when will i stop making ambiguous things... never

Canon is what actually, factually happens in the show.  There can be some ambiguity to the meaning of things that are canon.  However, “but it’s canon for so many viewers!!!”?  No, that would be a headcanon about canon, which is a type of fanon. Which used to mean something that was not factually contradicted by the canon, but these days seems to be anything someone has decided to want to believe is true, even when it does contradict the canon directly.  I’m sorry that understanding words have actual meanings is hard for you, but stop trying to make that everyone else’s fucking problem.

Also, if I never see ‘Dean has obviously been consistently lying about his sexuality for X years because reasons, lulz!’ ever again, it will still be too goddamn soon.

Fear can really change a person.
Trust me, I know.
It will mess with your head and affect all your thoughts,
contorting the messages your brain receives.
Changing the signals from the world to your head,
turning them into giant flags of red.
And all I see is red.
All I see when I look into your eyes
is the reflection of the other girls as they walk on by.
And it kills me inside.
But you continue to lie.
Another threat, another whore, another reason to die.
Telling me I didn’t see what I just saw with my eyes.
And it’s all fucking lies.
But you don’t know how much it hurts me.
You don’t hear the heavy sound of my racing heart.
You don’t hear the thoughts pulsating through my head.
You don’t know that I’m here but I’m already dead,
because all that I hear is the words that you said.
“Look at this ass,” as we lie on the bed.
That’s not me, I’m not her, why’s this bitch in your head?
You don’t get it anymore, I am done, this is it.
You have beaten my self-esteem to the ground.
You might as well make a fist and continue to pound.
Tie me up and hold me down.
Put my face in the goddamn mound.
Go ahead, come on, fight me right now
and fuck my face up
so I match inside out.
So that the outside can match this failed fantasy you’ve created
by piecing together fragments of other puzzles.
Puzzles of pictures far more beautiful than mine.
A fantasy world, the one you have in your mind.
But I’m not in your mind, I’m here, are you blind?
All I want is to be with you all the time.
And when we’re together, all I want to do is to run.
And I’m not afraid to do it, I will run to the sun.
I’m just afraid that you won’t stop me when I go.
But I will never stop threatening you with this, ‘cause I know
that fear can really change a person.
At least that’s what I’m betting on.
—  Ambiguous Threat, © 2015 Sarah Marie Pardy

Fear can make people do things out of their normal. Eliminate the threat, eliminate the fear, eliminate the cycle. 

Edit: Someone mentioned something to me about this piece and it really makes me want to explain it. This poem is not about a man who is doing wrong, it is about a girl who feels so threatened by society that she is doing/thinking/feeling irrational things that aren’t normal for her or even valid. The fear contorts the signals in her head and she ends up being the one doing the threatening, and we’re left to wonder who the real bad guy is. Ambiguous threat.