when vegetables go bad

hellish-and-anabelleish  asked:

Hello! I saw one of (what I believe was your?) posts that you're taking a story boarding class? I'm really interested in story boarding and was wondering if you could say what the class is like, or what you're learning/what the assignments are? If you are, I'm really excited to see what you'll make (if you post it to tumblr). Sorry for wasting your time if I have the wrong person.

oh I have my syllabus right here! Ill type up what it says were gonna do!

Art50A (course title)

One person_>Final animatic/story reel (FINAL project) - 30 seconds minimum

group (up to two students)_>  FINAL animatic- 55 seconds minimum

-To develop a basic visual language and knowledge of art terms with the  capability to apply traditional animation and storytelling techniques to animating.

- create various storyboards for different purposes

- manipulate and arrange different media for basic drawing and storyboarding exercises

-develop a sketchbook that details the drawings and writings of the students work from imagination, observation and onsite figure/animal development

-provide an open forum for discussion concerning animated films and animatics with different approaches to style and storytelling. we also create and analyze composition and develop critical thinking skills in a given work of art and/or film.

Annnndd heres a list of our project names (just remember that ive only had one day so i do not know the specifics of the projects)

1. storyboarding from a series of photos

2. jumping bean

3. adopt comic book pages into storyboard frames

4. cinematography excersise

5. when vegetables and fruits go bad in a refigerator

6. best moment of my life

7. storyboarding PSA (this ones cool, were gonna get cartoon network execs to look at them!!)

8. concept or/and character design for final films

9. Final animatic (as well as sketchbook and quizes and stuff)

all in all its AWESOME. (and this happens at my school cuz its a really, really good community college for animation) and if my final animatic is good n clean and stuff, then they show it off at the film showing where a lot of top notch animation execs (like cartoon network) come down and watch and they choose from the students work to go to their public animation film showing!! that means that cartoon network gets to see my shit AND there’s a possibility of it being in their animation showcase!