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Forsaken: UK Shadowhunters Con Recap

Hi all! So I went to Forsaken this weekend, if you don’t know what that is, it was a Shadowhunters con in London with Maxim Roy (Jocelyn), Jon Cor (Hodge), Kaitlyn Leeb (Camille) and Joel Labelle (Alaric).

It was so much fun, and since it was their first con/they’re not the main cast it was so small, nice and chill. They were all so down to earth, humbled and overwhelmed that we came to see/speak to them. They each had two panels (one on each day) and a full guest panel, I’ve managed to write up most of what I can remember below. Obviously there’s a lot I haven’t captured, but highlights/best moments are under the cut!

A lot of things we discussed were personal/non-Shadowhunter related, if you just want to read the bits to do with the show, just read the bits that have been bolded.

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California Dreaming
Not all my romantic relationships were bad, but some of them challenged me in a way that I didn’t want to be challenged, and I am happy I don’t have to do that now.’ Lana Del Rey.

Does Lana Del Rey really live right inside the middle of the ‘H’ of the Hollywood sign and spend most of her nights perched high above the chaos that swirls within the city of angels below, as the teaser for her new album, Lust For Life, suggests?

Or does she rent a house in LA’s Santa Monica or Silver Lake or someplace else she’s not about to divulge, in case, having taken a cryptic February tweet of hers literally, a posse of her 6.3 million well-meaning Twitter followers showup on her doorstep with the ‘magic ingredients’ to cast spells on President Trump?

Does she really only dip her toes into ‘the muck and the mires of the city every now and then’, as she says in the album’s trailer? Or does she ‘go out quite a lot actually’, as she tells me when we meet, and spend her nights having fun with a tight crew of mainly musician mates, dancing at house parties, going to gigs and occasionally wrestling the microphone from her male friends to sing Hotel California in karaoke bars? In this post-truth world, it feels pedantic to care too much either way.

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Lana Del Rey for Elle

“I know that if I had more of a persona [before], I have less of one now. And I think it comes down to getting a little older. Maybe I needed a stronger look or something to lean on then. But I feel like it wouldn’t be hard for me today to play a mega show in jeans without rehearsing and still feel like I was coming from the right place.” 

“Looking back now I get a little more of what [the critics] were saying. When I was in the mix of a lot of reviews and critiques, I was kind of like, “What? I do my hair and my make-up just like everyone else for my pictures and my show, and yes my songs are melancholic, but so are whoever else’s.” So to see a couple other female artists not get criticized made me think, “What is it about me?” I think it comes down to energy, I really do. I wasn’t overtly saying “I’m unhappy” or “I’m struggling” in my music, but I think maybe people did catch that and they were saying, “If you’re going to put music like that out you better fess up to it.” But I don’t think I really knew how I felt. Then when things got a little bigger with the music, I was still figuring out what was important to me.” 

“I have cringey moments. Certain things I have said and certain songs I have done, but mostly the ones that were leaked.. I mean, they’re not my finest.”

What does performing on stage take from you emotionally and what do you gain from it?
“It depends on the day. If I’m having a good day, it still takes a lot, but so much of it is physical. I try to take strength and sing from my core, so I have to actually feel good and get a lot of sleep. Of course, it also helps if my personal life is even; when you’re on stage for an hour, you think while you’re singing. I don’t like my in-between thoughts to be restless, or worrisome, so I can focus on the crowd. It’s not like you do it and it didn’t happen; it’s a real experience. I know rock bands who say they fucking love it- that they would [perform] every night and wouldn’t do anything else. I don’t know if it’s as emotional for them [as it is for me.]

Staying in L.A has made her happy right now - 
“I’m growing my roots and meeting a lot of other friends, so I feel a little more settled. I have a friend called Ron who likes to swim with me. So every now and then we find an empty beach, jump in, and swim the length of the coast, from one side of the cove to the other.” 

Her friends are her family, says Lana and that’s why she can’t accept anything less than total honesty and trust from them. “The fact that I know that now makes everything a lot clearer. What’s interesting is how unsafe we [could] feel among each other [if we weren’t] able to express how we really feel. It’s hard knowing that if you tell someone exactly how you fee, like if you’re happy or unhappy, that could be the end of the relationship because they don’t feel the same way.”

“When you’re in your twenties, you let this cast of characters [into your life], especially if they’re in you’re in the arts. It didn’t matter what they stood for or what they thought was important. But as the years went on, there were things I saw in people that I didn’t like.”

Lana is enjoying being part of a music scene in LA where her friends include Emma Tillman, Father John Misty, Zach Dawes (Last Shadow Puppets), Jonathan Wilson and Cam Avery. They play music together which is not something she’s done with her friends before. The first time she had dinner with the whole gang, she thought “Wow, this is great.” “Feeling a part of something is definitely a nice feeling.” Karaoke competition - “If I am with the guys, they’re always on the microphone and sometimes it’s hard to grab it from them. Everyone pretends it doesn’t matter but you can tell there are moments in the choruses when people are really singing.”

“All the tough things that I have been through – that I’ve drawn upon [in my work] – don’t exist for me anymore. Not all my romantic relationships were bad, but some of them challenged me in a way that I didn’t want to be challenged and I am happy I don’t have to do that now.”

I asked whether she feels that when she admits she’s happy that something bad might be just around the corner? “Yes, sometimes. I have a little bit of that. I feel that it’s a human thing to be superstitious. Sometimes I like to say to my friends,”I don’t want to jinx it”. Or if I’m on the phone I’m like, “I’m so excited about this”, and then I’m just waiting for that phone call the next day… but there’s no such thing as jinxing it. Just let go.”

“I try not to do anything that won’t [make me happy], even if it’s just a show in a place that doesn’t suit me. It’s so simple; I always used to ask myself that, but I never listened [to the answer]because I knew I was probably going to do it anyway. If someone really needed me to do something, I would probably be like,”OK!”  I think happiness is the ultimate life goal. I think it’s the only thing that’s important. There are no mechanisms in place for routes to happiness, that’s the whole fucking problem. I think people are unhappy in school – the education structure has been the same for a long time and kids are still not satisfied with their educational experience. And you don’t have enough conversations when you’re young about what makes for a satisfying, mutual relationship. Those collective life experiences – your youth, your academic education and your education about business, marriage or relationship goals – they all lead up to your collective happiness. I think the emphasis is on the wrong things and it has been for a long time.”

“It would be weird to be making a record during the past 18 months and not comment on how [the political landscape] was making me or the people I know feel, which is not good. It would be really difficult if my views didn’t line up with a lot of what people were saying.”

I think it’s  a balance, I really do. You are so fortunate if you have good health and high energy because it takes a lot to be a responsible human. Responsible to yourself, responsible to others, and to know when not to get too deep into the wormhole of news, but still be politically in-the-know, and not be disconnected. In my life, it’s like walking on a tightrope.I read the news, but I won’t read it before bed; I won’t read it when I get up and I won’t read it between my recording sessions. I have windows of time where I check in and catch up with everyone, but I keep my sacred things sacred.”

I wrote “God Bless America” [a track on the album] before the Women’s Marches, but I could tell they were going to happen… I realized a lot of women were nervous about some of the bills that might get passed that would directly affect them. So yes, it’s a direct response in anticipation of what I thought would happen, and what did happen.”

Lust For Life - A pop collaboration with The Weeknd on the title track to the moody duet with Sean Lennon and Yosemite, a beautiful song about the way relationships change over time with the refrain that she’s “no longer a candle in the wind.”  The chorus of Yosemite is about doing things for fun, for free, and doing them for the right reasons. It’s about having artistic integrity; not because you think they would be big but because the message is something that’s important. And then it’s just about being with someone because you can’t see not having them in your life, not because it would be “beneficial” to you to be in their company. It’s that concept of just being in a relationship for 100% the right reasons. Being a good person, basically.”

 I actually am the best girlfriend because I only get into a relationship if I’m really excited about it. I’m unconditionally understanding, very loving and I like to be with that person for a lot of the time.  For me, the dream is to have a little bit of edge, the sexiness, the magnetism, the camaraderie, be on the same page and all that stuff, but without the fallout that comes from a person who is really selfish and puts only their needs first, which is like a lot of frontmen if we’re talking about musicians! I’m going to write a book one day called, ‘The curse of the frontman and why you should always date a bassist’. I guess I have a little bit of fantasy that really great relationships, friendships, and romances can stand the test of time. Even though each person in the relationship or the group changes, they don’t change in ways that would make the relationship come to an end. 

'Grey's Anatomy' Stars Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew on April and Jackson's Big Step Forward | THR

The stars talk with THR about the events of the bottle episode dubbed “Japril the Sequel.”

[This story contains spoilers from Grey’s Anatomy’s “Who Is He (and What Is He To You)?” episode.]

After multiple references over the years, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy finally introduced Jackson’s father, Robert Avery, during Thursday’s bottle episode that saw April and Jackson travel to Montana for a case.
And in typical Grey’s Anatomy fashion, the surgical case had a direct impact on Jackson’s personal life as the younger Avery was finally able to understand why his father — played by Eric Roberts — left his mother, Catherine (Debbie Allen), and son all those years ago.

As it turns out, Robert wasn’t one for the “Avery way” of handshakes and galas and preferred a simpler life running a diner in Montana where, as he said it, people leave happy and don’t die.

Of course, not everything goes as planned in the episode dubbed “Japril the Sequel,” as Jackson (Jesse Williams) struggled to share with his father the issues that have bothered him for years. Instead, April (Sarah Drew) — always on point — urges Jackson to do what he came to Montana to do and clear the air with his father so he can instead focus on their risky throat transplant.

“Kevin [McKidd, who helmed the episode] gave me a great direction when we were shooting that scene — I was infusing it with how much April cares and wanted Jackson to heal this brokenness but Kevin said to just be steady and strong and to make it about the patient,” Drew tells THR. “He knew that if April needed Jackson to connect with her in any way, he wouldn’t do what she needed him to do. It was one of my favorite scenes; Jackson was shifty and April was rock-solid and it was exactly what Jackson needed. She knew what he needed better than he knew what he needed for himself.”

After struggling with his inability to tell his father how he felt, Jackson and April are inspired by a figure of speech that arises during their discussion about Robert. It leads to a night of celebrating for Jackson and April as the on-again/off-again couple seem to finally on again. The next day, Jackson is able to tell Robert what it really means to be a father (as in Robert wasn’t either a father or a grandfather to Harriet).

“It’s somewhat therapeutic. There is a degree of closure to be able to give someone a chance to be able to represent themselves and be able to say what it is you need to say,” Williams tells THR. “It’s better than nothing and Jackson can now put this big, scary mythical blob a little bit in his rear view and get a little bit of weight off his shoulders and move on with his life.”

To hear Drew tell it, the whole episode was a departure from typical Grey’s Anatomy and felt like they were “shooting a movie.” Production was done on location over three days in Topanga with the crew from Scandal as Grey’s was in production on a different episode on the show’s Hollywood soundstage. Also a departure was the voiceover, with the episode shifting to be told from a male perspective with Williams serving as the narrator. “A lot of episodes are really female-driven and this was a pretty unique episode where we were able to follow a guy’s internal wrestling,” Drew says.

As for what happens next for the seemingly on-again couple with a penchant for hotel rooms, Williams and Drew both are quick to praise the other’s performance and tout the great chemistry that has existed for multiple seasons between April and Jackson.

“I can’t imagine [April and Jackson sleeping together] doesn’t draw them closer because if it doesn’t solidify or re-establish or reignite their romantic relationship, it for sure cements their platonic relationship,” Williams says. “They can — they do — need each other; they do want to be around each other; they do confide in each other. They know things about each other that nobody else knows. They have the ability to listen that nobody else employs. They have to be — I mean they’re in each other’s lives in a major way. That rift could have kept breaking and I think this kind of draws them back in a way.”

Drew notes that things have definitely shifted for April and Jackson, who, no matter what the outcome of their relationship is, are currently still roommates raising a daughter together.

“They could either go back and be buried in uncertainty or confusion and be living together with their daughter, or it could lead to confusion about who they are to each other,” Drew says. “Though it could also solidify their best friendship all over again and remind them how important they are as friends — or it could also totally rekindle their marriage. Any one of those options makes a lot of sense moving forward.”

As for what’s to come in the remaining eight episodes, Drew says the cast has read the penultimate episode of the season and, while she declined to go into specifics, said it’s “very exciting and really interesting” with “a lot going on — and high drama.”

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I know what it's like to become attracted to a friend but imo that's because you love them as a friend and then you think you could be more. I get that with Sev and Lily and I think it is possible but also wondered what you thought about raw sexual attraction. I don't get the feeling from Sev that he lusted after Lily in the way that some teen boys do when they really fancy someone. Is there any one who fits the bill for you? Apart from Lucius!! I know you ship Lucius/Sev! Any girls?

Narcissa Black.

Absolutely 100% totally and utterly categorically…that’s my headcanon.

I sort of love the idea that Narcissa becomes oddly fond of the weird little kid who follows Lucius and their gang of older students around, who happily does their bidding.  She watches as her disgrace of a cousin needles him, and she finds herself nodding her encouragement towards the scrawny first year - pointing him towards spells in her own Dark Arts textbook…even bringing in the odd tome from the Black library for him to devour.

She takes an odd pleasure in seeing his obvious delight.  He’s everything she’s not - dark features compared to her light locks, his ugliness contrasts severely with her beauty, and he’s so desperately earnest in response to her cool indifference.  But despite herself, she grows quite fond of him.

For Severus’ part, it doesn’t hit him at first.  He’s in awe of all the older students - they know so much, and they command respect around the school.  He admires Malfoy, and hangs on the older boy’s every word - but he can’t help but feel a flush of pride when Narcissa sends a kind word his way.  He knows she’s pretty - he can see that for himself, and he knows that the older boys scrap over her affections.

His hormones hit him like the Hogwarts Express in the summer between second and third year.  His body started doing weird things weeks before he headed back to Cokeworth - his voice constantly oscillating between a ridiculously high pitch and a smooth baritone that he wishes he could maintain.  He’s got hair in places where he didn’t anticipate that hair could grow, and there’s an almost constant swathe of bumpy spots that break out across his otherwise smooth cheeks.

He knows that Lily is pretty.  They sit at the park, and he finds himself distracted by her eyes, and her lips, and the way she crosses her smooth legs.  He forces himself to shake his head - it’s Lily, his friend, and he shouldn’t be thinking such thoughts.  Not about Lily.  She’s too…

He’s in a hurry to get back to Hogwarts.  He’s not far off 14 now, or so he tells his ma, and he’s grown at least a foot since last year; his need for new school trousers tells its own tale.  He slopes into the Slytherin common room with a quiet confidence that hadn’t been apparent in previous years.  Malf is Head Boy, and happily holds court - cheerfully welcoming Severus into his group of older students.  For once in his life, Severus feels at home, as if he’s earnt his place at Malfoy’s side.

…and then she walks in.  Narcissa Black.  And this time, like all the older boys, Severus’ jaw nearly hits the floor.  He always knew she was pretty - like Lily - but now?  Now he realises that she’s drop dead gorgeous.  He’s glad he’s sitting down, and really glad he’s got a new pair of trousers.  He casually clasps his hands in his lap, and calls over a hello - and then cringes when his voice squeaks.  Malfoy laughs - a deep, hearty bellow that contrasts so clearly with Severus’ high pitched voice - and Severus flushes.

But Narcissa smiles, and ruffles his hair as she winds her way through the common room.

It doesn’t get any easier.  She turns 17 - of wizarding majority - and then 18.  She floats around in stylish robes, and expensive jewellery.  Her make up is flawless, and Severus?  Severus is gawky and awkward.  He’s growing quickly, but it has the effect of making him unsure in his own body - he fumbles, and trips, and his limbs seem as if they’re out of sync with the rest of him.

His voice has finally dropped, and it’s a rich, low timbre.  He couldn’t have hoped for better, but for some reason, whenever Narcissa smiles at him, that wretched squeak returns.  He hates it, and he blushes.

He doesn’t mean to fantasise about her, but he can’t help it.  She’s gorgeous.  He loves Malfoy, he always has - and deep down, he knows she’ll marry him.  The other boys might date her for a few weeks, but Malfoy is always watching with that sly smile and air of indifference.  Severus knows better.  Severus knows that Lucius is anything but.

So he keeps his thoughts to himself, lest he lose his older friend.  He doesn’t tell Avery or Mulciber, and he doesn’t put quill to parchment.  He draws his four poster shut as lights go out, and then, in the comfort of his own bed, he allows his mind to wander.

He doesn’t want her to leave.  It was bad enough when Malfoy left, but the idea of studying in the common room without Narcissa’s laugh tinkling in the background is enough to make him depressed.  She tells him that he’ll be busy enough with his OWLs to study for.

She knows.  He isn’t convinced that she knows, but he’s certain she suspects.  He catches her looking at him from time to time - a slight smile playing across her lips.  He wraps his robes tighter around him, and puts his head down; she can’t know, it’s impossible.  He’s never breathed a word to anyone.  He’s never even whispered her name out loud in the privacy of his own bed.

“I always thought you two would get together,” he said, pointing his glass towards Lucius, who was animatedly telling a tale to a group in the corner of the Ministry ballroom, all whilst a witch clutched his arm and gazed at him adoringly.

“And so we shall,” she replied, with a smile.  

Severus tried to school his features, but his surprise briefly showed.  

“He might be playing the field,” she admitted, “but I have always known that I would end up with Lucius.  It’s not a bad thing.  There are worse men than Lucius Malfoy.”  She gave him a pointed look.  


“I’m surprised that nobody ever taught you Occlumency.”

Severus scoffed.  “Nobody uses that anymore.  It’s a lost art.”

“Purebloods do,” she said.  “Your thoughts scream out across the room, Severus.”

He swallowed hard as she leant towards him, her perfume enticing him.

“They always have done.  …I can hear them now.”

He flushed again - that deep red that she had so missed.  “Cissy, I did not intend any disresp-”

She smiled, and quaffed her drink.  “I know you used to think about me when you-”

“Cissy!  …please.  I’m sorry.”

She glanced over at Lucius, who was still holding court, and still being lusted after by his admirer.  “If you can honestly tell me that you’ve never thought about me in that way, I’ll stop.”  

He stood in silence.

“Your thoughts are still screaming at me, Severus,” she whispered, threading her fingers through his own.  “…you still think about me, don’t you?”

That flush was back, threatening to permanently stain his pale cheeks scarlet.

Narcissa held out her arm.  “Would you be so kind as to escort me upstairs, Severus?”

This time, his eyes widened, but he was no fool.  He took her arm and strode to the staircase, purposely keeping his gaze well away from Malfoy.  He could practically feel the metaphorical dagger in his back, but the only thing that would cause him to give up his fantasy would be an old fashioned wizarding duel - and with a girl hanging off his arm in front of a full ballroom, Malfoy wasn’t about to show his hand.

The pair married, as Narcissa had expected - and they stayed friends with him.  He followed Narcissa’s suggestion and learnt Occlumency - mastered it, even.  He was grateful when a few years later, Malfoy tentatively probed his mind.


“I beg your pardon?”

She cast at the lock, securing the door and marched over to him, pressing him against the wall.  

“Bloody hell, Cissy,” he said, hoarsely.  “I didn’t realise you wanted a re-ru-”

“How?  He thinks we didn’t have sex.  How?”

Severus’ eyes glazed over, the impassive mask abruptly in place.  “I showed him what he wanted to see.  A construct.”

“A fake memory instead of a wall?”

He nodded.

“Teach me.”


“Teach me.”


“So we can do this,” she said, touching her lips to his.  He didn’t react, so she pressed harder, threading her hands through his hair.

Treasure Hunt

I don’t really have much to say about this one honestly, except that I hope it is romantic enough!

If you have any feedback or comments, please sent them, and I hope you enjoy!



“James, are you ok? You’ve been acting a little weird this week,” you asked, a little worried.

“Hmmm? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. Just a lot on my mind I guess,” Bucky replied distantly.

You tried not to be too concerned by the fact that he was clearly keeping something from you, which he never did. Whatever was bothering him wasn’t enough to drive him into total panic, so you shrugged, and washed up the plates that you had served breakfast on.

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Hi! Can you write a scenario with Taehyung, when you're his best friend and you have feelings for him, but he likes someone else, so you two fight and you stop talking to him and all that jazz? End it however you want! I trust you <3 Thaanks!

You know what maybe I just have a thing for school AUs. Hush. Also, I’m just warning you, this is hella long. -Avery

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V - “Not Her” (angsty mostly)

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“You think you need him.”    (Rafe & Sam thoughts)

Prompt for this post came from this: [x]
Ya’ll got me thinking and… this just sorta happened. lol

@hisomoe@madeofashandsmoke@aceiplier @jigsawlovey

▪ hisomoe:
“I was playing the scotland sequence again, and during the eavesdrop scene Nadine says to Rafe “you need him.” (lets pretend she meant Sam), Rafe’s reaction kills me.”

Firstly, OMG YES! Rafe’s reaction is everything!

Secondly, I’d just like to point out that there’s no “pretending” necessary.

Let me explain.

Rafe, at the time of the auction, still thought Nate was out of the game. Why would he think Nate might be drawn out of his cozy, normal life and show up out of the blue after all these years? In fact, as far as Rafe knew, there’d be no way for Nate to even know about all this. Also, quite frankly, I seriously doubt Rafe would have wanted Nate sniffing around in any way, shape or form. That’s made pretty obvious throughout the entire game. Nate even said that he and Rafe did not make a good team (for many reasons), and that Rafe was glad to be rid of him. He also explains that they never made any progress on the treasure without Sam. But let’s assume - for arguments sake - that Rafe did want Nate to show up… what was his plan? Sit idly by and hope Nate would just appear because why exactly? By Rafe’s understanding, Nate had no reason to be there.

Sam, on the other hand, would have had every reason to be there, and Rafe knew that. Before I get into that though, let’s back track for a moment.

As we now know, Rafe is the one who got Sam out of jail after hearing he was alive. Rafe sought out Sam for help, not Nate.  <THIS.  This right here is important. Remember, again, that Rafe and Nate’s brief partnership didn’t go well. More to the point, Nate wasn’t able to help Rafe at all. So after Rafe learns Sam is alive - Sam, the authority on Avery (which Rafe himself points out) - he sees his chance to get the help he needs. The kind of help that he knew Nate couldn’t (or wouldn’t) provide. So he promptly busts Sam out of prison, and the pair team up to hunt down Avery’s treasure together. Then they continued working together for the next two years. In which time they actually made real progress, found clues, and finally got a solid lead. Rafe spent 15+ years searching and turned up zip! Sam comes back into the picture and poof! Back on track! (Also, let’s be real, that prolly totally annoyed Rafe. xD Poor baby can’t do shit without Sammy’s help. lol)

Sam is the key in this entire quest. Especially from Rafe’s perspective.

((There’s an interesting parallel here regarding what happened in the past and present when they were searching for Avery’s treasure. Many years ago, at a dead end with no leads, Sam gets Rafe to help, they finally make progress. Fast-forward 15 years, at a dead end with no leads, Rafe gets Sam to help, they finally make progress. Interesting indeed.))

Right then, all that’s established, moving on.

Now obviously, Rafe was well aware that Sam not only knew everything he did (potentially more) about the auction, but that he’s probably still on the case. So even having suddenly vanished - possibly with little to no word, leaving Rafe upset and likely confused - Rafe suspected, and was secretly hoping, he’d show up. Either so he could confront him, or just straight up kidnap him. Who knows. lol He was just hoping he’d show up alone.

Regarding the whole Sam pulling a Houdini on Rafe, sadly we don’t know the details, or if Sam gave Rafe any obvious hints (intentional or otherwise) about how he felt, or what he might do. However, Rafe’s reaction later in the story tells me he probably trusted him (“to a point” lol), and didn’t suspect much, if any, about what Sam was plotting. That is, of course, until Nate and Sully showed up. Though I’m certain he had some suspicions before then, right after Sam left.

I mean, two years is a pretty long time to be working closely with another person. I think Rafe might have known how Sam felt about everything deep down. He probably knew just how to push Sam’s buttons (or thought he did), and how to manipulate him (haha, you forget, two can play at that game, Rafe! Sam is pretty damn sly and very clever). Rafe knew just what to say to keep him away from Nate and focused on their goal. He also had to realize just how invested Sam was in this little treasure hunt of theirs (his mistake was failing to realize why). And you better believe he used that to his advantage every chance he got. Rafe had to know Sam wouldn’t just pass up an opportunity like this, regardless of where they currently stood as allies, or enemies, or whatever the hell they were.

Point is, at the time nearing the auction, Sam was in the wind but still in play. Meanwhile, Rafe, though angry with him, knew deep down he still needed Sam’s expertise and clever insights (woo boy, can you feel Rafe’s rage building as you read this cuz I sure can. lol).

So of course he’d want to draw Sam out, and he’d use the auction to do it.

Furthermore, I have a feeling it was Sam who discovered the Cross was going to be at that auction. Sam more or less confirms this when he tells Nate at the pier: “Happened to do a little digging of my own… and uh… I bet you Rafe doesn’t have this”, he says as he hands Nate a copy of the newspaper clipping with the cross and auction info on it.

Now it could be that Sam found this out while working with Rafe, since we know he’s lying about a lot of things in this scene (naughty biscuit). However, there could just as easily be truth in what he’s saying. Maybe he did find it himself. Perhaps Sam was responsible (even if by accident) for bringing it to Rafe’s attention in the first place. Of course, considering the type of event this auction was, it’s just as likely Rafe discovered it through his own high level channels and contacts. Which would mean he’s the one who told Sam about it. Probably soon after that was when Sam skipped out on him (can’t say for sure though).

Either way, the end result is the same. Rafe was well aware Sam knew about everything. Most important of all… that’s the only way a plan to draw him out would have worked. As I touched on previously, whoever he hoped to see there had to be someone who knew everything, or there’d be no reason to think they’d show up.

It had to be someone who knew about the cross.
From Rafe’s perspective, that sure as hell wouldn’t be Nate

Let’s also not forget the exchange late in the story, when Nate tells Rafe he can’t find the treasure without their help, that he still needs them. At first, Rafe appears to consed, but then tells the the brothers plainly:  

I just need Sam  

Even after everything he did, Rafe still believed he needed Sam (which I’m sure he hated to admit, if that conversation with Nadine was any indication). From the beginning, and throughout everything that followed, when Sam first came to him all those years ago, when he discovered Sam was alive in that prison, when Sam seemingly bailed on him, and even after his betrayal was made clear, Rafe always knew he needed Sam’s help to find Avery’s treasure.  It was always about needing Sam.  And you can be sure Nadine picked up on all this. She ain’t slow in the head. Girl knows what’s up.

You don’t gotta pretend Nadine was talking about Sam.

Nadine was talking about Sam. [x]

▪ Rafe:  “Well, I didn’t think he’d show up!”
▪ Nadine:  “Or maybe you wanted to draw him out.”
▪ Rafe:  *scoffs*  “Why– Why the hell would I do that?”
▪ Nadine:  “Because you think you need him.”
▪ Rafe:  “……”

Trust me, guys, it’s got nothing to do shipper goggles.

Untitled - Sam Drake x Reader

Hello everyone,
I got this requests some time ago and I wanted to say that I’m sorry that it took me such a long time to write it.
Thanks for the request, I really enjoyed writing something different.
I hope you enjoy it.
PS: I wrote a story where they have a child called Avery, this would be before he was born :)

Title: Untitled (Couldn’t find a good one haha)
Words: 993
Warning: English isn’t my first language.

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Hi, this month the cover of National Geographic, one of the covers, is a 9 year old trans girl who has been socially transitioned since the age of 4 and that was upsetting to me on a number of levels. First of all because National Geographic is a magazine that mostly is associated with showing exotic animals to people and National Geographic is a magazine that has a really, really bad track record historically with presenting people as exotic spectacles. And you know I think that as a magazine they’ve made an effort not to do that as much but I don’t think it’s particularly progressive or accepting to put a trans kid on the cover of National Geographic.

You know, one of the things that I experienced while I was trans is that it was really hard for other people to remember about me that I was a full human being and that this wasn’t some kind of spectacle, some kind of stunt, some kind of entertainment thing. And um mostly the people who I experienced treating me as like, I don’t know, some kind of circus act were people who considered themselves trans allies and I think you can see all the time how trans allies in both how they talk about trans people and how they present them visually that they on some level don’t really believe that people who experience gender dysphoria are full human beings. That we can think things through, that we want the same things out of life, that we’re motivated by the same things they are. So that was one of the things I hated about being trans, there were lots of things I hated about being trans, but one of the things I hated was being treated as a spectacle. And so I don’t think that putting a little kid on the cover of National Geographic is somehow a demonstration of progressive acceptance. I think it’s creepy and weird.

But ok, all that being said, and I’m not even gonna talk about the parental decision to put your kid’s shit blast like that, to put your kid on the cover of a magazine like that. There’s so much to say about that but I am not gonna do that right now. I wanted to talk about why I so strongly feel that people under 18 should not be empowered to make these medical decisions. Now at the base level, I don’t think they should be empowered because I got that shit wrong at 30, so if I could be 30 and think that my best life was a trans guy who has to get his ass to the doctor every 6 months, and then come to understand that on so many levels that life didn’t work for me and on so many levels that life caused its own problems for me and just worsened my anxiety and put me in social situations that were not ok, on so many levels that life didn’t work for me, if I could get it wrong at 30, I’m not the smartest kid on the block, like I got my own problems, if I could get it wrong at 30 a 9 year old for sure can get it wrong. A 13 year old for sure can get it wrong. Absolutely I think an 18 year old can get it wrong but the thing about 18 is that that’s the age that we let you go off to war. So I guess that’s the age that we accept that that’s when you get to start making real decisions about the unsafe circumstances you want to put your body through.

Ok. A lot has been said by other people about how incorrect and troubling the idea that kids’ gender identities are somehow stable is. There’s a lot of research out there that actually lots and lots of kids feel strongly that they have a transgender identity and then going through puberty they stop believing that. I’m not going to talk about that angle actually. For this video I just want to use the framework that indeed Avery on the cover of National Geographic knows herself and this gender identity that she has been supported and affirmed in since the age of 4 is stable and not the result of socialization and this is not a social system thing, for this video, even though I don’t actually believe this, I think you can see all kinds of social systems feeding into the affirmation of this identity, but for this video I want to work with the framework that Avery knows herself. And that this trans identity is going to be permanent and stable and the best life for Avery is one in which she gets to occupy the social role of woman. And another framework that I’m going to use for this video is the idea that the way that this affects Avery’s fertility, let’s just for this video use the framework that Avery also knows herself very very well in terms of what she’s going to want in terms of parenthood in the future.

Puberty blockers, what the leaders of developing this puberty blocking protocol for kids with gender dysphoria recommend is that you don’t start the puberty blockers until Tanner stage 2 and 3 that will give you a chance to harvest eggs and sperm. And if someone has the money to pay for this, in these equations I never know who people think are paying for this, but then that child can both medically transition and have those sperm and eggs banked, so that when they’re 20,30,40 they can choose to be biological parents. That seems to be the recommendation but I keep seeing articles about 9 year olds being started on puberty blockers, which…like 9 year olds are already at Tanner stage 2, like I know precocious puberty is a trending, troubling thing but like it seems like actually what’s happening is that kids are not even being given the chance to Tanner stage 2 before they are put on puberty blockers, which is awful.

But for the framework of this video, let’s just assume Avery is this super wise kid when it comes to her own gender identity and this super wise kid when it comes to her own future with fertility, because I see other people making those critiques and that’s not the critique I want to make. Using the framework that we are going to buy into the idea that a 9 year old knows herself very deeply on those two levels I’ll tell you what that 9 year old does not understand. That 9 year old does not understand economics and and doctor’s appointments. Ok?

When I was 30 and I believed I had a trans identity I thought that I understood what it meant to sign up for a life where you gotta get to the doctor every 6 months. I thought I totally got it. It wasn’t until I worked at that clinic that I realized that I didn’t get it at all and that it seemed that lots of members of my generation didn’t really get it until we had already gone far enough along in the process that we were in it whether we understood it or not. When you put a kid on puberty blockers and then you put them on cross sex hormones that damages their endocrine system permanently. And so what that means is that for the rest of that child’s life they will have to have a life long relationship with their endocrinologist and they will have to get to the doctor twice yearly.

That’s if there are no complications and we don’t know what complications are likely for kids who do puberty blocking and then cross sex hormones because there are none, there is not one study that follows up with these kids. That study has partly not been done because those kids haven’t gotten there yet. This generation of kids has not made it to their twenties yet. And when that first study comes out what that study is going to look like is just following up with kids in their twenties and asking them about health outcomes. So that’s a pretty experimental thing to put a kid through.

And the thing about GnRH agonists, which are what puberty blocking drugs are, they weren’t developed for kids, they were developed for adults and specifically for adult conditions where it would be helpful to have your hormonal system pretty much turned off, is that there are adults out there who really regret taking GnRH agonists. If you google “lupron” you will very quickly come to lupron victims hub which is a website run by a woman who took lupron as part of IVF therapy in the 80’s or 90’s and documents cases where people strongly suspect that taking GnRH agonists have given them long term health consequences. So these are not a class of drugs that are without controversy in adult patients.

When I was working at the clinic what I realized is that just for exogenous testosterone use doctors are not, the ideas that doctors have about the care that is appropriate for patients, are not coming from medical literature. So if you have a complication, like vaginal prolapse and it comes from, it has happened because of your testosterone use, there is medical literature on vaginal prolapse, your doctor will use that to treat you, there is not any medical literature about patients who are taking transition levels of testosterone and vaginal prolapse. So your doctor is working from medical literature that is not really about patients like you, so your doctor is kind of filling in the gaps with their own knowledge and you know it seems like a lot of doctors who do trans care feel confident about filling in those gaps just from kind of like their anecdotal experience treating trans patients. As a patient and as someone whose body I have put through some medical intervention, I don’t think that that’s good enough.

After working at that clinic I was really upset at myself for not respecting my body more in terms of demanding that the medical interventions I put it through had been found safe through research. And you know, I had the idea that my body was wrong, that it was disgusting, that it was incorrect and that it kept people from seeing the real me, and so I think on some level I just believed, I just felt like kind of a hostility towards my body and so I didn’t really care. I didn’t care if like…I didn’t care to know what the rates of ovarian cancer were, I didn’t care to know what the rates of stroke were. I think on some level I felt like my body was my enemy. But once I saw that disrespect reflected in medical professionals for the bodies of people who experience gender dysphoria than I got pissed.

If you look at the relationship between people with gender dysphoria and doctors what you’ll see through the history is that doctors are very willing to do experiments on us. And that’s very normalized for us. There’s the film “The Danish Girl” which is about a doctor doing an experiment on a trans woman, or doing a surgery that the doctor knows full well has killed other people, and going ahead and doing that on her, because I guess her desperation justified him doing a surgery he knew would kill her.

There’s a website that just recently got created out of Toronto which is to encourage primary care doctors to feel confident prescribing hormones for gender transition and I think the idea is that primary care doctors are less expensive and thus more accessible to more people and that’s why there’s this push to have them prescribing the hormones. I really think that you should go to someone who really knows the endocrine system, I think that this is specialty care and you should see an endocrinologist, but so, I think the motivation behind this website is suspect already, but it’s interesting because if you go look through what this website has about the complications from testosterone use this website says about ovarian cancer that there have been studies that have found that women whose bodies just naturally produce more testosterone have higher rates of ovarian cancer, but there have been no studies linking transition levels of testosterone and ovarian cancer, because no one’s bothered to do the study. It’s one thing to say, “hey we did a study looking at whether people who used testosterone to transition get more ovarian cancer and we didn’t see a link,” that’s one thing. It’s another thing to say there isn’t a link when no one has bothered to do the study. And it makes sense that no one has bothered to do the study because who has the incentive to do the study?

Pharmaceutical companies, they didn’t make these hormones with the idea that people would transition genders with them, this is an off-label use, and then you have this highly motivated population that wants to do the interventions regardless of cancer rates and stroke rates and prolapse rates. But I’ll tell you what when those complications are a possibility it might be worth it to you, when those complications are a reality in your life you might feel way differently about things.

And I feel really, really blessed to have gotten to work at that clinic and seen, and be given the chance to see complications and to see how very difficult to manage those complications as a patient, because if I hadn’t been given that opportunity it wouldn’t have been real to me that I didn’t actually want to be on the receiving end of medical interventions that don’t have a body of literature that tells doctors how to do this safely and how to treat complications resulting from it. I think that doctors in trans care act way more confident than they have any reason to act confident about these things. So that was the understanding I came to about my own feelings about what my body deserved, and I feel that this body that I’m in deserves medical care that is substantiated by literature, and I do feel like that is more important to me than anything about an identity that other people affirm. All that stuff is secondary to my body like getting medical care that is safe and well researched. I’m not trying to be a danish girl over here. I am not.

So if I could discover in my thirties that actually my standards of medical care that I was on the receiving end for were more important to me than having an identity affirmed, how would a 9 year old over come to that realization? How does a 9 year old, does a 9 year old understand that in the normal course of american adulthood it’s super normal for people to not be able to get to the doctor for years because they don’t have the money? Does a 9 year old understand that like, when we finally get to the point when these kids are in their twenties to do a study about health outcomes, that’s going to be the first time? That they are really like the first class of doing this experiment? I don’t know, what if that 9 year old gets to their twenties and they’re like, “oh you know what, I don’t trust doctors at all and I don’t want to see them and I really would’ve liked a life where I didn’t have to be dependent on an endocrinologist to keep living.”

This is assuming that the gender identity stays the same, it is assuming that the feelings about biological parenthood stay the same. Just because a person has gender dysphoria and just because a person is trans-identified doesn’t mean that it’s ok to try out new interventions on us. I don’t think- I think that you can clearly see in the medical system that the people who get experimented on are people who are not considered valuable. They tend to experiment on poor people, they tend to experiment on people of color, they tend to experiment on female people, and so honestly I see this push for pediatric medical transition as just another instance that shows, much like us being featured on the cover of National Geographic, how much people with gender dysphoria are really seen as not fully human. Because I don’t think that you would just do this to a kid that you really saw as a full person, who had a right to as much of an adulthood as other people get.

One of the things about being dependent on your doctor to make your endocrine system work is that it really limits your ability to travel. Because you gotta get back to your doctor every 6 months, you gotta. And when I was working at the clinic that was a thing that man, lots of people who had not come to terms with the fact that they had chosen a life that limited their ability to travel. It was really hard for people, it was really hard for people to understand that no, it’s not that simple to call in a prescription to England, it’s not that simple to tell you what clinics to go to across Europe, like, you know you signed up for a life where you gotta have consistent medical care, and generally that life is lot more sedentary and a lot more tied to making good money and making sure that you have medical access than other people’s lives.

And I got an email from someone who really wanted to transition because they really want to travel all over the world and have adventures, and they perceived that that is safer and easier for men, so they wanted to be a man. Here’s the thing, maybe that is true for cis men, maybe that is a true thing for men who came into this world with an endocrine system that when it does it’s own thing gives you a beard and gives you broad shoulders, and like, I think it’s pretty true that like if you’re that kind of person and you have that kind of body then yeah, it’s safer to travel the world. You don’t get that body when you transition, what you get is a body that has to go to the doctor all the time to give you that beard and give you the broad shoulders and the same substance that is giving you the beard and giving you the broad shoulders is also changing the chemical composition that all your organs are dealing with, and no one has done studies on how, generally, our organs react to that. And so, sure, if you’re a cis guy things might be easier in terms of world travel, being trans and world travelling don’t go together. Like, I’m not saying it’s pick one or the other, but I’m saying if you choose one the other becomes much harder. It’s not just about money and funding travel anymore, it’s about how are you going to get your blood tested, who’s gonna prescribe the hormones? And that’s the kind of logistical thing that really ends up limiting people’s lives and it’s the kind of logistical thing that adults who make these decisions don’t consider until they’re in it, so I know for sure that like a 9 year old can’t consider that stuff.

So that’s why I don’t think that people under 18 should make these decisions. I don’t think I got it at 30, I wish that everyone thinking about these decisions could go spend a half a year working at a clinic for trans people, I think that people would have a much better sense of what they were signing up for if they did that. But if we can’t do that for people then we can at least say that you gotta be a legal adult before you make these big decisions.

Ok, well that’s it, take care of yourself, take care of your kids, keep them off the cover of National Geographic, don’t, don’t do this thing where like, if you have a trans kid you put them on blast, you make it a big part of your identity that you have a trans kid. Get your own shit, do something for yourself that you can be proud of, it’s weird to like make the fact that you had a trans kid the most important thing about you, ugh, like seriously, get some self esteem. Bye.

September 15th, 2018

A mass of young Slytherins were gathered on the Quidditch pitch and among them; Scorpius Malfoy and Marcell Zabini. It was the second week of their second year and that could only mean one thing - Quidditch try-outs. Scorpius had been training for quite a few years for the Seeker position, while Marcell had only decided the previous year that he’d like to be a Keeper.

“I’m so full of adrenaline right now,” Scorpius commented. What he meant was nerves, but adrenaline sounded better.

“You’ll do alright. I’m pretty sure your only competition is Glint over there, and we all know he’s not going to make it.”

Glint, hearing the comment made about him, glared at Marcell, who just smiled at Glint in return.

“Oi!” Captain Brandon Bishopper cried out. “Shut it, all of you!” The crowd grew quiet. “All right, now I want you all to split up according what position you’re trying for. Chaser, Seeker, Keeper, Beater!” He pointed to a different direction on the field with each position he called out.

Scorpius and Glint stood together, while Marcell stood a few yards away with two other students. There were also three kids trying out for Chaser, and four trying out for Beater, making a total of twelve hopefuls.

“All right then, we’ll start with the Keepers,” Brandon started. Before he could do anything, they all heard a faint cry in the distance.

“Wait!” They looked toward the source of the sound and squinted. Approaching the field was a relatively tall, thin, red-head. Scorpius squinted just a little harder.


Moments later she was coming up on them, her breath barely elevated from the running.

“Sorry,” Rose began at Brandon, but Scorpius interrupted.

“What are you doing here?”

Rose ignored him completely. “I was kept late by Coach Jones, she’s given me an excuse if you need one.” Rose went to dig in her pocket, but Brandon stopped her.

“Save it, Weasley. What position?” There was a tone in Brandon’s voice letting on that he felt like he was just humoring the girl. Rose pretended not to notice.

“Seeker,” she answered, then smiled when, out of the corner of her eye,  she saw Scorpius’ jaw drop.

Brandon sighed and pointed toward Scorpius. “Over there, then.”

As soon as she was within reach Scorpius grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her away from Glint. “What do you think you’re doing?” He hissed. She smiled innocently.

“Trying out for the team, of course.”

“You never told me you were even trying out, let alone for Seeker!” His hand was still on her arm.

Rose shrugged. “You never asked.”

He yanked at her elbow and she glared up at him, daring him to do it again. He dropped his hand. “Yes, but I talked to you about trying out! I told you I wanted to be Seeker - and you never said anything!”

“Why would I? You’d have just tried to psych me out, just teased me. Why would I want to put myself through that?” She tried not so smile, then she added to herself, ‘And this way I have the element of surprise.’

“You’re wretched.”

Rose tried not to laugh at how angry he was. His chest was heaving slightly and he was grinding his teeth, something she could hear because he was so close to her. She folded her arms in front of her chest, as a way to put a physical barrier between them.

“And you’re worried.” She pushed past him and went to pay attention to what Brandon was telling the Keeper hopefuls. She gave a thumbs up to Marcell, wishing him luck. Scorpius noticed that Marcell didn’t looked surprised to see her there, but decided to hold back his indignation.

“That’s it for today, squids,” Brandon called out, hours later after putting everyone through multiple rigorous routines. “We’ll have the results posted in the commons by Monday night.” The lot of them stood around, mumbling to one another. “You can leave now!” Brandon barked.

The worn out, haggard second years started to shuffle off of the field. Scorpius looked around and found Rose hanging back, trying to wipe some of the dirt off of her face. He noticed a rather large bruise on her shoulder-blade where a stray Bludger had smacked her.

“That looks like it hurts,” he started as he neared her. He reached out to touch it but she pulled away and glared at him.

“Hardly. What do you want?” Rose started walking, not waiting for an answer. Scorpius kept in line with her.

“You do know there hasn’t been a girl on the team in over a decade - right?”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Well, I was just -”

“You were just what?” Rose stopped abruptly and whipped around to face him. “Telling me that because I’m a girl I won’t make the team?” Scorpius didn’t answer, Rose continued. “D’you want to know what I think? I think I’m a better player than you. I think that you saw that today and I think that you’re uncomfortable with it and that you feel threatened. Well guess what; I don’t care! I don’t care that you’re uncomfortable or threatened. What I do care about is Quidditch. I was six when I first learned to fly, and nine when I caught my first Snitch. I’ve wanted this since before I could remember so no, I’m not going to let your fear of inadequacy and your narrow mind get in the way of what I want.” She stormed off without waiting for him to respond.

They didn’t speak to each other for the next two days. They didn’t look at each other when a new piece of parchment was posted in the common room. They didn’t touch each other when they waited side by side to see who’d made it.

Scorpius didn’t congratulate her, and he didn’t wait around for the celebrations. He slinked off to his dorm like the rest of the kids who didn’t make it and he sulked. He sulked for an entire week. He stalked about the castle and sneered at everyone. He replayed his try-out again and again, hoping to find something wrong but the only thing he could come up with was that she was right - she was just a better player than he was.

It took him another three days before he built up the nerve to apologize to her. He waited until just after lunch, and caught her right as Cassie and Avery went into the girls’ lavatory.

“Uh, Rose?”

Her hand was already on the door, ready to push it open and follow her friends. She didn’t respond, but she also didn’t run away.

“Look I.. just wanted to congratulate you on making the team. I guess the best player won.”

Rose took in what he was saying and then chuckled. “Was that you apologizing?”

He suddenly found the floor fascinating. Rose took his silence for a ‘yes’.

“Well… Thanks. And I mean, you made reserve, who knows; maybe I’ll have a freak accident or something.” She smiled at him, he scowled at her.

“That’s not really funny, though.” Rose chuckled again. Just as she was about push the door open, Scorpius quickly spoke again. “Did you really catch a Snitch when you were nine?”

Rose blushed a little. “My Aunt Ginny charmed a dormant one, didn’t really fly at regulation speed.” She didn’t wait for a response.

Scorpius waited until Rose disappeared behind the door then let himself fall against the wall. She was brilliant. Scary, but brilliant.

A Tale of Coffee and Children

Just a simple story about two friends in college. Rated T for language. Oneshot.

“Oh, gross!”

Hiccup Haddock was having a bad day.

It wasn’t unusual. It wasn’t as though he never had good days, but there were too many unexpected days. Nothing, nothing, ever went according to plan. And Hiccup planned. Like, today, his first day of college, he planned to make it to his dorm, become best friends with his dorm mate like they showed in the movies, and then go out and explore.

But no. He had to go out and grab a coffee first. And he had to check a notification on his phone right then. And he absolutely had to spill his coffee (which was cold) on a girl after crashing into her.

She was a very pretty girl too. One of those girls in movies. She was like Regina George, only she didn’t look mean, just exasperated. It was pretty justified of her, though.

“I’m so sorry.” He ran a hand through his hair as the girl looked down at her shirt in horror. “I am so sorry, I - I didn’t - I’m sorry.”

The girl looked up, her blue eyes piercing through his coolly. “Gee, are you sorry?”

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My Boys Drabbles - The Right Shepherd (Part Four - Final)

Hey guys! Thanks for all the feedback and messages! Special thanks to @jia911 for proofreading this for me!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @keverina ! I hope it’s a good one with lots of love and laughter !

If you guys need links to previous chapters, you can find them HERE.

My Boys Drabbles The Right Shepherd (Part Four)


Even though the initial shock had passed, Amelia still found it hard to believe what was actually happening.

After one day, it became clear that the Harper Avery Award committee had tried to contact her by phone call at exactly 5 am as traditional, but Amelia hadn’t been present at the hospital, and human resources had refused to give out her number for privacy reasons. By cross matching her data with the contact information of the magazine in which Amelia had submitted her article to, the people in charge had finally been able to contact the surgeon and notify her about the nomination.

And since the news within the medical community spread fast, people at the hospital soon found out about Amelia’s selection. There was a big uproar and the neurosurgeon received several phone calls from people who had worked with her, some to honestly congratulate and wish her luck, but some out of sheer curiosity and even disbelief.

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The Island - Calum smut


Author’s note : Can I suggest you to indulge yourself to a bit of moaning Calum first yclicking here? Y'know, to get into the mood. Myla was chosen as FC name after I read Myla’s work, she's 5sos-babygirl check her she rocks!

Boat party but does one wears at a boat party? Are you supposed to be extra classy kinda like Emily Thorne in Revenge where she goes all seductive bodycon red dress and catches a billionaire in an eye bat? Or does boat party means you end up swimming? Should I be wearing heels and hat or bikini and jean shorts?

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jul-likes-magpies  asked:

Hello Sophii, could I please ask you for break-up+get back together headcanons for Piper and Jason? I loved the percabeth ones a lot. But of course your don't have to. Thank you and have a lovely week!

  • it was a stupid fight 
  • Jason had been at Camp Jupiter for almost two full months to oversee the construction of a few new temples and Piper missed him terribly 
  • they had managed the distance fairly well for quite some time but it was starting to get the better of them 
  • Jason mentioned all the time he had been spending with Avery, a daughter of Ceres, and how nice she was and Piper just couldn’t stop herself form accusing him of liking her as more than a friend 
  • it snowballed from there and before either of them could stop it the words “then I guess we just shouldn’t be together” had been uttered 
  • neither of them handled it very gracefully 
  • Jason threw himself into his work even more and avoided any and all conversations about the daughter of Aphrodite 
  • Piper, now living with her father in a penthouse in New York, spent all of her free time reading gossip magazines and practicing her make up skills– anything to keep those blue eyes from her mind 
  • Annabeth and Percy both tried to talk to their friends about it but all attempts were immediately shut down 
  • Jason was not normally one for spite but he spent as much time with Avery as possible, just to prove to himself that he did not in fact like her and it was Piper who was in the wrong 
  • while many guys at Camp had a level of fear and respect towards the son of Jupiter, they lined up to ask Piper out 
  • even a few girls 
  • but she turned them all down, determined to prove that she was better off alone than with anyone by her side, least of all Jason 
  • neither of their efforts worked 
  • six weeks after breaking up they were both at Rachel Elizabeth Dare’s birthday party and ended up hooking up in the bathroom 
  • “This doesn’t change anything, Grace” 
  • “Just shut up and hop up onto the counter, McLean” 
  • the next day they both had bruises along their necks but stayed determined to ignore each other 
  • another six weeks passed without incident and Jason just couldn’t take it anymore 
  • he decided that Piper was worth more to him than his pride and he showed up at the penthouse determined to win her back 
  • the last thing he was expecting was for Tristan to open the door 
  • “M- Mr. McLean, it’s.. uh… good to see you. Is Piper home by chance?” 
  • Tristan considered the boy standing in front of him and reached out to shake his hand, “It’s good to see you too, Jason. But no, Piper is out for the day.”
  • the movie star invited Jason into his home, and Jason being the polite young man that he is accepted 
  • they sat across from each other on the couches in silence for what felt like forever 
  • “My daughter really loves you, Jason. Did you know that?” 
  • “Yes sir. I really love her too.” 
  • “So what’s this about a daughter of Demeter? Or I’m sorry Ceres, is it? I’m still a little fuzzy on how the whole counterpart thing works exactly.” 
  • Jason chuckled and relaxed a bit, “Apparently I mentioned her one too many times and it hurt Piper’s feelings, but I honestly didn’t mean anything by it.” 
  • “I understand. It can be hard when you’re young. Hell, it can be hard when you’re grown. I tried to be a long distance father and we both know how well that went.” 
  • Jason felt a rush of respect for the man sitting across from him, able to finally own up to this mistakes 
  • “Listen, Jason, Piper has a lot of walls built up and mostly because of me but I from seeing through this break up I can tell you she wants to tear them down for you. But she is going to need your help..” he trailed off. He looked Jason square in the eyes, “She’s worth the fight. So fight.” 
  • Jason and Tristan spend the rest of the afternoon watching sports on tv and sharing a few root beers 
  • around 9 o’clock Piper got home from a day of pampering with her sisters Drew and Lacy to find Jason and her dad sharing some egg rolls at the kitchen counter 
  • “You know, I suddenly have a craving for ice cream. I think I”ll go get ice cream,” Tristan proclaimed 
  • he walked past Piper, placing a kiss on her temple and giving Jason a thumbs up before exiting the penthouse 
  • “What are you doing here Jason?” 
  • “I’m here for you, Pipes.” His breathing was steady and his mind was clear. “I know you’re scared of this.. of us.. but I love you. I am so in love you, Piper McLean, and there is not a single thing you can do to make me fall out of love with you. I know you hate cheesy speeches like this and maybe I’ve watched one too many episodes of the great show known as One Tree Hill but gods I love you. And I would do absolutely anything to make you happy.” He faltered a bit looking into her eyes, “Please, just let me make you happy.” 
  • Piper stood silent for a few minutes, chewing on her bottom lip and staring into Jason’s eyes 
  • “I love you too, Lucas Scott.” she said with a playful smile, pulling him in for a kiss. “And if you ever let me break up with you again I will find that same brick that knocked you out the first time and make you feel the pain again.” 
  • “Piper McLean, I swear on the River Styx that this is it for me. You are it for me.” 
  • “Good. Now kiss me and make us float like in Sky High.” 
  • Tristan came back with ice cream an hour later and the three shared a pint of Rocky Road while watching an episode of what was apparently Jason’s favorite teen soap 
  • Piper’s dad squinted at her, “Are you totally sure you want to keep a boy whose favorite show isn’t The OC?” 
  • “Trust me, dad. He’s a keeper.” 
Down in New Orelans: Part II

I finally got the time to write part 2 to my ‘crossover episode’ drabble, once again, this is sort of a rough imagining of what an episode might look like in the middle of this whole traveler debacle. There’s a part 3 to come after this, but for now, enjoy!

Read Part I

Cheers and whistles sounded down Bourbon Street, raucous laughter poured out of the bars and the crowds jostled Caroline as she pushed her way through the throng. Turning her head, she realized that the crowd had separated her from her two companions, and she craned her neck, only to be met with drunken tourists. Just as she was about to pull out her phone and call one of them, her hand was gripped, the touch firm and warm until she stood on a sidewalk close against the brick wall of one of the old buildings.

“Careful there love,” said Klaus, grinning as he squeezed her hand, and Caroline found herself smiling alongside with him, letting the sights and sounds of the Quarter overwhelm her senses, enjoying a glimpse of that magic Klaus had once promised her. She had barely gotten to see the city before the vampires had caught her, but here and now, with Klaus by her side, she knew that all she had to do was say the word and she could get the V.I.P tour.

“Are you lovebirds ready to continue?”

Enzo’s voice cut through the moment and Caroline swore she saw Klaus’s eyes flash golden for just a second. The dark haired vampire came to sand by the couple, his eyes darting between them and he smirked slyly. “Sorry, did I interrupt something?”



Klaus and Caroline stared each other down for a moment before Caroline disentangled her hand from his, forcing herself to ignore the split-second of hurt and disappointment that crossed his face. “We need to keep things moving,” said Caroline firmly. ‘For Stefan,’ she reminded herself.

Klaus looked distinctly sour compared to just moments earlier, but nevertheless he nodded along with Caroline’s order. “Through here,” he said gesturing towards the voodoo shop they stood outside of.

Caroline entered first, pushing through the front door and brushing aside a curtain of beads that swung down from the ceiling. The shop was small and dark, little trinkets littered the counters, small a charms and amulets hung in a window. The sharp smell of incense drifted through the store and Caroline wrinkled her nose, the entire atmosphere setting her nerves on edge. Caroline hadn’t even realized that she had stopped dead in her tracks until she felt a gentle press against the small of her back and realized Klaus was guiding her in.

“This place is…interesting,” said Caroline hesitantly eyeing what she really hoped weren’t actual shrunken heads behind the front counter.

“Blimey, they don’t do things by halves in this city, do they?” asked Enzo, who was peering around the shop himself. “Are you sure this is where a real witch is? Because I’m fairly certain half of this paraphernalia is useless.”  

“It brings in the tourists,” said a female voice, and all three turned to see a young woman step through the doorway leading to a back room and come forward to stand behind the counter, looking over Caroline and Enzo suspiciously, avoiding Klaus’ stare all together.

“Indeed it does,” said Klaus, a little too cheerfully for the tense atmosphere. “Dahlia, we need a small favour.”

The woman bristled immediately and took half a step back before Klaus sighed dramatically and raised his hands as if to show he meant no harm. She hardly looked convinced. “Relax love; we don’t even need a spell, just a pointer in the right direction.”

Dahlia eased up ever so slightly, but still kept her stance rigid. “What sort of ‘pointer’ are you talking about?” she asked carefully.

“There’s a group of witches –“

“Called Travelers,” supplied Caroline, the young witch turning to her with a small frown.

“Yes, Travelers,” continued Klaus, “we think they’re hiding out in the city.”

“And what do you want me to do about it?” asked Dahlia, crossing her arms defiantly.

Klaus cocked his head to the side and spoke softly, calmly, as if trying to soothe an animal that was easily startled. “Easy Dahlia, we just need to know where they’re hiding out. They’re apparently a large, powerful group, and I know how witches work. You must have some idea if an entire coven took up refuge within the Quarter.” He spoke the words gently and had it been anybody else, it would’ve been reassuring, but on him, the words held an underlying threat.

Dahlia must have sensed that the hybrid’s easy manner was just a façade because she gulped nervously and looked towards the other two, though neither seemed to be particularly ready to jump to her defense. Rather, the dark haired man with a predatory grinned leaned a little closer.

“We’re hardly asking you to move the moon and stars,” Enzo said smoothly.

Please-Dahlia, right?” asked Caroline, getting antsy in the kooky little shop with a reluctant witch who was keeping her from saving her best friend. “Someone I love is in a lot of danger, and I need to save his life – just tell us where we can find them.”

Caroline’s pleading seemed to strike a chord because the witch looked almost sympathetic towards her and after a second more of deliberation, licked her lips nervously and looked up with newfound resolve. “Okay,” she said finally, “You’re right, something’s been off for the past day or so. None of us really know what’s going on…but I can make a few calls.”

“Thank you,” said Caroline gratefully, and the witch nodded her way before retreating into the back room once again.

Enzo released a breath once she was gone, “The witches here aren’t the most eager lot, are they?” he asked Klaus.

Klaus rolled his eyes, “You do not want to start on the mess that is vampire-witch relations in this city,” he muttered disgruntledly. “Though I’m sure my brother would be more than happy to enumerate on the finer points of the peace treaties he takes so much pride in crafting.”

Caroline smiled to herself, but her brief happy mood was broken by the rattle of beads and another person coming into a shop, a woman with bright red hair and lips twisted into a smirk, her eyes lighting up when she saw who was standing by the counter.

“There you are!” she said with a coy smile, and it took Caroline a few moments before she realized just whom the woman was addressing.

“Friend of yours mate?” asked Enzo as he looked between the newcomer and Klaus, who was now standing very rigidly. The hybrid shot a glance out of the corner of his eye towards Caroline, and then back towards the woman.

“Genevieve,” he said grimly, and the redhead’s face fell at the severity of his tone.

“What’s wrong?” she asked coming forward but Klaus met her halfway and grabbed her by the elbow, steering her away from the other two and towards the shop’s doorway.

Caroline watched them talk, heads bent together and fought to control a truly irrational urge to walk over there and yank the redhead’s hand away from where it was creeping up Klaus’s chest, grinning slightly when she saw Klaus do just that himself.

“So Goldilocks, when you and the hybrid King over there ended your little ‘tryst’ in the woods, just how exclusive did you leave things? Because from here it looks like he might have decided to have some fun while you were gallivanting around Atlanta with me.” Enzo looked like a cat that had caught the canary and Caroline’s furious little glare at his question did nothing to abate his amusement.

“Okay, first of all, we did not ‘gallivant’ around Atlanta,” said Caroline in a low hiss, trying to keep quiet so that Klaus and Genevieve didn’t hear them.

(She nearly missed it, but she could’ve sworn she saw Klaus shoot her and Enzo a less than pleased look at how closely they stood together.)

“And second of all, after our ‘tryst’” she said, air quoting the word,” I made him promise that he would never come back to Mystic Falls, so whatever – or whoever – he decided to do after that, is totally not my business. Nope. Not. At. All.” She nodded decisively, totally not grinding her teeth as the sound of the redhead’s voice wafted through the store. She didn’t bother to make out distinct words, but the tone was a simpering one, the one that clearly spoke of intimate familiarity.

Enzo chuckled, Caroline’s distaste was written plainly over her face. “Say whatever you like Blondie, you look like you want to snap off Genevieve’s pretty little head and turn it into an ornament,” he said with a nod towards the shrunken head display. 

“Believe me, screwing some random chick is not the worst I have to be angry at him about,” said Caroline with a roll of her eyes, but before she could elaborate; she shook off her irrational anger and steeled herself. “We don’t have time to worry about things like this,” she said, her voice much harder than before. “Stefan could be getting his brain fried right now, that’s all I should be thinking about. I swear to God, when I get my hands on Sloan and the rest of them…”

“What? You’ll kill them?” asked Enzo, assessing her carefully.

“You think I can’t?” Caroline snapped.

“Oh no, I have no doubt that you could if you set your mind to it,” said Enzo, toying with a trinket boxes on the counter. “I just happen to remember you not being able to kill Tom Avery when the situation called for it.”

“That was different, he was just an innocent guy,” said Caroline immediately. “Anyway, I had no problem snapping your neck didn’t I?”

Enzo grimaced. “I’m just saying Caroline, there are a lot of them, and you’re not going to have any time for moral dilemmas. Will you do what’s necessary?”

“I’m going to save Stefan,” Caroline said, her voice holding no room for discussion.

“Whatever it takes?”

“Whatever it takes.”

Enzo remained skeptical, but they were both shaken out of their discussion by Genevieve’s shriek as Klaus pushed her out of the store. He rejoined the others, looking between them with a frown, but Caroline suddenly pretended to be very interested in some of the antique rings on display.

“Guess she was one of the clingy ones?” asked Enzo slyly, causing Klaus to growl lowly in response. The sudden awkwardness was broken by Dahlia reemerging from the back room with a large map of New Orleans and its surrounding land, which she laid on the counter.

“I can pinpoint some locations where the others have felt a shift in the natural balance” she said, and Klaus nodded thoughtfully before prodding Enzo forward.

“See what she has to say,” he ordered brusquely and the younger vampire looked about to complain before realizing Klaus’s intent and went off without a word, but not before winking at Caroline.

One Enzo was occupied; Klaus turned his attention to the young blonde who was paying him no mind. “Caroline, about Genevieve –”

“Seriously don’t need to hear it Klaus,” Caroline said immediately, still unable to look him in the eye.

Klaus bristled at her dismissal. “Dare I hope that’s jealously in your tone?”

Caroline scoffed a little too quickly to be completely convincing. “Please. Like I would be jealous of some random redhead. She probably dyes it anyway.”

Klaus grinned then, knowing that the little interaction had struck a nerve, whether she wanted to admit it or not. “Relax sweetheart, it was simply a relationship of convenience. Not that she knew that of course, but I’ve always known where my true affections lay.” He reached out to toy with a curl that had strayed from her ponytail, tucking in securely behind her ear and letting his fingers linger on her soft cheek.

For one brief fleeting moment Caroline reveled in the warmth of his fingertips, her mind immediately indulging in memories of what those fingers were capable off when they were running over the rest of her body, trailing a line down her flushed skin, going lower, and lower…

She snapped herself out of the daydream and back to the moment at hand, looking up at Klaus and almost stuttering at the affection that shone through. Still, she knew this wasn’t the time or the place, and there was one issue that neither of them had brought up yet. And since he clearly wasn’t going to broach the topic then it fell to her. “I really don’t think that what you should be doing,” she said swatting his hand away from her face.

“Oh really?” said Klaus with a smirk.

Caroline pursed her lips and took a deep breath, finally dredging up the courage to bring up the one thing she had been suppressing since she crossed the Louisiana state border. “Yes really. Klaus, I don’t give a damn what random girls who decide to screw with, but I’d think someone who’s about to become a father would be less concerned with flings.”

Klaus’s face drained of all warmth and he straightened up, his lips forming a hard straight line, his fists clenching by his sides. “Who told you?” he demanded to know.

“Tyler, shortly after he found out we had sex,” said Caroline, rolling her eyes. She wanted to be a big girl about this. She wanted to be as unaffected as possible which is why she did nothing to give away just how much the news had affected her back when she first found out. Caroline had always been a master at self-control, which is why she had waited until she was all alone in the woods with no one around for miles to take out her frustration on an unfortunate tree, channeling out her anger and confusion until she was left with the unfortunate reality that Klaus had knocked up the were-slut and she didn’t even have a leg to stand on.

“Caroline, back when she and I were – it was after – “

“I already said I don’t need details of one fling, let alone another!” said Caroline quickly. “But I guess this one has more…permanent repercussions.”

Klaus looked away then, tenser than ever. “None of us know how this is going to play out,” he said after a moment. “This has never happened before.”

“No kidding,” said Caroline with a light snort. “You know, when you were making grand promises about being my ‘last love’, you might’ve mentioned this.”

“Caroline, I’d understand if you were angry –”

“Oh, I’m not angry,” she replied immediately. “I don’t have time to be angry. Stefan is out there being held hostage, that is the only thing I care about right now, got it?”  

Klaus knew how deadly serious she was and so dropped the subject of the baby all together, focusing on the matter at hand. “Do you have a plan for when we find them?” he asked her.

Now it was Caroline’s turn to tense up and she looked out the window of the shop for a moment before turning back to Klaus. “I guess I kill them all,” she said finally.

Klaus frowned, the memory of a distraught Caroline standing in the middle of twelve dead witches springing to mind. “Are you sure about that?”

Caroline scoffed, “Seriously, why does everybody think I’m incapable of doing what I have to when it comes to saving my best friend?” I can do it,” she said, but her voice faltered. “I can kill them.” She knew she was trying to convince herself as much as him.

Klaus noticed the dilemma playing out on her face and after a moment of indecision, he reached out and grasped her firmly by the shoulders, squaring her towards him so that she had to look him in the eyes. “You’re Caroline Forbes, remember that. You’re strong and to save Stefan, you’ll do what’s right.”

Still a little off kilter from their earlier conversation, Caroline nonetheless smiled a little at the absolute certainty in his voice. “I’m not sure the most objective person to make that observation,” she pointed out.

“No, but I’m the oldest, which means I’m right.” Klaus was immensely gratified to see her laugh a little, and he gripped her shoulders a little tighter, wanting to pull her closer towards him, but resisting the urge, letting her go a second later.

Caroline mulled over his vote of confidence and found that it meant a lot, coming from him. “Regardless of witches or miracle pregnancies…I’m really grateful that you’re helping us,” Caroline said softly.

Klaus let go a sigh of relief that she still seemed to count him in her good graces and decided then and there that he would do whatever it took to keep her safe from these ‘travelers’ – and once this business was done, he would never let go of his pursuit of her, promises be damned.

“We should get going now.” Enzo’s voice interrupted the silence and the vampire now held a map with little ‘x’s’ drawn on various points, the largest being in the middle of the bayou. “There have been little shifts all over the city,” explained Enzo, “But the largest disturbance is coming from the middle of the swamplands here, near Lake Lery. Fair bet that’s where most of them are.”

“Alright,” said Caroline, nervousness gone and replaced by all the determinedness of a woman on a mission. “Let’s go save Stefan.”

What I Call Life (Part 3)

Part three of the blangstpromptoftheday fic. Part one is here. Part two is here.

There’s a part in this that I mention something called counseling. That is taken from a personal experience that I was told about from a person who once worked in the business that Blaine’s in now. Is it legal? Probably not. Does it happen in other places like that? Heck if I know, but for this fic, I brought it up because I’ve heard many stories about it. So when you see the discussion about it, just know what I don’t know if it’s true for all clubs, but it did happen in one that someone I knew worked in.

This fic is also on FF.net.

October 2014

“Hey there, little guy. I’m your daddy.”

The room was lonely, only two occupants inside - one a new father and the other his brand new baby - and all nurse Avery Wilks could do was watch helplessly in the doorway as the new family bonded all by their lonesome in the maternity/paternity ward of the hospital. It had been a sad sight indeed, at the beginning. A young man came in hours earlier in very active labor, but he was alone. His brother, he told the staff, was off in Chicago filming a tv pilot and the baby’s father wasn’t in the picture, so he was doing it all by himself. Off and on throughout the evening, Avery stayed on shift with him. She was still very new to the ward and spent most of her time following others around, but there was something about this young man that intrigued her.

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Grey's Anatomy 10x21 "Change of Heart" Review (Spoiler Alert!)

And the farewell to Cristina begins!


Oh “my future son look-a-like” Breydon…

(still waiting on y'all to find me a white man! lol ignore me)! He’s getting bad to the point where he can’t breathe properly *sad face*. I don’t even know how to feel about the mom telling them to stop the treatment. I’m pissed that she told them to stop, cause Bailey did tell them it would get worse before it got better! But I understand how frustrated she is seeing her child in that condition! Sooooooo, is Bailey gonna still inject him with the virus? Looks like it. But if she does that wouldn’t be illegal right? Since the mom already signed the forms? I need to see how this plays out.

And OMG, my girl Frankie died!

Again, I understand the mother’s frustration, but I didn’t like what she said to Cristina at the end. I mean if it wasn’t for Cristina, ALL of her kids might have been dead by now. And I hated the whole choosing which kid gets the heart, and how do you even begin to explain to your daughter that she had to get her little sister’s heart and she died? That must be so hard on them. I feel for the “Cardiomyopathy Family”!. Are we ever gonna find out what caused this damn thing? Cause that might have the answer to help them kids.

All these patients got me sitting here like


There wasn’t really much going on with the residents. Jo was with Alex and Stephanie was working with Bailey. We got some Shane and Leah scenes. I’m guessing we’re going to be getting a lot of them since Gaius and Tessa aren’t coming back next season. Not gonna lie, I might miss Shane!


I laughed way too hard when Callie told April to get out of her vagina. But on a serious note, I get what a lot of the fans were saying, she didn’t have to act the way she did towards April. A lot of fans were like…..

Just a while ago she was all up in the MerDer house, drinking and what not because Arizona cheated on her, so you would think she would be a little more understanding. Yeah their situations are different, and April can annoy people sometimes, but still, didn’t have to act that way.

On a better note though, Yay to them talking about the Calzona baby!!!!

And I like that Arizona is happy for Alex taking the job…..or does it just seem that way? 


I know I was all iffy about Alex taking the job at the practice, but i’m happy for him, he’s gonna do awesome! I liked how he was kinda sucking up to Arizona lol. Still don’t know if he’ll actually do it, knowing how this show is sometimes. We’ve been getting sooo much Jolex sexy times………are the writers trying to set us up for something? hmmmm. And when Jo said that now Alex can buy her new shoes (or something to that nature), didn’t that seem/sound a little gold-diggish?

I don’t see Jo that way what so ever, but it kinda sounded that way. Was it supposed to sound that way? Is that part of the “season finale drama” for Jolex? Or am I just overreacting? I don’t know.

Richard and Catherine:

Let’s talk about Webber and Mama Avery shall we! Wait do we even have a ship name for these two? We need to come up with one. Message me if you got ideas! Anyways, Webber walked up in that office looking all sharp and what not, ready to take Catherine out. Yes Mama Avery, don’t scar poor receptionist dude for life lol. Then they got into a lil argument about him just coming there to question why Cristina didn’t win, but Webber assured her he didn’t, but still asked about Cristina anyways. And that’s how we find out that Cristina, neither anyone from that hospital, could ever win a Harper Avery Award, since the hospital is co-own by the foundation. And then we find out, what I kinda already had a feeling about, that Webber was gonna propose to her! That’s why he was there Catherine!! She must be feeling sooo bad, cause I would be too.

Meredith, Derek and Amelia:

I was sooo happy when I heard Amelia was coming, loved her on Private Practice! So Amy came to town, cause she’s getting married and she wants to know what the married family life is like. Now Meredith and Derek took full advantage of this and I loved it! They’re spending time together, doing a kick-ass surgery, doing the Mc Nasty in the on call room. It was like old MerDer was back. But in the end, as expected, the Mc Children broke Amelia lol. Derek you better fix your sister.

All this hatercism (New word, I made it up) Mer had going on with the Harper Avery Foundation was too much. “Avery by association”? lol And it’s not Jackson and April’s fault Cristina didn’t win, ok? It’s ok that you’re pissed about your friend not winning the award, you can’t be mad at Jackson and April, they literally had nothing to do with it.


At the beginning I was like, “Where in the world is Cristina? Is she on the run or something?”, but she showed up, like a boss, ready and focused for surgery! Like I said last week, I knew she wasn’t gonna win, and I was ready to see everyone’s reaction to it. Everyone was being extra nice to her and it was super weird. I knew that not winning was bugging her, even if she tried not to show it in the beginning and saying it was a honor to be nominated. And dealing with those kids were just putting more on it.

I totally got her in the end, just standing there under the running water, when she said “What’s the point?”. It’s like what’s the point of being so perfect and working soo hard to be that way, and making all the right decisions (like who gets the heart), if she doesn’t get rewarded or recognized for it. And then Owen tells her that she in fact did win since she got most of the votes, but because of “Politics”, she couldn’t really win.

I must say though, all this crossed my mind when I heard she got nominated. I was like “Can she even be nominated, let alone win, since she works at a hospital that is co-owned by the foundation?”. So is that the reason for her leaving? To get a chance at actually getting awards?

I am not ready for Cristina to leave ok? I’m not!


First there was that first scene where Jackson was asking her how she slept and stuff and I was like “aww, he’s concerned about his wifey”. Then when he tells her about the funding thing, she was all the Avery family always making it about medicine, and I was like “Aye, aye, Yo April hold up, what the hell was that about?”. I thought that was so unnecessary. 

Let us all, give a round of applause to Chief Owen Hunt!

He told her straight up preached to her. Saying that, it’s just their first fight and that they’ll get pass it, and they’ll fight about other things and get past it too. You were a good mentor there dude. The Japril fandom thanks you Owen! Yay Team Trauma!

Then there was that last scene. Oh LAWD! Jackson comes home and finds her there and he tells her he’s sorry for what he said and asks her to stay so they could talk. And he gives this awesome ass speech “And if you believe in God, then you believe He made me…your husband. Who shares your values, which I do. I believe we shouldn’t kill or steal. I believe that you should be truthful. I believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated.” and I’m just sitting there like

Then she goes back on him again saying she sees him judging her when she talks about God to her children and he’s like “Can we please just take a break from our hypothetical children for…” and then her ass says

“No we can’t ‘cause they’re not hypothetical anymore. Jackson, I am pregnant. ”

I swear, me, and the rest of the japril fandom was like…

I mean, we were expecting it, and we were still fangirling like crazy! A lot of us were confused with feels lol. Now her behavior makes sense. I think maybe that’s why she was bringing up the stuff which caused the fight last week, she already knew she was pregnant! Now I am super excited about the japril baby. Think about how deliciously adorable that baby would be! But at the same time, I think adding a baby to the mix with just complicate things a little more, which wasn’t what I wanted for them right now. But we’ll see how they get through it, cause I’m certain they will!

A lot of fans have been saying this, and I’m just now really seeing it. Jackson and April are each other’s person, since the beginning when Reed and Charles died, so when they get into an argument, who else are they gonna talk to? We don’t get any of the Karavery or Kavery (whatever it’s called) bromance anymore, and maybe the kepzona friendship isn’t as good as we thought, cause we didn’t see April and Arizona have a talk about the japril fight, which I kinda wanted to see.

Harper Avery Foundation:

Why do I have a feeling that something is up with them?

Is Jackson going over the funding for trials because he knows something is going on with the foundation, cause he is the representative for them, or is it just normal board work? And did Jackson know that Cristina couldn’t win the award? He did say he was shocked nut I’m still like “hmmmmm”, Cause I feel like that’s something he should know being an Avery and all. Remember when Webber was doing the islet cell trial for diabetes and Jackson quit the trial cause he knew if his name was on it, Webber wouldn’t be able to win? Yeah, that what makes me think he would know. Something just feels up with them, I’ll keep my mind open to this.

This was a nice episode, I liked it. It was all prepping us for what craziness is gonna happen in the finale.

Are y'all ready for Burke next week? I know I am! Amma be sitting there like….

(I freakin love that gif lol) A lot of fans were going crazy over the promo saying Burke was the love of Cristina’s life. But that didn’t really bug me like it bugged others. The promo said “He was the love of her life” keyword WAS. I mean she did love him once upon a time in Shondaland, and he could have been. Maybe “love of her life” wasn’t the correct thing to say. And some people saying he wants her back, after seeing the promo, but we all know how deceiving the promos could be sometimes. He could maybe just want her for a job or something, who knows.

We’ll just have to wait and see next week!

PS: I just want to say I’m glad that the crazy gifs in my last review made some of you guys feel a little better about the japril fight. You’re Welcome!