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Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Stellaworth Tokuten Drama CD "In the Demon World’s style?! Who can you call a “bad” guy?!"


Today I have something different for you~ :D I translated a special drama CD from Dark Fate. It’s pretty funny, so enjoy! ^^

Special thanks to @violet-sin for providing me with this drama CD! <3 :D

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know, so I can correct them. Thanks! ;D

And please don’t repost!

Title: Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Stellaworth Tokuten Drama CD In the Demon World’s style?! Who can you call a “bad” guy?!

Japanese title: DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE ステラワース特典ドラマCD「魔界的!? 『ワル』ってどんなヤツ!?」

Cast: Sakamaki Laito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke), Sakamaki Shū (CV: Toriumi Kōsuke), Tsukinami Shin (CV: Morikubo Shōtarō)

Duration: 14:26

Track: [ X ]

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Disposable part 5

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 6

You tried to think of some way to talk Namjoon into un-inviting Yoongi, but every excuse you could think of would make it sound like you didn’t want him to be there. At this point, you were so buried in your lie that you didn’t even want to think about ruining it now. If Namjoon caught on, it wouldn’t just mean his disappointment in you, it would reflect badly on Yoongi as well. And while you wished you didn’t care what happened to Yoongi, you didn’t want to get him fired for lying to Namjoon on your behalf. 

While Namjoon wasn’t exactly a vengeful person, he valued honestly and loyalty. He might not fire Yoongi for breaking your heart, but it would be a different story if he thought Yoongi had lied to Namjoon’s face. The two combined could mean the end of Yoongi’s career, which you didn’t want (no matter how much of an ass he was).

Yoongi was furious. You were glad you were still sitting in a semi-crowded restaurant, because otherwise you were sure he would be yelling by now.

“What if you… I don’t know, tell him your parents are sick?”

Yoongi gave you a reproachful stare. “I haven’t talked to my parents in years, and Namjoon knows it.”

Oh. You tried to think of some other reason for him not to be there. “A close friend was hit by a car?” You offered, and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Do you even know your brother?” Yoongi scoffed. “First thing he would say is ‘What’s their name? I’ll send them a get-well-soon card’.”

You groaned as you put your head in your hands, sinking further into your chair. Yoongi was right, that was exactly what Namjoon would say.

“Do you have any better ideas?” You asked through your hands.

“We could tell him the truth.” The way Yoongi said it didn’t sound serious, but you sat up and faced him with a glare anyway.

“You mention one ounce of the truth and I’ll tell him the whole thing.”

That made Yoongi shut up for a moment, and you frowned at the table cloth (you didn’t want to look at him anymore, he looked too angry).

“I think you’re just going to have to come along.” You said after some thought. “We’ll act like the perfect couple, happily and madly in love, and then we’ll keep up the charades for a month after we get back. After that, I’ll publicly break your heart and that’ll be the end of it.”

Publicly?” Yoongi growled. “And why are you the one who dumps me?”

“Because you want to keep working for Namjoon.” You said simply. “If I break up with you, you’re safe from Namjoon’s wrath. And it should be at least semi-public, so that there’s no doubt who dumped who.” It was the best plan you could come up with, and you didn’t think it was so bad.

“I actually hate you.” Yoongi said, and even though there was very little real hatred in his voice, it still stung.

“Yeah, well.” You tried not to seem as affected by his words as you were. “If you want to keep your job, I suggest your keep your hatred to yourself.”

You didn’t talk to Yoongi much after that, only texting him the details about the lake house. You booked his plain ticked along with yours, figuring that it would look better if you arrived together. When you informed him of this, he replied with “we’re not sitting together, right?” You decided to wait until later to inform him that actually, there were only two seats left on the plain, and they were right next to each other. You figured Yoongi would live.

Yoongi felt like he was going to die. There were two ways this was going to go.

1.      He would spend the two weeks with you and everything would go smoothly. The problem with this was he would be lying to his boss, not to mention spending every moment of every day with someone whom he really didn’t even want to look at currently. And after that, who knows what else you would ask him to do? It all started with a simple lunch date, and now he was supposed to spend two weeks with your family? When would it end? After the two of you were married? No. This option was not okay.

2.      Namjoon would find out that everything was a lie, you would through Yoongi under the buss, and he would lose his job.

Nether option was ideal.

Yoongi groaned as he pressed his face against the glass of the window, trying to sit as far away from you as possible. You had given him the window seat as a sort of peace-offering for sitting together, but he still wasn’t happy with the situation.

He could see in the reflection of the glass that you were fidgeting in your seat, and it was driving him a little bit insane.

“Will you sit still?” He said through clenched teeth.

“No.” You replied curtly. “Now give me your phone.”

Yoongi turned to you slowly. “Give you my what?”

“Your phone, Min Yoongi.” You said, holding out your hand expectantly. He wanted to argue, but if he was going to be stuck next to you for the next three hours, he wasn’t going to pick a fight. Grumbling, he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

“We’re in an airplane, you can’t use it—unless your intention is for us to die.”

“I’m not going to make a phone call.” You said with an exasperated sigh. “We’re supposed to be in love, right? You need a picture of me as your lock screen.” You opened the camera app and posed, snapping a few before choosing your favorite.

“Did it ever occur to you that maybe I don’t want to see your face every time I open my goddamn phone?” What was much more concerning was that he really didn’t mind the idea.

“Did it ever occur to you that you don’t have a choice?” You asked, pulling out your own phone and holding it up. “Look cute.”

Yoongi made a face at you, and to his horror you took a picture of it. “Perfect.” You said happily.

“Hang on.” He said, trying to reach for it. “I wasn’t ready, you can’t keep that one—“

“Yes I can. And it’s just what I need. Couples have all kinds of derpy pictures of each other, right?”

“No.” Yoongi said, although he agreed with what you had said. “This is probably why you’re single.”

A/N Wow it’s been a strange couple of days! I locked my keys in my car, took a pole dancing class, and got my keys back. And then today a friend of mine locked her keys in her car (with the engine still running) and these three strangers who happened to be there also happened to know how to break into cars?? It was very strange, but also kind of amazing. Haha, anyway… Sorry I’ve been kind of absent, I’ve had some papers and other writing assignments to do, and haven’t been feeling super creative as a result. I think I should have some time this weekend to finish up the next chapter of “Of Books and Dirty Cash” as well as several requests that I have almost finished but not quiet (as i said, I haven’t been feeling super creative, and I don’t like to force writing bc it turns out bad) Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think! <3 <3 

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Hihi, glow in the dark stars anon here, once again ^^. I've noticed you wanted requests so I'm gonna send you one! How about an MC who is very innocent and sweet but as soon as their older brother comes into town, they become a fowl-mouthed memer and is constantly making jokes, and how would the RFA + V + Saeran react to such events. Sorry if it doesn't make sense;; (by the way how was your day? Oh, and keep up the good work my dude !!) <333

hey stars anon!(that’s your nickname now bc i love ya~)  my dude, you are like, my favorite anon?? you come up with great ideas wowie wow!! this is me but with my pals..im an only child;;

my day - well yesterday - was good. busy, but good! i’m finally getting over this weird cold. how was yours? ^^ and thank you, again! (/◔ ◡ ◔)/


  • mc told him their brother was coming to town all excitedly and that they wanted zen to meet him. he agreed. family is important to him! ..yes im still salty about his family¬_¬
  • also this is like, the first time he’s gonna meet mc’s family its time to Impress
  • so they go, and zen really doesn’t know what he’s expecting besides hoping their family likes him 
  • their parents were kind of how he thought - nice and sweet, asking him questions
  • and then their brother came 
  • “mc!” their brother called. he was answered with a hug from them aw sweet not for long, zenny
  • “hey you nerd!” mc started, and then it pretty much went from there 
  • zen wasn’t really surprised at all the inside jokes they had, but there was? so many?? he had never seen mc make this many jokes
  • also did mc just say ‘fuck’? he was pretty sure he never heard them say ‘damn’ and now they upgraded to all this??
  • oh well, their brother liked him 
  • when they left, he got kind of pouty 
  • babeeee do you feel uncomfortable around me?” “what do you mean?”
  • “you don’t curse and joke that much with me, and you can, you know!” 
  • he just wants to have as many inside jokes   


  • they were meeting up with mc’s brother for lunch!
  • he wasn’t going to be in town long, but mc was still so excited
  • yoosung thought they looked so cute all excited and now he is too
  • they got to the restaurant first and waited 
  • mc’s brother found them at the table and shook yoosung’s hand before hugging mc
  • “well now you have to tell me everything about your boyfriend, my dear sibling. and if i have to send him back to hell.”
  • *cue a slightly scared yoosung*
  • “i’ll tell you he’s better than that shithead you dated last year.” 
  • *cue a surprised yoosung now*
  • who are you and what have you done to my mc?
  • things continued this way, and they even started laughing at memes together
  • they made one of their brother’s old girlfriend…ok that one was funny
  • after lunch, yoosung kind of observes them for a while 
  • they stumble while walking once and mutter, “oh dang-”
  • mc when your brother accidentally kicked you under the table, you said something much worse 
  • oh well, he’s happy he got to see a new side of mc


  • their brother dropped by the cafe right after they closed, but of course they let him in
  • jaehee made him a cup and he said it was the best coffee he’s tasted
  • “is your tea this hot too?” he asked
  • she was about to answer seriously, but mc knew better 
  • “it sure as hell is, and i have so many stories to tell you”
  • jaehee’s like: …how did we get from tea to stories
  • and then mc starts telling him about all the shit i apparently put the cafe through stories of customers and stuff
  • it was the same stories mc and her told everyone, but mc added more emphasis and..curse words in this retelling
  • if jaehee could become her question mark emoji, she would right then
  • at one point, mc told her to come sit with them 
  • so she did, sitting next to mc
  • “there’s one last thing I haven’t told you, dear brother.” they say 
  • but before they continue, they kiss jaehee’s cheek. “meet my girlfriend”
  • on the inside, jaehee was yelling because girlfriend!! but also cause she thought he knew– 
  • their brother paused for a minute before whispering, “et tu, brute?” 
  • and that’s how mc and jaehee found out their brother is also gay wow 


  • he invited their brother to the penthouse
  • he brought out the fancy wine, elizabeth was on her best behavior, things were good
  • and mc’s brother was nice and seemed to like him 
  • so all in all, the evening went well
  • except that jumin spent almost half of the evening being confused
  • because first off, when did mc get such a foul mouth what the he ck 
  • and second, what is a ‘meme’? 
  • “woah, wait. your boyfriend doesn’t know what a meme is, mc? hm…i dunno if i like him”
  • “calm your tits, brother. memes aren’t everything.” are u sure, mc?
  •  jumin is lowkey like ‘how can he calm his tits wtf’
  • anyways, mc’s brother assures that he was kidding and that he actually really likes jumin
  • who’s the real winner now
  • when their brother left, mc went back to being the innocent mc he knew
  • “…my love?” “yes, jumin?” “what just happened?”
  • he’ll get used to it

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • when they told him their brother was in town, he yelled for a little bit
  • how is this dork gonna impress mc’s family?
  • decides he needs to clean the bunker 
  • amazingly, he does it without vanderwood’s help a miracle
  • almost puts on a suit, but mc stops him
  • when their brother came over, mc’s attitude completely changes
  • and saeyoung just observes them for a while and realizes what he has to do
  • it’s literally just channel the 707 attitude. which he is an expert in doing
  • and now…let the memes begin
  • oh, mc’s brother likes this guy
  • it goes better than expected. they’re practically best friends now 
  • the only thing is, saeyoung doesn’t curse that much
  • so after their brother leaves, he’s like “mc, i didn’t know you had such a potty mouth!” 
  • watch them feign innocence for a bit
  • it doesn’t work, but everyone’s still happy

v / jihyun

  • came over to mc’s apartment to find their brother with them
  • it was a surprise
  • “oh, nice to meet you!”. they all sit and chat
  • v could’ve sworn he heard mc threaten their brother not to make any blind jokes
  • something along the lines of  “make one blind joke and so help me, i will fucking murder you”
  • v feels like he should be scared
  • there are no blind jokes, but there are a lot of memes
  • which he also doesn’t understand that well, but he catches on faster than jumin
  • “mc, I need to teach your boyfriend the art of memes.” 
  • ooh now v is really scared
  • but it goes better than he expected
  • his favorite ones are now the bee movie memes and ‘bees?’
  • he tried it once with the whole rfa around, like jumin asked when the next party date was and he just looked at him and went: “bees?”
  • mc was so proud. jumin felt betrayed. saeyoung lost his shit.
  • they got that on video and when they showed their brother: “mc, marry this man right now”


  • they met at mc’s work
  • saeran was picking them up and they ran into mc’s brother
  • “oh! i didn’t know you were back in town!” “yeah. surprise!!”
  • saeran is like lowkey scared at first
  • but then the Truth Is Revealed
  • and now he almost hates himself
  • why is he always stuck with the memers
  • even mc got pulled into this, his one saving grace
  • though he found it kinda hot when they cursed, he just wanted to kiss them
  • heyy bringing back my saeran is ace headcanon haha no smut for you
  • anyways, though saeran doesn’t like memes, he understands them and can joke with mc’s brother
  • mc’s brother likes him
  • when he leaves, saeran is so glad they’re back to the mc he knows more
  • except like, hey, maybe curse more
  • they end up doing so when they figure out they get more kisses that way
Only On Thursdays: Chapter One

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Story Summary: You’re dead.

Okay, well technically you are cursed. But still dead. Zombie. Living corpse. Whatever name modern society wants to give you. In a world rife with supernatural creatures and blatant unbelievers, you live and hunt alone. Only your giant wolf hound gives you company. It’s not much of an afterlife, but it’s yours.

But one atypical Thursday, your dinner gets stolen by the most annoying, elitist, insufferable asshole vampire. His name is Ivar.

And your quiet, lonely afterlife will never be the same again.

Pairing: Vampire Ivar x Zombie Reader

Chapter One TW: blood, killing, blood drinking, mild body horror, mild derogatory language, brief mentions of zombie meals

Read below the cut or on A03 here

A/N: Hey guys! New story here, for  @synnersaint‘s idea that we write Monster Ivar for October/Halloween! My idea kind of ran away with me, so if you guys like this it will be multi chaptered. Please heed the warnings. Thanks to @pokeasleepingsmaug for being beta!

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He’s in drama. Derek is always getting his ass in trouble, I love him but bruh come on. He stayed out late tonight I stayed up so I can ask him why the fuck he was out last night, cause Im in a situation right now that I cannot mess​ up. It’s currently 2:05 am and he stilled hasnt came so I went upstairs and change to my sweatshirt and joggers and and sat on the couch​ with my vape smoking it intill he came. I hear the door open and close I smelled weed. A lot of it I heard him walking. Intill he walk over to the couch were I was at waiting for him.

“Hey mama why you up” he said

“Cause you was out late again” I said shaking my leg I was gonna fuck him up any minute

He looked at my leg. Then smile​.

“Fuck it. Why were you late Derek?!!” I said rising my voice

“ Why are you rising your voice at me?” He said now he’s getting mad

I stop and think for a minute, know I have. A bad temperature when I get mad.

“Cause your bitch ass came in late, when you know I have to get my niece” I said

He just look​ at like he never hear me called him that.

“I just stayed out went out with Kevin why are you tipping! And don’t ever call me a bitch” he yelled

I turn my whole body to him look at him dead ass I went in his face.

“Bitch” I said walking away went in the living grabbed my car keys the next thing I know he threw a liquor bottle at me but I Doug it. So I took off shoes and threw at him right in his dick. I started to laugh cause he deserves that shit. I grabbed my car keys off the ground and walk to derek who was holding his dick.

“I really want to fuck you up for that” he said

“Haha you scared to get yo ass beat by a girl? Cause try me if you want Derek” I said taking off my shoes putting my hair in a ponytail​

“Ain’t gonna fight you” he said walking the other way but after he walk past I said “pussy ass bitch” he hates when people said that and he gets hella mad then that’s make him wanna fight. He walk over me. And got in my face like I was scared.

“I ain’t scared of you hoe” he said Know he knows I hate being calling a how I spite on him then push him in the ground and we started to fight I heard the door open it was skate Kevin and swazz and sammy grosco pulling us apart.

“YOU A PUNK ASS BITCH FOR SPITTING ON ME” he yelled while skate was pulling him back

“FUCK YOU! PUSSY ASS NIGGA SHOULD HAVE NOT TRY ME” I said laughing swazz was holding me back but I got off his grip and ran to him but sammy yank me back so I won’t beat his ass again.

“Derek you mad I beat your ass bitch” I said sitting down fixings my hair

“Bitch your weak ass fuck” he said taking off his shirt

“Oh really say no more” I said Walking to him

“Nah bruh y'all ain’t gonna fight” Kevin said pulling me back

p>“Why are you fighting with him anyway? Nate said

“Cause he came in late when he know I have to go to court to have the custody of my niece” I said getting a bottle of water

“Oh damn” Kevin said

“But I stilled beat you ass” he said so I threw my water a him and try to sock him Nate grab me. So I drank some nightquil sand took my ass to sleep​. I woke up on the couch while the boys was up talking I sat up quickly.

“Morning” Kev said

“Sup” swazz

“You good?” Nate said

“Umm yeah.. what time is it?” I said

“It’s 10:21 am” skate sayed

“OH SHIT” I ran up stairs and took a shower and put in my bra and panties but I could not find my clothes so I ran downstairs to get​ them and ran back. I ran back down stairs and saw Derek.

“We’re my keys?!” I said?

“ In the kitchen” d said

“Ight I’ll be back” I said after an hour of signing papers work o finally have my niece…My daughter I got her in the car and went back home. When we back home the house was all clean everyone​was there to welcome me and Derek baby home.

“ Hey guys” I smiled

“Let me see her” derek said the was smiling at him.

“What’s her name?” Nate said

“ Mila” me and Derek said

Mila start to cry so I grab her and change her. Everyone got to meet her and hold her and talked to her. After everyone went home and Mila went to sleep I was on the couch with Derek talking.

“I can’t believe it I’m dad y/n..” he said

“Me too” I said

“You know you get can’t go partying ​like that anymore” I said

“Yeah..I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night, I forgot we had to get Mila” he said

“Yeah I’m sorry I was trying to beat yo ass” I giggled

“But I least I got my family here” he said 😘 me

“ Me too I’m just happy she's​in a better place then what she was 2mounths before” I said pulling him for a hug.

Yeah we be fight a lot but family does, but at the end of the day we come together

7 for 7 (meaning yes, Jackson’s in it too)

Deal with it. 


No seriously, all of these Got6 fanatics who are threatening Jackson (Jia-er/Ka-yee) Wang, need to get it through their heads. In January of 2014, JYP debuted a new group consisting of 7…yes, 7 members.

Just in case you all forgot. SEVEN

They were (in age order): Mark Tuan, Im Jaebum, Jackson Wang, Park Jinyoung, Choi Youngjae, BamBam, and Kim Yugyeom

You see who’s the third oldest there? Yeah, memorize it.

The name of this group, the official, patented, copyrighted name of the group, was, wait for it, this might shock you.


Wow…(-.-) I wonder why they called it 7.

And I wonder where people got the message mixed up and decided to rename it Got6. (I mean, JYP hasn’t changed the name, the members haven’t come out with the new name, none of the above. In fact, even for the new Japanese Comeback Teaser, instead of using got7, they simply stated the names of the six members…did anyone see Got6? No? Or am I just blind?)

In fact, even the fandom name is called….wait for it. igot7

So, from calculated logic or, you know, common sense, if you don’t got 7, you ain’t a part of the fandom. (GASP)

Got6 fanatics aren’t fans of any of the boys…in fact, let’s see how. These 7 talented boys who are pretty much doing most of the work for this comeback that is going to kill us all, they have given us two options in terms of this fandom, in terms of how many of them we should allow into the group:




…haha, that’s funny.

Not 7 or 6, not 7 or nothing, you all don’t even have a choice anymore. Accept it.

But for those who have already fallen too deep down the disillusioned hole of 6, I can’t reason with them. I’m gonna talk to those who are thinking about joining them.

Do you guys know how hard it is to leave your parents and move in with people you don’t know, or how hard it is to leave your home country, learn a whole new language by yourself, fight to adjust yourself to a new environment?

If no, then let me say that I do. 

It’s scary, it’s depressing, and sometimes, it’s just enough to make you want to kill yourself. DO NOT TAKE THE FACT THAT JACKSON WANG IS STILL ALIVE AND FIGHTING TO PLEASE YOU ALL LIGHTLY. And to add to the fact, Jackson’s connection to his mom and dad is strong, and trust me, being away from your parents when that connection is that strong, you feel like dying sometimes, literally, your body feels like its breaking down, sometimes you get so anxious you can’t breathe, and sometimes you feel as if your sanity is slipping away from your fingers and you can’t do anything about it. You start questioning everything, you start shutting people out (or hiding it, which is worse), and so forth and so forth. DON’T TAKE IT LIGHTLY.

Learning a new language is hard all on it’s own. I speak three, and am learning a fourth, English isn’t my first, English isn’t my second. When I first began speaking the language habitually, people in the U.S (not my home country) looked down on me, made fun of me, and mocked/jeered me for every little word I got wrong or said with too thick of an accent. It was humiliating, it was almost enough to make me throw the towel and give up. DON’T TAKE JACKSON WANG SPEAKING KOREAN THE WAY HE DOES NOW LIGHTLY (OR BAMBAM OR MARK FOR THAT MATTER EITHER).

Let’s move on, do you know how hard it is to be anemic?

If no, let’s have a small lesson. Anemia is a blood problem, a blood deficiency problem. Either your body doesn’t make enough blood, or the blood it does make isn’t healthy enough. Blood means oxygen transport, oxygen means breathing, muscle health, and so much more.

So, being anemic, means that more than once, you feel like you can’t breathe. Your chest hurts, your muscles cramp, and you’re so out of breath it’s a struggle to take another one. You get light headed more than once, you’re tired literally all the time, you get migraines on a regular, you feel like passing out after too much exercise, you get colds often, you’re either always hungry or always full, you lose weight if you don’t eat properly (quicker than normal), your nails are brittle or weirdly shaped, you get pale, ecetera, ecetera. Now, I face all this, and that was as a normal person living life, not as an athlete or idol group member with such a hectic schedule. DO NOT TAKE JACKSON WANG SHOWING UP, JUMPING AROUND LIKE A HYPER CHIPMUNK (wait, that’s BamBam’s nickname), AND LAUGHING HIS HEART OUT ON STAGE FOR YOU ALL WITH THAT CHOREOGRAPHY LIGHTLY.

AND DO NOT, I MEAN DO NOT, HATE, SEND THREATS, AND JAB AT JACKSON WANG WHEN HIS BODY HAS GONE THROUGH TOO MUCH AS AN ANEMIC AND HE HAD NO OTHER CHOICE TO ACTUALLY REST/MISS EVENTS OR GATHERINGS OR ELSE GO TO THE HOSPITAL. (What, will you guys finally be satisfied that he’s not doing this to leave the group when he passes out on stage and has to get rushed to the Emergency and connected to the IV and misses out on things due to doctor’s orders? Sheesh)

Let’s keep going: do you guys know how hard it is to not identify? 

No? Don’t get what I mean? Let me explain. I am Canadian and American and my parents are both Haitian. I was born in Canada, but can’t fully identify as Canadian since I moved away at such a young age, my family and others up there keep saying that I’m not a true Canadian because of this. I can’t fully identify as American since, one, I feel more Canadian inside myself, two, it was a struggle to even fit in at first, three, my home culture is completely different, four, English isn’t my first language (even if I’m fluent), and so forth. Sometimes I stick out like a sore thumb. And I can’t fully identify as Haitian, because one, I never visited Haiti, two, the sayings, full culture, and atmosphere of Haiti isn’t something I know. I have three identities, but in reality, I can’t really have one at all.

This is just an example. I’m sure that you all know that Jackson Wang is from Hong Kong, but one (or two, I don’t know exactly) of his parents are from the mainlaind, and he lives in South Korea. Fake ‘fans’ from each of these areas are hating on him saying that he’s not a true ‘Hong-Konger’ (is that even a word?), China-man, and, obviously, Korean. They are literally stealing his identity from him, and as much as he may show that it doesn’t get to him, this is Jackson we’re talking about…

It probably does…so STOP.

It is something enough to make you sit on your bed at night and wonder who you really are, NO ONE SHOULD BE FEELING THIS WAY, SO STOP MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Let’s also not forget that he has an entire Chinese fandom to cater to, and doing it by himself is A LOT of work, so with the struggles he’s going through physically and emotionally, it’s not a surprise JYP took him off of Japanese promotions (I’m sad about that, so I’ll just have to go break the repeat button on My Swagger). But it was necessary, they found it necessary, deal with it, and if you don’t, either go become a JYP board member/ CEO/ whatever else or just don’t say anything (I say this with all love of course).

Now, I’m not saying that Jackson Wang is perfect (he’s perfect for me, that’s different), he’s made some mistakes, and some of those shook me up a bit as a black girl (not the dreads, forget about that, DO NOT BRING IT UP ANYMORE), and some have shaken others up too. But he’s human. Yes, a human with a large platform to cater too, something he should keep in mind, but AGAIN, he is human. Hating on him on Instagram, making him too traumatized to read comments on Vlive (my breaking point), and sending him hate messages is AGAINST ALL HUMAN DECENCY. HE’S ALREADY BEEN SUICIDAL, DON’T PUT IT ON REPEAT!


Got7, yes 7, has tried enough times to show how he’s a part of them, how he is them, more than they really needed to. So stop. Got6 doesn’t exist, there is no fandom called igot6, and even if you try to make one, it’s not for the group I’ve come to know and love.


 (All this in light of the comeback I’m dying for and for Jackson’s teaser, and he’s not even my bias, dang).

And if anyone is offended (I apologize, not my intention, but it’s the truth)

Now, who else is hyped for 7 for 7? (*Raises both hands and feet, sees no one else doing it, still does it anyways)

Dancing Away With My Heart

Part 8 in the No Place Like You Series 

Jensen x Reader, Y/F/N (Your Friend’s Name) 

Series summary: Your best friend finally convinces you to put on your big girl panties and go to a Supernatural convention while you are in Atlanta. Never in your wildest dreams would you have thought you would catch Jensen’s eye. Little does he know, you have your own spotlight. (I’m terrible at summaries)

Warnings: A smidge of language, Jensen being a cute little shit haha 

Word Count: 1761 

A/N: I cannot thank you guys enough for the love you have poured out over this series and over me. I am beyond grateful for every single one of you! Seriously, I love y’all!   Remember, THIS IS FICTION. There is in no way hate intended to his family. For the purposes of this series, Jensen is single. Also, please excuse any stray spelling/grammar/autocorrect fails. 

*Italics are inner monologue/thoughts* 

Part 1.    Part 2.      Part 3.     Part 4.     Part 5.    Part 6.    Part 7.   

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Y/N’s POV 

I fall face first into my bed after a long day of sitting through meeting after meeting. Don’t get me wrong they are important, and they help us get to live out our dram, but damn are they the longest most tedious meeting ever sometimes. Y/F/N walks in right behind me, taking in my exhausted form,  “I agree!” I can hear her throwing off her shoes and then sinking down into the her bed, letting out the same frustrated sigh as I had moments ago. 

“Ugh can it be the 2nd already?” She just chuckles in response. “I’m serious, man. I need to have some fun. I love my job, but not all these long days full of meetings.” 

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Kpop Parents Connections #The4thMeeting #MarriageCounseling

Jaebum: Today will be a little different guys, I invited a special guest to moderate, and to instill us with sound wisdom, so that we can become better and stronger couples.

Heechul: I get paid up front for this right?

Jaebum: *turns red* yes…I already explained all of this in the bathroom this morning.

Seungcheol: *raises hand* Can I go home? I just remembered that i had actual important things to do.

Rap Monster: Woah!! I have a question! What were you both doing in the bathroom??

Jaebum: We were ju-

Heechul: I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Jungkook.


Kihyun: Too soon bro

Sunggyu: *to Woohyun* What’s a Jungkook?

Kris: Can I change seats?



TOP: Wait, what?

Seungcheol: *raises hand* Please I’m allergic to stupid.

Heechul: Okay let’s get some order! Jaebum called me because clearly things haven’t been working out smoothly. I see that you all have a lot of issues, and we’ll use this time to go over a few and try to become more harmonious.

Jeonghan: Tbh, I’d appreciate it more if someone that could actually sing, in key, talked about being in harmony.

Himchan:*sniffs air* Did someone leave the stove on? I think I smell a burrnnn!

Heechul: Don’t come for me Chongham. When your little cutesy group breaks up in 2 years and you’re flat broke, standing in the center of Seoul with nothing but a cardboard sign and a dry weave from the Ren Collection, you’re gonna wish you were still on my good side.

Jaebum: Heechul pls you’re not helping…

Leo: I’m gonna get some coffee *leaves out side door*

Yongguk: *mutters* I didn’t get better for this

Woohyun: Speaking as the newest guy here, I’m really happy that I finally got to come to one of these meetings. I hear they’re always a big hit.

JinJin: Yeah I’ve only been to one, It was pretty neat. No complaints except f–

GD:WAIT A MINUTE! I thought this was an Idol parents meeting not bring your toddler to trainee camp. Who’s the tyke?

JinJin: that part….

Jaebum: *sighs* You all know who they are by now. Leave Astro alone! They are an important part of our kpop world, and they contribute greatl-

Kihyun: *coughs loudly*

Jaebum: *glares*

Kihyun: Sorry, I’m allergic to bullsh-

Heechul: IT’S TIME TO BARE YOUR SOULS! Let’s share our feelings and emotions. Jin you have been pretty quiet this evening, how about you go first?

Jin: Well, I like to think that Namjoon and I are fine. We and the children actually just won the Artist of the Year Awa-


GD: I cancelled an after party with Victoria Secret models for this so..

Namjoon: Dude, why are you trying to overshadow us? You told me that you were proud.

Suho: *checks face in compact mirror* I say a lot of things. Keep up or fall behind.

Jeonghan: *to Jinyoung* Isn’t that what happened to Exo?

Yongguk: I really could be doing creative during this time.

Hakyeon: Can someone tell me why am I even still here? Has anyone seen Leo?

GD: Yeah, he said he was getting coffee and never came back.

Kris: Lies! *readjusts overpriced cap* That’s the same excuse I gave Suho when I left him high and dry.

Jinyoung: *smirks*

Suho: Wait…wha-

Kris: *puts fingers to Suho’s lips* That was the old me hon, I’ve changed.

Woohyun: Wellll, Sunggyu and I are fine. Our family is really chill. We really get along and lov-

GD: Time out on the fluff stuff, let’s dig into the real deal.

TOP: *snorts* If only your lyrics rhymed as well as that sentence.

GD: If only your songs wrote themselves.


Himchan: I don’t know, why is it so hard for your rappers to rap?

Seungcheol: I’m going to go help Leo get some coffee. *leaves out side door*

MJ: I think we should go, and that maybe we won’t be coming back.

Kihyun: Do you mean musically or just physically?

JinJin: Physically

Kihyun: oh

Heechul: Shownu, you haven’t said one word all night. There must be something you want to say.

Shownu: no

Kris: I swear they let anyone be an idol these days. Back in my day you needed talent, brains, and pure will to make it!

Jinyoung: I’m going to just let that go.

Jeonghan: If only you would let your acting career go too.

Heechul: I give up.


Hakyeon: Neither did the JJ project but things still worked out somehow.

Namjoon: Jin let’s get some coffee too *leaves*

Jinyoung: I don’t even know if I should be offended or


Hakyeon: Suho, shut up, it’s been a long day. I’m going home. Catch you all the next time. *leaves*

GD: Come on Top. I didn’t bring you here so that I would have to drive my own self back. 

TOP: You brought me because you’ve been drinking out of a beer bottle in your sleeve the whole night and if you go to jail YG may kick you out of th *bursts into giggles* Sorry I can’t keep a straight face when I’m trying to relate to the lessers. *both leave*

Namjoon: We’re dipping out too. Apparently once you become popular you’re suppose to forget who your true friends were. *leaves*

Jin: When we become washed up has beens I’ll  bring cookies to the next one! *leaves*


Kihyun: Hey grandpa! Maybe you should start your own meeting and invite all the elderly!

Woohyun: Don’t give him any ideas, please. *guides Sunggyu out*

Himchan: We’re leaving, frankly I don’t even know if we’ll be back. We’re going through a lot-

Jeonghan: *calls out* Get a new sob story! This one’s getting old!

Himchan *clears throat* and we would do better keeping to ourselves for a while. Come on Yongguk.

Yongguk: Bye thanks for remembering we exist.

Shownu: See you next time. *leaves*

Kihyun: Jinyoung totally fax me over those divorce tips you were telling me about earlier *leaves*

Jinyoung: Will do!

Jaebum: WHA-

Kris: Suho let’s go, Vinnie is having a party at his house and i want to drop you off before I roll up with models on both arms.

Jeonghan: Can I get a ride home with y'all?


Jeonghan: Never mind, I’ll walk. *leaves*


Suho: WAIT! I CAN CHANGE BABE!! *runs after*

Jinyoung: I think I may actually hate them.

Heechul: Lol I do.

Jaebum: You can leave now too.

Heechul: *coughs* Where’s my money? I ain’t working for fre-

Jinyoung & Jaebum: Get out!

Heechul: Whatever, If You Do was better than Hard Carry anyway….and that’s not saying much. *leaves*

Jaebum: Wow look at us actually getting along and standing unite-

Jinyoung: Shut up, I’m still trying to find a way to poison you.

Jaebum: Your love is the only poison I need.


Jinyoung: Shut up.

Really Random Disney Theory (that i just thought up)

okay dont judge me for this but its a bit of fun and i enjoyed writing it haha  we’re starting our tale with this girl

aurora aka the sleeping beauty. She has beautiful golden hair and that nice little pointy crown thing. At the end of the film she marries philip who is clearly a good warrior given the can o woopass he opened up on maleficent. Therefore it makes sense that should their kingdom be caught in a war he would go fight and lets just say in this instance he dies. le cry.

   Aurora now left queen and widowed in a war ravaged kingdom seeks help from her three guardians.

 who teach her some magic . After this she needs to remarry in order to help her kingdom prosper. Which she does though now wearing black over her trademark blue to show her widow status and marrying a recently widowed king who has a daughter of his own- this girl:

“BUT WAIT THE QUEEN IN SNOW WHITE WAS EVIL AHSFJAGDKJA!” i hear you cry and i know but bear with me here just take a look

its the crown thing its similar, pointed as she got older etc her pointed crown got bigger. I think that makes sense she was only a princess before. Anyway I digress, Aurora now neglected by the husband she married after losing her true love grows worried that she is no longer desirable as she gets no attention from the new kingdom she resides over due to their love of Snow Whites mother. This develops into an obsession with her youth and beauty prompting her to dive into her magic and create the magic mirror who is the only one who will tell her that she is more beautiful than anyone else in the kingdom. As the story goes this doesn’t remain the case for long and now the grief stricken woman feels completely alone and frustrated and hateful towards Snow. This is when she decides to get rid of her and she sees no way better to punish the girl who now holds her title of beauty in the same way she was, sleep that can only be broken by true loves kiss and given that the queen has no idea that Snow White met that guy (does he even have a name?) so she assumes that she’ll be gone for good. Though she only has the magic from the fairies she knows where to go to find the curse that effected her in the first place..Maleficents castle. 

which is why this guy is there both times . The rest as they say is history heres what happens to Aurora:

P.S. before someone points it out im blaming the black hair shown here to be a cause of the potion she drank to disguise herself she changed into a young form of the hag then got older)

then this

ouch! but its okay cause shes magic i mean come on guys she fell off a cliff she can poof away it was unrealistic to believe someone with her power would just diiiiiiiiiiie -_-. 

So heres what im thinking happened, now enraged to see where the concept of beauty and cruelty had led to her potential death she fled the kingdom stuck in her hag form determined to gain her beauty back even if she had to steal it when on a stormy night she came to a castle where she asked for shelter and found a young and cruel prince which is when she seized her opportunity and transformed him into a bear like creature using more magic she stole from maleficent who turned into a dragon(remember the whole animal-human magic thing its important later) and transformed back to her youthful beautiful state.. 

okay pause. you cant deny that the hag looks quite similar to the snow white one and there is some resemblance between the enchantress and aurora wavy blonde hair THAT CROWN just saying…….back to my rapidly lengthening stupid theory ;). But Aurora seeing how powerful her magic was taking over all the castle grew cocky in her abilities and decided to add a cruel twist to permanently torture her victim of magic, she gave him until his 21st birthday to return to his true form by finding someone he loves and loves him,, feeling safe in the knowledge from her own experiences that no one loves someone ugly on the outside and after that her spell would be permanent.

For the next ten years Aurora thrived in the forest where she once enjoyed life

and focuses on harnessing her magic of animal transformation  when suddenly she feels her youth and energy once more drain away and is driven mad by the sudden return of power from the beasts castle as he now shares true love with someone and has broken her spell.

her madness makes her forget nearly everything about herself and her history and leaves only the intense anger she feels, her powers and -because it was such an intense theme in her life- the ideas of beauty she turns into this:

Madam Mim who has the transformation powers which she uses when she has an intense battle with merlin to which she loses and following her recovery is taken under the wing of merlin who retrains her and causes some of her better memories to return, being with royalty and family though she knows she may now never return to her people she devotes herself to her kingdom. 

One day she sees a young woman subjected to slavery in her own household and uses her knowledge of royalty and powers of transformation to help this young woman known as Cinderella gain her happily ever after even giving her a limit as she always had with her most powerful spells of midnight that night and leading her to her happily ever after.

Overall thoughts on the finale

I believe my feelings can be summed up in one gif:

  • Just watching the ‘previously on’ segment has me nervous.
  • Oh, god, we’re starting in the hospital with flickering lights. That’s probably not a good sign.
  • And we’re staring with Liam. Definitely not a good sign. And did his hair actually get worse? I think it got worse.
  • …what: 

Okay, so, they’re actually in nowheresville/alternate dimension? But why does nowheresville now have a replica hospital instead of just being a train station? 

  • Still not over the fact that they named a town Boneville:
  • …so…wait…Liam is still actually in Beacon Hills? Why are the signs there? I’m less than 2 minutes in and already confused as fuck haha.
  • “LYDIA” Stiles!”
  • “SHERIFF: Give the boy some room!” So the ghost riders just let people come with their weapons lmao? And sheriff is dumb enough to shoot up into a crowd? And can people actually get hurt here in nowheresville? Like, if sheriff just straight up started shooting right now, what would even happen? The people were already erased from reality, can they even get hurt? 
  • Also, how long was sheriff in there? Because, like, back in 6x05 when new people got dropped off, the ghost riders legitimately dropped them off right in front of everyone else, they didn’t just inconspicuously materialize. So, given that logic, sheriff’s been there at least a hot minute and, yet, he didn’t automatically go to Stiles? It’s not like Stiles was hard to find, he was standing off to the side all by himself? Or why didn’t Stiles notice him arrive? Maybe this was explained in another episode, but I kinda doubt it, so:
  • As  much as I love Stilinski family moments, I’m still bitter as fuck over the fact that Stiles wasn’t worrying about his father this whole damn time. 
  • Well, that nice moment lasted all of 2 seconds before getting shot down by stydia baiting.
  • “SHERIFF: We’ll find each other again.” What the fuck even? Can’t let Stiles relationship with his own fucking father encroach on the stydia? 
  • “SHERIFF: I’ll hold them back.” literally how the fuck? True alpha scott and his pack couldn’t do that, but human sheriff can? How? We already know guns don’t work against them? 
  • Okay this is all ridiculous and I’m in pain, but damn Dylan looks good
  • “LYDIA: When I kissed you!” …did they kiss again? Somehow? Like through a mirror portal or some shit? Did I fucking miss it? Or are they talking about when she slammed her mouth on his back in 3a? Because I swear  to fucking god if they’re suddenly playing that her stopping his panic attack was because she has feelings for him….
  • Look how awkward her hand is:

She looks like ET

  • And seriously I’m seeing nothing but:
  • Posey is me while watching this:
  • “MALIA: We didn’t see anyone.” Okay, so, one I’m really over this whole ‘only Lydia has any connection with Stiles shit’ as if Scott wouldn’t and the credits haven’t even rolled yet.  Like, unless it’s because she’s a banshee, they can miss me with this bullshit. Two, why does Malia answer for other people? Like how could she know what Scott saw? Three, get out of here with this scalia. I can feel it coming. 
  • LMFAO: 

So Stiles canonically has a stronger bond with his jeep than he does with Lydia, Scott, or Malia? I’m here for it. #stoscoe

  • Question: how the fuck did Stiles make it through without being burned to death? 
  •  …how are the credits just now rolling? I feel like I just sat through a half hour of bullshit and it hasn’t even been 5 minutes.
  • Whoa, his hair did get worse:

He looks like a wet dog. I guess that’s fitting. 

  • Seriously? They just wrote Scott out of that scene because Liam doesn’t know how to use his words? So they could go full throttle with the stydia bullshit with a stalia love triangle that is literally seasons too late? 
  • Aw, but Stiles still goes to Scott’s house first. That’s how it should always be. Why they gotta play at this dumbass ship baiting when they could focus on their friendship instead?      
  • Still not over the fact that they change what the McCall house looks like in every season haha. 
  • Why would Stiles even go to the station? He knows his dad is missing? Who is he looking for? It’s  not like Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department has ever been any help to him lmao
  • And a radio? Why is he not just, y’know, getting a fucking phone and calling people? 
  • And if the whole town is gone, why didn’t we see any of those people in the station when we saw sheriff?
  • Okay, how do they know Stiles actually made it out into the real world? Like, I get that Lydia says she saw him, but when he didn’t just walk through that tunnel thingy, why would they assume that this means he made it into their world? Wouldn’t the logical conclusion be that it didn’t work and he’s still stuck in nowheresville?
  • “MALIA: Stiles isn’t coming here. If he was, he would have. And he hasn’t, so he’s not.” First of all, what the fuck kind of logic? How long has it even been? 20 minutes? Chill the fuck out. Second, if they all think Stiles is out running around, why the fuck wouldn’t they automatically all split up and go to the places they think he would go? Like, y’know, his home, or Scott’s home, or the sheriff’s station? Third, I hate when this show makes it to where Lydia has-an-IQ-of-170 Martin is dumb as a fucking rock while Malia spent-the-better-part-of-a-decade-licking-her-own-ass-in-the-woods Tate is somehow the only with a goddamn brain.
  • Okay, so the two worlds are converging…what’s the point of this?
  • Oh god, not this fuck again:
  • Oh sweet baby jesus:

I got a whole list for this one:

  1. Stop trying to put these two together, Teen Wolf. They ain’t friends and Lydia doesn’t deserve this. 
  2. Why are they staring at the tread marks when obviously the JEEP IS FUCKING GONE. LIKE, IS THAT NOT A BIG ENOUGH CLUE? 
  3. And wouldn’t they have been keeping tabs on the jeep during this whole ordeal? So they should know it had to have been moved recently?
  4. Is Lydia fucking Scooby Doo? She gonna sniff that tire mark? The fuck she doing on the ground like that?
  5. I am not fucking here for a Malia and Lydia scene to be paralleling Stiles and Derek:  
  • And how can Malia suddenly not smell him?
  • And what in the absolute fuck is Malia wearing: 

Why is that shirt so fucking long? And look at those boots. Why does wardrobe hate her    

  • “MALIA: Well, half the time he got it started with a screwdriver.”

I get so mad when they act like Malia would be the only one to know this and not Lydia. Lydia’s been around Stiles and that damn jeep way before Malia was even a thing. 

  • Hahahaha:
  • A+ cinematography:
  • Parrish is evil now? Or just controlled? Boy, they’ll literally do anything to force stydia in this episode, won’t they lmao?
  • “NAZI: And I’ll have a true alpha by my side.” Lmao as if that’s a selling point by now. Scott never does shit because they’re too busy trying to make Malia and Liam special. 
  • All I’m getting from this scene is that even after spending fuck knows how long in nowheresville, Stiles is still the only competent one and he accomplishes more in the short time he’s been back than all of them have in months lmao. Like, did he essentially save himself? And then he found them? And then he’s probably gonna be the one to save the town
  • Watching that sciles hug, man, I started out like:

…then came the weird back patting…

…and then they completely destroyed it with Liam and a cheap attempt at getting a laugh


  • Oh my good god: 
  • I cannot: 
  • “MALIA: Why is there a train station in the middle of the library?” Is this line supposed to be funny? Teen Wolf, making the character you just tried to play off as intelligent suddenly mentally challenged is just confusing, not amusing. ·
  • “MALIA: Any chance they’re connected?” What the fuck. No one is that goddamn stupid
  • “MALIA: ITS’ BAD WE HAVE TO GO!” Literally what I am saying to myself as I watch Shelley’s attempt at acting in this scene. 
  • “LYDIA: Maybe there’s someone who can.” It  better not be…
  • Aw fuck I managed to get forget about Mason and Hayden until this point.
  • Look at Mason in that shirt:

The transformation into Stiles 2.0 is complete, I see.

  • Now there are 57 rooms in the train station? What the fuck
  • Is that Randall on the train’s pa system? Why?
  • And how does Mason always know where Randall is? Is Mason supernatural or is this show just stupid? I’m guessing stupid.
  • “STILES: Okay, if they don’t let me graduate, I swear to god!” Oh, I’m sure they will. Makes as much sense as anything else in this damn show. I foresee a painful scene with Natalie in this episode’s future. And I guess we know how they’re writing Stiles/Dylan off. Love how the dropped this just 11 minutes into the finale. Do I even need to keep watching now? He’s clearly gonna graduate and go off to college or maybe the academy· 
  • And, wait, he was gone for 3 months? Like, I know they’re doing that so graduation can happen, but there was a 3 month time jump since season 5 which put us at January. Now it’s been another three months so they’re at March, maybe April if the show wants to push it. But they’re acting like graduation is happening right away? So either Teen Wolf fucked up their timeline again which would not be a surprise or there’s going to be a time jump of at least a month in this episode? I don’t know which option is worse…
  • How can they just grab Parrish when he’s on fire? Werewolves aren’t fire proof? At all? Like the show is pretty heavily based in werewolves not being fire resistant *cough * the Hales *cough* I mean, how many fucking time have they burned Peter now?
  • And Liam screaming? Is this supposed to be funny because I’m too distracted by the fact that they are completely unharmed and their clothes aren’t even singed to remember to laugh. 
  • I’m still not over Parrish’s magical modesty shorts lmao
  • “STILES: Buddy, I love you, but we’re way past that.” 
  • He wants the supernatural army in their world? Okay, but, like, wasn’t it already?
  • You can divert it? They’re just gonna be like, ‘well, fuck the town to the left of us’ lmao?
  • So now there’s a complete other world? Fuck this plot, man haha. 
  • “LIAM: We can’t move between worlds, but Corey can!” 

Deus ex Randall strikes again. And I swear to fucking god they straight up yanked his plot right out of monster’s inc. I’m predicting that someone is gonna end up banished in the Himalayas at the end of this episode.

  • Why can’t anyone run like a normal fucking person on this show?
  • “STILES: Were we like that?” “SCOTT: Worse.” I love when this show tries to play that angle and make it seem like the newbies are how the originals were. No. Nobody in the first three seasons was ever that terribly written and illogical. 
  • “SCOTT: You wanna split up?” “STILES: Never again.” All right, you know I’m a sucker for some sciles, but does Scott never learn? 
  • If they’re going to insist on all having all of these shots of Liam running I am going to have to insist that someone teaches Sprayberry how to run without looking like he just shit himself and is trying to hobble to a bathroom. 
  • “LIAM: I hate horses.” 

Next season they’re bringing in a chick that’s part horse and Liam’s gonna fuck it, calling it now. 

  • Aw fuck what happened to Theo’s hair: 

Why is Liam’s bad hair contagious?

  • He just jumped off a balcony onto a horse. His poor dick. 
  • “MALIA: Dad.” 

Seriously, Lydia has a stronger connection to Peter in canon than Malia does or ever realistically can at this point. 

  • “MASON: I know his smile, I know his touch, and I know that that’s his voice.” Lmao I know they’re trying to do some progressive ‘look at our adorable gay romance’ moment here, but a voice is way more distinguishable than anything he just said. 
  • Oh and now Mason is having the same wires/PA system moment that Stiles had in 6x05. You’re so fucking sly, Teen Wolf.
  • And now a slow motion kiss. 
  • “HAYDEN: When’d you learn how to ride a horse?” “LIAM: Just now.” These lines aren’t funny, Teen Wolf. And is that really the first fucking question Hayden is gonna ask? Not ‘what the fuck are you doing here?’ Or ‘are you fucking crazy?’ Or ‘Did you stop the ghost riders?’ 
  • As if Stiles is the one who would ever think something could be that easy. That’s Scott’s M.O. 
  • “PETER: Where do you get this implausible optimism?” “MALIA: Definitely not from my father.” “LYDIA: We don’t have time for this!” No, we really fucking don’t and yet you continue to waste it on this bullshit daddy/daughter relationship that is apropos of nothing. Knock it the fuck off. 
  • “STILES: I finally saw the girl’s locker room. It’s not that different. It’s kind of disappointing.” All right, I’ll give you that one, Teen Wolf. That line was actually pretty funny….except you really telling me all those nights spent in the school and he never went in the girls locker room?
  • Ugh:

How many times have they done this shot this season? 

  • How are Peter’s claws going through the ghost riders now? Like now they suddenly don’t have a corporeal form? 
  • Seriously, Teen Wolf: 
  • *Malia gets hurt* ..me:
  • And now Peter is screaming for Malia because he’s oh so concerned about what should realistically be a minor injury. This seems like a good place to stop. 

I’ll get to the second half soon. 


this episode was absolutely amazing. yes, there were things that i didn’t like or that broke my heart but in the end, it was really, really good.
it was so intense, so much happened and i almost couldn’t breathe because i just really wanted to know what’s gonna happen next

- that malec casual kiss is my everything
it took them a while but they are finally so comfortable with each other. they are so in love and they want to be there for each other
i love absolutely everything about this and i hope we will get more casual moments like this

- how would shadowhunters survive without magnus’ knowledge? they can come to him with literally anything and he will have information about this
i love magnus bane with my whole heart

- magnus and alec on a mission together YES THANK YOU i’ve been waiting for this for such a long time POWER COUPLE AF

- magnus summoning azazel and then trying to contain him… he’s so powerful and i need to see more of this 

- from the moment harry got up from that floor, you could tell he wasn’t playing magnus anymore. every time i’m more and more impressed with his acting skills and every time i think that it would be impossible for him to get any better and yet he surprises me yet again
i hate this story so so much, magnus deserves only happiness and not to have his body stolen and be trapped inside of a homicidal maniac who hurt so many people. my heart is already broken and i’m not ready for the next episode
but at the same time i know that harry and alan are gonna slay us and it’ll be so painful to watch

- alec offering to magnus that he wants to come back HOME with him… i’m so emo about this
do you see my gay son wanting to be with his boyfriend so he can just make sure that everything is okay? he wants to make effort because magnus means so much to him
(and i wish it was real magnus, it could’ve been such a beautiful moment between them)

- parabatai training together and talking about their problems… i’ve been waiting for this for such a long time
alec was trying to make sure that jace was okay and that he didn’t blame himself for activating the sword. because alec knows all too well how it feels when there’s this guilt inside of you, even if you couldn’t do anything to stop this
alec wanted to let jace knows that he should talk about things. do you know how huge this is? alec was always the one who would bury all feelings deep inside. and now he’s trying to make sure his brother doesn’t make that mistake

- that conversation between alec and izzy was so beautiful. they love each other so much and alec just really wants to help both of his siblings. he wants them to be safe and happy
(yes, i’m emo about this) 

- jace cockblocking climon is my aesthetic 

- that almost jimon hug was the cutest thing ever. you know jace really wanted that hug 

- jace punching valentine, his abuser… i’m so proud of him. and valentine completely deserved it 

- jace crying and alec hugging him… that scene absolutely broke my heart. i wasn’t prepared for any of this
i’m really glad that they are showing that jace actually does have emotions and he feels very deeply. and now that he blames himself for all those deaths, he’s going to need support from his family and friends

- jace activating his runes without his stele SIGN! ME! UP! 

- nobody challenges luke! he is an amazing alpha and he really worries about his pack.
his heart must be so broken to see them lose their faith in him because he couldn’t stop the attack and couldn’t help them 

- luke making dad jokes is what i need more on the show 

- even though i despise izzy’s story with yin fen, emeraude is doing a really great job at selling it
i hate to see izzy like this because she doesn’t deserve this 

- and i hate even more what izzy was trying to do to raphael. trying to make him bite her, even though he didn’t want to. even trying to threaten him
this plot line is such a mess and it’s so harmful to both of them, i really need this to be over

- raphael trying to make things right with the help from magnus
this is why i started to love raphael. if he cares about someone, he would do anything for them. and when he knows he did something wrong, he wants to fix his mistakes

- i really liked the scene between raphael and simon. because raphael was really trying to get that info from simon but at the same time he stayed calm. raphael always tries to think something through before actually doing something 

- definitely way too much climon. i want to be happy for them but i really couldn’t care less?

- and i don’t really want clace drama back but ugh whatever

- but i’m really happy for simon because he’s finally getting his life together. he has a girlfriend, he’s going back to uni, he’s going to be in a band again. that’s everything he always wanted

- maia was so genuinly happy for simon and i just love her so much. she is such a loyal person and her friends mean everything to her
she also wanted to help luke as much as possible. maia is one of the best characters and we’re getting more and more of her which is the best decision the writers and showrunners could’ve made

- the actor playing azazel is doing such an amazing job. he’s actually scary and everything he does, he does it so effortlessly
because sometimes demons on different shows can look or behave more ridiculous than scary. but azazel is portrayed exactly how such a powerful demon, a prince of hell, should be portrayed

- that whole scene where azazel gets free and he’s able to make suffer all those shadowhunters AND a powerful warlock… and again, he’s doing it so effortlessly. he’s almost… bored. ‘you really thought you could do this to me?’
azazel is a great villain, i’m so so impressed (even though i hate him so much)

- i hate valentine with passion but that interrogation scene was just… wow. alan is such an amazing actor
and imogen being so calm, not showing any kind of emotion was just so intense

- of course sebastian is basically flying in his first scene, why not. and also fighting a greater demon because also why not (i wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one with a mortal cup and he was the one who summoned azazel)
i’m still not very excited about him but he does have potential for a great villain so i’m gonna wait

- sebastian helping izzy… he’s such a snake. on one hand, i’m so happy that izzy will be slowly getting better. but on the other hand i know he’s just doing it to gain her trust so he can use it later

- sebastian just casually burning his hand… yes, it’s absolutely normal. nothing to worry about…


- and thinking that maia is luke’s girlfriend… come on lmao really? haha

- but why was she taking pics of maia? pls don’t be shady pls don’t be shady

Homesick (Chapter 2)


Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: none, just lots of awkward cute stuff

Word Count: 2176

A/N: I am so glad that everyone is enjoying this series and I really appreciate all of your feedback! I’m happy to do my part and add some more Rob fics to the world! Thanks again to @amanda-teaches for being The Beta (her official superhero name from me haha!) Thanks also to @itsfunnierin-enochian for doing a picture search with me today! It was so painful ;) Disclaimer (forgot this last time)- Please know I mean no disrespect to Rob or his family when writing this. It is an AU where Rob is single and has no children (yet).

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Hello there beautiful people! I’ve been thinking about writing this post and sharing some things with you for the last two weeks and now that I actually sat down to do it, I don’t know how and where to start. That’s okay, let’s see how the thought flows. Be prapred, what I’m about to say can change your life if you’re ready for it. Oh.. how I want you to be ready! 

THE PAST |  I’ve known about law of attraction about 7 years now. And let me be honest with you - in these 7 years I haven’t accomplished half the things I imagined I would have accomplished. There was not some dramatic huge change, I didn’t manifest my biggest of dreams. There were times when I was over the moon, but most of the time I didn’t soar with happiness. Very encouraging, isn’t it? But we’ll get there I promise. 

Long story short, I finished school and went to university which I didn’t want to do and I’ve know that for years, but still went and anyway you could guess how that ended - I quit. Right now I am working at a job abroad to “save” up some money for my future. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. I was tired. Tired from not working my dream job, tired from waiting, tired from not seeing the change I wanted to see, tired from how I looked, tired from not being understood, etc. You see, this list can be endless and I don’t want to pick this momentum up any more, so you get my point. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing okay, there were amazing things happening, I tried to appreciate more and I focused on feeling good but deep inside I still felt like something’s not right. Things were aligning and it was very good until there was even a little misalignment which would throw me off the edge and then.. it was bad. Like really, really bad. I let myself stay there for days in the mindset that I know law of attraction is real, I know it, I just don’t know what went wrong again. In other words, let’s say I was moderately happy.

THE VERY CLOSE TO NOW PAST | In the past month or so, I felt the need to constantly do something. I wanted to be productive, I wanted to invest time in my future. I didn’t even want to watch movies or tv shows for too long because it made me feel like I’m wasting time. Two weeks ago I had a holiday off from work for six days. At first it was perfect, I needed some rest but then I got bored. The negative momentum slowly started receiving more and more attention until I felt like… shit. There, I said it. I felt awful. The weather was horrendous. Me and my boyfriend were constantly bickering. I had the need to do something because this doing nothing, this unproductivity made me insane. And what did I do? You guessed wrong - I kept doing nothing. I was uninspired. This made it even worse. I felt like I’m wasting not only my time, but my entire life. This added even more resistance in the mix.

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

I didn’t know what to do, so I wrote on a piece of paper – Universe, I want to feel good. Universe, I just want to be happy. Universe, I want to be happy, you know what I want bring it to me through the path of least resistance. I give up, I let go – make me happy. Nothing happened that day but I kept repeating in my mind that I want to be happy.

The last work-free morning I woke up, made myself a coffee and sat down for a while. I just sat there and thought – I have the energy that creates worlds inside of me and I feel like that?! I have the capacity to feel so much joy right now and what am I doing with my life?! What a dummy. I read through some Abraham quotes and once again I saw this one. But this time – it clicked like never before. 

“Just relax! Start saying things like: I am where I am. That’s the most profound thing that you will ever hear from us.”

I got it! Guys, I got it like never ever before. I am where I am. Where I am is where I am and it’s fine! I never in my life made peace with where I am. I always wanted to be somewhere else (that’s normal, it’s in our nature) but I never liked my current situation. I can’t explain to you the feeling after having had this epiphany. It was like an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Universe, couldn’t I get this earlier so I can enjoy my holiday?! (haha)

There is no point in talking about the past unless it feels good but I feel like I needed to say these things in order for you to understand what the point of this post is or may be even the whole point of our existence. Without me boring you with any more details – let’s get to the NOW!

NOW | Oh, now! Sweet, sweet present moment. I am so excited about this part of the story.

If you ask someone -  from a different person’s perspective nothing much has changed in my life. But I did. Now, that I finally made peace with my current situaiton I am happier and calmer than ever. I appreciate more, I bask more, I relax more, I know that I needn’t do anything - my only job is to get as happy as I can be! 

I made this change or more so allowed it and my life is amazing! As I’ve said in the past I didn’t like my job. Now I love it! People are nice to me there, I get along with them. Work goes by smoothly and time flies. I turn around and the shift is almost over! I am away from my friends and family but that feels alright too, I’m not lonely anymore! Me and my boyfriend are more in love than ever. In my free time, I do what I feel like doing, I stopped pressuring myself - for the last two nights believe it or not I only watched How I Met Your Mother and it felt so good! I highly recommend this show, it’s so much fun! 

I can’t stress enough how huge of a step this is. You’d ask isn’t making peace with what is going to make me stay here forever and the answer is no, no, NO! Making peace with where you are in my view means that you stop condemning yourself for where you stand in relationship to where you want to be. It means relaxing. It means seeing the good around you. It means liking where you are and being excited for the path to where you want to be to be revealed to you. It means trusting that the Universe knows what you want, knows how to deliver it to you and your only job is allowing

“We never want to acknowledge where you are without an eye toward where you’re wanting to go.” - Abraham-Hicks  

THE FUTURE | Well, finally this post is coming to an end.

Now that I’ve made peace with where I am full to the brim with happiness about my future! For example, I allowed to manifest an amazing idea (perfect for my preferences) for a magnificent business! From where I stand, I have absolutely no idea how it’s going to become a reality. That doesn’t matter, I am excited none the less. Actually, isn’t that the most exciting part of it all? Not knowing – the surprise, the delightful surprise of things falling into place step by step. Before I was so goal-oriented, I’m going to achieve this and this and I’m going to be successful and happy. I wanted it all and I wanted it this hot red minute without realizing it’s the path – enjoying the unfolding of the path. So, let your goal be happiness. No matter where you’re going, no matter what you’re doing - let your dominent intent be to see that which you’re wanting to see. And turst me, the unfolding is going to be blissful fun!

I’ve made plans to stay here until March next year but who knows?! A lot of things can happen in the months ahead, because now I’m sure that it’s not about time, it’s about alignment. 

I get a lot of different questions everyday from you guys asking for advice but it all comes down to one thing - alignment. It trumps everything. That’s my biggest and best advice I could give to all almost 9.000 of you. If you seem to be in a negative place most of the time and there are a lot of things that are not yet how you want them to be but you can’t look at them and feel good – go general for a while! 

Where I am is where I am. Where I am is where I am and it’s just fine. All is well. Things are always working out for me wheter I allow it or not. Oh, it’s going to be great. I’m going to live happily ever after. I’m so looking forward to things falling into place. I know I’ll know it when I see it. I am really enjoying how my life is beginning to unfold. I don’t have to figure it out right now. Actually, I don’t have to figure anything out right now. I’ll be guided every step of the way.   

So I’m going to finish this with Abraham’s words - lighten up people! You’re doing better than you’re giving yourselves credit for. Give yourselves a break. Don’t try so hard. You are beautiful brilliant creators! As you look for those things that make you shine bright and make you feel good you’ll tune to who you really are. The whole world will begin to transform itself before your eyes. It does get bigger and more exciting! Decide to be in a good mood more. 

“We would far rather that you be someone who knows how to get into alignment, than you be someone who always demands that you always stay in alignment. Because if you’ve decided that you must always be in alignment then you freak out at the slightest little misalignment. Where if you’re more relaxed in it and you know that you can get into alignment easily, then you are more eager and willing to get out in the world because now the world doesn’t threaten your disconnection.” - Abraham-Hicks

That’s my story! I’ve put a lot of thought into how to say these things and it feels a little sporadic but still I think I’ve done good. My hopes are that you find relief in these words, that you find clarity and excitement for your own future. 

There isn’t anything that you can’t be, do or have and you have a huge Non-Physical staff that’s ready to assist you. You are ready! 

anonymous asked:

Hi my lovelies!! I sent in an ask before and it was answered so quickly and so amazingly and so I just want to say Thankyou so much!! Honestly you are running my favourite blog on tumblr rn haha. I really appreciate everything you guys do!! So Thankyou. Anyways, haha, I was wonder about any fanfics for like really bad sexual tension between Isak and Even, like hot situations and stuff. THANKS AGAIN I LOVE YOU LOTS ❤️

Hello, sweetheart!

Thank you so, so much for such lovely words, dear :’) I’m glad you’re enjoying our blog so much and I hope you continue to do so in the future! ♥

Here is a more updated list of some of my favorite fics including sexual tension (find an older one here):


  • Teach Me to Forget by Sabeley
    Summary: Even is the TA for Isak’s Intro to Media Studies class. If only he’d known that before they slept together. 

  • Can you feel the Love tonight? by skambition
    Summary: When Even let his gaze scan the masses, he caught a pair of green eyes staring at him shamelessly. Even raised an eyebrow, before looking the guy up and down. He was tall, even though not as tall as Even, had a really good looking body, slim and firm and defined in all the right places. He was wearing a grey snapback, and Even saw the blond curls spill out from underneath it. Fuck. The guy continued to stare at him, now with a smirk on his face, and Even couldn’t really look away anymore.

  • We Don’t Need to Whisper by ughasifxclueless
    Summary: Isak Valtersen is a new teacher at Bekkulaget with an embarrassing crush on the Head of Upper Juniors, Even Bech Naesheim. His mentor, Christoffer, is constantly winding him up and Isak’s beginning to doubt if teaching is for him. 

  • Boy with a Basket of Fruit by Fxckxxp
    Summary: Isak is a third-year architecture student studying abroad in Rome, Italy when he meets Even—a triple major and a triple threat. He’s handsome. He’s smart. And he’s charming as hell with the right amount of weird mixed in. Isak’s intrigued, but he doesn’t want to like him—he actually came to Rome to quite literally run away from his relationship problems back home. But the heart wants what the heart wants, even if Isak attempts to ignore it. He tries to listen to the universe. It’s throwing all the signs to just stay away right in his face, but for some reason, it’s also throwing him right into Even’s arms at every turn. So he tortures himself. He doesn’t make a move. They can be just friends, after all. Until they can’t.

  • a careful hypothesis of the heart by StMisery
    Summary: “The boss’ fucking son got the job. Out of a pool of dedicated applicants. You can’t just deny nepotism like that,” he said. “I’m Isak, by the way. I didn’t catch your name?” Leaning against the metal banister in the elevator, the other man was the picture of calm. “I’m the boss’ fucking son,” he said. * Isak and Even don’t start out on the best of terms. Isak had been waiting nearly a year for the position of researcher to open up again. If he got it, he’d be working his dream job within one of the best biotechnology companies in the world. He applied for the position, heart in his throat, only to be passed over for the new recruit. When he discovered the new hire was also the son of the CEO, well, that was an unforgivable offense.

  • Vivid in Black and White by Fxckxxp
    Summary: In a Hei Briskeby video prank taken too far, Isak meets Even for the first time down on one knee—asking for his hand in marriage.

  • Nobody Loves Me Like You by cuteandtwisted
    Summary: “I’m Isak’s best friend,” said Even, almost glaring at Jakob. “Well, like best bud. Like we’ve known each other our whole lives,” Isak added nervously. But then Even downed his sixth or seventh drink and leaned across the table. “We might have known each other our whole lives, but I’d fuck you if you asked.” Or Isak and Even are childhood friends who enjoy ruining each other’s chances with exactly everyone else, rewatching the same movies, taking care of each other, and pretending they’re not in love.

  • The trip to you by charlyflowers
    Summary: Isak hates Even. He hates him with all his heart. What a pity the art class are coming also to the trip to Germany.

  • We Found the Stars by Sabeley
    Summary: Each year, Isak’s father, a world renowned screenwriter, invites one promising young filmmaker to spend the summer in Italy with him and his family. It had never been anything more than a nuisance to Isak—until the arrival of Even Bech Næsheim. Suddenly, Isak finds himself drawn into a whirlwind summer romance that will change his life forever. Or a modern Call Me by Your Name AU.

  • Nobody Loves Me Like You by cuteandtwisted
    Summary: “I’m Isak’s best friend,” said Even, almost glaring at Jakob. “Well, like best bud. Like we’ve known each other our whole lives,” Isak added nervously. But then Even downed his sixth or seventh drink and leaned across the table. “We might have known each other our whole lives, but I’d fuck you if you asked.” Or Isak and Even are childhood friends who enjoy ruining each other’s chances with exactly everyone else, rewatching the same movies, taking care of each other, and pretending they’re not in love.

  • Paint My Conscience Gold by EvenbechNeiheim
    Summary: There’s always Isak, the boy in white and silver. And it’s easy, you see, it’s easy because he already has a road for him laid out. He has gotten his life, even when he hasn’t figured out how to live it. He’s never really broken a rule, never stepped out a foot away from his picket fence box despite the desire he has for it to splinter around him. And then there’s Even, the boy in black and gold. Who wrecks the picket fence box like a tornado, and promises to take Isak’s heart with it.

Have fun &  I wish you a lovely week, dear :)


Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 7

I didn’t even love Deep Space Nine at the start. That may be one of my favorite things about this now, here at the end. I got attached gradually, more and more, a love that built over time until I’d grown so fond of it, so close, that at times it would almost seem we were completing each other’s frickin sentences.

Oh my show, my sweet space show, so strong and sure in its storytelling. It has been a steady hug when I needed it most, during times when the world and my own days were both filled with distress and despair. The people on this station experienced great traumas too, but it was boundlessly comforting to watch them navigate each tricky pass with such care and wisdom and heart. Their hope gave me hope, too.

I actually really like watching shows that have already concluded. I like the feeling of having seen the whole thing, and now having this complete world to play in. A show that’s no longer on the air is like a novel — you can look at it as one thing, hold it in your hands and see what the shapes of all the narratives truly were. It’s once I’ve finished a series that the most imaginative parts of my fan-mind finally let loose, spilling light into unexplored corners, drawing plans for how to shore up weak spots, bring a few pieces a bit tighter together, add a haunted attic, etc.

So this is the sort of space I was just tipping over into when Deep Space Nine gave me an ending. A capital letter Ending, achingly realistic. The series ended because the characters’ time together ended. The course of people’s lives change, they take new opportunities, they move away — and so ends the run of months, years if you’re lucky, when you were all together.

The finale is sad, oh it is so sad, and god I love it, I do. I love it for being so sad, and for being so natural, so recognizable, that now this is just my ending. No matter what else my thoughts will go back to fill in, all roads lead to the sea. To goodbye.

Which is probably what has landed me in just a very a tender sort story hangover with this one, walking around sheltering this warm, full, broken heart. 

So I do hope you sweethearts will stick around as I feel I’m going to be in quite the state for a while!!

Tarra Treks: The Final Set of Watch-Notes

7x24 ‘The Dogs of War: Part 8’
- O’Brien: “Running a little late.”
  Sisko: “This is no way to start a relationship.”
  me: “do it”
  Julian, slipping into frame: “Hi Ezri.”
  haaaahahaha, they did it
- Miles just keeping a steady eye on Julian awkwardly circling Ezri, oh Chief
- Worf: “He is an overgrown child.”


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mystic-delecation  asked:

Hi there! I'm very much looking forward for this page to becoming a successful Mysmes Imagine Blog! My request is having the RFA invited for a short vacation to MC's large family home, located in the outskirts of the city or countryside. MC's parents and relatives would be very welcoming and outgoing towards the RFA. Bonus, if you can add in MC's parents/relatives putting MC in an embarrassing position like pulling out the baby pictures or asking them about grandkids. Haha~!

OMG that is so cute!!! I’ve never even read an imagine like this and wowww. I’m excited. This is so adorable. I hope you don’t mind  that I modeled it a bit after my family vacation place.

And I’m very flattered that you think that my blog will become successful, thank you! ^^

I hope you enjoy it~!


  • he’s so excited to meet your family
  • he’s never nervous when visiting them because he knows that he is perfect
  • the plan was to stay there for a week on a little vacation
  • once you get there it’s almost a celebration 
  • zen helps move all of your things to the guest room
  • your mom loves him 
  • honestly they would be best friends
  • your dad was a little wary of him until they talked it out over some beers
  • now they are like bros
  • they make jokes and talk about his acting all day
  • will sing for everyone
  • if you have younger siblings you can bet that zen can and will sing them to sleep
  • which earns him extra points with your mom
  • he’s honestly terrified of the chickens that you have to feed
  • the nights get really cold where you guys are 
  • zen goes out to get firewood because you have an actual fireplace
  • the whole family sits by the fire and tells stories
  • him and your mom will sit in the kitchen and talk about things that you do 
  • “You know that thing she does when she’s angry?” and they would gasp and laugh
  • “Or that one noise she makes when she laughs!”
  • MC can HEAR YOU
  • he probably teams up with your parents to try and persuade you into having kids


  • my gOD he is so nervous
  • overthinking everything
  • “What if they don’t like me and they tell you that you can’t see me anymore?!” 
  • baby is almost cryin
  • you assure him that they will like him and even if they don’t, you will not leave him
  • once he figures out that you will be sharing a bed in the guest room he is convinced that your dad is going to hate him for sure
  • your mom thinks he’s adorable 
  • she applauds you for finding a man who isn’t a emotionally-stupid
  • he helps cook dinner
  • also does the dishes 
  • mom loves him
  • your dad will tease him with fake angry glares
  • poor boy shakes whenever your dad does anything like that
  • calls him ‘sir’
  • you tell him that he doesn’t have to do that
  • he does it anyway
  • will go outside into the orchard and pick pomegranates for everyone to share
  • learns that your family loves when he tells them stories about you
  • one time he tells them about how loud you sing in the shower
  • your family assures him that you have always done that 
  • after dinner he apologizes for telling them that even if you aren’t mad
  • other times he will tell them about how you met 
  • will talk about how much he loves you in the middle of dinner
  • your siblings gag
  • “Do you think I did good today? Did I do good?” questions every night before bed
  • tells your parents that he would love to have kids, but wants to wait until you are ready. (he’s surprisingly calm in this situation)


  • not very nervous
  • her job requires her to talk to people with a high authority 
  • she’s kinda used to it
  • never really one for the countryside or somewhere in the outskirts but she will go because you want to
  • she’ll help clean the house 
  • will make your parents coffee in the morning 
  • your dad really likes her after that coffee
  • everyone think she’s super responsible
  • cuz she is
  • likes to sit on the porch and look at the sky
  • it’s never this clear in the city
  • whole family agrees that she is wife material 


  • really makes an impression when you show up in his limousine 
  • has bought everyone in your family a gift because he wants to impress them with his money
  • parents are worried that you are just with him for his money and pull you to the side to ask if you are financially okay
  • after you assure them that you are fine and that you love him, they are 100% supportive 
  • brought really expensive fancy wine for all of them to enjoy
  • your parents think his seriousness is a little funny
  • they make a lot of dumb jokes around him
  • it’s almost a challenge to get him to laugh
  • you’re the master at it
  • jumin loves the cherry orchard
  • he will try to teach younger siblings about the economy 


  • everyone in your family probably loves him
  • family thinks he’s hilarious 
  • hangs out more with the kids than the adults
  • he’s basically their leader now
  • they worship him
  • will catch as many frogs as he can 
  • probably has pushed you into the frog pond once
  • comes back from being outside all day and his face is streaked in mud
  • you have to get a washcloth and clean him up while he smiles at you like an idiot
  • showers your parents in compliments
  • is that one person that points out similarities between you and your parents
  • absolutely loves your mom’s cooking
  • will stand up at dinner and salute his meal 
  • is also the one who asks for the family picture-book 
  • the one with the embarrassing pictures with you
  • you know
  • that one
  • you don’t even have time to protest before the whole family is squeezed together on the couch laughing at baby pictures of you
  • he laughs so loud
  • “MC! You are so cute~!”
  • and omg
  • he has embarrassing pictures of you on his phone
  • he has pictures of you from the cameras in your own home wHAT
  • you threaten to show everyone pictures of him in a dress
  • 100% just starts screaming whenever anyone of your parents mention grandkids


  • is there anyone that V can’t get along with
  • except yoosung 
  • takes pretty pictures of you and your family
  • loves taking pictures of just nature
  • everything is so open and free, it’s perfect
  • laughs at photo albums of you in the past and thinks it’s adorable when you get embarrassed 
  • adds his photographs to the album 
  • likes to lay down in the plush grass, close his eyes, and just feel the breeze and the sunshine 
  • you will join him
  • family thinks you two are so cute
  • when the idea of grandkids comes up, he is all for it
  • it’s a little embarrassing
  • tells your parents about how happy he would be to start a family 


  • probably tries to stay by your side the whole time
  • even though your family is happy to have him here, he feels like he is intruding 
  • wants to stay inside
  • you drag him out
  • the goat tried to eat his sweater sleeve and now he swears revenge
  • he likes the dog
  • if you aren’t with him, he’s now with the dog
  • thinks it’s kinda funny to open a photo album and watch you freak out 
  • likes it when you drag him out to the orchard and walk through the trees holding hands
  • would never admit it tho
  • one day your parents bring up the topic of grandkids over dinner
  • this boy turns bright red, stands up, and just leaves the fucking room
  • youcantdothatsaeranplz
A long overdue message, and an apology

I’ve really not felt like myself for the past few days. Initially, I figured I’d leave my feelings to just settle and die down, but truth be told, the little things are always what push things overboard, and such little things have definitely taken advantage of my vulnerabilities and weaknesses as of late.

Truth is, the problem I’m facing isn’t new. It’s been a snowball, really, and I think it’s gotten so big that it damn near crashed and exploded this time around. I nearly allowed it to, I was more resolved than ever to allow it, but as I was in a better mood, I decided I’d try to deflate things before it comes to that. I’d think you guys deserve an explanation for it all, if anything.

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Liv’s Favorite Fics

Hi, guys! So I noticed that Andie has a link for her favorite fics, and thought that it would be cool if I put all of mine into a post as well.

This will definitely be getting long, so if you’re interested, feel free to keep reading! After I make this list I’m gonna be clearing up my AO3 history and bookmarks (I’m scared of this part haha) but I’m excited to be essentially starting fresh!

In no particular order, here are my favorites!

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Moon talk

Lutteoficweek Day 2: „You’re my roommate and it’s way past midnight and you’re talking about how the moon must feel insignificant because it borrows light from the sun and this is all very interesting but will you please shut up and go to sleep?“

Thanks to @maybe-tiika for proofreading!

Have this quickly before I drown myself in studying for my exam in 10 hours

Something was different suddenly.

There was an arm rested around her shoulder and her head laid against something that felt softer than the pillow she had hugged previously. It moved too, up and down in a calm rhythm, while lulling her in with a scent that reminded her of Matteo and…

Luna shrieked up.

She found herself on the couch. The TV was no longer turned on and her roommate laid next to her, his eyes half closed, mouth slightly open. Rubbing her eyes, she tried to get rid of the tiredness lingering in her veins.

“Matteo?” Her voice sounded raspy, dry. Said boy grunted, then slowly let his gaze wander to her.

“What are you doing?”, she asked, “I thought you were already back and in your bed.” He shifted around until Luna wondered if she had imagined sleeping right in his arms. 

Something was off, not right about him. He moved lazily, less elegant than she was used to. “Nope, just got home”, he muttered. “Hey, hey, don’t give me that look, I just laid down, okay? And usually it’s you who interrupts my sleep, you owe me this one.” The words came slow, stumbling over his lips like a child learning to walk. He seemed more tired than typical for him.

“Wait, you met with your parents for dinner, right? How did that go?”, Luna blurted out.

No clues in his expressions hinted at how he felt. The only thing she noticed was a foggy layer clouding his usually sparkling eyes. She knew she shouldn’t pay it too much mind, she shouldn’t care and worry so much. After all, Matteo was an adult and able to handle himself.

“Well, how I expected”, he began, still in that lazy tone. “My dad is sure I’m wasting my life away, my mom doesn’t care and I wished I could have had more wine.”

Wait, wine?

“What? Matteo, are you – are you drunk?” Okay, he was an adult, but she wasn’t so sure about the rest anymore.

It made sense now, the glazed eyes, the dullness he spoke in, the loose laugh he let out now… “I might have had a tiny little bit too much wine, yes”, he admitted while he held his thumb and index finger up, mere millimeters away, “A tiny little bit.”

Luna shook her head in disbelief. So far, she had only experienced him in a tipsy state, never as drunk as he was in this moment. This time, he obviously had drunk much more than was good for him. “You know alcohol doesn’t help at all with your insomnia.”

Matteo groaned, “You know being sober doesn’t help at all with my parents.”

Without ever getting to know his parents she already had decided she didn’t like them. Matteo deserved better than them, and since she couldn’t change a thing about his family, she at least could give him a hug. She robbed closer again. “That’s a horrible coping strategy”, she muttered into his chest as she snuggled up.

His hand settled on her waist, right where her pajama top exposed some skin. The small circles he drew sent jolts of electricity all over her body. Why did he had to make her feel like she was drunk too?

“What was I supposed to do, the other one I usually have wasn’t there”, Matteo pouted. For a second, his touch faded, making Luna long for more immediately.

“Which one? Skating?”

“No, no. I’m talking about the mooooon.” A laugh slipped out of his mouth, and it was Luna’s favorite one: the one where he gave up all control, the one that came from his stomach and shook his whole body. The vibration reached her bones too, rattling her to the core. Even worse, she felt a blush spreading on her cheeks.

“Now you’re making the same lame jokes as Gastón”, she replied and hoped he failed to notice how breathless her voice sounded. She hated it, hated the effect he had on her, hated the pictures in her head that his words and his hands on her body painted. She was just a friend to him, those words didn’t mean anything.

Except maybe they did.

Except this time, it felt different, he felt different, as if the alcohol had rinsed out every filter, every barrier holding him back. Maybe this time, it meant something. Maybe something would finally happen.

“Shh, just let me enjoy this”, Matteo whispered, “I need it.” His other hand began playing with her hair, something Luna loved way too much, because he didn’t do it often enough and perhaps she considered purring like a happy kitten. “I need you.”

She couldn’t remember him being so open about needing anything, ever. The Matteo she knew plainly went for whatever he wanted. That’s why she allowed him to pull her closer, allowed him to put her legs over his hip so she laid on her side, in his arms.

“Was the dinner really that bad?”, she asked, fighting hard to stay awake. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one too tired to be sitting on a couch in front of the TV. “You have no idea”, he yawned. What if he fell asleep first, with her in his grip? If she had to guess, she’d say Matteo wasn’t the type to easily let go. “Anyway”, he began, suddenly more alert, “I just had an interesting thought. Wait, by the stars, Luna, why do you smell so good?”

She blushed. She blushed like a ripe tomato and she despised every single bit of it. She despised how he buried his face in the curve of her shoulders and how she felt his lips being so, so close. (Perhaps she didn’t despise her current situation at all…)

“Matteo, focus.”

Luna might as well could have told herself.

“Fine”, he mumbled before he took a curl of her hair and absently played with it. “Have you ever thought about how the moon maybe feels insignificant?”

Laying like this was dangerous, because it was too comfortable for her to be able to fight her closing eyelids. That’s why it took her longer to understand the meaning of his words. “What?” His hand started moving up and down on her waist now, shifting her attention away from the mess his fingers created on her head at the same time.

Matteo sighed. “Because it borrows light from the sun, you know. It doesn’t actually shine on its own.” Luna grinned into his shoulder or chest, she couldn’t tell for sure with her eyes closed, “Oh good, I thought you were talking about me.”

“Wow, this feels like a reverse universe, but not everything revolves around you”, Matteo giggled. Giggled. It sounded so outright cute and precious, she wanted to record it and listen to it over and over again. Why did he continuously find new ways to make her heart race?

“Except you decided you want to be Sol now”, he went on, oblivious to what went on inside her, “Then it would, and Gastón will love making puns about it, I mean, that’s twice the pun potential, but if I’m being honest, I like Luna much better and please don’t tell Gastón. Also…” She rolled her eyes and shut him up by putting her hand over his mouth.

Immediately, a switch turned on behind his eyes, and it filled them with a spark so intense it hurt. She looked away.

“Matteíto, you are not making any sense, so why don’t you go to sleep?”

“No, no, little moon, you can’t shut me up so easily, I am not done yet”, he argued, so offended that he pulled away from her, “So, I was talking about the actual moon. It just reflects and I don’t know, maybe it likes stealing all this light and laughs about us when we say how bright it shines at night. Or maybe it’s actually super self-aware.”

Luna interrupted, she had to: “Unlike you.” In return, Matteo poked her right where she was the most ticklish until she pleaded for mercy, “Haha, not funny. Where was I? Right, the real moon who’s not as mean as you. And maybe that moon is sad because it would love to shine on its own. Have you ever thought about that?”

“No, like every other normal person?”

Suddenly, his hands were gone, leaving her colder, incomplete, as if she somehow needed his touch to feel like herself. When she glanced up at him, he had his arms crossed while he whined: “Why are you so mean to me?”

“Because it’s way past midnight and you shouldn’t be talking about the moon, or to the moon…  and just go to sleep already!”

Matteo rested his chin on her head. “I can’t.” When she asked why, he grunted something indefinable. But then, he paused and as she discovered the mischievous glint in his eyes, she considered running to her room and locking her door. She knew this look, she knew to which part of him it belonged. “Except…”, he started and a second later she felt his arms wrapped around her, picking her up. Bride-style.

Was he on a secret mission to kill her?

“What are you doing? Just… just let me down! Matteo!” She tried to get out of his grip, but she might as well could throw cotton balls at him instead of her fists. He even had the nerve to laugh. “Shh, calm down, you’re waking the neighbors.”

He only let her down on his bed. His bed, where everything was soaked with his scent, where she for sure wouldn’t survive a whole night by his side.

“Can’t I sleep in my own bed?”, she protested, although she knew she’d give in eventually. When he looked at her like that, saying no became impossible. Damn those big brown puppy eyes.

“Pretty please?”, he replied with even bigger eyes.

She wanted to answer. She really did. However, drunk Matteo seemed to forget he shouldn’t get undressed in front of her, because in a blink his shirt landed on the ground next to his jeans. Luna swallowed. He looked good, too good. In no way could she stay here, she needed to come up with a way to get into her own room, where no Matteo in nothing but underwear distracted her from thinking. Hell, from breathing.

You’re just friends. Roommates. Totally platonic roommates. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

“Matteo, shorts”, she coughed as he sat down on the mattress, still in underwear. Confused, he blinked a few times. “Shorts… yes, right. But little moon? No shirt, is that okay? It’s too hot.”

It was too hot indeed.

It was too hot in his room and he radiated heat like a sun, like her very own sun. She seriously considered pushing the blanket to the side. However, a shiver ran over her spine as his scent lulled her in, and it rushed down to the end of her fingertips. She hugged the blanket tighter.

The mattress gave in under Matteo’s weight as he laid down. Without a single glance in his direction Luna figured she needed more space between them, and at the same time she needed him closer. “Luna, you’re shivering”, his voice whispered into her ear before his arms embraced her, pulling her into his chest. “Let me help you with that.” She felt his bare skin through her top, his muscles – dear lord, his muscles – and she wished she could tell him how he didn’t help, on the contrary.

Within minutes, his breath stroked the skin on her neck in a calm, regular rhythm. Even unconscious he kept her trapped like a teddy bear. Carefully, she robbed away, just far enough to create the tiniest gap between them without disturbing him. This way, at least her back didn’t burn anymore from his touch. Luna belonged to that kind of people who moved too much to get cold a lot, but Matteo felt warmer than anyone else she knew.

A bit later, when his grip loosened, she realized it was now or never and shoved his arms away. Breathing finally got easier. However, her luck only lasted up to the moment where she swung her legs out of bed.

“Luna….”, Matteo murmured not as asleep as she wanted him to be, “No, stay, please, I need you.”

His words crept into her veins, straight to her heart. It beat faster than ever before, and if she was being honest to herself, she wanted to stay. Who knew how many more chances she’d get to be so close to him? And when this desperation tinted his voice, she couldn’t bear to disappoint him. So, she decided to stay and deal with her shattered hopes next to her broken heart later.

The next morning, she woke up with the sun shining into her face and when she tilted her head a bit, she found Matteo next to her, the most innocent smile resting on his lips, a view too nice to see first thing in the morning, too perfect to not be a dream. But it was real, and Luna would enjoy every second that this moment lasted.