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Jack loves everything about Bitty, because what's not to love? But the thing that he appreciates most is the sharp v crease outlining his hips that becomes Extra Visible when he's wearing sweatpants that are just a Bit too baggy so they hang low over his hips... Jack is just so gone on how fucking buff Bitty is and he gets annoyed when people brush him off as small of cute because Bitty could easily kick your ass. -Alcohol Anon

Bitty is fit as hell, yeah size wise he’s on the smaller side compared to the rest of the Hockey team but compared to the non-athletic crowd he’s BUILT. He’s lean as hell but its mostly muscle, and he can lift a ton too. Baking requires so much damn kneading and lifting of flour bags so his arms are like… really nice.. his abs are… really nice.. and Jack is living for his bf who is… really nice :^) 


Even + Isak’s sweatpants

LORD OF SHADOWS snippet: (illustrated by the wonderful CASSANDRA JEAN)

When Emma came out into her bedroom, wearing sweatpants and a tank top and rubbing her hair dry with a green towel, she found Mark curled up at the foot of her bed, reading a copy of Alice in Wonderland.

He was wearing a pair of cotton pajama bottoms that Emma had bought for three dollars from a vendor on the side of the PCH. He was partial to them as being oddly close in their loose, light material to the sort of trousers he’d worn in Faerie.

If it bothered him that they also had a pattern of green shamrocks embroidered with the words GET LUCKY on them, he didn’t show it. He sat up when Emma came in, scrubbing his hands through his hair, and smiled at her.

Mark had a smile that could break your heart. It seemed to take up his whole face and brighten his eyes, firing the blue and gold from inside.

“A strange evening, forsooth,” he said.

Emma put her hands on her hips. “Don’t you forsooth me.”

can the obamas get a reality tv show? i want to see what they’re up to even after they leave the white house. how does malia like school? is sasha adjusting well to her new old life? how often do joe and barack hang out? how are bo and sunny doing? does michelle still look flawless even when she’s just wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt? these are things i need to know.

Edward Nigma Headcanons

-Edward’s favorite Sesame Street character as a child was Count von Count.

-He likes green m&m’s more than he likes breathing. But he is uncomfortable about the fact that the green m&m is sexualized. Why is it in heels. That’s a riddler he’ll never know the answer too. (Because it’s not a riddle and it’s dumb)

-Edward dislikes dressing down, but he has a soft green tshirt and pair of grey sweatpants that he’ll wear when he’s sick or it’s laundry day.

-He’s an actual monster when he’s sick. He’ll switch moods with a two face like dexterity, one minute telling everyone to leave him alone and the next wanting someone to hold him and pet his hair.

-Ed adores having people run their fingers through his hair.

Harley once teamed up with Edward and he made her wear a riddler costume. She complained, but he kept showering compliments on her so she wore it. She still has it in her closet, and occasionally wears it when Joker is getting on her nerves. It infuriates J, but he hasn’t been able to burn it yet.

-Edward dislikes movies because they’re too predictable and boring. He’s actually not too fond of books for that reason too, and it takes a lot for him to stay focused on a whole book or movie.

-He likes nonfiction and puzzle books.

-Edward is an extremely vocal sleep talker. It’s mostly nonsense, pieces of riddles jumbled together and half baked plans coming from a brain that just won’t shut off. Occasionally though, he’ll talk about Batman, or his father, or get vocal during a nightmare. Jon likes watching Edward sleep for this specific reason, and often tries to trigger Ed’s nightmares because Jonny does enjoy Ed’s fear.

-Edward believes new years resolutions are irrelevant because he’s perfect.

People: You can’t be autistic, you don’t look autistic

Me: Hates talking, can’t hold a decent conversation, talks really loud when she does talk, has manic episodes of excitement when infodumping, wears comfy clothes like hoodies and sweatpants, chews on her noise cancelling headphones’ cord, makes cat noises, makes random sounds, takes iPad everywhere to play stimmy games on, bounces legs up and down and chews on lip when upset, doesn’t look anybody in the eye, has a stuffed bunny comfort item, best friend is a 9 year old pet cat, flaps hands when pleased. 🤔

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When Thomas Jefferson jogs he only wears sweatpants cause he knows he fine as heck



and alex has to spray away any lingering single moms™ who is interested in his bf

One time, early in the morning, Freed opened his front door to Natsu. He was wearing his ‘I’m Fucking Laxus Dreyar’ shirt at the time (which he sometimes wears to bed). He never did find out what Natsu wanted as the dragon slayer had laughed so hard he almost passed out.

Seventeen vocal unit reaction to you liking to wear their clothes a lot.

Woozi: he would just look over at you and be like, are those my pants??????

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Joshua: he would let you wear his shirt all the time and he would say something cheesy like what is mine is yours. 

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Seungkwan: he would let you wear it if you wash it when you are done.

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Jeonghan: if you wear his sweatpants, you better believe he is going to take so many pictures of you wearing them. But he would laugh if they went over your feet. (ignore the caption)

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DK: He would absolutely let you borrow his clothes anytime, especially his sweaters or jumpers he would love it.

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Modern day sleeping and what they wear.

Newt: he wears very lose cloths plus it feels comfortable for him. He likes to wear sweatpants and t-shirts. Crop-tops when its summer time. ( plus he likes to show off his muscles to Percy when he stretches) He drools in his sleep and hold something in his arms while sleeping (usually  its a pillow or graves which ever is closer). He talks in his sleep sometimes.

Graves: He wears mostly silk pajamas most of the time 3 buttons undone. When its summertime he have his top unbutton completely.  he’s a light sleeper( never know when a case could pop up). Likes to sleep on his stomach for the most part. He also likes to lay his head on Newt’s chest. 

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17 - “Don’t leave me again… please.” | A. I

Fresh start. 

You needed this, you jumped to the decision to move to a new country spontaneously finding yourself in LA. The city of dreams they called it, which would be a miracle if it actually made your dreams come true, but you needed to get away from all the pain and anxiety of your past. Anything would make your life better at this point, so you packed up your things finding a cute little one bedroom apartment to begin a new life.

You were using a dolly that one of the employees of the complex gave you to use. After about the third trip up you were waiting at the elevator by a small party room that the complex had when you felt something tug on the sweatpants you were wearing. You looked down to see a boy with golden brown hair and bright green eyes, “I know you,” he says and your eyebrows knit together in confusion, “Hmm I don’t think so sweetheart. I just moved here from a totally different continent. How do you think you know me though?” you ask bending down to be eye level with the adorable little boy giving him a smile. He looks around and rocks back and forth from his heels to his toes, “You and daddy are in a picture together in his bedroom.”

You look at the boy with confusion all over your face, “I’m sorry sweetheart I think you must be mistaken,” you say, “I swear i’m not lying,” he says with a slight pout on his lips. You both jump when you hear someone shout, “Jayce!” 

The little boy whips his head towards the voice, and your eyes follow seeing a man you haven’t seen in forever. It was like you stepped into your past recognizing that face that brought you so much joy, but so much pain, “Ashton?” 

His eyes widen, but before he said anything the boy you assumed to be Jayce ran over to Ashton who leaned down with his arm open as he jumped into Ashton’ arms, “Daddy! Look! Its the lady from your picture in your room!”

Ashton looks back over to you, “Y/N,” he says frozen in place, “What are you doing here?” he asked and you look over to your stuff, “I’m moving in. What are you doing here?”

Ashton looked at Jayce, “We’ve lived here for a couple years now…umm do you need some help?” he asked and the little boy flexed his muscles by putting his arms our to the side, “I’m really strong!”

You smiled and bit your lip, “I don’t know guys..I don’t want to bother you,” you said and Ashton sighed, “Just as stubborn as ever. How about we help you then we cook dinner at my place. We both know you can’t resist a good meal from me,” he says with a cheeky grin and you roll your eyes, “Fine you win.”

Ashton and Jayce follow you up to your apartment which happened to be on the same floor as theirs. Once you finished putting away everything you saw Jayce watching TV in your living room, “Thank you for all your help little guy,” he smiles, “No problem! That was really fun, but i’m really hungry,” you turn your back to him, “Come on. Lets go get your Dad to make us some dinner. Hop on my back,” you say and Jayce does so wrapping his arms around your neck. You walk into the kitchen where Ashton was putting away the last dishes from a box, “Daddy we’re hungry!”

He turned around and smiled, “Alright lets head over to ours. I’ll lead the way,” he says walking out of your apart down the hall to his. After eating dinner which included small talk among the three of you it was time for Jayce to head to bed, “But I wanna play with Y/N more!” he whined to Ashton, “I’m sure Y/N would love to come over and play with you another time,” he says glancing up at you with hope in his eyes and you giggle, “Of course I will little man. I loved playing with you tonight.”

He smiled, “Yay! I can’t wait till you come over again we can play with my cars and my video games and my legos and,” Ashton interrupted him, “Jayce ok,” he laughed, “Thats enough. Go to bed I will be there in a min to tuck you in,” Jayce nodded and walked down the hallway to his room, and Ashton turned toward you, “I’m just gonna make sure he gets to bed. Make yourself comfortable, and I’ll be back in a minute,” you nodded and he left the room.

You couldn’t believe that you were here right now and their were so many questions you wanted to ask him. When did he have a kid? What does he do right now in his life? Last you remember he was headed to London for a tour with his band. That was the worst when he left you that day. You had been dating for a couple of years, but you let him go live his dreams. He was always the one to save you, your knight in shinning armor. He always made you laugh in your darkest times, he was your light. When he left it killed you inside, but you had to do what was right. 

“Y/N?” Ashton’s voice echoed in the quiet room breaking you from your thoughts, “Are you ok? You got your thinking face on,” he smiles taking a seat next to you on his couch. You sighed, “I’m just trying to wrap my head around that I found you today in America out of all places. I can’t believe your right here in front of me. Its like a dream,” you said and Ashton smiled, “I know. I thought I’d never see you again, and here you are in my living room like we went back in time.”

Its quiet for a few more seconds, “So what are you doing over here in America?” Ashton asked and you laughed, “I don’t know really. I needed a fresh start. Things weren’t particularly going that great in Aus,” you studied his reaction, “What about you? Jayce? What happened to London?”

Ashton looked down at his hands, “London was great. We toured we got a record deal, we wrote music, we had a world tour, and a second album. Along the way I met this girl, and I thought she was the one. We ended up having a child, and she wanted nothing to do with him so I kept him. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He’s my family. It might be difficult sometimes when i’m on the road and stuff, but the guys and our team help me with him. He loves to tour,” Ashton finished with a laugh and you join in, “A little rockstar just like his dad?” you asked, and he shook his head up and down, “Yeah except he likes to play guitar and sing the little traitor.”

You laugh at the thought of Ashton trying to teach you drums and how you hated it, “Sounds like me,” Ashton’s head shot up, “Oh yeah! I remember when I tried to teach you…you got so pissed at me, but I was too hard on you.”

Ashton stands up, “Here I wanna show you something,” he says holding out his hand and you take it. You both walk down the hall, “ I heard you and Jayce talking about the picture and I wanted to show it to you.”

You stepped into his room which was very Ashton. There were many shades of blue, a couple band posters, and a small drum set in the corner. Though he lead you over to his bed where he sat and patted the spot next to him. You sat and he reached over to the bed side table where he grabbed a picture frame handing it to you. You looked down to see both of you on his drumming stool. You had the biggest smile on your face with your eyes crinkled shut from laughing so hard holding drum sticks, and Ashton has his arms wrapped around you with his face buried into your neck. You smiled at the memory. It was when the boys were recording in Sydney, and Ashton invited you along and tried to get you to play drums, “I love this,” you say smiling down at the picture as you brushed your fingers across it gently, “Yeah…I miss those days,” he says and you looked up at him, “And I miss you. You don’t know how hard it was to leave you at the airport that day. I almost didn’t go,” you rolled your eyes, “And that would have been stupid. You’re living your dreams. Thats better then having me as a girlfriend any day,” you say and he immediately shakes his head, “You’d be surprised,” he paused and bit his lip looking at you, “I’m so glad your back Y/N. I don’t want to lose you again,” he says gripping onto your hand, “You were constantly on my mind when I left. I didn’t know how to contact you. I tried every possibility. Then when I found Jayce’s mom I thought I could forget about you, but after everything that happened it was always you.”

You are speechless except for one phrase. The phrase that as been on your mind since he left, “Just…don’t leave me again…please.”

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