when will i ever get this successful again

After being the least popular member in your group you debut solo and become extremely popular (GOT7)

JB: -he loved that you were allowed to do this for yourself- “you deserve this babe you really do”

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Mark: -he knew you were very talented like many other people who end up shining bright alone than together- “I don’t think your group will ever be as successful as you are by yourself”

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Jackson: -more people were shocked you had that much talent- “no one will be able to sleep on you ever again”

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Jinyoung: -he was more than pleased to hear that you were getting popularity that you deserved- “she’s gonna go so far alone”

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Youngjae: -he was your biggest fan even when you were not a big shot- “babe I am gonna be there for you for everything”

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BamBam: -he was so happy to see you get what you deserved- “that’s my girl”

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Yugyeom: -he would be so proud of you and constantly tell you that- “babe you’re the greatest. I mean it you’ll do great”

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yoi is literally the definition of how good a series can be when it has an amazing writer, animation staff, and seiyuus all working together. bless kubo for this miracle, making me believe in romance again and showing how a woman can write a successful, supportive pairing better than any man will ever manage to do and still create a plot that ties together.

i never tag sports anime ships because they’re always so queer baited, but victuri always gave off the impression it was meant to be more. over the course of 10 episodes we saw how victuri’s relationship snowballed to what it is today - a wholesome, dynamic pairing - and we now understand how they started well before episode 1. my expectations have been broken by all means, this anime makes getting out of a busy day of classes worth it.

hey everyone. if i have to say “his nipples” in a disapproving voice while scrolling the web, that’s when i know it’s time to log off.

Success is the best revenge. When something bad happens to me, I get mad and then I get motivated. In the moments that you fall hardest, you can channel your shame, your anger, your desire, your loss. You can learn, take chances, change course. You can choose to become so successful that no one can ever put you in a situation like that again. My mom’s old judo coach put it bluntly: Winning is a bitch, but revenge is a motherfucker. Spite can be a powerful motivator if harnessed in the right way.
—  Ronda Rousey, My Fight / Your Fight

‘’As an actor, choosing the film that I want to do is the freedom that I should have. When you sit with a story, sometimes you just want to do it. Like I mentioned, sometimes I realise it’s not my world, but I get molded in that space only to see if I can pull it off. Sometimes I fail; other times I succeed. The success doesn’t make me want to do the same thing again. Or the failure doesn’t want me to not do it ever again. Instead, it makes me want to do it all over again. Because that part has to be done. I can’t get it wrong.’’ - SRK

'Suicide Squad' Is A Blast, But Reviews Are A Dumpster Fire Of Hyperbole
'Suicide Squad' is fun, scrambled and contains an excellent cast.
By Todd Kenreck

Suicide Squad is ultimately a victim of not being a Marvel film. Critics for the most part bashed Batman V Superman for its dark atmosphere, so Warner Bros. tried to pivot at the last minute with Suicide Squad and they got bashed again for that. When Justice League comes out and it isn’t a shot for shot remake of The Avengers then it will get slammed for that as well – and if it is a success it will be accused of stealing the Marvel formula. Having a soundtrack isn’t an exclusive right of Guardians of The Galaxy, by the way, do I need to refer anyone to The Watchmen, The Crow or just about every action movie ever made? My advice to fans and the creators of Suicide Squad is this – forget about what the critics are saying, just make up your own mind and try to let yourself have fun. When there is a half-man-half-crocodile in this film fighting alongside someone wielding a katana named Katana, you know what you are getting into. I give Suicide Squad an 8/10.

teen idol groups breakup in these typical ways

1) the beatles method- sue the shit out of each other and never get back together due to rare tragedy (v rare)

2) the duran duran method- the band never really breaks up at all, just continues with different lineups and still has a decent amount of success, not a lot of personal drama or fighting, generally good vibes (backstreet boys are another good example of this)

3) nsync method- ‘ha we’re just taking a break i swear, ill still work with the band and do solo stuff’ and then one member gets too famous to want to rejoin ever again (see also the jacksons/jackson 5, destiny’s child since mid 2000s)

4) spice girls method- one member thinks they’re hot shit and leaves suddenly and does not find solo success and eventually goes back with the band like 10 years later.

5) take that method- very rare instance when a member can go solo and have huge success and former band can also have success without them. then huge solo dude gets back with the band and has success. the ultimate goal for boy bands really

6) monkees method- keeps releasing albums to fulfill contractual obligations far beyond their moment of popularity/relevance, losing members and album sales along the way.