when will he let me live

tony’s wanda-induced nightmare being watching His Friends die and watching him make the team smoothies and seeing his interactions with the team before the end of CACW breaks my heart bc like!!! it’s so one-sided!! oh my god!! they’re living in his home and he’s been considering them his friends for years and then the second things get tough, every single time, it’s everybody vs tony and i just. oh my god. my son deserves better than this and i am so sad!! i’m so sad!!! when will marvel let me rest when will i know peace!!!!

Here. Have the single piece of this god damned Foolrat/reader thing that won’t leave me alone while I’m at work.


It was almost entrancing to watch his fingers move nimbly around the bell, threading his hair through the hole up top with practiced ease. You didn’t remember seeing him put any gel or spray in the base of his hair to support it and expected the metal to fall as he let go, smacking him in the face for his hubris. Instead it dangled just above his painted eyes. The sound was deep, calming as he shook his head to be sure they were secure.

When you piped up to ask about it, he simply laughed, makeup creasing under his eyes even worse than before.

“Mum blessed me with thick hair and thick thighs. I’ve made a living out of both.”

Button "counting off" days until final F1 race
Jenson Button says he "can't wait" for the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, and the chance to explore life outside F1.

Jenson Button says he “can’t wait” for the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, and the chance to explore life outside F1.

Button has just three races to go before he takes a sabbatical next year, moving into an advisor/ambassador role at McLaren.

“I can’t wait!” he said when asked by Motorsport.com. “I am sort of counting them off. I wish they were back-to-back-to-back, basically.”

Asked if the beach is calling, he said: “No, the beach isn’t calling, lots of other stuff is though. I don’t do beaches, unless it’s running over them to get to the sea! It’s very exciting, next year.”

Button denied that anticipating his last race so strongly is a strange feeling.

“No, it’s not, not strange at all. I love driving the car, that’s fun. Not as fun as it used to be, that’s not because I’ve been doing it so long, it’s because of the way the sport is at the moment.

"But you still enjoy it, when you stand on the grid in Austin, facing the national anthem, the atmosphere is unbelievable.

"And it will be here as well, which is great. Actually it will be in the next few races, and then Abu Dhabi is the last one, it’s very special, I’ll have friends and family there as well. I’m actually looking forward to it.”

Button insisted that his thoughts on a possible return in 2018 have not changed since it was announced in Monza that the door might still be open for him.

“No, because my aim is not to be racing next year. My aim is not to be racing again. But in six months I might want to go racing again. The idea of speaking to Ron in Spa, and he changed my mind to stay.”

He insisted that the possible exit of Ron Dennis – with whom he agreed his exit – will not have any impact.

“It’s all rumours, and whether there’s any truth in it, we’ll see. An exit deal is never done with one individual. The board has to say yes or no.”

Go on Jenson, twist the knife. Sprinkle some salt on the wound while you’re at it.

i went full on ‘Psycho Bitch’ mode today and it was fantastic

i was coming into the apartment building and this guy and girl came up behind me and asked me to hold the door for them. i’m getting my key out and the guy (who doesn’t live here) makes some snide comment about how i’m taking a long time getting my key out of my bag. that pissed me off so i said ‘who the fuck are you? what apartment do you live in?’ so the girl tells me and okay, i’m a woman of peace, so i let it drop

then when i get the door open the guy makes some snide comment about me being ‘aggressive’ and i just lost it and started screaming. ‘who the fuck are you? who the fuck are you?’

then he told me i was psycho, i needed to take my meds. so i shoved him against the wall. this sounds really dramatic but i have really weak arms and he was already practically at the wall anyway so it wasn’t that impressive.

he got really mad and said don’t touch me so of course i shoved him again and said ‘what’s your fucking problem? what’s your fucking problem?’ as the girl finally opens the door to HER apartment and shepherds him in


Glenn Rhee:Last goodbye

You always saw Glenn as this nerdy guy and nothing more.You guys would always hug and you would always wait by the gate in Alexandria when he was leaving for the run.You were budds.Friends…just friends.
You were having flashbacks while Negan was eny meny miny moeing you guys.
You looked up and the bat landed on you.
“I don’t usually hit a lady,but…”-Negan took one swing causing the blood to fly everywhere.You were crying and screaming in pain.
“No!Pleas,please!”-He said crying
“Damn!What a champ!I feel like I was gentel with that one and my baby is thirsty.”-Negan said putting lucille over his shoulder.
“Damn it people!When will you learn?!”
Glenn tried to get up.
“Let it be me!Please,she could still live!”
“Well my girl is thirsty.”-Negan said rubbing his face then taking lucille with both
He came up to Glenn and look him in the eyes.
“No,I like to finish what I start.”
It looked like he was walking away but he turned around and lucilled the shit out of Glenn.
You screamed even more.
Then you remembered all of the times you could kissed him and touch him,but now…It over.
Glenn looked up to you,covered in blood with one eye popping out.
All of the times you waited by the gates you so you could say hi.
“I love you…”-He said barely breathing.
“I love you too.”-You said quickly knowing that there’s no time left.
“I guess this is the last goodbye.This time I’ll wait for you by the Heaven’s gate.”


Byun Baekhyun creeping with his shirt wide open 😩

the first thing jean ever sends to the trojans group chat is a ten-second video of a drunk jeremy dancing around the dorm as he lip-synchs to kylie’s your disco needs you, which then cuts to jean, wordlessly holding up an alarm clock that reads 03:23 am


Sometimes it is necessary to give into receive orders without dwelling on the loss of individual. The mission trumps all. Steve…never let me forget that these were real lives and real deaths that we’re dealing with…He also treated me like a person, which I very much appreciated.


Ewan McGregor for Rhapsody Magazine (May 2016) by Jason Bell

“We were always professional friends anyway, Danny [Boyle] and I. We didn’t hang out together outside the work we made—I think Danny’s a very private man, and I don’t think that’s so unusual with actors and directors. But I’ve missed him and the way he runs the set. He’s certainly gotten some of the best work out of me that I’ve ever done. It’s been a sort of wasted time. I’ve always considered it a shame.”