when we hit our lowest point we are open to the greatest change

The Legend of Korra sentence meme

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  • “I just don’t understand why I can’t get back to my former self. It’s like … I’m a step slower. I’m tentative, I’m out of sync, I just can’t get back in the groove.“
  • “You have all the power in the world and the freedom to use it, but you choose to hold yourself down.“
  • “You maybe consider you could learn something from them?“
  • “She rode a dragon into battle and burned down the entire country. Then she jumped into a volcano. It was so romantic.“
  • “When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.“
  • “You are trying to hold on to a false perception of yourself. “
  • “I have to admit. I had you pegged wrong, I thought you were kinda prissy. No offense.“
  • “I wish you were putting up more of a fight, but it was still fun.“
  • “I lived ten thousand lifetimes before the first of your kind crawled out of the mud!“
  • “We were good friends in your previous life“
  • “You mean like a boyfriend Or- or like a slave?“
  • “We are bonded forever.“
  • “You are toying with a dangerous power that you obviously do not appreciate.”
  • “Yes. Your powers of deduction are impressive.“
  • “I’ve seen the future, and the future is magnets!“
  • “(S)he was brave, and smart, and always wanted to defend the helpless.”
  • “(insert city name here)’ss mine, (insert muse’s name here). I’ll be back one day to claim it.“
  • “I don’t know what to do. I just thought more people would be excited about coming with us“
  • “You gotta deal with it!“
  • “We spent 13 years interrogating them, but they never broke. To this day, no one knows what their motive was.“
  • “It is time for you to be equalized.“
  • “Look, I’ll make you a deal: you fall in line and do what I say, and I’ll release your friends.”
  • “Let go of your attachment to who you think you are, and connect with your inner spirit”
  • “He is the force of darkness and chaos. I am the force of light and peace.“
  • “They have a right to choose their own paths.“
  • “You are not me, and you should not be me.”
  • “ Accept what happened to you. Don’t fear what might have been!“
  • “Neither of us are the same as before. I learned to fly, but now I’m bound in chains“
  • “Like all great childrens tales, it contains truth within the myth.”
  • “Sure, after years of flitting around the world, trying to find yourself. It was time for you to settle down somewhere. You two have no idea how it feels to have the future of an entire culture on your shoulders.“
GET TO KNOW ME MEME[2/5] favorite shows ⇢ The Legend of Korra
                        (Mike DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko, 2012-2014)

"When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change."

“When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change”. Thank you Avatar Aang! (Oh boy do I love that series) .
I’ve felt so discouraged and lost lately. When you constantly keeping asking yourself if you are good enough.. It is an awful feeling and broke me a bit. I snapped myself out of that though. I do want this! I want to do this.and I absolutely can! (Psst, and so can you!) Drawing/painting makes me feel good. That is really important, don’t you think? Even messing up..when you think about it, it is awesome to be able to feel so strongly about something and work hard and fix it up how you want. Keep trying.. by candkay

i just realized “when we hit our lowest point we are open to the greatest change” is when korra began her being-the-avatar-does-not-define-you arc