when we learned that they are really dating

The thing about Malec that I just cannot get over, is how amazing Matt and Harry’s chemistry is. Honestly, every single scene that includes Magnus and Alec, is just amazing. They have the kind of chemistry that just hits you in the face. Sometimes it’s honestly so hard for me to watch Malec scenes, not because they’re bad, far from it, but because they’re just so good. I think the sneak peek of their date, honestly solidifies what I’m saying. Those looks? Their smiles? It’s honestly so electrifying and I believe wholeheartedly that Malec has one of the best, or to be daring, the best romantic chemistry on shadowhunters. All the praise to Matthew and Harry. All the praise. You can tell when two actors take time and learn their character’s and their relationship. It shows. It really really shows. We are so blessed. 

You know what they’re doing right about Magnus & Alec this season? The fact that there’s a Malec scene in every episode (except ep2) but they have also focused heavily on individual storylines for both of the characters like we’ve learned so much about Magnus. And Alec has gone on this insane emotional journey and it’s just nice. Because you see them caring for the characters separately and then when they bring them together it means even that much more especially when they share their struggles and heartaches with one another, communication is very obviously a main factor for them and it’s been worth it to wait for this date to watch them really blossom individually and even together and now they get to like take a second and be there with each other and be romantic and flirty and it’s gonna mean that much more because of the build up and communication and watching them become comfortable. It’s just a really beautiful sight. And something I am so not used to seeing on TV.


prompt-Could you do a Christmas one where Jason shows up to the manor for Christmas with a girl and it’s the batfams first time meeting her and it turns out she’s Jason’s fiancé and they’d been dating for years but no one knew

Jason Todd 

it’s not even finals weeks yet and im stressed as hell lol also i was doing my chemistry review and we haven’t learned shit on it send help 







“You’ve been what?” Tim practically screeched when Jason had told him that he had been dating you for years. 

“Yes Timmy we’ve been together for a really long time, and now she’s my fiance.” Tim placed a hand over his forehead and took a deep breath. 

“I can’t believe it, Alfred is going to freak.” Tim laughed and left the room just as Alfred walked into the roo. 

“Master Jason, nice to see you,” Alfred said and gave you a small smile, “Who is this lovely woman?”

“This is my fiance, (Y/N).” Alfred sat the tray he was holding down, a little too hard and turned towards Jason with an arched brow. 

“Excuse my language, but what the hell Master Jason?” His eyes were wide and his hands were shaking, just as Tim said. 

“We’ve never met her, no offense Madam, what will Master Bruce say?” Jason gave him a look and then grabbed your hand. 

“Alfred we’ve been together for four years, I’ve never told you all about her because honestly, I like he a lot and I didn’t want her running for the heels the first time she met Damian.” Jason squeezed you hand and Alfred let out a sigh. 

“Well then, it’s been lovely to meet you Miss (Y/N) and I can’t wait for you to meet everyone.” Alfred gave you a kind smile, which you returned and he walked out of the room, giving Jason a quick pat on the back. 

“I’m sorry-” You cut Jason off and placed a hand on his cheek. 

“It’s fine Jay, I’m excited to meet everyone else.” You gave him a quick peck on the lips and then he lead you to the dinning room where everyone sat. 

Soon into dinner Jason explained what was going on, which resulted in chaos. Bruce scolded him for not bringing you home sooner, as he had already taken a liking for you and Damian flipped. He just couldn’t wrap is head around Jason not wanting to bring you home because he was quote “Satan in a tiny body”. Dick squealed and Tim rolled his head back, wanting this day to be over already. Cass and Steph smiled so hard you though that their face would stay like that and Babs had to physically restrain Dick from jumping across the table and giving you a hug. 

“Enough!” Alfred’s voice caused everyone to go quiet in two seconds flat, “Miss (Y/N) did not come here to get attacked, she came here to have a nice dinner with her family and so she will. Now calm down.” And with Alfred’s request the night went smoothly afterwards, making you excited to spend the rest of your life around these crazy people.

Tweek: I see quite a few weird questions about Kyle on your screen, Craig. How do they know about him?
Craig: Umm, he was at Stan’s this morning. They kind of met him then.
Tweek: That makes more sense.
Craig: Uh, yeah. Go ahead and answer your questions.
Tweek: Oh! Yeah, okay.

Tweek: Being with Kyle is probably one of the best things that happened to me. I was in a pretty dark place when we caught back up with each other. He, uh… he kind of helped me learn how to cope with stuff and brought me out of my shell a little. He’s really sweet and supportive, I’m not really used to this kind of relationship. It’s… really an amazing thing.
*Craig hides his smile behind the camera*
Craig: I’m glad you found somebody like that.
Tweek: So, Craig, have you found a Kyle?
Craig: Hah, not yet. I’ve dated a lot in the last few years, but I think I’m gonna go solo for a while.

…so to cover all eventualities - Happy first day of your birthday, dear George. Thank you for your beautiful music, for being the constant source of such wisdom and joy… and for more than words can say. ♥

“For instance, I only learned recently after all these years that the date and time of my own birth have always been off by one calendar day and about a half hour on the clock.” - George Harrison, Billboard, 1992 [x]

* * *

“Well, he was actually born just after midnight, but it was wartime, and so because of the blackout, the clocks were set ahead yet another hour. […] And so, really, when - if you’re into astrology as we were and are, then the real time was before midnight, so really it was on the 24th [of February 1943]. And so sometimes he would - you know, sometimes if you said happy birthday on the 24th, he’d say, ‘It’s not my birthday.’ If you said it on the 25th, he’d say, ‘You missed it.’” - Olivia Harrison, Breakfast With The Beatles, 25 February 2007 [x]

Tiffany Adams

1. How long have you been polyamorous or been practicing polyamory?

I was a serial monogamist through my teenage years and after another break-up when I was 22, I spent some time single and decided that I did not want to pursue any more monogamous relationships. 6 months later, I met Phillip on OkCupid. I told him on our second date my thoughts about non-monogamy and he was in agreement. We dated for three years before we began seeing other partners and during that time we learned about the term polyamory and read The Ethical Slut. It was September of 2012 when I started actively dating other people.

2. What does your relationship dynamic look like?

I follow a non-hierarchical relationship structure. All partners are important and no person has privilege over another. I try to value people over relationships and build with others something customized to fulfill everyone’s needs. I really like the relationship anarchy model because it allows me the freedom to expand my view of “partner” to include non-sexual relationships, which can be just as intimate and committed as sexual ones, for me.

3. What aspect of polyamory do you excel at?

I’m a very empathetic person, so I tend to do a good job of recognizing that everyone has a different experience and that other’s feelings are valid even if they don’t reflect my own.

4. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with?

I can become overwhelmed by demands on my time and energy. Sometimes, I just seriously cannot process anything else! This is when I tell my partners I’m overwhelmed and let them know what they can do to help (give me space, bring me ice cream, etc.) I also do not go on any “first dates” and I’ll cancel any non-essential plans and just take a break.

5. How do you address and/or overcome those struggles? ^^^

6. In terms of risk-aware/safer sex, what do you and your partners do to protect one another?

We focus on communicating, both with new and existing partners. This includes sexual history, STI status and testing, partners, contraception, etc. We try to keep information freely flowing and make partners feel safe discussing sensitive topics.

7. What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your polyamorous history and how did you rebound from that?

I think my worst mistake is thinking that I can avoid vulnerability in polyamory. When Phillip met his first partner after me, I realized that I was letting another person into my life, someone I barely knew at that point! I struggled hard with the discovery that all the walls I had built around my feelings and insecurities had to come down for me to be able to actually have multiple intimate relationships; and it still hits me, those times after a rough break-up or a friend lies to me, when I want to build the walls back up, go inside and never come out, but that would definitely be a mistake! The joy and satisfaction that comes from being honest and vulnerable with so many awesome people ends up being maybe the most rewarding and fulfilling part of polyamory.

the fact that harry pointed out that magnus’ previous partners aren’t just numbers but actual people is really important?? not only because of the constant slut shaming vibes we get from interviewers (or even writers sometimes), who tend to focus on the amount of people magnus has dated and ignore the feelings he had for them, the stories behind them and not to mention the grief when he eventually lost them, but also because of the all too known Greedy Bisexual stereotype that affects a lot of bi people’s relationships and i can only hope we’ll get to see this stereotype crushed in season 2 through learning more about magnus’ past

So apparently Taylor broke it off because Tom wanted to make their relationship more public and she wasn’t exactly comfortable with that?
I understand and support people having boundaries to what they are and aren’t willing to expose about their dating life but at the same time, this is suspicious as crap and extremely hard to believe.
Tom wasn’t exactly the most outspoken spotlight-liver and we typically only really learned about facets of his life when he wanted us to know. Meanwhile, Taylor would constantly showcase her relationships any possible chance given. I’m not saying a slight shift isn’t possible in either personality, but a complete switcheroo that’s being suggested by this is extremely hard for me to even take at face value.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I met someone within the Venus retrograde. We've been on 2 dates and things have just really hit off. Will something happen when Venus retrograde finishes? Like would it end or would rose coloured glasses fall off?

nope, i would say anyone who comes back/enters your life during this period is there for good reason & you have things to learn. positive thoughts! don’t let this thinking become a self-fulfilling prophecy 

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"I decided to flip a coin about every decision in my life for a week and that’s how we ended up on a date" for fenhawke?

The coin sat in the middle of the table. The heads side stared at Fenris, as if at any moment, the face might wink at him. 

“I mean, the date’s with me, not the money,” Hawke said, clearing her throat before she did. Trying to get his attention. Trying to explain herself. 

She was something else, that was Fenris had decided when he had first met her a couple of months ago. An accident, really, a coincidence of events that had them colliding together. Marian Hawke was eccentric. He had learned that lesson over and over again, but it had also been her friends - his friends? - that told him that. 

“You used that coin to make your decisions for you.” It came out a lot like an accusation he hadn’t meant to make. He was mostly trying to figure her out. He was trying to figure out why he was here


He finally dragged his gaze from the coin to her face, the hopeful tilt of her grin, the bright blue eyes that held a lot more warmth and joy than he had seen in his lifetime. 

“This was one of them?” 

“You’re not exactly the most approachable, and the All-Knowing Coin said I should.” She grinned and tapped it a couple of times. “We’re already at the restaurant, though, so you might as well get a free meal out of it.”

He closed his eyes for a second, tried to swim through the irritation and disappointment he couldn’t begin to understand at being the choice of a coin flip, and breathed it all out. “No.”

The immediate sag of her shoulders, the dimming of the light, hit him harder than he wanted it to. “No? If you didn’t want to come out with me, you could have told me before now. Kind of shitty to lead a girl on.”

“No, as in, we should let the coin decide who will pay.”

“Is it going to decide whether you’re coming home with me after, too?”

Another sigh. “Do not push your luck just yet.”

How Libra sees the signs

Aries♈️- you’re so fucking stubborn and we argue a lot, but you’re everything I wish I was and ilysm p.s. Date me

Taurus♉️- you guys are so fucking cute and chill, I love how much you guys laugh like aw 💕💕 but you guys need to stop thinking you mess every thing up

Gemini♊️- you guys get me on a spiritual level. But seriously you guys have to learn how to control your douche bag level when you’re tired.

Cancer♋️- you guys really don’t like sharing food, but you’re cute af. Also stop dragging people on in relationships when the connection is dead boo. You deserve better

Leo♌️- you are all so strong and determined but literally always second guess yourself, like damn you’re perfect the way you are so pls stop stressing out

Virgo♍️- all extremely quiet at first and you guys are mega closet perverts. Like you seem so sweet but you’re actually pretty hardcore it’s kinda scary

Libra♎️- we need to chill and stop stressing ourselves out. AND WE GOTTA STOP FALLING IN LOVE WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE TOXIC FOR US

Scorpio♏️- mega sweeties, but please think twice about the way you phrase things, you hurt a LOT of people when you don’t. AND YOUR EX WAS SHITTY ANYWAY YOU DESERVE A BILLION TIMES BETTER

Sagittarius♐️- lmao you guys are too cute and forgiving. But stop getting super worked up and then giving up on it, you deserve to be happy too. ALSO DONT LET PEOPLE BULLY YOU

Capricorn♑️- ya’ll are weird af and I love it. Also don’t tear people’s work apart if it’s not to your standards. There’s a level to constructive criticism and you tend to exceed that

Aquarius♒️- you guys are seem out going but you really like being home and being lazy. Also pls don’t get excited when someone you care about hurts for you because you realize they ACTUALLY care.

Pisces♓️- I swear you guys are more of a hopeless romantic than libras are and I love it. And pls stop letting yourself stay in horrible relationships because you guys really REALLY don’t need that

You learn new, disappointing things every day

So I kept seeing people using the word “womyn” everywhere and I was confused as to what it meant. I’m never really “up to date” with new trends and whatnot, so I originally thought they were just accidentally spelling “woman” wrong. I really should’ve known better. I let out a big sigh along with a “are you serious?!?!” when I googled it to find:

Really? What’s so wrong with the word “woman”? It’s not some new word that the patriarchy invented specifically to oppress women. Are we going to change the word “human” to “humyn” too? What about “female”? Idk what that would be changed to, maybe it’ll just get banned altogether. Smh, I really don’t understand feminist ideology on this one.

“When I joined the scuba diving club I thought I could do some things in the club with other girls.”
“It seems like there aren’t very many girls in this club…”
“There are girls. There are also some couples…”
“Ah, so then it must be easy to see new couples.”
“No, it’s not that…Actually starting a relationship here is really hard.”
“The girls don’t wear makeup, and we learn quickly about each other’s weaknesses….so we just…become friends.”

“스쿠버 동아리 들어올 땐 여자들과 같이 활동 할 수 있을 줄 알았어요.”
“이 동아리에 여자 별로 없을 것 같은데…”
“여자들도 있어요. 커플도 좀…”
“아, 그럼 커플이 금방 생기겠네요?”
“그런 건 아니고… 사실 커플이 되기가 되게 힘들어요.”
“민낯이나 서로의 치부까지 쉽게 알아버려서… 그냥… 친구가 되죠.”

log date 7 15 2

Three and a half hours until it airs! Steven bombs usually end with a bang, so really excited <3

Let’s talk about my speculation of what will happen… 

Here is the title card

We can see both Lapis and Opal! 

Basing it on the leak, we’re most likely going to run through back-flashes on when Peridot records each major event. Steven says specifically Garnet and Peridot seem closer than usual.

Now, assuming this screenshot is true

This episode will be about Peridot learning about fusion. Pearl and Amethyst will for sure fuse, or at least be mentioned, and Peridot will become more aware of what fusing really is.

Last time a caption was leaked (Sapphire and Ruby), the characters showed up pretty soon. I’m assuming there’s going to be another long hiatus so possibly Garnet and Peridot will fuse this episode? The only reason I would think not is that the crewniverse would make a bigger deal about a new fusion, but they’ve been hiding Lapis so. . 

OKAY LAPIS. Jasper. Let’s talk about them.

We know Jasper and Lapis are now stuck here on earth, and will most likely be forced to become Crystal Gems. I think Lapis would be more than willing, but Jasper may find communication with homeworld but be flat out denied. Jasper might become the antagonist for some time, since it would be pretty much against her character to join the Crystal Gems and will have no way of leaving.

About this episode, though. . I don’t know. How does Lapis return? Where is Jasper? Are they even in the episode, or just mentioned? Having her in the title card doesn’t make sense. The episode is only 11 minutes - there can’t be multiple plot lines. 

What I can say is that the next episodes or Steven Bombs are most likely going to be about Lapis and Jasper. With the leaks and Lapis appearing in the title card, it just has to be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Cece Drake Masterpost:

We all know that Cece Drake is very sketchy and her motivations are very confusing. So let’s take a look at everything that we know about her. I would say that most of the things that we know point to her being bad. 

- Cece is quickly established to be an older version of Ali. The girls meet her when they hear her saying “trust me, you’re always better off with a really good lie”, which is what Ali used to say. Ali was a great liar, and Ali learned many of her habits from Cece, like that phrase. So therefore, we can guess that Cece’s a great liar/manipulator, like Ali.

- She dated Jason, which is how she met Ali. Did she actually like him or was she using him to get to Alison? In one of the Pretty Dirty Secrets webisodes, she meets Jason at the costume shop and he says that she dumped him the day after Ali disappeared. She said “I had my reasons”. When he asked her to explain she said “I don’t think you really want me to do that”. Maybe because he would find out that she never really liked him. Or maybe because the reason would reveal secrets about Charles.

- “You know there’s a liquor store around the corner, maybe you should stop by and have a drink”-Cece. She says this to Jason at the end of the Pretty Dirty Secrets conversation. A few episodes into the next season, A leaves hundreds of wine bottles outside for Jason to find.

- Cece had a visitor’s pass to Radley and went to visit Mona when Mona was locked up. This was around the time that A stole the game from Mona, while wearing a mask and a red coat.

- When she first met the liars, she knew that Hanna used to shoplift. She claims Ali told her lots about them, but Hanna started shoplifting with Mona after Ali went missing. Ali didn’t know about that, so how did Cece?

- She was working for Ezra, who was searching for Alison (yet she knew where Alison was, so this shows that she’s untrustworthy)

- Spencer got attacked by the snake at Cece’s store and Cece was mysteriously missing until the last second to save her (maybe to bond them and gain trust)

- She managed to escape from police custody after being arrested for WIlden’s murder

- We know that Wilden was bad and was taking orders from someone else. She saw him the night that he was murdered according to witnesses. She was accused of killing him and she is letting Ali believe that she did it to protect her, but is that true? When asked if Cece killed WIlden, Marlene King said: “Alison certainly thinks so” which means to me that Cece didn’t actually do it. Therefore, she is pretending that she did it to get help from Ali, like the fake passport that Ali gave her to leave town.

- She had escaped to Paris but for some reason decided to come back to Rosewood with a bottle of perfume for Ali. She’s on the run from the cops. Why risk being caught just to bring Ali perfume and hang out for one night? Seems like she had other business to attend to.

- She told the cops that she knows who hurt the girl in the grave and who is trying to hurt her friend Ali, but she hasn’t told Ali or the liars who it is

- She had a deal with Mrs. D. Mrs. D was buying her clothes and handing them off to her in the forest (Cece wore one of those outfits that we saw in Mrs. D’s shopping bag at the police station).

- Cece was in Ali’s back yard the night that she disappeared wearing the same outfit as Ali. This has not been explained by anyone.

- She has some kind of unexplained relationship with Melissa Hastings. Melissa called Cece to tell her that Mona was in Radley. Melissa took the picture of Cece and Ali on the boat. Cece and Melissa were arguing the night that Ali disappeared (supposedly about the NAT videos)

- When A was setting Paige up as A/Maya’s killer, so was Cece by feeding the girls stories about Paige/Pigskin and making her sound very guilty. It’s no coincidence that she was doing exactly what A wanted to be done. 

-She blames Ali and the girls for getting her kicked out of college and called them she Devils

- Cece Drake has the same initials as Charles Dilaurentis

So, to summarize, Cece’s been suspicious since she first showed up in Rosewood. When was that? Early in season 3, right after the writers made their decision about Big A and the show’s endgame. She came there for a reason. I think that she’s playing everybody, especially Alison, and that she’s the bad red coat. In the episode “The Mirror has Three Faces”, Hanna sees red coat in a mirror. So there are three red coats: Ali, Good Cece (the one pretending to help Ali), and real evil Cece, the one who is red coat/Black Widow and who went to Radley in the red coat to steal the game from Mona).

This is a masterpost so I will update it if you send me other things that you’ve noticed about her!


I think my sister doesn’t like being black. She doesn’t like supporting black businesses because they’re “unprofessional” don’t get me wrong, some are but really? Not all of them. She doesn’t want to know or learn anything about Africa but bring up an Asian culture? She’s all for it. When we played with dolls she would always go after the white ones. She refuses to date a black man & puts pretty much all of them in a “no good fuck boy category” he could be prefect for her, she will steer clear. she brags about how much she likes white & Asian boys. She also has 4a/b hair & she always go to a white hair school to get her hair done & they loved her hair. They told her that she had some Asian, white & creole mixture hair. She was so happy to hear about that & kind of bragged about it, then she went to a black hair school & one of the students said her hair was “nappy” & she said “I hate my hair, I’m so ashamed” & I think she cried a little. It’s like if there’s no whiteness involved she gets so butt hurt. I’m afraid she’s going to come across a white or Asian guy that will only view her as a fetish….