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LoS Part 1: Snippets from Tumblr

From tumblr:

1.  “Actually, it’s short for Maximum Lightwood,” said Magnus. “As in the most amount of Lightwood you can have.”

2.  Far below them the world spun by, a patchwork of summer-gold fields, green hills, and luminous, winding rivers of blue and green. It was beautiful, but Julian could not take his eyes off his brother. So this is the Wild Hunt, he thought. This freedom, this expanse, this ferocity of joy. For the first time, he understood how and why Mark’s choice to stay with his family might not be an easy one. For the first time he thought in wonder of how much his brother must love him after all, to consider giving up the sky for his sake.

3. And even odder, when Mark and Kieran had come into the library, Kieran had gone immediately over to Max and picked him up, delighted by his blue skin and his tiny horns.Max had stuck his hand into Kieran’s wavy hair and pulled. Kieran had just laughed. “That’s right, it changes color, little nixie-like warlock,” he said. “Look.” And his hair went from blue-black to blue in an instant. Max giggled.“I didn’t know you could do that on purpose,” said Mark, who had always thought of Kieran’s hair as a reflection of his moods, uncontrollable as the tides.“You don’t know a lot of things about me, Mark Blackthorn,” Kieran said, setting Max down.Alec and Magnus had exchanged a look at that, the sort of look that made Mark feel as if they had reached a silent and agreed-upon consensus …

4.  “You’re going to have to learn to live with it,” Jules said. “Even if it horrifies you, Emma. Even if it makes you sick. Just like I’m going to have to live with whatever other boyfriends you have, because we are forever no matter how, Emma, no matter what you want to call what we have, we will always be us.”

5. They threw their weapons down and hurled themselves toward the row of horses, one after the other — Livvy leapt at Julian, throwing her arms around his neck. Mark flung himself from his horse and landed to find himself being hugged tightly by Dru and Tavvy. Ty came more quietly, but with the same incandescent happiness on his face. He waited for Livvy to be done nearly strangling her brother and then stepped in to take Julian’s hands.And Julian, who Kit had always thought of as an almost frightening model of control and distance, grabbed his brother and yanked him close, his hands twisting in the back of Ty’s shirt. His eyes were shut, and Kit had to look away.He had never had anyone but his father, and he was sure beyond any words that his father had never loved him like that.

6. “Clary, what are you not telling me?”There was a long silence. Clary looked out toward the dark water, biting her lip. Finally, she spoke. “Jace asked me to marry him.”“Oh!” Emma had already begun opening her arms to hug the other girl when she caught sight of Clary’s expression. She froze. “What’s wrong?”

7. There was a long silence. Magnus sighed. “I have to hand it to you,” he said. “I never thought Jace and Clary would be topped by anyone else in terms of insane, self-destructive decisions, but you all are giving them a run for their money.”“I really had nothing to do with this,” Kieran pointed out stiffly.“I think you will find many poor decisions led you here, my friend,” Magnus said. “All right, you — all of you — wait here. And don’t do anything stupid.”He strode out of the room on long, black-clad legs, swearing under his breath.“He’s getting more and more like Gandalf,” said Emma, watching him go. “I mean, a hot, younger-looking Gandalf, but I keep expecting him to start stroking his long white beard and muttering darkly.

8. There was a commotion atop the pavilion, and a single blast from a horn shattered the murmuring quiet in the clearing. The gentry looked up. A tall figure had appeared beside the throne. He was all in white, salt-white, with a doublet of white silk and gauntlets of white bone. White horns curled from either side of his head, startling against the blackness of his hair. A gold band encircled his forehead.Cristina exhaled. “The King.”Emma could see his profile: it was beautiful. Clear, precise, clean like a drawing of something perfect. Emma couldn’t have described the shape of his eyes or cheekbones or the crook of his mouth, and she lacked Jules’ ability to paint it, but she knew it was uncanny and wonderful and that she would remember the face of the King of the Seelie Court for all of her life.He turned, bringing his face into full view. Emma heard Cristina gasp faintly. The King’s face was divided down the middle. The right side was the face of a handsome young man, luminous with youth and beauty. The left side was an inhuman mask, gray skin tight and leathery over bone, eyesocket empty and black, mottled with red scars.Kieran, bound to the tree, looked once at the monstrous face of his father and turned his head away, his chin dropping, tangled dark hair falling to hide his eyes.

9. When Emma came out into her bedroom, wearing sweatpants and a tank top and rubbing her hair dry with a green towel, she found Mark curled up at the foot of her bed, reading a copy of Alice in Wonderland.He was wearing a pair of cotton pajama bottoms that Emma had bought for three dollars from a vendor on the side of the PCH. He was partial to them as being oddly close in their loose, light material to the sort of trousers he’d worn in Faerie.If it bothered him that they also had a pattern of green shamrocks embroidered with the words GET LUCKY on them, he didn’t show it. He sat up when Emma came in, scrubbing his hands through his hair, and smiled at her.Mark had a smile that could break your heart. It seemed to take up his whole face and brighten his eyes, firing the blue and gold from inside.“A strange evening, forsooth,” he said.Emma put her hands on her hips. “Don’t you forsooth me.”

10. “It can’t last,” Emma said, staring at him, because how could it, when they could never keep what they had? “It’ll break our hearts.”He caught her by the wrist, brought her hand to his chest. Splayed her fingers over his heart. It beat against her palm, like a fist punching its way out of his ribcage. “Break my heart,” he said. “Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”

11. “I have always needed you, Kieran,” Mark said. “I have needed you to live. I’ve always needed you so much, I never had a chance to think about whether we were good for each other or not.”Kieran sat up. “That is honest,” he said, finally. “I cannot fault you there.”

12. Cristina spread her hands apart in bewilderment, and winced. Mark’s expression turned to one of concern.“You’re not in pain?” he said.“No,” she said. “Are you?”“You’re near me,” he said. “There is no reason for me to hurt.”

13.  “I know.” Mark brushed his lips across her forehead. Cristina could feel his heart pounding. “We’ll figure it out. We’ll fix it.”

14.  Kieran sat up rather reluctantly. The waves of his hair had lightened to blue; he turned around, and leaned back against Mark, rather as if they were on horseback and Mark was behind.

15. Kieran shook his head. “I cannot do it,” he said.“Kier —“ Mark began angrily, but Kieran had his head down, like a beaten dog. His hair fell, sweat-tangled, into his face, and his shirt and the waist of his breeches were soaked in blood. “You’re bleeding again. I thought you said you were healing?”“I thought I was,” Kieran said softly. “Mark, leave me here —“A hand touched Mark’s shoulder. Cristina. She had put her knife away. She looked at him, levelly. “I’ll help you get him over the wall.”

16. “Not one of my best,” said Magnus, to Kieran. “I apologize — I’m not a big fan of your father’s.”“My father does not have fans.” Kieran leaned against the edge of the table. “He has subjects. And enemies.”“And sons.”“His sons are his enemies,” said Kieran, without inflection.

Inspired by @nonbinarytonystark‘s prompt- Tony likes to wear Steve’s clothes

It was a thing.

It didn’t mean anything, per se… Steve’s sweaters were just cozy, okay? And his sweatpants were soft and his tshirts were baggy and they all smelt like something undeniably Steve-

Yeah. Anyway. Like Tony said. It was a thing.

To be honest, he hadn’t even expected anyone to notice, really- they were just a few clothes, after all. Nothing special. The team used his stuff all the time- what made this different? Nothing, that was what. It wasn’t like Tony… hoarded it, or anything. And he certainly didn’t steal Steve’s jumpers after bad nights in order to calm him down. That would just be stupid.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

In fact, if he hadn’t come down one time, half asleep and wearing literally none of his own clothes, everyone probably would have just let it slide. Tony honestly hadn’t done it intentionally- he was just tired and a little shaken from the lovely morning nightmare that had served as his wakeup call, and Steve’s clothes were soft and big and smelt really nice.

It was calming. It was… home. 

So Tony had slid them on without a second thought and then trundled downstairs, pretty much still asleep. Mornings, especially early ones like this one, were most definitely not his forte.

Except… turns out that superspies were observant. Who’d have thought? 

Anyway, they noticed it immediately. Natasha just raised an eyebrow, but Clint was an asshole, so Clint wolf-whistled and jostled Steve’s shoulder, making him turn from where he was busily preparing his breakfast in order to look in their direction. Tony, still pretty much sleepwalking at that point, just tried to zoom in on the coffee and direct his body toward it. He doesn’t notice everyone staring, or Steve’s progressively reddening cheeks.

“Nice look, Tony,” Natasha says quietly, eyes still on the morning paper.

“Fuck yourself,” he says cheerily, and barely even winces when the spoon flies an inch away from his nose in response. He’s grown used to it.

Clint makes a move, ruffling his hair and then cooing, despite Tony’s grumble of protest. He would normally just punch him, but did he mention how tired he was? Really fucking tired.

“Don’t you just want to fucking bundle him up when he’s like this? How do you resist, Steve?” Clint asks, and Tony glares at him and turns to Steve, ready to hear a witty quip in reply, but the other man is just spluttering a little incoherently, eyes still fixed on the pale blue button-down that’s pretty much slipping right off Tony’s shoulders.

His face falls a little, because shit, Steve’s noticed. And now they’re probably going to have a long and awkward conversation about boundaries, where Steve tells him he needs to stop wearing his clothes, which will suck, because Tony loves Steve’s clothes-

He’s so caught up in his own head that he forgets to watch where his feet are going, and they catch on the overhanging material that hangs over his toes whenever he wears Steve’s sweatpants, and then he’s off, falling face first, destination: corner of the fucking tabletop.

Great way to start the day.

He braces for impact, a little yelp escaping his lips as he jerks his hands up on instinct- but impact doesn’t come. Instead, there’s a sudden tight pressure on his waist, and he realizes it’s an arm that’s just managed to snag him before he brains himself. Which is nice. Definitely helpful.

Steve is stood there, a little awkwardly, arm simply outstretched and holding Tony’s entire body-weight like it’s nothing, which is probably not something he needs to be thinking about when wearing thin sweatpants-

“Where are your glasses, Tony?” Steve says, fond exasperation evident in his voice as he pulls Tony upright again and then softly places a hand against his jaw, checking to see that all braining incidents had been 100% avoided.

Tony scowls, and shrugs. “Left them out somewhere- but I don’t need them to see my own two feet, Steve, only reason I fell was because your pants are-”

He’s about to say stupidly big, before realizing that, being the insanely clever person he is, he just managed to expose himself and his clothe-stealing ways right in front of the man himself.

Amazing. He was on a god damn roll this morning. God- he wished he’d just knocked himself out on the tabletop. 

But rather than frowning and pulling him up on it, Steve just blushes a little bit deeper, and Tony watches his eyes flicker down very briefly, before dragging themselves back up immediately and only making the blush go even darker, and at this rate Steve is going to be a motherfucking tomato, or his cheeks are going to burst open from too much blood rushing around in them.

“They suit you,” Steve says quietly,and Tony has to question whether or not he’s even conscious at this point, because that was definitely a lip bite, and Steve’s eyes keep flickering down toward Tony’s exposed collarbone like there’s a god damn magnet attached to the thing-

“Wait,” Tony blurted suddenly, squinting a little and hoping that his eyesight really isn’t failing him enough to imagine that, “do you…no way-do you like that?”

Steve laughed, and this time it was a lick of the lips, which was honestly just unfair at this time of day. “Uhhh-”

“he means he likes you wearing his clothes, but he’d prefer them back on his bedroom floor,” Bruce piped up, which was surprising, because everyone had assumed he’d just been napping on the tabletop.

Steve frowned. “Can you maybe let me flirt on my own, guys?” 

“Hey, you chose to do this in the communal room, your fault,” Clint said, before waving them away, “now shoo- go have your way with him or whatever, Steve- I don’t want to see any more of this here, I’m eating my cereal.”

Tony looked at Steve, still trying to actually conceive what was happening here. Steve just looked at him, waiting for a sign of confirmation, and when Tony gave a confused nod of his head, Steve wasted absolutely no time in sweeping him directly off his feet and into an effortless bridal carry, beginning to maneuver them both out of the communal room at a brisk pace.

Tony blinked, hands wrapping around Steve’s neck instinctively, feeling more than a little blissed out when all Steve’s warmth and softness and smell that he usually leeched off his clothes was suddenly pressed up directly against him. 

“Bye,” was all Steve called out, before sliding out into the corridor and immediately pressing Tony against the wall, mouth meeting Tony’s possessively, greedily.

“You really like the clothes, huh,” Tony whispered in amazement, in between kisses.

He was kissing Steve he was kissing Steve he was kissing Steve he was kissing St-

Steve smiled, hands wandering underneath the button down and slipping around his waist. “Every time, every damn time you’d come down wearing something of mine, I wanted to do this. I thought you were doing it on purpose- you had to be. There couldn’t have been any other reason you hadn’t noticed how I reacted to it.”

Tony opened his mouth to reply, biting down on a groan between breaths, but Steve kissed him again, picking him up once more, this time by the ass, and then waiting for Tony to wrap his legs around Steve’s waist before moving them forward. “I might make you keep the shirt on, though. It looks good. Real good.My clothes always look good on you”

Tony grinned, “possessive streak, have we, Rogers?”

“You have no idea,”

“I feel like I’m about to find out, though.”

Steve smiled, smug and dirty as he kissed Tony’s neck, whispering “damn fuckin’ straight.”

Okay. So maybe the morning was looking up, after all.

LORD OF SHADOWS snippet: (illustrated by the wonderful CASSANDRA JEAN)

When Emma came out into her bedroom, wearing sweatpants and a tank top and rubbing her hair dry with a green towel, she found Mark curled up at the foot of her bed, reading a copy of Alice in Wonderland.

He was wearing a pair of cotton pajama bottoms that Emma had bought for three dollars from a vendor on the side of the PCH. He was partial to them as being oddly close in their loose, light material to the sort of trousers he’d worn in Faerie.

If it bothered him that they also had a pattern of green shamrocks embroidered with the words GET LUCKY on them, he didn’t show it. He sat up when Emma came in, scrubbing his hands through his hair, and smiled at her.

Mark had a smile that could break your heart. It seemed to take up his whole face and brighten his eyes, firing the blue and gold from inside.

“A strange evening, forsooth,” he said.

Emma put her hands on her hips. “Don’t you forsooth me.”

BTS|Them seeing you in a sexy outfit

Requests and Confessions? Send it here.



You got ready for a dinner with the other boys. When you walked out you couldnt see Jin anywhere. But he saw you. 

“Do you think I’m letting you go looking like this?”

“What? Your not my daddy and you’re not in the position to tell what I have to wear.”

“We’ll see….”

(I wanted to make Jin eomma, but it turned into Jin!daddy…help me. and I don’t know about the second gif…it just happened)

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You tried to impress him. It was something like your life goal to get Min Yoongi to lose his swag. But when you slowly walked into the living room you got, once again, disappointed. He barely looked at you before he closed is eyes again.

“Heyy, stop ignoring me..I bought it to impress you and you don’t even looked at my dress.”

“Don’t think I’ll take care of you when you get sick.”

swag level yoongi

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It was your anniversary, so the both of you wanted to go to a fancy restaurant. Since it was a special day, you decided to wear this one dress which you bought but never wore again. And there was a reason for it. When you stepped out of the bathroom, you bumped into Namjoon, who glanced on other body parts than your face.

“I think we need to cancel our reservation baby…” 

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You were about to meet your old school friends at a restaurant. Hoseok was about to leave to, but his activity included less fun and more work. When he came into the bedroom, he directly walked to you and hugged you, before he started to complain about your outfit in a playful way.

“Jagii, you never dress like this for me.”

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You dressed yourself for an formal meeting with your colleagues, when Jimin entered the room, exhausted from rehearsal. When he noticed you, his jaw dropped. He blushed and bowed his head.

“What? Do I look so bad?”

“N-No jagi, you’re always stunning.”

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You weren’ used to wear tight and sexy clothes, but you and Tae were invited to a fancy dinner and you obviously couldn’t wear sweatpants. When you dressed up you walked to Tae since he must close the zipper on the back of your dress. You felt his cold fingers on your skin and shivered. when you turned around he observed you with a blank face before he started to smile.

“Don’t make me jealous jagi.”

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You got ready for a girls night. Jungkook sat on the couch and played some video games and you knew that he would call Taehyung once you’re out of the door. You watched yourself in the mirror one last time before you made your way into the livingroom. Since he concetrated on the screen, he first didn’t noticed you. You walked towards him to give him a last kiss and he finally looked at you. And the game he was about to lose was his smallest problem.

(I don’t mean it in a dirty way…why is everything so ambiguous)


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Jack loves everything about Bitty, because what's not to love? But the thing that he appreciates most is the sharp v crease outlining his hips that becomes Extra Visible when he's wearing sweatpants that are just a Bit too baggy so they hang low over his hips... Jack is just so gone on how fucking buff Bitty is and he gets annoyed when people brush him off as small of cute because Bitty could easily kick your ass. -Alcohol Anon

Bitty is fit as hell, yeah size wise he’s on the smaller side compared to the rest of the Hockey team but compared to the non-athletic crowd he’s BUILT. He’s lean as hell but its mostly muscle, and he can lift a ton too. Baking requires so much damn kneading and lifting of flour bags so his arms are like… really nice.. his abs are… really nice.. and Jack is living for his bf who is… really nice :^) 

I Love The Sound of That

This is a combination of prompt requests + a fluffy domestic!Shawn blurb I’ve been itching to write. 

51: I’m your husband. It’s my job.
59: How do I even put up with you?

It wasn’t your alarm that woke you, but the smell of freshly brewed coffee. You stretched yourself out across the bed as you wake up only to notice that your husband was missing. Huh. He’s not one to get up before you, so now you’re really curious. You reach over and grab a shirt, his shirt, and put it on before you make your way downstairs.

The house is quiet, almost too quiet, as you pad your way into the kitchen. There’s a pot of coffee on the counter and you pour yourself a cup. You’re enjoying the quiet and the coffee, eyes shut as you take a sip, that is until you hear a loud mechanical roar coming from outside.

Of course.

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promise [connor m. x reader]

uh hi im not good at reader inserts i swear. i’ve never written connor (or anything deh-related) before so uh, my apologies if he (and zoe, since she pops up for like, 5 seconds) is ooc. also i wrote this on google docs and then tumblr messed it up so i fixed it :’D

warnings; swearing, mainly? lots of swearing.

    connor: you up

    connor: y/n

    connor: fuck

    y/n: wtf connor i was almost asleep

    connor: sorry

    y/n: what is it

    connor: come outside

    y/n: connor

    y/n: what

    y/n: oh my god

    y/n: connor i s2g

    connor: just get out here

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Treat You Better

Request: Hola can you do one where you and shawn are hanging out late at night on the streets and its like summer so its hot so you both decide to sneak into a swimming pool and you have a moment and you have a heated make out sesh? Hahaha love your writings by the way its so good

Word Count: 2,494

Treat You Better

To Shawn: Yo Mendes! Your mother told my mother you’re home??
From Shawn: Well, my mother spoke the truth. Landed a couple hours ago :)
To Shawn: Wanna hang out?
From Shawn: It’s like one AM
To Shawn: Wanna go on an adventure with me? ;)
From Shawn: Always, meet outside in ten?
To Shawn: Deal

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i think i know why aizawa just dresses in that baggy black trashbag all the time because when he actually has to dress himself he dresses himself in the atrocious combination of a black blazer, pink sweatpants and tennis shoes

That’s why Mic picked out his wardrobe when he appeared in front of the media. Picked him out a nice suit, probably made him put on some moisturizer and bb cream…. maybe broke two or three combs when he tried to fix his hair. 

yeshorrormovies  asked:

Hi! I requested something before your asks got deleted! I know you probably won't do this. but it's about the reader always wearing pants and she's been an avenger for about a year or so and nobody really noticed she never showed her legs. But one day she comes strolling into training in short shorts and a sports bra and she has tattoos everywhere from the belly button down. And all of them are vintage military and flowers (these are mine) and all of the avengers want a tour/Bucky loves them.

I hope you like this and that it was similar to what you were looking for. <3

You remembered the first week of training with Natasha.

She’d always made comments about how you always made sure every inch of your skin was covered, thinking that you might be ashamed of your scars.

She’d tried to make you feel more comfortable by showing you hers - one on her hip, a few on her thighs and one or two on her arms. 

You’d assured her that wasn’t the case and continued on with your training, shedding your hoodie to make her feel a little better.

You see, it wasn’t so much that you were ashamed, but you were hiding something from the team. 

6 months later, on a day no different than any other, Sam caught up to you as you were jogging the perimeter of the tower, making a comment about how you shouldn’t be wearing sweatpants when it was 90 degrees out and how he’s never seen your legs before. You rolled your eyes, called him a pervert, and kept running.

It was now a little over a year later, and you’d managed to keep your secret from everyone… but today, of course, the air conditioning was down in the tower and the building was ungodly hot.

Nat and Wanda were wandering about the tower in sports bras and booty shorts while all of the men were sporting nothing but loose-fitting shorts. 

You’d decided today was the day you’d come out of hiding.

You donned the shortest pair of shorts you owned and a sports bra, revealing every inch of your inked skin - brightly colored, traditional style tattoos, from your waist down to your ankles. 

Of course, you were proud of them, but you weren’t sure how the team would react to you being so heavily tattooed.. Today was the day you’d find out.

You practically skipped down to the training room, feeling freer than you had in years. Natasha was the first one to notice you, her eyes going wide as you came through the door. “Y/N..?” She asked, sounding shocked. You smiled at her, taking a few steps towards her and resting your hands on your hips. Her look of awe changed into a smile as she came towards you, too, her eyes raking up and down your legs. “You’re…” She started, but a hand touching your lower back grabbed your attention. “Beautiful..” Bucky’s voice finished for her as you looked over your shoulder, seeing his eyes moving up and down your legs, too. 

You could feel a blush creep its way onto your cheeks as his hand moved lower, to your leg and he knelt behind you, inspecting your thighs up close. Steve had made his way over to you, too, along with Scott, small smirks on their lips.

“I knew you were hiding something, Y/N, but this was unexpected.” Scott spoke, scratching the scruff on his chin and smiling at you. You shrugged in response, trying to hide the shiver that worked its way down your spine when Bucky’s vibranium finger traced the outline of one of the many flower tattoos on the back of your thigh. “Why would you ever hide these..?” He whispered from below you, and you shrugged again, chewing the inside of your cheek. “I guess… I was worried what you guys would think.. I wanted you to take me seriously as an agent.” You replied softly and you saw Steve smirk. “I guess you’re not the only one with interesting limbs anymore, Buck.” He said with a chuckle, only making your blush deepen. 

“What do they all mean?” Natasha asked, studying the colorful lines that peeked out of the top of your shorts on your hips. You smiled at her, looking down at yourself. “Well.. Some of them have meaning, but the others.. I just kinda liked them.” You confessed, laughing softly. You could hear Bucky let out a small laugh as his fingertip traced another line down the back of your calf, making another shiver work its way through you.

You were about to take a step away from him when he suddenly stood up, resting his hands on your hips as he did so. “They’re beautiful, doll.. Really. You shouldn’t hide them.” He whispered for only you to hear. You opened your mouth to reply, but were cut off by the training room door opening and a gasp. “Y/N?” Sam asked, squinting as he took slow steps towards you. 

You couldn’t hold back the laugh that left your lips at the look on his face. The poor boy looked so incredibly confused. “You.. You’re not wearing pants?” He asked softly, his eyes lingering on your legs for a moment.

You heard Bucky growl lowly and his grip on your hips tightened as he moved to stand in front of you, blocking Sam’s view. “Alright, pigeon, that’s enough oogling for today.” Bucky murmured, and you could see Sam smirk from over Bucky’s shoulder. “You win this time, Barnes..” He mumbled as he walked away, towards the bench press. 

You looked up at Bucky briefly, smiling at him, and he returned the gesture, his hair falling into his eyes. You couldn’t resist the urge to push his hair back and soon found your fingers tangled in the dark locks at the base of his skull. “Do you have anymore?” He whispered softly and you bit into your lip to hold back your laughter. “Yeah, I have a huge Iron Man helmet on my ass.” You replied and his face fell almost immediately.

You couldn’t hold back your laughter for long, soon erupting into a fit of giggles. “Please tell me you’re joking.” He said, his face stark white. You nodded through your laughter, looking up at him. “Of course I’m joking. Everyone know’s I’m a Captain America gal.” You told him with a wink. He rolled his eyes, pulling you closer by your waist and letting out a small sigh. “Oh, of course you are.”

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+mobile masterlist

requested?: yes!

summary: okay, maybe falling in love with a fuck buddy isn’t a good idea, but michael does it anyway.

word count: 2,001

warnings: smut. really BAD smut. this is my first time doing it so it just feels awkward to me i dont know uhhhh

There’s something about the way his skin encompasses yours as you both lose yourself in your rendezvous. When he’s kissing down your neck and his hands are gripping at your waist and you’re certain you’re going to get bruises, you’re still so lost in him and it’s clear that he’s driving you crazy.

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99 “You got a cute butt.”

99. You got a cute butt. 

Even in your hazy state of waking up, you were incredibly aware of both the pain radiating from your neck and the sleeping body of Spencer crammed next to you on the small sofa.

The night before, Spencer had shown up unexpectedly at your apartment doorstep, having returned from a case earlier than anticipated. Worried that he had crossed a boundary in your early stage relationship, Spencer sheepishly confessed that the case had been more distressing than he thought and that he only wished to be by your side from the moment his plane landed. Unable and unwilling to turn him away, you pulled him into a tight embrace and assured him that he was always welcome at your apartment.

For hours, you and Spencer spent sat soaking up the comforting presence of each other, until exhaustion wore you both down and lead to your limbs becoming a tangled mess on the loveseat parked in the corner of your living room.

Running your fingers through his hair in a gentle attempt to wake him up, Spencer stirred ever so slightly and draped his arm across your stomach.

“What time is it?” he grumbled, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck.

“I’m not sure,” you giggled, feeling his tangled curls brush against the skin of your cheek, “But I’m getting hungry.”

Spencer hummed in agreement with you, pressing a brief kiss to your pulse point, “I am too.”

“You know, if you were to let me go I could cook us some breakfast” you smirked, tracing your fingers over the arm that kept you from leaving the couch.

“Is there coffee involved in this breakfast?” Spencer pondered your offer, not quite yet willing to let you go from his grip but also beginning to feel a rumble grow in his stomach.

“Fixed just as sweet as you like it” you pressed a kiss to Spencer’s forehead and subsequently felt his arm loosen just enough for you to slip out of.

Jumping off the couch before he changed his mind, a laugh slipped past your lips as you made your way to the kitchen.

“Y/N,” Spencer’s voice caught your attention, making you stop right before the kitchen doorway and turn to face him, “You got a cute butt.”

The flirtatious statement that left Spencers smirking lips took you by surprise. Always so sweet and kind with him compliments, you couldn’t help but want to see more of this bold and brazen side of Spencer, “If you think it’s cute now, you should see it when I’m not wearing sweatpants.”

Unexpected Guest(s) [Jaebumxreader]

another request by inyournightmares97

a/n I did this as a Jaebum story only because I was originally writing all seven but then his was getting so long so I just committed to this one. I hope it’s okay ~JJ

genre: fluff/suggestive

Summary: Jaebum is back from a 2 month tour and is DTF tonight. He drops by your house hoping to surprise you. But another vistor makes a visit too. 

GOT&’s tour was a 2-month long adventure. It was their biggest world tour yet and all the boys were tired. Expect one. Jaebum had been waiting to see your every single day since he left for tour. You guys Skyped and talked on the phone but all he wanted was to touch hug you, to caress your skin, to kiss your lips and most of all get back to having amazing (amazing) sex. You weren't expecting to see him for another two days but they arrived back from Japan earlier than they expected due to a scheduling error. 

Jaebum had his cellphone in hand to call you but he decided on a different plan. He never got to do anything special for you since it was always him going away and always you surprising him with favours upon return. So he was determined to make tonight special. He packed a small bag with a bottle of champagne, a candle, some snacks and most a few condoms. He felt so cheesy doing something like this but he was doing it for you and that’s what mattered. He drove to your apartment as soon as he was done buying all the necessary things. It was 5pm when he knocked on your apartment door and you emerged wearing your sweatpants, hair was done up in a messy bun. 

“Oppa~” you say embracing him tightly. “Oh my god I am a mess! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming.” You pull away from the hug covering your makeup free face and messy hair. He didn’t even address your comment ad instead said “God I missed you.” He pulls you forward holding the small of your back looking at your face. He slowly reaches into your hair releasing your bun free as your hair falls down your shoulders. His lips crashed into yours and you both melt under the relief. You begin to unbutton his shirt slowly until it is completely undone revealing his beautiful abs. He starts trailing kisses along your neck nibbling as he continues downward.You lead him into the living room where he playfully pushes you onto the couch. “Wait here.” You watch as he picks up the bag he had set down at the door and go into the kitchen. 

He returns a few moments later with two glasses of wine. “You shouldn’t have.” “No, you deserve something like this. At the least. Now I think we have about 2 month’s worth of work to catch up on.” He also takes a candle from the bag setting it one table. You quickly light it with a match from the drawer on the table and the sweet scent of ocean breeze and lilac fill the air. 

You begin making out on the couch and the passion was building between you. “I missed you so much [Y/N]. You have no idea.” He said in between breaths. “I missed you too babe.” You managed to whimper out as he began sucking your collar bone. He was on top of you and you could feel how hard he was through his pants. “I can help you with that.” You say as you tug at his waistband. He flips you on top of him so you are straddling him. “Only if you insist,” He says with a sexy smirk. You begin to slowly pull his pants down when you hear the door to your apartment turning. 

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