when will my trend of putting song lyrics in the description end

Taylor Swift:

So I have wanted to write this essay for quite some time now and finally here goes. Since Taylor Swift’s 1989 era she has been getting a lot of unnecessary hate. It seemed to have become a trend to jump on this hate bandwagon. I really was surprised to see the extremes people go to hate on someone they don’t even know. Sad is what it all is, a person whose heart is full of hate can never truly be happy.

Let’s start with people that have been claiming that Taylor is terrible to her fans. Taylor is actually one of the most fan loyal celebrities out there. She has been that way since the start of her career, from free meet and greets, to inviting fans over to her house and sending care packages to fans going through tough times. If I were to list all the things she has done for her fans it would take up the whole post. People were claiming that Taylor doesn’t care about her fans because she supposedly was suing them for selling merchandise with catchy phrases from her music or her images. Let’s think about this logically whether you are a fan or not you can’t use someone else’s work to make money off as that isn’t right. Being a fan doesn’t give you a free pass to do so. Let’s put it this way say I am a huge fan of a writer, I myself am a writer and I decided to include two pages from a book that, that writer wrote and claim it as my own to go on and sale it. Does me being a fan justify my use of those two pages of writing that aren’t my own, it doesn’t. If it was justifiable that would give way to people who aren’t fans to claim to be fans just to make money using that artist’s name/work.  I didn’t see anyone bring up Beyonce’s name since there were articles talking about how her team shut down a fan site that was selling unauthorised merchandise belonging to a 15 year old who went on to twitter to beg Beyonce not to sue. It is rather hypocritical to attack one artist, but not the other for doing the same thing. So let’s not act like you care about the mistreatment of fans, when your true intent is to demonise Taylor. If you truly cared about the treatment of fans the statement would be general rather than targeted at a specific artist. Especially when it isn’t just a single artist preventing the selling of unauthorised merchandise.

There also were people who were attacking her by yelling ‘how could you sue your guitar teacher after he made you who you are today’. He taught her how to play guitar and that isn’t all her job role requires, so let’s not try reaching that high as clearly you are failing in your attempt. He did bad mouth her mother to the media yet had the nerve to use Taylor’s name in his websites url to profit of. It would have been acceptable to in the description section of his site to mention that he taught the likes of Taylor Swift.

Also people were making claims that Taylor was removing all the videos that featured her music playing in them. One of them said that she got all the vines featuring her music removed. Think about this, why share the vines and show appreciation if she were only going to go and have them removed. Luckily enough I had liked the most popular vines featuring her music and they were still there even after these false claims. So people were going to extremes and creating things that weren’t true at all to tarnish Taylor’s image and most of this was being spread by a bunch of Katy Perry fans. Labels always remove music that is published online without acquiring the proper rights to it, the only way you’ll find videos still remain on sites like YouTube is when the audio has been altered to some degree.

Coming to Katy Perry, Bad Blood is in no way a track that attacks Katy in anyway way even if it is about her. It is a song that describes lyrically what most of us go through, in which we thought a person was one that we could trust but ended up being exactly the opposite. The dancers were the hot talk in this situation and yes they aren’t an artist’s property in anyway. I also get that they had formed a close relationship with Katy Perry, but as a dancer when you sign up for a tour you go in knowing the amount of dates etc. If the dancers leave part way through a tour it does have an effect on the artists show as it is difficult to find dancers and then put them through rehearsals to learn the choreography part way through the tour. Katy being a friend should have talked to Taylor first and let her know that she was back touring and intended on asking whether the dancers wanted to come back to join her tour. That is what being a friend entails.

Then people criticised her for lyrics in ‘Better Than Revenge’ claiming that she slut shamed Camilla Belle, she didn’t call her a slut, the line ‘You’re better known for the things you can do on the mattress’ talks in terms of the popular perception of Camilla and not what Taylor thinks of her.

Now let’s talk about people calling Taylor a ‘snake’ because of Kim ‘exposing’ her. Taylor did give approval for Kanye to go ahead with the use of the lyrics he had informed her of in his song ‘Famous’, however she hadn’t heard the full song and was unaware of him relating to her as a ‘bitch’ until the album release. Think about it if Kim outing Taylor was authentic it wouldn’t have been done through snapchat using clips that were pieced together to only show what Kim wanted people to see. If she was going to release the phone call she should have released it in its entirety. Anyone with the slightest level of intellect should be able to figure that out.

Those that haven’t heard her full discography and just focused on the singles, and haven’t bothered to watch her interviews in order to comprehend her growth as a person and artist continue to ignorantly claim that she always plays the victim. I mean there are so many examples of her acknowledging when she has been in the wrong or made a mistake like ‘Back To December’ and then you will also notice lyrics in her song ‘Style’ that depict realisation of knowing that there are two participants in a relationship.  

Taylor gets criticised a lot for not always posting about issues around the world on her social media pages, even though she continues to do a lot of philanthropic work and act rather than tweet. Although she has posted on social media to show support and acknowledge issues on several occasions. She gets attacked when she does post on social media and when she doesn’t, so she can never win either way. The thing about posting about issues or current affairs is that it helps create awareness; however awareness is pointless without action. Yes I would love for Taylor to post more in acknowledgement of issues affecting the world, but you can understand why she could be put off from doing so. After all she is human too and she has feelings just like you and me.

The VMA situation last year when Nicki went on a rant on twitter also resulted in Taylor facing backlash for responding to what Nicki had said. If you did follow Nicki’s tweets from start to finish during that moment it wouldn’t have been too hard for you to piece things together. Nicki was obviously hurt by the fact that ‘Anaconda’ a video that did garner a lot of attention and surely went down as one of the biggest music videos during that year went unnoticed in the ‘Video Of The Year’ category. She near the end changed her tone and started to talk about the under appreciation of POC in the industry, which is very real and sad that people of colour aren’t recognised and awarded for their great contributions to the entertainment industry as much as those that are white. However when you take the full train of tweets in that rant you can make out that the she was going of more at the fact that her video didn’t receive a nomination in the major category. It is easy to see why Taylor would take the tweet, in which Nicki said that being white and skinny is the way you get recognised, as an aim at her. As out of the all the nominees that year in the ‘Video Of The Year’ category ‘Bad Blood’ was the only video that fit that description.

It is okay to dislike an artist, but that does not give you the right to be hateful or disrespectful towards them. The haters were going to extremes by conjuring up and twisting things in order to diminish Taylor as a person. Hate prevents a person from seeing the entire picture and just grasping to parts that play in the favour of the view of the hater. That is what a lot of people were doing in relation to what I have discussed above. There is so much more that I could have talked about which would have led this essay to turn into an entire book.

Regardless of being famous and wealthy, celebrities are still human beings just like you and me. They have feelings and they get hurt by things people say about them. On top of that you cannot use the line ‘Who cares they won’t see it so it won’t affect them’ as a way of justifying the posting of hurtful comment