when will i ever get this successful again

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how no one, absolutely no one, supported Victor when he went off to be a coach. He was actually excited for the first time in an age, probably nervous, and no one cared; everyone told him he was making a huge mistake and made fun of him, and when he made his debut no one ever wanted to hear about his coaching or his choreography, they just asked him over and over about when he was going to, essentially, stop messing around and get back to the ice.

Fortunately it’s not *too* sad because we all know how it worked out and how happy he was to be with Yuri; but I still wish someone had acknowledged that he’d done so well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to seeing Victor skate again, but I hope he finally gets some acknowledgement for the success he made of being a coach (through, I hope, Yuri’s continuing success). I’m hoping he can make a go of being a skater and a coach, to prove all the naysayers wrong, and also because it’s what he wants to do and what will make him happy.

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You know how Kuro had a thing for Keith before he became aware of his feelings for Lance, but what about Lance? Did he also had feeling for Shiro or Keith (or both!? Or anyone) but didn't say anything to either because he didn't want to ruin their relationship? Idk why I keep thinking about what Lance felt before Kuro. I rlly love this little story you have created and your art is also amazing and so cute. Also another question: why did Kuro had a thing for Keith? I'm sorry if my English is bad

… What if Lance had a thing for Keith, too, though? That’d be…. quite awkward? But he never really told him because that’d mean Lance would have to actually admit Keith’s hot? Like seriously? Nah. Nah, thanks.

I guess Kuro had a crush on Keith because:

  • He’s a lot like Shiro. So their tastes are quite the same
  • During his time in captivity (right after his ‘birth’) it was rammed into him that he should be Shiros replacement as the Champion. Haggar and the Druids had bigger plans for Shiro, if they’d ever be able to get their hands on him again, so being a more or less successful cloning-experiment he should be the next Champion to humor the masses in the arena. That’s why he tried to imitate Shiro as much as possible - he wanted to please his masters and it kinda stuck with him even when he found out that his ‘idol’ wasn’t as fierce and brutal as the video footage from his fights depicted him to be. So I guess having a crush on Keith was just him trying to imitate Shiro - and maybe outdo him.

I’ll write more as soon as the Kuro week starts ♥ Especially about Kuro’s time with the Galra and how he met Shiro for the first time.

So about 2 months ago this happened. It was scary to be experiencing something that I normally treat at work. I had just walked into the gym and had only started stretching when I had a feeling in my chest of my heart skipping a beat. After a moment I realized my heart was racing so I stepped outside to try and figure out what was going on. I had a hard time feeling my pulse but when I placed my hand on my chest I could tell something wasn’t right…..my heart was racing!! I tried vagal maneuvers without any luck. I walked back into the gym and grabbed my boyfriend and told him WE HAVE GOT TO GET TO THE ER. Luckily for me, there was one across the road. He dropped me off at the door so I could go in while he parked. At this point my ears and ringing, I’m feeling extremely light headed and I know I’m about to pass out. I tell the tech at the front desk “ I’m a paramedic and I think I’m in SVT.” I got a strange look and she quickly grabbed a nurse. I explained to the nurse who took me back and placed me on the 12-lead. This was my EKG when I walked in. My heart rate was in the 260’s, my ears were ringing and I was about to pass out. I was quickly taken back to a room and placed on a cardiac monitor and had an IV started. A physician came in and started to explain what was going to happen. I told him I completely understood, just to please fix me. 6mg of adenosine later and I was back to a heart rate of 100 and finally had a blood pressure.

I was taken out of work and had an ablation 3 weeks after the episode. I am 27 years old, healthy and mostly fit. I have no medical problems and definitely no cardiac issues. This was the first time this has ever happened. Quite possibly one of the scariest days I have had.

To an EMS provider this can seem like no big deal but when you are the patient in the moment, it seems like you are about to die. Granted, most people don’t go into SVT at a rate of 260. I’m finally back to work and feeling great. I still get a little paranoid it will happen again but there is a 95% success rate with ablations. It’s always strange to be the patient and not the provider but this was an eye opening experience for me. Now I can actually tell my patients why they will be feeling with that nice push of adenosine.


so when i started backup vocals it was some goofy concept i came up with in late december. now its’ been over half a year and i’ve written over 150,000 words – not counting bonus content – and made a shitton of drawings and new characters to flesh out this weird little au. its become my longest and by far my most successful fic by a long shot. it was my first proper au fic ever, so it was super exciting! finishing it was a really bittersweet experience.

so thanks again for the support, comments, kudos, fanart, etc that you guys so kindly gave me even when i wasnt confident in my own story. i know it’s just a fic, but it helped me grow so much as a writer and an artist, and i can’t thank you guys enough for helping me get there!

Pick Your Prize (Asa x reader)

Anonymous said: Hello!! I absolutely love your works and if you are still taking requests I have one! If possible could it be an Asa Butterfield one where maybe the reader is on set for one of his movies and they walk up to him thinking it’s their friend/cousin/family member there to pick them up and kisses him on the cheek? Mainly just cuteness and fluff. You can change or take as much freedom as you want! I’m not good at requesting things so sorry for lack of detail. Thank you lovely!! <3

Hey! I’m so glad you like my stuff! :) I hope you like this one, I had a bit of fun with it! 

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You are missing the point. You are going to be way over your head when you get this mustang. I doubt you have a facility that can handle a feral horse, I doubt you have the experience to even get a mustang to be handled, and I doubt you will end up with a happy, successful horse. Get a god damn rescue from your rescue again.

i feel like i keep asking this but have you read literally any of my blog ever

Fitblr start

April 1, 2015 my neighbor asked me to do something called “Eat to Live” with her. It was the only meal plan that ever worked for her, and she swore by it. Problem is…it’s vegan with elimination of processed foods and I enjoy things like sour cream, ice cream, cheese, chicken, cheeseburgers, etc…

She was desperate, and said she wouldn’t succeed without an accountability buddy. I was at the highest weight I’d ever been at (non-pregnant) of 243 pounds, so I agreed to help. I didn’t expect much. I had yo-yo’ed on a LOT of diets for 9 years.

Best agreement ever. She lost weight, enough to allow her to get healthy and pregnant with her second even though she had PCOS and had been trying for over a year without success. 

Additionally, I lost weight too. Over the next 5 months, I went from a size 18 at 243 pounds, to a size 10 and 185 pounds. October 2015 was my lowest at 183 pounds. I felt healthy, I loved my body, my energy was amazing. I could run on the soccer field again, clothes fit better. It was fantastic!

I gradually got “off plan” when my neighbor got pregnant and my accountability buddy was gone. I edged up to 208 and 218. I freaked out thinking this was all going to end up back at 240 again. Slowly, over the last 2 months I’ve gotten back down to Onderland again. If I can maintain in the 180′s I’ll be happy. BMI calculators say I should be under 164, but I look at my body and think that’s not what I want. I want muscle, and boobs, and a great ass. I think if I get down that low, all those things will be *less* than I want them to be.

So, here’s to 180. It’s right around the corner. And thanks to the fitblrs who are helping me get there.

Nerds Like Opening Thighs More Than Comics - Carl Grimes x Reader

I’m sorry, this may not be what you wanted. I originally thought it was going to be super fluffy. It isn’t, but if you don’t like this I will totally post the fluffy version. Which is a different plot.

Request: @bad-hatter
Summary: You do what Carl wants and you read comics side by side, but then he changes his mind.
Characters: Reader and Carl
POV: Second Person
Warnings: It is smut

Nerds Like Opening Thighs More Than Comics

You and Carl were spending the day together in his room. You were sitting side by side at the head of his bed, each bored and staring at the wall. You turned to him, crossing your legs and placing them over his lap, horizontally. You leaned your elbows and held your head in your hands.
“What do you want to do?” You asked him. His eyebrows furrowed and he mumbled a ‘hmm’. After fifteen seconds of silence his eye lit up and he smiled at you.
“Michonne just got me some new comics. We can read them.” You giggled, shaking your head and falling back onto his comforter. His one existing eyebrow raised and he perked up, very perturbed.
“What? What’s so funny?” You finished your laughing fit and sat your torso up on your forearms.
“Nothing, It’s just that everytime we hang out that’s what you want to do.” You paused and smirked at him, sitting all the way up, criss-cross applesauce. “You’re a nerd.” You said with a another giggle. He crossed his arms and smartly retorted,
“And what, exactly is wrong with being a nerd.” You crawled to him and leaned in, your nose nearly touching his. You bit your lip and whispered softly,
“Mmm, nothing. I love nerds, I just don’t love when they would rather touch colored paper than my pussy.” You wrapped your leg around his and grinded your knee against his crotch. Carl moaned, his eye rolling back in his head, but he gently pushed you away.
“Look, you know I want to, so, so, so very badly, but right now isn’t a good time.” You whined giving him your best pouty face and sat back down on your knees.
“Fine. Let’s read comics.” You huffed. He pulled out the comics from under his bed and you began to read. About ten minutes in, Wonder Woman lassoed the thieves and you felt a hand run up the inside of your thigh. You continued reading the comic, ignoring the excitement forming in your pants. He was rubbing slow circles from right above your knee. Each caress got higher and higher, but when his fingers almost danced over your crotched you pushed his hand away. You didn’t even care to look him in the eye, you just pushed it away, your face, as blank as a white sheet. You turned the page and grabbed his wrist before he tried to put it back. You turned to him, quite annoyed.
“You said you wanted to read comics, that’s what I’m doing.” He huffed and moved away from you, going back to reading his comics. You smirked and threw your comic down by the end of the bed. Crawling over you slowly slid your chest onto the comforter, letting your ass hang in the air for just long enough to get Carl’s attention. He groaned and you just opened the comic back up to read more.
About three minutes later you heard the sheets behind you rustle and he came up behind you, sitting on your ass like it was a normal everyday thing. He leaned down over your back and sliding his long fingers along your neck, pushed your hair off your neck. He let it drape over your back and lightly kissed below your ear. It was so simple, but at the same time was a sexy branding of his passion for you on your skin. The pecks he left were getting sloppier, wetter, just like your panties. You’re heart was like soaring, picking up the pace to the rate of a fiery tempest, a whirlwind in your soul. He bit the tender skin of the curve between your neck and your shoulder and no doubt left a hickey. You felt the urge to flip him over, jack him off real good and watch after in wonder as he’d drown his tongue and his cock in your pussy. But you didn’t, instead you flipped your hair in his face. He whined and you tortured him.
“You said you didn’t want any of this so stop ruining this comic.” He smiled and bit your ear, playfully.
“I know you want me.” He started to grind his hips against your ass and you felt your eyes roll back in your head. Oh, god no. Why would he do this to you. You were trying to stand your ground, but how could you do that when he was touching you this way. You did the only thing you could in such a situation.
“STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” You screamed. He stopped his work for a second, a little scared that he really made you angry, but your voice lowered to a speaking volume so he decided to keep teasing you. “Carl, I’m really d-oohh. Fuck, that feels good.” He pulled up the bottom of your shirt, kissing and sucking his way upwards. You smiled, It was time to give in and get what you deserved. He let you turn over underneath him and you grabbed the bottom of his shirt, tugging it upwards.
“Off now.” You stated forwardly. He grinned and took it off. You looked at him naked chest and thought of every time you had ever been with him. Oh, it was as if ecstasy took on the form of a man. You pushed him off of you, back into his pillows and he smirked, retorting,
“Someone’s a little excited.” You responded by swiftly taking off your shirt and crashing your lips against his. He reached up and cupped your breasts in his hands, taking his hands around your back to unclip your bra. After he took it off of you he turned you under him and licked your bare breasts. He sucked on them, leaving you withering in his touch. He wasted no time pulling off your jeans and your panties. After he finished you helped him furiously pull down his jeans and his underwear, not wanting to waste time by taking them off completely. You grabbed his face, kissing him feverishly and he pulled away from you, his tongue trailing from the top of your chest to the bottom of your navel. You squirmed under his lips, yearning for his touch. He opened your thighs for him and you grabbed his ass, pulling it towards you. You gave him a serious look of desperation.
“I need you in me, now.” He looked at you and smiled.
“Y/N, you were wrong. Nerd’s like opening thighs WAY more than opening comics.” With that he parted your legs as far as they could go and pumped into you. A scream escaped your mouth, but was masked by his lips on your own. You moaned into his mouth as he thrust into you once again. Thrust after thrust after thrust you were wriggling from the sensation of his cock in you, it was like heaven. Out of nowhere he looked to your face, a mysterious glimmer in his eye and he was gone. He almost fully pulled himself all the way out, just his tip sitting inside you. You tried to push your hips into his, but he moved away from you. It was agony without him. Enjoying your whimperings and pleadings to get back inside you he rolled his hips in a circular motion. You screamed,
“F-fu-fuck!” He leaned in to whisper in your ear,
“Tell me what you want.” You whined and shivered at the feel of his hot breath against your neck.
“I want you. Now, I need you. Please, Carl. Please.” With that he slammed into you, bringing you to your unexplainable high. Your cum seeping onto his big, hard cock.
“CARL! Ah, god, Carl. Fuck.”It was the best orgasm you had ever had. You listened as his grunts of success became louder. You watched as his face changed as he reached his climax. It was beautiful, his hair stuck to his sweaty face and the way he closed his eye when he finished. In that moment you guessed he was the best porn in the world. Just watching him you could feel your pussy get wet again. He fell against you and you both laid there in silence for a few minutes when his voice pulled you from the hum of you high.
“How the fuck am I ever supposed to settle for reading a comic again after that?” You giggled and turned your head to face him.
“Hmm, well I think I have become quite the comic fanatic so you might just have to fix that hard on on your own.” He groaned and you sighed. “Ah, well, maybe not. I think I like gripping your cock way better than gripping the pages of a comic.” You both laughed and his eyebrow raised.
“Volume 2?” You moaned.
“Oh, yes. Please.”

Let me know what you think, as I said I can totally re-do it. I will find time. Ahh, I can’t wait for summer! Then I will have time to write ALL day! Thanks for requesting, love ya!

If you don’t post a picture of the tacos you had for dinner, did you really have tacos for dinner?

Walking on Broken Glass came on while I was driving to the store this evening, so when I caught myself mouthing the lyrics in the store I thought the song was just stuck in my head, but no, it was playing in the store too.

So, Instagram face filters.

You ever find yourself reading the Wikipedia article for United States presidential line of succession lamenting the improbable number of simultaneous tragic incidents it would take to make things less awful? No? Just me? Cool.

That unquenchable thirst you get when you’re coming down with a cold, but for like 4 days without actually turning into a full-fledged cold. It’s super annoying.

I’m signed up to run across the Coronado Bridge again on Sunday. I’m kinda looking forward to it, but also kinda not.

That middle picture up there is just the thing the sky was doing when I got home from the store.

Levi x reader

“Do you have to go?” I said as I hugged the short musclier man.
“Yes I have to, he replied.
"Ok be careful, be back soon.”
“Don’t you worry we’ll be back in no time sis!” The young girl with pigtails said.
“Don’t open the door for anyone ok” Farlan said.
“Alright,” I said as I gave them hugs.
“I love you,” Levi whispered in my ear and kissed my nose.
“I love you too.” I watched them as they left, not knowing that that would be the last I saw of them for a long time.
I sat down and read a book about a princess and her prince. I got so focussed in my book that I lost track of time. I got to the middle of the old book and stopped to see what time it was. Panic set in when I saw it had been 3 hours since my family had left. ‘They said they would be back (y/n), don’t worry everything will be ok. They must’ve gotten distracted. You know how Isabel is.’ I went back to reading my book but I couldn’t concentrate. I set the book down, giving up on reading, and began worrying. I then heard my stomach growling, realizing how hungry I was so I got food from the kitchen. I grabbed some bread from the little loaf we had left and ate. When I finished I went back into the main room and sat in the chair waiting to see when Levi, Farlan, and Isabella would get back. Time passed, and soon I felt my eyes trying to drift off into sleep. My lids getting heavier and heavier until I could no longer hold them open. Sleep finally taking my body over.

3 months later

Each day I would wait for them to come back, but I finally realized that that was never going to happen. I cried that whole day wondering if they were captured or if they had just left, not wanting to be near me anymore. Eventually, I dropped the thought of them being captured and adopted the idea that they had planned on leaving all along. Some days I’d wonder how long they had planned their escape from me. Others I tried to ignore the thought. I decided on moving on and continued my life. I’d get up for the day, go outside, and steal some food to last me for a week. I taught myself how to fight that way I could survive in the underground. I no longer wanted to be burden on anyone like I had been to my family.
I sat in the chair I had read in the night they had left, contemplating on my current situation. I would survive, there was no way I was going to let this situation bring me down.

2 years later

I went out today on a nice long walk. My (h/l), (h/c) hair braided, so it wouldn’t get in my face. I went to the market area saying hello to the nice people and ignoring the trouble makers. Everything was as normal, thieves stealing, and thugs beating up innocents, until some one yelled, “SURVEY CORPS.”
I looked up to see shapes flying in the air, when I noticed one of them looked like Levi. 'It can’t be though, that’s not him’ I quickly left he area and continued my walk somewhere else. On another street I saw I bread cart. I decided to steal a little loaf. I then went back to the quiet and empty place I called home. When I got there I noticed that my door was hanging open. I went up to the door to see some one with the survey corpse uniform standing in the main room of my home. Their hood was up making it so I couldn’t see their face, but from what I could tell the person was a man and shorter then the ones I’d see on the streets. Right as I said “what are you doing in my house?!” The man rushed to the window and jumped out. I instantly ran out to see if I could see what my intruder looked lien, but they were long gone. I went back into my house and angrily shut the window and locked the door.
I sat in my chair and tried to calm my nerves. Of course, my mind wanted to only think about the situation and began wondering what they wanted from in here and why it happen to me out of all the other people in my neighborhood. I then went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water taking a sip. When I finished the water in my glass I went back into the living room. As I walked in I turned to look at the old picture of Levi, Farlan, Isabel, and I, huddled together, noticing the picture missing. I looked around for it thinking maybe I had misplaced it, but finding it was no where. I realized then that for some reason the person that was in here could of taken it from here and then flew off when he heard me speak.
My mind flashed back to the day we took the picture. Farlan, Isabel, and I were all trying to get Levi to smile and, for once, we were successful. As the memory faded, I felt a tear slowly fall down my cheek. I wiped it away. “I won’t cry over people who left me behind. Not ever again.” I got up and went to bed.
The next morning I woke up to here knocking on my door. I went and opened my door to see my weird neighbors with a plate of cookies. “Are you okay dear? We heard about the soldier in your house.”
“I’m okay, come in?” I open the door wider but they declined
“We got to get going and 'restock’ on food, we just wanted to give you these cookies.”
“Oh, ok thanks .” I said. I waved as they left. After I could no longer see them, I looked around my house to see if anything else was missing. Nothing else was. When I finished looking I noticed it was getting late and went to the window to see my neighbors getting back with a hole load of bread. My mouth dropped as I looked at them
“How the hell did they get that much bread, I mean what the hell?” I yelled through the closed window. Seeing that sight made me decide it was time to end today, so I went to bed dreaming about what tomorrow had in store for me.
I woke up and went out after seeing that I was low on bread. I went to my usual victim to steal my bread for the week. As I got to the place i planned out how I’d get my food for the week. Once I felt ready I grabbed three loaves of bread, and ran. When I looked back to see if anyone followed me, which was rare, I saw a survey corps soldier chasing after me. 'Of course. First one in my house now one chasing me. Can this week get any better!?’
I ran and turned the corner to see another soldier waiting at the end of the ally. I was trapped. I stopped in between the two soldiers. I looked closely at the two of them. One had brown hair and glasses, but I couldn’t tell what gender they were. The other was defiantly a tall guy with blond hair. It almost looked like he was smelling the air, but I blew it off as I noticed that glasses was looking at me. They slowly walked towards me. I whipped my head back at the other one to see he was also walking closer. Quickly I searched for an escape rout. As soon as I saw them I knew how I was getting out. To the left of me were boxes stacked on one another I could jump on them to get to the roof. I quickly ran and jumped up before the two soldiers could get a hold of me.
I ran on the roof for a bit before I thought I had lost their tale and jumped down only to see more after were after me. I wasn’t paying attention to what was I front of me causing me to run into something hard. I looked up to see it was the soldier I had no clue what gender they were.
“How did you get in front of me?” I asked. Genuinely curious. They ignored my question and said “Hey my names Hanji, if your good maybe you can join the survey corps.” As I heard them talk I realized the gender mystery soldier was indeed a woman.
“O-oh. Who said I wanted to be apart of your group?” my voice wavered a bit at first but then got stronger as I went. I wouldn’t show my weakness to her.
“Of course you would. It’s so much better then down here!” She then went to a man with blond hair and big eyebrows, not waiting for me to reply. This Hanji then asked him if it was okay for me to join. I listened to her speak to him and discovered he was the commander of the group and his name was Erwin. They both looked at me and after a minuet he nodded his head. I knew they wouldn’t let me go back to my normal life in the underground and it scared me to think I wasn’t going back. I was going up their and sure the underground was scary, but going up there was scary too. They then walked me up the steps as I protested trying to go back, but when I saw the blue skies for the first time I stopped all movement completely. All my life I had been underground missing this beautiful sight and man did it look amazing. There was no way I was going back.

2 weeks later

They trained me in two weeks and I was ready. My self teaching had come in handy. I was put in Hanji’s squad and we ended up being really good friends. Both of us were heading to the training grounds as usual. We never missed a day of training, unless there were Titan discoveries to be made. We were I training when someone interrupted us.
“You have a terrible kick,” a man said. I couldn’t help but think his voice sounded like Levi’s, but I was probably hallucinating again. “How am I supposed to kick then. Please do show me.” I said snarkily.
“Ok I will. Eren get over here!” He yelled as i finally looked up to see the voice WAS from the man that left me years ago. Tears formed in my eyes as Hanji stopped and looked at me “(y/n) are you ok!?”
I ignored her as I slowly walked up to Levi. I tapped his shoulder and waited for him to turn his head. When he did, his grey eyes made contact with mine and I saw them grow wide. That’s when I punched him square In the face. The punch must’ve been pretty good because his noes was bleeding and he fell to the ground holding it. He looked at me before saying. “(Y/n)! When the hell did you learn to punch like that?” He asked, but I wasn’t going to answer any of his questions.
“You left me and never came back! Did I upset you guys! Did you leave because I was a burden, because I couldn’t defend myself or fight? What did I do to you guys that I deserved to be left all by my self?! You know I don’t care to hear your worthless answer. See when you left I vowed to make myself better so I would never burden anyone like I had before. I trained myself to fight, how to steal, how to live on my own. But god damn it! No matter how hard I tried to get you guys out of my head by training, you just wouldn’t leave my mind, and just when I think I’ve forgotten your sorry ass, you come back!” The tears started to fall as I felt Hanji hug me.
“It’s okay.” she softly cooed. I cried into her shoulder when I heard Levi finally talk.
“I didn’t mean to leave that day. We never Kent to leave that day. (Y/n) believe e me when I tell you this , but we were captured by the survey corps. I tried to tell them that I wasn’t going without you, but they wouldn’t let me get you. They thought I would run off. I wouldn’t give up though. They would ask questions and I wouldn’t reply, so they threatened to kill Farlen and Isabel. I had no other option to answer them. They then told me I could join the survey corps. Or not and kill not only Farlen and Isabel but me as well. I couldn’t let them be killed because of me, so I agreed. Then a few years later I had the chance to go back to the underground for a mission. When I got the chance I went to our old house to look and see if you were still there. You were gone so I just walked around. Then when you came in I had no clue what to say to you so I left, but I took the photo with me because I couldn’t deal with not seeing your face anymore. Please forgive me,” levi wasn’t the type to get emotional like he was now. He never let his feelings get the best of him, that’s how I knew he was telling the truth. I slowly walked up to him and hugged him
“It was scary being down there all alone,” I cried into him.
“I know, but I’m here now, and I will never leave you again,” he said before kissing my nose like he always used to do. When he pulled back I cupped his face and kissed him on his lips. Something I had dreamed of doing for so many years. “I love you,” I said still sniffling.
“I love you too,” Levi replied as he whipped my tears away. “And I always will.”

Extra ending
Hanji, Erwin, mike , Levi and I were sitting at the table as I told them stories about the underground.
“Levi, you remember the crazy neighbors we had right?”
“Yeah, I remember them. Why?”
“Well, they stopped by the day after someone was in my house and gave me cookies. Needless to say, I ended up throwing them in the trash because I’m pretty sure they had something in them. Anyway to the point I’m telling you this is because they were going to steal more food that day and when they come back they had a load of bread. It was a whole wagon of the stuff! You, Farlan, and Isabel were the best thrives in the underground and you could never get that much bread. I can’t tell you how confused I was.” We all started to laugh and kept telling stories.

After being the least popular member in your group you debut solo and become extremely popular (GOT7)

JB: -he loved that you were allowed to do this for yourself- “you deserve this babe you really do”

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Mark: -he knew you were very talented like many other people who end up shining bright alone than together- “I don’t think your group will ever be as successful as you are by yourself”

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Jackson: -more people were shocked you had that much talent- “no one will be able to sleep on you ever again”

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Jinyoung: -he was more than pleased to hear that you were getting popularity that you deserved- “she’s gonna go so far alone”

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Youngjae: -he was your biggest fan even when you were not a big shot- “babe I am gonna be there for you for everything”

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BamBam: -he was so happy to see you get what you deserved- “that’s my girl”

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Yugyeom: -he would be so proud of you and constantly tell you that- “babe you’re the greatest. I mean it you’ll do great”

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So @gajeely drew this absolutely beautiful child!Gajevy photo and asked that I add Gajevy to the papalogia au.  Here you go, Kimber! Hope it’s what you expected!

“What did I ever do to deserve this?”

“Oh, I dunno…murdering a couple thousand people four hundred years ago probably has something to do with it. Or maybe having sex outside of wedlock, that’s a guaranteed ticket to a losing battle with karma.”


“Yes, Acno?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

The blonde bane of his existence merely stuck out his tongue in a childish manner before taking a sip of his whip-cream topped hot chocolate. Between the Krazy Straw he was using to drink the diabetes-in-a-cup, the fuzzy pyjamas he was wearing, and the fact that he was in the middle of a very serious game of Operation with Wendy, it was no surprise that people had a hard time believing he was the strongest of the Four Gods of Ishgar.

“Seriously,” Acnologia complained, discreetly leaning back on the table hard enough that Serena’s hand shook and hit the board, causing him to lose the round. “I’ve been rehabilitated for the past…however old this Guild is. I’ve made up for whatever I’ve done. This is just the universe being a bitch to me.”

“He has a crush, Acnologia,” Serena rolled his blue eyes. “It’s not the end of the world. When I was his age I had the biggest crush on this one chick in my Guild, what was her name again…? Aaliyah Bachan.”

Acnologia blinked. “Macao Conbolt’s girlfriend?”

“She was single back then. Anyway, it goes away with time. Especially when I realized that Damien Weeks from Quatro Cerberus had a much nicer ass…”

Acnologia ignored his best friend’s last comment in favour of returning his gaze back to the problem.

The problem being his most stubborn son and his horrifyingly obvious crush on one Levy McGarden.

Of all of his gremlins (he stubbornly refused to call them his children because that just made everything awkwardly gushy), he honestly hadn’t expected it to be Gajeel who would fall victim to the horrors of pre-teen crushes. Natsu, definitely, maybe even Sting, but Gajeel? No, the boy was far too obsessed with metals and fighting his siblings to care about romance and all that it entailed, but there he was, staring at the petite bookworm with a light flush to his dark cheeks.

God, Acnologia hated parenting.

“Do you think if I tell him about STD’s he’ll give up?”

“He’s twelve, you idiot, sex is the last thing on his mind.”

“What’s sex?” Wendy asked with all the innocence a ten year old could muster.

Both adults paled so rapidly they matched the sheets of the infirmary they were soon to be relocated to.

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on the third years and love

and here we are again, after another heart-wrenching episode. There are a lot of things I want to talk about, here – parallels, predictions, confirmed theories, but most importantly love.

Love has always been at the core of this series – after all, it’s called Love Live. Which is why this episode has hit us all so strongly, really. But I’d like to dig a little deeper into the why and the how of things.

I’ll jump to the heart (heh) of things to begin with, where probably all of you are most interested. This episode was filled with the substance that makes up the relationship between Kanan and Mari, and finally we get to see all that foreshadowing and secret keeping unfold into its inevitable conclusion.

more under the cut, and like always, spoilers up till episode 9.

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Some More Reasons to Study:
  1. To show my bullies that no matter what they say, I’ll still be better than they are and that I will still succeed in life.
  2. To show kids that you just need to try and you won’t be far from success.
  3. To make my parents proud.
  4. Studying creates a less stressful test day. (Submitted by elisha-is-a-girls-name)
  5. You’re capacity and potential may be more than an educational system but you’re still a part of the system. (Submitted by crababyy)
  6. To remind yourself that the teachings of the teachers are never enough.
    (Submitted by crababyy)
  7. To help others, to help the world, to help myself. To make a difference, rather than just sitting on the rails watching people suffer.
  8. To feel that you don’t waste your life time and gain awareness of the world around you. (Submitted by o-less )
  9. To see my parents retire early and not have to worry about finances ever again. (Submitted by protoncentral)
  10. I study because I want to be able to use my knowledge to help others, and make other people’s lives a bit easier.
  11. To be able to become the person people enjoy going to with their questions and being able to help them understand even when the teacher couldn’t.
  12. So that I will be able to spend time studying what I actually want at university.
  13. Because I want to be successful to buy expensive things. (Submitted byrecovering-edge-of-normal)
  14. When you get good results after an exam you get the best feeling in the world.
  15. I study so I can achieve more myself and be proud. Also, being able to say I did it rather than someone else did it for me. (Submitted bychemistrynerd2020)
  16. So that I can have a better future and make my parents proud. (Submitted by ughnnie)
  17. So that you can make yourself proud and be happy whatever the outcome maybe. And to make your family proud too so that one day you can give everything back to your parents. (Submitted by always-studyinggg)
  18. I want to broaden my knowledge; I have a thirst for truth and information.
  19. So I can be the best.
  20. Because I want a future that will be able to provide for my family. (Submitted by your-teenidle)
  21. Knowledge is power.
  22. To achieve my dreams and show everyone who told me to be less ambitious that they were wrong. (Submitted by bowties-pie-deductions)
  23. To make the world a better and healthier place for every human being!
  24. So I can be the first person in my family to graduate from college/uni.
    (Submitted by studyingsinger)
  25. I study so I can leave those people who made fun of me earlier behind in the dust. (Submitted by queenoftheminidonuts)
  26. So I can become a heart surgeon.
  27. To know that someday I might get a good job and be able to help out my mom and finally give her the life she deserves is a good enough reason for me to study.
  28. So that after I get my test results back and I aced it, I can hit that whip as I exit the classroom. (Submitted by highschool-pls)
  29. To be like Elle Woods, to prove people wrong.
  30. I study because I value knowledge. I also do it because it’s the only thing I really have, I don’t come home to a loving family and I’m not necessarily good at sports. So academics.
  31. Finally finishing at the top and realising how it was all worth it. (Submitted by rogue-thumb)
  32. Knowing I can/could get full marks on a test is not the same as actually getting full marks. (Submitted by thosethatrun)
  33. Because it is part of your personal growth protocol. (Submitted by refinedtaste)
  34. So I can become a Nurse Practitioner and make my parents proud.
  35. To make my idols proud.
  36. To prove that person in the mirror who whispers “You can’t ever do it” wrong.
  37. To bring them haters down just like they did me when I didn’t do as well as my siblings.
  38. To get into my dream university.
  39. To not cry myself to sleep because I’m not good enough. (Submitted by eunkyungjung)
  40. When you graduate from high school/college you will have zero regrets and millions of opportunities.
  41. To make myself feel good.
  42. To get accepted into college and stop sleeping on family’s member couch. (Submitted by brainiac-jazmine)
  43. I study so that I can show the world that it’s possible to not be neurotypical and still be passionate and intelligent. I do it to prove that I’m not a college-pleasing drone, but an individual with their own ideas and beliefs. I do it to be strong.
  44. I study so I won’t have to work as hard later on in life. I study so that one day I can go to a toy store and tell my kid they can have whatever they want. I study so that I get a step closer to having my own business. I study so that I can work for myself.
  45. I study to get away.
  46. I study, because I want to earn much money when I’m older and treat my parents as much, as they treated me in my life. Also I want that they have a nice life, after they stop working.
  47. To make my family proud, knowing their tough immigration was worth it. I am the first to go to college in my family and will take full advantage of my opportunity.
  48. Because I owe it to myself.
  49. To make a difference in this world. (Submitted by inlovewithbooksblr)
  50. To prove myself and them haters wrong. (Submitted by studytoreachsuccess)
  51. Because I love learning!
  52. To help others with what I’ve been through. (Submitted by crazylittlewolfpup)
  53. I study because I want to make a difference in all things STEM related. I look forward to perusing a job in nuclear engineering.
  54. I study because I want to know that feeling of pure joy the first moment when I find out I got into the university I wanted. I study because I want to prove my teacher wrong thinking I was “average”. I’m not. I’ll strive for my goal no matter what. (Submitted by spaceypower)
  55. “Manic street preachers” inspired me to study hard. They taught me that knowledge is power. Because of them, I study the holocaust and learning about humanity, politics, literature. And your blog help me to not being lazy 💖 thank you Nicole!
  56. I study for my future patients. (Submitted by life-of-a-prevet)
  57. I study so that one day I can be secretly recruited for S.H.I.E.L.D. (Submitted by study-and-coffee)
  58. I study so that people with communication troubles (autism, deafness, dyslexia…) can really feel like they are a part of society, and fight isolation.
  59. I study so that I can make my parents proud one day.
  60. I study because my grandparents didn’t get to.
Success is the best revenge. When something bad happens to me, I get mad and then I get motivated. In the moments that you fall hardest, you can channel your shame, your anger, your desire, your loss. You can learn, take chances, change course. You can choose to become so successful that no one can ever put you in a situation like that again. My mom’s old judo coach put it bluntly: Winning is a bitch, but revenge is a motherfucker. Spite can be a powerful motivator if harnessed in the right way.
—  Ronda Rousey, My Fight / Your Fight

shaolina  asked:

1. Dumbles was a MAJOR dick about her. 2) she appears on a later book. 3) we never technically meet her. 4) she dead. 5) she unjustly gets compared to another character.

Merope Gaunt! And I am still mad about Dumbles making so many assumptions about her. Here, have a few quotes of his from Half-Blood Prince.

 ”… it is my belief—I am guessing again, but I am sure I am right — that when her husband abandoned her, Merope stopped using magic.

As I said in HBP Spork, “[t]his would make more sense if we had ever seen Merope START to use magic. There’s no evidence that she knew how to cast a single successful spell. In fact, she may have been the Squib her father accused her of being. 

“And even if you accept Dumbledore’s word that Merope used a love potion, she didn’t have to brew it personally. She could have bought one, or even shoplifted one.”

Of course, it is also possible that her unrequited love and the attendant despair sapped her of her powers; that can happen.

“It’s clear in retrospect that Rowling inserted this line to cover her arse about Tonks. But considered simply as information about Merope…well, it seems that Dumbledore is blaming Merope again, saying that her refusal, conscious or subconscious, to use magic caused her death. Me, I think that poverty, lack of food (and most likely shelter and pre-natal care as well, for they too cost money), plus years of abuse took their toll far more than lack of magic did.”

In any case, as you are about to see, Merope refused to raise her wand even to save her own life.”

“*mimicking Dumbledore* In any case, we never see Merope again. We hear about her, but the glimpse we got of her in Chapter 10 is all that we get. Therefore, we don’t know if Merope refused to raise her wand to save her own life or not.”

However, based on what Mrs. Cole said, that’s not what happened. According to her, “Merope staggered up the steps of the orphanage on New Year’s Eve.

We took her in, and she had the baby within the hour. And she was dead in another hour.”

“Doesn’t exactly sound like ‘wouldn’t lift a wand to save herself.’ It sounds more like ‘died from complications in childbirth.’ There’s a real difference.”

Dumbledore’s theory that Merope MUST have used a love potion to snag Tom Riddle, Senior, though, is what bothers me the most. Again, I’m going to quote from HBP Spork:

“Merope was terrified by her father—indeed, he almost killed her. Now, magic in the Potterverse is strongly tied to emotion. Put a young, untrained wizard or witch in a stressful situation, and magic often results. (Witness young Harry, who ended up on the school roof after Dudley and his gang chased him.) Fear’s a very strong emotion, and Merope was clearly frightened of her father and brother…but we see no evidence of her lashing out unconsciously with magic.

"To me, Merope is the epitome of an abused woman. Fighting only makes the abusers angrier, so she doesn’t fight. Second, her father, who would have been looking for magical talent in his children, calls her a "dirty Squib.” This clearly is the worst insult in his vocabulary. Third, the Gaunts appear to have lived a rather isolated life, regarding themselves as superior to anyone not of pure blood. 

“Given this, and given Marvolo’s refusal to open letters, it’s unlikely that either of his children attended Hogwarts or any other magical school. Merope simply doesn’t have the training to brew a love potion. And love potions are stated in canon to be difficult to make.

"I think it far likelier that Tom Riddle, Sr.—rich, handsome, arrogant, and eager to laugh at a frightened person in pain— noticed Merope’s silent adoration and realized that she would do almost anything for him simply for a smile or a kind word. This probably fed his ego for a bit. He may have even gone through some mummery of a marriage to convince Merope that he really loved her. [N.B. After all, it’s not as if she would know what a Muggle marriage ceremony would look like.] This seems more in keeping with the personalities of Riddle and Merope that we’ve glimpsed so far.

"It could be argued that Dumbledore’s statement is supposed to be erroneous, and that the audience is supposed to see through it and realize that he’s made an error. But there’s no proof of such subtlety. Dumbledore theorizes without offering a shred of evidence to support it. Everything is ”I supposed” or ”can you not think of a possibility?” or”the villagers guessed” or ”the rumor flew around the neighbourhood.” All is supposition, none of which relies on anything that we have seen of Merope or Riddle. And Harry simply accepts Dumbledore’s theory.”

In fact, we don’t even know that Tom, Sr. and Merope WERE married. Here are the quotes from Dumbles:

You can imagine the gossip it caused when the squire’s son ran off with the tramp’s daughter, Merope.

The rumor flew around the neighbor­hood

Which doesn’t mean that it was accurate.

that [Tom Sr.] was talking of being ‘hoodwinked’ and ‘taken in.’

When they heard what he was saying, however, the villagers guessed

Which means, of course, that they didn’t KNOW.

that Merope had lied to Tom Riddle, pretending that she was going to have his baby, and that he had married her for this reason.

In other words, the villagers ASSUMED that a) Merope lied to Tom and pretended to be pregnant, b) that Tom married her because she SAID she was pregnant, c) that Tom married her at all. 

Dumbledore seems to go along with the last assumption, though he acknowledges that Voldemort was born too late to have been a cause of elopement. Though he continues to talk about “the runaway marriage,” it’s clear that he’s assuming that Tom would have married Merope—because, after all, he ran away with her.

To return to the conclusion of that spork:

"And what really, really sticks in my craw here is that Dumbledore blames Merope for everything. She is responsible for Riddle’s taking up with her; SHE must have used a love potion. She is responsible for her marriage to Tom Riddle, Sr., because SHE probably told Riddle that she was pregnant to get him to marry her. She is even responsible for Riddle deserting her when she was pregnant; Dumbledore believes that SHE made the choice to stop giving Riddle the love potion—even though we don’t even know for a fact that she gave him one in the first place! 

"Everything, even things that are done to Merope and that harm her, are all her fault. 


"Can you say ‘blaming the victim’?”

Ahem. Sorry for the rant. This REALLY bugs me, even now.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you give us some tips on posting poetry on tumblr? I've just started writing 'for real' but im kinda scared of posting.. :/

Hi! And yes, of course, I’d be happy to help! (pls dont be afraid friend <3)

1. Tagging system. Tumblr recognizes only the first five tags you put in (as far as I know), so make sure you put in the ‘good ones’ in there. Yes, the search will pick up on some words you use within the text, but tagging is a surefire way to increase your exposure.

Tags I found to be the best to use are: 

But you can absolutely mix and match them with others you think are good. 

2. Reblog your own stuff. I don’t know why people think self promotion is bad but it’s not. Timezones are a thing, so feel free to reblog your own stuff whenever you please.

3. Don’t be afraid. I like to say that everyone’s like 99% percent scared shitless so don’t be intimidated or afraid or anything. I know that’s easier to say than do, but whenever you start feeling afraid, just imagine how great it’ll be to get feedback and meet people who share the similar interests as you. Look at it that way. 

And don’t be afraid of failure - failure is actually good. You’ll see what works and what doesn’t. It’s a great learning opportunity. (I’m not saying you will fail, in fact - I’m sure you won’t, but I am, personally, someone who is very afraid of failure and that has nearly stopped me from trying so many great things.)

4. Submit your poems to wnq-writers. They actually accept submissions and that can be a great way to get more exposure (just make sure that you link to your blog). 

5. Networks & groups & friends. You can search for networks on tumblr, and they can be a great place to get feedback, make friends and ultimately, gain more exposure. Also, there are Facebook groups - like Nosebleed Club, and people will often ask for feedback there or announce some sites that are accepting submissions or contests. 

And make friends. Send me a message, you’ll get one friend right away. Writing is incredible but sometimes the road to success has a lot of crossroads and obstacles and at the end of the day, it’s good to have someone to vent to - someone who understands. 

6. Writer’s block ain’t shit. Look, there will definitely be times when inspiration has run out and you’re wondering whether you’ll ever get your mojo back. You will. I promise. Just clear your head, do something else and don’t worry about it. It’ll come back and there will be stars in your soul again. :)

7. Write for yourself. Comfort yourself, write what you needed to hear. Don’t be afraid to change the direction of your poetry if the current one doesn’t feel right. Try out new forms, try out new topics, and fuck that stupid “write what you know” advice because, guess what? That’s shit. No one knows shit about dragons and yet, we have fantasy books, so who’s the real winner here?

All joking aside -  please, don’t be afraid. Take it as a new opportunity, take it as a new interest that might take you to incredible places. And some time down the road, you’ll be really happy you started, as corny as that sounds.

anonymous asked:

Do you think David Tennant believes in Billie Piper like The Doctor believed in Rose?

I believe our resident David/Billie expert @allegoricalrose got the same question hehehehe. Are you looking for collective opinions darling? So I’ll provide a slightly different perspective.

Actors are more or less conditioned to say nice things about their colleagues and former colleagues. Why wouldn’t they? We’re more likely to buy merchandise and video if we feel there’s a personal connection there right? 

I believe David Tennant has a penchant for going that extra step. He speaks very fondly of the actors he’s worked with. Not just his costars from Doctor Who but elsewhere as well. He doesn’t just mention that they’re brilliant at what they do. Anyone can say that. David reflects on and appreciates their individual talents, what makes them shine. This is a person that genuinely enjoys his job, and it shows in interviews.

That being said, have you ever seen the way he smiles when he talks about people? If you ask me it’s very telling. I mean of course he does also say some really beautiful things about Billie. AR mentioned this one already but I absolutely adore it so I’m gonna quote it again because it’s gorgeous. 

David at Billie at Philly Comic Con last year:

“Actually, the real core secret of your success is that everyone loves you. You have an openness of soul that when you’re performing everyone gets right inside your head. And that’s very special. Very unique.” 

There are times where David would much rather talk about whatever Billie’s doing or has done, moments where he remembers more about what she’s done than she has, moments where he goes on about how he loves her work. Sometimes all in the same interview. David is so damn proud of Billie, and yes that’s reminiscent of how proud the Doctor is of Rose. Of course it is. Chris and David and Billie made those roles. They wouldn’t have been the same if Chris and Billie and David and Billie hadn’t gotten on so swimmingly. 

Of course there’s a bit more than that. These two just click. Seriously. 

Who else does this?????? 

Those two and their friendship will be the end of me I swear.