when we got luke he was old


(this is long and I don’t want to put it under a cut xoxo) 

So around Thanksgiving time, I was at work and we get a call from the teen room and Mary asks me if I knew anything about Divergent.

“Yeah, I read the whole trilogy,” I say and think hated it but def read it. 

Ok,” she says, “I’m going to send someone over to talk to you.”

Shit, I think, and begin prepping for a Conversation With Someone Who Likes Divergent. 

(side note: i am very good at talking about books i do not like with people who loved them and they never get any inkling I did not like them. I’m very good at it.) 

So, this older gentleman comes into the children’s room. Cheerful looking guy, probably in his fifties or sixties. He explains that he really loved the movies and after the news about them ditching the last movie he was wondering if it was possible to read Allegiant but just start at the point where the last movie stopped. 

I admitted I hadn’t seen any of the movies but I could tell him about how the book ended and we could see if the movie would have taken the same direction? 

So we chat about Divergent for a while.

(Now, note, I am wearing a Kylo Ren shirt because my wardrobe is still mainly t-shirts and my god it is hard to dress in Business Casual when the library technically does not enforce a dress code)

He asks if I’m a Star Wars fan. I, being a twenty-three year old girl, obsessed with Star Wars who also has many Strong Opinions about Star Wars, immediately tense up. I don’t like talking about Star Wars with guys because, in general, they’re condescending in some way or just have Terrible Opinions. I’m also immediately put on edge because this is an older guy so… i’m pretty much expecting condescension. 

I say yes. He LIGHTS UP. L I G H T S U P. Asks me if I read the books, which books have I read, am I excited for Rogue One, did I like TFA, AND ON AND ON.

We talk about Star Wars for about thirty minutes before he leaves. Twenty-minutes later he COMES BACK. He forgot to tell me something and also have I read Catalyst because he’s reading it now and oh! my! god! and also I have got to read Life Debt because it is amazing and the pieces are falling into place and the picture is getting bigger. 

He’s so excited. He’s talking about the EU (he’s read like! all of it!) and just INCANDESCENT. I’m so excited because oh my god I never get to talk Star Wars with someone who just wants to GUSH ABOUT HOW GREAT STAR WARS IS. 

So he leaves. A few weeks pass and I have off-desk time and one of my coworkers swings in and is like ‘there’s someone to see you?’

what. i think. why. 

IT’S MY STAR WARS FRIEND. (I’m Terrible With Names and I’m like 80% his name is Harold but oh my god guys I don’t know) 

He asks if I’ve gotten to Catalyst. I say ‘oh my god no but i bought it literally THE SECOND YOU LEFT’ 

We talk about Star Wars. He GIVES ME a copy of Life Debt (!!!) and says that the library has been so good to him and honestly i have to read this and i’m very (!!!!) 

A week or so later one of my coworkers says that someone stopped by and asked for me but I was off somewhere and he told them not to disturb me and I was like ‘oh! my star wars friend. we talk about star wars.’ He stops by later that day to ask when I was seeing Rogue One. (”Friday morning!” “I’m seeing it Sunday!”) We talk Rey theories. He’s got a bunch of theories that tie her to Luke and I was very “ehhhh idk i think it would be cool if she wasn’t related” and he was like “oh man ABSOLUTELY” which :) He asks if I’ve read other sci-fi books and I tell him that I mostly read high fantasy but I’ve been trying to get more sci-fi because i want to write one. He comments that he stopped in to put the last book of the Old Man’s War on hold and I tell him that i JUST put the first one on hold, to which he shakes my hand and says “Oh man we really are friends.” 

So I see Rogue One and one of the first things I think is “Oh my god I can’t wait until he drops by again and we talk about this” 

So he stopped by today and just, this man loves Star Wars so much guys and it’s just so amazing to talk to him about it because he knows SO MUCH about it. 

“I’ve been a fan since the 70s when all there was was only, you know, zines and magazines,” he said today. 
“Gosh, I’ve been a fan since i was 3. Star Wars has just always been there,” I reply.
“That’s so great!!” he says. 

He tells me a Snoke theory he has (it’s good). We talk about how AMAZING Rogue One was. I tell him there’s going to be a Jyn Erso YA book coming out and he got SO EXCITED because he didn’t know. HE’S SO EXCITED. We talk about other things, he guesses my age straight on and then talks about how proud he is that I already have my Master’s and how great it is that I got a job there. 

“This library has been really good to me this year,” he says. “It’s a great place and I met you!” 

We chat about other sci fi books and he’s like “Make me a list. Make me a list I need to know what you’ve read.” 

I talk about how much I love Kylo Ren, immediately feeling nervous because the goddamn internet has conditioned me to now feel anxious admitting how much I love Kylo Ren but he is TOTALLY WITH ME and agrees that the TFA cast are some of the best written characters in anything and oh my god the ending of TFA with the chasm!!! 

So anyway I’ve made a new best friend and he’s an older guy who Loves Star Wars. 

Daddy’s Birthday - A.I.

Alright…I know I’m literally late as fuck, but this just came to me.



“Do you think he’ll like it?” y/n ask her two year old daughter as she giggled, clapping her hands together at the decorated card she had helped her to make for her father. “I think it’s wonderful.”

“It need sparkles,” she cooed standing up, ready to run to the suitcase to grab more decorations for the card, only to be stopped by y/n grabbing her quickly.

“Mommy didn’t bring sparkles, love. It was too messy for the plane,” she explained hearing a desperate whine leave her daughter’s lips. “I know, baby.”

“When can we see daddy?”

“Baby, you have to remember we’re going to surprise daddy while he’s on stage tonight. That’s what tio Luke said,” the Spanish slipping past her lips quickly. “Tio’s going to text mummy when we should head to the concert, and then we have to wait until he goes on stage.” The two year old nodded her head vigorously before resting it on her mother’s shoulder. “Want to wear the shirt we got you?”

“Yes!” she squealed once again, wiggling out of her mother’s grip ready to dig through the suitcase for the matching shirt she got with her mother. The front had the five tallies on the left side of the chest area while the back read “IRWIN” in all capital letters. Her curly hair resembling her father’s shook on her head, a bow sitting directly in the center. She shared her father’s dimples as well, taking away her eyes and nose from her mother.

Hemmo, Lu: Hey, shit head, you can head to the venue now. See you soon.

“Ready to go see daddy?”


The two of them waited in a dressing room, y/d/n bouncing off the walls from being in the same area as her father and uncles, yet not being able to see them. “Mommy.”

“I know, baby. But, we have to wait for daddy to go on stage so we don’t ruin the surprise, alright?” A security guard came to find the two of them once the boys hit the stage, the sounds of carry on playing through the arena as y/d/n squealed seeing her daddy bang on the drums. By time the first break in the setlist came, the boys started joking around making stupid references to how Ashton was going to be an old man come the next day.

“Poor Irwin here swore up and down all he wanted for his birthday was to spend it with his daughter and girlfriend,” Michael teased causing Ashton to stand up crossing his arms pouting.

“I miss my girls,” he whined into the mic causing y/d/n to wiggle out of her arms and run on the stage causing all four boys to turn their heads. “y/d/n?”

“Damn it, y/d/n, you were supposed to wait!” Calum scolded teasingly to the child as Ashton jumped off of where his kit was running over to scoop the two year old up into her arms. “I’m not buying you ice cream later.”

“Where’s your mother,” Ashton questioned to the small girl in his arms who turned around pointing to the side of the stage where the female stood off to the side waving. “Get over here,” he mouthed as she moved up the stairs, the toddler being moved to one of her uncles as Ashton pulled his girlfriend of seven years into his arms kissing the top of her head just hugging her to his body. “God, I missed you.”

“I miss you too, bub,” she muttered not even caring he was already incredibly sweaty. He tilted her head up just enough to be able to press his lips to hers quickly earning coos from the entire crowd.

“This is it,” he said out loud, hearing Michael yell before handing his guitar to a man on the side and running off the stage earning a confused look from y/n.

“What’s it?” she questioned, only causing a laugh to escape his lips. Y/d/n hugged onto her tio Calum’s leg watching her parents as Michael slipped something into Ashton’s hand as well as a mic, causing Ashton to drop down onto one knee. “You aren’t.”

“I am,” he stated smiling. “Y/n y/l/n, the mother of my child, my best friend for fifteen years, and girlfriend for seven. You’ve been my rock, my feather, and my best friend since we were seven years old, and not many people can say they’ve been able to have an experience like this with their best friend, and even have a child together. You know my feelings on marriage, but for you, I’d shave my head if it was going to make you happy…I love you so much, and for once in my life, I’m one hundred and ten percent sure about what I’m doing…will you marry me?” He opened the box revealing a simple, definitely expensive, diamond ring

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin, I literally hate you,” she said wiping the tears from her eyes. “I can’t believe you’re doing this in the middle of a concert.”

“What better time to do it? You didn’t answer my question.”

“Of course I will, stupid,” the tears now free falling from her eyes as he slipped the ring onto her finger before standing, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I’m going to kill you Irwin.”

“Please don’t, babe. I want to make more ba-,” he started before being hit on the side of the head, causing him to giggle.

“Your daughter’s over there. I’m not explaining how babies are made.”

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2 and/or 12 for the AU + short fic challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(x) Two- Childhood Friends AU

Later, when they’re both older and grown, and proper detectives with proper resources, and with some composure and emotional maturity, Jake and Amy will cite the Great Book Hunt of ‘91 as their first case as partners to every new cop to grace their precinct. 

(And in both of their wedding vows. And in the scrapbook Jake will make Amy when she finally makes captain. And in their children’s bedtime stories.

Even Charles becomes exasperated by it.)

Their partnership began the morning of the Great Book Hunt, one hot July day, when Nana found Jake sitting in front of the TV for the fourth straight hour.

“Go outside,” she told him.

Which he did, and he spent a full three minutes kicking around a pebble down the street and around a corner before turning around and marching towards the Santiago household.

With eight kids under the age of fifteen and a horde of cousins and friends in the area - not to mention Mr and Mrs Santiago themselves - there was always someone in the yard, or in a window, or, on one occasion, on the roof. Most days, Jake had to only walk up the block before one of the boys called him over. 

The Santiago kids were truly a rowdy, welcoming bunch. He met them two months before, when Gina cancelled their plans again and he was hit by a stray spray from a Santiago water gun fight during a lonely walk. 

Suddenly, he had summer plans, too.

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Preferences: How They Act When They Catch Their Child Playing With Their's/Someone Else's Lightsaber.

Anakin: “woah there little one!” Anakin smirked as he caught your son playing with his lightsaber. “That’s a dangerous weapon you got there! Let me teach you how to use it properly.”

Obi-Wan: “Oi, give me that you cheeky devil,” Obi scowled as he walked into the living room to see your son holding Obi’s ignited lightsaber. “When you’re older, maybe I’ll teach you how use this. But for now, stay away from it or your mother will kill us both.” Your son scowled as you watched from the other room your husbands reaction nodding to yourself approvingly.

Darth Maul: “That’s my princess,” Maul smiled as he saw your daughter with his lightsaber. “This, is a very dangerous weapon. If anyone hurts you, tell daddy and he’ll go and hurt them with this okay?” Your daughter nodded with a grin on her face until Maul matched the grin. “OR I could teach you how to use the Force like daddy. You could become a Sith just like me and mummy.” Your daughter laughed and nodded vigorously and eagerly. Maul ruffled her hair and went to tell you the good news.

Qui-Gon: “No. No. No,” Qui-Gon said quickly as he snatched his old Saber off your son, as your daughter stood there confused. “This is a dangerous weapon and if I can help it you will never use it. You see, daddy and mummy use to be Jedi, but it was very miserable life. So we both left and were no longer Jedi, then we got married and well - mummy had you guys.” Your son looked confused as he slowly gave the lightsaber back to Qui-Gon, “good boy, now, go run along and play with your sister.”

Luke: “Y/N!” Luke called as he saw your daughter playing with his lightsaber. “Luke hunnie whatever it is deal with it please I’ve having a bath,” you called from the bathroom. “A-Alright then!” Luke called back as he walked slowly over to his daughter. “Hey sweetheart… What you got there?” He asked nervously. “Daddy Saber!” She grinned twirling it around and nearly hitting Luke in the face. “Yes, yes that’s my lightsaber sweetheart, can I erm, can I have it back before mummy see’s?” Your daughter shook her head and laughed. “Look sunshine, this lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. When you’re old enough I’ll teach you the ways of the force and we can have a Lightsaber each how does that sound?” Luke asked, watching his daughter ponder for a moment before smiling and nodding. “Good, now. Give me the lightsaber and we won’t tell mummy about this okay?”

Han: “Don’t touch that thing!” Han groaned as he picked up his 2 year old son and placed him on his waist. “That’s dangerous. No son of mine is becoming a Jedi, it’s too dangerous. God if your mother wasn’t out with Leia and Luke right now you’d be in so much more trouble.”

Darth Vader: “Y/N?” Vader asked as he cocked his head to the side. “Yeah hun?” You asked walking to his side and stopping still whilst grabbing hold of your husbands hand. “Our daughter is playing with my lightsaber… What exactly do I do?” Vader asked shyly, his parenting skills still sucked even after 7 years but he was getting better. “Well… I think maybe you should train her - you know? In the force?” Vader nodded and a smile played under his mask on his lips. “Well, I’ll go over now…” He said and walked. “Hey sweetheart. Your mother and I were just talking and your mother suggested I reach you how to use the lightsaber and you can have one of your own.”

Kylo Ren: “Give me my lightsaber!” He growled at your son, who stood there still, placed the lightsaber behind his back and stuck his tongue out at his father who scoffed lightly. “Do you want a lightsaber?” His son just nodded in return, a cheeky grin on his face. “Would you like me to teach you the ways of the force?” His son nodded again, before Kylo gave in and smiled, taking the lightsaber off his son and walking off to tell you he was training your kid to become Kylo’s successor when he dies.

General Hux: “Get off Ren’s lightsaber!” Hux yelled at his daughter. “Y/N! Did Ren give our daughter his lightsaber?” “I’m not sure Armitage, has she got it? If she has take it off her. That’s no weapon for a child, especially our child.” “I’m on it baby,” Hux called as he smirked and walked over to your daughter and explained to her that a lightsaber is no weapon for a princess.

requested by anon. Sorry if it isn’t what you wanted but this is all I could think of.

sorry that speech isn’t paragraphed, I just didn’t want to paragraph it because each character is paragraphed so… I’m sorry if it’s hard to follow!

requests are open. I still have 5 left in my request box so please be patient! Thanks!

H2O Delirious || Very Funny Guys

“Okay so me and Luke are doing a really quick Q and A before I starve to death!” Y/N said into her camera while grabbing her phone. “We’re going to be answer questions quickly, because I’m hungry.” Y/N had had a channel for a while and it had grown bigger. She lived in LA but for now she was in North Carolina visiting her best friend Cartoonz, Luke. “Okay go!” Luke yelled looking through his phone. “How old are you?” Luke read out, Y/N faked gasped. “You should never ask a lady her age.” Luke chuckled. “Lady? I don’t see a lady.” Y/N laughed and clicked another. “ow long have you and Del been together?” She smiled at the sound of him. “About  a year and a half now.” She answered not knowing that now the whole Q and A would turn into something about him. “You’ve done it now.” Luke said with a laugh. “What?” She asked before glancing at her phone. “Does it bother you, that you’ve never seen his face? No.” She said laughing. “How can you be dating if you’ve never seen his face?” She laughed harder at this one. “Oh god, you don’t need to see someones face to fall for them guys, seriously.” Luke was laughing at his phone. “What?” She asked trying to peak. “Are you friends with Luke to get close to Jon?” They both burst into fits of laughter. “Abs! I’ve got abs! I’ve earnt a pizza.” She giggled and looked at the camera with a straight face. “Luke is my Old, Very old, friend.” She joked while continuing to scroll. “How did you met him?” Luke asked looking at her. “Well the first official time was when I kept killing them both on GTA because they both suck ass.” Luke threw a pillow at her. “But since I’m not allowed to mention that one, it was when he followed me on twitter and we spoke for a solid 12 hours.” She said laughing. “Longest phone call?” Luke asked her. “Eemm….23 hours, I fell asleep on the phone to him.” He laughed and rolled his eyes. “Honestly it’s like they’re two children! You’re two people in love.” It was Y/N’s turn to hit him with a pillow. “Suck it!” She yelled before ending the video and quickly uploading it and tweeting it. @y/t/n: Yes! Another unedited video

“You ready for food?” Luke asked as she pulled on her blue leather jacket. “Starved.” She joked pulling on her black boots and walking out of the door. “Mine or yours?” She asked looking at her car. “Mine…I don’t trust the way you drive.” She laughed before getting into the side of the car. “Drive monkey drive.” She joked holding her stomach as it growled. “Before I die over here.”
“I’ll take a pizza and fries but with extra fries.” Y/N said looking at the waitress who was clearly eyeing up Luke, she stifled a giggle while biting her lip and grabbing her phone. @Y/T/N: Theres a waitress serving me and Luke, she’s trying to hard bless her. Y/N pushed send and continued to watch as the waitress flirted and Luke hopelessly didn’t notice. @H2ODelirious: Just hand her Lukes number ;) Y/N smirked before writing it down and slipping it into her hand and winking. “Thank me later.” She walked off and placed the order. “What was that?” Y/N drank her water. “Oh nothing.” He looked at her and her phone went off. @H2ODelirious: LOVING the jacket! You look like my GTA guy She laughed at first before it hit her head properly. @Y/T/N: Think you’ll find it’s my GTA character I look like, and ha ha ha tell Luke I said very funny for telling you what I’m wearing. You’ve done this before, it’s old now. She locked her phone and drank from her cup. @H2ODeliriou: Oh yeah baby you drink from that cup. Btw Luke has no idea I’m talking to you ;) She frowned looking around confused. She looked at all of the people in the diner. None of them looked like they were interested in their phone or her. @Y/T/N: Quit it Del, I know its you and Luke messing with me  Someone coughed and her head shot around to see an elderly man. She looked back at her phone. @H2ODelirious: He’s too old thats not me ;) But also your butt looked great walking in those jeans. She looked at Luke. “Luke quit messing with me, he’s not here.” Luke held up his hands. “Not me.”  She looked around. “That means that he’s here.” She looked back at Luke while he smirked at her. Suddenly someone covered her eyes. “Hey there Bootylicious.” She giggled before peeling away his hands and looking at him. “Del?” She asked taking in all of his features. She touched his face and smiled. “You’re-you’re here.” He chuckled and she touched his face again. “I’m here.” She teared up and kissed him. “Alright jesus.” Luke said coughing into his water.

anonymous asked:

Imperial Problem Child-verse. I'm amused by the idea of Tank and Han commiserating about Luke and the general strangeness of Luke's luck.

Han and Tank would probably get along about half the time. They have similarities (worked with Empire, encountered Extreme Moral Quandry), but one chose to get out while he could and the other is trying to fix the problem from the inside. So they’ve got that to talk about when they introduce themselves.

And then the talk comes up of “The Kid”. Nobody even has to ask who “The Kid” is. And by the time Tank has to begin his shift, they’ve gone from generic stories of adventures together and what an odd but kind kid Luke is, to 

“no but one time when we were, I don’t know, eleven and fourteen. And very stupid. But one time I told Luke I’d heard there was a pack of anoobas out in the canyons and he said “let’s go look”. And we ended up saving an anooba cub from a womp rat because Luke was throwing rocks with more accuracy than an eleven year old should’ve had. But honestly that whole pack should’ve killed us that day.”

“Oh that’s nothing. You wanna hear about the time he wandered off into the middle of a blizzard and nearly got eaten by a wampa?”

All: Superhero

Request: Hellooooooooo id like to request a imagine based on don’t stop where all the boys have different super powers thank you

“Right I know we are superheroes and are supposed to be good and everything but this is the third time today I have rescued a cat from a tree and it’s only 10am.” Ash complained, slamming the door behind him.

“What happened to your face?” Luke asked, a slight smile on his face.

“The cat did not want to come out of the tree.” He said annoyed, before throwing himself down on the sofa next to Calum.

“Can you hear that?” Michael asked.

“Yeah. The alarm is going off again. I swear to God if another cat is stuck up a tree again, I am going to jump out of the damn tree.” Ash shouted. 

“I don’t think it is. Apparently someone has been kidnapped.” Luke said. 

“Ugh, I’ll get the capes.” Ash complained getting of the sofa and walking into the other room. “Ready?” He said when he got back?” 

“Yeah. Apparently the person that has been kidnapped is somewhere in the old abandoned factory just outside of town.” 

They arrived at the old factory pretty quickly but after Michael used his powers to see in and around the building he realised that all the entrances were blocked. 

“Erm, guys we have a problem. All the entrances are blocked, however I do know where the girl is. She is in that room, just there.” He said pointing to a slightly broken window. “Another slight problem, she has a bomb attached to her.” 

“Ah. I can see how that could be a problem. Any suggestions of how we get in?” Luke asked, and they all shook their heads. “Great. What if I fly to the roof to see if there is anyway in.” He suggested.

“Yeah okay.” They agreed in unison. He came back 5 minutes later shaking his head. 

“There was no way in.” 

“What if I climb to the building to see if there is anyway we can get in.” Ash suggested. 

He climbed to the building and found a broken window big enough to fit through. He climbed in walked to one of the doors that wasn’t guarded and opened it. They ran in and split up to find the girl. Calum bumped into some of the kidnappers, they went to shoot him but dodged the bullets, then beat the shit out of them. He ran into the next room to find the girl tied to a chair. Michael, Luke and Ash joined a few second later. Michael went to walk forward but Ash held him back. 

“She has a bomb attached to her remember.” 

“She has a name.” The girl said.” And it’s Y/n. The only reason I am trapped here is because I was trying to bring them down but there were too many of them and well this happened.” Y/n said annoyed. 

“So do you want to be set free orrrr?” Luke asked. 

“I would like to be set free. But once you do run. Okay?” They all agreed. 

Ash untied the rope that had trapped her to the chair, grabbed her hand and ran. They sprinted out of the building, just as they got out the bomb exploded sending them all flying. They stood up, dusted themselves off and walked away. 

“It was nice meeting you Y/n.” Calum said and they all agreed. 

“It was nice meeting you too. Hopefully we will run into each other again. Maybe not like this though. I have rope burns on my wrist and not for the good reason.” She winked before walking off. 

“Ash’s your phone is ringing.” Calum told him. 

“Hello?” He answered. “Yeah, I’m on my way.” He sighed. 

“What’s wrong.” Luke asked. 

“Another cat is stuck up a tree.” He mumbled before walking away, as the rest of the boys laughed at him. 

Stay Stay Stay - Luke Hemmings Imagine

I got a request to write this a while ago and I heard this song today and was instantly reminded! I think this song is adorable and I knew it had to be no other than Lucas. Sorry it’s kinda short!

“I do not understand why we’re having an argument right now” Luke said, shoving some more of his sandwich in his mouth as you paced around the kitchen. “Because you don’t even care what I have to say! If the curtains don’t match the couches the entire room will look awful. I really need your opinion on this!” you said, looking at multiple color swatches for the couch you were buying and comparing them to the curtains displayed on your phone. “Babe…it’ll look fine. Do whatever you think is best” he mumbled. “It almost feels like I’m decorating my own apartment! I don’t even need you here, it’s fine!” you yelled. Luke chuckled slightly, “You’re being so ridiculous”. You were furious with him. “Okay, Luke, have fun designing your own apartment” you said as you threw your phone, not really aiming for anything. You spent the rest of the night in your room and refused to talk to Luke when he came in. The next morning when he walked in to the kitchen you were sitting at the table waiting. “We need to talk” you said, after he’d grabbed a bowl of cereal. Luke got up and walked out of the room. You grew concerned as to where he was going and what he was doing. He came back wearing his old high school football helmet. “Okay, let’s talk. Can’t risk getting hit by another flying phone” he said. You rolled your eyes and he removed the helmet. “I know what said last night but…please stay. I’ve loved you for quite some time” you said, moving closer to where he was standing. “I’m sorry babe, I know you’re completely serious but I think it’s funny when you’re mad. It’s just so cute, your face gets really red” he smiled and wrapped his arms around you. “I love you…because you’ve honestly just given me no choice. I’ve got to stay” you smiled, he kissed your nose in response. “I know you’ve dated douches before and I don’t ever want to be like them and take everything out on you. I just focus on how cute you are when you’re mad” he laughed. “Well, no one else is gonna love me when I get mad so…we should both stay” you said, kissing his lips.



“So you’re-”

“Pregnant. Yeah.”

“Right. Okay.”

I shakily put the test down in front of me, dragging my eyes up from my place on the bathroom floor to watch Ashton. He was leaning against the door frame, one hand running through his hair, the other massaging his temples. He lets out a small sigh, before dropping to his hands and sliding down the wall. He lifts his head up and our eyes lock. Tears begin to cloud my vision, and but I still see his eyes soften.

“Come here.” he whispers, holding his arms open. I crawl across the small space, curling up on his lap and burying my head in the brook of his neck. Ashton wraps his arms around me, rubbing my back soothingly and rocking us slightly. “It’s going to be okay.”

“We’re twenty years old Ashton.” I sob, hiccuping slightly. “We can’t have a baby when we’re practically still kids ourselves.”

“Hey, we’re very mature.” he tells me, and I hiccup again when I try to laugh.

“Yesterday we got exited when we found out Toy Story was on.”

“If that doesn’t scream great parent I don’t know what does.” I feel him grin against my head, but it doesn’t stop the tears falling from my eyes.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” I breathe, unsure whether he even heard me until he grabs my chin and tilts my head to look at me.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” he tells me seriously, and my breath hitches slightly at how intense he looks. “If you don’t think we can do this, if you can do this, we don’t have to. But I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. I am yours no matter what. I love you Y/N Y/L/N, and I will love this baby just as much.”

“What if we aren’t ready?”

“That’s okay.” he tells me, kissing me softly. “We’re in this together. No matter what.”


“Hey baby.” I hear a voice whisper. “I’m your Daddy.”

A smile graces my lips as I open my eyes to see Michael in the chair beside my bed, our daughter cradled in his arms.

“I’m sorry if I end up being a sucky Dad.” he continues, his eyes glued to her face. “But I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’ll try my best though. I promise. I mean, it’ll be loud at times, because I’m in a band and your Uncles aren’t exactly the quietest people I know. But you’ll be the most loved little girl in the whole world, because you’re the first Baby 5SOS. And I promise to protect you and no matter what, just like I do with your Mum. She’s amazing by the way. I hope you’re more like her than me, because she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. She’s incredibly smart, and funny, and brave. I love her more than anyone and anything in this world, except you of course. I’ve fancied her since I was twelve, but we’ll keep that between you and I eh?”

“Lying to our daughter already Clifford?” I smile as he tears his eyes away from the baby in his arms to grin at me.

“I didn’t know you were awake.” He admits and I hum in response He stands up to sit beside me on the bed. He passes me our daughter before positioning himself so I’m leaning against his chest, one of his arms around my waist, the other hand playing with hers. “And I wasn’t lying to her.”

“You said you’d liked me since we were twelve.” I point out, turning my head to meet his eyes. He grins at me again.

“And I have.”

“You hated me when we were twelve, I was best friends with your sworn enemy Luke Hemmings.”

“I hated Luke, I fancied the pants off of you.” he corrects, his eyes wandering back to the girl in my arms. “I can’t believe we made her.”

“She’s perfect.” I agree, and his eyes return to mine.

“Just like her Mum.”


A deafening scream pierces through the house. I close my eyes briefly, my hands tightening around the plate I was washing, before I hear Luke call from the living room.

“I got it.” he yells, and a small sigh of relief falls from my lips.

I continue to wash up, moving on to drying them and putting them away. I was hanging the tea-towel up when Luke enters the room.

“Someone’s grumpy.” he tells me, our two year old balanced on his hip. Ryan’s thumb is in his mouth, his other hand clutching his trusty companion Angus the bear.

“What’s wrong bug?” I ask, walking over and reaching up to tap the small blonde boys’ nose. He scrunches it up in a very similar way to Luke, and a small smile appearing on my face.

Ryan mumbles something as Luke’s free arm wraps around my waist, and I raise an eyebrow.

“You had a bad dream?” I ask him, and he nods. I reach up and snatch him out of Luke’s arms, placing him on my own hip. “Was it about the monster again?”

Ryan nods, his head falling into the crook of my neck. Luke looks at me in amazement, before I grab his hand and drag him behind me up the stairs.

“Well we’ll have to fix that won’t we.” I coo to the boy in my arms as we enter his room. “Daddy’s here to save you.”

I send Luke a pointed look, and he begins to make a show of checking for monsters. Ryan giggles happily, but a yawn cuts him off.

“Go back to sleep bug.” I tell him, tucking him under the covers. “Daddy won’t let anything get you.”

I kiss his forehead before Luke does the same, the two of us leaving the room quietly. We head back into the living room, where his arms quickly encircle my waist and pull me into his chest.

“You’re Super Mum.” he tells me seriously, and I giggle at him. “Seriously Y/N, I had no idea what he was saying then I bring him to you and you know instantly.”

“It’s because I’m so much older than you.”

“You’re a few months older than me.”


I grin smugly, standing on my tiptoes to kiss him.


A resounding thud wakens me from my sleep. My eyes fly open, only to find that the room is still pitch black. Calum’s arm is still wrapped tightly around my waist, and when I glance at the clock it reads 3:18.

“Wha was tha?” Calum mumbles his eyes still shut. I feel his grip tighten on me slightly. Just then, our bedroom door opens, and a small voice calls out.

“Mummy? Daddy? I can’t sleep.”

“Gracie?” I whisper back, and Calum grunts.

I sit up, my eyes finally adjusting so I can make out our daughter’s shape hovering in the door way. Calum shifts beside me, soon sitting up next to me. He holds his free arm out to the five year old and she runs across the room. He scoops her up and places her on his lap, before wrapping his arm around her protectively. His other hand squeezes my hip, when he notices the worried look on my face.

“Why can’t you sleep Princess?” he asks her softly. “You were tired all afternoon.”

“I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.” she whispers, her eyes meeting mine. I reach out a hand and brush a curl behind her ear.

“Why not?” Calum questions, angling his head so he can look at her. “You were excited the other day.”

“What if nobody likes me?” she asks us, eyes wide. “What if I don’t make any friends?”

“You’ll make lots of friends.” Calum assures her.

“And Daniel will be there.” I remind her, a grin appearing on her lips as she remembers that she isn’t the only Baby 5SOS to start school the next day, that Baby Clifford was going with her. 

“But you won’t be.” she frowns, and my heart breaks. I look up at Calum and he nods at me, lying back down, pulling the two of us with him.

“You can sleep in here with us tonight.” he tells her as she snuggles into his chest.

“And tomorrow we’ll have pancakes for breakfast.” I add, burying myself into Calum’s side before lifting a hand to hold Grace’s. “And spaghetti for tea.”

“And school will be fun.” Calum finishes.

“Promise?” she whispers.

“Promise.” we both whisper back.

A few minutes later, soft snores escape  her lips, and I feel Calum’s lips against my forehead.

“We did pretty good.” he mutters, and I smile, turning my head to look at him.

“We did great.” I agrees, kissing him slowly.

“She is not marrying a Clifford though.”


Luke plays for the Chicago Blackhawks and you give him a loving reward after he scores the winning goal.

Contains smut! Enjoy!

2100+ words!


“You’ll be there tonight, right?” Luke asked as he hovered over me, one hand on each side of my head.

“I haven’t missed a single home game. I’m not going to start now.” I chuckled leaning up to kiss his nose.

“Good. You’re my good luck charm, Princess.” He smirked, before kissing me.

“Oh, I know. You tell me every day.” I said, nuzzling my face into his neck.

He slowly started kissing my neck, working his way down.

“Luke. You’re going to be late for your morning skate. Get going, and tell Jon and Pat I said hi.” I said pushing him off of me.

He sighed and got out of our bed.
Luke and I have been together since high school. Through it all. High school hockey leagues, Juniors, College teams, minors, and finally the NHL. And somewhere along the way, we added a beautiful, bubbly, baby boy named Aiden Robert along our crazy journey.

Yet, no ring.

I think we celebrated a little too much when he was offered his first NHL contract. But we regret nothing.

“See you tonight, (Y/N)! I love you.” He said, smiling and sticking his head back into our room.

“Bye Luke. I love you, too. And please be careful.” I smiled back.

Then he was gone.

I figured now was a good time for me to get up and get our 3 year old ready for his day at daycare and me to head to my lovely job of taking care of winey athletes, professional and non.


I was stood in line to get into the arena.

I decided that I would wear one of Luke’s old Minors jersey, as I knew it would drive him crazy after the game. I had Aiden in his mini Blackhawks jersey, his dad’s number of course.

We made it in and the familiarity of the building washed over me.

Aiden tapped on my shoulder and giggled as he pointed to a giant picture of his father on a wall.

“I know. Your dad is pretty important around here.” I giggled, kissing his cheek.

Most of the wives that came to the games liked to sit up in the VIP Boxes. I actually liked to watch the game. Also, Luke would make me watch tapes with him the following week, so I didn’t like those times to be the first time I watched the game.

We found our seats, they’re the same every game, and sat down. Luke liked to have me close enough that he could look up and find me if he scored, but not close enough to get distracted.

“You two must be big fans of the big Hemmo.” An older lady said to my left, motioning to my jersey.

I noticed she had his jersey on as well.

“Oh, we’re his number one fans.” I chuckled.

“When did you start following him?” She asked, making small talk.

“When he was in high school. I’m actually his girlfriend.” I chuckled.

“Oh my goodness! No way!” She said covering her mouth.

“Yeahhh.” I smiled.

“So that must be little Aiden?” She said motioning to my son.

“Yup. Aiden Robert Hemmings.” I said setting him on my lap.

He was busy looking through the program booklet.

“Say hi, baby.” I said to him.

He looked up and waved.

“Hi!” He giggled.

“Oh, if you don’t mind, could I get a picture with the two of you?” She asked smiling. “Luke has been my favorite since we signed him 3 years ago.”

“Sure!” I smiled.

“John, will you take our picture please?” She asked the gentleman next to her.

I tickled Aiden to make him look up and smile, just as the man snapped the picture.

“Thank you very much! You’re very pleasant. I’ve actually met a few other players significant others and they’ve all been kind of stuck up.” She said.

“Why thank you.” I smiled. “I think it’s just because Luke likes to act like a normal person. So, if he acts normal, obviously I’m going to.”

“A truly lovely couple.” She smiled.

“Now how long have you been married?” She asked.

“Oh, we’re not. I’m just his long time girlfriend and the mother of his child.” I chuckled.

“Oh, well you’re definitely a keeper. How long have you two been dating?” She asked.

“Well, we’ve known each other since grade school. But we got really close our first year of high school. And by the end of the year we were dating, so about 13 years.” I smiled.

“Wow. And how old is your little one?”

“He just turned 3.” I smiled.

“Mama! Look!” He said pointing to the ice.

Luke was standing between Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

When he saw us looking he gave us a nod as he always did.

He refused to wear his helmet during warmups, he always has, so I could see his eyes on us.

He gave us a small wave and then he was off to finish warming up.


The boys won!!!

And Luke scored the winning goal!

Little Aiden begged to stay up to see his dad before he went to bed.

So I let him.

And now he’s asleep with his head on my lap.

“Princess?” Luke called as he opened the front door.

He walked into our little living room dressed in his suit, showing off his bright white teeth.

“Hey babe. Shhhh, Aiden’s asleep.” I smiled.

He came over and slowly scooped him up off my lap and nuzzled his face into Aiden’s neck kissing his cheek.

Holding him with one arm, he grabbed me with his other off the couch. I smiled and followed him to our son’s room.

When we reached his room he laid Aiden down in his “big boy bed” and tucked him in, placing a kiss on his cheek.

Then he turned around and I finally got a good look at his face. He had a bruise forming under his eye.

He took a high stick in the second period.

I sighed and touched his cheek lightly before leaning down and kissing Aiden’s cheek and whispering a goodnight.

We left his room without a word.

“Luke, your cheek.” I said, concerned.

“I know, babe. It was fucking James Neal. Can’t keep his stick on the ice.” He sighed, pulling me against him.

“Would you like a bath? Are you sore?” I asked.

“Nah. I had an ice bath before I left and then took a nice warm shower.” He smiled. “I would like some kisses from my girlfriend who believes tha-”

“That kisses heal. Yes. I am a firm believer of that.” I chuckled.

I took his hand and led him to our room.

“Nice jersey by the way.” He said, I could hear the smirk.

“Thanks. Belongs to some lame hockey player that doesn’t know how to play.” I joked.

“God, I bet he’s awful.” He laughed.

“He is.” I smiled.

Then I pushed him by his shoulders and he let himself fall back on the bed.

I fought to remove his dress pants and his boxer briefs followed quickly after.

Then I straddled his waist and started unbuttoning his dress shirt, slipping it off his shoulders.

“I must say, this is literally all I look forward to after a home game.” He said sitting up to take off his shirt.

“Yeah?” I smiled, biting my lip.

“Mhmm.” He said as I ran my hands down his strong chest.

I leaned down and started kissing his lips, but moved to his cheeks when he started to try and deepen the kiss.

“Always the tease.” He breathed as I started kissing his already blackened eye.

“I have priorities to get to.” I smiled against his skin.

He hissed slightly as I kissed the actual bruise.

“It’ll only make it feel better.” I told him.

“Mhmm.” He said running his hands up my sides under his jersey.

I kissed down his neck before going to the other side, then moving down to his shoulders and collarbones. I grabbed his right hand and kissed each of his fingers then moved to his hand.

I giggled as I looked up at his face. He was smiling at me, watching me through hooded eyes.

“I may fall asleep before we get to my favorite part.” He smirked.

“I can speed it up if you’d like.” I said grinding my hips against his.

“Mmm, yes please.” He basically moaned.

I quickly finished kissing down his left arm and then went down his chest. I slid down his legs and gave him a teasing kiss to the tip of his dick before going to his feet, causing him to flinch and groan.

I massaged them lightly giving them quick kisses. Then I moved up his legs, moving to the inside of his thighs and lastly lightly kissing his balls before going down his other leg.

“Please Princess.” He groaned.

I could already tell that he was almost fully hard.

I ran my hands up his legs, feeling the goosebumps raise on his skin before taking his member into my hand.

I kissed the bottom of his shaft and slowly worked my way up to the tip.

Then I slid part of him into my mouth.

“Fuck. Yes, (Y/N). Just like that, Princess.” He moaned as I started moving my head up and down.

I continued to bob my head until he touched my cheek.

“Stop. Baby, stop. I’m going to cum and I want to cum inside of you.” He groaned.

I let him fall from my mouth with a ‘pop’.

“Come ride me, baby girl.” He said pulling on my hand.

I chuckled as I crawled on top of him, straddling his waist.

I fronded my hips down, letting his cock brush against my clit and spreading my juices over him.

“Fuck (Y/N).” He moaned, grabbing my hips.

“Are you ready for me?” I asked lifting my hips up.

“Absolutely.” He groaned.

I held him in my hand as I aligned myself and slowly sunk down until our hips met.

I leaned forward and took my lips to his ear.

“I’m super proud of you making the winning goal tonight, so you just lay there and let me take good care of you.” I said kissing his neck.

He just nodded.

I sat still to adjust to his size before I started moving.

I slowly lifted my hips and dropped them, not even holding back the soft moans that began to fall from my lips.

“You’re taking such good care of me. Fuck, baby.” Luke moaned pressing his head back into the mattress.

I got more comfortable with the position and started moving faster, the sound of our skin smacking together filling the room.

“Fuuuuck.” I moaned. “You feel so good, Luke.”

He just groaned in response.

I could feel my high approaching and my hips began to swivel against him more than rising and falling. I could tell he was getting close too, as he started bucking his hips up.

“Shit. I’m gonna cum. Fuck (Y/N)!” He said as I felt him release into me.

His release and the wild movements of his hips then sent me over the age.

My limbs shook and my toes curled as I threw my head back. My hips, having a mind of their own, continued to grind against Luke as I rode out my high, my entire body shaking.

“Damn, baby.” Luke said sitting up and wrapping his arms around my convulsing body.

“I think you may have made a mess…” He chuckled, looking down in between us.

“I’m sorry.” I laughed, finally relaxing in his arms.

“Don’t be.” He said kissing my shoulder.

I lifted my hips to take his now softened member out of me and sat back on his legs.

“Wow.” I sighed.

“I know.” He mumbled.

“I should get up and clean-”

“Will you marry me?” He said cutting me off.

“What?” I said taken aback.

“Will you marry me?” He said smiling.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

He patted my butt, signaling he wanted up, so I moved onto the bed.

I watched as he walked over to his dresser and pulled out a tiny black box.

He came back over and kneeled in front of me.

“Marry me.” He said opening the box.

I covered my mouth as I was shocked by the beautiful ring.

“Yes. Yes, Luke! Of course!” I chuckled, throwing my arms around his neck.

He pulled me back and kissed me hard.

“So, you make me squirt all over you and then you propose. Classy, Big Hemmo.” I laugh, pecking his lips.

“Speaking of that, you made a mess.

So, let’s go shower.” He said kissing my neck.

“You may have to carry me.” I laughed.

He scooped me up and I squealed.

“Anything for my fiancé.” He said as he carried me off to our bedroom.


This is my first one shot, so feedback would be appreciated!
If it sucks, then I’m sorry. But if you like it, I’ll gladly take requests!
It’s kind of edited so I apologize for any mistakes 😅


inked (l.h. imagine)

 a/n: drunken nights lead to more than y/n bargained for when she wakes up to a little surprise from tattoo artist!luke.

The sunlight coming in through the window burned through my eyelids as I lay collapsed, amongst the white sheets. My legs were tangled with another pair of much longer legs and someone’s arm was thrown across my side, both of us buried under the heavy blankets. I blinked my eyes a few times before fully opening them, ignoring the pounding headache. The apartment looked vaguely familiar with band posters plastered onto the otherwise bare walls. The body beside me shuffled around under the covers, letting his arm fall from my side. His blonde hair was sticking up just past the edge of the covers.  I pinched the blanket between my fingers and slowly pulled it back to reveal Luke’s angelic face, resting against the pillow. Figures. 

“You want to get out of here?” Luke leaned down next to my ear, yelling over the noise of the loud frat party. His fingers ghosted over the top of my jeans, threatening to dip down below the waistband. My hands ran down his arms, tracing the tattoos that were prominent against his pale skin. We were currently leaning against the counter in the kitchen, trying to see through the haze. I nodded feverishly, taking his hand as he pulled me towards the door.

Somehow we managed to make it back to his apartment alive. I had only tripped once, and it was hardly my fault considering it was dark and the pothole came out of nowhere. After fumbling with the keys Luke pushed the door open and we all but fell inside, kicking out shoes off and throwing our jackets onto the couch. He pressed me up against the door, lips hot against my cold skin. My dress was on the floor before I even got to his bedroom with his shirt following not far behind.

Within minutes we were laying in his bed with nothing but a white sheet covering our warm, naked bodies. Luke ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a content sigh. I scanned his bedroom before kicking off the covers and stumbling around the bedroom to find my underwear.

“What’s this?” I asked, running my fingers over the object sitting on his desk.

“Tattoos,” Luke, mumbled out, not able to form a more intelligent sentence.

“I want one?” I hummed quietly. Alcohol was taking over my thoughts as I looked back at Luke. He was sitting up now, the thin white sheet barely covering his manhood at this point.

“You want a tattoo?” He chuckled. I nodded confidently.

“Give me a tattoo Luke,” I demanded. He shrugged, grabbing his boxers from the floor, and walked over to me.

“Alright sunshine, what do you want?”

 Burrowing my face in the crook of my elbow I let out a groan. I shifted from my side onto my stomach and stretched out my tired limbs. A dull pain shot through my side as I stretched my arms. Pushing myself up I sat back on my heels, lifting the hem of my shirt, feeling around my bare skin. I couldn’t see anything so I threw back the covers and padded across the wood floor to the full body mirror. Pulling up the hem of the shirt once more I inspected my skin. Just along the side of my rib cage was a word in small, black letters, permanently inked into my skin. Luke. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I crossed back towards the bed and took ahold of the end of the blanket. With one strong tug I yanked the blankets off of Luke, exposing his nearly naked body to the cold air of his apartment.

“What the fuck?” He groaned, hardly moving from his position. He lay flat on his stomach with one arm tucked underneath his body and the other stretched out across the mattress to the indent of where my body had been.

“Look at what you’ve done to me,” I snapped. Luke lamely attempted to roll his body over onto his back and propped himself up against the pillows. Rubbing his tired eyes he blinked up at me, squinting. I pulled up my shirt again, gesturing towards the new tattoo I was sporting. A smug smile tugged at his lips before he cleared his throat, fighting laugh.

“This is not funny Lucas,” I rolled my eyes, crawling onto the bed, sitting at his feet.

“It’s a little funny,” he admitted, biting his lip to hide his smile.

“No it’s not. Just because you managed to get me drunk one time does not mean I want your stupid name tattooed on my body forever. I mean, no offence, but it’s not like I’m in love with you or anything.” I grumbled, brushing my hair out of my face. Luke pouted, pushing his bottom lip out and giving me puppy dog eyes.

“My name isn’t stupid,” he all but whined, “Besides, I’ve gotten you drunk plenty of times before. This time you just happened to get a little more from me than, you know, my dick.”

I reached for the nearest pillow, smacking his over the head with it.

“Ow! Careful I’m hung over missy,” Luke held his head, grabbing my wrist to prevent me from swinging again.

“Do I look like that’s my biggest worry right now?” I challenged, wiggling my arm free.

“Sunshine, c’mon. It’s not that big of a deal. Ya know, it could be on your forehead,” Luke tried to reason with me.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” I glared at him. Sliding off the edge of the bed I stood in front of the mirror again. Holding the fabric of my shirt in my hand I stared at the tattoo, as if the longer I stared the more I would begin to like it.

“What am I supposed to tell people when they see it, hmm? ‘Oh yeah this old thing I just got it from some guy when we were both drunk at university, it’s a miracle he got it right.’ That’s not exactly going to go down well,” I groaned. Luke appeared in the mirror behind me.

“I mean, there is one solution,” Luke trailed off, the cold metal of his necklace causing goose bumps to erupt on my skin as he leaned against me to get a better look at the fresh ink.

“Yeah?” I raised my eyebrows at him in the mirror.

“But,” he paused, making eye contact with me through the glass, “I don’t know if I want to let you off so easy.”

“Luke I swear to god,” I started but Luke silenced me.

“I have a preposition for you sunshine,” he stepped back from me and I turned around to face him, hands on my hips.

“I can cover up your ‘horrendous’ tattoo with a little flower or some shit, whatever you want-“

“Really? Luke honestly th-“


“If? Luke no. You did this to me I don’t owe you anything,” I argued.

“You didn’t let me finish sunshine,” he ignored my statement, carrying on. “You only have a problem with it because you’re not in love with me yeah?” He asked. I shrugged, nodding.

“Okay so, if I can’t make you fall in love with me in one month then I will cover up this tattoo with whatever you want.”

“No way, that’s ridiculous Luke,” I shook my head.

“What? You think I’ll be able to make you fall for me, huh? Scared you’ll be stuck with the tattoo forever?” Luke taunted.

“Of course not,” I responded all too quickly, “I just think it would be a waste of your time.”

“Oh really?” Luke retorted, crossing his arms over his chest.

I nodded, hesitating only momentarily.

“How about this, if I can’t make you fall in love with me in one month I’ll cover up your little tattoo AND I’ll get a tattoo of your name on my ass or something,” Luke proposed. I laughed at the idea of Luke having my name on his ass for the rest of his life. However, I just didn’t know if I’d be able to refrain from falling for his good looks and undeniable charm for an entire month when I already struggled with it as it was.

Nonetheless I stuck my hand out to him in agreement.

“You have yourself a deal Hemmings.”

let me know if you want a part two!


so ofc when i get to bed loads of shit happens on twitter and what not so again im going to tell you guys whats happened and give my opinion.

PART 1 http://bocaclifford.tumblr.com/post/129411313498/luke-drama

PART 2 http://bocaclifford.tumblr.com/post/129444822453/luke-drama-pt-2

okay so last night Luke dmed an account on twitter saying that him asking Arzaylea if he could take pictures with fans didnt happen. he said something along the lines of “your last tweet is so untrue, stop causing trouble please :-(((” but why would somebody make something like that up? i want to believe luke but tbh it just feels like he’s protecting her and trying to make us feel bad when she’s the one in the wrong. luke putting her before fans yet again.

and also i found something that really pissed me off. so an account on twitter has sources close to the boys and said that Arzaylea is a pot head and smokes all the time. at first i was like “okay whatever” but apparently Arzaylea and luke were out with her friends and she was making fun of Luke and calling him a pussy because he wouldnt smoke. the source said he was uncomfortable and eventually gave in and smoked. this pisses me off on so many levels. first of all: never force anybody to do anything they dont want to or peer pressure them into doing it. this bitch thinks shes so amazing that she’s calling Luke a ‘pussy’, she clearly doesnt know anything about him!! we know that luke is a shy, sensible guy. if she wants someone to do drugs with, she can fuck off bc she’s not having Luke. next.

something that really shocked me is that apparently luke has had like 4 relationships like this since 2014 but kept them all secret.(i think they were Laetita, Sara Ellen, Emma and i havent found out the last girls name) first: luke youre a sleez. second: if he kept those relationships secret, whats so special about arzaylea that he takes her out everywhere?? people are saying that its modest which i can kinda see making sense since Arzaylea went backstage w/ Bryana at a show which is something groupies have never done (think Sara Ellen and Acacia) but its the fact that Brashton have been together a v long time and have never done anything like this. theyve been very responsible and mature about the whole situation and have respected fans. but luke and arzaylea have been together for a short amount of time and we already have hq pictures.


luke also hasnt worn his purity ring since like 2013 and is reportedly always ‘losing shirts’ we thought luke was the good one who never got involved with girls and groupies but it turns out we were very wrong. somebody pointed out to me the differnece between luke and arzaylea and luke and aleisha (luke’s old gf back in like 2011/12) understandably yes he was younger then but still, those relationships are very different.

also fans have been unfollowed and some maybe even blocked by luke for talking about arzaylea. well fuck you luke. the fans totally arent the people who have been supporting you for years, way longer than you’ve known this bitch. and apparently he’s been giving fans dirty looks when he’s with iggy arzaylea. LUKE STOP ACTING LIKE A TWAT! cant he see she’s changing him!! whatever if he wants to let her walk all over him let him.

whether its set up by modest (which the more i read into it the more i believe it) or is just a fling taken to the next level this girl is bad news and a very bad influenece on Luke. and if this is mangagement/modest, luke has clearly agreed to go along with it. i want the old luke back. i just know that in a few years he’ll find his perfect girl and she wont be anything like sleezaylea. as always if more infrmation comes up or find something ive missed out, i’ll make another post. also thank you for your responses y’all are cute af :)

whatever you do, you cant forget the fact that Arzaylea cheated on her ex Bryan with Luke and still owes Bryan rent money. she’s done a load of other stuff but i talked that in other posts. have fun luke.

My Brothers Best Friend (Michael Clifford Imagine) - Part 1

Originally posted by hoodzer

Requested: Yeahh, thanks for requesting guys! I like the idea of this (even though it’s common)

Warnings: Swearing and lowkey smut

A/N: I might include smut in future parts, but only if you want. If you want a part 2, please tell me!

My Brothers Best Friend Masterlist

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Boyfriend For Hire

Band Member: Luke

Type: Relationship AU

Description: The moment the invite dropped on through your letterbox, you realised you were screwed. Your ex-boyfriend was getting married and he’d told you to bring along your boyfriend. Great. Well, it would be if you actually had a boyfriend.

You took a deep breath and quickly proofread the message.

Needed urgently: guy to come with me to my ex’s wedding this Saturday. It’s complicated. Please don’t be weird.

You hadn’t got any other choice. You’d exhausted your list of friends, pleading and begging for one of them to come with you to the wedding that had caused more angst than you believed your own future wedding would. You were going to refuse, his new girlfriend couldn’t stand you because of reasons you didn’t know. It had been the handwritten note Zack had sent with it that made it impossible to say no, it almost made the bride Sophie sound like a civil human being. The sweet words still captivated you a little now but you weren’t in love with him anymore. Your love for him had faded once he’d moved away and you found your only fascination with him was with his charm. But Zack had mentioned hearing about your new boyfriend, suggesting he accompanied you so they could ‘exchange tips’. You’d frowned at the letter, questioning what boyfriend it was he’d heard about. Sure, you’d dated after your breakup but none of them had really been long term commitments.

So you swallowed hard and pressed submit.

You’d almost forgot about your advert until you got a message from your best friend asking if you’d solved the problem. She had suggested that you simply claimed you were ill or took her and said that you and the fictitious boy had caught the flu. You had been tempted until you checked your replies. Amongst the weird replies asking for all sorts of unsavoury things, one actually sounded promising.

Well hello there, Luke, you thought to yourself when you saw the picture he’d attached ‘to prove I’m not sixty and/or look like a serial killer’.

You read what he’d put about being up for a laugh and an open bar meant it was a promising day already. You laughed, smiling as you typed out a reply and gave him your number.

It was barely five minutes after when he replied.

Pick me up at 12.

It took your forever to settle on an outfit. Your best friend kept asking if you were sure you were over Zack but you weren’t really thinking about seeing him, you were focused on Luke though you’d be lying if you didn’t want to show off how amazing you looked in your navy coloured dress. This boy you’d messaged over the past few days had some sort of hold over you, he was funny and sweet and made you feel the butterflies you’d missed so badly.

“You can do this,” you muttered to yourself as you walked up to his front door. “He’s just a guy.”

But part of you couldn’t help but wonder if he might not be Luke at all and you were wrong to reject your best friend’s offer of driving you to the venue. You knocked on the door and stood back, praying it wasn’t some 42-year-old man called Harold.

The door opened and your heart dropped when it wasn’t him. The guy was still attractive but he wasn’t Luke.

“Is Luke here? I haven’t fucked up and got the wrong address, have I?” you asked, realising there was probably a perfectly innocent reason.

“Oh! You’re actually you!” the guy said with a grin before opening the door fully for you to go inside. “Mike! You owe me money!”

The guy with the red hair appeared from the top of the stairs and sighed. “Shit, it actually did turn out to be the right girl.”

“We’re happy it’s you but we bet Luke you were some old dude,” the guy who was holding the door explained.

“You’ll look after him, won’t you?” Mike asked with a serious expression. “Ashton and I raised him right, we expect you to treat him like the prince he is.”

You raised your eyebrows but nodded anyway. “Uh, sure.”

“Good,” Ashton said. “Luke! Get down here!”

You hadn’t expected him to be so tall, it almost took your breath away. But those eyes, you hadn’t been prepared for them to be so blue. And that lip ring, if he kept biting it, you weren’t sure you’d make it until tonight to have a drunken kiss with him.

“Hey,” he said shyly. “Sorry about them, they think they’re funny.”

“It’s okay,” you replied perhaps a little too brightly. “But the taxi is waiting and the taximeter is going.”

He nodded, telling the guys to lock up once they left his house. You walked awkwardly to the taxi and let him help you inside. The journey was quiet with only the odd passing comment about the wedding venue and how pretty the drive up to it was. You found the bar, it was the easiest place to talk away from the guests who you recognised.

“So what have you told them about your boyfriend?” Luke asked before sipping his drink.

“Nothing really apart from that we’ve been together two years apparently. Whoever told Zack can be blamed for that. Other than the length of time, we can run with it.”

He nodded slowly then broke into a cheeky smile. “Would you be against having some fun?”

You almost choked on your drink and Luke’s cheeks blushed intensely when he realised how that sounded.

“I meant messing with the guests a little!” he informed you quickly. “Shit, I didn’t mean… well, that.”

“At least wait until after dinner,” you said joked. “Honestly, it’s fine. I like the idea, Zack’s family were never my biggest fans, even more so after I broke up with him and he started seeing Sophie. I know her from school and she hates me. But let’s not go crazy, I don’t want to ruin it for them.”

Luke nodded. “I know, I remember what you’ve said. Zack seems like a nice guy even if Sophie hates you.”

“He is, he was my best friend once upon a time,” you said with a ghost of a smile. “We better go out there, I doubt being late will make his mother like me any more than she currently does.”

Luke laughed, following you out. He caught your hand and held it in his. You looked up at him, confused to why it felt so right. You dropped your gaze quickly and missed the look he gave you completely. Luke was staring at you trying to work out how easy it was to imagine you were actually his girlfriend. He didn’t want to know why his heart quickened in pace when you smiled at him or why he felt like you were perfect after a few days. He spent the ceremony trying to work out why he wanted to keep holding your hand even though you were practically a stranger. But you weren’t to him. The phone calls and the texting over the last few days had made you feel more like somebody he could actually fall in love with.

After the ceremony, you led him outside to the lawn where they were handing out champagne like it was cheap. Zack spotted you and made a beeline for you, towing his new wife with him.

“You made it!” he said with more enthusiasm than he’d ever shown you before.

You introduced yourself to Sophie who looked at you like you’d come from a faraway planet.

“It’s a beautiful venue,” you complimented just to break the awkward silence.

“I bet you could only dream about this kind of wedding,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

You frowned at her but Zack moved in to kiss your cheek lightly and you congratulated him. You moved across to say the same to his bride only to find she’d disappeared amongst a gathering of Zack’s family.

“Don’t mind Sophie, she’s not exactly happy you’re here,” he explained like it was a joke. “You must be the boyfriend!”

Zack stuck out his hand to Luke who shook it while smiling.

“I was worried you wouldn’t come,” Zack said to the both of you. “I know it’s odd to come to your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s wedding but she was my best friend before we dated and I always said I’d want her here no matter what.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to stand in her way,” Luke said as he held Zack’s stare. “She wanted to be here and I wanted to support her.”

“That’s good,” Zack agreed. “I’m glad she met somebody who does that for her. She’s a special girl.”

Luke tugged on his lip ring before answering. “She deserves to be happy and I hope she is.”

Luke wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer into his side. You wondered if the guys realised how stern they were being but when you looked up at Luke’s tightened jaw, you wondered why he was so serious around Zack.

“So what do you do, Luke?” Zack questioned after sipping the champagne.

“I’m a musician, I play and sing in a band,” he explained.

“Our guy cancelled last night, Sophie was up for hours trying to get a replacement,” Zack said, obviously hoping Luke would pull a guitar out of his arse and volunteer to play a song.

Somebody tapped the microphone and announced the bride was about to throw her bouquet.

Luke looked down at you with a smile that said he had something in mind. He leant down to whisper in your ear. “How are you at catching?”

“Not too bad, why?” you said back with a suspecting glare.

“Just trust me,” he said with a wink before looking back up. “Zack – I’ll play a song after Sophie throws her bouquet.”

Zack’s eyes lit up and he thanked Luke, pointing out the guitar on the stage like he might not have seen it before he’d agreed to play an acoustic set. He scurried off to tell Sophie, leaving you with Luke.

“I’m not explaining,” he said simply. “Just go catch her bouquet and I’ll piss her off a little.”

“Don’t ruin the wedding by announcing you’re having some sort of affair with her mum, Luke,” you sighed.

He laughed, shaking his head and pushing you into position. You waited and tried not to laugh as Luke coached your through some rugby stances he thought might be useful. He held your high heels for you, sitting them on the edge of the stage while he got the stage sorted for him. Catching the flowers looked hopeless when the bridesmaids stood next to you but with one word from Luke, they all seemed to arc around you and seemed to block the others from even attempting. The giggling gave you a clue, you overheard one say that it’d annoy Sophie that you of all people got her expensive bouquet anyway.

You jumped and managed to catch it easily enough when the bridesmaids got in everybody else’s way. You acted thrilled, seeing Luke’s face pretending to be surprised. You screamed, jumping up and down with the new allies like you’d won the lottery. You saw Sophie’s miffed expression and couldn’t help but feel a little better.

“Hey, babe!” Luke’s voice came over the speakers. “You caught the bouquet!”

You held it up as proof, waving it like some kind of victory flag.

“Well, they say you’ll be the person to get married next, don’t they?” he asked and the crowd cheered back to him as a yes. “Oh, right.”

He sang your name softly and you bit your lip to resist laughing.

“Will you marry me then? I can’t imagine the flowers could be wrong,” he said with almost a serious look of love on his face. “I’ll write songs about how beautiful you are and I swear I’ll never ignore your text messages even if you’ve sent me another funny cat video.”

Luke surprised himself with how easy it was to say these things as he strummed the guitar. Maybe it was true. Maybe he could get used to acting like your boyfriend. Maybe he was hoping he could ask you out on a real date after this.

“Yes!” you shouted, throwing your arms out dramatically. “I will marry you!”

And you were completely oblivious to how he smiled as he turned his face away to find the guitar pick.

“Then I dedicate this song to the future Mrs Hemmings,” he said softly. “Oh, and the newlyweds.”

Reasons Why Han x Leia are Superior to Most of Your OTPS

1) Other than the name calling, Han and Leia has not displayed behavior that is deemed totally problematic.
2) Leia often calls Han out on his shit, and he actually thinks about it and tries to fix it.
3) Han doesn’t show posessive behavior, in fact when Han thinks Leia is having a thing with Luke he litterally says he will let her go if it makes her happy.
4) Leia gives Han a reason to fight. Remember the I love you know I know scene.
5) They know each others boundaries. Leia litterally falls on Han and Han gently tames the situation before it gets risque.
6) They kiss so magically.
7) We got to see them at Old Age! Like when are going to see that in our shows before they end or get canceled
8) It’s that one pairing everyone pretty much can’t NOT ship.
9) Pretty much half your OTPS are based off them.
10) They are pretty much that one OTP You will love to tthe death.

What I got from Han and Leia’s relationship in Bloodline was that they were two very different people who adored each other, still were really into each other sexually, and had figured out a way to be together even if the way they lived their lives meant they couldn’t be together all the time. I do think there was some tension in the relationship regarding their son but everything about Ben and Luke is shrouded in mystery. It’s hard to know what Han felt since we see him through Leia. 

Han went back to his old ways when he abandoned any semblance of legitimacy and ran away to be a smuggler again. I would have to go back and read it again but it seems like he’s been doing the things he’s doing in Bloodline for years. 

Chapter One - Pilot

Words: 2.9k

Summary: So this is where it starts. The beginning of a journey…Hope you enjoy this new fan fiction!! Remember to tell me your thought’s 😚


*Michael’s POV*

“Michael stay away from the road! Stay on the pavement at all times!“ I heard my Momma yell out to me from the back garden.

I swerved around the pavement and tried to stay off the road, peddling the bike using most of my energy. My parents told me that Santa Claus had left it just for me at Christmas which was only six months ago now. The bike was a cherry red colour with blue handle bars, which had a weird texture on them that made my hands feel weird and had ‘Mikey’ in yellow lettering written on down tube. It was the most coolest bike I had ever seen in my 5 years of living. I had never owned a bike before so my dad had taught me how to ride it but I still needed stabilisers as we had tried without them but I kept toppling the bike over. As you can see I wasn’t good at keeping my balance.

After riding up and down the lane and saying hello to a couple of neighbours, I grew bored and went back to the house but as I parked my bike down in front of the door, I heard a loud beeping sound. I looked over the hedge and saw that there was a large lorry reversing into the drive next door. My eyebrows punched together in confusion and my grip on the fence tightened so I wouldn’t fall. That house had been empty for quite a while now, why were people moving in now?

Our previous neighbour was an old lady called Barbs who would always babysit me and feed me cookies, but she was moved to an old peoples home a couple of months ago. She was a very nice old lady but she had a moustache and always smelt of sterilisers. Momma said that old people had to keep in good hygiene if they wanted to live, but I didn’t know why they still smelt like that.

She had three grandchildren and the youngest one Luke was mean. Ben and Jack were nice to me, always smiling and giving me hugs before they went into Barbs house but Luke always pulled my hair and laughed when I told him to stop. Me and Luke never got along, since we started nursery together so when they went round to old Barbs house, he would purposely kick the ball over to  my garden so I would have to give it back and see them all playing. I don’t have any siblings, in fact my parents always tell me I’m their little miracle because apparently my Momma couldn’t have any kids and when she had me, the doctors said I wouldn’t survive.

When I saw a really tall man get out of the lorry and wave at me, I smiled slightly before rushing into my house. Momma always said it was rude to stare.

“Momma! Momma!” I shouted running to our kitchen, my feet pounding against the floor.

“Are you hurt? What did you do?"She said frantically, quickly placing her glass of juice on the side counter. She dropped down in front of me and took my face in her hands and inspected for any injuries. She kept checking until I giggled, telling her to get off me.

"Why is there a big lorry in next doors garden?” I asked, my head tilting to the side with a pout. Momma stopped fussing over me, stood to her feet and walked over to our front room windows. I stood on the navy sofa behind the window as my mum looked out, a smile on her face and my hands gripping her jumper. There was a woman with long black hair, moving a bed frame with the man their heads getting thrown back with laughter when the man fell over.

“Oh, we have new neighbours baby.” She chirped, she walked back to the kitchen and started rummaging through the cupboards. “Let’s make them some goodies!” I ran over the help get all the ingredients out to make brownies or fairy cakes.

“What shall we make for them?” My mom asked me, picking me up and sitting me down on the island.

“Brownies! Everyone loves brownies!” I cheered, pulling all the stuff to make brownies towards me. My mum put the ingredients needed to make cupcakes back in the cupboard and started to weigh out all the ingredients. Flour, cocoa powder and sugar went in together but I put my face too close to the mix so I got covered in the powders. I giggled as Momma laughed at me, putting me on the floor and telling me to get the eggs. I trotted over to the fridge but nearly knocked it over as I couldn’t reach the handle.

“Little Mikey, let me help.” She laughed, pulling the fridge open, taking out the milk and eggs. She placed the milk on the side and I brought over my stool so I could reach the side.

“You know there might be a little boy or girl you could play with next door. You could finally have some friends baby boy.” Momma spoke softly, running her hand through my hair.

“I only saw a man and that pretty woman Momma.” I said, my tongue sticking out the side my mouth as I poured the cup of milk into the bowl along with the flour. I got the wooden spoon mixing the mixture around as my mum added eggs and sugar.

“Get rid of all the lumps, Mikey.” I nodded mixing the eggs in the flour and swirling it around. The lumps in the mix started to disappear and I wiggled around the spoon. Momma grabbed the bowl and spoon and started mixing it with me, giggling as a bit of mixture splashed on my cheek. I let go of the spoon as Momma poured the mixture into a baking tray, making sure not to spill it over the edges. I wiped my cheek with my finger and stuck it in my mouth, sucking on it and tasting the thick flavour of chocolate.

“You want to lick the bowl Mikey?” I nodded my head grabbing the glass bowl. I stuck my head in the bowl and licked up it, as Momma put the baking tray in the oven and shut the door. I felt some mixture dab on my nose and I licked over the sides of the bowl gathering the mixture on my tongue. I put the bowl down on the side and gave a cheeky smile to my mum whilst she laughed at my grubby face.

“Why don’t you go out on your bike whilst they’re cooking?” She said wiping my face with a wet cloth.

“Ok!” I mumbled, puffing out my lips and wiping my face dry. I ran outside and climbed onto my bike making sure not to bump into the car on our driveway.

I rode out onto the sidewalk, trying to get a view of the new neighbours. The tall man I saw from earlier was taking out boxes from the lorry, a couple of boys older than me helping him out. I peddled towards the front of the lorry and parked under The Peach tree that had been here years before I was born. It was such a pretty tree and I always found comfort in when I was having a bad day. The light brown wood was smooth and had specks of green against it, moss growing on the roots but not of the trunk. The flowers of the peach tree varied of all the pinks you could come up with; the most prettiest of the flowers were baby pink that faded out into a fuchsia pink. The peaches that grew on the tree always made my mouth water. I was told not to eat them because they held some weird voodoo power that some old people believed in, but I ate them anyway.

When I realised I had been under the tree for a while, I rode forward but the roots of the tree had a grip on my bike wheels, making me fall over the handle bars. I squealed when I landed, holding my head so I wouldn’t bang it, but I ended up hurting my knees and elbows instead.

“Oh my god!” I heard a small voice say behind me gasp.

I stood to my feet, wincing in pain as my knees cracked loudly and my elbows banging against my sides. I dusted myself off, wiping my muddy hands onto my Poppas black Sabbath shirt and nearly fainted at the sight of my bloody knees. I whimpered when I realised the stones I had landed on were now in my raw knees, making them even more sore and itchy.

“Are you ok?” I spun round to be faced with a girl who had her two front teeth still missing and her wild black curls all over the place. Her skin was tanned and she had a weird voice, as if she didn’t know how to pronounce he words properly. Her piercing blue eyes were staring down at my bloody knees in shock but when she looked back at me, she gave me a smile that went from ear to ear, dimples deep and popping her cheeks.

“I’m ok.” I said through gritted teeth, smiling through the pain. The girl narrowed her eyes at me and point to the blood oozing from my knees and elbows.

“You’re bleeding, which means you’re hurt and that means you’re not ok.” She sassed me, grabbing my hand and pulling me behind her towards her house.

“W-where are we going?” I asked, my hand holding the girls tightly.

“My mummy has a first aid kit.” She said as she pulled me through her house. I saw her parents stacking boxes and they were laughing together again, making stupid faces. The girl took me to the bathroom and I slowly followed until she pulled the toilet lid down and pushed me onto it. I watched her reach for the cupboard and take out the first aid kit, grabbing a wipe and a plaster.

“What are you doing?” I asked, she opened up the packet and unfolded the wipe.

“It’s a antiseptic wipe to clean your cut. My mummy taught me.” She got onto the floor below me and grabbed my knee. “It might sting” She said looking up at me, her tongue sticking between her missing teeth. I nodded my head as she wiped it over my skin, hissing at the stinging sensation but she kept a grip on my knee, cleaning up the blood. When she was done she threw the wipe in the bin and got a hold of a ninja turtle plaster.  She put the ninja turtle plaster on my cut and stood up in between my legs.

“What are you doing Y/N?” I heard a woman say, I turned to the door and the woman I saw earlier was stood there with my mum.

“He fell off his bike and hurt himself. He still needs his elbows to be cleaned.”

“Michael?” My mum smiled. “Are you okay baby?”

“I’m fine Momma.” And I wasn’t lying. Even though I had cut myself there was a pretty girl in front of me smiling a dimpled smile with her eyes being surrounded by crinkles, her tongue peaking out from the gap between her missing teeth.

“I brought round the brownies Mikey, let go downstairs.” I jumped off the toilet and followed Y/N down stairs. We got down to their kitchen and it was weirdly similar to ours with black flooring and white cupboards. They obviously hadn’t un-loaded the stuff yet as the kitchen was bare apart from the tray of brownies and a few paper plates. Y/N grabbed a paper plate and placed a brownie onto it.

“Here you go Michael!” Giggling as she watched my mouth drool over them. She grabbed a brownie for herself and turned towards me, her wild curly hair flinging over her shoulder.

“Let’s go outside.” Y/N squealed, prancing towards the front door. I once again followed Y/N outside as she made her way to the peach tree, her dress splaying out as she twirled, her black mini Doc Martens dodging cracks on the sidewalk. The pink flowers that had fallen from the tree were scattered around the floor, completing her white dress and boots. I sat down next to her carefully and looked at her, she was looking down at my bike and traced her fingers over my name.

“M-I-CH-E-Y” she spelled out slowly, taking longer than most kids my age would. “What does it say?” She sadly smiled at me, eating a piece of brownie.

“Mikey, it’s my nickname.” I smiled proudly.

“Can I call you Mikey?” Y/N asked looking at me with crumbles of brownie round her mouth.

“Yeah.” I shrugged, putting the brownie in my mouth. I moaned at the soft texture of it and the chocolate sticking to the roof of my mouth. Y/N giggled at me and shoved the rest of her brownie in her mouth and smile at me.

“How old are you?” She asked stroking over my plaster.

“I’m five! I’m nearly six.″

"I’m 5 too, but I just turned five.!” Y/N squealed excitedly.

“We should be best friends.” she whispered, flicking her eyelashes at me and I quickly nodded my head. I’d never had a best friend, the closest I’ve had to a friend was Luke from next door. But I hated him. I looked over to Y/N’s house and my mum and Y/N’s mum were walking towards us.

“You little monkeys okay?” Y/N’s momma asked, squatting down in front of us.

“Yeah we’re best friends.” I said, Y/N giggled and laid her head on my shoulder.

“Y/N baby, how would you like to sleep round Mikey’s house tonight?” Y/N’s mum said.

“W-hat? why?” She mumbled and looked up at her.

“We haven’t got your room ready yet and Karen said it would be ok as Mikey has a spare mattress”

“Ok.” she chirped, turning her head towards me.

“I’m going to grab your clothes from the car and you can take them round Michael’s.” Y/N’s mum said walking over to the small blue car. She grabbed a pink backpack and a white blanket brining it over to my mum who took the bag.

“C'mon lets go inside.” My mum said, I stood up and helped Y/N up and we walked to my house. I was still holding Y/N’s hand as we walked inside. She squeezed my hand and my mum turned around.

“Mikey if you take Y/N’s things upstairs and show her your room I’ll get the bedding.” I nodded grabbing a hold of the pink bag, it had a few sparkles on the main frame and Y/N grabbed her blanket. Y/N stood at the door and ‘wowed’. My room was medium size and I had a small bed in the middle. The bedding was dinosaurs as they were my favourite animal. I had a small desk where I do my colouring and I have a CD player. I have a lot of albums, my daddy likes the foo fighters and green day so I sometimes listen to them.

“Gu-rr-ee-n- du-ay” She read.

“Green day” I said, she blushed and covered her cheeks with her hand.

“I can’t read very well yet..”

“It’s ok.” I smiled placing down her bag on my bed. She opened her bag up and I pulled out the mattress from under my bed. Momma walked in with the sheets and made the bed for Y/N, who was stood sucking on the dark blue blanket.

“Ok, Y/N darling the bed is ready, the bathroom is down the hall if you need any help I’m here ok?”

“Ok m'am” she mumbled grabbing her pyjamas.

The clash of thunder shook through the walls and I sat up in bed. I wasn’t scared of thunder I actually enjoyed it. But I could hear small whimpers coming from the floor at the end of my bed.

“Mikey” Y/N whispered.


“I’m scared” she sobbed. I turned on my bedside light and looked at her. She was hugging her blanket and her teddy bear. I moved my dinosaur duvet to the side and she jumped up crawling over me and hugging me. I wrapped my tiny hand around her body and moved her blanket out of my face. I pulled up the duvet over her shaking body as she cried into my shoulder.

“Shh, it’s just thunder.” I stroked over her hair pulling it back off her face. She had tear stained cheek and rosy cheeks.

“Do you not like thunder?” I asked. She shook her head and snuggled into me.

“It scares me a lot” Y/N mumbled.

“It’s not going to hurt you, I promise.” She sat up slightly and pushed her hair back and wiped her eyes, hiccuping. There was a flash of light outside the window and Y/N head spun round looking out the window. There was a crack of thunder and Y/N clutched onto my hand. I sat up next to her and pulled her into my chest.

“I’ll keep you safe” I mumbled into her hair, “I’ll fight off the scary thunder for you.”

“For me?”

“For you.”