when under immense pressure

Tips & Dibs - Baekhyun

Based off of this drabble which inspired everything that follows.

(In this line of business, roller skates are key.) 

“A waiter?”

Kyungsoo doesn’t answer you immediately, his spatula picking up speed as he slabs more meat onto the grill, barely perspiring under the heat of the kitchen. In comparison, you’re beginning to feel sticky all over even though it’s only been about five minutes since you came in.

And you’re in a dress.  

By that, you mean an old fashioned blue car hop dress with a frilly hem and white apron, a get up that screams ‘retro’. Except you don’t deliver to cars because this place doesn’t do drive-ins. Thus explaining the breakfast and lunch rush hours that occurs on a daily basis.

Kyungsoo gets the brunt of the work by having to stand in front of the stove, fryer, and other heated appliances all day. On the other hand, you’re part of the fancy show that the place is known for, zipping down tables on your roller skates and flashing polite smiles along with your two other girls who have mastered the art of waitressing under unusual circumstances.

It’s not every day you come across a well operated diner who still does it the old fashioned way.

But with popularity comes consequences, and said consequences include working to the bone on grueling ten hour shifts, reoccurring blisters on your feet, and occasional catcalling from idiots who drive you and the girls over the edge.

These are only some of the cons that apply. One other more prominent issue is your small sized staff that’s in desperate need of expansion.

Which brings you to your current conversation.

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My Top 5 Triple Kim Moments

Ok kids, gather round and lets bask on the beauty that is triple kim from iKON. After making my YoonMinSeok post I was asked by an anon as well as @bibimkpop to also make an OT3 post for Hanbin, Jinhwan, and Bobby.

Ok so anyone who is familiar with iKON will be aware of the special closeness shared by these three, they were of course the original members and have known eachother the longest.  When they met, Jinhwan and Bobby had travelled a long way to come train and Hanbin was still very young having had some fame as a child.  Needless to say they bonded tightly.  Throughout the time we have seen them they have shown not only a physical but a deep emotional comfort with eachother, and they seem to bring out the best aspects of eachothers personalities when they are together.  

I’ll admit, the first thing that got me into iKON was the relationship between these 3 (along with team B’s dancing and double B’s rapping skills).  When I started to learn about them they just seemed to fit so naturally as a trio that I couldn’t really imagine them as anything else. Once again I feel like the balance between their three different but complementary personalities is the key to why they make such a great OT3 - particularly shown in the final moment I selected. 

Ok onto the moments, you’ll notice I have forgone the constant moments of feeling eachother up and grinding on eachother on stage because they do that at like every performance lol so I couldn’t pick just one.

First of all no top 5 would be complete without this amazing gem from Mix n Match ep 1, the 3 were so excited to be performing on the YG family stage in Japan and they were just so cuddly and lovely in this section, I mean Bobby is nuzzling Jinhwan like his life depends on it istg. Super cute:

That snuggliness brings me to another favourite moment, Triple Kim’s trip to Jeju near the start of WIN.  The whole trip was really sweet but I especially thought it was cute when jinhwan revealed that they were all so close that when it had just been the three of them before the other 3 members joined, they had showered as a trio a lot:

Ok next up in triple kim displaying their comfort with eachother is the infamous “This is a couch for at least 4 people!” incident lol.  Bobby and B.I. fooling around as usual while Jinhwan just chills sipping his drink completely done with these two fools.  But his hand is casually on Bobby’s inner thigh, showing once again how physically relaxed they are together:

Ok so I wanted to include at least one moment frokm their MVs and I decided on this little gem from Dumb & Dumber since a) it is the clip of theirs I enjoyed the most since its compltetely ridiculous and b) its so very them, like of course they would think it would be hilarious to have Jinny burst out of the fridge.  I love how much foolish fun they all have together, also i thought every one of them look great in this MV:

And finally I am going to choose a moment that might be a little unexpected.  Hanbin’s meltdown during WIN ep. 8.  Sure this was a time when Hanbin finally cracked under what amounts to an immense amount of pressure - particularly for someone who was so young.  But the important thing we see in this moment is how Bobby’s relentless optimism and Jinhwans gentle heart are able to bring Hanbin back into the fold and calm him down.  They started training at a young age and had a lot of time as a trio, so you can really see how much they have come to depend on eachother when looking at that episode.  After all, true friends show themselves in the tough times not in the easy ones:

Ok so these are just a few moments I chose but honestly there are infinite moments of these three and I think their relationship speaks for itself ^^