when we already doing what is necessary

HobbitCon PSA

As HobbitCon is next week and we had a few minors who didn’t know about this last year what resulted in a few stressful minutes for everyone, I decided to make this post.

If you are under 18 and want to attend HobbitCon, you need a permission of your parents.
It’s vaguely mentioned in the English Wiki but doesn’t elaborate on this matter.

parental consent form (if necessary)

We staff people are instructed to check if you are already 18 when you get your badges, and it can get really messy if your parents are not with you and you don’t have this form. It doesn’t matter if you are 14 or 17 1/2, we have to check it and if you don’t have the form we cannot let you in. Period.

So, what do you do?

Let your parents write this thing.

For example: [translation from German HobbitCon Wiki]

We, [name and address of your parents] allow our daughter/son [your name] to visit HobbitCon alone.

[date and signature of your parents]

It’s not much, but it spares us and yourself a lot of anger and stress, so it would be great if you share this with your friends who are also attending HobbitCon and maybe don’t speak enough German to read the Wiki.

I wish you all a good time until the convention, safe travels and see you there!

There seems to be two camps when it comes to Anders. There’s either:

He’s a murderer and a terrorist and fuck him he deserves to die.


Anders did what was entirely necessary. The war was already happening, if he didn’t do it someone else would have!

Is there a camp for: I really wish Bioware had done a better job demonstrating the inequailty and very dark deep rooted problems with the Circle, Kirkwall’s in particular, so we as players could have made a better judgement?

Like I get the game is purely Varric’s story spun for Cassandra’s benefit, and Varric remains totally neutral through out DA2, but in DAI we see thats not the case, he’s sorrowful over the destruction of his home, he wishes that none of that had ever happened and blames himself for it.

I thought the Templars had the right of it the first time, I couldnt go anywhere without being attacked by demons, abominations, or bloodmages. But the more attention you pay to the codex entries, to the ambient banter, the more you read between the lines and really feel the game, the darker and darker the situation gets, the more you can see the horrible cycle that both the mages and templars are abused by and perpetuate.

Idk I just really wish we could have seen more. More of the suffering, gone with Anders to rescue mages. Had more emotional depth when your sibling is taken by the rebel mages. Just, anything more than they gave us.

thefeministdefinition asked:

Hey, the attitudes you mentioned are very insightful and shocking! We are interested to learn more about these issues and will definitely be checking out the video you linked. I guess it's all about education moving forward & looking at upbringing and environmental factors. We love your enthusiasm, and was wondering if you would be willing to answer a couple of questions. We are asking women from all walks of life: What does being a woman mean to you? & Why do you think women are strong? Thanks

You’re right about the education thing. If people are taught from childhood that all genders are absolutely equal in all ways, then eventually the sentiment will spawn a new generation of young adults who don’t think feminism is necessary because their world is already pretty balanced out. 
When feminists aren’t needed, progress towards a better world has been made. 

Being a woman means, to me, simply identifying as one. There is literally no other criteria — not what gender you were born as, not what clothes you wear, not your sexuality, your attitude, your haircut — nothing. Just whether you identify as one or not. 

I think women are strong because a lot of them have been brought up in such a way, or in such a place, where they have to fight for every little thing they have. Many women in India are pushed into marriage instead of pursuing their careers. I have nothing against women wanting to walk this path willingly, but the moment they are forced upon it, you’re taking away their right to choose their own lives. Women in top executive positions are not taken seriously, despite the struggle some of them had to go through to get there. Their success may be attributed to ‘good looks’, ‘nice body’ or ‘daddy’s money’. Women have fought tooth and nail for every single right we have today. Some have given their lives so that other women may live a better life. That, I believe, makes every woman who has ever stood up in the face of sexism, a warrior. It doesn’t matter how ‘mundane’ the thing seems to you. Whether it be standing up for girls’ education, like Malala, or fighting off sexist stereotypes, like most girls today, it is important. You don’t need to give speeches in front of a chock-full stadium, or organize feminist rallies or any other grand gesture to be a feminist, to make a change. You just need to stand up against sexism in everyday life, and you are a feminist. A warrior woman. There’s no need to shout it out into a crowd of thousands. Showing it in simple everyday gestures is also effective. 
That being said, I do believe that organizing rallies, giving speeches etc is necessary, but all I’m trying to say is that not every one needs to do it to be known as a feminist. The most important thing anyone can do as a feminist is to teach their children or students that all genders are equally important, and to bring them up in such a manner that they stand up against this world that we live in, and understand the importance of gender equality. It’s the only way towards a better society.

I spent most of the day (six long hours) in the train to go to the national POTS specialist. And it was so worth it! The hospital is so different from my local hospital, which is very small. I think I finally have my official POTS diagnosis, without having to quit my meds like the previous vascular internist told me was necessary. My heartrate jumped from 80bpm to 130bpm when I stood up and didn’t stop climbing during the few minutes I stood up.

The doctor also noticed that I have a very extreme case of Raynaud’s and that it might be wise to get that checked out again. It is possible that it is caused by the EDS but it’s not very likely due to the severity of it.  

We dicussed treatment options and this is what we’re going to do:

Since I’m already taking vasodilators there is no point in me taking midodrine, a vasoconstrictor. So that’s out.

I got a prescription for therapeutic compression stockings of the highest class. They will come in two parts: one that goes up to my knee and the other part that covers my thigh. I hope there will be fashionable options when I get them fitted.

Next to that I have to call my insurance to find out whether or not they’ll pay for silver gloves and socks to help with the Raynaud’s. We’re hoping that this will be enough to lower my dose of vasdilators. Apparantly I am on the highest dose of one of the strongest vasodilators, which is not good for someone my age.

I have another appointment in a month and if my condition hasn’t improved by then we’ll put me on florinef.

keepxrminho asked:

You shucking piece of klunk, are you shucked in the head?? Have you decided to marry your shuck death wish?? I'll tie you to my shuck leg if you do that one more shuck time you shuck-face. We've discussed this already. Now get your butt up, we've work to do.

ACCEPTING   ———————————   x

       they did have work to do and that was EXACTLY what thomas had  been
       trying to do. HOWEVER, as usual, intentions and results didn’t necessary
       came hand in hand when it came to the brown eyed boy.  — SO he says
       nothing, blatantly ignoring the  PIERCING  words that burn at  his  tongue,
       contenting  himself  with  giving minho  a  simple  eyebrow  raise  and   an
       IRRITATED sigh.

           ❛ ——— where are we going ? 

Sometimes we all need a quiet night

Conscious people around the world switched off the lights, their computers and their televisions for an hour at 8:30 last night to show respect to our Mother Earth and celebrate the Earth’s Hour.

It is definitely a nice gesture, but does it really make a difference?
We waste the energy of the Earth in the rest of the year anyway (8769 hours!). This short hour doesn’t really save the planet, does it?

But let’s just think it over, what can we do in an apartment without electricity when it is dark outside already. We are not able to use our laptops (using it on battery mode is cheating!!!), we cannot read or watch the tv, etc. So practically nothing what is our usual evening program really works.

At this point we need our creativity to spend this hour a respectful but fun way… And guess what! We do become creative when it is necessary!

The first 15-20 minutes was a strange, we kept wanting to watch a video or listen to music, but then we got involved into intimate conversations in the dark, we laughed a lot and felt really close to each other. I consider ourselves a couple that talks a lot and spends lots of time together, but the quality of the “us time” was different last night. More intimate, more emotional; a deeper connection was created.

It was about 10:30 pm when we switched on the lights again but we didn’t feel tempted to watch movies or listen to music; just enjoyed the silence and each other’s company. It was one of our most special nights this year!

So we might not help too much to Mother Earth with celebrating the Earth Hour every year but it doesn’t make the “darkness for an hour” worthless. We slow down for an hour and we connect with our own soul and the souls of our loved once at a deeper level.

Actually we should do this more often, don’t you think? ❤️

anonymous asked:

Plus stuff like that is kind of necessary. That's literally how the scientific method works. You have to account for all aspects of your experiment that you can control. If they didn't have a control group they wouldn't have known that the liquid can stay in the lungs and that it needs to be taken out and isn't just expelled from the lungs. Then if a person got in there they would know what was Wong when they started suffocating. You need control groups in science

Yes. I know how to science. 
I have been to high school and almost have two degrees- arts and general studies. This means I did have to science. 
But that does not make it right. There is no excuse for harming innocent animals like that. We literally do not need breathable liquid. We do not need another way to torture prisoners. They are already having dogs rape prisoners.
It is not necessary at all. If you logically know that you can not leave chemicals in the lungs you do not need to stand by and watch an innocent living creature die of it. If you do not know that you can not leave the chemical in there then as soon as you see that it is killing them- you should fucking do something. That is so fucked up. 

WTL 3/25

My paper is going to ask the question, “ Should concealed weapons be allowed on college campuses?” Before researching this topic, I had already previously had my own idea about it. I don’t believe students and professors on campus should be allowed to carry weapons. I dont think its necessary and I think it causes more problems to have them on campus, and leaves room for more situations to take place where someone might become aggravated or think its their duty to use a weapon, when really we have police officials on campus to do it themselves. After researching this topic, my ideas still remain the same, though I do have a greater understanding on what other individuals believe on this topic, which in turn can help me improve my own ideas and expand my knowledge, bringing in more angles that I can include into my paper. I’m surprised at some of the research that I have found. I didn’t think that many colleges allowed concealed weapons on campus, but turns out many of them do, including CU and CSU in Colorado. I decided to look up the rules and policies for carrying concealed weapons on CSU’s campus and have found some areas that can be improved and leaves me to wonder if other campuses have similar policies and need similar revisions. If weapons are allowed on campus there needs to be certain measures to take place to make sure we can make the situation the safest as it can be.

Rant time.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Matter of fact, what the fuck is wrong with me for accepting this shit? You were supposed to help out with this vacation, only your part, that’s all I asked. I ended up paying for the hotel and theme park for everyone. Now, I have to pay for airline tickets when I was supposed to have to, but unfortunately the necessary amount of documents weren’t sent in time so there we go. I asked you to pay for the flights, which is less than $1000. That’s not even half of what I already paid FOR YOU. Then you give me shit about not wanting to be in debt by using your credit card. Really? WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU GONNA DO IF WE LIVED TOGETHER?! I’d already be paying more than half because I make more money than you which is fine, but if you’re gonna bitch about paying your share, I refuse to live with you. Then all you say is “whatever/I don’t care”. Do you not realize how much that hurts? How you almost have me in tears at work? How I’m ready to go home and tell you to leave and not come back? I’ve got a huge lump in my throat and have to swallow it until I get home.

You know… I like hooking up sometimes. It can be a lot of fun… But why the fuck do dudes find it necessary to start asking questions about what you’re into sexually before you even fucking meet them? Like, I already agreed to go out for a drink with some idiot and he’s trying to sext or some shit… Like if we hung out I may be into hooking up, THEN YOU’LL FUCKING FIND OUT WHAT IM INTO YOU IDIOT. Everyone is so fucking entitled and boring they don’t want any God damn mystery or fun. Ugh. I’m at least surprised when I explained that to him he backed off and apologized but God damn. I am going to delete those stupid dating apps. I can meet people in person and when I do it’s so much more interesting and fun. Shit is so shallow and boring. And dudes, get your fucking shit together.

Romans 13:11

As you do all this, you know what time it is. The hour has already come
for you to wake up from your sleep. Now our salvation is nearer than when
we first had faith.

A necessary pre-cursor of any great spiritual *awaken*ing is a spirit of
deep humiliation growing out of a consciousness of sin, and fresh
revelation of the holiness and power and glory of God.

John Mott