when were done


“sit.” you stated. Theo sighed and sat next to you. you grabbed a wash cloth and wiped at his face. 

he rolled his eyes at you, “im fine.” he stated.

“you’re disgusting.” you laughed.

Theo growled slightly but let you continue to wash his face. his eyes followed your every movement and when you were done he nodded at you, “thanks… for always taking care of me. even though i dont deserve it.”

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Beck,,, I am anxiety,,,,, could u give some comfort hcs about pidge?????? Pls and thankie 💙💙💙

Of course my friend, I love you <3 

Pidge really likes cookies, and she used to make peanut butter cookies with her family all the time. It was a big ordeal where they’d all get together and make them and when they were done they’d sit on the couch and watch a movie while they ate the cookies. 

Pidge and Matt shared a room together, they had a bunk bed and sometimes they’d just sit at night and lean over the edges so they could talk until they fell asleep or their parents came in to scold them. They liked talking about space. 

Pidge and Shiro sometimes sit together on the couch and Pidge will be typing away on her tablet and Shiro will just sit there and watch her and it’s kind of a comfort thing to be in eachother’s presence, especially at night when they both find it hard to sleep. 

Lance and Pidge have a sibling bond that often has them laying on top of eachother when they’re relaxing and reading or sleeping or something and it’s just this unspoken comfort that they like to be near eachother. 

Pidge secretly likes when Coran ruffles her hair and he notices she would smile when he did it and one time she thought he was gonna ruffle her hair and he didn’t and he noticed she was visibly upset so now he tries to ruffle her hair more often because he likes when she smiles. Pidge likes it because her dad used to ruffle her hair all the time. 

I hope these help! <3 <3 


So I lowkey used klapollo for my part in @jinglejongle‘s upcoming Valentines Day PMV MAP (im so weak for these two gdi) Watch the finished part here! 


“That moment in 2005′s Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth and Darcy are arguing in the rain and both their chests are heaving and with every word they’re moving closer and closer together and Elizabeth shouts “You’re the last man in the world I would ever be prevailed upon to marry!” and she’s like six inches away from Darcy and even though he’s completely crushed he looks at her lips and tilts his head slightly and she catches her breath and her mouth sort of drops open a little like GOD DAMN IT JUST KISS ALREADY” - @bethofbells (original post)

i wanna talk about that one story from ed where he said that harry got him that giant lego set and they spent all night putting it together like imagining the two of them just sitting around reading the instructions and putting this giant lego together is too adorable my heart can’t take it


On this week’s “Someone forgot to tell Stephen and Emily their characters are broken up”

  • Kagami: Bro.
  • Himuro: Yes bro?
  • Kagami: Tell the whole world we're bros!
  • Himuro, whispering closely: We're bros.
  • Kagami: Why did you whisper, bro?
  • Himuro: Because you're my whole world, bro.
  • Kagami: .. B R O.
I can taste the words I haven’t said to him. I can feel it in my insides.
All i’m saying is that i love him more than i should and it makes me queasy but it makes me happy like one of those rides you tried for the first time and you were scared at first and in between but when you were done and remembered the feeling you get a weird sense of nostalgia about the world spinning and the hurt didn’t matter. I just feel like a lot of people have said they love me and i’ve said the same because i always anticipate it’s departure and it’s not just 3 am loneliness this time because it wasn’t till he said he missed me at 3 pm when he was busy with other people, or we’re laughing and catch each others eyes or when he packed me a bag of junk food for Christmas that i realized love is less about the words and more about the actions of the dark when you’re both quiet and honest and it’s funny and sad because this is your person in this life but of course something’s gonna f**k it up . I wonder what it must have felt like for the first people who fell in love. What i’m saying is that love feels different from the inside. It’s radiating. Like i had no idea how people could be poetry and he showed up like an entire book.
—  Vivian

some kids as warmups (please fullview!)

Waitering lessons with Azusa Part 2
逆巻カナト(CV.梶 裕貴) & 無神アズサ(CV.岸尾だいすけ)
Waitering lessons with Azusa Part 2

Another favourite scene of mine from the tokuten drama cd that I got with the Sofmap bonus of Lunatic Parade. Kanato and Azusa are working as waiters and this scene follows exactly after where the first “Waitering lessons with Azusa” post I made left off, with Azusa continuing to teach an irritated Kanato how to be a waiter. So here’s more of Kanato being 1000% done with everything. I hope you enjoy! ꉂ(′ ॢꇴ ॢ‵๑))

Please do not repost this translation anywhere.

Azusa: Next, you carry the cake you received from the kitchen… to the customer’s table but…. before carrying the cake… it’s good… if you add this.

Kanato: Hey… Azusa… What…. are you doing…?

Azusa: A good luck charm to make it delicious… I’m sprinkling… shichimi togarashi onto it.

Kanato: No, that’s strange, isn’t it? Fresh cream and shichimi togarashi definitely don’t go together, do they not?!

Azusa: Eh? I wonder? But… *munching noises* Mmm… It’s delicious!

Kanato: Hey! Don’t just help yourself to the store’s products! Even though I’m holding myself back!

Azusa: Ah…. I couldn’t resist. Sorry…. Um…. Kanato-san, do you also want to try?

Kanato: I don’t need it! Spicy cake is definitely not tasty.

Azusa: You think? What a waste….

Kanato: That aside, you’re going to teach me various things aren’t you? Could you hurry up and let me finish this?

Azusa: Right… Then, in practice, try carrying…. this cake… to the table.

Kanato: Huh? That’s half-eaten you know.

Azusa: It’s fine. Right now… it’s practice.

Kanato: Ah, is that so.

Azusa: Place this cake… onto the tray…. and then… we need to add the warm coffee. You use a coffee mill… to grind…. the beans. Kanato-san, have a try.

Kanato: No. Since it’s practice, isn’t it fine to just pretend we’ve actually done it?

Azusa: You can’t do that. This… is quite difficult so…. Come on, try it out. Hey, hurry.

Kanato: Tch, I get it. I’ll do it already! Happy now?!

Kanato: Something like this is clearly simple. All you have to do is turn the handle. 

Kanato: Hey…. why does it stop?

Azusa: The coffee beans… might’ve been stuck. You need to turn it… more thoroughly.

Kanato: Tch…. Could you not complain about my actions? Ughhh geez, all of this is such a pain! Please move. Move! Uwaahh!! A-arghhh….

Azusa: A-are you alright?

Kanato: Hey… My apron…. is covered in shichimi togarashi coated cream….

Azusa: Eh? But…. That… was because Kanato-san…. was turning the handle too forcibly…

Kanato: Shut up! Are you saying that I’m the one at fault? It’s because you had to leave such a task to me!

Azusa: Ka-Kanato-san, calm down.

Kanato: Shut up! Shut up! I will not hang around with you any longer! I’m going home!

Azusa: No, you can’t…! Wait…!

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  • ~~
  • *the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *high as fuck* I slept with one of your sisters...
  • John: ...
  • Sherlock: *sheepish* and I can't remember which sister.
  • John: ...
  • Sherlock: *points vaguely* One of them. There. The women.
  • John: *looks at Harry*
  • Harry: *shrugs awkwardly*
  • Sherlock: *concentrating* Hillary, Hilda...Hannah! It's, it was Hannah, wasn't it? Something like that. You *points at the morgue fridges*
  • Harry: *swallows* John-
  • John: *furious* You slept with my sister?
  • Sherlock: *nods* Yeeeeeeep. I don't remember much, she kept her coat on-
  • John: *punches him*
  • Sherlock: *staggers, holding his jaw* It's okay, I didn't ask-
  • John: *punches him harder*
  • Sherlock: *pointing* Lab coat! It was a lab coat. Your doctor sister.
  • John: *enraged* I ONLY HAVE ONE SISTER, YOU-
  • Harry: *quickly* Molly! He slept with Molly.
  • -they all turn to look at Molly, who'd been hiding at the back of the room-
  • Molly: *blushing* Oh, yeah. That happened.

“But Jessie, you don’t even like honey cereal!”
“…. Your point being?”

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you could kick my ass without breaking a sweat and I respect that

when i was in college i would kick box with this guy who was literally twice my size - 6′5″ and 280 pounds - and he always said he loved grappling because he could just sit on his opponent and they’d tap out. so i was like okay if you take me to the ground while we box then i’ll grapple with you.

the first (and last) time he took me to the ground, i wiggled my way around and was so damn slippery that it took him a solid 10 minutes to get me to tap out. 

afterward, i was ready for round 2 and he was so out of breath he had to sit down and lament that he never wanted to grapple again in his life.

so like the advantage of being tiny is that i probably can’t beat up everyone i meet, but i can definitely wear you out and then run away without breaking a sweat. 

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Can you please do RFA+minor trio reacting to MC who got their wisdom teeth removed and is still tripping from the meds

Hahaha! This was a fun one. Hope you like it.


  • He drove you there and waited while you got your procedure
  • When you were done, you were a bit loopy
  • You didn’t recognize him and kept asking the nurse
  • “Who is this handsome dude?”
  • You’re not helping his narcissism
  • He laughs and tries to jog your memory
  • “MC, it’s me…Zen.” 
  • “Zen who?”
  • “Your boyfriend.”
  • “You’re my boyfriend? Whoa! I hit the jackpot!”
  • You keep touching his face to see if it’s real
  • You are literally gushing over him the whole time he’s driving home
  • That adoration fades off real quick when you find the videos of a drugged up you on his phone later


  • When you got out of the procedure, he noticed you were…a bit emotional
  • He tried to put fresh gauze in your mouth, but you kept crying at how your tongue fell out
  • He’s trying to keep it together and be serious
  • But you keep claiming that your random body parts are falling off or missing
  • He’s literally crying from laughter
  • Only this makes you worse
  • “Oh no! I made you cry! I’m so sorry! I’m a terrible person!”
  • “No, no! It’s okay!”
  • He’s trying to comfort you by patting your head
  • He’s nice enough not to record anything though


  • She knew you were going to be loopy, but she didn’t realize how much
  • She still tries to act normal and rational to you
  • But really, it’s no use
  • She keeps laughing at everything that you keep shooting back at her
  • Decides to tease you a little
  • She asks you a series of serious questions
  • “MC! I can’t believe you didn’t remember my birthday.” 
  • “B-but–I can’t remember anything!”
  • When you burst into tears, she stops, but she’s still trying to hide her laughter
  • She won’t take videos, but she’ll definitely tell you everything you said while recovering


  • Obviously, since he doesn’t drive, Driver Kim drives you, but he’s still there for support
  • When you wake up, he’s casually sitting beside the bed and smiling at you
  • You look him up and down and take in the suit he’s wearing
  • “Are you pastor?…because I am feeling saved right now.”
  • You’re laughing at your own pick up line before looking around loopily
  • “Oh no…wait…am I dying? Is that why you’re here?”
  • He’s chuckling, trying to keep it inside
  • He takes you back to the penthouse and tries to help you recline on the couch
  • But then you see Elizabeth and go after her
  • You cradle her in your arms
  • “This is the cutest squirrel ever! It’s so pretty!”
  • You even try to grab her “bushy tail”
  • Elizabeth didn’t like that and scratched you
  • After that, Jumin tries to keep you two separated until the drug wear off


  • You knew the prankster he was…so you tell him before you go under not to do anything stupid
  • It wasn’t until it was too late did you realize he didn’t actually give his word
  • This boy was prepared…he pulled the zombie apocalypse prank on you
  • You’re freaking out hearing the fake news on the radio
  • He had to take your phone away before you started calling the RFA members to ask if they were okay
  • When you get back to the bunk, he takes your hands solemnly
  • “MC…you need to choose only one….HBC or Dr. Pepper.”
  • “But…my favorite is Sprite!” 
  • “Well, we can only–wait, what? You lied to me???”
  • Hands you Elizabeth the 3rd before starting the car again
  • You start crying…and he thinks he might’ve taken the prank a bit far
  • But you’re just like, “I’ve always wanted a cat.” 
  • The issue wasn’t the prank…it was getting you stop believing in the prank even when you were home safe
  • When you saw in the video…”Hey, Seven, where’s that taser you got me?”


  • He figures you’d be a bit strange, so he just really goes along with anything you say
  • You keep touching the gauze in your mouth
  • “Oh no! Someone replaced my teeth with cloth!”
  • He just nods “Yup. Now let’s get in the car.”
  • You’re halfway home and you’re crying
  • “Where are you taking me?” 
  • “To get braces for your cloth,” he deadpans
  • He’s completely calm until you say you’re feeling a bit nauseated
  • “No don’t throw up! Don’t throw up!”
  • It was a messy ride…especially since he had to stop you from touching your own puke


  • You turned into a little kid while under the drugs
  • He had to stop you from touching a lot of things
  • Like his collection of cacti…or the knives in the kitchen
  • You seemed to find everything hilarious
  • It was so contagious that he starts laughing just as hard
  • He follows you around with a video camera
  • “Say hi to your future self!” 
  • You start rambling away at the camera and laughing a lot
  • But at the end of the day, he’s actually really good at taking care of you


  • He’s making sure everything is super sanitary
  • And not just the gauze in your mouth
  • But you’re not helping because you’re either making a mess or clinging onto him
  • Eventually he just gives up on trying to peel you off
  • He carries you around on his back while he cleans
  • “Thanks to you I have to clean all this!”
  • “Haha…Vanderwood is a maid.”
  • He’s so done with all the comments and questions flying out of your mouth
  • “So….are you really a girl?”
  • “Shut up! It’s 3AM.”
  • “No it’s not, silly. You’re a maid and you can’t tell time?”
  • He’s so done with you right now   

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Extracting Bismuth from Pepto Bismol!

So today I extracted bismuth from pepto bismol with the chemistry teacher and my partner for a project.  I have pictures explaining each step.  Enjoy!

So I went out and bought 180 pepto bismol pills (obviously not all of them are shown here).

Then we put them in a mortar…

…and ground them with a pestle:

When we were done grinding them we had a beautiful beaker of powdered Pepto Bismol.

Then we got to the fun part.

We dissolved the powder in a solution of six parts water and one part muriatic acid (also known as hydrochloric acid (HCl)).  While we were trying to dissolve it we got this (Ignore the NaOH it was on the flask originally and has nothing to do with this project):

You can see that we got a lot of foam. It even overflowed and we had to put it into separate flasks so we wouldn’t lose our work.  I found this to be hilarious.

I know the flask only shows a little bit of overflow but there was a lot more after! The end result of the dissolved pills was a foggy white solution with foam still present but the powder was dissolved.  Then we filtered it.

This type of filter was not sufficient enough so we switched to a coffee filter which was faster but it was still filtering slowly.  While the solution was being filtered the chemistry teacher was curious and wanted to know if the next step worked so he took some of the filtrate and put the aluminum foil in and it worked!

The black stuff that you see is the bismuth powder which formed as a result of the reaction between the aluminum and the filtrate! We filtered that too but it is not done yet but it probably will be done by tomorrow.  I will post an update if I can.  I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed doing this experiment!