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A/N: Hi guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been coping with a super-tough breakup and have essentially lost all of my friends during it, so I’ve pretty much lost all motivation to do everything. I have so many fics I’ve been working on for you guys but I can only type a few words until my thoughts start drifting back to my situation. Well wishes are appreciated and will hopefully motivate me to get your fics published. Here’s a short drab for you guys until I can get on my feet again. 

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“I’m a grown ass man, I still don’t see why I need makeup to walk down a carpet.” Your 6 foot tall, 35 year old client said.

“Shush, your cheeks get splotchy when you get nervous.” You said, applying more foundation with your beauty sponge. He scoffed, but you knew he was suppressing a smile.

“I do not get nervous!”

“Do I need to show you the pictures of you meeting Tom Brady again to prove to you why you need a heavy coverage foundation?”

“It’s all the cameras,” Chris brushed off. You rolled your eyes and laughed at him. You worked as a makeup artist for many celebrities, but never had you worked for someone as down-to-earth and personable as Captain America himself, Chris Evans. You lightly began brushing his eyebrows in place with your clear brow gel. “Don’t forget the beard.” You laughed at his comment.

“Oh, honey, there is no taming that thing.” He smiled as you pulled back, admiring your work. You smirked, going back into your Morphe Lugger bag, pulling out mascara. He laughed sarcastically at you.

“Hardy-har-har,” you laughed with him and put the Too-Faced mascara back in its designated pocket. “You know, you should be nice. One day I could be doing your makeup.” You rolled your eyes at him, stepping out of your robe and exposing the expensive black dress underneath. You spritzed setting spray on him and tucked his foundation and beauty sponge into your clutch, in case he needed touch-ups.

“Yeah, wouldn’t that be the day.” Chris pulled himself out of his seat, checking himself out in the large vanity mirror. You stood behind him, also checking for any flaws in your makeup, and turned when one of the red carpet assistants called, saying that they were ready for Chris to walk. He turned and looked down at you, and you looked up at him.


“Chris.” You smiled. He grabbed the clutch out of your hands and placed it back on the vanity table. You stared at him, confused. Your arm reached out to grab it again when his hand stopped you.

“How about instead of walking with me as my makeup artist tonight, you walk with me as my date?” You raised an eyebrow at him, grinning at him. 

“Are you sure about that, Cap?”

“Absolutely,” he smiled down at you but looked up, biting his lip, smiling, and holding out one finger to signal ‘wait’. “Only if I really do get to do your makeup.”


“Okay, guys. That has been the boyfriend does my makeup tag! Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go wash the blue eyeshadow and the poorly drawn-on Captain America shield off my face!”


Favorite Brushes:

Working with textured skin:
I don’t have this concern so I don’t know much about it but I’d try and use a very light hand when applying blush and face powders. Try blending everything in with your foundation brush after so it presses into your skin and doesn’t sit on top of the texture. You can also try using more cream products like cream blush. If you don’t have one you can mix a bit of lipstick with your foundation to create a cream blush.

Lisa Eldridge has some great tips on how to apply makeup on mature skin. I know that’s not the same as having textured skin but I think her tips apply. 


Here are her videos on how to apply makeup if you have acne:


I hope this helps!!

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hey!! so i have a lot of acne hyperpigmentation and when i try to cover it w foundation it applies nicely to all parts of my face except where the redness is! like the red spots somehow avoid being covered idk if its bc its dry or smth but its super annoying & ive tried a lot of nice foundations like nars/too faced/tarte & it happens w all of them although cc cream works a bit better its still not full coverage yk do u have any tips for what to do? tysm!!

Have you tried color correcting at all? That could potentially help. I, personally, don’t have this problem so I had to do a little research and I came across this article, which maybe could be of help. Also, I’ve been seeing IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact ($38) a lot lately on my Instagram feed and it seems to cover quite a bit so I would maybe check it out! 

If anyone has any advice, let me know and I’ll add it to this post. Thanks!

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I tried in one part of my face primer and the other not, the part with the primer when I applied foundation it was very king of patchy or glitchy idk how to explain that and I had foundation at my fingers. The other part it was just dry and a little cakey. Ofc I will buy a new primer but idk what is for my skin or what is my skin.i think it's a combo

Who can help xx

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So today’s topic is about the popular: FOUNDATION

If you just started wearing foundation it can be difficult to apply and you can have some trouble finding the right shade for your skin. 

If you use foundation everyday it can crease and look cakey but the frustrating thing is that you don’t know what step is the one you are doing wrong. 

No worries, you are not the only one. Achieving a flawless finish to our foundation is something almost every beauty lover wants. We are looking for a smooth, fresh and perfect finish.

To be honest, there is no magic ritual celebrities or makeup artists do to achieve a beautiful look. The only secret when it comes to apply foundation is preparation and application.

This time I will tell you some amazing tips to get the perfect foundation look you have been looking for. 


Make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. You should wait five minutes before you apply foundation to let moisturizer sink in. Primer is a skippable step unless your makeup has to last through a late night. Or use it alone on lazy days as a quick complexion smoother. Primer can minimize pores and mattify your face. 


Do you want sheer, medium or  full coverage? How much of your natural skin do you want to show through your foundation? You’ll find foundation colors in all different types of coverage, so decide what finish you like best.



One of the best things abou this foundation is that you are going to save money because you don’t need a powder to set it anymore. 

Powdery foundation is recommend for normal to oily skin. 


This is not considered as a foundation itself  but if you just want to cover little blemishes and redness this is the best option for you. 

BB cream is recommend for dry, normal and oily skin.  



To get a medium coverage you just need to build up your foundation in layers.

Liquid foundations are recommend for dry and normal skin.  

If you have oily skin you can wear a liquid foundation just make sure you get an oily-free one. 



Creamy foundations look amazing in HD videos and in professional photos, this is the product that models, artists and actresses wear to film shows, commercials and movies. 

Creamy foundations are recommend for dry to normal skin.  


Test foundation on your jawline or cheeks and check it in the daylight. If you are not sure if you picked the right color make sure it disappears without blending. But, before you go selecting your shade we should be looking at our undertones. We are either cool, neutral or warm. 

Down below you will discover what is your undertone.


If you’re cool, the veins on your inner wrist appear blue, you tend to turn a flushed pink color in the sun, and you burn easily, so you want to look for a foundation that has rosier, redder, or blue base. 


If you’re warm, the veins on your wrist appear green, and you quickly bronze or darken in the sun, so look for a foundation that has a golden or yellow base.


Neutral skin tones can pretty much pulls off any color but do tend to sway favorably one way. Neutral toned people can wear just about any color and look great. Some neutral skin tones pull towards warm or cool.If you’re aneutral pulling warm tones then you will look best in warm but still look good in cool tones. If you are neutral pulling cool tones then you will look best in cools but still look good in warm tones. 


If you want just a little coverage, use your fingers, pros advise. If you don’t like wearing that much foundation for an everyday look, dab foundation only where you need it to hide pimples, camouflage redness or even out your T-zone. 



Dip your brush into foundation (using the back of your hand as a palette) and paint in downward strokes starting at the center, where you need the most coverage, and working outward. Going for a downward stroke also allows the product to skim over pores and fine lines, giving you more natural-looking coverage.


With foundation on the back of your hand, dip the tip of the brush into the makeup, and then work it into the skin from the center out in small circular motions.This dense brush is the key to achieve an airbrushed effect.


For more coverage, use a sponge. Dip the tip of the sponge into foundation and apply to the larger areas of your face, starting from the center and working out in a stippling/patting motion. Once you’ve achieved the coverage you want, flip the sponge on its side and, with a little more makeup, hit the corners of your nose, under your eyes, and other tricky curves and contours.


The way you apply foundation makes a big difference. The best technique is to blend thin layers into the skin. The problem areas to focus on when applying foundation will obviously be different for each individual, but the majority of women need a little bit of foundation around the centre of the face, so round the nose, mouth areas, the chin and the centre of the forehead. These are all areas where you often have blemishes or uneven skin tone. If you really focus on these areas and blend out, the foundation will become thinner as it goes towards the hairline, which will help achieve a much more natural finish.


If you apply concealer before foundation, you’ll use more than you need. If you applied foundation first, that layer of foundation will keep concealer crease-free. Look for a lightweight liquid in a color one shade lighter than your skin. Use a small, pointy brush to cover the darkest part of under-eye circles usually right below the inner and outer corners. If other little skin flaws aren’t quite covered by your foundation, dab on a tiny bit of concealer there too.


A setting powder is basically a loose or compact sheer-to-medium coverage powder that helps to keep your foundation or other base makeup last longer throughout the day. It adheres to any damp and/or sticky part of the foundation and creates somewhat of a seal. It can also help remove excess shine.  You only need the slightest amount use a light hand and just dab it along the areas where you want your makeup to be set or absorb any excess oil.  



Translucent powder matches all skin tones when blended well. It’s great for killing shine and doesn’t add a ton of extra product to your skin as you touch up throughout the day. However, if it isn’t blended properly, you can end up with the dreaded FLASHBACK. 



Loose powder comes in a jar and you will be able to find it in your skin tone color. It has smaller particles and therefore a finer consistency and usually give lightweight coverage. They’re also messy and hard to transport, so these guys are meant to stay at home.



Pressed powder comes in a compact and contains ingredients used to turn the product into a semi-solid. The particles are slightly bigger and contain these stick-together ingredients, applying too much pressed powder can result in a cake-y appearance. Using a little as a touch-up throughout the day, though, is quick and easy.

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When applying foundation and concealer there really is no right order that you have to apply it. I apply foundation before concealer because after you apply foundation then you can apply concealer where you need and if you still need it depending on the coverage of that foundation that it gave you. Also because after you have on foundation you might already have the coverage you need and then if you still need concealer in areas you can always apply it easier. Although applying concealer after can be tricky to blend. But using a beauty blender will help make it look more natural and blend out the concealer.

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How we use the mac fix spray? what we apply before this and after? My skin is dry and when I apply foundation I can see my pores for my forehead

Read my FAQ Hun I wrote a section on it 💖



Wield the best wands when applying foundation.


girlfriend does my makeup challenge with Luke would include:

•giggles obvs
•him puffing out his cheeks when you apply foundation for a smoother base
•not really working and having to blend the access foundation in to his stubble
•his asking what everything was before you put it on
•his doing his high pitch laugh whenever you grimaced at your work
•trying to figure out how to apply lipstick without getting it on his cold lip ring
•giving him a kiss before you apply it
•complaining about not having to contour because his cheeks are already so sharp
•applying highlighter to his nose and Cupid’s bow because those are some of your favourite features
•his running away squealing and swearing when you take out your eyelash curler
•him cursing and complaining whenever you got too close to his eye
•"am I a pretty girl?“
•"I’d bang you, yeah.”
•after you’re done him falling on to your bed and staining the pillowcase with the foundation and blush

One of my pet peeves is when these big youtube beauty gurus apply foundation with their fingers like please love yourself and spend your youtube money on a foundation brush or a beauty blender


“Y/N, let’s hussle! We’re gonna be late!” Dean called, his voice echoing throughout the motel room. You sighed and rolled your eyes.

“I am, I am!” You responded, and continued what you were doing. Usually, you hated makeup; it just seemed so useless. Maybe you were being a hypocrite, now, because you used it everyday. Not to make your eyes pop out or to structure your face. You just had some zits and blackheads you’d rather not see the light of day.

Applying the foundation carefully, you jumped in surprise when the bathroom door opened up suddenly. “Hey! Occupodo!” You yelped, reaching for the makeup that had fallen to the ground.

It was Sam who had opened the door, and he looked guilty for doing so. “Sorry, Y/N…didn’t mean to-” his words trailed off once his eyes locked onto the foundation on the tile floor before you swiped it up. “Hey, I didn’t know you wore makeup. I thought you hated the stuff.”

You sighed and kicked the door to close it, but Sam was having none of it. He was too curious. With a small, frustrated growl, you looked up at the younger Winchester, who looked down at you. “I just…have some imperfections I want covered up, okay? Is that a crime?”

“What imperfections?” He questioned, and you swallowed down your embarrassment.

“I dunno. Zits and stuff…”

Sam snorted and rolled his eyes, thinking it was a giant scar or something. “It’s just acne, Y/N. Who cares about that? Everyone gets it eventually; it isn’t really an imperfection. Just something annoying that happens naturally.”

“Yeah, you would say that.” You grumbled. “You have perfect skin…”

“You don’t need makeup, Y/N, I promise.” Sam responded with a small smile. “Now, hurry up, before Dean has an aneurysm.”

He closed the door, leaving you to think about what he said. With a smile, you tucked the foundation away, feeling a bit more comfortable in your own skin.

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7 easy ways your foundation last all day long

 Your foundation isn’t lasting as well as you thought when applied - for me, it’s when I see my rosey cheeks breaking through. The last thing you want to do when you’re out is whack out your make up bag and start applying a full face of foundation, especially when it is likely you’ve already contoured/highlighted/applied your favourite blusher. So I’ve came together with 7 easy tips to make your foundation last that little bit longer! 

1. Again, most important (I would say so anyway) is making sure you have the right foundation for your skin type. I’ve tried so many foundations that were just never going to make my skin look good because they just weren’t suitable for my skin type, no matter how good a foundation it was or how pricey. Once you find the foundation for your skin - whether it is dry, oily or combination - you will automatically notice the different. 

2. This carries on from the above, make sure you have been colour matched for your foundation. Remember you want your foundation to look like your skin, only a better version, not cakey and a different colour from your skin tone completely. When I find a foundation that works for my skin tone and skin type - I stick to it forever, being pale is a nightmare for foundations, thankfully, not as bad as it used to be years ago, we’re getting there but still a long way to go. 

3. Always use a primer, primer is your new best friend if you haven’t tried it. Primer will help your foundation sit on your skin and give it more staying power. It will also help to smooth, set and blend your foundation. 

4. Use a beauty blender. I have to be honest, I don’t really like using a beauty blender, I think it takes too long when I’m in a rush but it is the best way of making your foundation last longer as you are patting every section into your skin and basically telling it to stay there and not move!

 5. When it comes to contouring and highlighting - I prefer to do this and blend everything in with my foundation to set it, so to speak. It’s pretty simple - conceal the areas you want to conceal and contour the areas you want to create depth and shadows then taking your foundation, blend blend blend! 

6. Buy a foundation that is build able on the skin, this way you can start light to see how it looks and apply as much or as little as you like until you are happy with the results. I always think it is best to spend that little bit extra on foundation because to be honest, the high street foundations just don’t cut it. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing high street foundations out there but I think with more quality products - you get what you pay for and when it comes to your skin - there is no cost (within limits).

 7. Set your foundation - either with a setting sprays (and you can get these for really good prices now, loads on the high street) or powder, make sure to set the look so it lasts longer and sits well on the skin, I prefer using a setting spray, only because I have dry skin so prefer the added hydration that a setting spray gifts. Sometimes when I use powder, it can make my skin look quite cakey and for me, I don’t like the feeling. Again, it’s personal choice, whatever you prefer! 

Let me know your best kept secret when it comes to making your foundation last longer and I want you to share your ultimate fav foundation!

 Natalie :) xoxox