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#day 465 #daily #sketch #challenge #art #illustration #sketching #sketchbook #drawing #doodle #ink #pen I was thinking this morning how funny it is that we call people animals. “You are acting like such an animal!” … Lol. Like I would never consider placing a human on such a high pedestal. Not once in the history of animals did a lion stop mid chase and say “hmmmm maybe I’m NOT hungry today.” They pursue their goals relentlessly, humans do not.They eat and function on only what’s absolutely necessary. They live without want for anything that isn’t already there’s. When they kill, it actually has a benefit. They sleep peacefully, they interpret nothing. They simply exist. And finally they die without kicking and screaming. I’m not 100% convinced we’re superior. One should be honored if someone considered you an animal. But more importantly… I really don’t want to go to class today.

It is quite ridiculous that because we write something considered criminal that people assume that we condone those actions. We do not. Even though it’s RPing, it’s just like every other book story. Just because it was written about doesn’t mean the author approves of it. As RPers, we already take on our responsibilities by tagging our posts where there would be triggers and put it under ‘read more’ when we find it necessary. It is your choice as a reader to not blacklist those tags. To click the read more link and read what’s there despite the warnings. Do not complain to the RPer for something you could have easily avoided yourself. We are not physically there to force you not to read it. That is your own responsibility, not ours. We fulfilled ours. Do not blame us for your choices.

i feel like i am nothing. i don’t even take care of myself anymore. when was the last time i washed my hair? painted my nails? i don’t know. i don’t even want to watch anime or play games now. i’m so stressed, i just wanna drop out of school. why do i need to go there everyday if i don’t even remember what did i learned 5 minutes ago? this is so useless. 

and basically, i only have three friends. one of them can’t go out and doesn’t like the same things as me, so we just talk when it’s necessary. and my two friends whom i share interests with just… don’t really care about me, you know? one of them reads my message and take days to answer- or don’t answer at all- we already spent a month without talking because i didn’t message him after sharing something i really liked and got ignored. and the other one lives near me but always go out with her other friends and never calls me to go. i feel so left out. i’m not and never will be a special person in someone’s life.

Tips In Looking For Firms That Handles Chiropractor
By Iva Cannon

There are times that we think we are healthy, but if you take a closer look, you will be able to see some changes, especially when it comes to the physical part. Most physical changes are caused by the bones or the skin, so have yourself checked right away.

If you think you have problems when it comes to your spine, you have to make sure that you consult your doctor for it so that they can provide you some basic tips on how you can go about it. Most of the time Chiropractor Georgetown TX can do the job. To identify if that certain organization is good enough, reading this article can give you the idea.

The key thing that you should always do is to get all the information needed. It is just like loading your rifle before you jump into a war. This might sound not that necessary, because we think that the doctor already knows what needs to be done. This is a risk that you are taking. Ignorance can certainly be a problem, especially in searching for the best firm to handle your needs.

Also, the web is where you can find all sorts of information. What you can do is just search the keyword that you are looking for and you are good to go. Mostly, there are thousands of articles that will come up as a result. Most search engine will sort them out based on the relevance of the article, so this means that the first on the list is the closest one.

The procedure should always be done by a professional. There is no way you can just do it without having any clue on how to do things correctly. If you really want to try it out, then learn it first and lt a professional guide you. However, this can take some time and will cost you more. So, just let the professionals do it instead, especially those professionals that has the experience.

The tools that they use is undeniably important. Well, you might already have an idea about that, because that is basically this article is entitled for. Like any other tools, they can versions. Yes, there are older ones and there are new ones too. Of course, the new version has the most wonderful functionality and lesser chance of risks, so go for firms that has it.

The cost of the procedure also matters. You have to compare them and see what you think really fits your budget. Of course, this should not be your main basis when it comes to choosing the right organization. A deal that is too good to be true, can be a form of a scam, so do not settle down for anything unless they are proven legit.

You should not hesitate to inquire. This is not a sign that you do not have a clue or you are stupid. Take note that the person that wants to learn are those individuals that are witty enough to acknowledge their lack of knowledge.

With these tips in mind, finding the right company should be easy. Well, this might not be a surefire method, but it can certainly help in some ways.

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Tips In Looking For Firms That Handles Chiropractor

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