them becoming close and growing huge squishes with each other

i want to write a cycle where they find a plane of nothing but motorcycle gangs and lup, taako and magnus immediately abandon ship and become bikers and hustle all these people in races for money but then they get their fucking asses whooped by this gnome wearing a tiger helmet and he’s super fucking badass and embarrasses the shit out of them and lol it’s davenport

i wanna write taako having a nightmare about forgetting the people he’s with now– his new lover and his regained family and just have a fucking horrible terror about it and kravitz to comfort him u w u

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I think they need to change the damn plan. S will look like a complete douche if he keeps saying how mych he lives his wife to then suddenly drop the D, it would be better fir him to go silent on sm or just stop talking about her. And E and her friends ate going to look two faced when her and S's relationship becomes public as they ate such good friends with the wife. What they're doing will inly make things so much worse when this ends!

I really like the idea of Taako (and elves in general) having really long ears that move independently. Taako gets startled by something and the ears are standing straight up - Magnus realizes this within a week of meeting the twins and tries to sneak up on them all the time because that’s hilarious and also kind of adorable? (The twins don’t put up with that for long, and their retaliation is expertly planned and executed.)

The crew is scoping out a new world, or the boys are on a mission for the Bureau, and it’s suspiciously quiet. They’re all trying to listen for the noise of a nearby enemy and one of Taako’s ears perks up, swivels, and then lowers again while the other perks up instead. He doesn’t even know he’s doing it. The ears keep trading places.

When he’s tired, the ears are droopy. Ren can tell when he’s losing steam at work by their slow descent; if he’s determined to stay awake, they’ll twitch up every so often but it’s a losing battle. When he’s upset - very sad or angry - his ears will be at their lowest, brushing his shoulders. On bad days, the ears don’t move much at all.

Kravitz is fascinated. He’ll play with Taako’s ears, bothering them into twitching in all directions until Taako finally has to swat his hand away because for fuck’s sake Kravitz you’re going to get a face full of this stew if you don’t stop that shit I’m trying to cook go bother Lup. Kravitz does not bother Lup because Lup has already put up with a century of Barry bothering her ears and that is about the limit of her patience.

They haven’t been dating for terribly long when Kravitz compares Taako to a bunny the first time after a few drinks. Then Kravitz won’t let it go, and Taako wants to be annoyed but it turns into a pet name. Taako has never been in a relationship that involved pet names before; he doesn’t know what to do. At that point in his life, he’s not used to someone liking him so much. He still puts up a token resistance but it’s hard to be annoyed when Kravitz sounds that… genuinely affectionate. If he thinks he’s calling Taako that in public or in front of anyone Taako knows, though, he can look forward to ordering take-out for a month.

Juno in the Signs & Houses

Juno was the third asteroid to be discovered. Juno is the wife of Jupiter. She has some similarities to Venus, but while Venus sparks that initial attraction, Juno makes the commitment. She sings of soul mates. As she moves through the sky, the face of relationships change, but she still stands for commitment of one kind or another.

Where you find Juno in your chart is where you may meet someone that you will remain with for a long relationship. She covers marriage, fashion and beauty. She is the patron of relationships and true love. Diplomacy is part of her sphere.

She has influence with the weather, flowers, fairness and female genitalia. She also dealt with many of Jupiter’s infidelities and thus has influence over the negative issues of spouse abuse, powerlessness, women’s rights (both positive and negative), rage, inferiority complexes and unfairness. She may also affect issues of denial, betrayal, inequality and of course bitterness.

Juno in Aries

Juno in Aries needs their own autonomy. If they don’t get that in a relationship they may end up with migraines or other physical displays of upset. They tend to be attracted to partners that are aggressive or dominant. While they want their own freedom, they also want a mate who will be an authority figure. They may see their partners as someone to compete with. They like to go adventuring together. They may need to learn how to develop balance in their relationships so both partners can pursue their own needs. 

Juno in the 1st House

If Juno sits close to your ascendant, being married or committed could be tied to your identity and self-image.

The first house rules our approach, appearance and the way we look – Juno found here can make marriage super important – your partner could be the centre of your universe!

Juno in Taurus

Juno in Taurus wants a sturdy relationship built out of material security and loyalty. They want someone reliable and trustworthy who knows the value of a dollar. They want a harmonious relationship at home that will last a lifetime. They enjoy a sensual relationship and truly want to share their goals with their partner. They are dedicated and faithful forever, and they expect the same from their partner. They may be possessive or controlling or attract these same qualities in their partner. They are willing to stand up for their ideals as long as they have a steadfast partner at their side. 

Juno in the 2nd House

Juno could lead marriage and partnership to be intertwined with money, possessions or the way you value yourself – self-esteem.

The second indicates what we value in the material realm, so the person with Juno in the second could be ‘married to their things’, with a love of accumulating more, including money. Marriage could be desirable as something to increase a sense of self-worth.

They could also view their marriage partner as something to be owned or a source of wealth.

Juno in Gemini

Juno in Gemini needs a partner who can communicate with them. They want a partner who is expressive and mentally stimulating. They like to share activities together. Sometimes they prefer to have multiple relationships instead of just one; conversely, they may prefer friendship to commitment. They like to play. Relationships may end up with one partner being more advanced in education or socially while the other is more dependent. They may also see their partner as capable of pursuing their own dreams. When they can’t communicate clearly they may get nervous and high strung. They need to clear up all misunderstandings right away and be able to have clear communication at all times to be happy. 

Juno in the 3rd House

For the person with Juno is the third house, marriage will come with a focus on communication. Perhaps a partner will help this person to express themselves more easily or the relationship will be about ‘being heard’. The union will benefit from being able to talk with one another. 

Juno in Cancer

Juno in Cancer needs emotional intimacy and a warm home environment. They nurture others by feeding them good food. They are attracted to partners who are nurturing and caring. They may appear to be dependent upon them or to be clingy or moody. They may use emotional blackmail to get what they feel they deserve. They can often manipulate others in very subtle ways. They feel strongly that justice must be served. They want a partner who is traditional and values the home and family. They like to care for their family and be cared for in return. They feel a strong need to commit to their relationship with all their might. They may need a lot of attention and may feel unfulfilled if their needs are not met. They are highly committed and loyal. 

Juno in the 4th House

The person with Juno in the fourth will be attracted to a marriage partner who is domesticated and attached to the home environment, one who loves to nurture, cook and nest. With this placement, the native could become more home-loving after marriage. Another possibility is that the person is wedded to their home life, with an importance of building a family brood.

Juno in Leo

Juno in Leo wants romance and excitement to be happy. They want a partner they can be proud of and who will admire them as well. They don’t like to feel ignored or rejected. They can become rather selfish or use inappropriate means of getting attention. They like things to be equal. They are natural showmen and want to share the spotlight. They feel strongly towards their mates. They may be arrogant or immature and rather bossy. They can also be very generous and loving. They are decisive and seldom change their minds once they are made up. 

Juno in the 5th House

Those with Juno in the fifth will want a partner with whom they can play, be romantic and get excited with. Children are likely to play an important part in the marriage, and its union can improve the creativity of the native.

Juno in Virgo

Juno in Virgo has high expectations in their partners, as they do in everything else. They will organize their relationships and expect them to remain efficient. They want perfection, and if their partner can’t reach that pinnacle they may be overly critical. They are attracted to partners who are efficient and oriented to the tasks at hand. They have their own sense of justice. They appreciate a partner who is ultra clean and who is unassuming when in public. Health is very important to them, so they want a partner who is also interested in healthy habits. They want stability, and in return will be loyal to the end. 

Juno in the 6th House

The person with Juno in the sixth might have their most important relationships in work or through the workplace – or they could be married to their work! Co-operation is important in the relationship – these people need someone they can work with day-to-day, someone that’s reliable and attentive.

Juno in Libra

Juno in Libra wants balance and equality in their relationships. They want someone who will share the chores of making decisions and who will consult with them on everything. They are attracted to good manners and an attractive appearance. They want them to share their interests in social activities and artistic things. They love romance. They tend to become competitive when the relationship becomes unbalanced. 

Juno in the 7th House

Relationships are key for those with Juno in the seventh. Placed in the house of partnership this person might seek marital, business or professional relationships to last a lifetime. They will be the cornerstone of life.

Juno in Scorpio

Juno in Scorpio needs an intense relationship with a lot of deep intimacy and sex. They may become manipulative and jealous, using sex as a way to control their partner. They want passion, loyalty and strength. They may be possessive and must learn to trust over time. They like mystery and power. They may be demanding or high maintenance. Once they are won over, they are loyal and dedicated, though they may always be a bit suspicious. 

Juno in the 8th House

For those with Juno in the eight, sex is likely to be an important part of partnership, trust and power too. Marriage could be a transformative force, deeply emotional and intimate. Situated in the house of other people’s money and finances, your partner could regard you as a possession. 

Juno in Sagittarius

Juno in Sagittarius wants intellectual stimulation in a relationship. They also want to share their belief system. They want a travel buddy and love adventures. Liberal and philosophical, they may be outspoken or competitive. They like independence and personal freedom, so a relationship with someone who wants a partner night and day would not work well with them. They want a shared camaraderie that will support each other’s freedom and yet strengthen their commitment. They prefer sports, law, philosophy and the outdoors. 

Juno in the 9th House

The person with Juno in the ninth might wed a foreigner, someone born far away or with a different background, or they might have a wedding abroad!

They will need a partner with whom they can travel or go on a spiritual journey with, or someone to philosophise with about what they’re learning or have gleaned.

Juno in Capricorn

Juno in Capricorn is committed and traditional. They may base their relationship more on social expectations than on sharing their emotions. They want someone who is practical and good at organizing. They are not overly emotional. They are conservative and responsible and expect the same from their partners. They want someone they can trust. They are very loyal once they commit to someone. They may marry later in life. They are very captivating to the right person, in an earthy way. 

Juno in the 10th House

Marriage for those with Juno in the tenth could be beneficial to career matters.

A partner could help in work, improve their social standing or the way the person is perceived and s breakup could affect career matters. Alternatively, the person could be wedded to their work!

Juno in Aquarius

Juno in Aquarius wants a relationship that gives them their freedom. They are rather unconventional and may prefer open marriages or other alternatives. They may also remain single yet enjoy the whole “friend with benefits” concept. They aren’t necessarily for equality in a relationship. They may either play the adoring mate or want their partner to be subservient to them. They appreciate eccentricity in their partner. They are progressive and friendly instead of passionate. They may be rather insecure at times. They are spontaneous and impulsive. They want someone who understands them and their needs and goals. 

Juno in the 11th House

The person with Juno in the eleventh house could marry a friend or have a strong sense of friendship develop after marriage. They could be very involved in a social cause or activity, and the relationship might be based on a shared vision. These people are likely to value freedom in marriage. 

Juno in Pisces

Juno in Pisces wants a special, spiritual bond. They want to share their ideals with their partner. They are attracted to those who are intuitive or sensitive. They enjoy sharing music, spirituality and poetry. They tend to withdraw when they are frustrated or want to escape into a fantasy world. They can use their subtle charms to manipulate others to their way of thinking. They may play the victim in some cases. They may use their imagination to create the perfect partner. They are very emotional and may have a problem dealing the world’s harsh realities. 

Juno in the 12th House

With Juno in the twelfth house, marriage could feel like a bit of a non-entity! The marriage and commitment asteroid sits in a bit of a blind spot. Or there could be a karmic quality to relationships, a feeling of destiny or significance in a marriage union. Suffering and sacrifice could be involved, helping and supporting the partner, or perhaps the native could play the part of the victim in marriage.

Supercorp Fake Dating AUs

half melted m&m’sbs13

  • Lena needs a fake wife in order to stay in the country, and Kara happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nothing says true love like marrying the boss your family hates, right? AU.

we are what we pretend to beC_AND_B

  • After the unrestricted office access, and the flowers, and the surprise visits to Catco, everyone just kinda starts to assume Kara and Lena are dating, and maybe they should let them. (AKA, Lena and Kara really just date whilst pretending they’re fake dating).

Luthor Escort Servicesuhpockuhlipz

  • Kara needs a last minute date to her sister’s wedding. Luthor’s Escort Services is there to help, but Lena is nothing like what Kara was expecting

Not Exactly Dating captain_golden

  • Lena’s panicked eyes met Kara’s. She furiously shook her head and put her finger up to her lips. And then she sighed. “Yes mother, someone is here with me.” Lena motioned for Kara to come closer. “It’s my- ah- girlfriend. She’s a reporter with CatCo.” Lena looked at Kara pleadingly.

in the sunisawet

  • Lena needs a date and Kara needs a job. (fake dating supercorp)

call on me, darlingecho_wolf

  • A fake engagement between the CEO of L-Corp and her assistant? Nothing could possibly go wrong. Feelings couldn’t possibly be caught.

let me be your rulerlostariels

  • When Kara unexpectedly comes to find herself on the throne of Krypton, she soon finds herself being part of an even bigger plan that was set into motion by her dead parents, when she was a child. A secret contract was made, arranging a marriage between Kara Zor-El, Princess of Krypton, and Lena Luthor, Princess of Thorul, and now the two girls have to hold up her end of the bargain or risk losing their titles and lives of luxury if they don’t. Begrudgingly, the two girls have no choice but to agree to the arranged marriage, and the fake relationship then ensues in the public eye. It’s not as easy as it seems though, to bluff their way through a relationship with the whole world watching, and Kara and Lena are too stubborn for their own good, finding themselves butting heads at every turn. Especially when feelings and pride get thrown into the mix.

As luck would have itspacemanearthgirl

  • Who knew that bumping into a stranger in a bar could turn into this? Or Kara meets Lena at a bar then Lena pretends to be her girlfriend to get rid of Mike.

Oblivious BiJane

  • Lena has a crush on Kara. Lena’s too afraid to tell Kara. Obviously, the only solution is to make Kara jealous by dating Supergirl.

Need that picture of youorangefish19

  • The one where Kara gets shot, kiss the girl and they have to pretend to date because someone had a camera.

Disconnect / Reconnect Turtlelady9

  • Slight Alternative Universe. Set about a year after Luthors. After a year of not seeing or speaking with Lena Luthor at all, Kara Danvers receives an unexpected phone call that her wife Lena Luthor-Danvers and baby daughter Zara were admitted to the hospital in Metropolis after a car accident. Are the ladies really married? Is Lena’s daughter also Kara’s? Follow Kara on her journey to figure out what’s going on. Will Lena know what’s going on after she wakes up from her injuries?

The ProposalAlexdanverswrites

  • Lena Luthor is a cold, callous editor in chief at one of the top publishing companies in the world. Kara is her long-suffering assistant who hopes to be an editor one day. When Lena faces the threat of deportation, she makes Kara an offer. The job of her dreams in exchange for one thing: her hand in marriage.

I like to think that if Draco and Harry were open about their relationship whilst at hogwarts (possibly in eighth year), Draco would flaunt it in everyone’s faces whenever he got jealous of all the attention Harry gained from his adoring fans and admirers.

For example, a girl asks for Harry’s autograph and Draco immediately wraps his arms around his neck possesively, clinging onto him till Harry rolls his eyes and reassuringly kisses his head.

One time a boy tries to ask Harry to help him with something, causing Draco to rest his hands on his other half’s chest and begin to publically seduce him. He is shameless when it comes to establishing the fact that Harry is taken.

Mostly, Draco just makes out with him in the hallways, where everyone can see who he belongs to. He likes it best when Harry grabs his arse, or when he allows him to wrap his legs around his waist as they rest against the wall. The pair exchange kisses during breakfast, the blond seated casually on the raven haired boy’s lap. Always, they flirt in lessons without a single care in the world. The professors soon give up on trying to prevent this.

And it’s adorable to see them both so loved up, so nobody really minds. No matter how irritating it is to hear Draco say ‘my boyfriend-’ this and 'my boyfriend-’ that, every five seconds.

They’re happy, and that’s what matters.

anonymous asked:

Hey Ria, in terms of deep, dark secrets, could you possibly tell us how you'd interpret the boys' Chiron asteroid (if you're versed in that) and how to best handle them with care? Please and thank you!

of course i can do that! chiron is a powerful asteroid that represents our “wounds” and insecurities, often due to childhood trauma and just bad experience in general. whatever house and signs it lies in reveals things that we feel aren’t good enough, or cause constant pain throughout life. it’s also associated with healing. once we heal our chiron wounds, we can help others who felt the same

anyways let’s look at the tea on bts:

jin - leo chiron in the sixth house

  • leo is the sign of the spotlight and center stage
  • he feels that his talents are constantly overlooked and unappreciated, especially in his work (6th house)
  • is constantly pushed to the back which causes him to doubt his self worth and abilities
  • “chiron in leo needs to find a way to touch their inner child and reawaken their creativity” 
  • and i think he’s been doing that really well recently! he’s transformed a lot from the reserved, quiet guy he once was 

Originally posted by bwiseoks

yoongi - leo chiron in the 5th house

  • just like jin, a feeling of not being in the spotlight
  • (interesting that they both have leo chirons and are in a group that was disregarded heavily when they first debuted)
  • as a child, parental figures rejected his creative expression (5th house = creativity, music) 
  • had to learn that it’s okay to be expressive, different, and not have to conform to others
  • can be a great role model to suppressed youth once he overcomes this

Originally posted by apgujeon

hoseok - virgo chiron in the 5th house

  • another chiron in the 5th, suppressed creative expression in childhood
  • virgo chiron is a big indicator of a perfectionist. 
  • can lead to compulsive behaviors
  • struggles with anxiety, pressure, and stress
  • never feels good enough, especially in areas dealing with music and dance
  • needs to learn to accept imperfection, that it’s ok to not be perfect

Originally posted by jaayhope

namjoon - virgo chiron in the 10th house

  • another virgo chiron: a perfection, quite hard on himself
  • now with the 10th house, wounds and trauma come from his career, reputation, public image, and maybe the father
  • public rejection or humiliation has a long lasting effect on him
  • father may have rejected him or was overly strict or critical. never was good enough in his eyes
  • struggled with finding courage to follow his dreams, but once he did he became a prominent public figure who used his influence to help others find their place in the world

Originally posted by rapmini

jimin - libra chiron in the 4th house

  • chiron in the 4th can mean many things but usually manifests in trauma related to the home, family, and youth
  • may have felt that he didn’t belong anywhere when he was younger
  • unstable home, parents are emotionally or physically absent 
  • this can lead to him relying on others to provide a sense of security
  • libra chiron: trauma in relationships and love. may have experienced unrequited love, feels constantly betrayed and disappointed by others 
  • this can create someone who seeks approval from others throughout life and is willing to sacrifice his happiness in order to gain it
  • but he’s graced with an amazing ability to provide for others and give people that feeling of acceptance he never felt

Originally posted by jeonyween

taehyung - libra chiron in the 10th house

  • you can kinda combine namjoon’s (10th house) and jimin’s (libra)
  • for him i think it manifested through feeling rejected by peers and society
  • i believe he mentioned being bullied or made fun of in school
  • however once he feels that he has gotten the recognition and level of success he’s dreamt of, he feels content

Originally posted by rapmini

jungkook - libra/scorpio chiron in the 1st house

  • his chiron is 29 degrees in libra so it’s right on that libra-scorpio cusp so i’ll look at both 
  • wounds and fear relating to love (libra) and sex (scorpio)
  • many failed relationships, depending too much on others 
  • feeling powerless, scared of being taken advantage of
  • chiron in the 1st is quite a tricky placement 
  • can be an indication of self hate and insecurity
  • highly critical of his appearance. trouble expressing himself
  • self acceptance is a big journey 

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Intertwined Destinies I: A Great and Terrible Power

In the ‘Intertwined Destinies’ meta series, I intend on taking a deep dive into the mysterious connection between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. In this first instalment, I cover their pasts - exploring what might have brought Rey and Kylo to where we find them in The Force Awakens, and how their histories may be paralleled and, potentially, overlap.

The Story of Ben

“I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.”

In The Force Awakens, we get only the vaguest allusion to the tragedy that sent Luke Skywalker into hiding and marked the start of Ben Solo’s descent to the dark side. The explanation comes from Han Solo:

“One boy, an apprentice, turned against him and destroyed it all. Luke felt responsible. He just…walked away from everything.”

That boy, of course, was Ben - Han’s own son and Luke’s star pupil, who Mark Hamill has spoken of in the following terms:

“[Luke] made a huge mistake in thinking that his nephew was the chosen one, so he invested everything he had in Kylo, much like Obi-Wan did with my character. And he is betrayed, with tragic consequences. Luke feels responsible for that.”

This builds up an evocative picture of Ben Solo’s fall that is returned to in the trailer for The Last Jedi, which actually gives the event a different slant. With trailer-appropriate portentousness, we hear Luke speak fearfully of a terrible power that he failed to take seriously enough before. This dialogue is laid over shots of what we must assume is the destruction of Luke’s temple, including this one:

Here, we see Luke clawing his way free from beneath a pile of flaming timbre. This image alone is extremely striking, and raises an interesting possibility for what might have happened at the temple. It has previously been assumed (at least by me) that Luke was absent when Ben enacted his betrayal and killed his fellow Jedi in training, but this shot represents a strike against that interpretation - instead, it suggests something sudden and explosive that took Luke by surprise and unfolded before he could prevent it. 

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The reason the general public nowadays cannot see Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson as a romantic couple is because romantic relationships in real life are not nearly as good as theirs is. The characters come from a time when men and women had a very different power dynamic in society – many can argue there are still remnants of that dynamic resonating today. The man ruled the roost, the little woman attended the home but made no actual decisions in her life. Can you imagine being a Victorian, used to that lifestyle, that unfair power dynamic, and getting your hands on a Sherlock Holmes story? Two people live together, work together, care about each other more than anything in the entire world, and each person is equal to the other? One is an army doctor, the other a detective, and together they kick ass… until it’s time to go to dinner and the Opera together. They vacation together, wake up and eat breakfast together, they know each other’s sleeping habits. They walk together in the park and don’t feel pressured to speak because they know each other “intimately”. They stay living together long into old age. What a romance! What an exceptionally high bar for romance! A bar everyone wants to meet but most don’t. Who doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship where you and your partner love and care about each other most in all the world? Where you two spend every day together and you’re glad for it, and days you’re apart you wait impatiently for a reunion? Where you build a life together? Where you literally take to Journaling about how great your partner is? Where each person is equal?

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson have had an 130-year romance and that’s precisely why people love them. If someone does not understand that those two men were as intimate as lovers, it’s because that person does not grasp what a romantic relationship should be.

Have i ever had a romance as great as that of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson? No, not by a long shot, but i hope that one day I’ll be lucky enough to experience it myself.

By Heart [ II ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 7.7k

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Summary: Getting over him was the most impossible thing in the world because part of you couldn’t believe it was really over.

By Heart Masterlist

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

The rain dripped across the glass windshield of the baby blue car parked in the middle of the street. It created tiny puddles on the dark concrete, pools of the liquid spilling along the curb, surging towards your feet. The headlights were illuminating the space in front of the car, the raindrops speeding by in the lit beams. Kyungsoo’s eyes were hard as he rolled down the window of the car, hair covered by a baseball cap as he stared off into the distance around you, tongue poking out to lick his lips once as he exhaled. His hand extended from the window, the water spotting his palms and turning the skin slick as his eyes floated shut, chest deflating.

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⇁ dick n’ go (m)

Originally posted by is-your-mac-fully-loaded

pairing⇁Seokjin x Reader

 genre⇁smut, crack || shopping for dicc!au

warnings⇁male objectification, superficiality, fuckgirl!reader, dirty talk, and cocky!jin if that isn’t your thing

word count⇁12.8k 

After trooping through a series of horrendous first dates and mediocre hookups, you were convinced you would never find a man capable of satisfying your needs. Your friend recommends you try a slightly unconventional method to remedy your bad luck.  

alternatively: seokjin has a five star dick and you decide to give it a go

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Synastry Series: Sun Overlays

Sun in the 1st house:

With this synastry overlay, the Sun person brings a spotlight to the house person’s appearance. The house person radiates and glows; they become more confident. The Sun person feels as if they can comfortably express his or herself in the presence of the house person. The compliments rain over the house person with generosity and whole-hearted kindness.

Sun in the 2nd house:

Sun in the 2nd house synastry brings a forth light onto material security and self worth. The Sun person becomes like a care taker of the house person, it could be financially. The Sun provides confidence in security and wellness of life. The house person feels protected and treated like royalty, spoiled with sweets and kisses.

Sun in the 3rd house:

The lower mind of the house person becomes radiant and full of life. Conversations about themselves become more prevalent. The house person provides knowledge and quenches the curiosity of the Sun person. The Sun person can comfortable verbally express his or herself to the house person, and vice versa. There’s lots of good and open communication here. Opening the mind becomes a daily process.

Sun in the 4th house:

The loving heart of the Sun becomes enriched in the house person’s soul. There’s little that the house person can hide about his or herself. The Sun person becomes a care taker through means of housing the house person, providing them a place to call home, whether it be literally or by the love they provide to the house person. The phrase “you are home” can pop up here and there.

Sun in the 5th house:

The ultimate home of the Sun person. The house person feels as if they have found the person to fit their “type.” The sex life (if there is one) is that of fun and excitement. The house person feels like they can have loads of fun with the Sun person because the Sun person activates that part of him or her. Creativity bounces back and forth. Dramatic shows of love and care are bound to occur.

Sun in the 6th house:

Love and graciousness is shown everyday by the Sun person. The mundane tasks of life are amped up and they become more fun by the Sun person. Life is now full of excitement. The Sun person can also be a job provider to the house person, someone like an employer. The house person feels like their life is better with this person in it. The little things in life are more appreciated by the house person.

Sun in the 7th house:

The house person has found their attracting opposite. Often with this synastry, the house person either really gravitates towards the Sun person, or absolutely abhors them. The Sun person makes the house person feel like they’re complete, the so-called “other-half” type of deal. The Sun person brings out parts of the house person the house person feels like are hidden and never seen before.

Sun in the 8th house:

The Sun person shines a light to the secrets and hidden parts of the house person. Where ever Sun is in synastry, the Sun person is going to be heavily tied to that part of you because Sun is our sense of self. The house person may feel uncomfortable with having the other exposed to such things about them, they’re going to be telling them a lot about your hidden self and conscious secrets that not many or anyone at all may. The Sun person feels like they’re in a horror movie, they’re scared but they keep coming back.

Sun in the 9th house:

This is typically a favorable synastry, as the Sun person here goes on expenditures to explore the higher mind of the house person. The Sun person is one of higher wisdom and knowledge to the house person, and more than likely will be a great teacher to the house person. This brings open minds and higher ideals to be achieved.

Sun in the 10th house:

The Sun person sits up high and respected by the house person. Usually there to guide them in career or life pursuits, the house person makes the Sun person an important person in his or her life. The Sun person becomes like a goal that the house person wants to become or reach, maybe it’s a bit of work and effort coming together.

Sun in the 11th house:

This is a generally very common friendship synastry, often finding each other together in public or at social gatherings. The Sun person wants the world to see you together, and the house person can easily provide that as the 11th house is the house of social networks and connections. The air of open friendship and love is pleasant. Wanting more for the world when you’re together.

Sun in the 12th house:

The connection here becomes that of deep and secretive ground. The Sun person exposes parts of the house person’s psyche that they aren’t used to. This can be uncomfortable for the house person if the relationship is not of good trusting ground. The Sun person wakes up the house person’s psyche, they become an occupant of the house person’s dreams.

dating bucky barnes would include...

  • he’d look at you like you hung the moon and the stars in the sky just for you bc holy heck he’s so in love with you
  • constant cuddling
  •  you’d obviously be the little spoon 98% of the time bc bucky loves to       hold you
  • but on the days he’s sad or mad at the world, he’s the little spoon
  • PDA isn’t really his thing when you first start dating bc he feels weird about kissing, holding hands, etc. in public
  • but later on in the relationship he starts being touchier in public (having an arm around your waist, holding your hand, all that jazz)
  • and one day while you two are at a party, some guy is getting way to close for his liking and he swoops in and kisses you in front of the guy (who then walks off awkwardly
  • and yeah, from there bucky doesn’t really give a fuck about kissing and stuff in public
  • bucky’s literally at the point where he’ll finger you at the dinner table in front of your friends and not care if anyone notices
  • late night conversation about everything and anything he remembers from his life in the 40’s
  • having a collection of classing songs and movies that he missed while he was the Winter Soldier
  • you making him watch the movies even though he keeps complaining about it
  • and he’ll find every single minuscule plot hole just to annoy you
  • he’s low-key enjoying it but still… he just wants to be a little shit
  • and then bucky gets distracted and starts watching the movie instead of youand he starts caressing your thigh and kissing your neck
  • “bucky, stop! i wanna watch the movie!”
  • but eventually you give in u know what happens next *wink wonk*
  • helping him through his nightmares and holding him as he calms down
  • braiding his hair
  • especially when he’s overwhelmed or can’t sleep bc it helps him calm down
  • you laugh at his jokes even when they aren’t funny just to make him happy
  • and he gets the biggest heartless and butterflies in his stomach when he hears your laugh
  • bucky doesn’t even know why the sound makes him so happy but it does
  • he’d call you “doll” “angel” “beautiful” “love” “baby girl”
  • bucky always hesitates to touch you with his metal arm
  • it doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for 1 month or 1 year he can’t help it
  • any time you try to touch it he moves away
  • and one day while the two of you were walking around the park on a date or something, you reached and grabbed his hand and intertwined your fingers all of the sudden
  • no words were said bc none needed to be
  • he finally understood the you loved everything about him even his metal arm
  • he sometimes gets in those moods where he feels super down and insecure
  • and he starts distancing himself from you bc he doesn’t want you to see him so sad and bc he doesn’t want himself to fall for you and get hurt
  • and you just have to straddle him and hold his face in your hands and remind him how much you love him
  • “i’ve done horrible things. you don’t need to be with me, doll”
  • “james, it wasn’t you”
  • you give him a lengthy speech about how wonderful and amazing he is and how he deserves all the happiness in the world (bucky does the same to you when you’re sad too)
  • and bucky opens up about literally everything and anything he was trying to hide for your safety/bc he was too ashamed to tell you
  • “i’m so lucky to have you”’s and “i don’t deserve you”’s from the both of you
  • adopting animals together
  • like the two of you get one for when you move in together
  • and bucky gets severe puppy-fever
  • and one day you come home and there’s like five puppies chilling in the living room
  • and you can’t be angry bc they’re super frickin cute
  • so you’re just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • you stay up with him on the night’s he’s having trouble sleeping and you stroke your fingers through his hair and whispers sweet nothing in his ear
  • lots of sex
  • soft, sweet, loving sex
  • rough, hard sex
  • angry sex for when the two of you are mad/jealous/just need a release
  • makeup sex after petty arguments
  • public sex
  • shower sex
  • car sex
  • him getting frustrated when he can’t find his favourite shirt, only to find you wearing it
  • and he can’t be mad bc you look so frickin ADORABLE
  • but fr you literally have a closet full of shirts you’ve stolen from bucky so while he’s away on missions you can wear them/sleep with them to make you feel less lonely
  • you love waking up before him in the mornings bc you get to see peaceful bucky which is super rare
  • mornings consist of you cuddling together for like an hour before the two of you decide to get up and actually be productive
  • “stay in bed with me for a little bit longer. work can wait… come back to bed, doll” he’d say in his morning voice
  • he’d probably ask nat and wanda for cute date ideas
  • and sometimes you and sam will gang up on him“you’re supposed to be on my side, (Y/N)”
  • idk dude bucky would be such a great boyfriend
yours | tom holland

summary: just a little reminder

inspiration: shamelessly and 100% inspired by tom’s instagram post and story; i couldn’t help myself he’s such a cutie

a/n: just thought i’d take advantage of the absolutely adorable picture/caption combo 

Tom was never in the business of keeping secrets, even less so when said secrets made him the happiest he ever thought possible.

Now that he’s with you, all he wants to do is go public with your relationship, but you both had agreed upon taking that step when he finishes filming and his schedule steadies out.

Despite the mutual decision, Tom can see the toll all the secrecy is taking on you; you’re a little less cheerful and a lot more stressed - as he would imagine anyone in a secret relationship would be. He’s asked you about it in the past and almost threw all caution to the wind and went public with you anyways, but you were always quick to brush it off and blame your lack of enthusiasm on the day’s fatigue. 

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