when was the last time i did line art

Alpha Insanity (Part One)

Based off THIS Sterek AU

AN: You guys were requesting I write some parts to this so here’s part one :) I’m sorry it’s not as good as the AU gifset sounded.

“When did you get a tattoo?” Scott asked as Stiles tugged of his Lacrosse Jersey.

“What, are you kidding me!” Stiles growled and stomped over to the mirror to look at himself and found his ribs dusted with tiny triskelion patterns. He almost thought it was cool but then quickly remembered the last places the mark had shown up and decided he was really getting sick of it.

“You should have said and I’d have come with you.” Scott muttered as he grabbed his bags and frowned when Stiles started checking all over. “You didn’t get drunk and tattoo yourself, did you?”

“Scott I can barely draw a straight line, I don’t do art, I do brain stuff.” He mumbled and Scot flinched when Stiles turned his back to his friend and pulled the front of his shorts out. “Well better than last time I guess.”

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anonymous asked:

can you do a tutorial on how you do your coloring? like is it a one-layer painting style or something

Yeah sure I’d be happy to! This will be my first time doing an art tutorial so bear with me >_<

I have a few ways that I do my colouring, so I’m just gonna show the two styles I use more often. But honestly there are so many different ways to colour a drawing, and a lot of what you learn is through constant experimentation.

Anyways first things first: I use my iPad pro to do my fanart, and I use an app called procreate along with an apple pencil (cause it’s pretty convenient). 

But no worries, even if you are using a software on your computer, the basics are about the same. Most programs have layers, brush opacity options, and you can probably find some similar brushes to work with (I don’t do anything really fancy).


This is a simpler, quicker option that I use to colour line art sometimes, there aren’t many layers and it retains the looseness of the original drawing. This demonstration is done with a drawing of everyone’s fav hatstand: Nakahara Chuuya.

So I do linework with the flat marker option on procreate, usually my first layer is very rough and is there just to get the general shapes in place. 

Then I change the opacity of the rough sketch layer so that it’s semi translucent, and I do a cleaner line work version on a layer above.

Then, I usually change the colour of the background to act as a base tone for the colours I put on top. 

Working on a single layer underneath the line work layer, I use semi opaque washes of colour with the round brush option. This is usually pretty rough, it doesn’t have to be neat, I mainly focus on finding the lights and darks of the painting. I like layering semi-translucent brushstrokes to try and get some tonal variation. 

I’ve done this demonstration in monochrome to make this easier to follow. But the same can be done with a colour layer directly under your line art.

Afterwards I touch the drawing up and add some emphasis with some white highlights.

At this point, you could leave the drawing be or you could cheat I mean *coughs* have a little fun and experiment with some colour adjustments and filters like I did here.  I just increased the red colour balance, and added a typical apple chrome filter onto the drawing to get this result (hey it looks more interesting this way don’t judge).

Also I forgot Chuuya’s choker and added it last minute (proud of myself)


Ok, so when I wanna get a fully coloured drawing I usually use this technique, much more layers involved but not too complicated? It def takes up more time than simply drawing one line art layer, but I like the results cause the colours blend together nicely when you colour it in.

Ok so instead of cleaning up the rough sketch with a single black line art layer, I basically do the line art in a colour that complements what I will colour with later. Usually this is a colour a tad bit darker than the base colour I will use.

I separate the line art on different layers: for the face, the hair, the clothes ect, to make it easier to work with later.

Then I get to the general colouring. I tend to split things up this way: 

1. Fill in the shape with a base colour

2. Add shadows and highlights with a semi opaque brush

3. Touch things up with a thinner brush and add some more details and highlights.

Remember to work underneath each line work layer.

Basically I repeat this process for the skin, hair, clothes ect. Once again, I like layering semi opaque brushstrokes to get more tonal variation, or variation in colour. It also adds more texture to the painting. 

In terms of choosing colours, Idk how to give that much advice about it cause I usually just follow my instincts. Anyways I tend to think of the colours I work with on a scale of light to dark, I never really like using generic colours out of colour sets, and I prefer choosing from a colour wheel.

When I’m done colouring, I merge the layers, clean up the painting and add some final touches. Once again, I like playing around with colour adjustments and background colours.

Anyways the results of this tutorial are two very different looking Chuuyas (I’m never consistent with how I draw characters wtf) He looks traumatised or confused tbh >_> but oh well this was a colouring tutorial, he served his purpose.

I am not saying that this is the best way to colour, it’s just how i’ve chosen to colour my drawings so far. There are plenty of of other ways to colour artworks that are way more amazing *_*

and tbh when I’m colouring most of the time idk what the result will be and I just tweak things as I go (so don’t be afraid if the colouring isn’t going the way you want it to because you might be pleasantly surprised at the end)

So yeah…. there you go. I hope this helps? Or I might have just made you feel tired and confused because of my long art rambling post.

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You are an amazing writer and I love your stories. I was reading one of your crossover prompt responses and couldn't stop wondering about the part you left unanswered. Who do you ship Tim with in the Marvel verse?

Hi babe. Just, okay, soooo. Ah, @yozoraarashi talked to me about the possibility of Tim staying in the MCU at one time (it’s here) so O_O here’s a little something. Ah, it’s terrible and unedited, however, the saving grace is the suit. So, I regret nothing.


The golden R on his chest gleams wickedly, sharp, in the night, and he just breathes.

He might be older now, wiser than the last time he did this, but it’s a crazy thing how his heart is pounding so hard, like when he was new to everything and throwing himself off buildings wasn’t second nature.

And standing on the Iron Man platform of Avenger’s Tower, looking out over this world’s version of New York City, he gets that incredible feeling all over again—like he’s starting over. Like he can do things right this time. He’s got the knowledge, the fight, and the right reasons to put on the domino, to let the black and yellow hang to his heels, to heft the bo like it’s an extension of his limb. He still has the same drive cultivated during his tenure, the need to be part of the Mission—to do everything he can to make sure the baddies in the world don’t get to hurt other people, to make sure no other little eight-year-old boys have to watch their mommies and daddies die.

Robin is going out there tonight—and he’s bringing a whole lot of please, try me along for the ride.

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hey i drew arthur again in the same pose as i did last time bc this frame is my fave out of that entire video

30 Random Facts

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What do I post: I reblog a lot of Fall Out Boy art, posts, etc. I also post drabbles on here from time to time.

Last thing I google searched: The Alpine Slide in Park City

Do I have any other blogs: Nope

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Dream job: English Teacher. I don’t dream too big

Dream trip: England, Italy, Mexico again, Russia, Scotland…I don’t know haha

Favorite food: Pizza

Nationality: American

Favorite song: I CAN’T CHOOSE but definitely a FOB song

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\Nickname: Ernie, Em.

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Favorite Music/Artists: Coldplay is good, yes. Also Foster the People, Hey Ocean!, Everything Everything.

Song Stuck In Your Head: Come and Get Your Love by Redbone.

Last Movie Watched: Spider Man: Homecoming.

Last TV Show Watched: Voltron: Legendary Defender. Again.

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Skinny jeans, an Atlanta Braves shirt, and an oversize jacket.

When Did You Create Your Blog: A year or so ago? I have no clue.

What Kind Of Stuff Do You Post: Art, ferrets, or anything I think is amusing.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Nah.

Do You Get Asks Regularly: I have never had an ask. ;-;

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Um? My name is Emma and I really really like ferrets.

Gender/Pronouns: I mean, I’m a girl, but I don’t care at all what pronouns you use.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw!!!!

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Lucky Number: 11 or 687! Don’t ask.

Favorite Characters: Anna, Lucina, Morgan, Corrin, and Jakob from Fire Emblem. Piper McLean from PJO. Pidge Gunderson from Voltron. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: Anywhere from two to four. I get cold easily. ;-;

Dream Job: Animator or teacher or even author. I’d really like to be, like… just a gardener that stays outside all day with my pets and my plants, but that’s not happening, lol.

Following: Uh? Way too many people?

I’m supposed to tag 20 people but that’s not happening, sooo…

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How do you draw? Like, what do you use to help? What are some tips for people who want to be like you?


practice is important. that goes without saying, but it’s also important to think about what you’re practicing.

as much as I would love to sit around and draw mormor slash all day, that wouldn’t give me much expertise in anything other than drawing andrew scott’s face (which is sTILL incredibly hard sometimes). this goes for any fandom, really. fanart is great, but it can’t be all that you do

perhaps i’m biased, but i’m really into practicing figure drawing. at first, i used posemaniacs and practiced drawing from a 3D model. (with a pen, of course!) it’s not really all that academic, but it got me started on feeling the human form.

next, of course, were figure drawing classes and open figure sessions that I found in my area. that got me to start observing real people with wonderful fat and muscle and cellulite and saggy bits and it was all wonderful.

next came art school, but that’s a different story entirely.

also, what i like to practice is single line drawing of environments. it was almost unthinkable when i first started that i could draw an entire scene with one continuous ink line, but i did it. it was a mess, but it was a start.

this is one of the early ones here:

so, not perfect, but that doesn’t really matter because it’s practice

hopefully, i’ve gotten a bit better:

and that brings me to my last tip;

bring your sketchbook with you everywhere. you never know when you’ll have time to make a drawing. when i drew those all of those scenes up there, i didn’t specifically leave the house with a drawing in mind. i just happened to have time (in the dining hall, in an art crit, in a chinese restaurant, at an outdoor concert, etc.) and i used that time to it’s full potential.

and remember! USE A PEN!

So the votes are in-

-aaaand it looks like coloring/shading and characters designs were the most requested things for the tutorial thing. So I guess that’s what I’ll be doing =D

Second place (if I have time) was backgrounds, so I might also do a thing to show how I do outside scenes (Like the park). Nature is a good starting place because it’s more forgiving than architecture junk. Also whenever I art architecture I spend the entire time going “HOW?! WHY?! WHY WON’T THE LINES BEND TO MY WILL?” and then stare at a completed thing dumbfounded afterwards going “how the hell did I do that?” 

Oh! One last thing that also came up a bunch. There was also a lot of interest in perhaps making a speed paint, but I’m a dumb when it comes to technology. If any of you other artists out there have done this sort of thing before could you tell me how? And what software. Because I mean if I’m gonna work on art and comics anyways I might as well try to record the process sometimes. Thankies <3

crisswift  asked:

Honestly, when I seen that he just disappeared, my first thought was "I hope nothing bad happened to him or his family." Clearly being in Miami is better than something sad happening, but it's clearly, unavoidably, unprofessional. If you need to leave a work thing because you're sick or something's going on in your personal life, that's cool! Some stuff is more important. But this was pre-planned and trivial, even if it wasn't, why not be upfront? Why not offer even a tweeted apology? It's rude.

Honestly, I really really really try to be open minded with Darren. I literally look the other way when he lies on a daily basis to his fans (as do we all).  I constantly excuse him and say its because he is surrounded by toxic people and still obligated contractually. I rarely, rarely place the blame on his firmly on his shoulders.  But when I got home last night and saw he was having wine in Miami, I was outraged. And honestly not as much for myself. But for the people who made an effort to be at that event and to see him. The fans that were promised 3 panels over the weekend.

Because to me, this blunder, to me there is no excuse. And I don’t care if it was lack of communication or a misunderstanding.  That is Darren’s responsibility to know and understand his commitments to fans.  The fans that pay his salary as well as the salary of the horrific people he has assembled to support him. 

I am not kidding when I say, people waited by the Elsie Table for hours to see him. And their belief he was coming was based on a tweet sent by the Elsie Fest Twitter account. It was not based on hope. It was based on a statement made by Elsie Fest.  Who are direct representatives of Darren.  So it is utterly and completely unprofessional to not only not show, but to fail to tweet again and say, hey we got it wrong, Darren isn’t able to stop by the table. And the two people running the table, who handled it amazingly, got the brunt of it. They had the fans asking over and over. And had NO INFORMATION FROM MANAGEMENT.  NONE.  On Friday, it was arranged that Darren would go to that table after the Speech and Debate panel.  And he just never showed.  It was completely disrespectful to a whole host of people. Yes fans. But also the people at his table who had to deal with the fans. And to the Broadway Con staff who were planning for the chaos that would certainly have ensued of he came.

And honestly worse to me was the no show for the evening panel on Saturday night. I understand the Friday Night Cabaret was canceled due to contract issues. So no fault there.  But why was he not at the 9:00 PM panel?  The one scheduled as he missed his 10:00 AM panel as his flight got into New York too late.  Because he was over scheduled and in Vancouver shooting a TV show. I am not kidding you when I say, the room for the 9:00 panel was full, FULL of Darren fans. And they were just the obvious ones wearing their Darren swag. And yes, many of us were concerned. We knew he was exhausted. Immediately the buzz was, what happened to Darren. Why did he not show? Is he ok?  And that is why, there was radio silence about his no show as people were legitimately concerned for his well being.   

 His management loves to use his twitter. And for all the wrong reasons.  This was one instance where tweets to explain his absence would have been appropriate and welcome.

But you know who else that room was full of? People who maybe only know him from Glee or maybe not at all. A room full of fans so passionate about theater that they spent a weekend at a conference, and some of them thousands of dollars to be there with flights and hotels, who know nothing about Elsie. Know little to nothing about Darren. And who maybe would have thought, hey that guy is crazy talented and funny and maybe I will check out what this Elsie Fest is. And go to the table. And sign up for the mailing list. That is called a  brilliant marketing move. But he was a no show, so it did not happen.

So yes, he did the Speech and Debate Panel. It was clear he was exhausted. But that panel did not showcase Darren or showcase Elsie as it was about the film, as it should have been. So it was critical, from a marketing standpoint, to do another panel, as was promised, that highlighted the amazing talent that is Darren.  And they failed. And pissed tons of people off. 

Not to mention the networking opportunity missed as the Con was full of people that make plays,. Something Darren is passionate about. Something he says he wants to do again. He wants to originate a role. Here is a novel idea, stick around and talk to these people. And more, don’t look irresponsible by failing to fulfill commitments.  

So yeah, I am pissed. I am more than disappointed. I am more than tired of bad decisions being made by the worst manager in the industry. And at some point Darren needs to stand up and take responsibility for his career. He is already walking a thin line with the constant lies and speculation. He simply cannot afford additional controversy. Controversy he brought completely onto himself and completely deserves.  Not to mention, I still don’t understand how being in Miami last night precluded him from the Saturday events.

To be honest, the only reason I can think of why he did this. Is to continue self sabotaging himself. And this is an art he seems to be mastering.

I just want us to have time when we can focus on Darren the talent. Something that fails all the time with his team of idiots.

What I use for Sketching! part two...pens, pencils and paint!

So I get this question a lot a lot so I’m glad I can finally make a post to answer all your questions!! Here…we… go…

1) Pencils

So I honestly use nothing special when  it comes to sketching in pencil. I just have a mechanical pencil with .7 led and some old random erasers I have found around my house. I used to have kneaded erasers, which are like my favorite, but when you go to art school people take those things all the time. So im stuck with whatever erasers I can find lol.

2) Pens 

I was never really into pen work till the end of last year so all I did was gather pens that I saw my classmates using and test them all out. These are the few that I love most and use all the time.

1. Pentel Stylo: A great pen that my friend got me for christmas. It’s thin and has a sharp arrow head point to get the sharpest lines. I mostly use this for details in the face or other smaller details.

2. Staedtler triplus fineliner: I found this pen on the ground at my school. Its really nothing fancey. Its a fine liner so it make super thin lines but of course its not good with line weight. Any red pen would really do, but this was the only one I have so its the only one I use lol

3. Prismacolor Premier fine liner marker (01): This is another fine liner that I use for small details. Its good for really thin lines and is good when I don’t want to create a line with too much line weight. I also use a Pigma Micron (02) in place of this some time, both really do the same job. This is the best for the smallest details. They are also great for when you just wanna sketch in pen! 

4. Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen: This is like my most expensive pen but god do I love it. Brush pens are super hard to get used to but once you get the hang of it they are so much fun. They are great with line weight and surprisingly you can get some of the smallest lines with this bad boy. Its refillable and everything so you don’t have to worry about buying another one when it runs out. One thing to worry about is that it is a brush so the hairs can flair out. If a hair flairs out and will not go back to normal I just snip it off. 

5. Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen (big brush): I got this one because I needed something to color in things with black and man does it get the job done! Its a felt tip so it won’t get fine lines but it can cover a lot of space. My only problem is that it’s different ink than in my brush pen so if I color in an area with my brush pen and do the other half with this guy, you can tell the difference. 

3) Paints 

I don’t use paints that much in my sketches but I want to start using them! This is just kinda a little start too it. I always wanted to use metallic paint with some of my sketches and man they were worth the buy. They are just cheap 4 dollar acrylic paint so nothing fancy at all. The brushes are some cheap ones I have always had with me. Again nothing too fancy since I’m just sketching. But if you want to get serious with painting like I hope to soon, when I have the time, be sure to buy a nice brush! Bushes are super expensive but if you get a nice sable brush your life will be so much easier.

4) Tips

My tip for you guys is to just go out and try everything. You won’t know what’s your favorite until you use them all!!

This is a picture of everything I keep in my pencil case just to show you how many things I have tried! Some things i use for fun some things I haven’t even touched after the first time using it. I just like to keep everything handy incase i want to try something new! The fun thing about being an artist are there are so many mediums to use so dont be afraid to have fun with it and explore!  

If you have any other questions feel free to message me :) 

ps sorry if i spelled something wrong lol

I heard Tumblr likes Steven Universe, and I always aim to pander to the masses…

Nah but really I got super into SU over the last week when I should have been doing homework, and did this fanart of my favourite ship that I really hope becomes reality, Lapidot. Also I like the idea of enthusiastic artist Peridot making loads of Meep Morps for her very favourite lady Lapis Lazuli.

Loads of them.

A whole gallery of them.

I will probably do more SU fanart whenever I get free time because I love this show so much.

Outfit :)

Calum can sex your brain…

Rated 13 +

Smut, smut, smut oh yeah and smut!

I wasn’t really up for anything on a beautiful Sunday morning, all I could think about was putting the last finishing touches on my art project.. The theme was “go natural” so I basically had to draw anything natural; I had decided on going for a beautiful sun flower which was located at my best friends house

So I decided on calling y/b/f/n to let her know that I was on my way with my art supplies
After a few rings I finally heard her voice on the other line

“Wut?” She said in her groggy morning voice, I knew she would still be asleep which was the perfect timing because I know she would always say yes when she’s half asleep

“Can I come over to finish my drawing of the flower at your house?” I asked in a sweet little voice but knowing her obvious answer

“Yeah sure whatever” she replied before hearing the phone line go dead ..

I got dressed into my ripped skinny jeans and a shirt with lips stick stains that looks like a work of art (see what I did their? No? Okay) and just let my hair loose for the day

I grabbed my bag which was already prepared from last night and I went out the front door into my car.
I drove off to Starbucks first because I was feeling a bit hungry and just craving for a caramel frappé

I grabbed my purse and went into Starbucks ordering my drink along with an apple pie cause let’s face it everyone would love an apple pie for breakfast.

I took my to go bag and payed the cashier before hitting the road again which didn’t take long because her apartment wasn’t that far long in fact it was just a few blocks from here, I parked into the parking spot of her apartment complex and walked up the flight of stairs which was a freaking pain, her landlord hadn’t fixed the fucking elevator yet do I was stuck walking up the flights of stairs, finally reaching her floor I knocked on her door; earning no responses which I knew was going to happen, I took her spare key from under a flower pot which was nearby and unlocked her front door, seeing y/b/f/n passed out on the couch was no surprise. She really liked to party a lot! “Hey biatch I’m here” I said earning a deep and painful groan from her which just left me giggling like an idiot

I went out on the veranda only to find the flower completely dried up and ugly! I couldn’t draw that, I needed the beautiful colors from it!! Now what am I suppose to do.. My house barely has grass how do you expect me to have flowers? Well that’s great! By now I was utterly frustrated so I called my geeky friend calum for help

“Hey cal can I come over?” I asked

“Yeah sure, but I gotta warn you my friends are here and they’ve got a hangover” he said giggling

“Alright be there in 5” I said before hanging up

I went Into the kitchen I grab an aspirin and drop into some cold water and placed in on the coffee table so y/b/f/n would have it when she wakes up..

I was on the road again heading towards calums house which was at least a good 20 minutes away and I was only 15 mins out

I switched on my radio for the moment and sang to one directions song midnight memories which was actually pretty fun

When I finally arrived at calums I took all of my necessities out and rang the door bell; earning an instant reply he opened up the door and I was glad to see him, with his cute little smile.. I don’t know why but in a way I kind of liked calum he was always such a sweet heart but also such a perv at times..

“Cal thanks for letting me come over” I said embracing him in a loving raptured hug

“For you it’s never a problem” he said and I couldn’t help but notice his cheeks turn crimson red.. Which was a perfect color on his skin tone which also lead me thinking I could draw calum!

“Cal I need a quick little favor” I asked a but nervous tho, I had drawn people before but not completely naked; I won’t lie tho I’ve been wanting to see calum naked since I first laid eyes on him

“What is it?” He asked

“Well I need you to pose naked for me while I draw you” I said a bit embarrassed but at the same time quite pleased

“U-uhm su-sure” he complied stuttering a bit but I think it was cute.

We went off into his room and he locked the door, I sat down on the bed waiting for him to get undressed I was sort of eager to know what lies underneath those clothes..
He swiftly took off his shirt and my eyes instantly focused on the tattoo spread across his chest, lingering down to his stomach; his beautifully prominent v-line and the figure of his torso, it was absolute heaven. He took of his sweats leaving him in his briefs just him being like this just got my motor running and he was only half naked, none of the goods were out yet.

He was a bit hesitant with removing his boxers but I reassured him it was okay, he fumbled with the waistband of his boxers before bending down pulling his boxers; oh my my was he gorgeous, my dream was being fulfilled but not exactly, I couldn’t help but stare at him with such want ..

I took out my pencil and started to sketch out the features of his face, moving to his graceful neck and down to his broad shoulders, beautiful biceps and strong chest, the figure of his torso and the prominent v-line and his charismatic abs.. Finally reaching his dick which was beginning to get hardened, I couldn’t draw a hardened dick in my photo.. I put down my sketching book and walked over to calum

“Are you getting hard baby” I breathed, it was unexpected I didn’t think I had it in me

I grabbed his fully hardened cock in my hands and started to pump up and down his shaft wanting a breathy moan from calum

“Baby I can’t have you hard cock in the drawing” I said bending down taking his cock into my mouth, I felt his knees tremble and he looked like his legs were about to give up

I lured him over to the bed and straddled him with my clothes body, I ground my hips on his erection and he moan which turned me on even more now
I started getting rid of my clothes
I kissed down his neck leaving my lipstick stains and through my ripped skinny jeans across the floor, by now my clothes were scattered along the room
I slid down on calums cock wanting more I started moving but I wasn’t going fast enough that’s wen calum flipped both of us into the missionary position him being dominant in bed was the cherry on top of the sweet cake!

The loud squeaking of the bed, the slapping of skins and the muffled moans were the only thing prominent in the air he was fucking my brains out
His thrust were godly each time hitting my gspot I got closer to fucking heaven “fuck calum fuck fuck fuuuucckk!!” I don’t think I’ve ever moaned so loud in my entire life
“You wanna fucking cum huh baby? Wanna fuck cum on my cock” he snickered, when I didn’t respond from the pure ecstasy his thrust went faster and harder if it was even possible “fuuuuckk yessss shiiiittt fuck me calum” I screamed at this point .. I came all over his dick within seconds I don’t think I’ve ever has such an orgasm like this in like forever! Calum pulled out his dick and came all over my stomach

He slumped down next to me on the bed, our heavy breathing and our sweaty bodies.. “Fuck do that again” I said laughing a bit, calum went to his desk and took a few tissues to wipe off his juices on my stomach .. He lent my his bathrobe and I took my sketch pad once again .. Putting the finishing touches on my project

A loud thud came from the door “Jesus mate some of us are still hungover could you keep it down!” One of his friends said from the other side of the door and I couldn’t help but just laugh ….

Ask for requests, I do blurbs and preferences :) xxx

Time Machine (wMatsui) - OS

[♪♫] Time Machine.

/!\ Warning : Violence.

Narrator: Matsui Jurina.

With: Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Takayanagi Akane.

A/N : Who are you? What have we done to each other? I’m looking into your eyes and wondering if I’m the monster or if my hate for you turned me into one. Bite me, I will bite you. Kill me, I will kill you. Let’s reverse the hourglass, break the rules of the universe, I want to find out who got the rotten heart.

Madness and unconventional love are themes I like writing about. This one shot is the representation of both of them, I’ve got inspired by great books I’ve read lately! I hope you won’t blame me for the violence I chose to put in, I just wanted to go further and use that taboo in an interesting way. I have an immense respect for Jurina and Rena,  I chose wMatsui because I enjoy the intensity of that pairing! I hope you will like it~

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Fic: Sweeter Than Fiction

Title: Sweeter Than Fiction

Author: Emily (Colferswift)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The popular novel, “Avery & Jonas ” by B.D. Anderson was supposed to have a follow up. A follow up that was never published. Now, Kurt Hummel, his twin brother Cameron, and an entire fandom put together the missing pieces in a blogging community dedicated to the book. Now That Kurt and Cameron are moving to New York for school, Kurt still holds out hope for the lost sequel, but never expects to meet the faceless B.D. Anderson, and most certainly doesn’t expect to find him in the city that never sleeps. (Very loosely based on Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell)

Warnings: Age difference, (the younger man is of legal age) later sexual content, Professor/Student Relationship 

Word Count: (for this chapter) 2966

Note: go follow Erika, my best friend and awesome beta uwu

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hullo! so, my computer is a bit fucked, so this is just a quick, mobile thing because it was super fun last time I did one of those.

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ok; so what do i get if i win this?
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it’s currently 00:30 on my time, and I’ll start going through the blogs tomorrow somewhere that time and post the winners an hour later or so. i think this is all, please let me know if i’m forgetting something 💕